they were so close

Meeting Calum!

A/n: Alright, y’all! 5sos kicked ass last night in Cincinnati! I didn’t get a chance to write Meeting Cal or Ash, so I’m doing that today! Message me if you want to hear about the concert! Also, sorry this is so long, but I know everyone loves Calum… -L

Fifth fucking row. Unreal. You still didn’t understand how the tickets had become your most prized possession, but there you were. So close to Cal that you could practically see the scruff on his chin. The screams were coming all around you from the other girls who were dying to see these four Aussies.

The lights began dancing around the venue like mad. Then, blackness swallowed the stage. Your heart began racing. They were here.

First, Ash made his way to his drum set, making the Ashton girls so insane.

Then, Michael came out, plaid shirt flowing from his sides with a guitar in his hands. He waved to the fans on his side of the stage, making girls jump up and down, which put a smile on his face.

Luke emerged from behind Ashton’s drums, classic striped shirt on his torso, guitar in his hands. He walked up to the mic and told everyone that it was going to be the best damn show of the North American tour so far. You totally agreed with him.

Then, finally, Calum came out, clearly missing his cue. His bass was slung low against his hips, dressed in all black. He waved and then explained that he had technical difficulties.

They started with the soft intro of Carry On, then immediately went into Money. Everyone was jamming and having a great time.

Before you knew it, Calum and Michael had put their instruments down and told everyone to hold up the signs that they had brought.

You held yours up high, doubting that they’d even see it. Their eyes scanning through all the birthday messages, then Cal’s landed on your sign. He winked in your direction, then the show carried on.

Once the show was over, after they ended with She’s Kinda Hot and She Looks So Perfect, you were immediately sad. It was the best show ever and you didn’t want it to end.

You sat in your seat, waiting for the big crowd to die down before heading to your car. As you scrolled through all the pictures and videos that you had taken of your boys, a security guard came up to you. “Excuse me, ma’am?”

“I’m sorry. I was just leaving…” You grabbed your bag and your merch and began to leave.

The guard immediately jumped in front of you. “Oh, no. I was requested by one of the 5sos members to allow you backstage.”

“Um, what?” His words didn’t make sense. But, then he continued, “Yeah, Cal said he wanted to tell you happy birthday in person.”

So, backstage you went. In all the years of coming to Riverbend, you had never been on the stage before. It was breathtaking.

The guard led you to a room with “5 Seconds of Summer” labeled on the door. He tipped his head and said, “Happy birthday,” before leaving.

You knocked on the door, then held your breath, hoping that this wasn’t a joke.

“Oh, hey.” Michael opened the door with a smile. He had taken his plaid shirt off, leaving just the plain black tank on his chest. “You’re here for Cal, right?”

Words were not about to happen. If you tried to talk, you would be a mumbling mess. So, you just politely nodded and smiled at the cute guitarist. Then, as Mikey escorted you in the room, your eyes scanned the whole room. Ashton was sitting shirtless on the couch, updating the band’s snapchat story with Luke by his side.

Calum came out of another room, just wearing the dark skinny jeans around his hips. “Hey, they found you!”

You attempted to swallow the lump in your throat, then said, “The show was incredible, guys! I can’t believe I’m standing in front of you all right now. I’m such a big fan. I love you.”

They all kinda snickered. Cal walked up to you, “I just wanted to let you know that I hope you have a wonderful birthday. Did you enjoy the show?”

“I loved the show. Literally the best moment of my life.”

Ashton smiled at your words, then Michael said, “We’re so glad to hear that.”

ffs mood drops suck ass

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things you said while driving with Alex and/or things you said on our honeymoon with Peter, thank you!!!

Things you said on our honeymoon

My first idea for this wasn’t smut but like… Peter…Also I’m not sure if I like this.

The light shone brightly through the curtains of the hotel room, the sun wasn’t the one who woke you up as you felt Peter squirm behind you, his arms still tightly wrapped around you like they always were; you doubt you’d ever get used to having him so close. His chest was warm as your back was tightly pressed up against it.

The soft feeling of Peter’s lips pressed against the back of your neck as you used your arms to pull the fluffy white duvet over your face. “Too early.” You were almost sure that it was past noon, but Peter never failed to tire you out and the night after your wedding definitely was no exception.

“Come on, I wanna make love to you.” His lips were dragging down the span of your neck before he kisses his way back up, a kiss being placed on your cheek.

You snorted, head falling back against Peter’s shoulder, looking at him and his messy bed head and tired eyes. “When have you ever used the term make love?”

“When I got myself a beautiful wife.” Peter turned his head a little bit more to press his lips to yours, you laughed against his lips before your breath hitched at the feeling of Peter’s hand sliding down into your underwear that you barely slipped back on before you fell dead asleep last night. Peter dipped his finger into your entrance, groaning out into the kiss when he felt how wet you already were.

