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a/n: A filled request. I’m putting the ask at the end because I don’t wanna spoil it, but oh boy it was a good one. It’s something I haven’t written like ever, and I really love requests like this where I get to write these unique AUs ahh!!! 

Also the title sucks, whatever. 

“Arthur, I have to work.”

The look on Alfred’s face told him otherwise. Those full lips quirked up in a boyish smile, hand making no move to lift off Arthur’s thigh. It told Arthur it was okay to ignore the dialogue and continue carding through Alfred’s damp hair, pushing it away from his face as baby blue eyes watched his every move.

“Okay, leave.” Arthur threw his leg over Alfred’s waist, nuzzling into that warm, tanned expanse of a chest, pulling the covers up over their shoulders as Alfred took to sighing as a response. 

“I really do, you know?” 

“Has no one told you it’s bad manners to leave so quickly after making love?”

Alfred propped his elbow up on the pillow, resting his head in the palm of his hand, “I’ve already been late two times, Artie.”

He was being cute. 

Arthur could always tell when Alfred was being cute. He would pout, he would cup Arthur’s face into his hands, he would laugh, even if Arthur’s jokes were often made at his expense. He did just as Arthur’s other lovers had done and would appeal to him- physically, emotionally, and Arthur always did the exact same thing in response.

He would reach into his wallet.

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💛TC UPDATE💛 (the pics above are from our, as you all like to say, “date”).

so, Sunday afternoon, W picked me up and took me to a golf course. (HIS TEXTS ALWAYS MAKE ME BLUSH SO HARD). the ride there was literally the cutest because we had all the windows rolled down and the music turned up loud. it was really interesting to take a peek into his music taste✨also, W looked freaking hot in his polo and khakis!!!!

whenever we got there, I told him that I had never played actual golf before because mini golf doesn’t really count😛, so he was teaching me how to swing and stuff and that’s when I realized how much he towers over me. W is so so tall & it’s so attractive😍

he was really sweet to me the entire time we were golfing and even though I sucked and he was a pro, he made it really fun. I always have a genuinely good time whenever I’m with him or around him.

after golfing, he took me out for a late dinner at this really cute diner. he paid for me and that seems kinda small, but it means so much🙂 it was literally the best night of my entire life (I say that every time we’re together😂) but I just love being with him!!! he makes me so happy and his personality, looks, and charm are to DIE for

for those of you who are wondering and have been sending me anons about it, no, we haven’t kissed yet no matter how much I want to. I think I want W to make the first move or both of us to make the first move at the same time just so it feels natural and not pressured at all. a kiss on the cheek is the closest we’ve been😅

P.S. thank you to all of you who are so supportive! I get at least 10+ anons DAILY that are either dissing me or are just plain rude & hateful. I can’t believe that some people are that mean, it has to be the result of how they were raised. (And there are some things that I’d like to keep to myself when it comes to my personal life, so I’d appreciate it if all of you disrespectful anons could respect that❤️)


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Omg. If you need requests I am happy to ask. I always figured you were super busy. I absolutely love your language and the way you describe a scene. I can't put down anything of yours I've read. Ok. Praise done. Two ideas. Roll with what inspires you. Gajevy: breakfast in bed for pregnant Levy who has morning sickness/weird cravings and keeps sending the food Gajeel makes her back. OR Levy & Gajeel have to take care of Lily who has accidentally gotten drunk.

Your praise destroyed me. I needed a minute before writing. Hahahaha. Thank you so, so much!! I decided on the first one because it just seemed so cute???

;The Woes Of Pregnancy

Levy eased herself up off the cushion. No matter how she tried to settle, the nausea just wouldn’t let her relax. It was as though the very lining of her stomach had come unravelled and now sat in her throat, waiting to explode all over the clean bed sheets. She shivered at the thought.

