they were so cute i'm upset


Once again, Taehyung won’t make it home for Christmas.

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word count: 3.9k
genre: angst/fluff [i know, i’m in shock too]

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make me choose » Merlin/Arthur or Merlin/Gwen requested by disneycastleismymindpalace

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Okay but the very idea that Mitch wants to introduce Jonas to his friend group to help get more acquainted???? That's so sweet wtf i'm actually upset that that was interrupted by the Mystery Car™

HONESTLY IT REALLY IS SUPER CUTE!! Like… They were gonna eat lunch together,,, talk,,, become one with the group Jonas,,,

Bechloe Week, Day 7: Pride

Chloe wasn’t sure why she was there, with all the music and people cheering and all this colors… it just didn’t feel right.

Of course, for a normal Chloe Beale, in her usual bubbly mood,  this would’ve been fun and exciting. However, she wasn’t feeling bubbly at all. She wasn’t feeling happy, to be more specific.

Since her three years long boyfriend left her without an explanation, she just didn’t feel like go out and experience the world. Even if she didn’t love Tom like she did at the start, it still had an effect on her. It was so sudden that Chloe’s world just stopped.

She knew she was going to be okay; it was a fact. But to Stacie and Aubrey, it didn’t look like that. So, at the first opportunity they had, being this the Pride Festival, they dragged her out of her apartment. She could’ve fight more than she did but something kept her from it.

“Hey Chlo, we’re going to buy something to eat. Wanna come?” Aubrey asked, getting her train of thougts stopped.

“No, I’m good here. I’ll wait for you.” Chloe smiled a little, just to assure her friends she was okay. Aubrey nodded and Stacey smiled her as well, although worry was still visible. They left after that.

Chloe sighed and looked around her. People were having fun, as if the place magically took all the pain of life’s problems. And Chloe wondered, why shouldn’t she? Although she prefered being at home, she had to admit everything in the festival looked like fun. Maybe she could try and enjoy herself a little. After all, she was already there.

She stood up from the stair rock she was sitting on and started to walk the opposite site Aubrey and Stacie went. She didn’t walk too far, however. A boy came running straight towards her and crushed her into a hug.

“Happy Pride, sis! Give this to a random stranger and spread the love!” the boy screamed happily as he gave her a little paper card and skipped away.

Chloe read the big rainbow letters: ‘Free hug, free love’.

She smiled. Even if she was sad, she always took a chance to make someone else feel better. And everyone needed a hug once in awhile.

Then, her mission changed. She wanted to find a person that looked like could use a hug. Just like her. She figured it would be a hard task to complete, since everyone seemed happy. Nevertheless, Chloe walked and walked, feeling a lot better than before and now, even excited.

Minutes passed and Chloe still had her paper card in her hand, waiting to be used.

Chloe was sure she had gone too far from where her friends left her and, having checked the time on her phone, she decided it would be better if she started making her way back. To say she wasn’t disappointed would be lying, but the day still had hours left and Chloe wasn’t willing to waste them.

Now, fate is a curious thing. You’ll see, Chloe was midway back to the meeting point when she spotted this gorgeous brunette sitting at the grass field. Alone, headphones covering her ears. From what you could see, the girl wasn’t going to leave her place soon. But Chloe had a feeling that told her if she left to find Stacie and Aubrey, she probably wouldn’t see this girl ever again.

So, she reached for her phone, ready to call Aubrey and tell her that she was going to see them later. Right in that moment, her phone rang, showing an incoming call from Aubrey.


“Chloe, hi! Listen, we’re kind of stucked in the line and we don’t know how long is it gonna be…”

“It’s okay.” Chloe couldn’t help but smile and gaze the girl from the corner of her eye.

“Really? You can come if you want, the stand it’s not that far. Stacie and I were planning on go to check out the activities after this but we can…”

“It’s okay, Bree. Really. Go have a good time with your girlfriend, I’ll be fine.” her tone was calm, with a hint of cheerfulness.

