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Tantalizing: 04

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Ship: Jungkook | Reader
Description: Back in high school, you were nothing more than a nerd Jungkook wanted to deflower, to get a good fuck from. When he sees you at the club, though, things have changed drastically, and his dominance starts to teeter on the edge.
Warning: Sub!Jungkook, Sex Toys, Intercourse, Oral, Dry Humping, Phone Sex, Masturbation, Degrading Names, Hair Pulling
Word Count: 5,353

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screamingwind281  asked:

Can you do a headcannon of the daily struggles BH would have if he were suddenly turned human?

So this accidentally turned into a somewhat fic. I don’t know what to call this haha. Some pieces of dialogue came to me so I wrote them. I hope that’s okay!  I’m so sorry if you’re on the app this is going to be a long scroll.

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  • Tae: *singing jungkook's part of Just one day*
  • Jungkook: *kisses tae's neck*
  • Tae: *surprised* what are you doing??!!
  • jungkook: you looked cute so i did it...*smirks*
  • tae: not cute at all...You were so cute when you were a fetus..I dont like the grown up you..*pout*
  • Jungkook: you do...hyung..
  • Tae: *mumbles* when did you grew up so much.....
  • Jungkook: did you say something??
  • Tae: no no..Absolutely nothing....

hey look my very first real digital art work i did but never uploaded

it’s shouto and a young dabi

Vernon As A Father

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“could you do vernon as a father please”

I feel a little weird with writing about Vernon being a father, but maybe it’s just because he’s two years older than me and I still feel like that’s a little young seeing that I’m 17 and he’s 19 (American age), but idk. If it makes you guys happy I will try my best! It might be a little awkward, but I hope you enjoy and feel free to request more boys! xx