‘All right,’ Gajeel’s voice was partially muted in the hallway. He appeared in the doorway a moment later, a tray laden with food balanced in one hand. ‘I brought every kind of sweet I could think of. I even asked Erza for help. If you don’t like these, it ain’t my fault. It’s hers.’

Levy let out a quiet laugh. Gajeel was doing his best to take care of her – actually, he was doing more than his best. He was exhausting her with his efforts. He treated her like glass with cracks along its base, just threatening to give way. Levy didn’t want to burden him. She wanted this – her pregnancy, the birth of their first child – to be a blessing. Not a curse. 

Gajeel set the tray down on the bed and sat beside it. ‘Does the smell do anything?’ he asked. ‘You feel sick? Woozy? Anything?’ 

Levy took a cautious breath. ‘No…not yet.’

Levy’s morning sickness had started late into her pregnancy. Late enough that her stomach was already swollen to an amount that said pregnant and not really loves her sweets. Though, both of those things were true. 

Placing a hand on her stomach, she opened her mouth and waited for the first bite of what would probably tip her over the edge. Gajeel slipped a finger-shaped cookie into her mouth. Coated in sugar, it spread a sweet taste through Levy’s body. Taking a bite out of it, she swallowed a small piece and waited for the inevitable to come. It didn’t.

Gajeel stared at her stomach, as though it might show signs of the outcome. Levy found herself laughing. His gaze snapped up to her own.

‘What’re you so happy about?’ he asked.

‘I just am,’ she said, tears trickling onto her cheeks. ‘I’m so happy, Gajeel.’

Gajeel reached over the tray to trail a hand across her cheek. ‘You’ve become a real crybaby, Levy,’ he said.

Levy pouted. ‘I can’t help it.’

‘Yeah, yeah. So how was it? Think you can eat another?’

‘Yeah!’ No. As soon as the word left her mouth a tide of nausea undulated through her body, crawling steadily, slowly, out of the pit of her stomach. She gripped the duvet in one fist, Gajeel’s arm with the other, and let out a heavy breath.

‘Don’t you dare!’ he warned. ‘If I have to change again today I’m revoking the rule on wearing clothes in the house.’

Levy couldn’t stop the laughter that bubbled to the surface. ‘Stop making me laugh,’ she scolded. ‘I feel sick as it is.’

When the nausea seemed to pass, Levy drew in a long breath and held it, too afraid to let it out. 

‘You have to eat something,’ Gajeel muttered. ‘I’ll get Lily to bring something over. What do you want?’

Levy shook her head. ‘No more running around,’ she said.


‘Lay here with me,’ she said. ‘Please. Just for a little while.’

Gajeel let out a long sigh. ‘You gotta eat afterwards, got it?’

Levy nodded. ‘Promise!’

Gajeel moved the tray onto the bedside table and quickly crawled into bed beside her. Levy nuzzled against his side, feeling comforted by his presence.

‘It’s really weird that your cravings are all over the place,’ he said. ‘I mean, you crave something and enjoy it, and then the same thing makes you sick. It’s like your stomach’s playing tug of war with what you eat.’

Levy’s lips twitched up into a smile. ‘Yeah…it’s certainly strange.’ She glanced up at her husband and slid her arm across his chest. ‘Well, I guess we’ll find out tomorrow, when Wendy comes for a visit.’

As it turned out, Levy’s stomach was playing a game of tug of war with her cravings. Or, rather, the troublesome twins inside her womb were. 


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so i read on twitter the the SITC organizer messed up and rushed Mimei and Duncan's meet and greet but they went and met people after the m&g was over so they could talk to the people they didn't get to talk to even though they were really tired. they are so sweet ;_;

dude i know they were so lovely i wanted them to sign my phone case but i didn’t think we had time cause i’d already talked to them a bit and the volunteers were hurrying them along but they insisted on signing it anyway and i’m just :((( i love them. and then i was stood like right by them watching them meet people out by the stage and they were so nice to everyone even though duncan was literally about to fall asleep right then and there. also he 100% noticed me staring at them for like an hour. he kept looking over. sorry duncan.