Aubrey noticed this and smiled at the other  side of the line. “Great. I’ll see you later, Chlo.”

With that, Aubrey hung up and left Chloe to accomplish her mission.

It was unusual for her to feel nervous, yet she felt her palms a little sweaty as she got closer and could see the brunette better. She walked confidently and showed her signature smile, anyway.

“Hey!” Chloe greeted, now on her happy, usual tone.

The brunette looked up from her phone and removed her headphones.

“Hey… “ said the girl a little confused as to why this redhead was standing in front of her.

“I’m Chloe.” She gave the brunette the most dazzling smile.

“I’m Beca? Um, I’m sorry but what do you want?” Beca’s eyes widened. “Gosh, that sounded rude. I’m sorry.”

Chloe giggled at the mini-panic attack Beca just had.

“It’s fine.” she sat down next to Beca and took the paper card out of her pocket. “I was actually looking for someone to use this card on.”

Beca grabbed the card and read it, a light blush appearing on her cheeks. She turned to Chloe.

“But I don’t even-”

The brunette didn’t finish her sentence because she was suddenly engulfed in a tight, comforting hug. She missed the warm feeling the instant Chloe pulled away.

“Now you’ve got to give the card to someone else.” Chloe smiled.

“Ok? But, um, I- bye, I guess?”

“You’re kicking me out?” the redhead feigned offense. Beca’s eyes widened, once again.

“No! No, I just- I just thought you were going to leave since you did what you wanted to do and you don’t know me so why would you stay? I mean, it’s not like I don’t want you to but-”

“Do you want me to stay?”

“Sure. I mean, if you want to.”

Chloe smiled at the brunette’s cute rambling. And decided that maybe, being dragged out of her apartment wasn’t that bad.

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omg so i never shipped space (wasn't against it, just didn't fully get it) but i was just watching the 1992 movie and when jack comes in wearing his pulitzer suit spot grabs race and is like oh no tell me I'm not seeing this and like he turns to race when he's upset ?! idk i fell in love with the ship immediately now I'm ALL about it (i needed to tell someone this and you seemed like the right person so here ya go.) also ADORE your art :)

IKR its such a cute Iconique sprace moment,, that and just before that theyre trying to control the crowd w each other. WELCOME TO SPRACE! were the fucking best ship :-)

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How would UT and UF Sans and US Papyrus react to a tall, chubby S/O who was upset they couldn't wear their bf's hoodie bc it doesn't fit and when asked why they were so upset about it, S/O responds "I just wanna be cute and let everyone know I'm yours..."

UT Sans: “Aww, sugar….”, he feels bad for beeing so short, because it led to you being upset. He will give you a hug, “You are very cute already”. And he also has an idea how to solve your probleme, he got a few tshirts that are a few sizes to big on him from times when he was to lazy to try it on before buying it. Let’s just hope you like wearing “bonezone” shirts…

UF Sans: He laughs a bit, he always laughs about peoples misfortunes. But he does feel guilty, since it’s you, and he shouldn’t laugh about you. He is a pretty smal fella, and he doesn’t own a lot of clothes. “but i can still show everybody that you are mine..” he murmures into your ear, before leaving kissmarks at the most visible places of your body. 

US Papyrus: He is a very tall dude, with very oversized hoodies. But if they still don’t fit you, don’t worry, he thinks you are very cute, and has his way of showing everybody that you are his, when he snkaes his arm around your waist and gives you small kisses in public.


Ok guys I have no idea if any of you would give a damn about this but I’m so happy and excited that I got to see Modena playing in my country. The atmosphere was awesome and the game was absolutely beautiful, even if Craiova lost… After the game, I didn’t leave so quickly because I wanted to stare at them a little more before they would leave the court, and then I saw that a few players came to the fan area to take pictures. Of course, I ran to them and I managed to take pictures with Luca and Matteo. My arms and legs were literally shaking, maybe some of you know what I’m talking about😂 Anyway, I can’t stop smiling and I can’t believe they are so nice to all their fans, it made my whole life😂💕 Here’s to many more volley trips, cheers!🍻

Sensitive-Uf!sans x Reader

I ended up writing this because I just need a comfort blanket like Sans right now and I thought you would like it.

