they were playing tag but lol

I was playing overwatch and a mei ran into where all the enemies were and froze herself then once everyone gathered around ready to murder this defenseless mei a reaper literally walked in and activated his death blossom and killed all of them and it was the most evil display of teamwork ive ever seen…

How To Get Christmas DLC Secret Route

yoooooo okay so I noticed there’s been a lot of confusion on how to get Unknown/Saeran’s route for Mystic Messenger’s DLC. I have gotten the Unknown route, so these steps will for sure get you into his route.

So with my gameplay, I didn’t participate in any of the first day chats. I started the DLC around 11:00 p.m. (21:00) and just read through all the missed chats. The only required chat from Day 1 is the 23:01 Christmas Soon! chat with 707 and Jaehee because after that chat, there’s a gamebranch. Overall, on Day 1 I got 9% participation. Therefore, I don’t think you need to specifically go for 707′s route, or anyone else’s for that matter. Of course, I didn’t get any Visual Novels on the second day because of the 9% participation lol. 

For Christmas Day, the 00:01 Ungrateful Christmas chat with Zen and 707 has specific answers that get you hearts for Unknown. I’m not sure if you need to choose those ones to get the route, but better safe than sorry. There are only two choices in that chat that give Unknown hearts:

  • Does that mean you have to practice all over again? That’s too much.
  • That’s right. I hope they treat their actors with more care.

After this chat, you will receive a text from Unknown. I chose “Yes. I want to know who you are.”

You have to participate in two other chats to get texts from Unknown: 

  • 08:43 Yoosung and C&R chat with Jumin and Jaehee
    • Choose “I’ll send you the address for the event. [Send address]
  • 16:07 All because of [Name] chat with 707 and Jaehee
    • Choose “It ends at 9. I’ll be waiting. You said you’d come find me soon.”

Participating in the  00:01 Ungrateful Christmas08:43 Yoosung and C&R, and 16:07 All because of [Name] chats are MANDATORY if you want to get into Unknown’s route. If you don’t answer them or get all of them, you won’t get his end. 

You’ll know if you got into his route if the 18:10 Reached the Goal chat appears. Have fun~~~ 

spread to your buds if they’re having trouble :)

NOTE: This is ONLY based on my gameplay. There are other ways to get into Unknown’s route!!  I only missed all of the first day chats because it was my fourth attempt to get onto his route, so I didn’t want to waste another full day. I reblogged this post and added some other info (mainly ways other people got into his route that were different from my method and some clarifications on my instructions), so if you don’t want to do what I did, you can check there too! It’s under the tag #CLARIFICATIONS. I haven’t tried their methods yet (I’ve only played for Unknown once), but if you’d like to try how they did it, go ahead! I also tagged them in it, just bc what they said to me were a little vague, so can send them questions if you want to. 

Honestly, my method was a pain just because I didn’t have the MAX SPEED button D: but it only took me around thirty minutes to go through all the missed chats instead of doing the whole day, so I thought that was fair LOL. 

Alright, Overwatch fandom!  McHanzo fandom!  Whatever fandom I have to call upon.  I have a simple request for you guys.

Now, I’m a big fan of McHanzo and every now again while browsing the tag, I see this image.

Now, to those unaware, this is Yasuo, a champion from League of Legends (yes yes I play LoL.  I’d feel bad about it, except I don’t).  Specifically, this is his “High Noon” skin.  Anyway, usually when I see it in the tag, it’s usually someone saying that this is McCree’s and Hanzo’s son.  It’s easy to see why.  I mean, a cowboy samurai?  Shoot, his serape even sorta looks like Jesse’s.  The skin series is even called “High Noon”*.

*note: in case someone’s wondering, both the champion AND the skin were released long before Overwatch.

But wait… note that I said “skin series”.  That’s right, there’s others in this skin set.

May I introduce High Noon Twisted Fate…

and High Noon Jhin.

Why am I bringing this up?  Well, if Yasuo is their son, can the other two be their sons too?  Like, Yasuo very much takes after papa Hanzo and has a wind dragon, Twisted Fate takes more after Jesse and has a serious gambling problem, and Jhin hung out with Grandma Amari and Grandpa Reyes a bit too much and now he uses a sniper rifle and has an obsession with death?

Really self-indulgent post over: carry on with your lives.