Peter’s hard on pressed into the curve of your back as you pushed yourself back against him. Peter couldn’t help himself as his hand pushed down your panties past your thighs, lips still moving against yours deeply as he used the same hand to bring your leg up, wrapping your leg around his own so he can easily guide himself into you from behind.

Both of you let out sighs of content, his forehead pressed against yours, your fingers tangle into his silver locks, eyes shut as his impatience gets the best of him, his thrusts start out as slow as Peter can manage, but it’s Peter, nothing is slow with him as he moves in and out of you. Small moans fall from his lips and yours as his hand travels down to your clit, his fingers rubbing against the sensitive bud, making you shiver against Peter.

You can feel as his hips speed up, thrusting in and out of you and Jesus, does he ever get tired? “Fuck, Peter.” You let out a strangled gasp as he hits your g-spot. His hand moves from your clit to grip one of your boobs in his hand, his forehead falling from yours as he lets his head drop into the crook of your neck, nose nuzzling against the skin of your neck.

The coil in your stomach just keeps tightening and tightening until it snaps and both you and Peter are coming undone. Peter’s hips stall for a moment as he groans loudly into the crook of your neck as you bury your face back into the pillow. Peter and you are still riding out your orgasms together, taking a minute or so to catch your breaths before he finally pulls out.

His hands grip your waist as he moves you to lay on your back, scattering kisses against your collarbones.

The sun is bathing you in it’s glorious light as Peter leans down, pressing a long kiss against your lips before he speaks, “I love you.”

You are My Home- Sammy Wilkinson

Disclaimer: Only own the plot

Sammy’s Pov

“Mom I have work, I am not going to drop everything.” “Samuel your father wants to see you and you haven’t come home since last year. I don’t care that there is work to be done, you are coming home this weekend. I refuse to let you cancel on me again.” “Why is it so important that I come this specific weekend?” “Y/n is coming home from New York and her mother was saying how much they miss you over there and since you two were so close it would be a nice time for a reunion.” I sigh and give in knowing if I didn’t Ben or Emily will be brought up and I don’t want to be compared today. “Thank you sweetie see you in two days.” My mom says as she hangs up the phone.

Lax Airport

 I try to pass the time by scrolling through Instagram when it dawns on me that I haven’t seen y/n since she left for college two years ago. I wonder if she is still rocking boys jeans and hot topic shirts. I go to her profile to see what the girl looks like now. My once bro of a best friend is now a beautiful stranger. The boy jeans have been replaced by tighter clothes and the shirts have gotten shorter and tighter. Her hair still curly and wild as always. This weekend might not be a waste of time after all. 


“SAMMY.” My mom yells as I walk towards her at baggage claim. “Hi Mom.” I chuckle a little bit as she squishes the life out of me. “Everyone is at the y/l/n’s house for dinner we meeting them there.” My mom continues to babble on about how much she missed me and how proud she is of me. “Have you seen y/n yet?” “What?” “She has become quite a woman now, finally gained the self confidence she deserves. Maybe you two could finally-” “Mom c’mon I’ve been home for ten minutes.” “I’m just saying you two would make quite the couple. I just want you to be happy honey.” “I know Mom.” She smiles at me and squeezes my hand. After a very long twenty minute car ride we have arrived at the y/l/n household. My mom runs in quickly leaving me outside staring the same window I used to toss rocks at every weekend. 

“Sammy, will you stop I’m trying to sleep!” “No it’s my last night before my tour and we are going on an adventure.” “Fuck you.” “Only if you want me too.”  “It’s a school night, I have an exam tomorrow.” y/n says coming outside. “Well I don’t and I want to spend my last night with you and my boys.” I say putting my arms around her. 

“Sammy?” I look to find her staring at me from her door way, a smile has graced her face when I finally look up. She’s wearing a crop top and jeans with messy hair, I forgot how much I missed her up until right now. She opens her arms out for a hug and I run over to her pulling her into a nice big bear hug. “I missed you too.” She says laughing as I release her. “So what do you think Wilk? Is it a good look?” She says taking my hand and spinning her around. “I mean the old jeans were quite a turn on but it is nice see your ass now.” She punches me lightly, shaking her head as she motions me to come inside. “You haven’t changed a bit.” “Good or Bad?” “It’s refreshing.” She smiles as we sit down at the table. Most of the dinner were questions about me and my job but I think my mom finally took the hint and asked about y/n. “So y/n how is New York.” “It’s amazing-” “So amazing that this is her first time back in two years.” Her mom points out. She rolls her eyes and continues, “I’m working with these amazing journalists. I love hearing about their experiences and their stories about the wars they have captured. They’re writings and photos have changed the world, I hope that could me someday. Going to the lines of battles, showing the world what it’s really like over there. I want to give people the unfiltered version, I’m sorry you probably don’t want to hear. I didn’t realize I was rambling.” She blushing and looks down pushing her food around.

