they were saving up for disney world and it was so cute omg

Things that I wanna say about Descendants 2:


+ It was important how they showed that all of that pressure to be perfect was affecting Mal and Ben

+ Ben had a lot of things to do all the time and he had no time to stay with his friends and Mal, it was clear that he was tired.

+ Mal was faking to be someone that she isn’t. After “Ways to Be Wicked”, in her interview, we can see how the reporters were asking things that were kinda disrespectful, like: “Did you imagine that you would be with a VK?” (to Ben), and come on, Mal had all the rights to get sad. 

+ Mal wanted someone to listen to her, to understand her. She was screaming.

+ I don’t know why they are so against magic, but Mal is half-fairy, so she should use her magic.

+ That doesn’t mean that she was right in try to spell Ben, but all that she wanted was give him the perfect things. She was trying to be perfect to him (what she didn’t need to do!).

+ I really loved how they showed not only Mal’s insecurities, but Evie’s too. Evie was really afraid of coming back to the Isle Of the Lost. She didn’t want to be left there again. Evie was trying so hard to forget her past and focus on her life in Auradon now. She is a stylist, a designer. She’s very, very, talented. 

+ But we all know that our past will always be part of us and it was important to make us what we are now

+ I still don’t think that Carlos and Jane are the perfect couple, but they had one scene that I really thought it was important: when Jane hugged Carlos. 

+ Not because it was cute, but because Carlos’ facial expression showed that he needed that. Not a girl. A hug. He hugged her in a way that I wished I could hug him too. We all know that Cruella abused him and that’s why he doesn’t wanna go back to the isle, and that scene showed that he needed affection.

+ Lonnie. That’s all. She is a badass. I had my issues with her before. I mean, of course I liked her in the first movie, but I didn’t like how she cared so much about her hair since she had potential to be more.

+ And guess what? She is so much more! She knows how to fight and how to use a sword better than all the boys in the team! This. Is. So. Important! 

+ They showed how there is sexism in Auradon even after strong womans like Elsa, Merida, and Lonnie’s mother, Mulan. She saved China! And the boys like Chad act like this has no value! 

+ I mean, she’s an excellent fighter, but they don’t want her in the team because she is a girl?! WHO THE FUCK WROTE THAT RULE BOOK?!

+ Let’s calm down and think… Why nobody is talking about how Chad was creepy and crazy?!

+ Audrey broke up with him and he went crazy. He has the key to Jay and Carlos’ room. How creepy is that?!

+ You know in Girl Meets World when Farkle says that if something bad happened to Lucas, he would be the president in his place with a creepy face? CHAD WAS THE SAME.

+ Like, he put a crown on his head and imagined that he was king. I MEAN, HIS FRIEND WAS KIDNAPPED AND HE WAS THINKING ABOUT TAKING HIS PLACE!

(I need to calm down. Omg, I have a lot to write…)


+ Uma is amazing. I’m in love with her. And she is not evil. I know, she kidnapped the king of Auradon, but what I love about her is that all that she wants is let everyone of the isle be free. I don’t think she cares about taking over Auradon she just wants to be free.

+ Her conversation with Ben was very deep. She said that the isle is a prison, and who wouldn’t be angry in her place? The movie is 6 months after that the rotten four chose good, and they didn’t do anything to take other villain kids out of the isle, and Ben didn’t do anything too.

+ They really were the forgotten villain kids. Uma, Harry, Gil, Dizzy. All of them.

+ You know what I loved? The chemistry between Uma and Harry. It was very clear that he has a huge crush on her. My favorite scene was when he falls (in the ocean, I guess) and he calls Uma to help him. This happens when Mal and the other are running back to the limo and Uma could reach them. But she stopped. She stopped to help him. She didn’t need to do that, but she did.

+ Now, Gil. I love him, I wanna protect him. He’s so happy, he has no idea about what is happening all the time! He keeps calling Uma “shrimpy”, and when Harry pulls him out of the restaurant is amazing!

+ It’s like Harry is saying: “You are going to sit here for five minutes and think about what you said to my darling Uma, did you get it? Don’t you dare go back there before the time is over!”.

+ Gil is so precious <3




+ And Evie. I love Evie so much that I wish I could hug her! She wants to take care of the kids, she wants them to have a better life, she’s Ben counselor, she loves Dizzy and wants to protect her as a sister.

+ I loved how we saw Uma with tentacles. How we saw Mal turn into a dragon. I loved how Ben enters in a “beast mode” sometimes.


+ It was clear how he was able to attack Harry if he did anything to Mal while he was singing his part in “It’s Going Down”, and when he said that he could drive Mal to the isle if she wanted. He wants to see her happy.

+ And he gave up of being captain of the team so Lonnie could finally be on the team, because he knew that she deserved to be there.

+ The rotten four are family. They will always be. I love how Carlos remembered Mal and Evie that.

+ And we had Doug’s insecurities too. He’s afraid of don’t be enough to Evie, he’s so sweet!

+ This movie gave me so many ships, OMG

+ Evie x Ben (matching clothes, come on!) / Uma x Ben / Dizzy x invitation to Auradon / Jay x Lonnie / Mal x Uma…

+ Gaston still wants Belle and kill Adam/Beast. And Gil says that so calm, I love him.






I guess that’s all for today. I wrote so much, OMG.

Sorry guys, but I’m so in love with this movie. But I know I’m not the only one.