Were they playing tag?👏
  • Mc: So I saw Zen out of breath-
  • Jaehee, gasping and instant fangirling: REALLY?!
  • Mc, continuing to finish the sentence: Right after chasing Yoosung. His hair was everywhere lol
  • Jaehee, visually disappointed: I’m leaving
  • Mc, whipping out phone: oH I RECORDED IT
Do you never wonder about what we could have been?
Beyond all that counterfeit love.
If we had taken a moment to just listen
What would we be?
Would there still be a “we”?
Would we be rolling in the riches
Of real love?
They say real love comes from best friends.
You were barely an acquaintance
Who I attached a little tag to in my mind:
“He’s a pretty boy, and keep in mind
If you play this right then he’s mine.”
You were mine, and I was yours
But what is fake to the real thing?
Sometimes you can pretend,
You can play house with your eyes shut.
But just for a time.
Counterfeiting is a crime,
But only we punished ourselves.
It makes sense;
Only we ruined ourselves.
Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire

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Pairing: None yet
Word count: 2,025
Request: Anonymous. Hey! So I have a tall order. Could you write something, maybe a short series on the reader being thrown into season 11 and she’s seen every episode except the last one. So casifer captures her because he thinks she’s a seer because that’s the lie she told Sam and dean so they didn’t panic but luci ends up caring for her and just play around with what happens. Sam and dean care for her as a little sister but something like French mistake happened. Lol! Her and chuck talking would be funny!
Tagging at the end

Episode 1 of Season 11

The last thing you remembered was going out with your friends. It had been the last night of con, and you wanted one last night of fun before going back to work. You and your friends were chatting over getting pictures with the cast of Supernatural, getting autographs, and all the awesome cos playing you saw.

How the hell did you wake up in the back of… Baby…? Your eyes came in to focus as you looked around. Sitting up, you nearly screamed when you saw Jared sitting there. That couldn’t be right, though. Season eleven had finished. They were filming season twelve. “This is the weirdest dream ever.” You muttered.

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will you please stop invading the sanvers tag with supercorp spoilers? do you need to post it three times too? what are you playing at? I used to follow you during poi but didn't know you were this annoying

Wow Lol … First I was on my app there was a problem the app posted it several times due to an internet problem. I didn’t want to post it several times. Then It was morning I wanted to post it fast and then I went away so I didn’t check and yes I forgot to tag supercorp bc I had to go. But yes I tagged sanvers bc there is sanvers spoilers in the post. So yes I will continue tagging sanvers when there is sanvers spoilers. So it’s in the right tag. Next, I always tag my things, always. If you follow me since POI you should know I’m super organized so don’t come at me for this, I tag my things well. Also me being annoying ? What do I see ? Someone who comes at me on anon and sends me hate. If you don’t like me don’t follow me but don’t come at me on my safe place and send me hate. And last, don’t you have better things to do than sending hate to people trying to entertain you ? Spending hours on gifs for you ? Yes that’s what I thought. Hoping I will never hear from you again. Or at least come off anon. Bye.

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Jack probably wasn't even allowed to hang out with Gabriel for a while when they were little because his parents didn't like Gabe and his two dads. They started hanging out after school in secret in elementary school. They would just hang out in the library reading comics and playing Pokémon.

Jack didn’t understand why when he was little. Gabriel was really nice, and his two dads were great. It was when he got older and realized that it wasn’t anything personal about the three of them, but because Gabriel is a Hispanic kid raised by an interracial gay couple and it pisses Jack off. As he gets older he spends a lot of time at their house, and they’re happy to welcome him in with snacks and video games. It’s Hanzo, oddly enough, that Jack initially goes to when he wants to confide that he doesn’t think he’s straight, because he listens and gives thoughtful advice. They offer a refuge for him to be himself and talk about his questioning sexuality and support him entirely. 

In The Process Of Hurting His Little Girl

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Theme Song: Another One Bites The Dust by Hidden Citizens

Summary: During Krall’s attack on the Enterprise, You, Jim’s 13-year-old-daughter, try to survive the attack. Meanwhile,Jim does everything in his power to protect the crew…And you.

Warnings: Violence, mild swearing, paternally protective Jim is such a thing to play with. XD.

Word Count: 2,389 words

A/N: HOLY CRUDDY CRIDDIDY CRAP I HAVE NOT WRITTEN FOR STAR TREK IN FOREVER!!! Here’s a kinda-quickie. Oh god, I haven’t written in forever for Trek-I’m so sorry!!! I’m 100% open for requests! If you have any, send them in! I hope they will motivate me immensely. Enjoy the story!

