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It Doesn’t Matter

Pairing: Richard x Reader
Words:  1400
Requested by Anonymous:  Hi *waves* Would you write a smutty oneshot with Richard and x reader? Where he’s hesitant to be with her cause she’s over 20 years younger than him, but she doesn’t even like guys her own age and she’s been crushing on Rich for a while. So whey they do fuck it’s like rly hot and passionate cause they’ve both been pining after each other for a while. I was gonna challenge myself to request this off anon, but then I couldn’t lol. If you don’t think this is too weird I might un-non myself XD 

Warning: Smut!

          You were watching him onstage, entranced by how much energy he had while performing in front of everyone. Everything about him mesmerized you.

           “You’re staring,” Jared said, coming up behind you.

           You nodded, “I know.”

           “Talk to him,” Jared said simply.

           “He knows,” you shrugged, “Just won’t say he likes me too. I’m honestly not even sure of his feelings.”

           “He likes you,” Jared said, “I know he does.”

           “Well, you might want to inform him,” you said.

           Jared chuckled, “I’ll do what I can.”

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Anthony x Reader: Where Jealousy Goes

Request: Can you maybe write one for Oak and one for Anthony?

Requester: @the-short-one-1

Word Count: 1092

Warnings: none I think??

A/N: two fics in one day people!!!

You weren’t the type that usually got jealous. When you were in a relationship, you made sure that you were secure enough that you never needed to second-guess yourself. If it came to that, you knew that it was time to break it off. Somebody that wanted to be with you would show it.

Anthony, however, was different. Every night, he had to flirt with Jasmine Cephas Jones on stage, and every night you had to watch him do so. You knew it wasn’t real. He told you it didn’t mean anything. You liked it much better when you, a swing, were onstage instead; even if they seemed to have better chemistry than the two of you.

One particular night, you were on for Eliza and you couldn’t wait. People had always told you that you and Lin had an amazing connection on stage, so you considered your ‘Eliza’ nights to be your best performances. Before the show, you and Anthony sat backstage in his dressing room.

“What are you smiling about?” He laughed, looking at you as you twirled around in your blue dress.

“I’m just excited, that’s all!” You giggled, and then sat down next to him on the couch. “I love playing Eliza.”

“I know,” he said with a smile, but his eyes looked sad.

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JB Imagine - Tour Surprise (Smut)

A/N - I had originally written this one for Mark because a friend of mine asked me to but since I’ve posted a lot of Mark imagines, I decided to change it to fit JB. Enjoy and keep sending those requests in!

You stood backstage, watching your boyfriend jump around the stage with his 6 best friends, all singing their hearts out. It made you so happy to see him like this. He was in his element and loved every minute of performing. Jaebum had always been more reserved and didn’t often share his innermost feelings but he would always confess to you how much performing meant to him. You were so proud of him and adored every minute you got to see him perform. The best part of it all though was how hot he looked, getting all sweaty onstage. You were actually surprising him and, as far as you knew, he had no idea that you were waiting there to see him.

The concert began to wind down and you ran off to the dressing room to wait for him. You had organised with the others for them to send Jaebum into the dressing room to fetch something and they’d leave you to ‘catch up’. You sat there, looking at your phone and reading update twitter accounts so you knew when they’d got off stage. Hearing footsteps from the corridor, you stood behind the door so you could close it behind him and then surprise him. The handle turned and Jaebum walked in, his white shirt clinging to his body from the sweat. You pushed the door, locked it and turned around, looking at him seductively. “Surprise, babe.”
“(Y/N)? Oh my god I’ve missed you so much,” he said, hugging you tightly.
“I missed you too, baby,” you responded as your hands explored his body.
“Something makes me think you just missed my body.”
“How could I not? It’s your fault for being so fucking sexy.” You began to kiss below his earlobe, gently sucking at the skin. Jaebum let out a soft moan as he gripped your hips tighter, pressing his body against yours. His fingertips danced at the hem of your shirt and you moved from his neck to say, “Just hurry up and take it off.”
“A little desperate are we?” He teased, moving his hands away from your shirt to tangle in your hair. His lips moved against yours and, needy for him, your hands travelled to the bottom of your shirt and you pulled it up, exposing his sweat-glistened abs. Your hands explored his body until he grabbed your wrists, pinning them on the door above you. He broke the kiss and smirked at you, clearly enjoying seeing you under his control. You whimpered at the lack of his hands on your body and he chuckled, placing his lips below your ear. He whispered into your ear, “Baby, I’m going to make you moan my name so loud this whole arena will know you’re mine.” The sound of him whispering so sensually made your knees weak and you needed him even more.
“Jaebum, please. I need you.”
“As you wish, baby,” he said, his hands releasing their grip on your wrist and moving to your thighs.