  • Alright
  • To be blunt here, I really don’t know all that much about Vernon
  • Maybe it’s because I’m that 1% of the fandom that’s not really attracted to him??
  • Don’t get me wrong he’s freaking hot
  • But it might also be because he’s off limits to me according to one of my friends iDK
  • Honestly I see him more as a best friend material to me rather than boyfriend material
  • But I’m going to try my best to make this seem not awkward but that probably won’t happen so bare with me
  • I feel like Vernon would be the type to want and wait until Marriage before starting a family
  • Like he wouldn’t want to take things too far at first and would much rather just kind of want to take in his relationship while he could
  • But once he got married and was settled down for a year or two he would be all for the thought of having a baby
  • Vernon would be the type to feel really nervous about becoming a father
  • Mainly because he wouldn’t want to do anything that could ruin the way his child would think about him
  • He’d be most nervous about dropping the child or yelling at it or something like that
  • But with a little reassurance I’m pretty sure he’d feel 50% better about starting a family
  • So when the topic came up at dinner one day he nearly chocked on his food before asking you to repeat yourself
  • When you did he knew that his ears weren’t lying to him and he’d nervously scratch his neck and respond to you
  • “uh yeah…kids kind of scare me so…”
  • When you would ask what was so bad about children he would just kind of rant to you about all of his fears about becoming a father
  • You understood him though because you were just about as scared to become a mother but tons of people start families and most of them end out just fine
  • You told him that he might not be the perfect father but if he tries his best he could turn out to be just fine for his future child
  • “okay [y/n], let’s have a baby”
  • aND BAM
  • After a rough night in the bedroom ;)))
  • You felt that you for sure were going to get pregnant from that
  • And it wasn’t just because Vernon took it a little rougher than expected
  • not that you would complain (what am i saying i am currently writing this in church pls help me)
  • A couple weeks later you began getting some of the symptoms and you were kind of excited
  • I mean, it’s not like you were potentially carrying a little fetus inside of you phhhttt
  • But you didn’t want to freak Vernon out so you set up an appointment for yourself
  • You were nervous through the entire thing
  • (shot game: take a shot every time I mention the word nervous)
  • After the ultrasound the doctor looked at you with a smile and pointed at the screen a picture of a little tiny fetus cell
  • “congrats mrs chwe, you’re preggers”
  • You were really happy but really scared at the same time because even though Vernon was okay with the thought of having a baby you still didn’t really know how her would react
  • So you decided to wait a bit and tell him in this really cliche way
  • You waited about a month or so before putting your plan into order
  • One day after Vernon came home from practice you decided to make him this really nice meal
  • But somewhere inside it you hid a tiny pacifier
  • You were impatiently starring at Vernon the entire time during the dinner
  • Kind of creeping him out a bit but he just shook it off
  • And then he saw it
  • He pulled the object out with his chopsticks and just kind of looked at you weird
  • “are you trying to poison me”
  • And that’s when you just kind of gave him a look like brUH
  • Vernon just kind of sat there really confused while trying to process why there was this object in his food until you literally had to spell it out for him
  • “dude i’m pregnant”
  • “wait…what”
  • It would take a couple minutes before he would finally smile and walk over to where you sat before picking you up and spinning around
  • He honestly would feel so happy despite feeling so nervous before about becoming a father
  • But something he couldn’t resist is the excitement of having a little boy or girl to look after with his wife
  • Vernon would be so careful with you from the second he found out about your future baby
  • Like he would be that gentleman
  • He would be the man to always hold doors for you and hold your hand as you walked up the stairs
  • He would even put his jacket over the puddles so you wouldn’t slip and fall
  • He’d be so sweet and walk with his arms tightly around your waist to support your back even though you didn’t have a bump yet
  • And asdfghjkl daddy vernon makes me feel so fluffy
  • For your 4 month checkup Vernon would be so happy to finally find out the gender of your child\
  • Secretly it’s been killing both of you on the inside
  • You both didn’t want to state your opinions on the gender to each other out loud because this wasn’t something you wanted to fight over
  • But the boys on the other hand would constantly pester Vernon with their thoughts saying that he was going to have a mini man who will have amazing rap skill just like his daddy
  • But Vernon would internally curse them out because he really wanted a little girl to spoil someday
  • But that’s not something that he would say out loud
  • But here you are now laying on a chair with your shirt lifted up slightly as the doctor rubbed gel over your stomach causing you to giggle at the ticklish contact
  • Vernon would just kind of stand back in awe at how adorable you looked as you giggled