Tags(canI tag you?? I think I can, it’s been a while lol) @gothamsblackqueen @imaginenterprise  

(I saw you were looking for dad Jim. Oh, I love dad Jim.) @yourtropegirl


You stepped onto the bridge as Spock was reporting on the planet, Altamid. You headed over by your dad’s chair, knowing he doesn’t mind when you do. Those E/C eyes of yours were observant and sharp at the scene. Suspicions were strong in you about Kalara, the alien woman. Her story of studying the nebula and all was…iffy to you. Must’ve been a high-up course. But Kalara didn’t seem to be a person who really coordinated with that type of thing. Yeah, that was quick judgement, but you weren’t gonna be very loud-mouthed on it.

“Proximity alert, Sir! We have an unknown ship heading straight for us!” Chekov reports.

“Lieutenant Uhura, hail them.”

“Yes, Captain.”

The ship(as you could only call it) came straight into view. It looked like no ship, though. You had no idea what to call it. It wasn’t as straight-up solid like a starship or a warbird or anything. It’s motions were more like…..Oh god, you didn’t know. But it seemed….flexible.

“No response, but I am picking up some kind of signal,” Uhura says. Your suspicions were high…They weren’t friendly.

“They’re jamming us.”

Your brows slightly furrowed. Why would they need to jam the ship?

Your dad stood up and ordered Sulu to magnify. Blink once, blink twice. What was this thing?

“What is this?” He turns to Kalara. She didn’t say a thing like she was clueless. Your eyes were flaming towards her. “You liar, you were just trying to attack the ship!” You claim lowly. She remained quiet, and continued to put up mock-innocence. It wasn’t working on you.

“Shields up! Red alert!”

The ship alarms started up as the….whatever you call it, starts its attack. It’s like it was shooting at you. Like separate tiny ships-arrows! It was strange. This you hadn’t seen before in all the years you had seen everything occur on the Enterprise.

“Fire at will!”

The ship was rapidly firing, but you all knew that it made no difference. They were coming closer and closer to hurt you-destroy you, more like.

“Sir, our phasers are having minimal effect and our torpedoes can’t track their movements!” Chekov exclaims in a rushed ramble.

“Fire everything we’ve got.”

“Captain, we are not equipped for this manner of engagement,” Spock turns his head. Half of you wanted to say something, but was quickly silenced. Good god, he could be…No-he could say strange things sometimes in bad situations.

The ships started making major impacts on the ship. You weren’t comfortable standing anymore. You rushed for an empty computer seat, still watching the attack and the red lights flash.

“Shield frequencies have no effect!”

“They took out the disk! Shields are inoperable!” Sulu adds. Your jaw dropped for the moment. You quickly checked the computer…Completely true.

“Warp us outta here, Mr. Sulu,” Your dad orders. Sulu gives a yes sir as your dad and captain turns his head and gives a mildly attempted-to-reassure look. You were not really believing him, and he knew it.

He turned his head back when he heard the effect-less warp switch go back and forth. “Why the hell aren’t we moving?!”

“I can’t engage the warp drive, sir!”

Your stomach sank low.

Really low.

Oh god.

“Scotty, I need warp now!” Your dad demands through comms to the you-were-pretty-sure-was-stressed-out-engineer. “I cannae, sir,  the nacelles, they’re-”

A loud-and I mean loud, sound came. It was like something fell off of a….

“They’ve gone!”

Fear was a goddamn living entity for you now.

“Security, engage all emergency procedures. Active protocol 28 Code One Alpha Zero. All personnel to alert stations.”

For some reason, Bones and Spock headed over to the turbolift and out of the bridge. You had no idea what they were doing, but you wanted them safe, those……”uncles” you could call them publicly. But in your personal reality, they were just adult friends. Your friends on Earth weren’t anywhere near you….Well, the one and only you used to have. She got into a popular group and left you. You had thought she was different…But you were wrong, and that was the pain.

Chekov started to report breaches in the ship from the swarm.

“Captain!” Scotty’s voice comes in. “There’s a chance I can reroute the energy preserves from the warp core to the impulse engines!”

“If we can get back into the nebula, maybe we can loose them. Do whatever you have to, Scotty!”

That idea was barely comfort. Time and time was coming, going, and you couldn’t do any change to it. Not a bit of change.

“Go, Spock,” Your dad’s voice lures you out of your fear daze.

“I have identified the individual who appears to be leading the attack party. He infiltrated the archive vault and removed the artifact from Teenax.”