Have a nice day, guys. I love you all <3

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Random AUs That No One Needs
  • So I was trying to write like I was Light Yagami in class and I accidentally broke your nose, I am so sorry
  • So I just found my huge old deck of YuGiOh cards… wanna duel?
  • If I feel like talking like Dio Brando I will!
  • Hey do you remember all those great Disney channel movies that came on when we were kids? Let’s rewatch all of them
  • Wanna play all these Final Fantasy games with me? Or shall we get the best of both worlds with Kingdom Hearts?
  • My mom wanted me to deliver this cake over to your parents’ place as a welcome-to-the-neighbourhood peace offering
  • I can’t draw to save my life so teach me
  • There’s gonna be this cool meteor shower simulation at the planetarium… do you wanna go with me?
  • Alternatively, the aquarium is doing a special viewing today, wanna come with?
  • What do you mean you haven’t watched [insert underrated anime/show]?! That’s it we’re watching right now!
  • Great… an awkward double date with my brother/close friend and his boyfriend and me and my girlfriend. How can this get any better?
  • I was cleaning my room and found all these old pictures of us as kids, we used to be so close and we grew apart, I want us to go back to those old days
  • You’ve been offkeyly singing the Steven Universe opening theme for the past five minutes and I’m torn between joining in or telling you to shut up because I’m trying to study
  • I’m cosplaying as Cloud Strife at this convention and I met a Tifa Lockhart and Aerith Gainsborough and now everyone in the panel is arguing over which is the better Cloud!ship
  • I know it’s 1 in the morning, but dude I just finished playing Crisis Core and I need a hug!
  • You insulted my Winged Kuriboh card and I am off to end your life
  • As kids of famous celebrities that often co-star with one another, I’m glad I’ve found another person like me who doesn’t really care or want to be involved in Hollywood
  • We’ve been singing ‘We’re Yugioh’ over and over again and I think we’re annoying the neighbours
  • One of my residents left my town in Animal Crossing for yours. This means war
  • You’re such an intriguing person and I really want to talk to you but you’re deaf, so I’ve been learning sign language that way I can
  • We’ve been watching crack videos for the past half hour now and our stomachs hurt from laughing too much
  • We’re both troubled delinquents and we met on a ‘Scare Them Straight’ Program tour
  • So you kinda found my blcd audio collection… and you’re kinda scarred now… fuck
  • You ran on me watching Kill la Kill with no context WAIT NO COME BACK THE SHOW IS A LOT BETTER THAN IT LOOKS! 
  • You don’t like anime but I forced you to watch all of Death Note with me and now you’re like “this is the best anime ever!” Really bitch?
  • We share a diary and we’ve been doing that since, like, the fifth grade
  • You’re a huge fan of ___ and I’ve been lying about liking it so you’ll like me, but I should really break it down to you but you’re so cute I can’t!
  • You’re dog/cat got my dog/cat pregnant, so what are you going to do about it
  • At first I thought you were going to be super annoying, but omg you’re so cute I want to aggressively punch you in the face!
  • It’s raining and your parents just told me you ran away from home and I’ve been running through the rain for about 3 hours trying to find you!
  • We got drunk and when we woke up the next day I had ‘THUG SEME’ tattooed on my chest and we’re both naked… shit.
  • I attend this rich all girls school and I just wanted to find a quiet place to read but I ended up breaking an expensive vase and now I have to pay it off by working for the school’s all-girls host club femslash ouran au yaaaas!
  • Does anyone wanna trade lunches with me?
Girl Meets Goodbye

- Still not over the fact they snuck in a ‘daddy’ joke last episode

- “What? But you’re too far away right now!” R I L E Y

- Smackle trying to distract Cory with questions

- Maya and Farkle’s little moment was so cute omg

- Poor Carrie Ableson what a champ


- “How is the wife taking this?” “It’s AVA, it could go either way!”

- “My mom said she doesn’t care if I move to England with you!” “Really-” “Don’t answer. I’m afraid of her answer.” 😂😂

- I had heart palpitations when everyone was on screen together you don’ t even know

- E r i c  a n d  F e e n y

- Why was Eric forcing himself not to talk to Feeny how is there possibly beef between those two why is this series ending without giving me the answers

- They cut Minkus and Harley’s lines rip 😂😂

- The two Morgan’s thing was a bit weird and unnecessary but the fact that only Eric and Auggie called it out made me crack up lmao

- “You know, I always regretted I never adopted Shawn!” Turner babe you had the adoption papers for like 3 months and didn’t contemplate signing them until Chet showed back up like I’m sorry but I’m still salty @ you

- M A Y A  H U N T E R

- Turner was so excited Shawn and Katy got married then where the fukc was he at the wedding I’m MAD

- I love how Amy’s only argument against England was “You are not taking my grandbabies away from me you monsters” lmao

- Feeny’s voice sounded a little weird did Bill have a cold or something??? I spend at least 10 percent of my day worrying about him tbh

- But I loved the much-missed Feeny advice



- “Are you gonna surprise us with genius advice out of your idiot mouth or what?” “Yes, actually, thank you-”

- “Find your quiet place. Mine is under the ocean.”

- Listen like I adore all forms of Topanga with all my heart, but when Eric yelled “don’t take my spot!”, the joking look she gave him was the first time in three seasons that I really, truly, felt like I was looking at the Topanga from Boy Meets World that I grew up with okay. It was a wonderful feeling don’t take her away from me


- “I’ll love you wherever you are” “Thanks Farkle, but maybe you shouldn’t say that in front of your girlfriend?”

- Smackle: *gives a whole mini speech about how feelings and science are two different things*. Smackle: *thinks Riley is not a romantic threat bc she doesn’t know nuclear theory* okay hun I love you to death buuuuuut

- Maya thinks the universe sent Josh to replace Riley…is that a Disney way of having Maya confirm she has romantic feelings for Riley or

- The Riley/Lucas breakup was very sweet and well handled I’m glad.

- Like??? Lucas actually showed emotion towards it. That’s more than we’ve seen toward his entire relationship with the girl omfg

- Also okay not to start shit but the orange roses in direct view during the entire breakup 👀 👀 👀

- Did I tear up at Auggie and Ava’s Bay Window scene??? Absofuckinglutely

- “I’ll always be Mrs. Auggie Doggie Matthews, wherever you are!” “And I’ll always be Mr. ~Avvvva MoooorganSTERN~” my h e a r t

- Don’t even talk to me about Riley and Maya crying in the Bay Window just don’t even bring it up

- Why did Topanga have to drag out telling them whether or not she took the job like I get it!! Suspense for the writing!!! But her kids are literally sitting there sobbing have a heart woman omfg

- “This is my special place. And I don’t want to leave it!” We’ve only actually seen you in the bakery like a handful of times but okay I’ll take what I can get

- Deadass for a second thought Riley and Maya were gonna kiss when Topy said they were staying lmao


- The flashback to the BMW finale with Cory and Baby Josh kill me


- Thunder and Lightning my heart </3


- Someone save this stupid show so these losers can keep messing with my feelings PLEASE

-U G H

nct dream!siblings au

take two sighs

i’ll have the students au up soon! or sometime next week hopefully


-this chiLD

-you guys would bicker sososo much but it’d always be jokingly and over dumb things

-who can eat a full jar of peanut butter the fastest, who can stuff the most cookies in their mouth without choking or almost throwing up, etc

-you two are a literal mess, your parents can never leave you alone

-one time, your parents made the mistake of doing so

-and they came back to the couch pushed over

-they were gone for 5 minutes

-you two were also like 7 with 0 arm strength

-long story short, you two were having a contest to see who could push the couch over and one of you got confused

-so instead of one of you at a time trying to push the couch both of you TACKLED it together and knocked it over

-they havent left you alone in the house ever since

-you two are WRECKS

-you guys manage to mess everything up in 0.234234 seconds

-mark’s the type of brother to bring pads/tampons to school for you if you bleed down there once a month

-he’s such a sweetheart

-you guys probably walk to school together and walk home together too

-whenever one of you buy ice cream or coffee, you buy an extra for your sibling!!! it’s so cute and pure awh

-mark would honestly just give you the world if he could and so would you bc you two are so cute and precious you guys are sibling goals




-you guys argue SO much

-people wonder how you guys havent murdered each other yet

-you guys pretend like you dont know each other at school but everybody knows youre related bc you both have the same resting bitchface

-even tho you guys pretend to hate each other, you both care about each other a lot

-you love each other a lot even tho you dont say it out loud, it’s just a given between the two of you

-like mark, if one of you guys buy coffee or w/e, you’ll also buy one for the other

-BUT you’ll like, give it to one of their friends instead of giving it to each other directly

