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dinahjane97: Twenty One. An age which states that you can no longer be referred to as a teen. Twenty One. A time to live, love, & experience every given adventure . Twenty One. You. Lauren Michelle Jauregui (WOOOHOOO!🎉) The year you’ve been impatiently waiting for. “Alive in the age of worry
Smile in the age of worry
Go wild in the age of worry
And sing worry ”
When we first met, which was 5yrs ago, i remember you being so anxious to turn 21. With the knowledge and maturity that you carried , its like you were 21 all this time ! Now that it’s here, you told me how you wanted to trace back in time and stay a teen forever. This is just the beginning for you mama.
On XFACTOR, during boot camp round, I remember you wearing red lipstick, had perfect shaped eyebrows that complimented your seductive eyes lol, black top and white jeans. You were interacting with everyone and anyone around you. As shy as I was, I was hoping you wouldn’t approach me. Sure enough, here comes Lauren tapping me. “ hey what song will you be singing?” And I replied timidly , “ Hero by Mariah Carey” . Boy did you look through my soul with those eyes and tell me, “ Dont because I’m singing it too.” My name was announced before yours to perform so, in my head i said, “screw her , I won’t be seeing her anyways” and boom, here i am wishing you Happy Birthday haha. That was my first interaction with you & I’ll never forget it haha. Happy birthday my Lolo ! You are the true definition of “ What you see, is what you get ”. I admire how heavily involved & passionate you can be in what you believe in. There is no filter when it comes to defending the people you love and truly care for. Continue on being that fierce & fearless warrior. You know who you are, you know what you have to offer, & you know what you stand for. I’m thankful to Heavenly Father to have someone like you in my corner. Happy birthday mama . Wishing you many more ❤️

I just saw a post in my dash about people wanting Harry to talk nicely about 1D and leave the solo stans shook…

I’m … where did this idea that people who support Harry’s solo career hate the other boys came from? Where did it come from?

I genuinely want to understand because, last I checked, being supportive to an artist that goes solo after being in a band for such a long time does not mean you hate the other members of said band! And it also doesn’t mean that the artist going solo hates them either.

A lot of so called fans have this idea that Harry hates these boys and that he couldn’t wait to leave the band and yet, he was there until the very end, giving it his all and loving his bandmates as he always did since the start. He was there until the last moment, having fun on stage WITH his friends and dedicating 110% of who he was to said band. He was there when things were amazing and he was there when things were going to shit and he never ever left.

Every single one of the boys are doing solo projects, every single one of them. But still, the one who gets shit for doing it is Harry, even when he’s been nothing but supportive of the other boys - tweeting Niall about the song, going to XFactor to support Louis first solo performance and tribute to his mother and I am sure he’s expressed his feelings about Liam’s baby and when it happens, he’ll be just as supportive of Liam’s music.

Harry never wanted the attention all for himself (which a lot of people say he did), instead, whenever people tried to single him out, he’d ALWAYS make sure to reinforce the fact that they were a band and that they were experiencing things together. He was there until the very end, he belonged.

Now it’s his time to make his dreams come true as a solo artist, which is why he auditioned for the show in the first place, the same as all of the other boys. He’s not doing anything that wasn’t expected and he’s not doing it to spite people - he worked hard in and for 1D and now, he gets the chance to work for himself and discover who he is as a solo artist.

There is NOTHING wrong with that and it doesn’t mean he’s gonna go out talking shit about the band and the boys. He’s grateful for all that happened while he was in the band, he’s showed this time and time again. Now, it’s time for him to walk a new path and be successful in new ways but in no way does that mean that he hates his fans.

When the time comes for him to talk about how it was then and how it is now, I am sure Harry will be nothing but graceful and thankful and loving - just like he’s always been in all of the years he’s been with them. But this is a new era and it’s time people stop trying to make Harry into someone he’s not.

Let him him enjoy his music and his solo career, he’s doing nothing different from the other boys. Give him the respect he deserves.