After dinner y/n and I head up to her room to talk. “So what’s it really like in LA?” She asks lying down on her bed. “It’s hot and most of people are pretty chill. (FaceTime rings) sorry it’s the guys can I answer it.” She laughed and nodded. “"Hey guys.” I say as I answer the call. “"Hey is y/n there with you?” “"Right behind me Gilinsky.” I say pointing to her as she waves. “"We want to talk to her.” Nate says as she sits beside me. “"What can I do for you lollipop?” She asks smirking at the nickname. “"We want to know how you finally realized how hot you are.” Johnson asks appearing out of no where. “"Well you guys left, I had to find myself.” She says smiling. They continue talking but I block them out , something about her made me feel home. The way she laughed was better than any music I have ever made. “"Whatever guys.” She says. “"I still ship it.” Gilinsky said. “"Ship who?” “"You and y/n.” “"I think we would be cute together.” I say as I end the call. “"Really?” “"Yea I do.” “"I live in New York.” “I love visiting New York.” “"And if I happen to be in LA for the entire summer, would we go out on a date.” She asks stepping close to me, our face only an inch away. “"Yeah and we would do a lot of this.” I say as I kiss. Her soft lips felt warm against mine and as her hands found their way to my hair, I completely melted under her touch. Once we pull away, she keeps her eye closed and her face close listening to our heavy breathing in the silent room. “"You’re my home, I’m not loosing you again.”

I hope Dino from SVT and Rocky end up being really good friends after the UDF performance they are so close in age (like they were born 2 weeks apart) and they are both maknaes within their group and are both talented dancers and rappers who are super focused and super great performers

about once a week i sit in anguish over the fact that they were so close to being together entire three series long storylines were written to serve as romantic obstacles

For some reason, my cow has gotten stuck in the birds herding area, which should actually have been impossible to happen since there were double closed fences separating both birds and cows area so that they could only stay in their own grazing area….

It was strange though as that cow was in her own area before and when I came out of the barn, I couldn’t find one of my cow anymore, just to later found her together with the birds, stuck trying to get through the fences so that she could get back to her own area again…

I will see if she will also get back to her own barn again on evening after my dogs herding all animals back…

Else, I guess I just have no choice but try to remove her to another barn and hopefully she will get teleported back inside the cow barn again…


Ok so I had to emotionally recover before I posted this but I saw Hamilton last night and it was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. The choreo, the lighting, everything. It took my breath away. And I had no idea where we were sitting beforehand so when I got to my seats I was so shocked I almost cried, they were so close. Then afterwards, I hung out by stage door and GOT TO MEET CHRIS JACKSON, SYDNEY HARCOURT (who played Burr that night) AND JAVIER MUÑOZ AND ALMOST CRIED OH MY GOD. I know the selfies aren’t that good but I was just so overwhelmed bit Javier asked what my name was and I told him Elizabeth and HE ASKED IF HE SHOULD CALL ME ELIZA. LIKE THATS A THING THAT HAPPENED. Then today I got to see the Ham4Ham with Jesse Tyler Ferguson and they put me in front of the barricade and I ended up on the Hamilton snapchat and oh my god this has been the best two days of my life I can’t believe this.


Next up, the Jalowitz family, consisting of generation C spare Cyrus, his wife Chris and their two kids: Dani and Demi.

It was the weekend when the rotation started, so some various relatives were over. Demi became pretty close with Deanne Mellon, and Dani hung out with her existing friends mostly. Daisy Fairchild was still pretty tight with generation D spare Dorian, who also brought (I think it was him?) his brother Dirk, the heir, over. Dirk mostly played chess with Deborah Chun.

I also discovered something pretty neat with Grilled cheese sims, since I haven’t previously had two at the same time. That picture where Dani and Daisy are seemingly discussing grilled cheese? They aren’t actually. Dani is really greeting Daisy there. So apparently they have a way of recognizing each other and have a special greeting between each other.

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have you tried asking her on like a friend date ? like you could be super casual abt it ? you could try that and see what kinda vibes she's putting out ?

dnot one on one. we’ve hung out as a staff outside of work, but she hasn’t come to one of our hangouts since the first one and we were Not close then and we’re much closer now so idk.

i feel like she would know if i asked her to hang out one on one that it was in a Gay way

Do you know what pains me?

Sirius didn’t know that the Dursleys were abusive.

At the end of Prisoner of Azkaban, he automatically assumes that Harry would rather live with them than with him. In the Goblet of Fire, Harry writes to him about Dudley’s video games and diet habits but never explicitly mentions anything about being abused. Even when he gets to Grimmauld Place in the Order of the Phoenix, he expresses his anger at not receiving information and though we know that he was also emotionally exhausted from spending another summer at an abusive household, he never discloses it. In fact, seeing as how he protected Dudley, Sirius could just as well be under the impression that the two were very close.

And I hate this so much because Sirius Orion Black grew up in an abusive household and if he had known for a single second that his godson was facing the same thing that he had faced, he would have really blown up a street in an attempt to get to Privet Drive and rescue Harry.

And it also breaks my heart because you know that Harry knew this which meant that he was more worried about his godfather’s safety and freedom than he was his own health.