-tsunderes af smh

-hae caught you once tho omg

-so like, you woke up earlier than him and went to school without him but on the way you stopped for coffee

-but the line was so long, hae managed to get to school before you

-so when you got to school, you were about to give it to his friend but hae jumped out from like, behind the lockers or somethin and screamed “AH-HA” like a loser and you almost spilled the coffee on yourself

-even tho you guys tease each other a lot, you dont let anyone else do so or else they’d be like murdered


-you guys would be the siblings that hate each other but would help hide a body for the other if needed

-you two are brutally honest with each other

-”hey y/n, do you think eunbi would say yes if i asked her out”


-you guys are hella skeptical and judgy of every boyfriend/girlfriend you two have

-but only bc you two secretly care for each other <3



-it doesnt matter if youre older or younger, he’ll be SO CARING AND PROTECTIVE

-he cares about you so much please love him

-ok so if you can sing, you two would be the most talented siblings ever

-but if you cant, that’s ok, he doesnt mind, he’ll make you sing with him anyway

-if you can sing, he’ll challenge you to singing battles and high note battles 24/7

-he is BRUTAL with these things, he doesnt hold back

-singing battles with him are hardcore dude

-if you can sing, he’d be the type of person to make a yt channel for you guys to post covers on aw omg

-you two would join talent shows together too oh my godddd

-everybody would be so envious of you two

-the cutest sibling duo ever

-chen’s ALWAYS ALWAYS there for you and you are for him too!!

-he’s such a precious angel bean how many times do i have to say this

-he always keeps your secrets and never tells a soul, he takes em to his grave

-probably lends you money too

-sometimes he has trouble standing up for himself and people take advantage of his niceness

-but youre always there for him!!!! you swoop in and save the day for him!!

-he looks up to you a lot bc of that

-he doesnt know how to make it up to you so he always just listens to your problems or anything you wanna let out anytime you want

-if you couldnt sleep, you can always go to his room and ask him to sing you to sleep

-it can be like 3am and he’d still sing you to sleep, all groggy and stuff

-he’d let you sleep on his bed too what a sweetheart oh my gosh

-he probably brings pads/tampons to school if you need them too

-you two are basically akmu


-at school, he’s all quiet and stuff but you know how insane he can be

-all the students at your school are like ”is your brother ok?? why is he so quiet all the time???” but you and his friends KNOW

-you guys wont say anything tho bc he has to keep his quiet mysterious rep man

-you guys are so loud and crazy with each other, he’s a completely different person when he’s with you

-you two are really close, you know each other better than you know yourselves

-renjun probably has a lot of crushes but are wayyy too afraid to ask them out

-but he has you!!!!!!! you help him out however you can

-like once, he had a crush on one of your close friends

-and normally, you’d be like “hELLLLLLL NO BYE” but it was renjun!! your precious bro!!! so you were like “okok i’ll ask him/her about it!!”

-and if your friend liked ren back, then great!! they would be the cutest couple ever omg

-BUT if your friend didnt like ren back then you would never EVER LET REN FIND OUT

-every time he asked you about it, you would avoid the topic and awkwardly laugh it off

-you did it so much that he eventually figured it out himself

-”y/n you dont have to hide it from me anymore, i already know”

-”ok well i have fifty tubs of ice cream and a whole playlist of old disney tv shows so take all the time ya need to heal man iM RIGHT HERE FOR YOU”

-he loves you so much for that he tears up right then and there

-which makes you hug him real tight and he starts bawling

-cute sibling moment~

-you guys exchange knowing glances a lot in the hallways and lowkey/highkey creep people out

-ren’s the type of brother to wake you up at 1am for absolutely no reason


-what a playbOY *exo music plays in the background*

-he is such a flirt you hate him for that

-have you seen that smile smh

-you two dont talk a lot but you guys are still close nonetheless

-your friends all have crushes on him ew gross what the heck!!!

-he knows how to use his looks to get you guys things it makes you feel bad but not really bc free stuff

-he always goes to you for problems

-even if theyre dumb

-you get sick of it but you help him out anyway

-one time he had a HUGE PROBLEM

-his heart was broken ;-;

-someone dumped him (for the first time ever!!) but he really liked this person ;-;-;-;

-he locked himself in his room and refused to go on any dates (which scared you even tho it usually annoyed you when he went on like 50 dates in a day)

-and you got vv worried bc!! my smol bro!!! what’s happening????!?!?!?!

-so you went to his room and found him trying to take a nap and he had his earbuds on and the music was so loud, you could hear it really clearly and it broke your heart </3

-tl;dr, the next 2 hours were filled with tears and hugs and bad puns

-he doesnt say it but he looks up to you a lot

-a lot of people say he’s only a playboy but you know how much of a sweetheart he really is

-he appreciates you a lot for that too bc you never changed your perspective on him even after he’s changed a lot

-bc even tho you two dont hang out a lot, when you do, it makes you feel like you two are little kids again




-he probably judges your fashion sense

-he’s so protective!!

-but not like overly

-he’s like a helicopter mom but he knows his boundaries

-whenever you get a boyfriend/girlfriend, he’s always like


-”ew get away from me loser” -u 24/7

-you two are SO close

-the bff siblings

-you guys do EVERYTHING together

-you walk to school together, go to the movies together, go shopping together (he gives surprisingly good fashion advice), roast people together (it’s your specialty), etc etc

-he cares about you a lot even tho he wont ever say it out loud

-you guys get into a lot of trouble together but jeno always finds a way to dig you out of it

-he’s the kid in school that has connections with EVERYBODY

-you dont have any connections but you have jeno!!! he hooks you up man

-he annoys you so much but his eye smiles make up for it!!

-he’s the type of brother to wake you up at like 4am and ask you to make him a sandwich

-you’d be mad but you wanted a sandwich too so you just let him drag you to the kitchen

-you get busted bc jeno accidentally drops a plate (he bumped into a chair and screamed)

-jeno teases you a lot BUT YOU KNOW HIS SECRET


-HE’S TERRIFIED OF BUTTERFLIES AND MOTHS i am too jeno it’s all ok

-one time for his birthday, you gave him a real life butterfly as a gag gift

-he cried for 7 hours minutes straight

-he was 14

-you promised to never give him a butterfly/moth as a gift ever again but you still point them out when you two walk to school or somethin

-he probaby lets you put makeup on him and style his hair as long as he gets like food or something in return for it

-you guys are so close you like and hate the same food too it’s kinda creepy


-remember when i said chen was the sweetest brother ever


-jisung’s the type of brother to try to bake a cake for your birthday and end up failing

-he probably burns a few things too

-like the entire kitchen

-he gets it from mark

-the sweetest smiles ever!!!

-if youre ever sad, he dances for you to cheer you up

-he’s an awkward lil baby but he probably brings you tampons/pads if you need them too

-he’s probably really bad with relationships

-he’s like your child (even if youre younger)

-you baby him a lot even tho you know he can handle himself

-he works really hard too and when he does, he forgets to eat and take care of himself

-so youre always there to feed him and make him sleep when he goes into hardwork mode!!!