Lmaoo ughhhhhhhhhhh im over it already. I’ve been in this fandom since these little assholes were on the XFactor. I remember being so embarrassed I was a one direction fan at 18 that I wouldn’t even listen to their music in the company of others. Until I decided f*ck it. I don’t care what people think. I’ve literally watched these boys grow into the young men that are taking over the world right now. I have my opinions about them and you have yours, but don’t get it twisted that you can call me delusional. I question things I know to be suspicious considering the mouthpiece they come from. If you can’t see the stark difference between the written narratives and what was said on camera. Then oh well. I’m not here trying to prove anything to you that you can’t come to a conclusion about yourself. I’m not here to join in on an anti vs larrie argument either. I love these boys so much and I just want them to succeed. All of them whether that be solo or together. I’m here for them. So I’m gonna say it one more time. I’m a larrie who wants you to buy and stream Back to You and go watch Dunkirk. While you’re at it stream Get Low and Slow Hands too. Put that on a playlist.

since their 4 year anniversary is coming up...

lets take a trip down memory lane, try not to cry the whole time:

their x factor auditions:

finding out they were in a group:

man they have no idea what the next 4 years hold:

xfactor video diaries:

just having fun at the xfactor:

let the tears start now…

up all night tour:

take me home tour:

this is us:

wwa tour:

ain’t that the truth:

One Direction Preference : You Walk Out Of An Interview

(was mixingnialler now 5seconds-of-nialler, due to being hacked)

Liam: Normally you were all calm cool and collected when you did interviews with Liam, but not this time, the interviewer was pushing way too hard with the subject at hand : your pregnancy. “You’re only 19, (YN), are you sure you can handle this with Liam’s fame and all?” You cringed and looked at the interviewer with stead eyes. “Yes, i’m sure i can handle it. I’ve handled being with just Liam for this long, i think i can handle being with him and having a baby as well.” The interviewer shook her head. “I wouldn’t be so sure, (YN), you never know when the road may turn the wrong way.” That did it for you and you just stood up and walked away, flipping her the bird as you strutted away.

Harry: “And today our guests are Harry Styles and his loving girlfriend, (YN). So, how are you two?” Harry smiled, holding your hand and keeping eye level with the interviewer. “We’re good and (YN) is actually my fiancee, we told you this the last time you interviewed us, last month to be exact.” The interviewer gave Harry a flirty look and waved off his correction. “Anyways, this hasn’t been an easy road for you guys, either of you. (YN), are you sure you can handle this? Are you sure you don’t want an easier route for your life?” You glared at her. “Are you wanting to be in my position, you seem quite jealous, i see the way you look at Harry, remember, this is the life i want, try not to forget it next time.” you stood from your chair and let the clinking of your heels on the floor speak for you.

Zayn: “What are you wearing tonight?” Zayn answered and the interviewer turned to you and you smiled. “Vera Wang, she’s an amazing designer.” “Yes she is.” the interviewer spoke quietly and whizzed her head back to Zayn, basically brushing you off completely. She kept going on and on with Zayn about his past relationship with Perrie and how it ended and why it ended and how you two got together and how your relationship will work when his relationship with Perrie fizzled. “She’s not in the picture anymore, i don’t want to sound rude, but can you guys just move on already?” you snapped and let Zayn’s arm fall from your waist and stomped off to where the other guys were with their girlfriends.

Niall: This was your very first interview without Niall being with you and to say you were nervous was an understatement. You were actually freaking out at this point, and you kept smoothing out your dress as you sat with the interviewer. “And you grew up wtih Niall?” he asked and you nodded. “Yeah, we were born only months apart and lived next door to each other until the day he went to audition for xfactor and never came back.” “But you were dating before he left, correct?” “Yes.” “Why?” “What do you mean why?” you tilted your head in confusion. “We started dating because we wanted to.” “Did you push him into it to make sure he didn’t try to find another girl while on xfactor?” “No.” you were getting angry. “Are you positive?” “Stop being such a dickhead you ass.” you seethe and storm off to where an angry Niall stood side stage of the interview.