He picked you up and carried you over to the sofa in the dressing room, placing you down before moving to straddle you. His hands sat at the bottom of your shirt and he teasingly pulled it up, going slow to frustrate you. He discarded the shirt on the floor and reached behind your back to unclasp your bra.
“God, you’re so beautiful, baby. I missed seeing you and touching you. I missed the sound of your voice underneath me.” His hands roamed your body and he leaned forward to kiss your collarbones, nipping at the skin to leave his mark on you. His tongue began to trail down to your chest, lingering on the soft skin. His mouth worked its magic on you as he kept licking and nipping and sucking at your skin. Moans rolled off your tongue at the pleasure he was giving you. He began to move further down towards the waistline of your jeans. His fingers quickly unzipped them, pulling them down to expose your legs. His hands massaged your upper thighs, edging closer to where you needed him most. He slowly dragged your underwear down, wanting to savour your desperation for as long as possible. His lips kissed your bare skin and he slowly dragged his tongue down, tasting you.
“Jaebum,” you moaned, dragging out the syllables in his name, “please just fuck me.” He continued to work his tongue on you but also slipped two fingers inside of you, curling them at just the right place.
“Just be patient, baby. We’ve got all night,” he said as he slipped a third finger in to satisfy your hunger. You tangled your fingers in his hair, moving his head so his tongue was in just the right spot. You felt yourself getting closer and closer until Jaebum’s fingers slipped out of you, leaving you annoyed and unsatisfied.
“Baaaabe, why’d you stop?” You asked him, looking at him with an annoyed look on your face.
“It’s more fun for me.”
“Well it’s not for me,” you sulked, watching him move up to kiss your lips. You rubbed your hands down his abs to the belt of his jeans, quickly undoing it. His hands replaced yours to take off his jeans and boxers quickly before he finally gave you what you wanted most. Him.

He pushed into you slowly. Painfully slow. Itching for more, your nails dug into his back at an attempt to get him to pick up the pace. Jaebum rolled his hips faster as his lips found your neck again. He moaned against your skin, driving you closer to the edge. His deep voice was heaven to your ears and you moaned in response, spurring him one even more. You could feel yourself edging closer to your climax and Jaebum was right there with you, his thrusts becoming rougher and faster. As you got closer and closer, your moans became breathier until you reached your climax. Jaebum groaned as he released into you, his eyes closed from the pleasure.

As you both came down from your highs, Jaebum rested his head on your chest, leaving light kisses.
“Hey, Jaebum?”
“Yeah?” He looked up at you, resting his chin on your stomach.
“Did I tell you how hot you look on stage?” He laughed in response and said, “God I love you, (Y/N).”
“Love you too, babe.”

“Do You Think She’ll Like You?”

Requested by @hopingforkimbabi. Enjoy!

A badass, that’s the aura you had when you performed. A sweet and innocent little baby, that’s the aura you had when you weren’t performing. You had like two personalities. Your stage personality and your offstage personality. Onstage you were demanding for the attention you deserved, wanted to show off, not giving a care what would say. Then there was offstage you. That sweet girl that everyone admired just because she was a little angel.

You met Changmo through work. He wanted to collab with you for a song. He had admired you for a long time. He loved how sweet you were offstage but how badass you were on stage. You both agreed to meet at his studio. 

He gave you the address and you went. Once you got there, you accidentally scared him, causing him to jump. “Oh! I didn’t mean to scare you. Are you okay?” “I’m fine. Just not used to a beautiful presence in this studio.” He commented. You blushed a bit. You’ve been called beautiful before, but it was different. His felt more believable. You sat next to him and listened to what he had in mind for your collab. You were just focused on his face. He was so fine. His smile warmed your heart. “Y/N? You okay?” He asked. He noticed your staring. “I’m completely fine.” You answered looking away.

After the little session, you began to pack. “So, till next time?” You said questionably. “Actually thinking maybe we could go out, Friday.” He answered. “For our song?” “Actually, I was thinking about taking you out.” Your eyes widened and you looked at him. “Like an actually date?” 

“Yeah, what about it?” “What about your ladies? Wouldn’t they be upset if they found out you were taking me out?” You asked jokingly. “Maybe, they don’t have to know.” He smirked. “You’re way too cute.” You said pinching his right cheek. “Alright. This Friday. You’ve got a date. See you soon.” You kissed his cheek and walked out of the studio. He put his hand on the spot you kissed and smiled. 

For the 8 months the two of you’ve been together, you’ve wanted nothing more than a little kitten to call your own. Your parents never really let have a pet, so you couldn’t wait to move out to get your own. They just didn’t want pet hair everywhere in the house. But you’ve never had the time to get one. Changmo knew how much you wanted one, sometimes he felt like you wanted a kitten more you wanted him. 

He wanted to surprise you. You were stressed because you had no inspiration. It’s been awhile since you’ve released any music put into the world. You wanted to come back strong but you didn’t know what to make a song about. Today was just another day, you sat in your studio staring back at your mixing console. Changmo walked in with some bubble tea for the both of you. He noticed the aura you gave off. He knew how much you really wanted to make a strong comeback. “Babe, I got you some bubble tea.” “I don’t want any right now.” You said putting your head in your hands. 

