they were recording live and he just stops to laugh


Warnings: gore

Notes: AU where Tim Drake doesn’t kill the Joker after getting kidnapped and going insane, but Dick does. I wasn’t sure if I should post this on ao3, so I’ll put it here for now.

He wasn’t a murderer. He wasn’t a sadist. The flesh piling above the carving knife with the snap of skin layer after skin layer had caused the bile to bubble inside him; it was something he never wanted to experience again. The smile that had rested on his face when he walked out of the warehouse wasn’t because of those lifeless, bloodshot eyes but because those bloodshot eyes were lifeless. No man, no woman, no child would have to stare into the catacombs behind those dilated pupils aside from behind closed eyelids in nightmares and distant memories.

His thoughts didn’t make sense anymore and his sentences jumbled together like one long stream of connected nothingness, making as much sense as the steady string of dark red spit that fell from the clown’s mouth to dilute the acid yellow vomit pooled beneath his neck.

He’d killed. He was a killer. There were nights he wondered if Tim was the sane one in this world and he himself was sitting in a padded room somewhere, drawing pictures of dead clowns for his walls.

On the off chance he was living, on the off chance he was sane and what had just happened actually existed in recorded history, he wasn’t ashamed of his actions. He’d been willing to unbalance himself endlessly if it meant stopping that bastard from hurting innocents ever again. That monster slaughtered for sport. Laughed at suffering like a giggling infant. Looked at death like it a children’s cartoon.

That was what separated killers like Dick Grayson from murderers like the Joker.

Barbara was the first to come. She’d knocked on his door his and when he opened the door to find her and not the pizza delivery guy, he froze.

He couldn’t decide between falling to his knees or slamming the door and finally pulled her inside before shutting the door and sitting down with his back to the wood. After a moment, she nodded. Sat down beside him. Embraced him.

“I saw the body,“ she said. “It’ll be fine,” she said. “I’m with you,” she said. “I’ve got you,” she said.

Honestly, Bruce was probably the first to actually know. Not two days had passed before the story was leaked from the Gotham Police and the news began running headlines like CLOWN PRINCE FOUND MURDERED, BATMAN SUSPECTED MURDERER MURDERER MURDERER JOKER’S LAST LAUGH LAUGH LAUGHING MURDER MURDER MURDER MURDER BAT FINALLY SNAPS MURDER MURDE-

It wasn’t. It wasn’t a murder.

The criminals don’t think so, though. The crime report for the month hasn’t come out yet, but he’d bet his salary that it’s less than half of what it was before.

No more bank robberies, no more child sex rings, no more assassinations. Gotham and Bludhaven are dead quiet, ironically.

Bruce hasn’t called. Dick knows that he knows, though. He has eleven missed calls from Steph and the world’s greatest detective isn’t often beat to the punchline by a teenage girl.

Jason is there, one night. On his couch, the bathroom steams and a towel is thrown halfassed on the hallway floor. He stops a moment, a phantom pain in his neck from their first encounter after the Lazarus incident, but then he’s sitting on the couch beside his brother. The TV blares with a shitty movie, and a pizza box is open on the coffee table. Without a word, he grabs the beer bottle lying in Jason’s right hand and takes a sip.

Someone leaks photos of the crime scene; Dick hears the news at work.

When he goes out for patrol that night, Jason stays home.

“No deals to worry about,” he mutters. “Everyone’s shittin’ their pants, scared they’ll get a carving knife to the face if they do anything.”

The first time he visits Tim since the Joker’s death is worse than the first time he visited ever.

Tim doesn’t talk still, and his gaze never leaves the wall even after Dick says hi and awkwardly hugs his brother. He’s got bandages on his wrists that weren’t there before and Dick recognizes the nonsensical papers that Tim once stapled to the walls were now taped.

Leslie had left after walking Dick to Tim’s room, but he knows they aren’t alone. He can’t see the cameras, but he knows Bruce is listening in. Probably Leslie too, being his doctor, but definitely Bruce. Despite that, he talks about that night. The beginning, the end.

There are many that night’s. That night his parents fell. That night Bruce fired him. That night Jason died. That night Tim was found. That night- that night he killed the Joker. They all have a beginning, and end. But he doesn’t specify the date, or what he was doing beforehand. He doesn’t need to, these things are always balanced from one conversation to the next.