“Hold your distance until-Spock. Spock!” Your dad exclaimed. He lost contact? Your heart sank…

“You two, with me. Sulu, you have the conn.” He heads towards the exit. He swears to god that you better stay on the bridge where you’ll be safe. Because if anything happened to you, he thought he might go mad. “Stay on the bridge, Y/N!” Your eyes grew at him and he gives you a look. The most of reassuring looks he can give you. He mouths to you that he’ll be okay. But those looks just weren’t working at this moment. The ship could go down. They could kill more people by the minute. It was tremendous pain, and horrific fear.


You shuddered from your daze.

“We have 100% impulse!” Chekov exclaims.

“Great work, Mr. Scott. Maximum impulse towards the nebula.”

And the ship turned away at maximum impulse. But you weren’t fully relieved. Your dad was down there surrounded by madmen aliens. God knows what they were doing to him.

Your hand snatched your phaser at your side. Why did you have one? With all the incidents, your dad thought it would be okay to let you have one. He trusted you. He trusted you when it came to many things.

Your eyes twitched to the turbolift. You deeply exhaled. No one would stop you..Well, except maybe Uhura. But her attention wasn’t anywhere near you.

“Don’t you dare.”

Sulu’s voice made you feel like you had to strangle yourself to stay down, but you did. You obeyed even against every fiber in you. You respected Sulu, you guessed. But he was down there….

Thump thump.

Thump thump.

Thump thump.


“Kirk to bridge!”

Thank GOD!

“Uh, we are loosing inertial dampeners!”

“Systems are failing ship-wide, Captain! Emergency bulkheads are sealing, but structural integrity is at 18% and falling, sir!” Sulu reports.

“Abandon ship, Mr. Sulu.”

It felt like twenty bricks fell on your head. And it felt like hell.

“Sound the alarm.”

The blare rips through and makes you more aware of your breathing. Rapid-in fear. It was controlling you now, more than you really thought fear could. At least up there with when your dad sacrificed his life to save the ship, and you, when Khan attacked and all. That was the time when you were sure you were broken. You didn’t want to be broken again.

“We need to give those pods a chance to escape, can you lead those ships away?”

“Impulse engines are still trying to draw power from the warp reserve! We cannot move until the saucer is separated!”

Oh god………

“I’ll handle it.”

You knew what he was gonna do.

“Dad…” You mutter through coms.

“It’s fine, Y/N, I promise,” His voice comes through.

“Stay safe.”

He says nothing.

Minutes and minutes pass, the crew starts to evacuate, but you stay put and no one notices you. You do, though, notice Uhura not evacuating, but going somewhere else. Of course, you knew she was gonna try to separate the saucer since your dad hasn’t yet.

Thump thump.

Thump thump.

Thump thump.

Thump thump.

“Impulse engines drawing power from auxiliary generators,” Chekov reports.

Just as he says that, a mini explosion occurs through the entry way. Shots go at a few of the other crewmen except you, Sulu, Chekov, Kalara, and a few others. Your jaw clenches.

Pew, pew, pew!

Shots come from behind to the aliens. You deeply exhale seeing him.

“Keptin!” Chekov exclaims. You instantly stand up and head to his side. His eyes go into a shroud of concern for you. “You okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.” Just hoping you don’t make me think you’re gonna die again you wanted to add, but you didn’t.

Jim looked you over for a short moment. He had no idea how you were processing everything except that you were afraid-goddamn afraid. You were afraid, you were scared, you could be hurt-his little girl could be hurt…

But Jim needed to push himself to not break into extremes of paternal instinct(thanks George Kirk for the odd-for-Jim-gene).

He heads over to the console by Sulu. “How many of the crew are still aboard the saucer?”

“None. But if I’m reading this correctly, the intruders are taking them.”

“Why would they need to take them? Use them in a hostage situation-lure who they want in-it’s gonna be you, dad.”

“I don’t know. We don’t even have a clue about their species-if there’s really one at all.”

“Keptin, we are caught in the planet’s gravity. We cannot pull away.”

So the four of your, three gold-shirts and you a simple blue-dress stand there with your eyes on this planet dragging you down deeper and deeper.

“Get to your Kelvin Pods.” The order made your mind frozen.

“Aye, sir.”

“Yes, Keptin.”

All the remaining crew starts getting to pods. But you? You felt like you were gonna break. Your dad knows it from every inch of your face. Gently, he pulled you in with one arm. You couldn’t take it anymore, you hugged him very closely with your head against his shirt. He didn’t mind holding you at all. He rather now then never again….No, he couldn’t think that way. You were a survivor-a hella skilled one. You’d gone through the traumas…No, that didn’t justify going through any more, it just said that you can always keep on pushing.