“Baby, do you-” “I’m fine, Changmo! Fuck! Can you stop bothering me?!” You flipped out on him. You took a deep breath and calmed down. “I’m sorry. I’m just really stressed right now. Thanks for the bubble tea. I really am.” “Hey, I’ll be back. I got to go get something.” He said rushing out of the studio without an I love you. You frowned and continued your little meltdown. 

Changmo got in his car and made his way to the pet store. When he got there he walked in with a thought in the back of his mind. “What kind of cat does she want?” He thought. He wanted the perfect cat for you. One that you could hold when he had to leave. The time you two spent together was cut in half after Changmo joined Ambition Musik. He does all these shows without you. Mostly you’ve been alone, missing him. You never told him about how you felt because you knew it would hurt him to hear you say something like that. But he knew what he was doing was wrong. 

An employee walked up to him and bowed. “Hello, sir. Is there anything I can help you with?” “I want to get my girlfriend a cat.” “Aww. That’s very sweet. May I ask what the occasion is?” She asked. “No occasion. I’ve just been busy and I haven’t been able to spend enough time with her. But I don’t know what kind of cat to get her.” He explained. She thought for a minute. “How about a kitten? Girls love kittens.” “Sure.”

She led him over to the kitten pen. There were five kittens there. All of them were adorable. The employee grabbed the one that was behind all of the rest. A cute little white and gray kitten, with a white belly. “This is my favorite. I want her to have a good home. Would you be willing to take her home?” “It’s worth a shot. I’ll take her.” He said. After a few minutes, Changmo had adopted her. 

He bought her a cute little Pink Diamond Bow Crystal Collar. He put it on her. “Do you think she’ll like you?” She only yawned and looked Changmo with those eyes. “Don’t look at me like that. You’re too cute.” He bought kitten food, a bed, and a few toys, and put them into his trunk. He put the kitten in the passenger seat and strapped her in with the seat belt. Every time he turned, he made sure she didn’t fall by putting his arm in front of her. 

They made it into your studio and he grabbed her. They walked into your studio. He opened the door and shut in behind him. You didn’t turn around you already knew it was him. “Babe? I got a surprise for you.” “Not now Changmo.” 

The room was quiet and the kitten meowed very quiet, but you could hear it. You turned around quickly and saw the kitten. Your eyes lit up with joy. “Changmo, you didn’t!” “I did.” You rushed over to him and grabbed the little kitten. “Is it a girl or a boy?” “Girl.” He answered. 

You smiled. “Does she have a name?” You questioned. “No. I was waiting for you to give her one. She’s yours.” I hugged him tightly. “THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!” You kissed his cheek. Yo were so happy you could jump up and down with joy. He gave a small smile but he was a little sad. “Baby, are you okay?” “I got her for you because I’m not there all the time.” 

You sighed and put the kitten down. “I know you have work. I understand, you don’t have to make up for it. But I really appreciate it. I love you.” You said before wrapping your arms around his neck. “I love you too. Give me a kiss.” You pecked his lips. You could hear the kitten’s meow from below you. You looked down to see her in between your feet. You bent down to grab her. You stood back up and pet her softly. “We need a name for her.” He said. “I’m going to name her (Kitten’s Name).” You put your finger on her pink nose as she meowed quietly. “SHE’S SO CUTE!” You screamed. 

“I’m cuter.” Changmo added.

We hope this is close to what you expected it. We hope you enjoyed. Sorry for any mistakes. Thanks for requesting. Keep em’ coming. Admin Kai and Admin June. 

@rollingcatlol It was a vine of Yugbam at one of their fansigns during Hard Carry Era. One of their songs was playing and they were just hanging out onstage and Bambam turned around, gripped the table, and kinda started twerking while Yugyeom shamelessly kept slapping his ass. I kid you not, that’s what it was. But for some reason the fans weren’t screaming? I would be! anyway, it was probably deleted when vine shut down.

Behind Brown Eyes

Here is Part One of “Salt And Pepper”

Pairing: Jeffrey Dean Morgan x Reader
Words:  1453

-The reader and Jeffrey have a past. Will they be able to work things out? Or will Jeffrey run again?-

Thank you @mamapeterson for looking over this for me!!

A/N: If you want tagged in anything, let me know. :)

         You loved being on Supernatural. You loved acting. You loved getting to be around the cast. And you absolutely loved going to the cons and doing panels and photo ops; being around the fans was so much fun.

            You were currently onstage with Jensen and Jared, acting a fool. The three of you were running around and goofing off like crazy. It was still hard to believe that you were getting paid for acting more like a child than an adult.

            “Will you all ever grow up?” The three of you jumped slightly when you heard a voice come from somewhere offstage.

            “Probably not,” Jensen answered.

            You had to hold back your excited squeal when you saw Jeffrey Dean Morgan walk out on stage. No one had known he was coming. So his arrival was definitely a surprise.

            “Well, look who we have here,” Jared teased. “Come to crash our panel?”