-he buys you lil gifts whenever he finds something that reminds him of you

-you have a box full of em

-you two will do anything for each other

-you will protect jisung with your LIFE

-and jisung would do the same for you!!

-you wont let him date any of your friends bc your friends are too ‘unpure’ and will ‘taint him’

-like chen, he’ll take your secrets to his grave

-you pinch his cheeks a lot!!!!

-the cutest siblings ever omg

-you guys dont argue at all omg

-jisung may seem like an angel but he can be the most devious lil shit ever

-you LOVE to ruffle his hair

-you guys go to places a lot (with chen and ren!!!)

-one of the boys probably develop a crush on you but JISUNG WILL NOT HAVE IT!!!!!!!!


-you have to hold him back

-you guys also probably bingewatch disney movies together

-and sing the songs obnoxiously loudly but it’s adorable

100 AUs LIST

1.       ”You’re stuck at 18 years old until you meet your soulmate” AU

2.       “Alice in Wonderland” AU

3.       “You work at my son/daughters playschool/kindergarten” AU

4.       “Everything I write/draw comes to life” AU

5.       “The Witch Hunters” (Hansel and Gretel) AU

6.       “We watch the same show, what do you mean you don’t ship X? Come here, let me tell you why they are so perfect for each other” AU

7.       “I’m a hairdresser and you are one of my regulars and I might be in love with the feeling of your hair” AU

8.       “You are a regular in the coffee shop I work at and every time I’m your barista I write a bad pick-up line on your cup” AU

9.       “You’re the customer that gets back at me for all the times I’ve spelt your name wrong by mispronouncing my name in increasingly horrible ways” Coffee shop AU

10.   “Whoops I just fell face first into your crotch and this is really awkward” AU

11.   “I was actually screaming and moaning over a fictional death, but you thought it was sexual screaming and you came over to tell me to shut up” College AU

12.   “I called you hot and randomly made out with you in the street for a YouTube video, but you kissed me back so now I don’t know what to do” AU

13.   “You’re a stranger but the kiss cam at the baseball game is filming us and oh, okay, you’re straddling me and now everyone is cheering” AU

14.   “I’m here with four other friends and I had to sit alone in this rollercoaster, so hi. Also, I’m terrified of heights and really don’t want to be here” Theme Park AU

15.   “I’ve never met you but now we’re playing 7 minutes in heaven and you smell really good” College AU

16.   “Hey I sort of know you and my roommate just brought home a stranger and they’re going at it pretty hard, can I stay here please?” College AU

17.   “It’s 2 AM, why the hell are you baking and can I have some?” Roommate AU

18.   “You meet up with a cute guy from Tinder but he turns out to be your roommate’s ex” AU

19.   “We share a hospital room and we’re sharing our embarrassing stories about how we get injured and please stop talking, laughing hurts, wait did you just say I’m pretty when I laugh?” AU

20.   “Dirty Dancing” AU

21.   “I’m in hospital and you’re my nurse and I keep telling you “fight me” but you just say “maybe later” every time. Now I’m getting released, and I won’t see you anymore, wait is that a note from you in my bag telling me to fight you and is that your number?” AU

22.   “You can’t see the color of your soulmates eyes until the day you see them for the first time” AU

23.   “You’re really tall and I’m really short and I’m hiding in this cabinet for reasons so shh” AU

24.   “We’re the only single people at this wedding table, let’s get drunk and bitch about everyone together” AU

25.   “You’re a private detective and I’m a notorious cat burglar” AU

26.   “You live across the hall and hide in my apartment when you want to avoid your one night stands” AU

27.   “I’m supposed to be studying for a test and I really dislike parties but my crazy roommate dragged me here. You feel the same, great let’s leave and get something to eat and share crazy dorm stories. Oh god please stop talking, I’m laughing so hard my drink is coming out of my nose” AU

28.   “You’re a Hufflepuff and I’m in Slytherin but you just saved my life, now I owe you?” Harry Potter AU

29.   “Team Free Will as babies” Babysitter AU

30.   “I write erotic poetry about you and now you’re wondering why I asked whether your eyes are more forest green than sun-dappled” AU

31.   “We’re both in the ER for some really stupid reason. I lie and tell some very sketchy story about being a badass and you just admit your story, prompting me to laugh my ass off and tell you the truth” AU

32.   “I’m at the library wearing my Ravenclaw shirt reading mythology books and suddenly my HP books fall out of my bag and you notice, but instead of laugh you just say “20 points to Ravenclaw” and now you are asking me out” AU

33.   “You got stood up on a date at the coffee shop I work at so I gave you a drink on the house” Coffee shop AU

34.   “We’re both somehow lost in Disney World and stumble across each other, let’s be lost together” AU

35.   “The Truman Show” AU

36.   “We’re best friends and you drag me to your brother’s wedding because you don’t want to go alone and now everyone thinks we’re dating which I hate because I really want to date you but I’m too afraid to make a move and risk losing you, wait you are feeling the same?” AU

37.   “My best friend set me up on a blind date, wait aren’t you the guy in my psych class that compete with me way too much?” College AU

38.   “You feel all of your soulmate’s pain, both physically and mentally” Soulmate AU

39.   “We’re both conductors working next to each other, I’m in charge of the sting instruments and you everything else and you keep dancing while you conduct and I won’t take this anymore, please stop, but also don’t because I’m kinda getting fond of it” AU

40.   “I fell off my bike and broke my leg and thank God you are here because no one else is and also I haven’t seen you since this morning and I kinda missed you” AU

41.   “You are the dance teacher for my daughter’s dance class and I tell you I stay here to watch her dance but I’m also flirting with you, oops” AU

42.   “We own two bakeries/restaurants just next to each other and we are rivals, but shit I might have started getting feelings for you” AU

43.   “Team Free Will Jeopardy” AU featuring Host!Gabriel (inspired by the fan art going around with the same theme)

44.   “I’m in the middle of nowhere trying to hitchhike to civilization because my car broke down and I know it’s the middle of the night but you are the only one crazy enough stop for me please help me” AU

45.   “I run the daycare your kids are in and you are a single dad to my favorite kids attending it” AU with a possible side of “I’m already in a slightly abusive relationship, stop being so flirtatious, omg I’m blushing”.

46.   “I’m in the military and I’ve come home early to surprise you” AU

47.   “I’ve locked myself out of my apartment and you’re the annoying neighbor that sings loudly at three AM, why are you inviting me to stay over for the night when I’ve been nothing but an asshole to you, no wait who cares I never knew you were this cute” AU  

48.   “I’m the merman spying on you because I think you are cute when you get all excited over a new discovery” Marine biologist AU

49.   “You keep coming to the observatory I work at to learn about the mythology of the stars and I’m pretty sure it’s to impress me but you keep getting things wrong and I have to correct you. Okay I’m just going to ask you out now because this is too cute to ignore” Astronomer AU

50.   “I’m a music producer and I’m very impressed with your voice” AU with a side of “I can sing too, but nobody knows, shh”.

