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What's do you think it would be like if Daisy and Robbie met pre-series? Before powers, training or demonic possession? Homeless orphan meets orphan living with brother and uncle.

This is honestly my favorite Quakerider AU idea! <3 Are there any fics like this already? Because there should be!

As we all know, Daisy used to live in L.A. before the series started and she joined S.H.I.E.L.D. Not only that but, according to the pilot in the scene where she films Mike saving that doctor lady, she seemed to be hanging around East Los Angeles (aka Robbie’s hometown!). I know L.A is a big city, but those two must have crossed paths at least once! Maybe she had trouble with her van and took it to Canelo’s to be fixed ;)

We all know how Daisy/Skye was at the beginning of the series, and we’ve seen in the 4x06 flashbacks that Robbie used to be a little cheeky, rambunctious scamp. Pre-series them would be such a menace together, oh my goodness! 

The first time Robbie and Skye meet they have this instant chemistry and attraction (mentally they’re like “daaamn he/she is hot”), but Skye has a boyfriend (Miles *cough*) so they agree to be just friends. Still, the two become as thick as thieves, always borrowing the Charger to go on crazy adventures in L.A. together like they are rebellious teenagers. They have a very casual flirty friendship.

Eventually, they begin to be more open about each other. Skye reveals that she is a hacktivist for the Rising Tide which Robbie finds to be a little “tin-foil hat” but he thinks her hacking skills are so cool. Robbie eventually properly introduces her to his brother and uncle. Gabe and Eli have already heard a lot about the infamous “Skye” Robbie’s been hanging out with lately and are really glad to finally meet her. She and Gabe hit it off right away and Eli is pleasantly impressed by her sassy wit and tech prowess (“Honestly, what’s a beautiful, smart girl like you doing hanging out with my knucklehead of a nephew?” Eli teases.)

Eventually, Robbie and Skye spend a night chilling in the Charger and talking about their pasts. They already knew that they were both orphans, but they never went too far into it (too painful). Robbie tells her how he and Gabe struggled for a bit after his parent’s death and how he had to drop out of high school to help. Skye tells him all about her various orphanages and foster homes and admits that she only became a hacker and joined the Rising Tide in order to find out any information about her parents. They talk all night until they realize that the sun is beginning to rise. After that, there is this new intimacy to their relationship that just goes beyond a simple friendship.

Months after they first met, the two are basically hanging out almost all the time. Everyone thinks they are dating, but the two constantly remind everybody that they are “just really good friends.” After the hundredth time saying it, though, they both become a little unsure. It’s obvious that they genuinely love each other, but did they love each other that way?

Then, the Chitauri Invasion at New York happens and the whole world is changed. Robbie insists that Skye stays over at his place for a while instead of her van. L.A. has never really been safe to begin with, and he knows that she can take care of herself, but now, with aliens being an actual possibility, he is uncomfortable with the thought of her being on her own. Skye refuses, but eventually gives in after Gabe and Eli also urge her to stay for a few days while this alien situation is being figured out.

She ends up staying in Robbie’s room while he takes the couch. One night, he wakes when he hears her sounds of distress. Robbie rushes to his room where he finds Skye having a nightmare. He quickly wakes her up and comforts her. It turns out she wasn’t having a nightmare about aliens, but it had been the reoccurring nightmare she’s had ever since she was little about her parents. Skye asks for him to stay with her for the night. Robbie doesn’t hesitate as he lays down beside her and holds her close. He stays awake long enough to make sure she falls into a more pleasant sleep before he drifts to sleep, as well.

The next morning they wake up basically entangled in one another. It’s awkward, but it also just feels right. Gabe catches them leaving Robbie’s bedroom together and he shoots them a look ;) They both know nothing actually happened between them, but they’re both still a blushing mess.

Even though Skye eventually moves back into her van, she continues to spend a lot of time at the Reyes household. They become the first real family she’s had in a long time. Eventually, she decides to break up with Miles in order to explore whatever this unspoken thing she has with Robbie is.

TL/DR: Basically, this long-winded post is just to say the homeless rambunctious orphan is able to find a family, a home, and love with this other rambunctious orphan xD (I never meant for this to get so long!)

Their crush gives them a dorky/cute nickname (Seventeen)

S.Coups: -Scoops. He wouldn’t be able to function when he heard your voice say it. You were just so cute to him- “this is just so cute”

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Jeonghan: -Handsome. He loved it because he was normally called pretty so when his actual crush referred to him as handsome it warmed his heart- *gif*

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Joshua: -Joshy. He wasn’t used to but when you cooed it to him he was very much getting into it- “Joshy? I think I can like that from you”

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Jun: -Sparkles. It was random and neither of you really knew why you called him it but he was happy about it- “what the heck does that even mean?”

