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Jealousy - Finn x Reader

REQUEST: @dannyfilipame - Hey! Can you do a Finn wolfhard x reader where the reader is afraid of telling finn that she’s in love with him and then she tries to practice about her speech with her friend but then finn comes in and gets jealous ?? By the way I love what you’ve written ^^

NOTE: so this idea was really cute and I hope you all enjoy it!!!!

PLOT: Finn eavesdrops on your conversation with Sadie and Millie and accidentally becomes jealous of himself. 


It was a late Sunday afternoon and you were hanging out with Sadie and Millie. It was one of those weekends where you all had interviews and photoshoots to do as a cast and the easiest solution was to put you all up in a giant hotel room together. The three of you were sharing one of the bedrooms and the other boys were split into two other rooms. You were laying down on your bed while Sadie and Millie were sitting on the floor below you.

“Finn Wolfhard started a live video” Millie said from the floor. “How come he never live streams with us around?” You opened up Instagram on your phone and clicked on Finn’s live video. Turns out Finn was only a few feet away in the kitchen where he and Gaten were making some goofy cooking video. The three of you were all watching the video from your own phones laughing at the boys on screen.

“Finn is hilarious, I don’t know where he gets this stuff from” Sadie said.

“Where does he get his clothes from?” Millie said. “That boy totally needs a fashion intervention!”

“He still looks cute though” you whispered under your breath.

“I knew it!” Millie shouted. Apparently, you weren’t good at whispering. “You totally like Finn!”

“Oh my god, do you actually?” Sadie exclaimed.

You could feel the blush growing on your face so grabbed the nearest pillow and covered your face with it. “No, I don’t like Finn!” You mumbled from underneath.

“Y/N likes Finn! Y/N likes Finn!” Mille sang in a teasing way.

“Just admit that you like him!” Sadie suggested. “You two would be so cute together anyways!”

“Definitely! I’ve seen the way he looks at you!” Millie added. “You should tell him how you feel!”

You sat up on the bed, tossing the pillow at Millie below. “I have no idea how to tell him. And even if, if! I told Finn, he’d say no anyways since he probably doesn’t like me that way!” You said.

“Come on,” Sadie said, “he totally likes you that way!”

“You just need to get your confidence up!” Millie chimed. “You should practice what you would say to him!”

“Yeah and we can give you tips to help you out!” Sadie added.

You looked at your friends and thought for a minute. You could take your friend’s advice and tell Finn that you like him and he ends up liking you back or you could tell him and he rejects you and it ruins everything between you both. Crazy as it was, you decided to take Sadie and Millie’s advice.

“How would I even start?” You asked.

“Just, start saying some stuff and we’ll tell you if it sounds bad or not” Millie said.

You took a deep breath before starting to speak. “Well um, I really like the way he’s so nice to everyone around him and everyone he meets. He’s sweet, he’s hilarious and he always knows how to me make laugh or brighten up my day.”

“That’s good! Keep going!” Sadie encouraged.

“Okay, well…”

Outside the in the hall Finn was still live streaming on instagram. “That’s enough of kitchen time with Gaten, let’s go see what Y/N is up to!” Finn approached your door which was propped open a few inches. Just as he was about to walk in, he heard you talking and stopped outside to listen, leaning against the wall.

“His smile is beautiful, I mean that smile could cure cancer. His eyes are so soft and I love his hair and the way he always runs his fingers through it.” You said.

“Anything else?” Millie asked.

“He has an odd sense of fashion sometimes but he always ends up looking good no matter what.” You added.

Finn having overheard everything you just said felt defeated. After realising that he was still live streaming, he brought his phone up so he was looking into the camera. “Actually, I think Y/N is busy and everyone else is boring so I’m just going to cut this live stream short. Sorry guys, thanks for watching, bye!” Finn ended the stream and locked his phone. He pushed himself off the wall and headed back to his room where he found Caleb. Finn slammed the door and headed over to his bed where he flopped himself down onto the mattress.

“Everything good, bro?” Caleb asked, picking up on Finn’s behaviour.

“No,” Finn answered. “Nothing is good right now.”

“What’s up?”

Finn sat up and sighed. “Well I was passing by the girls’ room where I overheard Y/N talking.” He said.

“Talking about what?” Caleb asked.

“She was talking about some guy that she’s totally in love with and it wasn’t me, basically.” Finn explained.

“Did she say his name?” Caleb wondered.

“No. But I could tell it wasn’t me.” Finn stated and flopped back down on the bed.

Both Finn and Caleb’s phones chimed. “It’s the group chat. Sadie is asking when we are all going to go eat dinner.” Caleb said. “Gaten says that we should go now.”

“Fine,” Finn huffed. “Let’s go.”

Everyone met at the front door, ready to go for dinner.

Dinner was nice but for some reason things felt different between you and Finn. Normally you two always sit next to each other but tonight he sat on the other end of the table. You still tried to make conversation but Finn stayed silent for most of the night. Once you all got back to your hotel, you pulled Finn aside so you could see what was up.

“Finn can I talk to you for a second?” You asked, grabbing his arm to stop him from walking past.

“Yea… I guess.” He answered and followed you to your room.

You sat down on your bed and motioned for him to join you. He sat down leaving a noticeable gap between you both. “What’s up with you? You seem off tonight” you asked him.

“What’s it to you?” Finn snarked back.

“Um, because I care about you. You’ve hardly talked all night and not just to me but everyone else too.” You said.

“Why don’t you go care about that boy you love so much with the soft eyes and smile that could cure cancer!” Finn stated, crossing him arms and looking away from you.

You were confused, not understanding what he meant and who he was talking about. “Who? What are you talking about, Finn?” You questioned.

“I overheard you earlier talking to Millie and Sadie in your room going on about some boy you love” Finn explained.

The gears clicked in your head and you let out a laugh.

“What’s so funny?” Finn asked, “Why are you laughing?”

You let out a sigh. “I was um, talking about you earlier.” You smiled.

Finn looked confused. “What?”

“Millie and Sadie have been bugging me for months to tell you how I feel about you and so I was building up the confidence to tell you in person” you blushed.

Finn shuffled closer to you on the bed. “How do you feel about me?” He asked, looking you in the eyes.

You reached up to tuck your hair behind your ear and looked away before answering. “Um, basically I’m in love with you” you said, just loud enough for Finn to hear. You could feel the heat on your cheeks.

Finn laughed himself. “Well, I feel like an idiot now.” He said

You looked up at him slightly. “Why’s that?”