51.   “You rang my doorbell and keep trying to convince me that you are from an alternative universe and I’m your favorite book character. You keep saying that “you know how it will end” and you want to change that. Which mental hospital did you escape? Wait how did you know that would happen?” AU

52.   “I’m taking a classical studies class and I’m having problems with Latin, please help me?” AU

53.   “This guy is always making my life miserable and now he pushed me into you, sorry. Shit you are cute, oh wait WHY ARE YOU KICKING HIS ASS?!” High School/ College AU

54.   “I’m on a really crappy date with a dumb asshole and you are my waiter PLEASE HELP ME” AU

55.   The Proposal AU

56.   “I twisted my ankle and you’re the only one here strong enough to carry me to the nurse’s office but we’re both really awkward” AU

57.   “I fell asleep on your couch after a party and you didn’t complain, you just made breakfast for the both of us” AU

58.   “We’re in different cabins and should be competing against each other but we totally ship you two together so now we are working together to get you together, clever right?” Summer Camp counselors AU

59.   “Medieval Coffee shop Pet store Wolf!verse” AU

60.   “We’re both acting in the same play” High School AU


62.   “I got in a car accident and you were the pedestrian who took me to the hospital” AU

63.   “My family locked me up because of a curse that makes me have the nose of a pig and the only way to break it is for me to marry a rich guy, and you are the only one who hasn’t run away after I told you” AU

64.   “I designed your sister’s wedding dress- YOU NEED A DATE?” AU

65.   “Omg you’re the best dance partner I have ever had but yoU REALLY PISS ME OFF!” AU


67.   “We’re neighbors and we have rival sports teams” AU

68.   “I think trash day is Tuesday and you think its Monday but neither of us know because we both get up early and work super late so we’re never home to actually find out when it gets picked up” AU

69.   “It’s NOT an emotional movie, the theatre is full of dust OKAY?!” AU

70.   “I’m a street performer and you decide we’d make a great duet” AU

71.   “We hooked up one time and then got set on a blind date, but now I know you’re not the guy who bangs me, who are you?” AU

72.   “I’m not scared of you, please freeze over this lake so we can skate” Jack Frost from “Rise of the Guardians” AU

73.   “I’m deaf and you are trying to learn sign language just so you can communicate with me, you are so sweet why would you do something like that?” AU

74.   “We’re neighbors and I’m ten years younger than you but I’m in love with you and I think you love me too, why are the world so cruel?” AU

75.   “You’re my dad and I love you to death but if you try to set me up on a date with your friend’s son/daughter, who is like my best friend one more time I will kick you in the shins. Also meet x, he/she is my boyfriend/girlfriend, yes she/he is the daughter/son of your other friend, what are you going to do about it?” AU

76.   “I never have time to read/listen to music/watch movies, but something happened and I can’t live this basic life anymore so I’m gonna write a list and do all the stuff I didn’t do before” AU

77.   “I’m in the navy, working on an amphibious ship filled with marines and you are a higher ranking marine that keep telling me I look familiar and you are surprised when you find out my dad was a marine called Winchester because you knew him” AU

78.   “I’ve had a crap day and the bottom of my shopping bags just broke and all my groceries are all over the ground and I’m sitting here in the middle of the parking lot crying my eyes out. You are really nice, thank you for helping me picking my stuff up and holy crap you are cute” AU

79.   “You are the most demanding drama queen customer ever and all my coworkers hide when you come in, shut up everyone I’ll take his order this time even though I only work in the kitchen. Why are you stammering and blushing and can’t look at me?” Coffee shop AU, with bonus points for “What were you guys talking about, he/she isn’t that bad” “How did you accomplish that, what kind of witchcraft did you just use?!”

80.   “I’m a dimension traveler and I’ve taken you to this alternative universe where we are both just actors on a show to prove to you how important and loved you are” AU

81.   “You’ve been playing the cello in a band and I always listen to you play during a free period, but I never show my face” AU

82.   “You found me hanging by my fingertips from your window and I don’t want to tell you I was trying to rob you but idk how else to explain this and I don’t want to go to jail and also you’re kind of cute we should make out when I’m not clinging onto your window ledge for my life” au

83.   “My date stood me up and the waiter keeps asking me if I’m ready to order, but I keep saying no and I know everyone in the restaurant is looking at me with pity and I keep feeling more and more terrible about the situation. I’m going to leave now, but wait you are a stranger who just sat down in front of me and apologized for being late before you whispered to me to just go with it and that whoever stood me up is a dick. Why is this the best date I’ve ever been on?” AU

84.   “You are a ghost and I’m Clairvoyant and you won’t leave me alone” AU

85.   Soulmate AU where a tattoo tells you how old your soulmate will be when you meet

86.   Soulmate AU where you have a stripe across your wrist with the color of your soulmate’s hair and when they dye their hair the stripe on your wrist changes too

87.   Soulmate AU where you have have a tattoo that tells you what your soulmate is most passionate about and if that changes so does your tattoo

88.   Medieval Era AU

89.   Soulmate AU where you have a timer on your wrist counting down to when you meet your soulmate

90.   “I’m in love with my boss” AU

91.   “My car is crappy and you’re the only mechanic open this late” AU

92.   “I’m in a tough spot because I slept with you on Saturday and I come to class on Monday to see that you’re my new professor” College AU

93.   “We’re dating and I’m trying to make it as an artist” AU

94.   “Sam and Dean is my brothers and they help me get rid of the bullies that’s always after me” Normal life AU

95.   “Getting married while drunk in Vegas” AU

96.   “We work at different companies that’s about to become one and for some reason our bosses thought they would introduce our two teams by making us fight each other in a paintball match and omg I just hit you in the balls, I’m so sorry, are you okay?” AU

97.   “You sit behind me and poke me every time I fall asleep during 9am lectures thank you can I buy you a coffee?” AU

98.   “Our suitcases are identical and we accidentally picked up the wrong one at the airport” AU

99.   “Being reunited after surviving the zombie apocalypse unknowing if the other was alive or dead” AU

100.  “I’m a bartender and you just came in here without shoes on, , sat down and ordered a chocolate volcano and idk what the fuck that is but I’m scared to ask” AU : 0.

If you want to request one of these please follow directions here!


So first UP was the q&a and here’s some things I wrote down during it. We weren’t allowed to take videos or audio but I did audio record the end bit of her doing an Australian accent hahaha. She’s literally so fucking funny she had the crowd constantly laughing.

