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My Thoughts On Jonsa and Jonerys


Jonsa shipper here; no need to explain how it came to be, I’m sure it’s the same as with everyone else. On-screen chemistry then wham-bam-slam. Funny thing is, I didn’t really ship anyone in GOT, and like almost everybody else, I thought J and D would end up together based on the title, but it really wasn’t relevant to me you know? I’m not going to make any metas. I’m not here to make some grand declaration that Jonsa will be end game since I don’t have that much faith in the show writers, and I tend to tread on the side of caution, plus I have a lot of could-have-been OTPs so my heart’s already taken a beating. But here’s the thing, I’ve probably read all of the Jonsa metas out there, as well as the spoiler leaks. These are just some of thought why I think J*nerys shouldn’t be quick to call canon so fast. I tried to be as objective as possible, but obviously bias will be present. No hate either on the ship. If they end up together I’m not going to spew fire out of my mouth, just that there are some things…

- First off, I believe boatb*ng will happen. I even believe J and D will fall in love. And (as bitter a pill as it to swallow) I’m also preparing from the Rhaegar and Lyanna parallels. However the leaks also say that Dany being barren gets brought up in this season. You think that little tidbit won’t factor in Jon’s decision to do the do with her? I’m not saying feelings won’t come into it, but you’d be in denial to say that Jon who’s always been afraid to father a bastard won’t be tempted by the prospect of no consequences (oh Jon how wrong you are; we all know this is gonna bite him back hard). 

- BUT, I don’t think it’s a cause for celebration that all of the above are happening in S7. If it had happened in S8, and S7 was more focused on subtly deepening the relationship between J and D (cough*likejonsa*cough), then as a js shipper, I would have been REALLY worried. Doing both the sparks and the fireworks in this season seems just fanservicey. WHICH IS THE WHOLE POINT. A large part of the audience wants to see this fated prophetic romance between these two heroes after their parallel journeys. But then as I am aware of, D&D only came to know of the ending from GRRM recently. That’s why we got S6. Not saying that it’s proof that Jonsa is endgame, just that D&D set up the foundations for both ships to have a good chance of happening. As to which one is the ‘red herring’ remains to be seen.

- As I was saying, with the big tryst over and done with in S7, what’s left for J and D in S8 then? Them overcoming the barriers and perceptions of people around them to find their happily ever after? Please, ASOIAF isn’t a love story, as much as we shippers would like it to be. Plus they ain’t got no time for that with the Winter War now upon them. I’m curious to see where their ‘romance’ will go come S8.

- Here’s the other curious thing from the S8 ep 1 leaks. It’s SANSA who’s angry and mistrustful about Dany. It’s SANSA who asks Dany if she and Jon are now in love (SHE DOESN’T GIVE AN ANSWER EITHER WAY) and it’s SANSA whom Jon sought to bring aside and talk to about it. (How does this look like to you? Cause to me I find it very curious that it seems like Jon is placating Sansa. Why wouldn’t he talk to the whole Stark family about Dany? Why Sansa first?)

- And then as a cliffhanger for that episode, Jon finds out about his true parentage. See, where I’m getting at is no one knows what happens after Jon learns about his true parentage. No one has any leaks further than that. He’ll know Sansa is his cousin and Dany is his aunt. How will Jon feel that  he did the horizontal tango with his aunt? And if we JS shippers read those subliminal hints in S6 and S7 correctly, how would Jon deal with knowing Sansa isn’t really his sister? Will he come to see her differently? Has he already, and has he been avoiding or suppressing those feelings? 

- So with respect to shipping (aside from the whole identity crisis), it’s either going to be focused on his angst about his illicit love with his aunt and the dilemma of his love for her and the Stark values he was raised with, or him now possibly considering a viable marriage with Sansa Stark (bec. honestly it would solve all of their problems about rebuilding the North). MY POINT IS THIS: THE CURRENT LEAKS IN NO WAY SANK THE JONSA SHIP. Jonerys may be canon in future episodes, but they’re not necessarily endgame. It’s all up the air. We Jonerys and Jonsa shippers are all in the same boat, as much as some may not like it. 

- Finally, I admit that I was bit threatened (I’m being as honest as possible here) with the Rhaegar and Lyanna parallels to Jonerys, but to be fair Jonsa peeps, we got Ned and Cat. There has to be a suitable epic parallel for the two mains of the show. On the other hand, Rhaegar and Lyanna could also parallel Jon and Sansa respectively, what with the handsome prince (that Sansa once yearned fo), but without the courtly grace, in the Targaryen, Jon. And the renowned Stark beauty which caused a war in Sansa. I mean the original outline had JonArya romance, and Arya has been paralleled with Lyanna multiple times. If Sansa really is taking Arya’s place in that storyline, the parallel would be complete. 

