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Armie: So we start making out, and then we’re making out, and we’re making out, and we’re making out, and we’re making out. It goes on for a long time, and I remember we kinda stop and we look, and Luca has just left. He just left us making out on the grass. That was our only rehearsal for the film.

two | the dom next door

genre: dom!jimin, fingering, spanking, angst

pairing: jimin x reader

synopsis: jimin learns about your little secret.

song: house of cards

one | two

two: acquaintances

You didn’t know what to do, you were not mentally prepared to see Jimin. There were so many questions that were drowning inside your head and you feel suffocated. The hole wasn’t blocked by the paper when you’ve noticed after doing your personal business, somehow, you’ve always made sure that small hole was blocked.

That’s why when you noticed it wasn’t blocked, you crawled your way to there and saw someone was looking back right at you. What made you horrified when you tried to call Jimin, the hole was immediately blocked. Does it mean Jimin was looking at you? You gulped. Did Jimin saw your little performance? You weren’t scared about your dancing, you were scared that he might have seen what you did after it. The knocks continued and you let out a deep sigh, and tried to calm yourself.

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Are porgs scary? A Star Wars investigation

Entertainment Weekly

“This is not going to go … the way that you think.”

That’s Luke Skywalker’s mysterious warning in a scene from The Last Jedi.

Maybe he’s talking about the porgs.

As Star Wars fans are now well aware, the porgs are a kind of alien hamster-penguin that inhabit an island on Ahch-To that’s the site of the first Jedi temple. One of them – nicknamed “the Chewie porg” – squeals in apparent delight as the Wookie pilots the Millennium Falcon through a crystal cavern.

They not only infest the island, they have taken over Star Wars merchandise. The hot toys this holiday season can be summed up as: porgs, porgs, porgs, porgs, porgs, porgs, porgs, porgs, porgs, porgs, porgs, porgs, porgs, porgs, porgs, porgs.

But are these cuddly creatures as benign as they appear? One star of The Last Jedi suggests caution. One porg is cute. But porgs, porgs, porgs, porgs, porgs, porgs may be perilous.

“I just remember doing some stuff and seeing a lot of porgs around,” John Boyega tells EW. “And they are interesting, but for me, I had a love/hate relationship with them. They’re very, very cute, but when you put them in a bunch, in holes, on the Millennium Falcon, that’s when they start to become really, really freaky.”

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She’s trying

“You’re supposed to be scared of me!” You frowned and looked at Diana, who was trying her hardest not to laugh. “I’m scary!”

“You look terrifying, I’m proud of you.” Terrifyingly adorable. She said that with a cheeky grin and after you quirked an eyebrow she started laughing. “You make an adorable Amazon, my love.

“Diana,” you groaned and she cupped your face in her hands gently.

“You’re doing fine.”

“Watch! I’m gonna fight an Amazon!” You ran off in the other direction and before Diana could stop you, Hippolyta walked over to stand by her side.

“She’s quite energetic, isn’t she?”

“It isn’t bad at all, she’s very fun, but-“

“They won’t hurt her. They understand that she is not one of us.” Diana still frowned slightly, but it faded as she saw your approach to the others.

“You all look so cool and amazing! I can fight too!” Diana shook her head.

“She’s trying to impress you Diana.”

“Mother, I know that.” Another smile crawled onto her face. “She’s doing a great job.” Well, You were trying. You thought you were ACTUALLY beating the amazons but really? They found it cute that you were so determined and they let you win (but you didn’t need to know that).

“Look Diana! I’m doing it! I told you I’m scary!”

“You’re doing great!” She grinned and she walked over to join you.

“They think I’m scary.” You say proudly and help one of the amazons you hit back to their feet. “Let’s spar!” Diana frowned slightly and shook her head slowly.

After all these years, she still didn’t know her own strength sometimes, and she didn’t want what happened to Antiope to happen to you. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

“You won’t, I promise.” One of the amazons offered her a sword and shield with a smile, and you’d realized that Diana had on similar armor you had. When you’d first gotten to Themyscira, they were blown away with what women off the island looked like and you felt like you just stood out. So, being the kind people they were, they offered to let you wear their armor for as long as you wanted and braided your hair, so you could truly be an Amazon.

“Fine. But don’t hold back on me.” She drew back her sword playfully and you smiled. Now you saw why she loved it here.

how to treat yourself like a princess ✨

- begin your days with tea and lemon (especially the mornings in which you feel the most down) in a designated tea cup

- turn your space into your castle: floral prints on the walls, antique brushes and bottles, fresh flowers on the bedside table

- choose a beautiful, favourite symphony to be your personal princess theme song

- remember how deserving you are, even of the most simple things (i deserve to feel the sun on my skin, i deserve to take an extra-long shower today, i deserve to feel loved by myself)

- every now and then, remember this simple mantra: “life is short. buy the dress.”