  • Once the picture was displayed upon the screen the entire room became silent as the doctor tried to figure out what gender the baby was going to be
  • The doctor turned to the two of you with a smile and pointed at the picture of your baby
  • “Congrats you guys, it looks like you’re going to have a little girl someday”
  • And Vernon literally shouted in a loud New York accent “yES!!”
  • You and the doctor both looked at him in shock of his reaction causing him to sheepishly look away and rub the back of his neck with a small “sorry”
  • You only rolled your eyes and motioned for him to come to you so you could kiss him
  • Which he happily obliged to
  • Omg Vernon would go so hard while shopping for his little girl
  • Picking out the cutest “my daddy is the best!!111!!” onesies and “my dad is a stud” bibs
  • You would smack him at his choice but just roll your eyes in enjoyment because your husband was so corny and you loved it
  • Telling the boys about the gender would be something
  • Like Vernon would stride into practice one day with some much pride and confidently hand the ultrasound to the boys like
  • “yeah, that’s right bitches, I’m having a daughter”
  • And they would just kind of stare at him in shock before telling him to fuck off for being too cocky
  • And Vernon would just kind of be like “wut”
  • But the boys would be happy anyways because that meant that they had a little girl to help spoil
  • The entire nursery would be pink
  • This baby would be so spoiled to the point where her mobile would a chandelier and her crib would be a canopy
  • But she was going to be Vernon’s little princess someday so she had to have the nicest things
  • The first time you would feel the baby kick would be late at night
  • It kind of shocked you because you were confused as to why your stomach was being punched from the inside
  • And once you realized it your face would just
  • :O
  • And you would immediately smack Vernon until he woke up just so that way he could feel your belly too
  • But Vernon was like still half asleep so when he placed his hand on your stomach he was like half paying attention
  • And then he felt it
  • bOI
  • It was like something sparked inside of him and suddenly he became really wide eyed and wide away at this point
  • And he would just rub your belly and start talking to your little girl about anything and everything
  • You fell asleep to the soft sound of Vernon trying his best to sing your little girl to sleep to get her to stop kicking you
  • Mood swings would be hell for Vernon because he never knew what to say around you
  • Like one minute you would be bawling your eyes out at a kitten commercial and he would try to comfort you but only get flipped off at in the end
  • And when you tried to rip his clothes off one particular night when you felt horny
  • He tired his to flirt back only to get smacked in the end and scolded by you for having him say “such crude things”
  • The poor boy would feel so confused on what he was supposed to do
  • But luckily the mood swings were one of the better symptoms of your pregnancy
  • Because let’s just say that Vernon could not deal with making ice cream with pickles and kimchi every night
  • That was just a no no
  • Your cravings honestly weren’t that often though
  • And you really did have to hand it to him in the end because he was being such a trooper for you
  • Vernon was so nervous when it would come to your final days until the due date
  • He was even more nervous when he found out that the baby was going to be late
  • It was like 2 weeks after the due date and both of you were growing a little bit worried so you guys went into the doctor
  • The doctor gave you another ultrasound and frowned slightly
  • “Babies usually shouldn’t be this late, but by the looks of it there is a possibility that your daughter could be sick”
  • The doctor told you that they would need to give you a c section before anything could happen
  • The last thing you needed was to get sick as well
  • Vernon was as pale as a ghost by this point
  • There was basically a 50/50 chance he could lose his baby or his wife
  • Or even both
  • The doctor told him that he would need to get dressed in scrubs if he chose to be there for the surgery
  • Vernon gulped and nodded before following a nurse out to go get changed
  • Meanwhile the doctor took you to an operating room to get you set up
  • When Vernon arrived he strutted straight to you trying to look sexy to lighten the mood but failed when he tripped on a wire
  • You laughed and squeezed his hand as the doctors put you on anesthesia
  • He wouldn’t let go until you were fast asleep
  • Actually the doctors had to pull him away because he refused to let go
  • Vernon stood behind the tool table and out of the way next to a nurse who was keeping track of your heart rate
  • She gave him reassurance saying that it was rare when a girl would die from a c section
  • But that didn’t really help any because there was still a chance that he would lose you
  • Good thing that the c section was a success
  • The baby didn’t cry due to the fact that it seemed to be dead at first
  • The doctor called Vernon over so he could help out
  • He told Vernon to take off his scrub shirt so he could place the child against her father’s chest to try and heat her up so she would stay alive
  • Vernon did as he was told and held his daughter tightly to his chest praying that she would stay alive as the other doctors fixed up his wife
  • A couple hours later you woke up in a different hospital room while the lights turned off and soft humming could be heard in the room
