they were so cute i'm upset


Once again, Taehyung won’t make it home for Christmas.

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word count: 3.9k
genre: angst/fluff [i know, i’m in shock too]

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Okay but the very idea that Mitch wants to introduce Jonas to his friend group to help get more acquainted???? That's so sweet wtf i'm actually upset that that was interrupted by the Mystery Car™

HONESTLY IT REALLY IS SUPER CUTE!! Like… They were gonna eat lunch together,,, talk,,, become one with the group Jonas,,,


make me choose » Merlin/Arthur or Merlin/Gwen requested by disneycastleismymindpalace

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How would UT and UF Sans and US Papyrus react to a tall, chubby S/O who was upset they couldn't wear their bf's hoodie bc it doesn't fit and when asked why they were so upset about it, S/O responds "I just wanna be cute and let everyone know I'm yours..."

UT Sans: “Aww, sugar….”, he feels bad for beeing so short, because it led to you being upset. He will give you a hug, “You are very cute already”. And he also has an idea how to solve your probleme, he got a few tshirts that are a few sizes to big on him from times when he was to lazy to try it on before buying it. Let’s just hope you like wearing “bonezone” shirts…

UF Sans: He laughs a bit, he always laughs about peoples misfortunes. But he does feel guilty, since it’s you, and he shouldn’t laugh about you. He is a pretty smal fella, and he doesn’t own a lot of clothes. “but i can still show everybody that you are mine..” he murmures into your ear, before leaving kissmarks at the most visible places of your body. 

US Papyrus: He is a very tall dude, with very oversized hoodies. But if they still don’t fit you, don’t worry, he thinks you are very cute, and has his way of showing everybody that you are his, when he snkaes his arm around your waist and gives you small kisses in public.

Miraculous has destroyed me

So the hiatus has officially reached level ten in terms of my impatience. I had a dream last night where Marinette met this cute prince from somewhere in the Arabian or Iberian Peninsula and they were just hanging out, having fun and then Adrien and his father come along for a photo shoot and Adrien sees sweet, adorable Marinette with this also strangely adorable new guy and is just completely distracted by them. Gabriel gets upset about this and forces the pair to go away, which eventually causes the Prince to get akumatized, but it doesn’t actually require Ladybug and Cat Noir to fight him because all Cat Noir says is ‘Do you want to hang out and play video games some time?’ And the akuma just pops right out of his jacket and it all ends with the trio playing video games while that photographer guy gets awesome pics for the campaign that shows the three friends not trying to model, but still looking like models.

When I start having dreams about the characters during a hiatus then we know I’m screwed.

Trifiesta Day 5: Kirishima’s Birthday

Hiyori and Yokozawa both surprise Kirishima in their own way.

this fic is much longer than yesterday’s (9 parts), so even more fluff; alternating b/t Kirishima’s and Yokozawa’s povs every two parts (except one of Kirishima’s parts is really long so I didn’t give him two parts in a row there). okay, have fun. no smut tho, if that’s what you’re looking for.

“Are you sure you’re okay?”

“Yeah, of course,” Kirishima smiled, lying through his teeth. This seemed to put Hiyori a little more at ease, but her face still held some doubt.

“Well…I have to get to bed now. G'night, Dad.”

“Night, Hiyo. Love you.”

“I love you too, Dad.” She gave Kirishima a brief hug like she did almost every night, then walked away stiffly towards her room.

Kirishima finally let his face fall, pulling out his phone to text Yokozawa.

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I’m sure this music is about them.


PS: I know Wade is Canadian but this music reminded me of them and I thiught it would be cute. I hope this is okay, I don’t want you to think I’m trying to change the character’s original history. Please I’m so sorry if I upset anyone, it wasn’t my intention.

So, Michael is totally the kind of guy that if you were upset and were stubborn and refused to talk or try and be happy at all he would put on one of your favorite pop songs and dance like a dork and make you slow dance with him to it until you were smiling again and I’m really emo right now I got to go

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I'm so fucking upset right now bc my bf and I were at a party and he grabbed my ass to be cute or watever and I knocked his hand off and told him I don't like that and he started to apologize like normal when he crosses a line bc I mean it happens but one of his friends (who vocally insults my being ace) started calling him whipped so he told ME I was over reacting and girls liked their asses grabbed and I SHOULD TOO I got so mad I left with my friend and have been ignoring his texts.

Good on you. Asexual or not, not all girls like that and he has no right to tell you what you should or should not like. If he can’t respect your boundaries and treat you as an equal, he doesn’t deserve you. Period. 

5SOS Preference: "I'm sorry.."