He tells Tim how the muscle underneath that bleached skin wasn’t anything different from their own. The vocal chord was average, the bones were average, the blood was average. Fucking average. That thought alone disgusts him more than the faded sound of the quick snapping of his jaw like a whip striking an old wooden floor board. The pasty peeled skin from his heels was wrapped loosley along the narrow end or a crowbar and forced down his throat. The sound of thick hot blood, spit and skin stirring and sloshing around in that slack mouth as his pliers peeled a fuzzy, yellow tooth from dark red gums with a gentle tug of his wrist. The thought that underneath the purple pin up and starchy skin, behind that scarlet smile and a besetted brand there was nothing more than the nuts and bolts of the everyday model man made the task even harder to complete.

He jumps from one thought to the next, his words don’t make sense and he feels like the crazy one in this situation.

He tells Tim about the sound a hammer makes when it cracks a skull. It’s gooey and wet, the slit he makes runs deep and through, he thinks maybe he can see the brain, but then the dark crimson blood starts staining his gloved fingers and he yanks back, flipped skin still in his grip before his arm flexes and two pieces of bleached scalp and acid green hair fall to the ground with a repulsive ‘plop.’

The words go from a memory to a story and all past tense endings leave his sentences and he’s there. He’s there. The Joker is there. It’s that night all over again.

He wonders if Tim sees what he sees, or if he’s living his own hell on repeat, detatched from this reality.

He tells Tim about the images he can’t get out of his head, about the nightmares that keep him up at 3 am, leaving his coffee stock on empty and his bed a mess.

He tells Tim about Jason, who is there every night. He tells Tim about what it’s like to be held without a constant need for reassurance. He knows this is the end, he’ll never be the same. He knows that these nights will become habit. Jason smokes when he wants to forget, and Dick’s apartment now permanently smells like cigarettes.

He knows he shouldn’t say anything. He should just grab a handful of crayons and draw. He knows, but he doesn’t.

Tim is in there somewhere and Dick talks with his brother, not with his shell. When he leaves, he goes to hug the kid, and he’s still staring at the wall. Tim hasn’t looked away, maybe he never will. He grabs the keys Leslie gave him from his pocket as he stands, and suddenly hands and twisting his wrists, clawing for the small piece of metal. metal. Feral eyes meet his own, and sleeves are beings pulled apart with childlike precision. The key slides under the gauze before Dick is standing and shouting.

“Tim! Tim!” He says. “Tim!” He says it again. “Tim!” He manages to pull one wrist away from the other, and it’s too easy. Too easy. It shouldn’t be this easy- it shouldn’t be so easy. This is Tim. This is Tim.

Leslie is by his side in a second and he’s being shoved out of the room.

He doesn’t say goodbye.

When he gets home, he checks his phone. Bruce hasn’t called. Jason is on the couch and says they’re out of beer. He nods, he’ll get some from the market.

When he pulls on his Nightwing suit for patrol that night, Jason is still lying on the couch.

“I ordered pizza,” he shouts from across the apartment. “Get your ass out of the suit and come over here, I’ve got the shit comedy channel on and our new stash of beer.”

He hesitates between slamming the bedroom door and laying down sleep on the bed and eventually compromises after taking off the suit and pulling on a pair of sweatpants. Walking out, he shuts the bedroom door behind him and sits down on the couch on top of Jason’s legs, who takes up all three cushions.

He checks his phone before climbing into bed that night, and has no new messages.

When he wakes up at 3 am with teary eyes and sweat dripping down his forehead, Jason is there to hold him and the phone stays silent.

Play For Me

Authors Note: I made this potential series for those that enjoyed the tiny piece I put out there. As always, thanks for reading. Please let me know what you think! I would love to hear from you! XOXO

Trigger Warning: Profanity.

I was feeling quite blue for such a long time. It wasn’t nothing new for me though. The heartache that came from breakups seemed to be the fuel for my life it seemed. No one could pity me for the actions and choices that I made because after making them for so long. I sat on the rocks overlooking the pass hoping to find solace as the wind blew through my hair. I could hear my heart beating steadily in my chest as my knees touched my chin. I didn’t think that it would get so cold so fast but then again nature hasn’t been my strong suit. I would freeze here and it wouldn’t bother me at all.