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Hoshi: -Star. He always made you smile as you would call him Star he would shake his head and correct you-”you’re saying it wrong again. I am your star”

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Wonwoo: -WooWoo. You mainly said it when you wanted something from him and once you used it he was putty in your hands- “what do you want Y/N?”

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Woozi: -Composer.  You called him many things but always when he was working on songs he was your Composer, it would make him blush and everything. He would pose for you then get back to work- “is this good? I have to work more though”

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DK: -Sunshine. He would even respond to it because you have called him it for so long- “did you need something?”

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Mingyu: -Mingy. The boys would start teasing him about it because you would follow you around. He wouldn’t let them get away from it- “are you Y/N? No then you can’t call me that”

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The8: -Fate. He would smile when you unlocked your phone and ‘Fate’ would come up and he would tease about it- “so does this mean I will be your fate in the end?”

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Seungkwan: -Kwannie. You would do it when you were super tired, so he would take care of you and he knew it would always work on him- “you’re the only person I want to have be cute. Do you want me to hold you?”

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Vernon: -Mac. It was a throw back to the line that made no sense to you from Ah Yeah at one point. He didn’t care too much, it was cute to hear from you- “are you going to call me that forever?”

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Dino: -Love. It had no real meaning it just seemed to flow out of your mouth at the end of a comment to him and the boys always questioned it- “I mean it sounds like it means more but sadly we’re still only friends”

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Little Red Devils

This is an UPG

Anywho; yesterday, I went on a field trip, a wonderful little carouse to a demonic realm. I’ve been having some problems, so there were people there who could help me with it; like really, the place looks like the gothiest mansion in forever.

I loved it.

So, after we were done, and were about to leave, a hoard of little red things ran past us, and down a spiral stair case. This place was pretty similar to how the inside of Hogwarts works, so it was a pretty big spiraling staircase. But, all of them were following a Demoness of some sorts. She was tall, and had dark, wavy hair; with a a pretty big set of horns. However, I really only saw the back of her. But these things.



Now I asked myself; what are these things. And I was told by my companion that they were “Little Red Devils”. I am actually 90% sure he was being sarcastic; or he made that comment as to say that they were troublesome kids, but I’ll put it as their names anyways.

Little Red Devils. Wonderful.

Anyways, these kids looked like some kind of bipedal dragons with hair. It was odd; even more so was the fact that each of them were around 1 feet tall, and all wore the same thing, with the same haircut, and with no differentiating characteristics. Nothing.

The image above is a drawing I did; for those who can’t see it due to mobile being horrible, its technically a bipedal dragon thing with short black hair, and red skin. It is also as to what eVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM LOOKED LIKE. THERE WERE HUNDREDS OF THESE KIDS, JUST RUNNING DOWN THE STAIR CASE TO THEIR MOM.

And when I asked my companion about it he just said, “She lays a lot of eggs”.

I’ll be honest, I wanted to pick one of these little guys up; but I was told that they would bite me. So I didn’t.

I love them so much. I want to interview the mom; she looked so pretty. At least from what I saw.

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park wink as your bf please? thank you💖

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thanks for requesting!!

-definition of a gentlemen

- the type to open doors for u, makes sure that u are walking on the side farthest away from cars, and gives u his sweaters when ur cold

- secretly likes seeing u in his clothing so he leaves a lot of sweaters hanging around in hopes that he would see u one day wearing them

- once he saw u wearing his sweater and he nearly f A INTED

- help this poor boy

- he thought u were so cute and swore his heart almost stopped beating

- u were that cute

- going out shopping to buy matching items

- once suggested to have matching sweaters

- but u quickly denied it LMFAO especially when he held up a mustard yellow sweater and ur like


- so instead, u guys get matching phone charms!!! or lanyards w matching keychains!!t

- jihoon loves to buy u tiny keychains bc they remind them of u and ur like 

- ‘’thanks!! ill go put them on my lanyard w the 83493492 other ones i have!!” 

- but its ok bc he’s trying his best :((

- lots of cuddles!!

- likes to cuddle a lot when u two are laying down or spending time together

- when u guys cuddle, likes to give u kisses on ur neck or shoulders

- or just peppering ur face in kisses if u were on his lap bc he loves to spoil u

- so cute ok

- anyways, he likes to give a lot of hugs!!