“Well, you see, I thought you were talking about some other guy who wasn’t me and so I got jealous.” Finn blushed.

“Why were you jealous?” You asked.

“Because I’m in love with you too.” Finn admitted.

Before you could say anything more, Finn had already gotten closer and kissed you on the lips. As he pulled away you were already smiling.

“You’re cute when you’re jealous, you know that Finn?” You joked.

Finn smiled back. “Well, you’re always cute, Y/N.”

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can you please do a BTS reaction to after a one night stand you start getting dressed, they're afraid you're leaving, but you say "I'm gonna get a slushie, 'cuz I'm hot and thirsty, want one? Or food? Anything? I wanna treat you right." (My friend did this and the girl she was with cried bc she was so sweet)

sorry for having you wait this long (but i’m sure you must have forgotten about this already so). this is so cute!! thanks for dropping this in my asks!


You let out a small sigh of relief as you finally succeeded in safely navigating the huge apartment and spot your shoes (and the door, because you remember nearly nothing of last night) lying by the front door. you bite your lip as you tiptoe towards them and push a foot into one shoe, wondering whether you were using your thirst as an excuse to sneak away before your absolutely gorgeous one night stand wakes up and has to face the horror that was your morning face (or any face for that matter).

But no. You dismiss the thought with a shake of your head as you slip on the other shoe.You were a responsible person, therefore you would take responsibility for last night’s actions  (as much as you can’t seem to remember them), however awkward they may be.

Of course, it helps that the man you slept with looks like he should be on the cover of every fashion magazine ever published.

Deep in your thoughts, you do not notice the very same man when he pads towards you, half asleep but still concerned.

“Are you trying to sneak away?”

You swore as you jumped, your heart threatening to burst out your chest as his sudden appearance nearly takes the piss out of you. And of course, being you, it was only mandatory that your leap of fear would result in you tripping over your own shows and falling on your own face while your hot one night stand watches in horror.

The man jogs over and crouches, wincing at your whimpers of pain. “Are you alright? I must have scared you. Do you…–”

The rest of his words fade away as you take notice –really take notice– of his face. Memories of kind, understanding eyes and laughter from those lips float up through the haze that your memory has become.

He’s even more beautiful up close, and his gentle hands at your ankle only helped with that newly founded observation of yours.

“–…You seem a bit dazed. I didn’t see it, but did you hit your head? Oh no, do you need a doctor?” He sits back on his heels, worried. “Maybe I should call for an ambulance–”

“No!” You mentally smack yourself in the face in embarrassment. “I just need to…” Trying to remember what you needed through the enraptured haze of having him this close, your desperate gaze falls on your shoes.

The man’s eyes follow yours, and the corners of his mouth droop. “Oh. I’m guessing you don’t want to stay for too long.” He sighs, and moves backwards with the intention of straightening up. “Let me at least call you a cab. ”

“No.” You reach out and grab a wrist, shaking your head. “No, I wasn’t trying to sneak away…Jin.” Your heart thuds as you recollect his name suddenly. “I had a hangover and figured you’d have one too, so I thought I’d–” You squint at Jin’s face. “Are you laughing at me?”

Jin’s slight smile turns into a look of horror. “No! I was just glad. Glad you’re not leaving, I mean. And also because… ” He pursed his lips against another smile and looked down at his hands. “It’s the first time someone’s wanted to do something nice for me and not the other way around.”

He looks up and smiles even brighter when he sees you blushing. “The coffee downstairs is horrible and way too expensive. Maybe I can make you some?”


You let out a breath you didn’t realise you were holding and trying to your best to be quiet, slowly unzip the hoodie that you’d found somewhere on the floor and decided to pull on. The slight scent of the coffee you’d bought from the convenience store downstairs wafted through the air, tempting your nose.

You didn’t know (or remember) much about the man you apparently had an (amazing) one-night stand with,  but of one thing you were sure: boy, was he a deep sleeper.

  You were sure he’d wake up the moment you started a racket (hey, you just weren’t a very coordinated person, okay?) trying to figure a way out of the comfy (and bachelor-seeming, thank god) apartment.

You shrug the hoodie off one shoulder and was about to take it off completely, when a surprisingly deep voice you only remembered in snatches from last night interrupts you.

The man props himself up on one elbow. “Are you leaving?”

You turn and face the good looking (very good looking, now that you see him better) man, ready to explain, but he sighs before you get a chance. “I guess you were.” He flopped onto his back again. “And after all that, here I was, thinking we had a connection. Turns out all I have is a hangover.”

You bite a smile back at his dry sarcasm, recalling that it was this very quality of his that had attracted you to him in the very first place. You take the rest of the hoodie off and let it drop to the floor before plopping onto the bed next to him. You grin as he raises an eyebrow.

“Figured as much. That’s why I went downstairs to get us coffee. Believe me, the way you were passed out, I could have left five times and you wouldn’t have noticed.

He stares at you. Then he looks away again, gracing the ceiling with a reluctant but still beautiful gummy smile. “Oh.”

“Yeah,” You grin too and cross your ankles, turning your head to stare at the ceiling in something similar to subdued contentment. “Guess we do have a connection after all.”


It’s not every day you wake up to a man as beautiful as Jung Hoseok, so the moment you open your eyes and take in the simply ethereal being in front of you, you thank whichever god or fate that had made you choose the very bar you met him in last night.
It was just the way the lazy morning light straining through the curtains played across the angles of this man’s face, or the way the hair that (very artistically) fell across his forehead exuded a slight mischievousness that took your very breath away.

From you place on the (ramshackle) bed, you avert your eyes and try to calm yourself down. You wish you could find something to drink, partly to cool the heat suddenly rising to your neck and partly to distract yourself from the snatched recollections of last night.

Water. I need a nice clear glass of ice water. But where?

You bite your lip and slowly prepare to edge yourself out the bed; just when a warm hand wraps itself around your arm, quickly travelling from your wrist to your upper arm. You look down to see Hoseok slowly blinking the sleep out his eyes. “Hey. Don’t leave.” He stretched, dispelling the last of the sleep in his system, slowly focussing on you as his thumb caressed slow circles into your skin. You try to pretend that this doesn’t affect you way more than what is considered healthy for a human heart, and let your head drop back onto a pillow with a floof. Hoseok smiles contently and dropped his hand to yours, firmly intertwining your fingers. “Thanks for not leaving. I meant what I said last night, ____.”