            “Just thought I’d come join my favorite people. Is that okay?” he asked, looking toward the audience. The fans went wild. Of course they didn’t mind Jeff being there. They were thrilled to see him, especially because they didn’t know he was going to be there.

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There is no dress rehearsal
Just a script that I’ve never read
A sad story that is universal
A vague idea of what to expect

Is it curtains already
I haven’t learned my lines
Is it curtains already
I just thought that we’d have more time

A missed call with a message attached
“We need to talk when you have a chance”
I stood frozen in that Gainesville venue
Not knowing how to react

Is it curtains already?
I haven’t learned my lines
Is it curtains already?
I’ll improvise

Not surprising I put off the call
Socialized and put up a wall
Anything to prolong the chances
Before confirming she was really gone
I crossed SW 2nd Street
Made the call and stared at my feet
“She passed away about an hour ago
While you were onstage living the dream”

Preference #17 - He Finds Out You Have a Secret Talent

Luke: You jumped around in your living room with Luke, singing at the top of your lungs. It wasn’t very good, but you weren’t really trying. As soon as Disconnected came on, all bets were off. This is your JAM and not even Luke could hold you back. You jumped on the coffee table in your living room and pretended you were onstage, actually singing. “I like the summer rain/I like the sounds you make/We put the world away/We get so disconnected.” You continued singing until you noticed Luke staring at you weirdly, no longer jumping around. You jumped off the table, now with a small blush on your cheeks. “I know, I suck.” You nervously laughed and looked down before Luke burst out in laughter. “No, babe, you’re incredible! Why did you never tell me you could sing?”

Calum: The boys were on break from touring, and you and Calum were in Nashville, just for a short little vacation. Since it’s basically the music capital of the United States, Calum wanted to buy a bass there. You went to a small music store in the city. While Calum was looking at basses, you ventured towards the back of the store where the pianos were. You sat down at one, thinking you hadn’t played in years, before you started playing your heart out. The music went through your fingers and onto the keys as you hummed the lyrics to the song. When you were finished, with a grin, you looked up to see Calum standing there in awe with a bass in his hand. “Y/N, you’re fucking amazing at piano, WHY HAVE YOU BEEN HIDING THIS TALENT?”

Michael: You were on your fifth date with Michael, and you already knew he was going to be in your life for quite some time. You had decided to go to the mall for your fifth date, and after making out in an empty hallway, you went into a music store. There were guitars everywhere, and Michael was trying to impress you with his skills already. You saw one on the wall that you absolutely adored, so you grabbed it and started playing on it. “American Idiot” by Green Day was the first song that popped into your mind, and soon after you started, Michael joined in playing the rhythm guitar. After your jam session had ended, Michael looked at you and grinned. “My girlfriend is a secret rock god.”

Ashton: Ashton was currently at the grocery store, while you were doing laundry. You hated singing in front of people, anybody, really, and you always turned the  up loud whenever you were home alone. You danced around the house in just your underwear and one of Ashton’s tank tops, while singing out of the top of your lungs. The bridge of your favorite song was starting, and it was your favorite part. You hit the high note and held it effortlessly, doing more fancy runs throughout the rest of the song. When it ended, you heard something behind you. “Y/N?” Ashton said. You jumped, startled, and turned towards Ashton with your cheeks burning with embarrassment. “Ashton… I’m assuming you saw that?” He nodded and grinned. “You’re so amazing, I’m speechless. Seriously, you need to sing around more.” You blushed and looked down at your feet. Ashton came up to you and buried his head in your neck, kissing lightly. “You look really hot in just my tank top, by the way.”

“You could say that being yelled at by Janis Joplin was one of the great honors of my life. Early in my career, Lindsey Buckingham and I were in a band called Fritz. There were two gigs we played in San Francisco that changed everything for me: One was opening up for Jimi Hendrix, who was completely magical. The other was the time that we opened up for Janis at the San Jose Fairgrounds, around 1970.

It was a hot summer day, and things didn’t start off well because the entire show was running late. That meant our set was running over. We were onstage and going over pretty well, when I turned and saw a furious Janis Joplin on the side of the stage, yelling at us. She was screaming something like, “What the **** are you assholes doing? Get the hell off of my stage.” Actually, she might have even been a little cruder than that — it was hard to hear.

But then Janis got up on that stage with her band, and this woman who was screaming at me only moments before suddenly became my new hero. Janis Joplin was not what anyone would call a great beauty, but she became beautiful because she made such a powerful and deep emotional connection with the audience. I didn’t mind the feathers and the bell-bottom pants either. Janis didn’t dress like anyone else, and she definitely didn’t sing like anyone else.

Janis put herself out there completely, and her voice was not only strong and soulful, it was painfully and beautifully real. She sang in the great tradition of the rhythm & blues singers that were her heroes, but she brought her own dangerous, sexy rock & roll edge to every single song. She really gave you a piece of her heart. And that inspired me to find my own voice and my own style.”

