they were perfect together

I miss you
I’m sorry I haven’t answered or even tried to reach out
I know it’s been two years
We’ve all changed and that’s okay
And I’ve changed for the worse, so don’t even worry about yourself
It’s not like you ever did to begin with
That’s why we were so perfect together
You, me, and her
But she is gone now
When you left town she left me
She checks in every now and again, but I’m not sure what to tell her
Because I’m not okay
And I miss her
Maybe even more than I miss you
That’s hard to do
Don’t take my lack of response as a sign that I don’t care
It’s hard to respond when you want to say everything in the world
But know you can’t say anything at all or your heart will break
So I respect your decision if you can’t respond to this
I couldn’t bring myself to after all this time
The only thing keeping me writing this are my own lost thoughts at 1:30 in the morning
I hope your life has been amazing these past few years
Maybe I’ll see you again someday
I miss you

I stared at this on your message screen for so long
Too long
But I couldn’t hit send
So I’ll send it to others
And it it’s destined
You’ll find it one day


Yin and Yang

To support the Yin and Yang theory, here’s the thing: 

 Kylo convinced himself that he is completely engulfed in the dark side. But he can’t shake off the pull to the light. He is the black half with the white dot.


 Rey seems to be the embodiment of the light. BUT, in the snow fight, she only begins to fully use her abilities when she is furious or scared. Anger and Fear are the main fuels to the dark side of the Force. So she only has the full power when she is connected to those emotions. She is the white half with the black dot.


 They’re the complete opposite of each other. And who hasn’t heard of “opposites attract”? 

 Yin and Yang were two gods that represented the perfect opposites of the nature. And, only when they were together, the world was in perfect harmony and peace.

 In Balance.

 And what does the galaxy need? What does the Force need? 


 And it can’t be brought by just on person. Anakin is the proof. It is needed two opposites. 

Kylo and Rey.

 Yin and Yang.


Another incredible performance of Don Quixote… I’m just speechless! Krysanova and Chudin were perfect together! #bolshoiballet #donquixote #royaloperahouse #amazing #unforgettable #experience #thankyou (at Royal Opera House)

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I used to never stop thinking about you. I never stopped doing all I can to help when you were broken. I never let you feel you were unwanted. I always told you, you were beautiful everyday. I always told you that I’ll always be there for you even if we broke it off. I always told you that I’m always here for you. You said you loved me, you said you saw us in formal attire, dancing till we dropped, you said we will live much happier lives when we live together. You said we were the ‘perfect couple’…. And do you know what happened? You lied to me saying that you loved me, you lied to me about your feelings when I felt that they were real. You left, when you said “I can’t handle it anymore.” Saying “I won’t get into a relationship for the rest of schooling years” or “I will treasure this relationship.” Now I see you by the sidelines, with another boy. Knowing you will break his fickle heart with your beauty and lust. Treasuring the relationship you say? Sinking it to the very bottom of the abyss. Abandoned, trash, worthless. You disconnected from me. You ignored me. You broke so many promises that you said you’d heed. I stand by the sidelines thinking, “A curse you are, plunging more wounds to my heart than what I started with. Re-enacting the wounds to awaken when I see your face.” Now I stand before the camera, with a smile on my face thinking, “I will teach these people to never go through the pain I suffered”. I watch you by the side and soon you’ll see, I am stronger than what you left me to be.

alright, it was really not funny, but now game’s over, tell us where you hide Pietro