You smile and close your eyes at the memory, something you had dismissed as a whisper in a heated moment.  “I wasn’t going to leave. I just needed a glass of water.“ Hoseok smiles even wider at that and pulls you closer, the innocent gesture a wild contrast from what had transpired last night.

"I’m glad to hear that.”

You laugh. “Okay, but I still need that glass of water. Do you need something, Hoseok?”

He shakes his head, placing a kiss on a mark he himself had left on your shoulder the previous night, then tucks his head into the crook of his neck, the slight smile on his lips shaping themselves across your skin. “Everything I need right now is lying next to me already.”


Jeez, he’s beautiful.

You bite your lip and marvel at the way the sunshine played across the small dips and divots of the muscles in his arms and back. The tan skin that stretched across them seemed to have a glow of its own, a nice golden that reminded you of how heated last night was.

You suck in a breath. Last night. How on earth did you manage to find him?

You place your hands on your hips and swallow, realizing how parched your throat was. Maybe you should find a drink, something to get you ready for the difficult conversation you would have to face once the gorgeous man in the bed woke up.

You snatch your shirt off the back of a chair and slip your arms through it, thinking off what to say when he did wake up. Your mind remains blank, staunchly protesting against its excersise in the absence of coffee.

Sigh. Maybe I’ll just have to wing–

“Uh. ____, isn’t it?”

Shit. You swivel, the neck of the shirt still around your face. “Yeah…uh, Namjoon.”

His eyebrows raise when you remember his name correctly, a smile slowly taking residence over his lips and coaxing dimples out. Crap, he’s cute.

“Yeah.” He blinked at the awkward way you half-wore your shirt. “Do you need help with that?”

Blood rose to your cheeks, embarrassment quickly replacing your admiration of his cute nose. “Uh, no.” You pulled the shirt fully over your head, still flushing, and look around for your shoes. “Now, if I could just find shorts I’d be all–”

Namjoon looks up at you in middle of poking a (toned) leg out of bed. “You’re leaving?”

You pull a shoe out from under the bed and sit back on your heels to meet his eyes, blowing a strand of hair from your eyes. “Yeah, I just–”

Namjoon leaned forward, panic in his eyes. “_____, I know I might be a bit too forward in saying this, but if I didn’t, I’d never forgive myself.” He pulled his pants on and stood up, giving up on buttoning them in his haste. He raised his firm, bony hands in a helpless gesture. “Last night… was amazing. You were amazing. It isn’t just about the sex, but we clicked in a way I can’t explain.” He ran a hand through his hair, spiking it up in frustration. He was a (beautiful) sight, all shirtless, lean frame and unbuttoned dress pants, like a rugged Greek god.

“I know people say one night stands are no strings attached, that commitment has no place in it. But, ____, I for one, don’t want this to stop here. Let’s grab some breakfast and talk this out.” He raised earnest eyes to where you kneeled next to the bed, a shoe in one hand. “Don’t leave,  _____. Please?”

You gulped, and slowly stood up. “Namjoon.” You set the shoe down. “I was leaving to get some water from the kitchen.” You watch as realization, following embarrassment, blooms on his face. “Um, do you– do you want some coffee? With me?”


“You’re very quiet outside the bedroom.” You jumped nearly a foot in the air. Clutching at your heart, you turn to face Park Jimin, standing in the doorway to his bedroom, watching you struggle to tiptoe across the apartment floor.

“Excuse me?!”

“I’m not a very deep sleeper, but you still managed to get this far without waking me up. Which is quite a surprise to me, since you were quite loud last night, _______.”

He remembers your name. Jimin remembers your name! “You weren’t so bad yourself, Jimin.”

He grins, perfect teeth catching at his lower lip. The smile transforms his face completely, turning him from a debonair one night standee to cute the-boy-next-door. “Touchè.” He ruffled his hair, and you smile at his cockiness. “We both were pretty loud last night, and a noise complaint from my neighbours is soon expected. But it doesn’t matter, since last night was great, as we told each other throught the course of it.” The smile dropped as he folded his arms, a small wrinkle forming between his eyebrows. “So why leave?”

Your grin falls from your face too when you hear his words. What? “Jimin, I’m not leaving. I mean, I’m not leaving, leaving.” You hold your wallet up. “I wanted to get some coffee for us, or something to eat from the deli I saw downstairs last night.” You bite your lip, slightly pleased (just a bit) at how upset Jimin has seemed when he thought you were leaving.

He raised hopeful eyes towards you, your heart already fluttering. “You’re not leaving?”

“Why would I?”

“You don’t have to jump from the window to make your escape. There’s a perfectly functional elevator in the building, and I’m not going to hold you hostage if you want to leave.”

You raise your eyebrows and turn away from the glass of the window, tearing your eyes away from the street below to the boy in the bed.

Still breathtaking, even as he knuckled his own head through a mass of bed hair and squinted at the light pouring in through the window. “The window’s too high anyway.” He said matter of factly.  You realize that he’s not even trying to be rude, Kim Taehyung was just the kind of man to speak his mind however he wanted to in that deep, sensual voice of his. “If you try that route, and break a few legs, I’ll need to take you to the hospital, and you’ll have to spend even more time with me.” He grinned and leaned back on his hands, lean muscles moving beneath the smooth tan skin.

You leaned against the windowsill, matching grin for grin. “Who said that would be a problem? Granted, I’d like to spend more time with you with both my legs intact, but as long as there’s more time, am I right?”

His grin grows wider. “Right.” He leans forward, and locks his hands in his lap. “So you don’t want to leave?”

You shook your head and resumed looking out the window, scanning the street below for what you wanted. “All I want right now is to buy some tteokboki from that vendor I saw hanging around last night, because I’m famished. That’s why I was looking out of the window, to see if I could spot my deliverer of glorious morning snacks.” You grin and bring your finger to the glass. “Speak of the devil.”  You smile as you feel strong arms go around your waist, a chaste kiss that was insignificant compared to last night being pressed to your neck. “Would you be interested in making a purchase with me?”

“Don’t mind if I do.”


Ohgodohgodohgodohgod. How old is he?

You winced at the thought of him being too young. His muscles said otherwise, but his peaceful sleeping face and the small pucker of his (beautifu– ______!) lips told a whole different story.

You let out a small huff of breath and began looking around for your clothes. Be rational, ______. You’re not stupid. You would have known what you were getting into last night. Right? You raise your head too fast, almost throwing out your neck in the panic of considering the possibility that you hadn’t known what you were getting into last night. But you had right?