Soulmates AU; Jimin

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Summary; You and your s/o both have tattoos of half a heart. When you are near to meeting your s/o, the heart will start to reconnect itself. When you finally meet your s/o and touch the hand with his tattoo on it, the heart on both of your hands will become a whole heart.


-you found your tattoo when you were only 3

-as it appeared the day you turned 3 

-you asked your mum about it

-and she replied with

-”when you’re older I will tell you”

-and ever since then you’ve been trying to figure out where this tattoo came from

-why was it on your wrist

-and how did it get there in the first place?

-and why did it pick you?

-those were the exact same questions that Park Jimin was asking himself

-he kept on trying to connect the heart with another line that he drew with a pen but it didn’t work

-it just faded the pen immediately

-no ifs no buts 

-that liquid was gone

-he didn’t know how he got the tattoo either

-until you two were told

-that it was like you couldn’t live without your soul mate

-so you have to find your soulmate to complete the heart tattoo

-it’s like finding the other half of your heart

-so finding that out made everything seem….a little bit more clear

-both of you didn’t understand what was going on with the tattoos but you seem to get it 

-both of you still seemed to try and connect the hear manually but the magic force of soulmates wasn’t having it

-not one bit

-by now you would think that they would know that they have to go out and find each other

-but apparently not

-so fast forward a couple years

-more like 10

-and you’ve grown up! 

-and you’re doing a job you love

-which is backstage work at one of the top music shows in korea!

-your job is to just help the idols relax themselves and get ready to actually perform on stage

-which is a great job because you get to interact with idols and find out a lot more about their personalities and stuff

-the best ones to work with are the rookies because even though they’re a little stressed and nervous 

-they have bubbly personalities and a lot of humor

-the more serious ones….are the elder generation performers

-they’re relaxed already so there’s not that much you can do to help them anyways 

-but you talk with them about what they like doing and why they like being idols

-sometimes they ask about your life which is quite a change but a change you’re willing to take on

-you still kind of prefer the rookie groups

-the popular groups are like the rookies and the elder performers mixed into one

-some of them are quite childish but like to also chill out and talk

-you entered your job when it was the summer season

-and was still there in the autumn which is good cause it means they like you

-you think you interacted with most of the groups


-your duty that day was to watch over BTS

-who are….right now…

-like the kings……

-you were kind of excited to find out what sort of people they were underneath the cool kid/bad boy personas they have

-they had a childish nature when they first debuted but have now matured into young adults and have a new image to keep up



-they still kids at heart 

-you get into work bright and early to finish off some paperwork that had to be in the next week

-wow look at you 

-miss prepared for anything

-you printed it off and placed it in the little paper holder you had and headed back downstairs to go prepare the boy’s backstage room

-they didn’t ask for much

-but one of them asked for a football

-the staff said no


-so yeah

-that took you all the way to lunch

-you sat outside and ate because it was actually a nice day

-you couldn’t be asked to bring lunch so you just went to the nearest GS25 and got the meal deal with a slushie

-you know

-not the slush puppy kind

-not the frutina kind that you got at the indoor play house

-RIP fantasy Island (1990?-2010) 


-im talking about the mac daddy of slushies

-the tango ice blast

-the smooth and sour texture of the cold slushie is the best thing on an autumn day 

-it was your favourite drink so you couldn’t resist it 


-felt a little tingle with each sip

-but you realised

-it wasn’t the drink

-it was the heart

-you could see the bottom part start to curve around to rejoin the heart

-as this happened

-a mini-bus came into the garage

-with a couple people looking out the window

-you looked to tattoo then back to the bus


-it couldn’t

-it could

-Jimin was having the same thing happen to his heart

-he looked outside to you

-but you couldn’t tell because the windows on the bus were tinted

-you walked back in with your hands in your jacket taking your badge out of the pocket