- Stevie Nicks, Rolling Stone, 2009

Otomate Party 2016 ; 14/08 Day Stage ; Fan Report

OK so this got waaaay longer than I expected it to be, I hope you guys enjoy it nonetheless! I’ll also apologize in advance for the poor writing~


Seiyuus came on stage and read a few lines from the game that were being featured in today’s stage. They eventually all left the stage and Toriumi and Morikubo came back, introduced themselves as hosts and launched Otomate Party 2016

-Wand of Fortune Nama-afureco (live acting)

The show kicked off with a live acting from Wand of Fortune. Onstage seiyuus were Suzu, Kakki, Takahashi and Tachibana. This nama-afureco corner was my favorite because they quickly got into a call&response with the audience. Basically each character had a heart jauge you had to fill by yelling their name and when it got full, they’d confess their love to you. I have never played the game before but from what I understood, Takahashi’s character usually speaks with a high-ish funny voice, yet he switched to smooth and deep for his kokuhaku making the whole audience scream like crazy.
Suzu also used a very nice voice ~

Finally it was Kakki’s turn, his chara was going all tsundere saying he didn’t want to do it but then he finally did.Though I have to say Kakki is the cutest, because right in the middle of his kokuhaku, just before he said he loved you, he looked up to the audience and smiled. He’s so sweet, his smile killed me.

-Period: Nama-afureco

Wand of Fortune seiyuus left the stage and Period: seiyuus replaced them, so this time onstage seiyuus were Noburin, Maeno and Hirarin. Toriumi also joined them midway.

In a few words, the plot revolved around the heroine having left to train alone with some guy and all the others being jealous. They also thought up lines they would have told the heroine had they been the one escorting her.

Maeno’s character spent half of the stage trying to kill Toriumi’s chara and Noburin’s was being a cute and awkward tsundere ~

Toriumi usually has a chirpy high-ish mascot voice in this game, yet he suddenly switched to his deeper good voice when doing some of the lines which got the audience fangirling. I’m not even that much of a Toriumi but he definitely impressed me there !

Hirarin’s monologue was also very sweet. His character is the heroine childhood’s friend and he said he hoped she wouldn’t ever forget about him and about the place where she could come home, all with a very cute soothing voice. My image of Hirarin’s voice is actually more his Rei voice from Free or his Irie voice from Itakiss so I was pretty surprised to hear such a cute voice from him.

-Song Corner

Just as Hirarin left,  Yura Mari came on stage and started singing Hikari sasu toki. I wasn’t familiar with the singer or the song but I really enjoyed it. Her voice is really pretty and the song is beautiful.

-Variety Corner

After that it was time for the variety corner. First Toriumi-san and Morikubo-san came back on stage and explained the game.

Basically they played poker but instead of using cards, they made the seiyuus do a pose according to certain themes. Each team had 6 members and the goal was to have as many member as possible strike the exact same pose. Combination were :

-One Pair

-Two Pair

- Three Pair

- Three of a kind

-Four of a kind

-Five of a kind

-Royal Flush (everyone doing the same pose)

Of course, seiyuus couldn’t look at each other or consult with each others before posing.

They announced the teams as the rest of the seiyuu came back on stage.

Morikubo team: Suzu, Kaji-kyun, Hirarin, Satou, Sugiyama, Takahashi

Toriumi team: Kakki, Noburin, Yusa-san, Maeno, Tachinana, Midorikawa-san

Morikubo’s team went first with the theme

“A pose you think is cute when a girl does it”

Unfortunately they all did different poses and didn’t get any point. Kaji-kun was like the cutest thing ever while doing his pose. Suzu’s was….just weird. No clue how it was supposed to be cute and girly but yeah, I guess that’s what’s to be expected of Suzu !

Then it was Toriumi’s team turn. Their theme was “Manly pose”. And although it sounded like an easy theme, they failed as well. Kakki did the sumo pose, crouching and all. Other seiyuus suggested a sumo should be naked and that he should have stripped. (He should have, if you ask me.  Show us how ripped you got doing all that muscle training Kakki~~~)

Then they drew random seat numbers so that people from the audience could handpick the next themes. They picked one on the first floor and one on the second floor.

Takahashi was sent to the first floor. He found the girl with the right number fairly quickly and asked her where she was from. Then he made her handpick a number and had her read it out loud.

They sent Midorikawa-san to the second floor where we were so I just kept praying he’d come our way (or at least close) but he ended up super far. All the others were mocking Midorikawa-san because he was slow to get to the 2nd floor, saying he’s such an old man and has to wait for the elevator and all. He chit-chatted a bit with the lucky girl whose seat number he had drawn. He asked her if she liked old-men-seiyuus. She said she completely did and he went like “Ah I’m so relieved you do !”. Then he asked her to handpick a number from a box and he read out the number out loud. Finally he gave her something (I have no clue what, I was too far to see).