Your mind was too scrambled, too unorganised to think properly. It was too early, anyway, and the hangover that stood at the threshold of your senses mocked you further.

Coffee. That’s it. You pull your shirt on and straighten up, determined to find the kitchen and get some coffee on. Coffee for two, yeah. Maybe you and Jungkook could talk this over and clear stuff up. Maybe the two of you could even–

“No! Not until you know for sure!”, you reprimand yourself.

“Not until I know what for sure?”

You muffled a scream and whipped around, further startling Jungkook who was already doing a pretty good imitation of a bunny caught in the headlights. “Shit! You scared me!”

“Well– you scared me.”

You place your hands on your hips and concentrate on your breathing.

“Are you alright?”

Gosh, he’s cute– _____! “Hey, would you mind telling me how old you are?”

Jungkook folded his arms, a corner of his mouth lifting in a smirk. “Ah. I’m past the legal age, if that’s what you were wondering.”

“You get asked that a lot?”

“Not much. I’m usually not the type to have one night stands.”

Your heart plummets to the bottom of your boots. “Oh. Are you- are you upset? That we did this?”

He played with the fingers of his hands. “Funnily enough, no.” He cocks his head. You observe that he’s very cute with a clear conscience for the first time. “Are you?”

You shook your head, a little breathless. “No.”

“Then why are you leaving?”

“I wasn’t–” You look down at your half dressed state, the perfect picture of a one night standee that didn’t have the guts to stay around. “I wasn’t leaving.  I just needed some coffee to wake me up, so I was dressing to go check out your kitchen.” You offered Jungkook a tenative smile. “I want to stay.”

“You’re sure?”

“Just for the coffee. And you, of course. I mean, if you–”

He grinned genuinely, and you realized he was fully beautiful, not just simply cute. “Okay. In that case, I shouldn’t give you these.” He shook a pair of jeans in his right hand. “If we’re staying in, then you’d look cuter without them, just like you do right now.”

why do I write so much?

also why do i write everything down on paper and realize at the last moment that i havent actually typed it all up?


p.s. if anyone of you are the ones requesting for english music from our boys: stop. you stan a kpop group. let them kpop.

Cuddling With SVT (Hyung line)

lmao not a soulmate au but enjoy

cuddling with seventeen hyung line


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  • honestly so soft when it comes to you
  • loves feeling like you need him
  • is a huge softie
  • pulls you close and likes to play with your hair
  • whenever you put your head on his lap, thats what he does
  • jokes around a lot
  • tickles you before pulling you close and kissing your head
  • sometimes carries you about when you wrap yourself around him
  • loves to pretend you’re too heavy for him before flinging you around
  • such a domestic couple
  • whenever you get too tired and cuddle into him he moves so you’re both lying down and covers you with a blanket
  • always tries his best to make you comfy


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  • this man loves his rest
  • and he loves you so it fits well
  • whenever you cuddle it normally ends up with one or both of you sleeping
  • normally its just you with your head on his chest
  • sometimes lying down other times sitting up somehow
  • when you two were tired you were magic i stg
  • hes all about comfort so covers and pillows galore
  • such a cute sight to see
  • loves to play with your hands when you two are just chilling about
  • you love to play with his hair
  • you act cute with him and he pretends to disown you until he turns round and asks you who’s sunflower you were
  • cuddling takes up 90% of his time


Originally posted by jishooua

  • hes such a cutie pie i can’t say this enough
  • loves to hold you as long as you’re okay with it
  • sings to you in all the languages he knows when you can’t sleep at night and hes holding you
  • definitely a forehead kisser
  • sounds weird but is actually really nice likes to smell your hair and kiss your head a lot
  • will never overstep boundaries
  • knows exactly what to di to make you happy
  • perfect amount of blankets and pillows if you dont want to use him as a pillow


Originally posted by infinitblaq

  • might seem like a greaseball
  • is actually a huge sweetie pie with a bit of grease thrown in
  • loves to pull you into him and then falling dramatically on the couch
  • jokes so much but will be calm and gentle
  • when he sees you’re getting tired, pulls you closer and kisses your head gently
  • hugs you more
  • hes a giant human radiator
  • when it gets too warm and he tries to cuddle you, you dramatically push him away 
  • acts hurt then agrees
  • when its cold he makes sure that you are always warm
  • always loving to cuddle


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  • fight me if you dont think that kwon soonyoung wouldn’t love cuddling
  • he’d be the biggest cuddler
  • so cute
  • gets all cute and blushy whenever something happens
  • you put your head on his lap, blush
  • you pull his head onto your lap
  • hella blush
  • but he loves it so much
  • honestly loves to smoosh your face and you do it to him too
  • when he finally sleeps, he cuddles into you even more and hugs you
  • when you both fall asleep cuddling you wake up and your lying on top of him with your head on his chest
  • so cute
  • hoshi loves to kiss your entire face when you do something cute when cuddling


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  • not the biggest skinship fan
  • but does like cuddling occasionally
  • its a very rare occasion when it does happen
  • and you love it
  • wonu loves the feeling of you cuddled up to him
  • knows his deep voice can get you to do anything
  • uses his morning/sleep voice to get you to cuddle him
  • when you cuddle into his side, he grabs the back of your neck gently and pushes your head into his neck
  • when hes in a cuddle mood, makes sure that you’re always comfortable but pressed up against him
  • or if you’re kinda sitting up, he does the same with your head and his neck but just a more comfy way
  • basically he just likes you close to him


Originally posted by sevixxteen

  • the fluffiest thing ever
  • when its just the two of you he loves LOVES cuddling
  • hes an affectionate cuddler
  • so he kisses you, your forehead, your cheeks, anything he can reach
  • his hands are always on your waist or your sides in general
  • when you’re on the couch and really tired and on top of him, one hands on his back and the other is on your thigh
  • carries you to bed when you fall asleep and tries to detach you from him but can’t cos you’re always holding on too tight
  • when he falls asleep on you, he always looks so peaceful and cute
  • you fall asleep as well
  • end up cuddling really close into each other
  • when you’re in bed and tired he snuggles his head into your neck
  • you get so soft and tingly
  • you end up falling asleep too and you nap together
  • so warm and soft
  • hes a giant pillow to you and you’re the same to him
  • so cute together

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You have the biggest fangirl crush On (John Stamos, Johnny Depp, Geroge Michael etc. all really cute 80s guys btw) And have all these posters on your wall so Steve asks how come you don't have that many pictures of him to wake up to and any time you talk about him Steve always gets really jelaous so if you guys are watching one of their movies he just grabs you from the couch and places you on his lap,, like this is so cute??? Please feel free to add on 😂❤

I’m rollin’ with John Stamos because I’m a slut for him, heh

You had just put on Never Too Young to Die, and Steve was already muttering his breath.