Your face was warm with flush and the warm blood under your dad’s skin. Tears slowly but surely were threatening you, but they barely came. They creaked at your eyes, so you clamped them shut and they stayed put.

As your dad held you close to him, he looked out the glass to the planet that the Enterprise was to crash on. He stared as you were about to cry any second. His hands became more and more firm on you, becoming more scared to even think about letting you go or getting hurt or you even dying by miliseconds. If you wanted to cause Jim Kirk pain, it would be hurting you. Break every rib in Jim’s body, every vertabrae in his spine, tear every muscle in his arms and legs, he’d protect you. Good lord, he’d give his life to protect you no matter what. You were his daughter…If he wanted to get sappy, his little girl, but he wasn’t sappy most times. But now? A hell a lot of sap because you were in danger.

The ship crashed through clouds and you both started to know that you would have to part through the pods. Jim finally found the under-one-percent will to give you a nudge to tell you to go to the pods.

“I don’t wanna leave you,” You mutter in all honesty. Nope, you did not.

“I don’t either. It’ll be okay, sweetheart, I promise.” He tried to convince you with all of him, including the blue in his eyes.

You exhale and nod. You bury yourself into one last hug with him, taking every second in as much as you could.

This time, you nudge away. You were the second-to-last to leave. With stuttery breaths, you step into the pod.

“I love you, Dad,” You say before the door closes. You see your dad’s mouth open to reply, but you were shot up too fast into the air to see him.

Your eyes squeezed shut and got teary again. You were breaking like the Enterprise now just had. You lost your ship, your home, your crew, your friends, your dad. Your dad that mattered everything to you. He was sunlight in your life. For him, you were the sunlight in his life ever since your were born.

Thump thump

Thump thump

Thump Thump


Your eyes burst open. Ground-ground! Oxygen-air-wha-

Slowly, you regained your consciousness and clothed yourself in the survival wear, throwing on the nice jacket and sliding your trusty phaser into the holster.

With your legs slightly wobbly, you step out of your pod. Where were you?

A massive sound made you sweep around. Metal-metal-colassal metal…

The Enterprise.

The earth-ground made a impacting rumble as it slid through the trees and Altamid environment. And when it stopped….

You collapsed on your knees.

You cried.



Chekov instantly recognized the yell of his captain and ran towards the sound. Meanwhile, Jim with internal fury walked towards Kalara. She crashed his ship, killed many of his crew, his little girl could be hurt or dead.

“You knew. You knew we’d be attacked.”

“You don’t understand!” Kalara pleaded, but Jim pointed his phaser right dead-shot at her head. Chekov called twice as he rushed close to the scene which he was still mildly confused to.

Kalara backed up two steps. She gave her “confession”. “Yes..I lied. Our ship..was attacked.”

“Chekov, check the comms for survivors.”

“Aye, sir.”

“Who is he?” Jim demands.

“His name is Krall. He took my crew, like he took yours.”

“How do you know so much about the Enterprise?” He keeps a tone with her.

“All I know is that if I did this, he would set them free.”

“Chekov, are you picking up anything on those scanners?”

Chekov’s expression was low. “Nothing, sir…What if they-”

“No, no-” Jim interrupted, not abruptly though. He could not bare to think of you dead. “He was taking them. We have to find that saucer, even minimal scanning systems will have more range than a tricorder.”

“Aye, keptin, it’s possible.”

“Captain…I was protecting my crew.”

While in the process of hurting his crew.

While in the process of hurting his little girl.

Pour Some Sugar on Me

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Pairing: GabrielxReaderxBalthazar
Word count: 930
Warnings: Swearing, Smut, DP, wing!kink
Request: @mrs-celestial-dragneel-redfox23 Hiya B! For the other characters can you make one where both Balthazar and Gabriel want to be with the reader and she pretends not to notice but she wants to be with both. And they both overhear when she tell cas  & Anonymous. (I’m not able to see a masterlist from mobile so I don’t know if any of this has been done) You should do a fic involving a wing kink, or a fic involving food/candy play. Both of these should be Gabriel fics or you could totally combine them. I just need more Gabriel in my life and I love how y'all write lol
Tagging: @nerdflash @faegal04 @damalseer @i-am-not-a-freak @vika-hiddles @craftersdust @panic-everywhereabouteverything @fayemenelmir @crowleysqueen88 @brinnyridesforgondor  @that1awkwardfangirl @winchesterprincessbride jensensjaredsandmishaslover  @snow-leopardfetishist @ezm1995 @wayward-mirage  @lovetusk

Neither Gabriel or Balthazar were subtle angels. Which meant that when they set their sights on  you, everyone knew. There was no way that you could choose between them, so you simply pretended not to notice. Their simple flirting was met with friendliness, as you would with anyone else. You had to hand it to them, though. They didn’t give up. Despite your apparent obliviousness, they continued flirting.