  • Vernon sat in the corner still shirtless as he rubbed the back of your daughter who was hugged tightly to him
  • When you asked him what he was doing he looked up at you with a wide smile and explained everything the doctor had told him
  • It turns out that your daughter had cold intolerance which made her severely sensitive to chilly and cold air
  • Apparently it had to do something with the lack of body fat in your child’s body
  • She was pretty skinny after all
  • But you didn’t mind though because it only made her special
  • The doctors had given you strict directions on how to deal with your daughter’s condition
  • You and Vernon actually managed the newborn pretty well
  • And despite her being cold most of the time to the point where it hurt her physically,
  • She was actually a pretty quiet baby
  • She rarely cried and wasn’t as needy as the doctors made her seem
  • Vernon loved that about her
  • In fact he loved everything about her
  • He was nervous about being a father at first but he knew that this was really worth it
  • One of his favorite activities was rocking his little girl to sleep every night
  • And then making sure that she was wrapped up all comfy cozy in her princess crib
  • She really didn’t know how lucky she had it to be Vernon’s daughter
  • Like any girl would give just to be tucked in every night by the man
  • Plus she was even more spoiled by her uncles
  • The first time she was introduced to the boys Vernon almost had to shield her body away from them in fear that they would crush her
  • The boys were a lot more gentle than he expected and his daughter seemed to warm up to them pretty easily
  • One person in particular she seemed really comfortable with was Joshua
  • She seemed to cuddle up to his chest and fall right asleep
  • Vernon had to admit he was jealous
  • But she looked so cute and warm all snuggled up to his fellow American liner
  • Ever since then his daughter always was really close to Joshua
  • She even requested for him to show up to all of her birthday parties as she grew older
  • Joshua was kind of like a best friend or an older brother to the little girl rather than an uncle
  • Not that he really minded though
  • He was just really happy that he was able to spend time with Vernon’s daughter
  • Your daughter grew up becoming really attached to Joshua and much rather than going to you or Vernon with you her problems she would go to Joshua
  • Vernon was kind of hurt that she chose Joshua over her own father
  • But you tried your best to help him understand that it’s easier for a girl to go to a trusted friend rather than her own parents and that she would warm up to them eventually
  • But sadly even through her teenage years she didn’t really warm up to her father
  • It wasn’t until her first heartbreak caused by a dick who cheated on her when she went running to her daddy instead of Joshua
  • Which actually shocked both you and your husband
  • But neither of you complained because she just really needed the comfort of her father at the moment
  • And Vernon swore to that day that his daughter would never have her heart broken by a boy ever again
  • Despite your daughter being a looker
  • She got picked on a lot at school because of her condition
  • She wasn’t allowed to go outside and play in the snow with her classmates during breaks
  • She wasn’t allowed to go ice skating with her friends
  • And it eventually got to the point where she fell into a sort of depression and wouldn’t talk to anyone
  • She coped with it pretty well though and took advice from both your and Vernon to find something that would distract her from her problems for a while
  • And she found a passion that matched her father’s in rapping
  • She looked up to many artists like Dreke, Iggy Azalea, and other famous rappers
  • One of her friends had secretly recorded her rapping and uploaded it online
  • She became an overnight sensation
  • You were quite shocked when you woke up to watch the news and saw your daughter’s video on the news
  • When you asked her about it she said she didn’t know someone had recorded her
  • But she didn’t really mind though
  • She began getting calls and messages from people all over asking if she would want a record deal
  • Which she gladly accepted to sign a deal with Capital Records in LA
  • Although it meant moving out of Korea and away from her family
  • She was happy that her parents were so supportive over her decision
  • Vernon even offered to go with her if she wanted
  • But she refused and told him that she really wanted him to stay in Korea to be with his own group
  • Vernon understood though
  • He just really wanted to spend time with his daughter
  • Both you and Vernon became really proud of your daughter
  • She became a huge inspiration to people everywhere
  • She was considered one of the most successful rappers in America
  • Vernon even got his manager to allow his daughter to be the opening act for Seventeen on tour
  • Your daughter never really fell in love
  • She didn’t want to get her heart broken like the way that she did all those years back
  • It’s not like she minded though because she was already too busy to be involved with that kind of commitment
  • So she didn’t end up getting married
  • But you weren’t really too upset over that
  • It’s what mad your daughter happy
  • And if that made her happy than the two of you were happy
  • And that’s all that you ever really wanted since the beginning