“Hypothermia is an actual thing you know,” he scoffed sitting next to me. “I brought your jacket.”

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Series: Opening Act (Chapter 4)

Everyone was staring at me. I stood there behind John with tears down my face. “John please….please”, I said beggingly grabbing John’s fist. John’s fists unclenched and his breathing eased. He turned to me and just walked out. My red, puffy eyes met Andreas. She looked at me sympathetically. “Hey, wanna go to the bathroom and talk about it”, Andrea said. “Uhh yea sure”. We walked into the bathroom and I wiped off the running mascara. Andrea then handed me her mascara to touch up my now bare lashes. “How about we get your mind off things and hangout tonight”? “Sure, I’d love to”. “Great, after Nate and you are done in the studio i’ll get you the address”. I walked back to the studio to see John. “What the hell was that Pey”? “Look, I can’t just breakup two bestfriends over something that doesn’t even bother me anymore”, I lied. “Peyton, you were having a nervous breakdown just by sitting by him”! “Im just looking out for you”. “I’m fine John”. “If you’re ‘fine’ Peyton, go on tour with us”. “Maybe I will then”.

“Hey Pey, ready to record so-”. “I wanna come on tour with you”, i interrupted. “Are you serious, you just made my day”! Nate hugged and sung me around. His cute dimples were showing and he couldn’t stop smiling. Shit I forgot to ask my mom, whoops. “Wanna go grab some lunch”?, he asked. “YES PLEASE! IM STARVING”. “Haha okay lil mama lets go”. Is this a date….idk.

“Thank you for the lunch Nate, you really didn’t have to pay for me”. “My momma would kill me if she found out I wasn’t a gentlemen”, he said. We got into his jeep and started driving back. “ So you really wanna go on tour”? “Absolutely, but Mama Thatcher gotta give the final say”. “True, what about your dad”?. I just looked down and back to him. “Um my dad is a Commander Sergeant in the army. He has been deployed for about two and half years”. “Oh Pey, I’m sorry”. “Don’t be, he’s helping people and our country. I miss him but you just learn to live with it, And every time i see him, its like Christmas morning”, i said smiling. We continued the drive singing to random songs on the radio and laughing .

We got back to the studio and recorded two songs together. It was about eight so I hugged Nate and said bye to almost every one. Just as I was out the door, John stopped me. “Hey, i’m sorry for being such a douche”. “Hey, don’t say that okay, I was being over-dramatic. Besides you were just trying to help”. He hugged me and went into the studio. “Hey Peyton, see you soon”?, Andrea said. “Yea, sure”. “Here’s my addresses come around eight”? “Sounds good”. I went to my car successfully this time without any interruptions and drove home. I walked into my house to see my mom had just gotten off her shift from the hospital. “Hey Pey, listen the hospital needs me tonight i’m so sorry honey”. “Its fine, can I go Andrea’s”? “Who’s Andrea?”.“She’s a new friend….Mom can I talk to you about something that could change my life”? She dropped her phone and her eyes grew wide. “PEYTON THATCHER I SWEAR TO GOD IF YOU’RE PREGNANT”! “WHAT! No mom know about my youtube channel right”? “Yea…”. “Well I got an offer from a famous singer and he wants me to go on tour with them”. “Absolutely not…No way. You’re only seventeen. And how old are these boys”? “Mom i’m almost eighteen and they’re in their early twenties and Andrea could go with me. Mom please let me go you tell me all the time you wish I could go somewhere with my talent. Mom you always say I have talent. Please mom you’re never home and i’ll finally have more friends”. She ran her fingers through her dirty blonde hair and look straight at me. “You really want this”? “Yes mom more than anything”! “How long is the tour”? “Five months….”. She sighed “I want daily phone calls and updates”. “You….You’re letting me go”?! “I think ever since the whole Derek thing and your depression…you need this”, she smiled at me. She didn’t know about Derek being on the tour….. “Thank you Mom”! “You’re welcome sweetie”, see you later. “Its a beautiful day to save lives”, she said walking out the door.

I packed my things and headed to Andrea’s. I pulled up and knocked on the apartment door. She opened the door and led me inside. We were watching Vampire Diaries and eating pizza when I get a text from Nate.

Dimples🙈: Did you talk to Mama Thatcher yet?

Me: She said I could go!!!