-as you tapped in again you could see the boy band you were supposed to be with passing in the corridor

-you had to quickly go back up to your workspace to put your bag down 

-but you also checked on your little heart friend

-who was growing on the other side too

-the little curve was just about to be complete but it wasn’t

-you walked back downstairs again to go backstage

-and you pass one of the members that you’re supposed to be looking after

-he doesn’t know you just yet 

-and you don’t know him

-but you kind of felt your heart growing again

-the same went to him

-you entered their backstage area and leaned up against the table at the back

-there was only one member in there but he was asleep

-you think it’s jin but you’re not to sure

-yeah it’s jin

-you sigh before taking your phone out

-and you just get a kajillion messages from your friends asking to get yous signed bts merch 

-you say no because it’s work 

-they become sad and upset

-you compromise and try and get something for them 

-it won’t work but the word we’re working on it TRY 

-you sighed again and put your phone back in your pocket

-you walk back outside and place the cup in the rubbish bin

-and you notice that the boys were going into the backstage area

-you remember the person you passed before?

-yeah he passed you again

-and just smiled

-you smiled back a little before walking in behind them

-”shit is it him”

-”shit is it her”

-a couple minutes passed and the heart was slowly increasing its surface area on your skin


-you were called out to help move the set for the next performers

-and as you left the heart kind of stopped growing

-when you were gone Jimin stood up and looked back to his members

-”you know that tattoo?”

-”the half heart one?”

-”it’s more like ¾ of a heart now”

-”really? who do you think it is?”

-”i’ve got a hunch on who i think it is”

-as you moved the props out the way 

-you thought about all the people in the room

-and who made your heart grow

-it wasn’t any of the elder members for some reason even though they were really sweet and kind

-you kind of remembered back to the one member you passed in the hallway though

-and the one that smiled to you as he entered the backstage area

-and the time the bus came in and the time that they walked pass the gate in the corridor

-shit it’s him


-you couldn’t remember his name for the life of you though

-it wasn’t v and it wasn’t jin because you had worked with the two of them on the other shows on the network 

-and the other members you were still confused about 

-you just kind of thought for a while before asking another member of staff who he was 

-”hi can you help me??”

-”yeah what’s up??”

-”i’m having trouble remembering names…which one in bts has the kind of greyish hair…kinda short…but taller than me…hes got the grey suit and the black trousers….what’s his name?”

-”oh that’s jimin. he’s really sweet and kind. i think you’ll get to like him over the weeks that they’re here.”

-”jimin….thank you!”

-you quickly drop the props off backstage and walk back into BTS’s backstage area

-but nobody was in there 

-until you could feel someone behind you 

-”hey how’s it going?”

-you jump 30ft into the air cause hOLY SHIT THAT SCARED YOU 

-you let out a sigh and you look behind you

-and oh hsit


-it’s jimin

-both of you then realised that your hearts were growing again

-until they stopped


-you both look to each other until a smile forms on both your lips

-”i-i-i like your tattoo…it’s cool!”

-”your’s is nice…soulmate”



-”h-how did you know??”

-”well….the moment i saw you my heart started to grow. literally.”

-”i saw a bus going into the garage and i could have sworn that someone was staring at me…and then my heart started to grow…maybe that was you?”

-”yeah it was.”

-”b-but how did you know i was the one to have the heart tattoo?”

-”as i said i saw you and my heart grew. now…should we finish this?”

-you saw him extend the hand that had the tattoo on it 

-he was waiting for you to take it


-and you did

-and with a little tingle

-the heart tattoos were complete

-it was nearly time for the boys to go on stage and you had to help with the setting up of the mics and stuff

-and of course you had jimin asking your to do his 

-just so he could have you close to him

-you placed the microphone on him

-and just like that he placed his hand on your head

-stroking your hair

-if that’s not called liking you to the max then i don’t what is

-”hey wait for me after love”






-after the performance you two exchanged numbers and wouldn’t be separated from each other


-the cutest babs aww

-”y/n did you get the thing you promised us?”