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Eleven AM.

Eleven AM and he hasn’t even come down for breakfast.

It’s tough being a single mom of a teenage boy. I don’t complain, hell no, I love my son. Jamie’s done nothing but make my life better for the most part. As a little one, he was always so quiet, loving storytime and reading books. He had always a higher reading level than most kids his age, something which I always encouraged. We made weekly trips to the library where he’d bolt to look at the books, not even pausing to look at the movie section.

As he became older he started coming out of his shell, making friends, but he was still my sweet boy. He always did the dishes without being prompted, was always home at a good time, and always told me what was going on in his life. When he told me his friend was considering suicide we worked together to help that friend out.

A few months ago everything changed.

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Girls night w/ DY || bC WhY nOt

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  • this came up while i was putting a sheet mask on????
  • idk i’m weird
  • lEt’S geT tHis SHit DoNe

  • so basically you had no girl friends, since all your friends were nct OBVS  since y’all were fetus y’know you all grew up together and shit like that
  • like Rosé was the only one she makes me so g a y
  • but smtms she’s like a dude 
  • so she was like your girl/boy friend
  • she’s so cute
  • oNE day, you were on your first class of the day, and she just did poof and you were like ???? where’s ma dud????
  • and she texted you like 10 mins after you noticed she did poof lol
  • “i got sick srry ma gurl”
  • :((
  • “sick girls night???”
  • “nah, i don’t want you to get sick”
  • she’s so pure oml
  • aNd you were like aWWwW ilysm
  • but then wAiT what am i suposed to do tonight??? :((
  • and then you remembered you have like a bunch of lame boys locked in your basement
  • how come i forgot them :’))
  • like lit you had lunch w/ them????
  • what’s wrong with you my dude????
  • so you texted them
  • u: “HeLLooOooOO my beautiful dorks”
  • u: “girls night???”
  • ww: “nah”
  • ty: “no thx”
  • yt: “winwin said no, so no”
  • jh, jn, ti, tn, hc, mk: “naaaah”
  • dy: “sure, i’m bored af”
  • u: “:DDDD”
  • and then you texted doyoungie pv to tell him the details
  • nd he was like k i’ll get the snacks
  • he was pretty chill lol
  • even tho he had like a hUge crush on you OBVS
  • but u r dumb so u didn’t notice lmao
  • soOoO like at 8pm your door went kNockkKnOCk
  • nd ofc it was my lil bunny :’B nd he looked so cute in sweatpants and an oversized sweater and a beanie and like ugh
  • he’s soo cute ok????
  • when he entered your apartment he got the comfy and welcoming feeling everyone always had when they visited you
  • and he saw like the little fort you made with your blankets and stuff
  • “got something else planed rather than watching stupid romantic movies and eating until dawn?”
  • “spa”
  • and he was confused?? and kinda pissed?? bc he thought you wanted to get his nails done and stuff like that lmao
  • AnD ofc you saw his expression and went “my smol lil bean, i’m not that cruel, i would never waste my nail polish on u”
  • “wow meanie”
  • after getting all comfy and getting all your face masks and like beauty products, dy started to look for a movie on netfleeex
  • and he looked so focused searching the movie you wanted to watch
  • like his brows were almost touching eachother  and his cheeks were puffed out
  • you were like wOw
  • “cute” you murmured under your breath
  • “hm? did you said smth?” he looked at you with the remote still on his hand and a confused look yet again
  • “dumb, i already saved it on my list” you took the control from his hand and moved away from him to hide the barely visible blush on your cheeks
  • now he was looking at you w heart eyes
  • like the way you always got away from anything that got you all flustered, he just found it really amusing and cute
  • and ofc he noticed you had smth for him
  • but he didn’t said anything bc he thought he would ruin it
  • but whatevs