Dimples🙈: That’s amazing Pey

Me: Can’t wait😉

“Who’s that”?, Andrea asked. “Oh, its Nate”, i smiled. “He likes you ya know”. “What…no he doesn’t, he’s just nice”. “He looks at you like you’re the last blunt on the planet”, she said causing me to laugh. We talked for hours exchanging likes and dislikes. Telling each other about each other. We were like long lost sisters. I think she could become my next best friend. Don’t get me wrong, she’ll never replace Tessa but its nice to have another best friend.

“So what happened between you and John today..”? “Oh that…well”. Should I tell her about Derek, my depression, my weight loss, my anxiety. Would she keep it a secret? I trust her. After explaining everything to her we exchanged tears and advice. She agreed to go on tour with me and the guys too. We stayed up watching the most beautiful drama filled vampire until three A.M. We ended up falling asleep on the couch.

The Next morning, I woke up before Andrea and cleanup the mess from last night. I started to make pancakes and then my phone went off.

Dimples🙈:Hey Pey,
listen I was thinking maybe if you wanted to get dinner tonight?

Me: Sure. Where to?

Dimples🙈: Its a surprise lil mama😏

More Snapchat Videos


Aaron: You were goofing around with your friends as Aaron recorded you guys on snapchat. “Ooh, show them your new bow, Y/N!” They exclaimed. You did a little dance and then pointed to your adorable new hair accessory, causing them to laugh at you, which was one of your favorite things in the world.

Cameron: “Y/N is it true that you’re doing a nude scene in your upcoming movie?” Cameron asked jokingly with his phone in his hands. Instantly you started denying, “no no no no no no no, I don’t do that, I’m sorry to disappoint, but no.”

Carter: You and your friends were hanging around with Carter and his friends and you were all picking on each other. Your best friend out of all of the ones that were there said something super embarrassing about your childhood, and Carter caught it all on camera. You knew it, too and first flipped your friend off and then flipped Carter off in return.

Dillon: “Hello, all of Dillon’s fans! Dillon is a little bit busy right now, but we’re here to announce a new opportunity to meet him and some of the other friends.” You said to the camera on Dillon’s snapchat. Your best friend continued the message by saying, “the information on that will be on Dillon’s instagram and twitter page in about five minutes, so be sure to be on the look out!” You and your friends waved goodbye at the camera and blew kisses to it before posting the snapchat.

Hayes: You and Hayes were joking around all day by taking snapchat videos of each other by saying random comments to each other. “You have the best boyfriend in the world and you should appreciate him more.” He stated, watching your reaction as you just waved him off and stated, “yeah right.”

Jack G.: “You did good out there, baby.” He gushed as you skipped backstage after your performance. “Thank you, honey boo, sweetie pie.” You joked as you continued doing a dance that you did every time you were hype after a show.

Jack J.: “What the hell are you doing?” Jack laughed, taking a video of you as you imitated a dinosaur mixed with a vulture. “Y/N,” Jack laughed harder as you continued. “What the fuck?”

Jacob: You stood in front of a mirror, doing your makeup. Jacob had always taken in interest in watching you do this, you always got super into it and intense. “You look good.” He commented as you put on your lipstick. “I know.” You smiled, popping your lips as you closed your lipstick tube.

Kenny: Kenny’s family was super nice and amazing and fun. He had taken you with him on vacation to visit a section of them, since he had so many family members and you couldn’t see all of them at once, and you had the best time. On the last day, you were sitting on a bench waiting for your plane to get to the airport. Part of his family went to drop you guys off, but couldn’t stay and wait until the plane got there, so they parted ways with the two of you not too long after they had walked you to your gate. “Bye, Y/N, I hope to see you again!” You waved to them as they walked away, grinning and reminding yourself to go on vacations with Kenny more often.

Matthew: “Picture time!” Matt exclaimed, taking his phone out to snap a picture. “Hold up, let me get situated.” You stated, not realizing Matt had actually started taking a video as you started making faces and fixing your hair. “Okay, I’m ready.” As Matt started laughing, you came to realize what was going on. “Are you taking a video? You’re awful!”

Nash: “Hey, gorgeous, make that beautiful face that you always do.” Nash stated, putting his camera right in your face. He had been doing this all day long, and you were getting pretty tired of it. Instead of making a pretty face, you started making what you thought were unattractive faces, thinking that maybe he would leave you alone after that. You were sadly mistaken.