-”wait what”

-”you did say you could get us something signed…right?”

-”uhhhhhhHHHHH i had bigger things going on”

-”what like jimin being your ultimate soulmate because that heart tattoo on your wrist kept on growing whenever you were near him and he came up to you and he has the same tat and you both completed each others tattoos??”



ARTIST: Arin Hanson (egoraptor)

I was rummaging around the Internet and found Arin’s old drawings on his website, and I found these and they’re adorable. They were archived on his website so I’m gonna assume they’re okay to post, because they were public before.

They’re really adorable though and super sweet :3

@flapflaps @egofaptor

Double Trouble - Corey Fogelmanis / Peyton Meyer Imagine

 Your arms was linked with Corey’s as the two of you waltzed into the Girl Meets World studio.

“Oh my gosh, I’m so excited.” You gushed as you rocked back and forth with Corey, your friend of 3 years and your first friend in LA.

You two had met at a little Theatre Camp in Los Angeles and had been inseparable since. 

He had landed and awesome gig on GMW and you were still looking for a solid acting job.

Corey introduced you to Corey and Topanga… Or Ben and Danielle. You felt weird calling them by their first names so you tended to just give them sweet smiles and try to control your excitement.

Corey then introduced you to his co-stars, Rowan, Sabrina and Peyton.

You weren’t surprised at how nice the three of them were, you knew Corey was smart enough not to surround himself with terrible people.

Corey had to go film a scene with Sabrina and Rowan so you were left backstage with Peyton. You weren’t complaining though, Peyton was really sweet to you and you two had really hit it off.

2 months later

You emerged from Peyton’s car and stuck yourself onto his side as the two of you entered the studio, it was a chilly day in LA and you wore a small jacket around your shoulder.

That jacket also happened to be Peyton’s sweater.

You greeted a couple security officers at the doors that you knew well sine you had consistently entered those doors for the past 2 months.

You had landed a job as an extra on the show and had also gotten close to Sabrina’s sister while on set.

She greeted you quickly as she smirked between you and Peyton, “My OTP!”

Peyton laughed awkwardly along with you as the two of you chatted with her for a bit before moving along with your day.

You sat backstage with a quiet Corey and sighed, “Why didn’t you reply to my text?” You asked him quietly as they began to film.

Corey huffed and avoided eye contact with you, making you sad, “Are you alright?” You asked him quickly.

“No.” Corey stated loudly as he glared at you.

“Background!” The director shouted as he glanced at the two of you behind the set.

Corey bit his lip as he stood up and walked away.

You followed him quickly, “Corey.” You whispered as you jogged behind him.

You had finally caught up and he pushed you against wall, “Why don’t you ever hang out with me alone?”

Your eyebrows furrowed, “I-I’ve been busy.”

“You’re my best friend, I knew you first.” Corey began but you quickly cut him off, “I don’t owe you anything if you knew me first?”

Corey sighed as he shook his head, “You’re right… I’m sorry.”

“I’m just jealous.” He stated quietly.