- Finally, finally, what I’m looking for in a possible Jonsa end game isn’t really a lust-fueled, passionate encounter. I’d be happy with a semi-ambiguous ending with both Jonsa and Sansa in Winterfell and side-by-side, along with Arya and Bran, because honestly they’re the best rulers the North can have. For a lot of the antis, what they don’t understand is what attracts us shippers to SS Jonsa is not just the aesthetic or the ‘love’ story, but really how thematically both characters fit together, complete each other’s narrative, and their ending would be one eternally satisfying as it fits the overall theme of the saga (if a happy ending for the Starks is what GRMM is going for; it can all end bittersweet or a tragedy for all we know). 

- Finally, finally, finally (last one I promise), I find it laughable how the biggest ‘attack’ on the ship is that it’d be incestuous? Like, hello, do you know how many countries actually legalize marriage between first cousins? And step-siblings too? This isn’t just a medieval concept. Even my own ethnic group accepts marriage between first cousins. I bring up step-siblings because the other big ‘attack’ is that Jon and Sansa were raised as siblings, as if that were more squicky than actual blood relations (but you know it’s ok, cause they didn’t know). Um, no, Jon and Sansa may have been raised in the same house, but they weren’t raised as siblings. If that’s your definition, consider Theon as someone raised with Sansa like her sibling. But no one bats an eye at shipping the two. Jon and Sansa were raised like step-siblings at most. 

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yeah i know these have been done to death are are cliched as all fuck but I really like giving everyone who follows me a little reminder of how much I care, it’s not often you get an OC like this off the ground and liked by the community in such a short amount of time, for all of you guys who RP with me, watch from afar or just put up with me it’s all really nice.

but enough of that shit we’re here for a couple shoutouts aren’t we?

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@ reylo vs j/ohnlock, I get what you are saying in that the situations are totally different. Not least because the sh*rlock fandom bullied away anyone who didn't believe in tjlc and this one bullies FOR believing. But my other (het) ship just got canonically turned into incest this week despite the ptbs' assurances that they were NOT related, and writers/bts ppl name checking our ship and faving our ship posts and seeming supportive/not ruling it out. All I can say is cautious optimism is safer


thanks for the concern but this IS me being cautiously optimistic. and honestly this is prolly controversial of me to say but if by some horrible accident reywalk is a thing and comes right the fuck out of nowhere in the plot my reaction is basically gonna be “well it looks like my reylo merchandise is gonna be a whole lot rarer and more valuable and my fanfics are gonna be even more Problematic lol” like baby’s first fandom for me was yugioh and that fandom is RAMPANT with incest ships that are hinted at in canon and no one bats an eye so i’m not that disturbed by it

but lbr if that were to somehow happen it’s gonna be disney who looks really bad for having stuff like this be approved official art, not me 

Of balls and bats [MiSawa one-shot]

Title: Of balls and bats
Miyuki Kazuya/Sawamura Eijun (it’s a preslash)
Warnings: sexual innuendos
Sawamura shows just how much oblivious he can be, Miyuki is a mean pervert and it’s not even surprising that everyone at the baseball team are already used to it.
Also on: AO3, ffnet
This happened because of talk with Deev ( deevastated​). We were joking how thanks to Daiya and our ships some phrases stopped sounding innocent. This fic is about one of them. It’s also my first fic for Daiya so please, excuse me any OOC-ness. I’ll try to get better!

I’d like to thank Ola  for betaing this fic for me :) Both of use aren’t English native speakers (Ola majors in English tho) so if you spot any mistake then please, write to me about it.

 Of balls and bats

 “Okay, give me another one and then go run.”

“What?! But I’ve only just started!” Sawamura yells, easily catching the ball that Miyuki just threw to him. Team members who stand nearby no longer bother to tell him to keep his voice down, too used to the constant yelling and screaming of the pitcher. “I want to pitch more! Don’t be like that, Bakayuki!”

Miyuki sighs, adjusting his glasses and Haruichi, who stands next to him in the batter box, smiles.

“Eijun-kun is full of energy as usual,” he says softly. The temperature is a bit above thirty Celsius degrees, Furuya was sent back to his room to cool down because he almost fainted, everyone are sweaty and tired – everyone but Sawamura who seems to gain energy instead of losing it.

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