-“I’m 27 I can have beer”
-“I play a teenager or … used to play a teenager” and she looked so sad.
-She’s so fucking excited about hugging a koala
-SHE ASKED ABIUT DREAM WORLD and everyone laughed omg
-She’s gonna miss being around the cast and crew because of the energy. -She still feels depressed about wrapping and doesn’t really know exactly what she’s doing next.
-She asked if we illegally stream pll because she was told it doesn’t air on tv here and then she’s like OOOO NEXTFLIX and everyone laughed bc our Netflix is shit here.
-“I ask troian every day what we filmed last week.”
-She doesn’t remember much about the show privileged and fans were asking a few questions about that and the OC (lmao why)
-Shes gonna set aside some time to just go to Nashville and make new music. In the next year or two.
-Someone asked her about jaria and then PEOPLE WERE SCREAMINGG JARIA. She said she loves Ian and she shut down jaria hahahaha.
-In her head the story continues for Aria and she always thinks about what Aria would be doing next.
-“I’m in Australia they can’t get mad at me” - after she nearly said a massive spoiler omg
-‘Dude’ will be released at Sundance hopefull.
-SHE GOT ASKED ABOUT DATING IAN AND SHE TIP TOED AROUND THE QUESTION and said she used to have a crush on him.
-Ashley was crying when they were digging up a dead body one time (unsure what episode she was talking about) and the bodies are supposed to only be 1 meter under the ground but that day it was like 6 feet under and they were so exhausted after digging so much.
-Lucy is going to send an ezria shirt to this girl who missed out on getting one omg.
-Lie a little better is about someone but she wouldn’t tell.
-She said she’s the closest with Janel out of all of the girls.
-“Y'all just wait and see what they did to Spencer it’s so good”
-Her fave memory from filming was shooting the pilot. She said when they put Ali’s body in the car and they were outside the church she said she looked at Ashley and shay and she knew this show was going to be big.
-She used to leave love letters for Zach Hansen in the woods bc he was her crush when she was younger.
-“She’s a bad GIRL isn’t she” about Aria having lots of boyfriends. She said she wishes she could have been more independent when she wasn’t with Ezra because she wanted to show girls you don’t need a man.
-“There’s so many lesbians in rosewood it’s great”
-“I don’t watch anything I’m in because it makes me really uncomfortable”
-The weirdest things she did on pll was holding a cow tongue, having a rat jump on her and the dead pig in the boot.
-Her favourite outfits for Aria were in season one bc they were the weirdest.
-She wasn’t allowed to keep any of Arias clothes or anything because they’re going to be kept in a warner brothers vault and can be used in other shows etc.
-Someone asked are you in any other fandoms and she said “here’s a fun fact I’ve never seen or read Harry Potter. Is there like a Netflix fan club??? I love Disney movies too”
-Her favourite lines on pll are “Spencer sluttin it up” and “bitch can see”.

She was so cute and did an Australian accent and asked what to eat here etc because food is important to her. She was so curious about fairy bread and she said she tried Vegemite and it was interesting (she hated it).

She is SOOOOO TINY I couldn’t believe it omg and she is soooo beautiful I was in shock.

I had my photo with her and it was extremely quick it was just “Hi” and take the photo quickly and go because there was like 300 people in line. They were surprised how many people were there lmao I don’t think they planned for it to be this big.

Then I had my autograph and I was like “Omg I’m low key dying right now” and she went “Awwww” and I apologized for being so nervous. She then asked me how my day was to take my mind off it I think and I fucking said “I just wanna say thank you because pretty little liars saved my life” and she was like AWWWWW and did the cutest little puppy dog face and then that was it haha.

Everything was so rushed so it was a little disappointing because her flight was delayed and they didn’t expect that many people.

June 7th-12th. More stuff for my “under construction” bootleg rec page. Had a rough time this week so i needed to roll myself around in some fur and fluff. a lot of these are re-reads but i could read these over and over again.

Ughhhh if you haven’t read this fic yet, stop what you’re doing and die from all the gorgeous painful cuteee:

A Simple Life by Survivah (1/1 | 13,763 | Teen)

Derek plans to spend the rest of his life holed up in the woods after Laura dies. Then he meets a stubborn young fox, and the stubborn young fox meets an urn of Deaton’s magic powder, and his plans change.

Ughhhh sooo vomiting teddy bear tails and sex kittens cuteee: 

Tonight, the foxes hunt the hounds by LucifersHitman (16/16 | 21,096 | Explicit)

Stiles always knew finding a mate would be hard for him. He’s not bright and beautiful like Lydia, or stong like Danny or adorable like Scott.

He was just Stiles, ADHD riddled fox kid who loved to draw.

Derek Hale was everything, popular, strong, smart and gorgeous.

They get put together on an English assignment and it doesn’t go at all like Stiles expects.

Ughhhh sooo cats and dogs cuddling then getting a little weird cuteee:

Lupine Feline by Madalyyn_Bohemia (1/1 | 6,195 | Explicit) 

Curiosity killed the cat they say, and it comes in the form of Stiles’ neighbor, Derek. A wolf that he can’t stay away from. Derek; surprisingly, doesn’t seem to mind.

Ughhhh sooo sweetly adorable cuddly CGI scenting pillows cutee: 

Evenly Matched by alocalband (1/1 | 3,144 | Mature) 

Stiles gets turned into a fox. Somehow this impacts Derek’s life just as much as his own. (post 3b)

Ughhhh sooo finding nemo’s eyebrows and kinky teenage boy stuff cutee:

mighty morphin’ time by bleepobleep (1/1 | 3,636 | Explicit) 

Derek gets turned into the angriest goldfish ever. Fortunately he’s saved from life at the pet store when Stiles takes him home. Unfortunately Stiles doesn’t realize he’s a fish. Stiles also masturbates a lot. It’s a problem.

Ughhhh sooo rabbits eat their own poop but no one holds that against them cuteee:

Down the Rabbit Hole by KuriKuri (1/1 | 3,953 | Gen.) 

His hind paw catches on a rock and he goes down, crashing onto his stomach, the wind abruptly forced from his lungs. He tries to scramble to his feet – paws, whatever – but he can already sense a large figure hovering over him, trapping him in. He makes a break for it anyway, though, desperately trying to escape, but a large muzzle with rows of sharp teeth is already descending on him and –

– and Derek Hale is going to eat him to death. And not even in a sexy way. Then Derek finally will become a murderer, and his dad will have to identify his body by scraping bits of his rabbit intestines off of Derek’s wolf-y canines.

All because he didn’t warn his werewolf friends off from their usual late night hunts, because then he’d have to admit that he’s a fucking wererabbit.

Ughhhh sooo the most hilarious thing ever “squirrels with daddy issues,” everyone is a woodland creature, absolutely charming, a fricken disney cartoon, just readddd it, it’s gold cuteee:

The Tale of Beacon Hills Woods by chantelle82 (1/1 | 8,852 | Gen.)

Derek is a tree that wants to be left alone. Stiles is the annoying bird that wants to make a nest in his branches.

Ughhhh sooo stab yourself in the stomach wow this took a violent turn cuteee:

Chase your own by kellifer_fic (1/1 | 3,648 | Gen.)

Derek is cursed into having a feels!tail because Deaton and Scott live to mess with him. That’s what he assumes anyway.

Ughhhh sooo classic hiding under the bed adorable it hurts cuteee:

Actual Puppy Derek Hale by tylerfucklin (1/1 | 18,162 | Teen) 

Derek didn’t know what was worse: the hunters, being trapped as a wolf, being hit by a car, or the fact that he had somehow become some kid’s pet dog for the unforeseeable future.