Nate: “Best impression of Sammy.. Go!” Nate exclaimed randomly as you were speaking to your friends. Instantly, you stopped your conversation and went into your impression of one of your other good friends. “Yeah, I just copped this new shirt, it’s pretty swaggy, girls call me daddy. What what.” Your friends and Nate started laughing extremely hard as he ended the snapchat video.

Sammy: You were standing in the living room of your house, music blasting from the speakers. You had been in the middle of cleaning up the room when your favorite song came on, causing you to stop everything you were doing to start dancing. “Aye, work it.” Sammy whooped as he pulled out his camera to record you.

Shawn: “How are you feeling about the new song?” Shawn asked, the song playing in the background. You danced around a little bit and started singing along with the song. “it’s amazing, Shawn! You’re amazing!”

Taylor: His favorite thing to do was watch you mess around with your friends, because that’s when you were truly happy. Currently you were flipping your hair from side to side, making your best friend laugh extremely hard. It was one of those days where everything was funny, and Taylor documented almost everything that went down that day.

He catches you singing/dancing to one of his songs

Sorry for any spelling mistakes :)


You and your littler sister were home alone when you texted Michael to come over. He was at band practice so he wouldn’t be able to there for a few hours, but you didn’t mind.

“Y/N when is Mikey coming?” your little sister asked. She loved Michael to bits and whenever he came over she always showed him what she had done on Minecraft or she’d get him to help her finish one of her games; at only nine she was a gamer girl.

“In a few hours, he has band.” you say looking at your phone to check the time.

“Can we listen to music?” she asked. It had become almost tradition that when you were home alone together you would listen to loud music and dance like idiots.

“Sure.” you plug you phone into the stereo turning the volume up on an Avril Lavigne song that you loved. Soon you and your sister were dancing to the random songs that came on. Disconnected started to play and you started to all but scream along making your little sister laugh. Your terrible dancing added with your poor vocals was a sight to see. When the song finished you took a bow jokingly and you heard clapping behind you.

“Wow…that was….something?” you turn around with a red face to see Michael clapping with a grin plastered on his face. The next song started to play and your little sister grabbed Michaels hand dragging him over to where you two were previously dancing.

“Dance with us!” Your sister than started to dance widely making both you and Michael laugh before you both joined in.


You were staying with the boys for two weeks in LA while they did a bit of touring. After being there for four days you concluded that these boys needed a good homemade meal. You went out to the grocery shop and bought all you needed to make spag bowl from scratch; including the pasta.

When you got back to the building you turned the radio on up loud as you started your quest to make the perfect homemade meal for the boys. You wanted to have it on the table by the time they came home from the interviews and photo shoots they were doing today.

As you started to set the table She Looks So Perfect started to play on the radio and you made sure to turn it up. Swaying your hips you finished setting the table and started to dish up the food. You started to sing along about half way through the song as you filled Ashtons bowl. Slowly your voice got louder and soon you were singing over the sound of the radio. Turning around with two of the bowls in hand you almost dropped them when you saw Luke standing leaning against the wall with a goofy smile on his face. racing over to place the bowls down on the table you turned the radio off.

“How much did you see…or hear?” I asked hoping he had only just walked in.

“A little more than half of it.” he replied with a smug ass smile on his face.

“I made dinner for you and the boys…all from scratch.” I gestured to the two bowls on the table. I walked back into the kitchen to grab the next bowls.

“Wow babe, you didn’t have to.” he wrapped his arms around you waist as you placed some pasta into one of the bowls.

“What’s this?” Michaels voice called from the dinning room.

“Y/N made dinner.” Luke called back giving you a kiss on the cheek before joining his band mates.


Before Calum had left to tour with the boys for three months he’d given you a CD with studio versions of your favorites unreleased songs.

You were sitting at your desk in one of Calums shirts he left behind trying to do some of your home work and in the background the CD Cal had given you played softly. Turning on your computer you started on the research task you’d been given yesterday hoping to get it all done before Calum Skyped you.