Louis: “Now, his last girlfriend, Eleanor, everyone loved her, she was tall and smart and beautiful. Now, (YN), you are Louis Tomlinson’s next girlfriend, are you ready for the failure of this relationship or are you going to let him lead you on til the end when you get hurt the worst?” You were absolutely shocked at the appalling words coming from the young interviewer. “You’re being quite rude.” you bluntly say and she rolls her eyes. “I asked you a question, do you mind answering?” “Yes i do mind, you’re not getting an answer from me, you don’t deserve an answer. Try less excruciating tactics the next time you interview someone who actually has feelings.” you turned your back on her and got as far away from her as you could.


Finally, the, apparently very anticipated, Part 10 of ‘The Wedding Waitress’ is here. And with it also returns a whole lot of drama ; )

I hope you enjoy and as always, let me know what you think :D

Oh and all previous parts can be found in my Masterpost!

P.S.: Referenced in this part is the song: ’I want to know what love is’ by Foreigner, written by Mick Jones : )

From that moment on everything could have been so great. The boys loved you, as did the team. But sadly there were a few other factors that were important in Harry’s life, like his family, which he said you shouldn’t worry about, they would fall in love with you just as fast as the boys did. The problematic thing though were the fans and the media. Both of you had thought that they’d come around after the interview, but they hadn’t. It was pretty much the opposite actually. Gossip sites were saying that you were still after the fame and that you were just using Harry again. The fans didn’t really believe that anymore, but they had other theories. The usual publicity stunt idea seemed to be the most popular. Luckily no one had connected you to Harry’s XFactor days yet. Now that Harry knew about that, you couldn’t care less about the rumours and theories. Harry on the other hand was struggling.

It was a few weeks after your exclusive interview and the boys had just started the promo tour for the new album. They were giving interviews at a 'secret location’ to all the European Media Outlets that were interested. You sat at work, doing inventory, while listening to Radio 1, where the boys were being interviewed by Scott Mills. They were funny and charming… as always. Until Scott asked about rumours.

What is the worst rumour you have heard about yourself?”, he asked.

I think we’ve all been dead quite a few times.”, Harry answered with a smile.

Oh, my condolences then.”, Scott said and the boys laughed.

Yeah, it’s hard thinking back on all the things. In that moment, when you read the headline, you’re like 'Oh my gosh! Are you stupid? That’s ridiculous.’, but the moment you get asked a question like this, you just totally blank.”, Louis explained with a grin.

Well, there’s been a rumour, not about us, but about Harry’s girlfriend, (Y/N).”, Liam stated and you cringed. You still weren’t used to your name being used in public, on national TV or Radio.

Harry frowned. “Why’d you have to bring that up though?”

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But I Love You

Prompt: Maybe a really cuddly cute Larry one which takes time in 2010 and the boys are in the xfactor and Harry is a virgin? And Harry is ready to have sex, so Louis wants it to be special and he’s really gentle and stuff :3 and it’s illegal bc Harry is 16 x 

“Babe, shhh you have to be quiet, everyone else is sleeping.” Louis whispered to his boyfriend as they lied together in Louis’ bunk. The bed was quite small and they were cramped up together, but they much preferred sleeping like this, cuddled together, than being alone and having plenty of room. They were currently whispering secrets and little jokes to each other as the morning grew closer and closer, but clearly neither of them paid much attention and frankly didn’t really care. 

“I know, I really love you Louis.” Harry replied sweetly. 

“I love you too baby,” was Louis’ honest reply. 

They had been together for a few months now as xfactor was coming to a close, and both of them were terrified of what would happen afterwards, scared at even the thought of losing each other. Louis had leaned in to kiss Harry, just going slowly and enjoying the familiar taste of each others lips, Louis had kissed some boys before but Harry hadn’t before him, he kissed girls and he just knew he didn’t like it. And Louis had been so sweet with him, so caring and soft, Harry wanted nothing more. 

Harry put his hand on Louis’ tiny waist, rubbing soft circles in his hips and lightly pulling him closer, and Louis easily moved forward, not sure how they could even get much closer considering the size of the bed they were on already. Harry felt he didn’t have enough though, and wrapped his legs over his boyfriend before Louis pulled away quickly. 