Ughhhh sooo tail wagging cutie pie werewolves cuteee:

The Importance of Turning Around Three Times Before Lying Down by otter (10/10 | 31,661 | Mature) 

It’s like this dog has walked out of all of Stiles’ childhood dreams and into the real world just because Stiles wanted it hard enough. He is the most awesome dog ever, and he and Stiles have abond. A deep, unbreakable bond because this animal is his soul mate, obviously. Now he just has to convince the dog of that.

Ughhhh sooo hyper heartwarming pack feels cuteee: 

Dashing Through The Snow by artenon (1/1 | 1,707 | Gen.) 

The AU where Derek and the others are wolves, and Stiles is the hyperactive Jack Russell Terrier that bothers them. And whom Derek is secretly fond of.

Ughhhh sooo goddamn crabapples and furry cuteee:

Abominable by Revenant (2/2 | 20,157 | Teen) 

Where Derek buys a secluded cabin halfway up a mountain, meets a yeti and falls in love with Stiles, but not necessarily in that order.

Ughhhh sooo pack placing wagers and frolicking sex cuteee:

That Depends on How You Define Werewolf by janonny (2/2 | 16,613 | Mature) 

We’re all shapeshifters. It happens rarely, and it happens for a reason. Sometimes the shape you take reflects the person that you are. – Derek Hale, Season 2 Episode 5

“I didn’t shoot him if that’s what you’re worried about,” said Stiles’ dad. Then he smiled wryly. “Though I did push him against the wall and threaten to strangle him with my bare hands.”

Stiles gaped at his dad, because Derek…was Derek. And the Stilinski men weren’t exactly buff. They were built more slender and agile, though Stiles was still waiting for the agile part to kick in.

Ughhhh sooo LMFAO cuteee:

Pussy Galore by kalpurna (1/1 | 4,464 | Teen) 

I had a conversation one time (uh, five times) with drunktuesdays about Derek Hale being a cat, and we kept having to just stop talking because it was so true that we had nothing more to say. So here’s that fic!

Derek gets turned into a cat. Stiles learns to be a cat person.

Ughhhh sooo majestically adorable and painfully sweet  cuteee:

Anteocularis by Aravis (4/4 | 19,393 | Explicit)

Allison meets a strange deer in the forest. Derek may have found someone who can match his level of bullshit. Stiles is running from a murderer. Pack-feels and cross-species bonding.

Ughhhh sooo who let the dogs out woof woof woof woof cuteee:

What Every Firefighter Needs by sofonisba_found (1/1 | 2,816 | Teen) 

Every firehouse needs a Dalmatian, right? It just so happens that the Dalmatian adored by the men and women at engine 603 isn’t quite what he seems.

Ughhhh sooo grumpy so so so grumpy cuteee:

Somebunny Like You by lady_eliot_writes (1/1 | 2,925 | General) 

Everyone knows not to distract Stiles when he’s practicing magic, especially not with comments making fun of Derek, because Stiles cannot resist making fun of Derek.

In which Derek accidentally becomes a grumpy bunny rabbit, paper crowns are made and feelings come to light.

Ughhhh sooo hilarious fucking premise omg cuteee: 

I’ll Carry Your Love Like a Backpack by twerkinshield (1/1 | 1,870 | Teen)

Stiles magically gets turned into a sloth. Everyone finds him adorable. Especially Derek.

Ughhhh sooo purrfectly adorable cuteee:

I’m Grumpy, He’s Derpy by Fanhag102 (1/1 | 7,264 | Teen) 

The cat jumps up onto the back of the couch and is carefully making it’s way towards Derek only to lose it’s footing halfway across and tumble with an undignified yowl back to the floor.

Oh god, Derek thinks. It’s one of those cats.

Ughhhh sooo talking animals foxy cuteee:

The Fox and The Wolf by YourLovelyAlpha (1/1 | 12,066 | Teen)

Derek finds an ordinary fox, that is until the gold tendrils begin to leak out of its leg wound

And that’s it! Gotta love this fucking fandom ;) 

Shinigami Disney princesses

As requested by anon. :)

Well, since I did my espada Disney princesses post, two more Disney princesses have been added to the canon - Anna and Elsa! So now there will be 13. So if the Disney princesses were shinigami, who would be who?

1. Cinderella: Hanataro

Poor Hanataro is forced to work hard every day cleaning for his evil, um, fellow squad members. But when he hears that the beautiful prince(ss) Rukia is holding a, um, execution, Hanataro desperately wants to go. Luckily for him, his fairy godmothers Ichigo and Ganju show up and help him find his way there!

Rukia: …my execution is taking the place of the ball?

Hanataro: Glass slippers will be so hard to wear in the sewers!

Ichigo: We were helping him?

2. Mulan: Soi Fon

All Soi Fon wants is to bring honor to her family. It turns out that the best way for her to do that is to join the military and help save her home.

Soi Fon: Obviously that is the best way.

Soi Fon: How is that even a question?

3. Belle: Gin

When Gin finds out that the person he loves is being threatened by a terrible beast (Aizen), he agrees to go away with Aizen in the hopes of protecting her. But once Gin and the Beast are alone together, certain…feelings start to arise. Which culminates into the Beast’s magical transformation into a butterfly that, um, stabs Gin to death.

Aizen: What a dark film.


4. Ariel: Renji

After Renji catches a glimpse of the magical life that exists on land among the nobles, he decides he just has to get himself some of that. So he sacrifices his voice friendship with Rukia in order to get a shot with the handsome prince Byakuya. And also he has red hair.

Byakuya: Renji I didn’t know you used to be a mereman.

Renji: ….are you joking? It’s really hard to tell.

5. Jasmine: Byakuya

Byakuya may be royalty, but he has a thing for peasants. So after an unofficial outing leads him to meet the love of his life, Hisana, he defies his family to be with her.

Renji: Does that make me the tiger?

Byakuya: Do not be ridiculous. I did not know you when I met Hisana. That would be silly.


6. Tiana: Hikifune

Hikifune is a great cook, but unfortunately she must scratch out a meager living as a, um, captain of the Gotei-13. But thanks to some business with magic, she is finally able to get her dream restaurant in the Royal Realm. Also she changes forms a lot.

Hikifune: What magic?

Ichigo: Your cooking is magic.

Hikifune: Yeah, okay.

7. Merida: Kenpachi

As a captain, Kenpachi has certain duties and responsibilities. But he says “fuck ‘em” because he really just wants to have fun and fight. So that is what he does.

Kenpachi: Oooh, is someone going to turn into a bear? I’d love to fight a bear!

Unohana: I’m not turning into a bear for you.

8. Anna: Hinamori

Princess Hinamori is a consummate optimist. She knows that her, um, sibling Hitsugaya has scary ice powers and that maybe she fell in love with Aizen super fast, but she’s not worried! Because it’s not like Hitsugaya or Aizen would ever hurt her….right?

Hinamori: So when do I get my hunk on a sleigh?

9. Elsa: Yumichika

Yumichika knows that his power is dirty and wrong, so he suppresses it as hard as possible. Unless he’s far, far away from everyone. At which point he figures he might as well just let it go.