Watanabe family headcanons
  • You got her name because her parents thought that they were getting a son (“You” can be used for both males and females). The exact origin of the name is a combination of the phrase that Mrs. Watanabe associates the most with her husband (“yousoro”, which would later on become You’s own catchphrase) and the term that Captain Watanabe associates the most with his wife (the kanji for You’s name is associated with “sun”, “glorious”, “bright”, etc.).
  • You’s dad was actually a little disappointed when he found out that You was a girl, because he had hopes of going on father-son adventures with his firstborn. Then baby You’s first word turned out to be “Papa”, and he instantly fell in love. You also grew up to be quite the tomboy, so You’s dad ended up having adventures with his firstborn anyway, with the added bonus of having a daughter who looked really cute in a sailor uniform.
  • Captain Watanabe taught You self-defense techniques because no way in hell are any perverts gonna have their way with his precious daughter!!! He made sure that she could even fight back against someone as large as him (a fully-grown muscular man), so it’s no wonder that You easily overpowered Mari in Episode 11.
  • You’s dad is a fantastic cook - especially when he’s drunk. He’ll get very odd cravings which, when combined with his drunken state, leads to strange but delicious new recipes. You has a very good sense of smell (*sniff sniff* a uniform!) so no matter what god-awful hour it is in the night, she’ll wake up when her dad starts cooking. Over the years, she’s picked up a lot of his techniques. This is why You was able to improvise a dish from Mari’s Stewshine and Yohane’s Tears of a Fallen Angel in Episode 10.
  • Mrs. Watanabe is actually terrible at household chores. You loves salisbury steak because it’s one of the few dishes that her mom can make without creating an utter disaster. You knows her dad’s curry recipe by heart because she learned it at a very young age out of desperation. She’s pretty much in charge of doing the sewing when Captain Watanabe needs his uniforms fixed as well.
  • You tends to bicker a lot with her mom, since Mrs. Watanabe is the stricter parent (out of necessity: Captain Watanabe is gone most of the time due to his job as a ferry captain, so he endlessly spoils You in the rare moments that he’s home). Mrs. Watanabe is the classic “screams-when-she’s-angry” type, while You, of course, takes after her dad and gets very quiet and withdrawn when she’s upset. Their fights tend to be about minor things though (e.g. staying up late, sub-par test scores), so they’re usually resolved pretty quickly and the two will be back to normal after a day or so.
  • You inherited her wavy hair and sunny disposition from her mom. When she was younger, Mrs. Watanabe was very self-conscious about how frizzy her hair would get whenever it was rainy or humid, and used to be bullied because of it. Then one day, the stoic boy who sat in the back of the classroom suddenly walked up to her and said, in a quiet but deep voice, “I think your hair is beautiful, so please don’t let it keep you from showing that bright smile of yours.” No one dared to tease her again after that.
  • Even though that was years ago, Mrs. Watanabe is still a little sensitive about her hair. When she found out that she passed along this trait to her daughter, she made sure to keep You’s hair short because she didn’t want her daughter to go through the same thing. Luckily, You didn’t mind since she preferred having short hair for practical reasons (i.e. easier to manage when swimming).
  • If you couldn’t tell from that clichéd-sounding romantic line before, You picked up her charms from her dad. They’re both naturals when it comes to making girls swoon.
  • You’s dad and mom were each other’s first love (You’s dad was a bit of a playboy so he dated a number of girls, but You’s mom was the first person he truly loved) and their story is basically straight out of a shoujo manga: happy-go-lucky heroine falls for the strong-and-silent boy who will do anything to protect her.
  • You’s parents started dating in high school, but had to separate for a few years because You’s dad went to work aboard a ship in order to gain experience for becoming a captain. Before he left, he told You’s mom, “No matter where I go, my heart will always be with you, so…will you wait for me?” and then bent down on one knee and reached into his pocket to pull out a small box and oh god I’m grossing myself out with the amount of cheese here so I’m just gonna stop lol.
  • Later on, when You’s parents find out that their daughter is gay, Mrs. Watanabe smacks her husband and tells him, “See, this is all your fault for being so overprotective! Since you insisted on sending her to girls’ schools and kept threatening to kill any boys that got close to her, you’ve turned her into a skirt-chaser. Just look at your daughter’s shameless flirting with her 17 girlfriends, goddamn it!”
  • You’s dad is very conflicted about this. On the one hand, he had always been lowkey worried that You would fall for some cocky sailor boy because of her obsession with uniforms, so he’s glad that this nightmare will never come true. On the other hand, he now fears that one day his daughter will get lynched by the fathers of the countless girls who’ve fallen under the Watanabae spell.
  • The next father-daughter late-night cooking session has Captain Watanabe awkwardly clearing his throat and saying, “Look, you know I’ll always support you…so if you ever want any advice on dating girls and, er…other things…I’m here for you…”
  • You contemplates taking her dad’s shot glass and chugging down his drink because this is not a conversation that she wants to have while sober.
  • “…please Papa, let’s just finish frying this kiwi.”
  • Later on when You does drink, her cocktails of choice are things like daiquiris and mojitos and long island iced teas. Everyone is somewhat bemused by this since they’re such fruity drinks, until they remember these all have a hearty amount of rum and other hard liquors in them, and You usually gulps down glass after glass of these “girly” concoctions.
  • You’s personal favorite was introduced to her by Mari, and contains gin, rum, tequila, vodka, Blue Curacao liqueur, sweet and sour mix, and 7-Up. The name of this cocktail: “Adios Motherfucker”.
SEVENTEEN: How they would act around their crush.