“What was that, Stevie?”

“Nothin’, princess. C’mere,” His arms were out, his hands reaching out for you as you made your way to the couch. You sat next to him, resting your legs on his lap as he wrapped his arm around you. 

John Stamos hadn’t been on the screen for more than 5 minutes before you started practically drooling, a big smile on your face. Steve knew it was stupid to be jealous, but he didn’t like the fact that he, your boyfriend - the love of your life! - was being overshadowed by John Stamos, of all people. 

“I’m done with this,” He muttered under his breath, catching your attention.

“What? Oh shi-” Steve pulls you onto his lap, one hand on your hip, the other on your back, pushing you down onto him. You support yourself on the back of the sofa, your forehead resting against his. 

“Can I ask what’s happening here, Steve?”

“Just wanted to remind you who loves you the most in the world,” He whispers, kissing you before you have the chance to say a thing. You knew why he was acting this way, and you couldn’t help but think it was kind of cute, even when it got somewhat annoying.

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Hi~ so I just found this and ended up binge reading everything. I pretty sure I cried just a bit when I got down to the very last of it and then I realized, ByTheGodstheyhaveaAO3 and fangirl squealed. I blame you for the awkward talk I had with my brother at 5:30 in the morning. Also Iloveyousomuchyourwritingisgorgeousimgushingineedtostop. I'd really appreciate a highschool au where one ask another out in front of everyone at a pep rally (your choice of ship) that's if your doing props.

Hi! You’re so sweet! Thank you so much for this adorable message. I’ll try my best, it’s been a while since I wrote fanfic but this just sounded so cute I couldn’t help it. 


Remus had never been the most attentive student in class. His mind had a tendency to wander and it usually got him into trouble, unlike his three friends that were usually getting into trouble because of the stupid things they did. Still, finding himself alone in homeroom was a new low and he couldn’t help feeling just a bit annoyed that none of his friends had bothered to mention the bell had rung. 

He quickly gathered up his books, mumbling to himself about why he spent time with such selfish bastards, and trying to think of a good excuse to tell his professor for his next lecture.


Remus blew his hair out of his eyes and glanced up to see Lily standing in the doorway. He gave a small smile and thanked god that at least one of his friends wasn’t a selfish asshole. Although a new addition to their group, Lily was already the voice of reason. Remus had tried to be that but Sirius and James were like forces of nature, there was no stopping them once they got an idea into their heads.

“The assembly is starting,” Lily reminded him, tapping her foot impatiently. “What are you doing still sitting here?”

“Nothing,” Remus said as he slung his bag over his shoulder. “Just thinking is all.” 

“Well as nice as it is to know someone in your group has a brain, we’re going to be late!” Lily walked determinedly over to Remus and grabbed him by the sleeve, tugging him towards the gym. 

“Where are the others anyway?” 

“How would I know?” 

“You are dating James after all,” Remus reminded her and he tried to keep up and not trip over his own feet. 

“Trying to keep tabs on James Potter would be as hopeless as trying to drink upside down,” Lily remarked, finally letting go of Remus’ sleeve once she noticed how much he was struggling. “I mean, you must have some idea of that with Sirius.” 

Remus blushed down to his neck. “That’s different,” he insisted, straightening his jumper. “Sirius and I are just friends. I’m not in charge of what he does and he wouldn’t listen to me anyway.” 

“Yeah, okay,” Lily said, rolling her eyes exaggeratedly. “You two have sleepovers for Christ’s sake.” 

“They’re not sleepovers,” Remus responded defensively. “Sirius just hates being home so he crashes at my house. Nothing happens. We’re not like that.” 

“No?” Lily inquired, raising an eyebrow at him. “So you’re telling me you don’t have feelings for Sirius.” 

“Of course I have feelings for Sirius,” Remus said with a sigh. “Friendship and caring and all that stuff. That’s it.” 

“Does he know that?” Lily asked with a chuckle. “What good friends you are?”

“I’m sure he does,” Remus answered, biting his lip. It wasn’t like they had long conversations about feelings. If Remus even tried to bring up emotions around Sirius, Sirius would probably hit him. Sure, there had been a few nights together where Remus thought something might happen between them but it had always gone nowhere. It was for the best anyway. Remus could never imagine dating someone like Sirius Black. 

Sirius Black was the first friend Remus ever made at school. Remus had barely spoken the first few weeks after his family had moved to London from Scotland. He’d been so nervous to be in a new school that was much bigger than his old one. He’d kept to himself and kept his head down, lost in daydreams of being anywhere else. 

Sirius had come up to him in the library and sat down across from him. “Do you need a friend?” he’d asked so bluntly that it had stunned Remus for a good minute. Finally Remus had answered yes and that had been the end of it. It turned out that Sirius and James Potter were a package deal and Remus got two friends in the bargain. Soon after Peter Pettigrew began hanging out with them as well and their little group was formed. Then, after years of pestering her, Lily Evans had finally agreed to go out with James and had become and honorary member of the group. 

And despite the fact that James and Peter had been great friends over the years, Remus had always felt closest to Sirius. He could never forget that dark-haired eleven-year-old boy that had offered to be his friend for no other reason than he could tell how much Remus needed one. 

As they finally entered the gym, the entire place was already packed with the entire school. It gave Remus anxiety just looking at that many people. The only seats left were two at the very front, so Lily and Remus shuffled over and sat quietly. 

The moment they sat, the lights turned off and a hush fell over the gym. Remus was just about to turn to Lily and ask what was going on when a spotlight turned on and shone in the middle of the gym and standing under the brilliant light was none other than Sirius Black. 

“What the fuck?” Remus whispered under his breath as he watched his best friend’s face break out into a huge grin. “No, no, no, no, no,” Remus said over and over as he got a horrible feeling in the pit of his stomach. 

“I’m so sorry,” Lily said, putting his hand on his knee in sympathy. “I told him not to do this.”

“Do what?’ Remus asked, feeling every muscle in his body tighten in fear. “What’s he doing?” 

As if on cue, Sirius rose a microphone to his lips and began to sing. “When your legs don’t work like they used to before…” 

Remus felt his breath catch as Sirius looked right at him as he sang. Remus reached blindly for Lily’s hand and squeezed it tightly, hoping this wasn’t really happening, that his best friend wasn’t serenading him in front of the entire school with an Ed Sheehan song. 