- doesn’t matter what kind, he will hug u anytime

- but lowkey loves backhugs bc he likes to rest his head on ur shoulder and then u guys do that little waddle u know

- clingy af but knows when to back off lol

- likes to cling on to ur arms when ur purposely ignoring him or something

- ‘’why are u paying attention to ur phone?? pay attention to me instead!!”

- likes to hold hands a lot!!

- doesn’t matter if ur hands get sweaty lmao he likes to cling on to ur hands

- claims that he will love u even if u got sweaty hands lol

- date time!!

- the two of u like to go out on dates to find those aesthetically pleasing places lmao

- like cafes

- latte art!! jihoon thinks its so cool and so do u ngl

- also, long walks in the park!!

- especially if he sees that there are people walking their dogs bc he lOVES dogs

- the type of person to stop and ask people if he can pet their dog LMFAO

- the two of u also like to have picnic on rlly nice days and invite the rest of wanna one

- mostly bc it gets wILD

- but gets jealous when he sees u having long convos w someone else and he’s not apart of it

- the type to pout at you and get grumpy bc it should be him making u laugh not seongwoo >:(

- dance battles on ddr

-and karaoke battles w the rest of wanna one

-gets jealous that u fawn over jaehwan and minhyun’s vocals

-’’but im better aren’t i??” 

-and u constantly reassuring jihoon that

-’’yes u are! don’t be jealous okay?”

- the type to replace the shoelaces on ur shoes to different colors and tie them for u

- enjoys taking selfies w u and posting the cringiest captions or pick up lines lol

- also the type to judge u if u take those aesthetic pictures of ur food

- but then u end up judging him bc he does it too

- also the type to nap in ur lap when the two of u are watching a movie

- and demands that u play w his hair

- ‘’why are u paying attention to the movie?? aren’t i more interesting??”

- cue him pouting cutely at u ndjknfds

- and ur like

- ‘’,,,u loser’’ and u finally look at him

- and he just gives u a cute little grin and ur like

- dying

- how can a person be so cute??? the world may never know,,,

- also likes to give u lots and lots of kisses

- his kisses are, in general, the softest and sweetest in the world (in ur opinion)

- likes to put lots of emotions behind it bc he wants to convey what he feels through it

- gets flustered and stutters a bit when u two pull away bc he’s still relishing the feeling of ur lips on his

- and he’s like

- ‘’wOW’’

- ‘’how did i get so lucky???”

- jeojangs u a lot

- jihoon: look!!


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-fights can be kinda rough w jihoon

-bc u two are still young, there can be misunderstandings and u guys get angry easily

-usually jihoon gets very defensive once u argue w him

- if it’s something dumb, he’ll scoff and roll his eyes but probably say something that makes u even angrier lmfao

- if it escalated into something more serious, u would be the type to walk out first

-mostly bc u know if u get jihoon angry, he would lose control of his filter and would say whatever what was on his mind

- and as mad as u are, u didn’t want this to go to the point where it could end up really bad

-’’u can yell as much as u want but im leaving before i will say something i regret’’

- and u just leave like boom

- but despite the harsh argument, he would be the type to go find you after cooling down 

-and wouldn’t leave u alone bc he hates when u guys drag on the argument, especially over something petty

-making up is mutual tho, the two of u talk it and see what terms u guys can agree to and fix

- in the end, the two of u reunite and spend the rest of the night cuddling away

-because really, who can resist park jihoon??

-especially w his puppy eyes that are pleading for u to forgive him??

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you know what's the most ridiculous thing? I went through several message boards, reddit etc, I watched reaction videos and I've seen all these grown-ass men gushing and BLUSHING about Touken scenes in chapter 130 because they were so cute and fluffly! And praising Touka for being so protective of Kaneki and the baby! And then I come to tumblr and WOMEN are slutshaming Touka, blaming her for everything, calling her abusive in the SAME CHAPTER. Internal misogyny is scary and mindblowing!

Yeah man, it’s honestly ridiculous. I’ve seen the exact same thing and its left both Mod A and I scratching out heads. But I’m not surprised – women are socialized to be highly critical of each other, so of course this also shows up in fandom in the way that we interact with different characters. Many women are against female characters and claim that they can’t care as much about female characters because they are not as well developed as male characters, but will spend so much time analyzing random male character number 125 that only shows up in one scene.


cinnamon roll /ˈsɪnəmən rəʊl/ 
   1. Salim from American Gods



at the beginning of the dream he totally hated the cat for looking like him, but by the end of the dream he was in love with that cat and it became his sidekick goodbye