they were so awesome live


🌅 Cosmos by @cosmos-crossing 🌿

The moment I opened my eyes in this dream, I was literally blown away! I have fallen so in love with this town that I spent an hour just walking around in the calm afternoon, enjoying the scenery. I am definitely dreaming of Cosmos again very soon!


I’ve never seen a band that put on shows like these guys do. The amount of energy and love in the room is phenomenal, and it never changes with each different venue they play in. I could never get sick of going to their shows.

Twenty One Pilots | Glasgow 02 | 4/11/15 | show #5.

Liam Payne’s Dad Led A Conga Line In The Crowd At One Direction’s Last Show

And then they played the end of ‘Act My Age’ about a hundred times.

by patrick hosken

SHEFFIELD, ENGLAND — On Saturday night (Oct. 31), One Direction threw a spook-tacular (get it?) end-of-tour party in Sheffield, England at their last On The Road Again stop of 2015. Fans were very emotional, and so were all eight dudes onstage — including the awesome 1D live band.

Of course, there were tears. But there were far, far more smiles from the moment Directioners began lining up outside the arena to the last fleeting seconds of grand finale “Drag Me Down.”

The best grins — you know, the shiniest — came from Harry, Louis, Niall and Liam when, near the end of “Act My Age,” Liam’s dad suddenly flew down the aisle near the runway with an entire conga line behind him. Yeah. It was strange and entirely unexpected and awesome.

That’s none other than Geoff Payne himself at the front of the dancing queue, wiggling his way right up to where the boys could see and, fittingly, lose their sh-t.

Liam was incredulous. “Honestly, I never thought I’d see the day my dad would lead the conga down the aisle,” he told the crowd. To commemorate such an occurrence, there was only one thing to do: repeat the cool little Irish jig part of “Act My Age” again and again to keep everyone jumping.

So that’s what they did. Several times.

You can watch the hilarious full video below and use it as a guide to assembling your own conga line next time you listen to Four — or even better, when Made In The A.M. drops on Nov. 13.

Forever delighted that Gautier’s Respectable Bourgeois Parents encouraged him to write Mademoiselle Maupin  to the extent of (at his request) LOCKING HIM IN HIS ROOM FOR HOURS and refusing to let him out until he’d met his pagecount for the day 

like that is a “whatever makes you happy dear” Moment right there 

Ok, I’ve just watched Fantastic Beasts and you know what

It was fucking fenomenal.

People in my country are pretty reserved with their emotions and the only thing that can be heard during film in cinema is laughter and an ocasional “aww”, but this time? There were at least 2 rounds of applose during film + 1 in the end. People were so invested and so lively it was awesome.

I personally loved it. Seeing a new movie about the HP universe was like meeting a wayward friend whom you love so much it hurts and who was away for a long, long time so you’re very glad to see them again but at the same time you wanna punch them in the face for being who knows where for years. 

Also the romance is nice in this one. I think people are finally catching on with the idea that sometimes one movie isn’t enough to develop an actuall love story with all the action happening. And the one love line that is actually loud and clear in the movie is just adorable.

Also the 3d is good. It’s a bit blurry at times but the great part is you’re constantly aware that the thing you’re watching - yeah, it’s 3d. If you can, go watch it like that, I really enjoyed it.

Overall I’d give it a strong 10/10. Loved it, will watch again.

Here is an post for you to read of things that happen everyday. No exaggerations. There are still so many people out there who insist

  • that sexual abuse is not a thing.
  • That rape is caused by the victim.
  • That women should be flattered by men calling them names in the street (and in general!)
  • That women are not allowed to say no.
  • That everything is about sex.
  • That period is a funny thing to joke around.
  • That women always overreact, to everything about everything.
  • That women should not have control over their own bodies.
  • That breastfeading is disgusting.
  • That naked women are looking for sex (24/7).
  • That transgender women are not women.
  • That sex workers dont deserve respect.
  • That women are stupid, powerless and sensitive.
  • That women falsely demand equality.
  • That they are incapable of having a male position in work.
  • That women should only do feminim stuff.

anonymous asked:

Seriously, why is no one in the fam talking about the 5sos joke on SNL. Kenan Thompson was Calum. Like, it wasn't the best, but still, our boys were an Australia joke on Saturday Night Live. That's so fucking awesome!

i watched it but tbh I wouldn’t say it was a mention of 5SOS at all except for maybe using his name, which they spelled Callum.