Sirius sang soulfully as he got more and more into the song. As he finished the chorus, the lights changed as did the music. The beat picked up and the lights became more colorful while two spotlights joined the one of Sirius, one on James and the other on Peter. “So tell me what you want, what you really really want!” James sang, dancing under his spotlight. 

“I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want!” Sirius responded, doing the same dance. 

“So tell me what you want, what you really really want,” Peter said, joining in but not quite as gracefully as Sirius and James. 

“I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I really really really wanna zigga zig ah!” Sirius said, dropping down into a split that made the entire gym roar with applause and shouts. 

Beside him, Lily was practically dying laughing as she watched her boyfriend shimmy and shake his tall, gangly body. But Remus could barely take his eyes off Sirius who made every step look like pure sex. Girls behind Remus were shouting Sirius’ name and Remus felt like he was in an actual nightmare. 

The lights went out again and the music stopped. Remus closed his eyes and prayed whatever Sirius was doing was over. But instead the lights came back on and Sirius, James and Peter were joined by the cheerleading squad. 

“Give me an R!” Sirius shouted, lifting his arms up to the crowd. 


“Give me and E!” 


“Give me an M!” 


“Give me a U!” 


“Give me a S!” 


“What does it spell?” Sirius shouted, pointing right at Remus. 

“Remus!” the crowd shouted back, everyone turning to look where Sirius was pointing. 

Remus ducked his head and felt his heart begin racing. He hated having everyone’s eyes on him, he hated the attention. Just what exactly was Sirius doing? 

To Remus’ horror, Sirius began to walk towards him as the music started back up. “The night we met I knew i needed you so, and if I had the chance I’d never let you go, so won’t you say you love me, I’ll make you so proud of me. We’ll make them turn their heads everywhere we go. So won’t you please be my baby?” 

As Sirius got to the chorus of yet another song, the cheerleaders, James and Peter began to dance in formation behind Sirius. Remus tried to swallow but the lump in his throat was too big. He was frozen in place as Sirius stepped closer and closer. 

He glanced behind Sirius and noticed the cheerleads were holding up letters on signs. D-A-T-E- M-E? 

Remus glanced back just in time to see Sirius dropping down onto his knees in front of him. Lily let go of his hand and Sirius took it. Remus had to fight ever implies to pull his hand away. “Sirius, what the fuck - “

“Hold on,” Sirius said, grinning up at him like a lunatic. “Big finish!” 

Sirius jumped up and hurried back to the center of the gym. The music changed again to Beyonce’s Crazy in Love as the group did an intricate dance to it. Remus would have found the entire thing hilarious if he wasn’t so mortified by what was happening. All he knew was that he needed to get out of there. 

Grabbing his bag off the floor, Remus bolted towards the door and didn’t stop running through the corridors until he could no longer hear the music blasting. He found sanctuary in the library and sat down hidden amongst the non-fiction section where he hoped to stay until school let out. Then he would ask his father about moving back to Scotland and hope he took to the idea. Or at the very least let Remus change schools. 

“Do you hate me?” 

Remus glanced up and flinched when he saw Sirius standing over him. He quickly looked back down at his knees. “No, I don’t hate you,” he mumbled, hugging his knees tighter to his chest to make himself smaller. 

“You just left, Remus.”


“Are you going to tell me why?” Sirius asked, sitting down next to Remus. 

“I was embarrassed,” Remus answered quietly. “The whole school was looking at me.”

“They were looking at me too,” Sirius reminded him. “I was the one up there making a twat of myself.”

“It’s different,” Remus insisted, shaking his head.”


“Because you’re you,” Remus said, dropping his head back against the bookshelf. “You’re Sirius Black who everyone loves. You don’t care what anyone thinks about you.” 

“That’s not true,” Sirius said, dragging his fingers through his long black hair. “I care what you think about me.” 

“Why would you care what I think?” 

Sirius barked out a laugh. “Were you not paying attention at all during my little display?” 

“I was a bit preoccupied being horrified,” Remus admitted. 

“Remus,” Sirius said, gently touching his face and guiding it so Remus had no choice but to look at him. “I was asking you out.” 

“Wait, what? You were?” 

Sirius’ brow furrowed. “Are you taking the piss, mate? The love songs? Having the cheerleaders spell out date me. What did you think was happening? That I was asking you for the answers to the maths quiz?” 

“I don’t understand,” Remus told him bluntly, trying to wrap his head around what Sirius was saying. He thought back to the assembly and what he could remember outside his own panic attack. 

“Remus, I want to be with you,” Sirius said, annunciating each word slowly and careful. “I’m in love wth you.” 

Remus sat quietly for a moment before bursting out into uncontrollable laughter. 

“What?” Sirius asked, shuffling nervously. “What’s so funny?” 

“You complete and utter wanker,” Remus said through his laughter. “What on Earth made you think that was something I’d like?” 

Sirius grinned and gave a small little shrug. ‘I don’t know, it was meant to be a big romantic gesture.” 

Remus took a deep breath and held his side where it hurt from laughing so hard. “Why do I put up with you?” he asked fondly, tugging Sirius forward. 

“I don’t know,” Sirius told him. “But I’m certainly glad you do. You never answered the question by the way.” 

Remus chuckled and kissed Sirius tenderly on the lips. “The answer is yes,” he whispered softly. “But if you ever do anything like this again I’ll kill you.” 

Sirius wiggled his eyebrows. “What about when I ask you to marry me?” 

“You pull a stunt like you did today and I’ll say no,” Remus warned him. 

“No you won’t.” 

“Try me.” 

“Not even one little song?” 


“A little dance?” 


“Fine, no song and dance. Just you and me.” 

“Much better.” 

“I’ll save it for our first dance as a married couple,” Sirius joked, leaning in to kiss Remus again. 

“Oh god,” Remus said, covering his face in his hands. 

“I’m thinking we’ll start with My Heart Will Go On and then transition into something more upbeat.”

“Please stop talking,” Remus groaned, dragging his fingers down his face. 

“But if I stop talking I can’t tell you I love you,” Sirius said, taking Remus’ hands and lacing their fingers together. 

“You’re the worst.”

“I think you mean the best.”

Remus groaned and shook his head. “You’re really lucky I love you.”

“Don’t worry, I know that.” 

“You’d better be joking about that whole first dance thing.”