You were nearing your breaking point when you pulled Cas aside. “Cas, I have a problem.” You sighed, leaning against the motel you were staying at. You’d dragged him around the side, hopefully away from prying ears. “I know that both Gabriel and Balthazar have been flirting with me.”

“I was under the impression that you had no idea.” He mused.

“No, it’s just…I really like them both. I don’t want one to feel hurt that I picked one over the other. Not that I could.” You sighed. “They’re both great guys.”

He gave you an understanding look and nodded. “Maybe it would be best to speak with them?”

“I agree with baby brother here.” You heard Gabe walk around the corner. “I mean, I have no issues sharing if Balthazar doesn’t.” Turning, you saw them both standing there, smirks on their faces.

Balthazar shrugged. “I have no objections.” He answered. You swallowed, instantly looking forward to this.

Laying in your room at the bunker, you hoped that one of your angels could see you that night. You didn’t prefer one over the other, as they were both amazing in their own ways. You closed your eyes and slipped your hand down the front of your underwear, thinking of various times you’d sneaked off with one or the other.  

“That’s a sight.” Balthazar grinned down at you. Your eyes snapped open to see both of them at the end of your bed.

You licked your lips at the sight of them, wondering what they had in mind. “We decided to have a bit of fun.” Gabriel told you, as if he’d read your mind. Snapping his fingers, all three of you were naked. “First…” He snapped them again, holding up a few pixie sticks. Gabe had that twinkle in his eye as he moved closer, ripping open one of the pixie sticks. He sat between your thighs, slowly pouring the sugary treat from right above your folds to between your breasts.

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Tagged for Sonic questions

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How long have you been a sonic fan: Since i learned that Sonic x and Pokemon were things called ‘Anime’ in the 2nd grade.

First Sonic game played: Sonic Adventure 2 Battle.

Top 3 favorite characters: Tails and Amy :3

Favorite vocal track: Escape from the City, Super Sonic Racing, Can you feel the Sunshine, Endless possibilities, I can go Super Sonic, and Dreams of an Absolution

Favorite non vocal track: Hmm…. HMMMM…. I like the traditional Sonic tune that Dreams of an Absolution copies from :)c (So basically green hill? lol)

Top 3 games: Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Adventure, and Sonic Riders plus zero, but not the third one XP :) (I like Heroes and Unleashed too.)

Top 5 stages: I freakin’ love Sonic Adventure 2′s Radical Highway. I would probably state all my favorite stages come from SA2. XD So I’ll just put my favorite there :)

Favourite team: Team Rose-zu~<3

Favourite game intro: AHHHH Sonic Unleashed.

Which game has the best story: Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2. (SA2 beats the first I think tho)

2D, 3D or both: 3D (I’m more comfortable with it, but I’ve played 2D, just prefer 3D)

Sonic Mania or Sonic Forces: FORCES.

Which character(s) would you want to see in the Boom show: Silver, Blaze, Rouge. -shrugs- anyone really, just someone. Even Maria still being alive would be a cool thing XD

Best Sonic show: Sonic X ;) (It was what got me into Sonic~<3)

Favourite era (Classic, Adventure, Modern, Boom): Adventure ;^; I miss it so~…

11 questions tag

1. always post these rules

2. answer the new questions given by the previous person

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I was tagged by @mooniva, thank you steph!! <3

Here are the questions I have to answer:

1. Favorite word? casual, coral or halcyon (that’s why it’s in my url)

2. Most vivid childhood memory? i think it’s playing on the ps1 with my sister as we literally did that all the time

3. If you were only allowed to listen to one song ever again which would you choose? maybe the wizard and i from wicked or intertwined by dodie as ive been obsessed with it recently

4. Least favorite food? bananas, the texture is awful lol

5. Which family member are you closest to? my sister

6. Last show you watched on Netflix? the fresh prince of bel air lmao

7. What makes you feel better when you’re sick? i always have a cup of tea, have soup and watch a ballet

8. Sweet, sour, or salty? sweet but i also love salty

9. Do you use the Oxford comma? i do sometimes

10. Favorite item of clothing/piece or jewelry? probably the denim jacket i recently bought

11. Your favorite thing about yourself? i think i’m a good listener and can give good advice (i hope so anyway)

Here are my questions!!