Hey! Thank you so much for the request and ahhh, you’re too sweet!! I’m really happy you like our blog. c: Hope you enjoy the request! Sorry it took so long~ <3


DK would be all charming smiles with you. I think he’d turn into the biggest gentleman ever and be sweet, though he would tease you occasionally simply to make you smile or give him that cute glare of yours.

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Dino would try to make you laugh and maybe try to show off, but more often than not he’d get to shy and probably just break down into laughter or possibly running off for a moment to try and recollect himself. He’d be sort of shy at first and in certain situations, but otherwise he’d be all about being helpful and telling jokes all the time.

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Seventeen as best friends - Jeonghan

Masterlist - the other members (in unit order) will be posted soon!

  • Jeonghan is again someone that your parents introduced you to at a family / friend party or something
  • you were the only kids at the party who were the same age so you stayed together
  • whilst the party was in the living room, you two went into the kitchen and sat on the counters talking
  • his laugh was contagious and you couldn’t help but laugh when he did
  • when you hung around after the party for the first time you went to see a movie
  • apart from he wouldn’t stop talking throughout the whole thing because he’d seen it before
  • your friendship would be simple, and you’d always be talking to him one way or another
  • loved it when you would do aegyo around him
  • then he realised what a big mistake it was saying he liked it, because you used aegyo to get Jeonghan to buy you food
  • after a few weeks of hanging out together he would sing quietly around you
  • and you would give him nothing but pure praise
  • Jeonghan would be older then you by a couple years
  • once he left school, you’d be on your own and he’d call you between lessons
  • “it’s your lunch break? You’ve eaten right Y/N?”
  • you would always speak formally with him, even though he told you not too
  • very very protective over you
  • when he moved in with the other memebers he was worried about not seeing you as much
  • he had a very busy schedule and you’d try and not be bothered by the lack of seeing him
  • he would always make it up to your though, as when you did spend days together they were always so fun
  • the amount of photos you had together was insane
  • “who’s fool are you?” “Jeonghans fool”
  • type of guy to take showers at your house
  • you met the Seventeen members really late on in their debut for the first time by going to one of their stages
  • when you met them you were overwhelmed by their excitement but once they saw how anxious you looked they became very calm
  • they were all really sweet towards you
  • even though he acts really cute and all, he would be really mature at the same time
  • he would always check up on you and your health
  • if he hadn’t seen you for awhile he’d make you FaceTime him so he could see if you looked well
  • if you were still having problems with Korean he’d help teach you
  • he is a very patient person when it comes to you, but he isn’t patient with anyone else
  • Jeonghan was always really affectionate towards you
  • always has you in a hug, or has his arm around you
  • if you were struggling with school work, he would take a copy of it and ask all the staff at Pledis for help
  • the first time he saw you cry was at one of his stages and you cried because of how far he had come
  • Seungkwan cried when he saw you crying 
  • buys you revision guides
  • Jeonghan would be the same smiley self he is on camera, off camera
  • a very loving, affectionate guy
  • always thinking of new ways to embarrass you in public and he would want to spend all of his extra time with you
  • you, Jeonghan and Joshua would all go for food after your school day had finished

posting the others soon, and I am doing it in unit order so keep waiting! Masterlist