“Harry, love, calm down okay, relax." 

"Dont want to relax, want you." 

Sweetheart.” Louis cupped his face gently, kissing his forehead, “no you dont, your body is telling you that right now, you’re a virgin and- hey, dont give me that face, its nothing to be embarrassed about okay, I love you for that, but you deserve the best.”

“You are the best Louis, you actually love me, and it’s crazy and, I want to share it with you, I’m terrified of what’s going to happen when this show is all over, and I want this to be a promise, that we won’t leave each other." 

"Baby, you dont understand, "Louis started, "It’s illegal, you’re so young, only 16, I could get in so much trouble.”

“But I love you, and nobody is going to know, it’s just for us. About our love.” Harry rationed. 

“Harry… you have to really want this, I would never forgive myself if I took that from you and I ended up not really being the one you wanted to give your virginity to." 

Louis was of course worried, he had a good reason to be, he had already fallen so hard for this boy and Harry had trusted him to tell him how inexperienced he was. Louis had taught him everything though and he guided him through all of it, this was different though, this was a big step, and Louis wanted to make sure Harry was okay with it and wasn’t bothered by the fact Harry wouldn’t be Louis’ first. But Louis never wanted Harry to feel like he wasn’t important, because he was the most important and the most loved and Louis really wanted this but that didn’t matter, it was all about Harry. 

"I want this Lou, I know you’d never do anything to hurt me, there cant be anyone in the world I’d be more okay with doing this with than you. But I want you to want it too, and if you dont thats okay you can just say-”

“Harry darling, I want that very much too, very much.”

“Then take it Lou, please,” Harry whined desperately, “it’s yours if you want it, if you’ll have me, tonight." 

Louis rolled on top of Harry, and kissed his deeply, slowly, nodding his head and whispering that yes Harry I’ll make love to you tonight

"I want you to tell me if you’re uncomfortable though, tell me and I’ll stop in an instant, I mean that." 

Harry didn’t bother arguing back, telling him that there’s no way he would back out of this, just nodded his head so his curls mopped in his face so Louis would feel just as secure about this as he did. 

"It’s going to hurt baby, at first.”

“I know, I know Lou,” Harry said with a shaky voice. 

Louis straddled the younger boys waist, pushing his hair out of his face and leaning down to hotly kiss  his neck and whisper in his ear.

“Are you nervous love?” Louis said oh so quietly. Harry responded with a quiet yes, “me too, but I’m going to take such good care of you, be so gentle and make you feel absolutely amazing,” Louis promised. They just kissed for a while, Louis letting Harry get completely lost in it, didn’t want him to be worrying or thinking about anything else except for Louis’ hands and lips on him. Louis slowly took his shirt off first, making himself more vulnerable so Harry wouldn’t have the feeling of being uncomfortable because he was naked first. The boys underneath wrapped his arms around Louis’ waist, feeling his soft smooth skin and moving to kiss his collar bones. Louis softly put his hands underneath his boyfriends shirt, just feeling at first, tweaking his nipples before finally taking the shirt off and tossing it to the floor. 

“Wait, wait,” Louis whispered suddenly, “we need lube, and a condom.”

Harry blushed deeply realising that fuck I don’t have either of those things. 

You, you don’t have to use a condom Lou…”

“Oh sweetheart,” Louis cooed, “do you not want me to? Because I’m sure I could find one, that’s a big thing love, are you sure you trust me like that?”

“If I din’t fully trust you I wouldn’t even be wanting this right now." 

Louis sighed deeply but agreed, getting up quickly though to find some lotion because unlike a condom, some type of lubrication was actually necessary, especially for someones first time. 

When Louis came back Harry was slightly palming himself through his sweats, his eyes were closed and didn’t notice Louis until he got back on the bed, blushing once more and immediately pulling his hand away, 

"Hey no baby its okay, look so good touching yourself for me like that." 

Louis bit his lip as his eyes skimmed over his boyfriends half naked body, and Harry just smirked loving the attention and basking in the way Louis’ eyes were growing darker as he continued staring at him. 