  • when the movie started you were like “c’mere dumbface”
  • “what for?”
  • “face mask?”
  • “oh”
  • so he moved closer to you, cross legged in front of eachother 
  • he was like :[ while you were looking for the right cream for his beautiful face
  • nd when you found it you went aHA! and immediately oppened the little that thing and pulled the hair tie from your wrist to remove the hair from his face
  • when his hair was out of sight almost lol you started rubbing the cream all over his face 
  • squishing his cheek in the process and making weird expresions in front of him bc he was being extrmly quiet like wth my boi
  • he couldn’t contain the bubbly laughter 
  • you were acting all dumb
  • just for him
  • yes
  • and both of you were laughing and then doyoung was making weird faces with you
  • like let’s be dumb together
  • “okokokok let me finish with your ugly face then we can continue with this dumb session”
  • “k weirdo”
  • and then it was silent again
  • small grins on eachother’s face
  • and doyoung was looking directly into your eyes
  • like so intensely but with such softness
  • wOW
  • and when you noticed you stopped and looked at him all confused
  • “what’s wrong?”
  • he didn’t said a thing, he just cupped your face in his hand and kissed your forehead
  • he let his lips linger there for a while before pulling away
  • and you were so kjfdkjncsdjlabkjvsjdjs whATSGOINGONOMG
  • and he was looking at you with the biggest grin he’d ever shown
  • like i kissed you whatcha gonna do abt it
  • /blushing mess
  • you pushed him away and pulled your hoodie up, pulling it under your chin so now your face was out of sight and your burning cheeks were safely covered
  • giggles filled your ears and just when you were about to run away and take a flight to russia, a pair of long arms wrapped around your waist and suddenly you were pressed against his chest
  • the fresh aroma of his cologne filled your lungs while his chest vibrated with shy laughter
  • “i’m sorry, i won’t do it again”
  • you were so ready to cry bc iT WAS SO SOFT OML
  • when he let you go he was like k you can continue w your work, make me look handsome pls
  • you lit punched his face 
  • not a real punch
  • but his cheek was kinda red
  • and he was so??????? what tHE FUCK????
  • “i hate you”
  • he went all :(((
  • “kiss me again, but do it properly”
  • :))))))
  • once again he was cupping your face, caressing your cheekbones with his thumbs and looking into your eyes with the same softness as before
  • he kissed you with such tenderness and delicacy, his lips tasted like a mix of coffee and mint
  • the kiss was just perfect, it wasn’t intense, it was just perfect, slow and sweet
  • when y’all pulled away fInaLLY you turned into a giggling mess
  • he moved his hands down to your waist and pulled you even closer, nuzzling his nose in your hair with the soFTES smile ever
  • you were squished against his chest again, taking in his scent 
  • “you are mine now”
  • “i’m fine with it”
  • after that, random movies played on the tv but none of you were paying attention to it
  • y’all were busy cuddling and being mushy against the sofa, with a blanket spread over your legs and some pillows surrounding you
  • and that how y’all ended up snuggled next to eachother and dead-asleep
  • and the next morning Rosé came into your ap and was like “wASsUP Ma GuRl” all noisy and shit
  • nd when she saw like the trail of cheeto’s and m&m’s all the way to the living room she was like hMmmM
  • so she followed it and she saw dy and you cuddled together on the floor and she was like i called it ofc
  • and she took tons of photos and send the to the rest of nct
  • before she left she wrote a note on a post it and sticked it on doyoung’s forehead
  • “u r d e a d if u hurt her CAPISCE ?”
  • a few hours later you both woke up and were all lost and dy saw the post it and went all :((( bc he would never hurt you :(((
  • but after burning the note or idk?? just throw it away?? he brought you closer to his chest and stayed like that for like a min or two before pulling away and pamper your face w kisses aww :’)