1. What is your main aspiration in life?

2. Dream vacation and why?

3. Song/artist you love rn?

4. What was the last book you read?

5. What is your biggest fear?

6. Do you have any regrets?

7. What is your favourite quality about yourself?

8. Who do you most admire in life?

9. What always cheers you up?

10. The ocean or space?

11. Favourite instrument?

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  1. i wrote the world’s worst fic called snake nut read it on ao3
  2. speaking of snake nut i accidentally made that a meme with some of my classmates
  3. i’m horrible at making slime
  4. i play piano but i kind of suck
  5. sometimes i make cameos on my sister’s yt
  6. one time me and my friends were kicked out of a campsite for being ‘too loud’
  7. the aesthetic is just a ruse im a massive shitposter
  8. one time i drank cigarette water; it was horrible
  9. im lowkey still scene
  10. i’ve been in the justin bieber hate club since second grade

that’s it rly lol

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That first one is about ten years old… I wasn’t going to dig too damn far…. lol! So yeah I was about 28 there… and the other is from today!

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1. favorite player of all time

Philipp Lahm and Edwin Van Der Sar (don’t make me choose bye)

2. a game you will never forget (try to pick ONE)

I know there are lots of amazing matches but the one I’ll say now I remember for the worst reasons: Portugal x Netherlands - WC 2006 - it was so OUT OF CONTROL!! 16 yellow cards and 4 red cards! They were killing each other on the pitch: hand on the ball, headbutts, arguing, no fair play.. who knows how many times that match was paused. For some reason I still remember Gio and Deco sitting together on the stands after both being sent off lol.
Everyone I knew was super excited about Portugal because Felipão (brazilian) was their coach but I was rooting for the Netherlands. Portugal scored on the first half and I suffered for the rest of the match (which, needless to say, was A LOT), I hated them so much back then, ugliest 1-0 ever. I’ll never forget that mess™.

3. the national team u support the most

Brazil, probably, idk.. I love Netherlands and Germany NTs too. I hate when I have to choose between them.

4. if you could pick one of your teams to win any trophy, who and which?

I’d say Bayern and Champions League so that Fips could lift the trophy one more time but UEFA sucks and so does life now. I will still be salty about that second leg with RM on my deathbed.
omg just give Netherlands the world cup pls i.i (ok maybe not the best moment to ask that but still…)

5. whats the story of how you got into this sport!!!

It could be a short story but I’ll make it a long one.
I’d love to say “since I was born” but truth is when I was a kid liking football was a ‘boy thing’ (ok, I know my nickname doesn’t give it away but I’m a woman) so, even though I liked Flamengo, many situations made me feel like staying away from local football.
World Cup did it for me, it was special, the whole world was involved which was a new concept for me since I had this idea only brazilians liked football (I was a kid, give me a break). I could root for Brazil like crazy and didn’t have to prove anything to anyone, we were all united for those few weeks: every person from any gender would sit in front of the tv and enjoy the sport.
WC 1998: the only thing I remember is 7 year-old me watching the semifinal Brazil x Netherlands, hard match, DAMN THAT DUTCH KEEPER WON’T LET US SCORE FFS, went to penalties, Brazil won but I felt so bad for that other team, they did so well, goalkeeper looked dejected and it broke my heart a bit. We lost the final, but hey world cup was awesome, I needed more, but local football was just drama and prejudice so nope, I don’t like football at all.
WC 2002: I was there again but omg Korea and Japan?? Time zone was killing me.. Brazil won the World Cup! BEST.FEELING.EVER. pula sai do chão quem é pentacampeão but once it’s over it was again boys feeling superior and shit so nope, hate football.
WC 2006: I promised myself I’d watch every match I could.. and I did! I discovered my favourite players aka Fips (captain of my heart, which is a lot considering I’m talking about the sommermärchen era <3) and Van der sar (who happens to be that damn dutch keeper that made my kid self life so difficult.. and it took me a long time to make that link haha). It happened to be VDS last world cup, I had to see more of him, so I learned Spain and Italy weren’t the only ones that had local football (oh my ignorant self), heard manchester united was a thing and ‘boy thing’ or not I didn’t care anymore, I never stopped, mia san mia.

6. how many games a week do you watch (approx.)

Uh, 3, I guess.. it’s Bayern and United mostly but sometimes I get to watch Flamengo too or random matches from PL or BuLi.

7. world cup or copa américa/euro cup?

WORLD CUP !!!! always and forever, I’m definitely a NT person.