Louis had pulled his pants on before he got back in bed, and placed his hand where Harry’s was moments ago, earning a gasp from the younger boy and a twitch in his sweatpants. 

"Want me to take these off love?” Louis asked sweetly and quietly. 

“Yeh, yeh please." 

Louis’ hands were shaking as he slowly pulled off the trackies, he had never been anyones first before, had never cared about being so gentle and loving as with Harry, he wanted all of this to be perfect, wanted Harry to feel loved the first time Louis looked at him. Harry’s bulge was even more prominent just through his boxers he was wearing, and Louis leaned down to kiss his stomach and thighs as he outlined his cock with his fingers, ignoring his own erection for the time being. 

Harry whispered pleading little Lou’s into the night air, running his fingers though Louis’ silky hair. Louis quietly stripped himself of his last article of clothign and reached inside Harry’s pants to tease around the skin air, leaning up quickly to smash his lips against Harry’s. Shortly after Louis wrapped his hand around his boyfriends length, a great amount of heat radiating off of both of them, especially from Harry’s breath as he pantted and whimpered into Louis’ mouth from the sensations of his first time being touched. 

"You okay love?” Louis asked sweetly.

“Yeh, course, yeh.”

“Tell me how you feel.

"Re-really good. Really safe." 

And Louis’ heart must have grown ten sizes larger at that, and made him even more determined to make this Harry’s best experience ever. Louis slipped off Harry’s boxers, throwing them to the side and spreading his legs just a touch, he sat up to grab the lotion and Harry looked at him wide eyed when he looked up to see Louis’ cock standing tall and hard, and fuck he was really big. 

"You okay baby?” Louis chuckled. 

“Yeh you’re just, really really big,” Harry said in awe. 

“Hey, its alright,” Louis promised, “I’m gonna open you up okay, get you ready, and remember you can back out at any time, I won’t be sad or mad or dissapointed.”

“Okay, yeh." 

Harry spread his legs a little wider, nervous at first but craving this intimacy with the boy he had grown to love so much already. 

Louis thoroughly lotioned up his fingers, making sure they were extra slick before taking a deep breath and lifting Harry’s feet so they lied flat against the bed. Louis gasped as he took a first glance at his loves most intimate area. Louis slowly moved his fingers and swiped them over the boys hole, causing it to flutter against the very abnormal and unfamiliar touch. Louis just slightly pressed the pad of his index finger in, both boys freezing and breathing out irregularly. 

"Sweetheart, talk to me, does it feel alright?”

“Yeh, you can keep going Lou.”

He went agonizingly slow, stilling his finger when he was fully inside.

“Love you so much Harry,” he leaned down once more to kiss him, pouring everything he had out into this kiss, and slowly began pumping his finger in and out as he kissed a trail of kisses down Harry’s chest, until he got down to his leaking cock. When he began to add a second finger, Louis softly sucked on the head of Harry’s dick, to ease him from any pain he might be feeling. 

“Lou, Lou, fuck, don’t stop, please.” Harry had thrown his head back in pleasure and yes the pain was overswept with pleasure for him at this point, Louis went even deeper when he added a third and Harry was feeling the sting now, was getting a little uncomfortable and awkward but Louis had his mouth around him and it was Louis so really Harry didn’t feel anything but love. 

This lasted for a little longer, Harry was embarassingly close and became even more embarrassed when he had to tell Louis to stop because he was going to cum. Louis was quick to reassure of course saying “no love, its okay, its your first time you’re going to cum fast, I love that I make you feel that way, never be embarrassed for feeling good." 

Harry could only smile and kiss Louis for making him the happiest boy in the world. 

"Are you ready baby? Think you can take me now?”

“Yeh, as ready as I’ll ever be,” Harry choked out. 

Louis pulled out his fingers with a pop, making Harry’s now streched out whole shuny and puckered in the dark light. He poured a generous amount of lotion onto his dick, and if he thought he was nervous before it was nothing compared to now, there was no way getting around the pain Harry would feel, no way to just skip that part and one thing Louis never wanted to do was hurt his baby. 