Takahashi went back on stage first, and they launched a video message from Kishio Daisuke so he could announce the next theme (according to the number that was picked).
Kishio made a bunch of puns during his video message. Said he liked appearing on video better than being at the actual event and that he hoped to see us all at Otomate Party 2017, through video message once again.
He first jokingly said that the theme would be “Best monomane (imitation) of Morikubo Showtarou” and proceeded to imitate his speech (adding a bunch of SHO).
Then he announced the actual theme : “Pose like a pro-wrestler”

While Morikubo’s teammates were thinking about their poses, Kaji-kyun came to Morikubo and told him he would have loved to see an imitation contest of his beloved Morikubo-san and would have participated.

Kaji-kyun is the cutest thing ever. (sure sure, I’m biased)

Satou, Sugiyama and Takahashi did the same pose and they finally scored some points (5).

The theme for Toriumi’s team was announced : “Hissatsu waza (Deathblow?, this is a bit hard to translate sorry)” And they basically ALL did a kamehameha, ended up scoring 15 points.

The game ended here with Toriumi’s team victory…which meant….Punishment game for Morikubo’s team!

They each had to pick a paper with some sweet lines and had to read them in characters (request had been sent beforehand by fans). Suzu dashed to the center of the scene as soon as he picked up his paper so he could go first. Kaji-kyun actually wondered HOW his lines were supposed to make people go “dokidoki” as he had to act as Kanato (so yeah, pretty disturbing) and Hirarin used the sweetest voice ever, I just wanted to hug him.

Seiyuu - Chara list:

Suzu : Alvaro (Wand of Fortune)
Kaji-kyun : Sakamaki Kanato (Diabolik Lovers)

Sugiyama : Shukuri Akito (Norn9)
Takahashi : Bilal (Wand of Fortune)

Hirarin : Zain (Period:)

Morikubo:  Tsukinami Shin (Diabolik Lovers)

Satou : Masamune Touya (Norn9)
(They all sat around listening to him and staring at him while he did it. He was super stressed out which was adorable.)

Diabolik Lovers nama-afureco

Participating seiyuus were Kaji-kyun, Morikawa-san, Hirarin, Toriumi and Morikubo.

I only have one thing to say…….KAJI-KYUN’S KANATO-VOICE IS INSANELY GOOD. Even more so when you hear it live. How is that kid even that good, I have no idea.

OK, so a brief explanation of the plot. We have the Sakamaki bros being super bored and they kinda end up reaching the conclusion that a pet would do them good. They don’t want an annoying pet though and after much thinking they come to the conclusion that their pet must be fluffy but able to take care of itself on its own. And what’s better for that than a vampire who can change into a wolf ? They lure Tsukinami Shin, Morikubo’s character using his beloved peanuts and try to make him listen to them through different (stupid) means but it doesn’t quite work out the way they had hoped.

Norn9 nama-afureco

Participating seiyuus were Kaji-kyun, Satou, Sugiyama and Yusa-san.

The plot wasn’t all that interesting but they basically tried to have people know the characters better as this game (and anime)  is such a recent addition to the Otomate games lineup.

Yusa-san’s character showed a chart showcasing all of the characters relationship but it turned out the be super biased (made himself out to be a couple with one of the girls and called Satou’s character a pervert). Others characters complained, trying to explain their actual personalities and relationships their way while Satou’s character kept on being depressed for a while.

They ended the scene by showing Kaji-kyun’s character’s room which had a surprising amount of cosplays laying around. He said he planned to make Koharu (one of the heroines) wear them which got Satou’s chara super hyped and made the others call him a pervert once again.

-There was a second song corner by Yanagi Nagi which was also pretty nice. I didn’t like the song as much though.


Overall I really really enjoyed this event despite us getting some of the worst possible seats. (right in the middle which was pretty cool but furthest row of the 2nd floor)

This was my first actual seiyuu event and I’m really happy I finally got to attend one! Definitely going to try and go to more event in the future.

I hope you can all enjoy it as well when it comes out in DVD !

AND THANK YOU FOR READING. Sorry once again for my shitty english.

PS: Thanks to my adorable kitten @pinkubakaneko for coming with me and helping me write the report. ♥


Amy Poehler & Carrie Brownstein Peform An Impromptu Bookstore Wedding

Last night, Amy Poehler and Carrie Brownstein were onstage at a bookstore in Pasadena, talking about the Sleater-Kinney musician’s new memoir, Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl, when they got an unexpected question from a young couple in the crowd.

Kendall Oshiro and Genevieve Hernandez wanted to know if Brownstein — who happens to be a licensed wedding officiant — would marry them, right then and there.



anonymous asked:

Frank holding up the bi flag/ if someone were to throw it onstage means absolutely nothing (from a perspective) than a symbol of some sort of unity and support. Why do people always take it to some next level shit saying youre labelling him? Brendon urie holds up the gay flag and wraps it around himself but he identifies at straight, how would frank doing that imply anything different?

Jesus thank you. (Someone needs to do it for my bi ass)

This Day in 1D History - October 1


  • Liam gets a lovebite from Louis while chatting with Sugarscape (and Louis and Harry show off their latest moves)


  • new shots from the Heat pool shoot mysteriously appear online???
  • Louis goes for a day trip to Fiji (bc why not)


  • the Radio One snapchat knows what’s up
  • Where We Are Tour concert – Atlanta, USA feat. THE PROPOSAL


  • Niall Horan is literally the best person
  • Louis clears things up 
  • Liam has some shady fun

Okay hear me out on this:

Overwatch Circus AU.