“You’ll just have to wait and see.” 

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sam dating one of toms bestfriends hc and maybe she's really good friends with harrison and harry too?

- You were Sam and Harry’s age but you were always friends with the bunch of them

- You never really formally met Sam until you were at the Hollands house for a movie night

- Sam’s first thought that you were dating one of the boys, so he tried not to pay much attention to, because you were so charming and he didn’t want to catch feelings

- And then when he heard the boys making fun of you for thinking he was cute

- he was so happy to hear that

-After a couple months you and Sam started dating

- Both of you got teased so much by the boys

- Tom finding it weird that one of his best friends and one of his younger brothers are dating, but once he saw the two of you together he was in complete aw and always made the “ I’ll be the best man at the wedding right?” 

- Harry would tell Tom that he wouldn’t be best man he would be the maid of honor 

-Sam and you laughing because they basically have your guys wedding planned

- Harry always taking cute couple pictures of you and Sam

-Harrison finding new ways to embarrass you and Sam

- Tom just being a straight up div and doing random things to involve himself in yours and Sams relationship

what the headlines don't tell you

Pairing: Yoongi/Jimin
Rated: T
Author: anyadisee
Length: 14k

People call them Shadow and Hurricane.

Jimin calls them a pair of giant headaches, one a lot more so than the other.


it’s already difficult having a college-student-by-day, crime-fighter-by-night kind of lifestyle. jimin doesn’t really need to be stressing over reckless fellow superheroes and crushing on cute bookshop workers on top of everything going on with his life, but here he is anyway.


Reccer’s Note:
i didnt know superhero aus were my kink but i guess they are 
this was so well written and fiuehfiuhregiure i went on a spree reading anyadisee’s bts stuff and i just finished it off with this one and im actually cryin in the club just a lil thE SUSPENSE!!!!!! THE ACT I O N!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE “WHY HE FUCK ARENT YALL TOGETHER”!!!!!!! 
my heart 

- Admin Ange

JL spoiler!!

Tbh, it wasnt as bad as i expected?!?

Although the difference between zack snyder and joss whedon shots were soo obvious it was fckin sad, they cut a lot of good shit we were ROBBED

Diana is a queen as always i love her 💙

Barry was actually really cute??? He is so wholesome and funny and i laughed a lot it was good

When Barry ask bruce ‘what should i do idk how to battle’ and bruce answer with “save one” IT WAS BEAUTIFUL CAN HE ADOPT BARRY PLZ, I WANT FATHERLY BRUCE HGGNNNN

And jason momoa aquaman 💙💙💙 hot damn, i would like to see more mera tho i luv her too

Cyborg was ok, but i didnt really like his suit design…. And the Amazonians armor design wtf?!?

I love the light tone this movie had, but it wasnt joss whedon it was zack snyder guyss!!!! Joss cut so much?!? The engagement scene w clark and lois, the cyborg and flash scenes, the diagram, the alfred talk about hope in the trailer, just…. so much

Bruce have a very obv crush on clark if anyone missed this, he bought the whole BANK instead of just the farm. Everyone was like 'bruce no lets not ressurect clark’ but bruce just jumps aboard like 'hell yeah bitches we doing this fo real’. Also, the part where clark said 'so u didnt resurrect me cuz u like me.’ And bruce was stuttering 'wai.. what…. I..I dont…. not like..u’ HAVE U EVER SEEN BATMAN STUTTER??? EVIDENCE THAT BRUCE GOT A BIG CRUSH IM JUST

im still sad they got no hal BUT THERES SOME GL SO IM HAPPY

Cyborg also said BOOYAH 💙💙💙

The moment that barry knows that he fucked up 😂

When arthur sits on the lasso of truth… Priceless

And the extra credit where barry and clark race? Fcking adorable, these dorks


But i dont like the wonderbat romance, just.. Plz no its unnecessary, why cant diana be bi or les and just… Idk,love mera or anyone is better

I Dont like the boobs faceplant midfight plz fuck no joss fuck off please

Steppenwplf was kinda weak tbh, hes suppose to be a lot stronger?

Overall it wasnt bad but it could be better. I want my cut scenes. The plot is simple light tone and not too much sadness, i guess it also depends on diff ppl.

Offering a Hershey’s kiss to Diana would include...

Sorry for the delay of posting, I’m thinking about other issues now and I’m a little uncreative, an anon asked and here it is.

Anon:  Fic where diana has a crush on the reader. One day the reader asks Diana for a kiss (meaning Hershey’s kiss) and Diana is like “I thought you’d never ask”

I think I’ve seen something like here, anyway, I hope you enjoy it.

  • Diana knew there was something special about you when Bruce showed you a video you caught
  • Your distorted picture of the screen does not leave your head
  • It worsened when she met you in person.
  • You were incredible in many ways.
  • Intelligent, selfless, humble and honest
  • Besides being so cute and beautiful
  • She fell for you at the same speed as a meteor falls to the ground.
  • Quickly and catastrophically
  • She tried to leave you signals but you were so unconscious
  • (it was one of the things she secretly loved about you too)
  • She just wanted to kiss you and spill the love you felt for you, but wanted to make sure you felt the same too

  • You were new to the league.
  • Never in your life did you expect to be part of the team.
  • Like Barry, you initially just “pushed” some people with their powers and left the scene before being caught.
  • Apparently you had not been sneaky enough because the League had found you
  • You soon approached Diana
  • Being the only female member of the group
  • You still didn’t feel very comfortable around the boys
  • Strangely, Bruce was one of the few you were most comfortable with and it was he who was training you
  • But being close to Bruce didn’t mean he took it easy on you
  • Your bruises had bruises
  • And when you were like this: tired and destroyed, you would go to the only person who could make your day.
  • Diana

So you went to a market, bought some niceies and walked steadily to the Museum where Diana was currently working

You were so accustomed to meeting her there for lunches and snacks that all the security of the place already knew you

They greeted you as you passed and you answered with a smile and a small nod.

As you was approaching Diana’s office, you opened your candy bag and pulled out a Hershey’s kiss. Diana loved chocolate, you hoped she would enjoy this little treat.

You knocked on the door and heard Diana’s voice allowing you to enter, smiling, you entered her room and saw her stirring the paperwork.

You approached your table, leaning over the table and whispering “Hey Diana, do you want a kiss?

Diana looked up from the paperwork. She stared at you in surprise and shock you kept a small apologetic smile on your face.

