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@ reylo vs j/ohnlock, I get what you are saying in that the situations are totally different. Not least because the sh*rlock fandom bullied away anyone who didn't believe in tjlc and this one bullies FOR believing. But my other (het) ship just got canonically turned into incest this week despite the ptbs' assurances that they were NOT related, and writers/bts ppl name checking our ship and faving our ship posts and seeming supportive/not ruling it out. All I can say is cautious optimism is safer


thanks for the concern but this IS me being cautiously optimistic. and honestly this is prolly controversial of me to say but if by some horrible accident reywalk is a thing and comes right the fuck out of nowhere in the plot my reaction is basically gonna be “well it looks like my reylo merchandise is gonna be a whole lot rarer and more valuable and my fanfics are gonna be even more Problematic lol” like baby’s first fandom for me was yugioh and that fandom is RAMPANT with incest ships that are hinted at in canon and no one bats an eye so i’m not that disturbed by it

but lbr if that were to somehow happen it’s gonna be disney who looks really bad for having stuff like this be approved official art, not me 

Of balls and bats [MiSawa one-shot]

Title: Of balls and bats
Miyuki Kazuya/Sawamura Eijun (it’s a preslash)
Warnings: sexual innuendos
Sawamura shows just how much oblivious he can be, Miyuki is a mean pervert and it’s not even surprising that everyone at the baseball team are already used to it.
Also on: AO3, ffnet
This happened because of talk with Deev ( deevastated​). We were joking how thanks to Daiya and our ships some phrases stopped sounding innocent. This fic is about one of them. It’s also my first fic for Daiya so please, excuse me any OOC-ness. I’ll try to get better!

I’d like to thank Ola  for betaing this fic for me :) Both of use aren’t English native speakers (Ola majors in English tho) so if you spot any mistake then please, write to me about it.

 Of balls and bats

 “Okay, give me another one and then go run.”

“What?! But I’ve only just started!” Sawamura yells, easily catching the ball that Miyuki just threw to him. Team members who stand nearby no longer bother to tell him to keep his voice down, too used to the constant yelling and screaming of the pitcher. “I want to pitch more! Don’t be like that, Bakayuki!”

Miyuki sighs, adjusting his glasses and Haruichi, who stands next to him in the batter box, smiles.

“Eijun-kun is full of energy as usual,” he says softly. The temperature is a bit above thirty Celsius degrees, Furuya was sent back to his room to cool down because he almost fainted, everyone are sweaty and tired – everyone but Sawamura who seems to gain energy instead of losing it.

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