omg that’s kinda long lmao

anonymous asked:

i watched their concert in texas way back 2014 at like a basketball court event. they were so fetus back then. and i freakin bawled my eyes out. they were so cute. and camila at times was so cute with her missing the blockings and spilling their surprise song. you can see early on that she was a crowd favorite. and they sang anything can happen. i was daydreaming what if they did a surprise concert, sang that then camila appears with 5h. everyone would freak and cry. siiggh.

there was this one part also that they were asked if they could change their birth name, what would it be and then did each others. camila said that lauren looked like a ‘nicole’ and lauren was so smiley giggly. then she said camila would be ‘alexa’ or 'lexa’ but settled on 'lisa’. it was funny coz camila didnt know how to accept that but seeing that it was lauren who said it, she just went hmkay! hahah

Omg, alternate universe Camren : Nicole & Lisa - Nicisa? Lisole? Licole? (kinda sounds like “Licorne” which is french for unicorn)  - let’s pick people!

Smile- 5SOS 4/4

So this is for the lovely anon who asked for a 5SOS 4/4 where he finds out you’re extremely ticklish. The whole time I was writing this I was thinking of the song “Smile” by R5…so I guess that’ll be the song for this imagine lol. Enjoy!!


Michael: “DAAMMMIITTT!!!” Mikey yelled, dying yet again in COD. “I just can’t fucking get pass this, never fails I always die right here!” You couldn’t help but laugh, and practically collapse on the couch from laughing so hard. You loved to watch Michael play video games, he got so into them, and his reactions were the best, whether he was freaking out over dying, or jumping up and down and screaming because he finally beat the game. He looked up at you from the floor he was sitting on, trying to glare but couldn’t quite take the smile off his face. “What Y/N??!! Why are you laughing??!! It’s not funny!!” He yelled. You sat up, wiping tears off your face. “Ok babe, I’m done, I’m sorry but…that was so funny” You said, still having the giggles. “Let’s see you try to do this then!!” He said, while pulling you off the couch and into his lap instead. He handed over the controller, and rested his head on top of yours. “Come one babe, you can do this, destroy them!!” As soon as the game started he wrapped his arms around your stomach. Bad move. Oh no you thought before the uncontrollable laughter started. You dropped the controller, and instantly grabbed your stomach. “Y/N what happened?! You died in the first second practically, why are you laughing??!!” Mikey said letting go of his hold on you. That’s when he noticed you grabbing your stomach, and it clicked. “NO! You’re ticklish??!! You’re kidding me!?!? That’s it, you’re gonna get it from earlier!” He laughed while instantly putting his arms across you so you couldn’t escape while he tickled your sides. You screamed, throwing your head back against his chest, laughing uncontrollably as he continued his relentless torture. “Ok! Ok! Stop!!! STAHP!!!” You managed to laugh. “Please…I’m sorry!!!” It was only then that he finally stopped. He turned you to the side so the side of your head was resting against his chest. “Well as long as you’re sorry…” He said while leaning down to peck your lips….

Ashton: You loved to watch Ashton play the drums. There was nothing hotter than watching your boyfriend play…his arms flexing as his hands came down on the drums, the hair flip he’d do, hell even the sweat dripping down from him was hot. You hadn’t been dating long, but you could appreciate all of this even in your fan girl days. “How was that babe? Watcha think?” Ashton asked you, getting up to get some water. “Amazing Ash, as always” You smiled, while walking over to him. “Are you just saying that, or do you honestly mean it?” He asked, smiling back at you. “Trust me Ash, you’re the best drummer I know!” You replied while playfully hitting his shoulder. “Y/N, I’m the only drummer you know” He laughed while playfully poking your side with his drumstick. You instantly went into a fit of giggles and put a hand on your side. As soon as you did this, you put your hands in front of your face, probably turning bright red as you did so. You were really shy about being so ticklish, and now that he knew you couldn’t help but be incredibly embarrassed. “Y/N, you’re ticklish? That’s so cute!” Ashton laughed, a big grin on his face. “No it’s not!” You said, removing your hands from your face, but you couldn’t help but smile as you saw the pure joy on his face. “Yes Y/N, it is” He said while lightly tickling your neck, then moving his hands to your sides. You started the fit of giggles as soon as he laid his hands on you. “That is the most adorable thing I have ever seen” He laughed, while pulling you into a hug.