“What’s wrong Louis?” Harry asked worridly. 

“I love you so much Harry, I don’t want to hurt you.” Louis said honestly. 

Harry held his hand out and Louis greatfully took it, lacing their fingers together. 

“I know it’s going to hurt at first Louis, but it’s worth it to be close to you,”

“You’re amazing Harry.” Louis breathed out deeply. 

Louis placed the tip of his cock at Harry’s entrance, shutting his eyes and he forced the head to go inside. Harry bit his lip hard, squeezing his eyes shut and clenching around Louis’ cock, making sure to not make any sounds of distress because Louis would definitely pull out if he did that. Harry was in pain though, the tip was brealy inside and Harry already felt like his rim was being ripped open and he had no clue how people did this all the time. Louis ever so slowly continued to push in as Harry had a death grip on Louis’ arms, squeezing and scratching them as he focused on breathing normally, it broke Louis’ heart but if Harry felt even half of the love Louis was feeling right now he knew they would be okay. 

“I- Lou,”

“Do you want me to pull out?”

“No! No, don’t, just, shit." 

Louis stayed in the same position for what felt like hours, not daring to make a move or sound unless Harry prompted him to first. When he was bottomed out if felt like even longer before he was finally allowed to move and creathe a rhythm of thrusting in and out, skirting over Harry’s prostate and working to find the right angle so Harry would feel more than a little brush of pleasure. 

"Yeh Lou, fuck, feels a lot better now.”

“Yeh? Perfect, you’ve been doing so well, so proud of you for taking all of me, love you so much." 

Harry smiled at the praise and starting making little quiet moans as Louis was hitting something inside of him that made him see stars and even closer to the edge than before. 

Harry could feel each drag and pull of Louis’ cock inside of him and it put him in ecstacy, made him feel on top of the world and worthy of Louis. 

"Are you close Harry? It’s okay if you are, I’m getting there too, tell me what you need,” Louis begged as he continued at a steady pace inside of Harry, still worried of going to hard or too fast for his fragile boy. 

“Don’t know what I need,” Harry felt on a high he had never felt before, he just knew that Louis knew better than him and would take care of him, so he let go and trusted Louis with everything in that moment. 

Louis hovered himself over Harry’s entire body, putting his hands up by his head and completely taking control, letting Harry relax into the feeling of being fucked out. Louis kissed Harry and Harry didn’t even have the energy to kiss back, Louis was starting to worry of course thinking he was trying to block out the pain and he slowed down and started going softer on him.

“Nooo Lou please, you feel so good inside of me, please keep going.”

So Louis did as he was told and was mesmerised as Harry reached down in between their bodies and started wanking himself quickly. Louis pushed Harry;s curls out of his precious sweaty face and kissed his forehead as he felt Harry jerk and release his cum all over their bodies, Louis following shortly after and filling Harry’s insides up with his cum and love, all marks that Louis was the first and hopefully the only one ever. 

Louis collapsed on Harry’s body and kissed his head as he slowly softened and started to pull out, knowing Harry would be extremely over sensitive. 

“Harry baby, you still with me?”

“Yeh, yeh that was incredible Lou. Thank you so much for doing that for me. I love you so much.”

“I love you too H.”

Louis got up very shortly to get a blanket off of Harry’s bed and clean themselves up enough to sleep comfortably,

“We have a full day of rehearsal tomorrow Harry, let’s get some sleep okay.”

Harry easily agreed, exauhsted physically and emotionally from everything that just happened, but neither of them would have changed that for the world. 

anonymous asked:

i think 5sos are okay bc one direction literally went from the xfactor to touring with BTR and making their first album and then the constant recording and touring. but 5sos are taking it slow right now theyre working on their album super chill i just hope they aren't overworked the way 1D were after 5sos' second album comes out and they should ditch that management team

I think they’ll be fine too, mostly because they’re gearing their music towards a different audience with a different genre and fans are going to notice if they’re more like 1D than ATL. I also think the ATL guys, Feldy, and the moms would step in if they knew the guys were being overworked. But yeah, they need new management asap.