 You had almost done when Voodoo Doll started playing. Jumping up from the seat you ran over to your stereo so you could turn it all the way up. You danced like a lunatic waving your arms in the air, jumping on your bed while screaming the lyrics until the song ended. Causally walking over to the stereo you turned the volume down to what it had been before. You walked back over to your computer to see Calum laughing filling your entire computer screen. It took you a moment to remember that you had set it so that whenever Calum called it automatically answered. Blushing and trying to control your panting, you slowly sat down and waited for him to stop laughing.

“Y/N I don’t think I’ll be able to play that song without laughing.” was all he said before full on laughing again. You knew you’d never live that down.


You were younger than Ashton, just younger than eighteen making it easy for people to send you hate. You and Ashton were happy so you saw no reason to listen to what haters were saying.

You were at the studio with the boys so you could see how the recording process worked and right now all the boys were in recording leaving you with the producer and Liz.

After an hour of them recording Good Girls they started to record Eighteen, which happened to be your favourite song. You started to sing along with Luke for the first verse making Liz and the producer laugh. You then proceeded to start dancing making them all laugh harder. You were half way through the song when the music stopped and was replaced with loud laughter. Confused you looked into the booth to see all the boys laughing their little butts off at you. You looked over at Liz and the producer with wide eyes.

“I thought it was tinted…” you trailed off and that statement made everyone laugh harder.

5SOS Preference: Meet Your Daddy (Luke)

I got three seperate prompts that kind of all combined into one, so the responses became very long. So in turn, I am posting each band member on his own. A vote let me know that everyone wanted Luke’s first, so here it goes! The other three will be posted tomorrow. I hope you enjoy, and as always, feel free to send me more 5SOS preferences :) 

Here’s the prompts I received: 

“Could you do a pregnancy preference? Like a little snippet of when he found, and then maybe like right before the baby is born or something?”

“Can you do a daddy!5sos preference where y/n goes into labour? And can it be long?”

“Daddy 5SOS imagine where the boys meet eachother’s baby’s for the first time???”

Luke: “Luke, can you come here?” you shouted from the bathroom. You were leaning against the sink, the small stick in your shaking hands. “I have something to show you.”

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anonymous asked:

Sometimes Shitty catches himself singing Beyoncé in the shower after prolonged contact with Bits (I heard you were a staunch supporter of the brother au and I wanted to say I loved your fic!!)

Yes! Brothers AU is the best, and thank you! :)

It is inevitable that Shitty becomes a Beyonce fan. He’s related to Bitty for fucks sake, it’s a requirement. It’s almost like a cult by the time Bitty gets to Samwell.

Only the cult involves tiny blondes and pie.

But you get the point.

For the most part, Shitty’s resisted the Beyonce. He’ll listen, he’ll shake his hips if he’s feeling tipsy, but he has managed to keep the infectious beats of the Queen Bee out of his head. He doesn’t know a single lyric. He doesn’t retain a single tune.

Until Jack is ripping off the shower curtain and telling him to stop butchering Single Ladies.

And what?

“Bro, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Don’t give me that Shitty, I know what Beyonce sounds like now. Bitty won’t let me not know what she sounds like.”


“Every song, Shitty. Every album. Solo and with Destiny’s Child.”

“Are you okay?” That sounds tiring. And like a lot of work.

“I’m doing it for Bitty,” Jack declares, brushing aside Shitty’s concern. “Just stop screaming the lyrics in the shower.”

“But bro, I don’t know anything by Beyonce.” He was a strong man. He had made a promise to himself. He was going to be the one to resist Bitty’s Beyonce Cult. The BBC if you will.

Jack shakes his head, pointing his thumb over his shoulder. “Bitty has audio recording, Shitty, you were singing Single Ladies.”

“I don’t know Single Ladies!”

“You really don’t,” Bitty laughs, peeking into the bathroom while his thumbs tapped away at his scream. Probably live tweeting. “You were shouting nonsense to the rhythm and basic tune.”

And he presses the play button on the memo.

Jesus christ, he was yelling to Beyonce. Badly. And off tune. But it was there. Badly humbled while he gargled on water.

“Christ,” Shitty whistles, finally turning off the water and pulling a towel from the rack. “I am so sorry you had to hear that.”

“It’s okay, at least you’ve finally caught up with the rest of the Haus,” Bitty says cheerfully, “welcome to the BBC.”

Eh, Shitty thinks, toweling off, it’s about time he got in Formation.