8. do you want uefa to rot in hell for how they treated borussia dortmund the latest weeks (yes/yes)

Yes pls and ty.

9. god im running out of ideas hmm… have u played football urself?

Only when I was at school. I tried playing as a goalkeeper (I’ve always appreciated them sfm) but it didn’t work because I was too scared hahah so if I’m not mistaken I was a midfielder back then. Truth is I’m way better at any other sport x.x

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🐙 🎤 🐰 🎵 💧 👗 📛 💯 hi jonah~

Hi Nickaaaaa!!

🐙 describe chen in three emojis.  :3 (does this have an emoji??), 🎤, 📢

🎤 record a voice note saying chogiwa danbeone neukkyeo.

🐰 tag someone who reminds you of suho.  @myeoneandonly @lawlliets @onlysuhos

🎵most played exo song? growl

💧if you were to be on a zombie apocalypse, which member would you pick to be with you? hmmm, minseok! i just have a feeling he’ll live longer lol

👗who has the best fashion sense? i actually like chen’s airport fashion

📛 fmk: beagle-line WAAAAAH :(( i love them all huhuhu but fuck baekhyun marry chanyeol kill chen (wow i thought about this for like 10 mins hahaha)

💯 favorite cbx song? The One!! (because Baek’s rap is 🔥)

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a - age: 21 
b - birthplace: Richmond, Virginia
c- current time: 11:44 AM 
d - drink you last had: Skim milk
e - easiest person to talk to: My sister
f - favorite song: Blackbird by The Beatles.
g- grossest memory: I was in an animal biology class and me and two other classmates were playing with two guinea pigs. Those guinea pigs urinated and pooped all over our table. Thankfully my stuff was somewhere else, but it was the opposite for my classmates lol.
h - horror yes or horror no: Sure!
i - in love?: With food.
j - jealous of people?: Depends on the situation, but sometimes.
k - killed someone?: For the last cookie
l - love at first sight or should I walk by again: Love at first sight with food.
m - middle name: I don’t have one
n - number of siblings: one twin sister.
o - one wish: To be successful, happy, and healthy.
p - person you called last: My dad.
q - question you’re always asked: “What’s your favorite food?”
r - reason to smile: My friends and family.
s - song you sang last: idk
t - time you woke up: 6:20 in the morning YEE
u - underwear color: white
v - vacation destination: France, Austria, Taiwan.
w - worst habit: Lacking confidence and shutting people out at times.
x - x-rays: The last time I got one was a long time ago for a sprained ankle, haha.
y - your favorite food: SO MANY omg. But if I had to pick my absolute favorite, it would be Japanese curry. It’s literally a stew of happiness. I also love a ton of Taiwanese foods (e.g. beef noodle soup, braised pork with rice, sun cakes,) and a lot of sweet stuff as well. Honestly I could talk about food all day long lol.
z - zodiac sign: Capricorn.

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borderlands canoncall!!

hi there! i’m Angel and i’m looking for my dad,,, we were actually pretty close and i remember he used to visit me everyday in Control Core Angel and we’d talk about lots of stuff and sometimes play board games.. i was average height, very thin, and underweight. sometimes i let my hair down and when i did it would come to about my collarbone/chest. as it was implied in the game, i could not control my siren powers and accidentally slayed my mother. dad then shut me away in Control Core Angel, saying it was for my own safety and such. i can’t remember if the Vault Hunters had killed me or if i survived and they took me to Sanctuary,, but i do know that even though i loved my father, he needed to be stopped and so i betrayed Jack to help them take him down.

if any of this sounds familiar,, please, contact me or like/reblog this and i’ll hit you up! …….i miss you dad,,,, and i forgive you..


A/N: This is one of the drabble requests I got but I loved this idea so I thought I’d post it is a one shot, I’m really tempted into making it a multi part? Please note that english is not my first language so there might be grammar mistakes

Pairings: Bucky X Reader

Prompt: Bucky finds you drunk in the kitchen and takes care of you, leading up to some drunken confessions.. 
19. “I might have had a few shots.”
20. “I think I’m in love with you and that scares me half to death.”
30. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

Warnings: Alcohol?

Word count: 1004

‘’Y/N, what are you doing?’’ Bucky’s sleepy voice startled you and you quickly turned on your stool to meet his gaze. He chuckled at your slack-jawed facial expression and the bag of chips in your hands. He rubbed his eyes before approaching you with a smile on his face.

‘’I was hungry.’’ You jumped of the barstool, only to stumble to the side and Bucky grabbed you by the waist, preventing you from falling flat on your face.

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