Slowly, Diana got up and walked around the table walking toward you and wrapping an arm around your waist pulling you close. Her free hand cupped your chin and looking into your eyes, she said:

“I thought you’d never ask”

Diana kissed you

You froze for a second before melting into the kiss, pulling her by the neck.
When Diana split, you were still slightly numb.

You lowered the hand that still held small kiss

“I was referring to this, but … I think it can be interpreted that way too”

Diana opened the most radiant smile you’ve ever seen.

"I know. I saw it in your hand, but I couldn’t miss the opportunity.” You blushed deeply and buried your face at the base of your neck. Diana laughed

“Zeus, you’re so cute”

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Ok imagine big scary monster who is the definition of intimidating who is the most ticklish little bby. But the only one allowed to tickle them and actually live to see morning is their date mate

Oh! I loved this! Too flipping cute! It’s a little different from my normal stuff and a bit short but I hope you like it!

He looked as though he could kill with just the snap of his long snout. Dark green scales covered his muscular body and tail that looked like it could break a bone with just a swift hit.

He was a loner, too intimidating to attract many people, except you.

You were different though, never one to not accept a challenge. And so, when you were dared to speak to the lonely lizard at the bar, you didn’t hesitate.

You walked right up to him and introduced yourself with a bright smile.

At first, he tried to ignore you but when you didn’t leave or take the hint, he finally told you his name. It wasn’t long until you had found yourself back at his place enjoying the feeling of him between your legs.

From a one-night stand to a long-term relationship. Something neither of you had planned or even hoped for.

Of course, when you started the relationship not everyone was happy with you.

“He’s a freak!” “You’re not going to be happy with him for long” “He’s going to hurt you one day!”

They all said it, they all thought it. But not you. You knew the truth.

He may look tough but he’s just a sweetheart.

One day you two were enjoying a night in, watching a movie and eating some popcorn. You sat in his lap resting your head on his chest as you lazily watched the movie.

Just as the credits began to roll, you leaned forward to place the popcorn bowl on the coffee table in front of you and Mr. Tough guy decided to tickle your sides.

“Ha! Stop!” You yelled through your laughs.

“Nope!” He grinned as he tackled you to the ground continuing his assault on you.

As you call for mercy from him you decide to grab his sides and give him the same treatment.

“Not fair!” He called as you attacked his tickle spots.

Pinning him to the ground you smirked with triumph.

“And they think I’m the abusive one.” He teased placing his hands on your thighs.

“Ha! If they only knew!” You laughed and gave him a soft kiss on his snout.

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Can you explain the "my wine's spilling in the bath tub??" Why is Taylor spilling wine in a bathtub 😹

It’s just referring to a moment that occurred between them lol who knows why she spilt wine in the bathtub, maybe they were already drunk? It’s a cute lyric tho bc it shares something that’s so personal to them that no one would know

Seriously, my dreams, especially when they’re B99-related, are becoming weirder and weirder. This time I was watching a new episode, where the whole squad + the families of Jake and Amy were having a huge “before-the-wedding” party, with games and all. It was fun and cute. Until at some point a criminal made his way into the party, and threatened to kill everyone. So Jake made a deal with him, saying that he could kill him if he let all the other ones go. Of course they all complained, especially Amy, who didn’t want to become a widow without even getting married yet. But it was too late, the criminal was there, with his gun on Jake’s head, and the TENSION there was omg it was horrible. There was no music, nothing, just silence as we were waiting for something to happen, because it’s B99, a comedy show – no one can die like this. But then everything turned to black, and we heard a gunshot, and I was so afraid this was the end of the episode, that we would have to wait another week to know what happened. But then there was a flashforward of a few minutes (hours?) to Amy, alone, cleaning the room, devastated. And then we were shown blood, so much blood. Still no music, a super heavy atmosphere. And even though I knew it wasn’t possible they killed Jake, I started to wonder because EVERYTHING was screaming he’s dead, all clues were telling that story. But finally we saw someone washing themselves in a tub that had curtains so that we couldn’t see who was inside, and then Amy opened the curtains and… Jake was there, trying to take the blood off his hair. So Amy took the shampoo and started to wash his hair herself (thank you Charles for this image, I suppose haha). And then it was the end – I suppose someone managed to kill the guy and free Jake?

So yeah, that was super weird, and I’m still shocked xD

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I just read Havench2 & added like a bible of tags but tumblr swallowed most of them&i'm too lazy to write the rest in there bc i'm scared that they will get eaten again so i'll say it here gurls: I WAS VERY scared when touka started touching kaneki bc i thought he would reject her? like, maybe he was ready to touch her but not get touched, but i'm so happy that his reaction was a positive one🙏is kaneki we're talking about 😂ANYWAY amazingch&i'm runningoutofwordsbutiloveditsomuchILOVETOUKENFOREV

Mod K:



THANK YOU, MEL! I was just reading your tags and squealing because your reactions were so cute! And hahaha, I’m glad that you liked our portrayal of Tsukiyama – I actually love him. He cracks me up so much that I want to include him and Nishiki all of the time. I love their dynamic with Touka. Also!! I love that Ken getting so overwhelmed by being touched is canon so we wanted to expand on that – especially with 240! Since he seems to always be in so much pain that pleasure is almost too much for him. Hypersensitive Kaneki is love.

My artistic debut

I think the Art Walk went well. I wasn’t really sure what to do, so I started just walking up to people looking at my sculptures and asking what they thought. Everyone said they liked them, but nobody asked where they could see more. I should have thought of that before and asked the gallery owner to show my art tumblr.
Several people said they were “cute”, which I didn’t expect. One lady said they reminded her of “Mr. Bill” from SNL, I suppose claymation was probably an influence on me. Another lady was very encouraging after she found out it was my first time showing my stuff.
I’m really glad I was asked to show stuff. I might have picked a few different things if I’d had the time.
Also, I met an artist who had met my dad. He had a really cool bronze sculpture on display.

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Equestrian! Sam has me living!!! Imagine either watching him compete and him catching your eye as he rides off or competing against him!!! Or in a more casual sense just meeting him while around the horses and eating the sugar cubes together!!! 10/10 would be so cute gosh

this is so cute!! if you two were competing against each other there’d be some playful teasing and whoever lost to the other would be so proud of the one who won



You are the future of humans and monsters!

Next part is here! In which Chara settles in with the Dreemurr family and things might actually be okay…at least at first. 

The next and final part will be here in a week!

EDIT: Fixed a spelling error.

Dogs of Future Past Masterpost

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