62. You Get Hate
  • Niall: After you and Niall made a humorous 'twerking video' the hate began pouring in. 'slut' 'whore' 'skank' was written all over tweets directed towards you. "Hey, Niall, did you hear that your girlfriend was a whore?" You asked, tossing your phone to him. "Let's just take the video down." You told him, picking up your computer. "No!" He said, taking your hand. "Then they win. We're going to make a new video. Just let me make a few phone calls." You sighed and Niall went into the other room and about fifteen minutes later, every member of One Direction and their girlfriends were in your living room. "Alright, guys, we ready for the best twerking video ever created?" Niall asked before he turned on 'We Can't Stop' and began recording the video as everyone in the room, except you, began 'twerking.' "Come on, Babe! Shake it with us!" Niall called, shaking against you. "Miley can't twerk it like us." Liam laughed. "We're all a bunch of whores!" Niall yelled, making you dance with him. Niall posted the video after the song went off and kissed your forehead. "See, now we're all sluts. We should make t-shirts!" Niall cheered as everyone gave you a hug and love.
  • Louis: : "Oooh, Lou, this one is my favorite!" You told him, laughing as you read the tweet to him. "This one says, 'it's nice to see you've taken time to humiliate yourself in public.' Isn't that the best?" You asked, laughing hysterically with Lou. "No, Sweetums, I love this one." Louis told you before reading, "If your brain was chocolate, it wouldn't fill a smarty!" You couldn't help but begin to laugh loudly as Louis held you close. "Thank you, Lou." "For what, baby?" He asked, pulling you closer. "For teaching me to love myself and laugh at people who are in denial of my flawlessness." You told him, snapping your fingers jokingly. "Well, hey, if you don't have haters, you aren't doing something right." Louis told you, gently kissing your forehead.
  • Zayn: 'gosh, your so ugli!' 'what dus zayn sea n u' 'your gross' You read all these words in your Tumblr inbox and you didn't know Zayn was behind you, reading exactly what you were. "Hey, get up for a minute." Zayn told you, scaring you before you got up and he sat in your chair, patting his lap before you sat down on his lap. "Searching for the webcam." Zayn sang before finding it and telling you to smile as you two took a bunch of silly pictures. "Okay, now, show me how we send these to those people?" Zayn asked as you showed him, smiling a little bit. Under each picture, Zayn wrote, 'y/n is my Boo and I love her and if you can't accept that, it's fine, but nothing that you can or will say will ever change the way I feel about this gorgeous woman - Zayn.' You smiled before adding 'damn right - y/n.' "You're gorgeous, love. " He whispered against your lips, smiling.
  • Harry: 'Gosh, you're so fat. go throw up a bit, fattie.' You read, setting your phone down on the counter and wiping the tears from you eyes before looking down at your stomach and your thighs. "Dumb fatass." You whispered as Harry walked into the kitchen. "Well, that's a lovely way to greet someone." Harry told you, kissing your cheek before he saw the tears in your eyes. "Kitten, what's wrong?" Harry asked you, taking you hand with gently lifting your head with his other hand. "Are they calling you fat again?" Harry asked before you nodded. "Oh, Baby, you know that you're gorgeous, right?" "But I'm fat and I don't have a thigh gap and I just." You began before Harry raised an eyebrow. "A thigh gap? What the fuck is that?" Harry asked you as you smiled and kissed him. "You're sweet." You whispered. "And you're gorgeously perfect."
  • Liam: 'you're just using liam for his money. whore.' You read silently, sitting on the couch next to Liam, cuddling up to him and sniffling a little bit. "Are you letting them get to you, Nemo?" He asked you, holding you tightly and kissing your forehead. "You don't understand, Liam." You told him, staining his t-shirt with your tears. "You know what? You're damn right. I don't understand." Liam told you, kissing your head. "I don't understand why a beautiful, smart, sexy, charming, gorgeous, hilarious and down-to-earth would believe something that someone that's jealous of her position would say. I'm here on this couch with you because I love you and you shouldn't believe anyone that tells you that I don't. Y/n, you are perfection and I love everything about you." Liam told you, gently stroking your hair, humming softly and singing quietly to you. "Thank you, Liam." You told him between cries, burying your head in his chest. "Shh, Baby, it's what I'm here for." He whispered against your head, pulling you as close as you could possibly get to him.