Louis isn’t a homophobe ok. THIS is Louis. Has everyone forgot? Just because he said “I am in fact straight” doesn’t mean he is a homophobe. Remember during the XFACTOR days when harry was on the couch and Louis was like “now kiss me you fool” ..yeah, well a homophobe wouldn’t act that way. I love Louis and I’m not unfollowing him.

And to the people who were canceling their preorders of FOUR: WTF IS YOUR PROBLEM? YOU OBVIOUSLY WEREN’T HERE FOR THE MUSIC.

I’m sad. Where is Liam? Can he come on Twitter and fix the fandom again?

One Direction Preference : You're Roommates With Another Member

Zayn : “Where’s (YN) at?” you hear from the entryway and look up from the book you were reading. “(YN)’s here, Zayn, why do you ask?” you laugh and Liam and Zayn walk into the living room and sit on either side of you on the couch. “I just, i haven’t seen you in a long time and i was getting worried about you.” Liam got up and walked away, leaving you and Zayn alone. “Why did Liam just walk out? And why would you be worried about me?” Zayn put his head in his hands. “I maybe kind of like you as more then just a friend and Liam finally convinced me to come over here and tell you how i really felt about you. What do you say? Or did I just make myself look like an idiot?” You put your book to the side and crawl onto Zayn’s lap, taking his face into your hands and kissing him. “Like hell you’re an idiot, you’re the most amazing person i’ve ever met.”

Liam: “Nice flat, Niall. You said your roommate’s name was, (YN)?” Niall nodded and welcomed the guys into the apartment you shared with him. “Yeah." You had just woken up and stood in the kitchen watching the guys talking about you. "Niall, who are you talking to?” “These are my band mates, Louis, Zayn, Harry and over here we have Liam.” Liam’s jaw was near the ground and you laughed. “Does he talk? Or does he just stare at every girl he meets like this?” “Don’t know.” Niall laughed and waved his hand in front of Liam’s face until Liam snapped out of his haze. “Liam, this is (YN), my roommate! (YN), Liam.” You nod and take Liam’s hand. “Look, if you’re not going to talk, let me, yes i think you’re hot also, let’s go out on a date!”

Harry: “Zayn, i thought you said we weren’t going to haveany other people here today, i thought today was a cleaning day.” you skipped down the stairs and froze when you saw who was in your living room. “You’re not Zayn.” Harry nodded. “Yeah, i’m Harry.” You nod, slowly going down the stairs. “Yeah, i know who you are. I’ve kind of been a fan of One Direction’s since Zayn told me you guys were a band.” Harry smirked. “You known Zayn long?” “We were neighbors all my life until he went to audition for Xfactor.” “You bored here? I just came over here because Zayn told me something was waiting for me and nothing else is here, except you. So i think he meant someone was waiting for me. Want to go out?”

Louis: “Siblings living together, aw how sweet.” Louis cooed as you and Harry each sent him a glare. “Real nice, Tommo.” you sneer and Louis just gives you a proud smile. “I do what i can. Now, with you guys living together, i don’t want to have to keep coming over here to settle your sibling fights, you hear me?” Harry scoffs and stands up, letting his boots thud against the floor panels. “We’re not going to fight, Louis! She needed a place to stay and i let her stay with me. However, I see the way you were staring at my sister, respect her and i’ll let you take her out on a date.” You stared at Harry. “What?” Harry nodded and grabbed your hand placing it in Louis’. “Have fun, kids.”

Niall: “And dishes are finally done.” you mutter as you finish putting the dishes away and sitting at the kitchen table. After letting your head rest on the table for a few minutes you heard footsteps. “You better be here to do the dishes the next time they need to be done, Louis!” “I’m not Louis.” A thick Irish accent coursed through the room and your head snapped up with full alert. “Oh, hi Niall. Have you seen my roommate by chance? I’m getting real tired of doing all the cleaning when he’s here and not on tour.” Niall shook his head. “No, sorry, but uh, if you need help, i’m here to help you. What should I clean first?”