Hisagi: Dude, you just sucked out the spiritual pressure of the entire town.

Yumichika: Oops?

10. Snow White: Rukia

Even though she is a princess soul reaper, Rukia is sent away to the wilderness human world where she lives with dwarfs humans. But even there she isn’t safe, for her evil stepmother Urahara gives her a poisoned hogyoku and her OTHER evil stepmother Aizen tries to straight-up murder her. Luckily she survives all of this murder.

Rukia: Also I have a zanpakuto as white as snow and as red as blood - when I’ve been using it.

Ichigo: You drew your sword wearing a tiara?

11. Pocahantas: Yoruichi

When her home is invaded by ryoka, Yoruichi decides that they’re pretty cool and becomes their guide. She teaches them the ways of the land and so forth. Only instead of a cute animal sidekick she is her own cute animal sidekick.

Ichigo: Wow can you paint with the colors of the wind?

Yoruichi: No but I can flash step so fast that you SEE colors!

Ichigo: Cool!

12. Rapunzel: Ukitake

I’m not going to lie. This is about his hair.

Ukitake: Hair has healing abilities?!

Unohana: Stop believing things you see on the internet, Ukitake.

13. Aurora: The Soul King

He was asleep for a long time. Then he woke up.

Soul King: OMG, if I known that I was allowed to wait for a kiss from my prince, I would have waited for Ichigo!

Soul King: Maybe it’s not too late to go back to sleep!

Ichigo: Dude, I left ages ago.


anonymous asked:

Can you please tell me the story of Kingdom Hearts in chronological order? (>''<)

Okay so because this story has been told many times, and because my friends love it when I tell it this way, I’m going to tell it in my own way. AND OF COURSE this means spoilers so please do not click Read More unless you’re prepared for that!!!


Keep reading

I watched Bay Window 10 hours ago but I'm still having emotions so here's some stray thoughts bc my life got consumed by a fucking sitcom on Disney channel
  • I honestly have not stopped laughing about Lucas freaking out at him looking the same in his baby photos omfg
  • The return of Cory Matthew’s obnoxious yellow hoodie God Bless America
  • Now, as riarkle af as I am, I am always lowkey crying about rilaya. And I just. Riley and Maya, ages 7 - 20something in this episode, were the gayest they’ve ever been, like so gay it fucking cleared my skin.
  • (I’m not fucking kidding I clicked the link with my face looking as usual and when I turned off my computer, my skin was almost fucking clear. This is the best my skin has looked in months. I am honestly so fucking confused especially since I’m approaching my period so if anything I should be breaking out???? Riley and Maya’s homosexual love honestly cleared my skin there is no other logical answer here)
  • Topanga going on about how you get “used to comfortable” was really interesting. I can’t remember the exact wording atm but it gave me a lot of riarkle vibes and also threw me back to her and Cory’s first breakup. Where, ya know, they broke up because they were too comfortable together/nothing felt new. I need to rewatch that little speech tho bc it was interesting.
  • Okay I’m sorry but Lucas starring at his phone in confusion and mild horror going “Guys something is wrong” I’m dying
  • Like I love Lucas in situations like that but just everything else they do with him is like. Stop. Pls.
  • “You are both very special to me in…whatever ways you will eventually tell me” I honestly groaned so loud I woke up a bird sleeping in the tree next to my window. The bird was not amused and neither was I.
  • Farkle meeting the girls was so freaking adorable I can’t even begin but if Riley didn’t already know him why was he at a costume party in her apartment??
  • I got really weirded out when I realized “Baby Riley, Baby Maya and Baby Farkle” where all. Like. Around the same age I was when I first started watching Boy Meets World/when BMW ended. Like one of my first vivid memories in general is I was like maybe 4 and sitting on the floor in front of the tv, and Cory had a job as a telemarketer or something??? And he’s fighting with a costumer on the phone and goes “I’m bringing in the WIFE.” and Topanga made the sale. And now I’m a gross legal adult and watching a show about their kids. Yikes. Just fuck me up.
  • The little shout out to Mrs. Swavorski was nice.
  • They messed up their timelines again though because this had Maya saying her dad left when she was 7. But in GM Forgiveness they said he left when she was 5. Not that big of a deal but I like to nitpick.
  • Lil’ Farkle wearing a turtlenecks because he was scared of Vampires but then dressing up as Dracula because “My brain is very fancy” had me on the floor omfg. That was so cute and also like I’m 90% sure I did something similar at that age so this just further confirms that Farkle Minkus is My Son.
  • *Topanga, in labor, frantically honking the car horn* “YEAH, YEAH, WE ALL GOT THINGS HAPPENING.”
  • C O R Y like listen that scene was the closest we’ve gotten to Vintage Cory Matthews in a while and I’m LIVING
  • Farkle getting all embarrassed when the girls appreciated his glo up game awww
  • Riley telling Maya she’s her safe place and Maya holding up her hand to show off her ring and saying “And I’m yours”. How…heterosexual…
  • yeah, sure
  • Adult Maya getting her art showcased in SoHo!!! Yaaass bitch!!!!
  • Baby Maya literally just climbing into a stranger’s apartment because she liked the room decorations and heard a pretty girl singing omfg I could go on for hours.
  • Like I want to see what Cory’s reaction to eventually finding her there would’ve been you feel me?? I can just see him walking in and getting confused about the random little girl and Maya just tries to convince him she’s a ghost or something omggggg
  • “Whatever you want”, said softly with a loving smile.
  • So hetero
  • How does Farkle even get his hair like that
  • They joked about Riley almost drowning while bobbing for apples but fun fact in 3rd grade I had a Birthday/Halloween party and we had a tub set up out in my back yard and this one girl Kerry stuck her head in the water and deadass no lie a brick fucking fell on her head and she almost drowned and had to go home. So, the question is, why wasn’t overprotective Papa Bear Cory Matthews obsessively chaperoning the game when he knew how accident prone his 6 year old daughter was?
  • But Farkle saved her life like the prince she was dreaming of so I guess I ain’t even mad.
  • Okay it made for a cute episode and I get why Maya was upset, I do, but…Riley should not have to ask for Maya’s permission to redecorate her room??? It’s seemingly little things like this that make it hard for me to figure out whether or not I actually like Maya ugh
  • Why does Topanga’s hair appear to be a different length in every episode?
  • I like how they just walked in on their daughter and her friends tearing down wall paper and throwing everything out and even though they apparently had no heads up on this, C+T were just like “I'ght.”
  • As much as I don’t care about Lucaya, that “Giddy up, Huckleberry!” part was super adorable.
  • “Have some dignity, Riley!”
  • Can someone with actual talent make a gif of Baby Maya saying that and Riley yelling that when Maya jumped on Josh’s back orrrrr
  • Honestly everything that came out of Baby Maya’s mouth made me go “awww” like that kid was so good omg
  • I almost cried during the last scene and I’m kinda mad at myself tbh
  • Idk what else to say like I have more thoughts but I think this is my 40th bullet point so I’m wrapping this shit up rn. Overall, great episode. I’m still lowkey emotional. Honestly send help.