S.Coups, Wonwoo, Vernon, Mingyu, Hoshi, The8,  Jun, Dino,  Woozi, Seokmin, Joshua, Jeonghan, Seungkwan

gifs aren’t mine

Crawling into a bed on my own seems out of place after having the privilege of sharing the same blankets as you
(And sorry if I stole all the blankets, I tend to do that
You were really sweet about it though so thank you)
After many many many MANY months apart
And many many many kilometres
Being with you felt more normal than unlocking my locker
Than brushing my hair
You would think that sharing the same longitude and latitude would seem foreign after being apart for so long but it felt like the daily routine
It felt like a dream, yet exactly how I want my reality to be
Instead kissy face emojis lighting up my screen, I got kisses,
Many, many kisses
Though making up for all the lost time you were still so patient
Kissed me like you had aaall day, like
you could take your time and savour it
Savour these moments that we had
Savour the way our hands fit
The way our lips fit
Savour the lingering fingers
The quick forehead kisses
The hand holding in the pockets of your hoodie
The mundane things couples get the pleasure of doing everyday
But not us
No, life has decided we get distance instead of dances
Phone calls instead of date night
Emojis instead of touch
But my god when we are together,
When the distance between me and you fades away.. These moments are what make it all worth it
Worth the empty bed
Worth the cold hands
Worth the glitchy phone dates
Because being with you is where I feel the most safe, sane, and at home
I may not be able to see the future, I cannot say that anything is certain
I don’t know where either of us will be 3 years from now but I hope you’re beside me
I hope we’ll be able to have the pleasures of the mundane
That everyday kind of love
Because I want to go grocery shopping with you
I want to argue over what’s for dinner
I want you to get mad at me for getting to pee
I want you to play me songs until the end of days
I want to fall asleep every night to the sound of your breathing and wake up to your sleepy face beside mine
I want to kiss your nose
And go back to sleep
—  a lovesick Maija



So originally I was going to propose to Dallon with a regular ring pop, but when my mom bought Hello Kitty ring pops I was really nervous the guys would just kinda laugh at me and I felt really stupid. So when I walked in an explained that I had brought them ring pops, I tried to laugh off the fact I felt stupid about having them be Hello Kitty, but Brendon smiled super wide and laughed a little and was like “hell yeah!” And all the other guys were super sweet about it so I felt like a billion times better. So I told them my idea and Kenny and Brendon helped me figure where to go bc I was totally lost lmao. When I apologized for being shaky and nervous Kenny said “It’s okay, we’ve all proposed before, take your time” and I just wanted to cry I love Kenny a lot. After the pic was taken I thanked the guys but as I left they thanked me and it was great I cried after I left. I was a little sad I didn’t get to interact with Dallon and Dan more but Dan was really shy and quiet, and Dallon seemed really tired and worn out but holy fuck he was so much taller in person. Both of them were really sweet though and I’d love to go back.

sweet-night-mares  asked:

So I have been following you for awhile now. I watched the try guys try cosplay. Sheila was that you? Also if it was you were wearing the jaw born and just yesssssss lol.


You can also see my Inquistor pajamas, my Elsa corset, my Starlord guns, Loki’s Helm, Oberon’s coat, and Hawke’s gauntlet.

The guys asked me to bring some props or costumes to display to show my expertise ahaha. 

Yesterday was so perfect i can barely talk about it. VIC PICKED MY SISTER FOR BULLETPROOF LOVE and i cried so much bc he was close to picking me at both concerts but still it wouldn’t have been fair if he picked me. She really really deserved it and I’m so happy for her. :) And ptv were really sweet and they remembered me! And sws signed my shoes even though they werent supposed to sign things. Kellin signed BOTH shoes and wrote amazing on one hahaha ^^“