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favorite olicity moments:
∟ 4x01 Green Arrow

      Kind of sweaty. 
          I know. It’s amazing.

aka that time Oliver was going to make Felicity breakfast, but she wanted some of that Dick instead.

SWCV in LA fanacct

OKAY so to start off, before we even got to the venue my friend @silverznight and I were both Idiots and neither of us brought cash with us so we were struggling trying to find parking and the lady was like “it’s 20 dollars and we only take cash”. So we were both trying to scrounge together 20 dollars in ones and a shitload of cents. This took us like a hour btw we were driving around everywhere trying to find a place to park (we parked in a tow away zone at one point bcuz I was Stupid and thought that No Parking Sat-Mon meant sunday was okay) 

ANYWAYS OKAY AT THE VENUE there was no line??? Outside?? It was just a giant mob of people all standing and sitting around kinda hanging out. I got to meet @leejinklies and @sluthyun and they’re both great amazing beautiful funny people and I hope they enjoyed themselves just as much as I did. 

SO THE CONCERT. BOYYYYY. I don’t even…………….. know what to say. They’re all beautiful??? Like drop dread punch me in the face and light me on fire beautiful??? Holy crud. Seeing those choreographies in person literally gave me wings and let me ascend to heaven. Also… Taemin.. that boy.. seeing him dance in person was Holy Shit Amazing he is SOOO GOOD I COULD BARELY TAKE MY EYES AWAY FROM HIM when he was dancing he moves so smoothly but then sharp and his stage presence and charisma when he’s focused is out of this world. 

But okay omg this might get a bit disjointed I’ll list the things I remember in bullet points for further reference

  • During one of the songs when Taemin was dancing in the front he started to do the wing pose from Danger. Also!! He was super happy and playful today!! Smiling a lot and dancing around the stage and having a good time it was so nice to see
  • Okay during one of the talk segments when Key and Minho left to change, Taemin was wearing this oversized orange-red jacket and Jonghyun said he looked like a firefighter or that he’d come with the fire department
  • Taemin responded with “I want to fire you guys up” in english and then got shy
  • Also Taemin was all “I want to try something” and “I want to do what Key does” and then turned around and said something like “I can’t face you I’m shy” and he had his hood pulled up and he stood with his back to us and was super shy and nervous and adorable!! And then he shouted something like “Are you guys having fun tonight” and turned around and then covered his face and stood with his head down for a while because he was embarrassed it was honestly the most adorable thing
  • When Key came back to the stage he immediately asked “so what were you talking about” and he kinda looked at Taemin and Taemin went “I’m sorry”
  • Then he just kinda went like “why you hurry here” and then Minho was taking a while so he said something like “Key where your friend minho?” and i DIED HE IS SO OOOOO CUTE
  • Key laughed at him and hit him on the shoulder
  • Also Jonghyun threw a piece of paper at Taem and it hit him in the face and Jjong immediately laughed and went and wrapped him in a hug they love each other SO MUCH I CANT BELIEVE
  • Minho was speaking so much english!!!! Like really he spoke maybe 90% english?? When he was with Key while the others were changing he spoke entirely in english and he’s so good at it?? He was keeping up the conversation and being really funny and cute
  • He talked about how he watched a basketball game and imitated dribbling and shooting a ball
  • He also said that the Lakers were his favorite and talked again about the game he watched and how it wasn’t the Lakers but it was still fun. He said something like “but we lost the game” and then pouted and everyone went “awww”
  • Key talked about how he went to Santa Monica and how they all ate Inn n Out and how they really like that LOL
  • Then they got to talking about Lalaland and Key was saying how he really really likes that movie and Ming was agreeing and then fans started chanting at Key to “sing it” and he got flustered and caught off guard. He was like “I don’t know the lyrics” and tried to get out of it but Minho was like “They said sing it” so he did!!! He sang a bit of the song he knew, and then I think he was trying to remember the lyrics to another song?? And it really confused him and stumped him he had to pause and keep asking himself “what is it I know it starts with xx” and he was kinda mumbling to himself. Minho ended up asking him “are you okay? No but really, are you okay?” I LOVE THEM
  • Also… minho…. the dab king.. he started to dab again during one of the talk segments and he tried to get everyone else to join him. Key ended up posing with him but it looked really weird LMAO. They posed together and held it and then Taemin went in between them and posed too but he didn’t do a dab pose. Taemin was like “Key! Power ranger pose!” in english and Key was like “Oh yeah that movie looks good too everyone dont forget to go see it”. And ot5 started doing random weird “power ranger” poses together and Taemin was like “power rangers… are five?” and Key said yes and then told Taemin “Don’t say we’re five” basically at the same time Taemin said exactly that LOL
  • Jinki was relatively quiet today but his smile is BLINDING and whenever he did speak it was to basically melt my heart with his cute words of thanks
  • Minkey friggin SLAYED their dance solos holy craaap they did so good
  • Jongyu stared at each other for a prolonged amount of time during the end of their duet stage and can I just say that stage was probably one of the most beautiful stages I’ve ever seen
  • During Ready Or Not they were all going Hard except taem he wasn’t spinning but the rest of them were goin at it it was so much fun
  • OKAY SHIT TAEMIN’S SOLO…..GOODBYE……oohhhhh my god idk what to even say to properly put in words what that was like but Got Damn can that boy dance. He is absolutely captivating his dancing is an art
  • Jongtae did this weird butt wiggle dance thing during Savior. Taemin started it and was doing it at Jjong and then Jjong saw him and did it with him and taem did the Eyebrow™ thing and smiled
  • Jinki’s voice can literally send people to heaven i saw at least 4 souls ascending tonight
  • The events were cute they didn’t really go off that well but they were still fun and the members got to see the banners so it was worth!!
  • They all promised to come back and Taemin was like “we’ll come back soon” and then paused and added “..maybe”
  • Jongho were really active with the fans and they kept going right up to the front and singing and dancing and pointing straight into a few of the fan’s phones when they were recording. Ming waved up at the second floor a Lot he really made sure to include everyone and he just smiled the whole night basically he has the Best smile on this planet
  • Also at the end Jonghyun was saying how “you guys do this a lot” and then he kissed his hand and flung it out towards the fans and made a “mwah” sound and he kept doing it and it was so so cute and adorable
  • Okay also at one point Jinki was handing Taemin his water bottle and I dont think Taemin was expecting it because he kinda looked at it funny but then he took it and Jinki stepped closer and adjusted his hood on his head it was so falsngalsdg adorable omg 
  • I could go on gushing about them but holy shit I screamed so much and I wish the night never ended and I really hope they come back sometime and I’ll never ever stan another group like SHINee they’re forever engraved in my heart now

“I have had the privilege of meeting so many young girls that have visited set this season and I’m always blown away by their faces when they see the cape and the ’S’ and the whole costume and just how excited they are to be there. That is really moving and I always kind of… have to go to my trailer and cry a little bit.” [x]


Shuu and Sayaka’s Amour Eternal senshuraku curtain call (✿◠‿◠)