Calum: You shrieked in surprise when you felt a pair of arms sneak around your waist and lift you from the ground. You struggled in Calum’s arms as he lifted you and playfully threw you on the bed before mercilessly tickling your sides. You thrashed around underneath his tan body as he laughed at your reaction. You could barely breathe but you were still laughing. Your pleas to stop went unheard to Calum but all of a sudden his tickling fingers vanished from your sides. You took in a large gulp of air and stared as Calum hid his face from you, doubled over in front of you. “Cal?” you questioned, fixing your shirt. You heard his grunts of pain and instantly sat up, worried about what had gone wrong. “Baby, what happened?” You gently placed your hand on his shoulder urging him to look up. He pulled his head up and your concern grew at the look of intense pain on his face. “You kicked me in the nuts, babe.” He choked out. You couldn’t help but let out a laugh as you realized what happened. When you were thrashing around under Calum, you were kicking your legs and you must have hit him without noticing. You covered your laugh with a cough and tried to help Calum. “I’m sooooooo sorry Calum!” You felt bad that he was in pain but you honestly didn’t know what to do. After following Calum’s instructions, you retrieved an icepack from the freezer and gave it to Calum whose cheeks were red. Fortunately Calum forgave you quickly because even he knew how dangerous your limbs could be when you were being tickled. For the rest of the day, both of you cuddled in bed and refrained from anymore tickling and kicking for a long time.     

Michael: You groaned in frustration once again and threw your math textbook on the floor. You had sat for hours trying to study for your upcoming exams but you kept on forgetting simple formulas. On top of that, Michael had invited the boys over and they had been their usual boisterous selves and ran around the house making a lot of noise. You couldn’t concentrate on your work and your headache grew just thinking about the mess the boys were most likely creating downstairs. You stood from your desk filled with rage and annoyance and made your way downstairs to where the boys had settled to play video games. Every once in a while the boys would yell or cuss at the TV where animated figures ran around with guns in their hands. “Michael.” You tried to keep your voice under control as you tried to get his attention. He didn’t move. “Michael.” You spoke a little louder hoping to break through his reverie. “MICHAEL!” All the boys’ heads turned at your loud voice and someone, thankfully paused the game. “What babe?” You took a deep breath fighting the stress tears threatening to leak from your eyes. “Do you mind keeping it down please? I’m trying to study.” “Sure.” He turned his attention back to the game and resumed the game. You could tell from the look on the other boys’ faces that they were concerned about you, but you fled back to your room before they could say anything. You slammed the door behind you and buried yourself under the blankets. You were tired of all the assignments and studying. You just wanted a nice cuddle but Michael was obviously too busy for that. A couple of minutes later you heard a soft knock on the door. When you didn’t answer, the person let themselves in and climbed in bed next to you. “I’m sorry.” Michael whispered gently. He pulled you close into his chest and kissed your cheek. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” With each apology he kissed your face until you were laughing and kissing him back. Michael helped you study a little bit longer before you spent the rest of the day cuddling in peace.

Ashton: The fight had started with a small disagreement and turned into a nasty screaming match between you and Ashton. You had both escaped away into separate bedrooms and you cried your eyes out at what had happened. You hated it when you two fought even though it was normal between every couple. The tension in the air didn’t subside the next day either, or the next. It wasn’t until three days after the fight that you got a phone call. Something had happened to Ashton and he was in the hospital. You dropped what you were doing and raced to the hospital the lady had told you. Frantically searching for anyone to help you, you ran to the area where the newest patients were being held and searched for the familiar brown hair and hazel eyes. You heard your name being called and you sighed in relief when you saw Ashton wave you over from where he was being attended to by a nurse. You barrelled into his arms and let a few tears fall as you realized he wasn’t that badly hurt. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” You repeated as you hid your face in his neck. Ashton kept his arm wrapped around you and when the doctor finally checked him and gave him the permission to go, he kissed you hard and repeated your words. From that day forward, you two never went to sleep without resolving a fight or argument because even though Ashton was not gravely injured, it showed you how easy it was for you to lose someone you love.

Luke: Your heart was beating fast and hard against your rib cage as your nerves started to take over. Your name rang through the large hall and you took a deep breath before walking across the stage towards the professor. Offering a smile and a handshake you accepted your diploma and exited the stage, glad that that was over. You hated going up on stage and even though it was only for a maximum of 30 seconds, it had your heart rate skyrocketing. Once all the graduates had received their diplomas, everyone cheered and clapped and made their way to their families. Your family embraced you and continuously told you how proud they were of you. Looking around for the one person you were looking forward to seeing, you frowned when you couldn’t find him. You parents treated you out to dinner and dropped you home afterwards. You had tried to call Luke but his phone must have been off. He had promised that he would be there to cheer you on when you graduated but he wasn’t. You had changed your clothes and was just getting ready for bed when the front door opened and Luke’s voice called out your name. You didn’t bother responding since you were still upset about his absence. You heard his footsteps fast approaching and you quickly hid yourself under the covers of your bed, not in the mood to deal with him at the moment. Luke obviously didn’t get the memo. The covers were ripped off of your body and replaced by Luke’s own body warmth as he hovered over you. “I have a surprise for you.” He whispered in your ear. “Go away.” You spoke into the pillow. “I know I missed your graduation and I am really, really sorry babe. But I have a reason.” You felt Luke shift around so that he was now sitting on the bed. You heard a guitar tune play softly and you lifted your head in confusion. The music was coming from Luke’s phone and you instantly recognized his voice as he sang in his beautiful voice. You listened to the entire song and realized the lyrics were the exact same story as yours and Luke’s. “I was supposed to have this done yesterday but I didn’t finish so I tried to finish it before your graduation but it was taking too long – “ You cut off Luke’s cute ramble by placing your lips on his. Of course you were upset that he missed your graduation but he definitely made up for it.  


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