Like just think about it.

Jack Morrison–a stunt driver who currently is in an on off relationship with the dark magician. He acts like a Dad to everyone backstage and makes sure everyone is all pumped for the shoe.

Reaper– a magician only he does more serious tricks (Like Houdini level stuff). He is in a relationship with the crazy stunt driver (who always gives him a neat heart attack with those damned stunts of his.) He tends to be a bit aloof but he will lay down his life for this group

Widowmaker and Tracer–tight rope walkers. They’ve been together for what seems like forever. While Widow is a bit stoic, she always seems sincerely happy performing with her wife. Tracer loves seeing that smile and knowing Widowmaker is happy makes the performance go much more smoothly.

Hanzo and Genji–poi dancers called The Dragon Brothers since they use their dragons to perform as well. Genji though had an accident while they were onstage where Hanzo accidentally set fire to Genji. He got badly burned and now wears a scarf and long sleeves to cover the burns. Hanzo never fur gave himself for what happened. Both are currently in relationships, Hanzo with McCree and Genji with Zenyatta.

McCree–does the acts with the animals (mainly horses, dogs, a lion). He always had a way with animals from all his time hanging around them growing up in the troupe. He’s a bit of a smart alec but he he has a good heart and he loves his job and loves his boyfriend.

Pharah–the ringmaster. She took over the circus when he mother died in an acrobat incident. Though young, she has a commanding presence and her voice brings the ring to life.

D.Va and Lucio– The acrobats. These two are a dynamic duo when it comes to they’re performance. They’re practically in sync with each other from all the practice and due to their friendship they just piece together wonderfully like a completed puzzle.

Roadhog and Junkrat–both are clowns. This married couple love to make people laugh with their antics. Junkrat sets off small little bombs of confetti and sparklers while Roadhog tends to go along with Junkrat’s craziness.

Winston–the Great Talking Ape, known for reciting beautiful poetry and stories go the whole audience who are captivated by how well he speaks.

Mercy–the circus’ doctor who makes sure everyone is all right before and after performances. She also was a former singer and dancer in the circus but an injury to her legs put an end to that.

Reinhardt–an ex-strong man who works as the circus’ security with Torbjorn. He tends to clap along with the cloud to applaud his comrades, he’s just so proud of them!

Torbjorn–He helps put the tent up and is security with Reinhardt. He also makes sure everything is well in place and nothing has been damaged. After the incidents with Mercy and Genji he double checks things.

Symmetra–a contortionist who practices daily to make sure she makes the perfect form. If she does one mistake she beats herself up for it so she requires a lot of reassurance.

Zarya–the new strong woman. She can lift the heaviest weights without much problem. And boy do people love it when she shows off them guns around the ring as well as she flexes.

Mei–sells tickets and helps put the troupe’s make up on for performances. She doesn’t mind, she has horrible stage fright and prefers to spend her time making ice sculptures and helping the others get ready.

Zenyatta–a famous juggler, who entertains the children as they go to their seats. He has been a great emotional support to his boyfriend/fiancé Genji during his time on recovery and helps him and Hanzo practice sometimes.

Bastion–is like a guard dog at night. Keeps trespassers and nosy paparazzi out of the circus grounds. Very sweet and shares a bond with Zenyatta and Torbjorn.

And that’s all I got so far.
Google chairman gets called out for cutting off a woman while talking about diversity

On Monday, Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt and acclaimed Steve Jobs biographer Walter Isaacson were wrapping up a SXSW Interactive panel that had focused on diversity, when an audience member called out the two men for repeatedly interrupting their fellow panelist, the United States’ Chief Technology Officer Megan Smith.

Even more awkward? The audience member who posed the question was apparently Judith Williams, who heads up Google’s unconscious bias program.

Here’s how it went down: Schmidt, Isaacson and Smith were onstage together for a panel called “How Innovation Happens.” One of the recurring themes of their hourlong talk was diversity in tech, and how the U.S. government and companies like Google can get more women and minorities involved.

Both men interrupted Smith several times — not unusual for moderated panels — but Williams felt it was particularly poignant given the day’s topic of diversity. During a Q&A session with the audience, Williams, who is Google’s Global Diversity and Talent Programs manager, asked both men if they thought their interruptions were a sign of the unconscious bias they themselves had been talking about.

“Given that unconscious bias research tells us that women are interrupted a lot more than men, I’m wondering if you are aware that you have interrupted Megan many more times,” she asked, which immediately prompted a round of cheers and applause from the packed room.



Because I decided to ring in the New Year by writing!

I got this request from @zainabdavaldayaererer 

Prompt: Val tries to dodge questions about him dating Z, but fails and some other pro busts his ass and he starts blushing and does something cutely embarrassing. Oh yeah and this is at the Q&A of the live winter tour

I actually haven’t been keeping up with the tour that much so I have no idea when Alek is doing his shows but I just included him anyway lol. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this!

