they were like lost puppies without harry

“How do you know my name?”

“Mate we’ve really got to stop coming here, if all you’re going to do is check out that waitress. I mean there are pubs way closer to home, we could go to one of them instead?”

“Niall come on, you think I’m coming all the way here just to see her? I come here because I like the atmosphere and people hardly ever stop us here. It’s like were regular people. That’s why we come here, and if it so happens that the waitress is rather attractive and quite funny well that’s a different story.”

“Harry come on, you can’t go anywhere without getting stopped for a picture. I think you like her because she’s never treated you any different to anyone else. I mean, I’m not sure why she would treat you any differently though - you’re nothing special!”

“Shut up Niall. I’ll go and buy this round. Pint again?”

“Yeah cheers mate, say hi to Y/N for me!”

Harry walked over to the bar, and couldn’t work out why his hands were sweating. He couldn’t be nervous, he needed to let go of what Niall had said. They had gotten to know Y/N over the last six months that they had been coming to the pub where she worked at. She was cool, talked to them like they were normal guys and not two members of the biggest band in the world. She was smart too and didn’t let any drunk customers push her around. Jesus, Harry was a gonner for her.

“Hey, two more drinks?”

“Yeah thanks Y/N.”

“Hold on Harry, how do you know my name?”

“Um, yeah, um I like to take a note of the great staff here you know?” He could tell how weak this excuse was. He couldn’t blow it with one of the only people who treated him like a normal guy.

“Hold on, how do you know my name’s Harry?” 

"Come on - Harry Styles? Nothing gets past me I’m sharp as a tack. I recognised the two of you the first time you came in here, but I thought that you’d want some sort of normalcy? I mean if you want I could tweet that you’re here?”

“God no, you had me going you know? I really thought that you didn’t know who we were. It’s nice to come here and get away from the craziness you know?”

“Not really but I can imagine! We get all sorts in here you know, you see that guy over there?” Harry looked over at some middle aged guy in a suit “He’s the chief of staff to the Prime Minister - how cool is that? Sorry not many people find stuff like that cool." 

"No it’s interesting! Everyone’s got different interests you know?”

“Too right. Here are your drinks, I’d better let you get back to your friend cause he’s looking like a little lost puppy without you.” Harry looked over and Niall  did look quite sad sitting by himself.

“Thanks Y/N.” Harry began to walk off before he took a drink and turned around with some new found courage in his system. “Hey Y/N, instead of chatting like this how about I take you somewhere we can have a proper talk?”

“Harry are you asking me out on a date?”

“I might be? Provided you say yes? I’ll pick you up from outside here tomorrow night, say 7? I know you’re not working so there’s no excuse.”

“You have been watching me haven’t you? I’ll see you here tomorrow night - now go and get back to Niall.”

Harry smiled and walked back to where Niall was sitting. “Done and done my friend, we’re going on a date tomorrow night.”

“Good work mate, now just try to act normal tomorrow night won’t you?”

This was another request - I hope you like it, let me know what you think or if you want to talk about anything else! :) xxx