Sans has trusted in you the duty of making him a grilled cheese sandwich, which you’ve never made before but lied to him so he would like you more. Truth was the sizzling pan and melting cheese made you anxious, you were always sensitive and had struggled with anxiety all your life. As you flipped the sandwich, to your horror it was burnt black, and you panicked.

 You were all out of the other ingredients so you couldn’t make another one, you decided to just cover the burnt side and pray he wouldn’t notice. You shakily walked to sans with the plate and set it down on the coffee table in front of him.

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Trifiesta Day 5: Kirishima’s Birthday

Hiyori and Yokozawa both surprise Kirishima in their own way.

this fic is much longer than yesterday’s (9 parts), so even more fluff; alternating b/t Kirishima’s and Yokozawa’s povs every two parts (except one of Kirishima’s parts is really long so I didn’t give him two parts in a row there). okay, have fun. no smut tho, if that’s what you’re looking for.

“Are you sure you’re okay?”

“Yeah, of course,” Kirishima smiled, lying through his teeth. This seemed to put Hiyori a little more at ease, but her face still held some doubt.

“Well…I have to get to bed now. G'night, Dad.”

“Night, Hiyo. Love you.”

“I love you too, Dad.” She gave Kirishima a brief hug like she did almost every night, then walked away stiffly towards her room.

Kirishima finally let his face fall, pulling out his phone to text Yokozawa.

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I’m sure this music is about them.


PS: I know Wade is Canadian but this music reminded me of them and I thiught it would be cute. I hope this is okay, I don’t want you to think I’m trying to change the character’s original history. Please I’m so sorry if I upset anyone, it wasn’t my intention.

Look at the Signs: Chapter One

Fandom: Orphan Black
 Soccercop (Beth/Alison)
Raiting: T
Word Count: 4,495
Chapter Summary: Alison doesn’t take much joy in Aynsley’s weekly dinner parties, especially with the blonde’s futile attempts at finding her a husband. But what happens when, for the first time, someone at those parties catches Alison’s attention? Sign Language Soccercop AU!
Author’s Note: All credit basically goes to tinytmas and random anons discussing this awesome AU. I had to make something out of the ideas and ended up with a really long one-shot, which I might continue. Depends, really. Anyways, it’s been years since the last time I wrote a solid fanfic (yes, literally years), so I’m still kinda rusty. Ok, ok, I’ll stop now and let you enjoy this little fic! Enjoy.

[Chapter One] , [Chapter Two] , [Chapter Three] , [Chapter Four] , [Chapter Five]

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calum would definitely be the kind of best friend who always brought you coffee in the morning when he picked you up for school and he’d help you study for classes you were struggling in just so you’d hang out with him under a pile of blankets in his bedroom while you recite calculus formulas and deep down he really really really likes you but is too shy to admit it so instead he just shows you he loves you in other ways like letting you borrow his hoodies when you’re cold and coming to all of your games and kissing the top of your head when your stressed or upset wow calum is so cute I want this

So, Michael is totally the kind of guy that if you were upset and were stubborn and refused to talk or try and be happy at all he would put on one of your favorite pop songs and dance like a dork and make you slow dance with him to it until you were smiling again and I’m really emo right now I got to go

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I'm so fucking upset right now bc my bf and I were at a party and he grabbed my ass to be cute or watever and I knocked his hand off and told him I don't like that and he started to apologize like normal when he crosses a line bc I mean it happens but one of his friends (who vocally insults my being ace) started calling him whipped so he told ME I was over reacting and girls liked their asses grabbed and I SHOULD TOO I got so mad I left with my friend and have been ignoring his texts.

Good on you. Asexual or not, not all girls like that and he has no right to tell you what you should or should not like. If he can’t respect your boundaries and treat you as an equal, he doesn’t deserve you. Period.