“Alright ladies and gentlemen, we’ve arrived to the Q & A portion of the show! Lindsay and I will be hosting, going around taking audience questions for the pros and troupe!”

Lindsay and Keo were standing onstage while the rest of the dancers were spread out, seated in the small staircase onstage.

“Yes, let’s get to it! Who’s got the first question?”

“Hi, my name is Sarah; I wanted to ask Alek about the differences between dancing on television and dancing onstage for the tour.”

“Alright former partner….”

“Uhhh, well it’s definitely a lot less pressure. I’m not competing anymore so it’s definitely easier to let loose. Plus, it’s great to be able to dance with Lindsay without the pressure of votes.”

“Awwwww” Lindsey teases him.

“Awwwwwww” Alek mimics her like an older brother would. Keo interrupts them before they start with their sibling-like bickering.

“Okay, next question? Oh hey, we got a pretty lady! Let me guess, the question is for Val?” Keo teases, but really, a lot of questions were directed towards Val and some of the more popular pros.

“Yes” The woman says shyly. “I wanted to ask Val if he had a special lady in his life. Tamar always said that she was trying to find you a nice woman to settle down with. I’m guessing she succeeded seeing as you spent your Christmas with Zendaya and her family.”

“Val, what you gotta say?” Lindsay says.

“Well…. It’s true Tamar did spend a good amount of time trying to get me to settle down with someone but… uhhh…. Well, you see, I’m Jewish so I don’t even celebrate Christmas but when Zendaya invited me I couldn’t say no, I mean she is family after all… the entire Coleman family is…and it’s not like I had any plans. It’s not really an important holiday for me, so it was a no brainer to spend it with her… and her family, of course.”

Halfway through Val’s little speech, Alan, Keo, Alek, and even some of the female pros were trying to stifle their giggles. It was always a funny sight for them to see a usually eloquent Val struggle to find his words.

Peta of course, couldn’t help but call out her soon to be brother-in-law, “Well, I don’t know about you all, but none of my male friends ever dropped what they were doing in order to spend the day with me and my family” She says that last part with a knowing smile.

Alek speaks out loudly, “AND he got her a dog, who does that if you’re not dating?!”

Lindsay gives Val a sympathetic look and redirects the conversation by asking for another audience question.


“Really Val? I’m going to have to do major damage control if this gets out!”

“Well hello to you too, babe!”


“Who told you?”

“Alan recorded the entire ordeal and sent it to me after the show.”

“I’m going to kill Alan.”

“Well, I’m going to kill Peta and Alek for egging you on.”

“Babe, it really isn’t that bad. And I’ll make sure Alan deletes the video. If an audience member recorded it as well… well there’s nothing we can do about that.”

“I just… why couldn’t you just talk around the question or something?”

“I tried, but Peta and Alek kept pushing at the topic. I thought I was pretty smooth and subtle about it.”

“Val, sorry to break it to you but you’ve never been subtle when it comes to us.”

“I’m sorry, Z.”

“I know, at least you tried. Listen, I have to go to bed. I love you. Also, tell Peta and Alek I’m coming after them.”

“Will do, babe. Get some rest. I love you, too. I’ll call you tomorrow.”

Luckily, the video didn’t get out but that didn’t stop the entire cast from mercilessly teasing him for the rest of the tour. Needless to say, Val felt uneasy answering fan questions after that. It was another stroke of luck that nobody asked about him and Z for the rest of the tour Q & A’s.

Liam Payne’s Dad Led A Conga Line In The Crowd At One Direction’s Last Show

And then they played the end of ‘Act My Age’ about a hundred times.

by patrick hosken

SHEFFIELD, ENGLAND — On Saturday night (Oct. 31), One Direction threw a spook-tacular (get it?) end-of-tour party in Sheffield, England at their last On The Road Again stop of 2015. Fans were very emotional, and so were all eight dudes onstage — including the awesome 1D live band.

Of course, there were tears. But there were far, far more smiles from the moment Directioners began lining up outside the arena to the last fleeting seconds of grand finale “Drag Me Down.”

The best grins — you know, the shiniest — came from Harry, Louis, Niall and Liam when, near the end of “Act My Age,” Liam’s dad suddenly flew down the aisle near the runway with an entire conga line behind him. Yeah. It was strange and entirely unexpected and awesome.

That’s none other than Geoff Payne himself at the front of the dancing queue, wiggling his way right up to where the boys could see and, fittingly, lose their sh-t.

Liam was incredulous. “Honestly, I never thought I’d see the day my dad would lead the conga down the aisle,” he told the crowd. To commemorate such an occurrence, there was only one thing to do: repeat the cool little Irish jig part of “Act My Age” again and again to keep everyone jumping.

So that’s what they did. Several times.

You can watch the hilarious full video below and use it as a guide to assembling your own conga line next time you listen to Four — or even better, when Made In The A.M. drops on Nov. 13.