Calum: “Y/N! Come here!” Calum yelled from the living room. “What Cal?” You asked, getting up from the bed and setting down your book. “This better be good Cal, because I was on a really good part-“ Whatever else you were about to say left your mind as you saw the sight before you on the couch. “IT’S A PUPPY!!” You screamed at the sight of your boyfriend cuddling with a puppy on the couch. What could be cuter? You ran straight for the pup, instantly picking it up. “Where did you get this adorable creature?” You asked. “The people next door asked if you could watch it for a while, something came up and they can’t find anyone to watch him. I said we’d do it. Hope that’s okay” Calum said. “Are you kidding me?! I’d watch him forever if they’d let me! He’s so cute!!” You cooed while holding the dog up to your face. “Thought you’d say that” Calum laughed. “Thanks Cal, you know me so-“ Yet again whatever you were going to say was left unsaid as the puppy begin to lick your neck and you started in a fit of giggles. “Cal, Cal! AHHHH! Oh my god CAALL, get him off me!” You laughed, squirming out of the puppy’s reach. Cal started laughing as well as he took the puppy from you. “Y/N are you ticklish?” He laughed. Holding the pup in one hand, he reached over with the other one to tickle your neck. You instantly started giggling and squirmed away from him. “You are!!!” He laughed. “Thanks little guy for bringing that to my attention” He said while giving the puppy a scratch behind his ear. “Oh shut up Cal” You laughed while putting your head on his shoulder, rubbing the puppy’s back. He just laughed, and you two continued to play with the puppy until its owner unfortunately came to pick the pup up.

Luke: “Run!” Luke looked at you, a grin on his face, excitement filling those blue eyes. “Are you crazy? It’s pouring!” You exclaimed. “Luckily for us the restaurant is right there across the street” Luke said, grabbing your hand. You shook your head while looking at the street in front of you, rain coming down around you, hard. Of course, it just has to pour the one day I don’t have my jacket… You thought, gazing at the restaurant in front of you…so close but so far away. “Ok…but let’s move fast…I don’t want to be soaking wet.” You said, squeezing his hand. “Ok ready?! 1……2…3!!!” He yelled, running across the street, pulling you by the hand. You half screamed-half laughed when you ran out in the rain, water completely drenching you in seconds. You both kept running until you reached the awning hovering over the front doors of the restaurant. You turned to look at your dripping wet boyfriend, knowing you were in a similar state. You both laughed as you saw each other. “So much for not getting soaked” You laughed. “And your hair’s a mess Y/N” He laughed while tucking some loose hair behind your ear. As he did so, his fingers slightly trailed down your neck, and you started laughing even harder. He looked confused for a second, but then he smiled widely when he understood what had happened. “Y/N, you’re ticklish!” “No I am not!” You pouted. He then started tickling your sides, and of course it started a fit of giggles, and you trying to push him away. “Yes Y/N, I think you are” Luke laughed. “Shut up, ok yes I am, now stop!” You smiled. “But it’s so cute” He said, leaning his forehead on yours. You just laughed before bringing your lips up to his…


Well shit….I actually did it….hope you like it! It’s funny, cuz I’m not even ticklish but I’m still all emotionally wrecked after writing this. Go figure. Choosing the pics was fun too, sorry some are like fetus pics, they were perfect tho lol. Anyway thanks for reading! I really appreciate it! You guys are awesome! Had this blog for like 3 days and already….just wow…Thanks!! And to the anon, please tell me if you like it!  -Lydia

PS: I’m hoping to have part 3 to my Into Your Arms series in a day or two…If you’re wondering….

GUYS…nearly 50 notes in one night…wow thank you so much!!! That’s a lot to me, like this is crazy…thank you guys…..feel free to request what you want or message me with anything….wow…..thanks…

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Prompt: Credence reforming after the subway incident.

he’s in an alley (some irony to this, he’ll think later) and rebuilds his circulatory system first; pounding heart with no ribs to hold it, beating black and tiny as a shriveled fruit because his crooked magic was wrapped right round and round his old one tight enough that it knows how the shape works on reflex, good enough for this rebirth. a jumping-off point of sorts, something close.
the effort is excruciating.
then systems spinal and lymphatic, bones, guts, muscles as whippet-thin as they ever were, giving him a stooped shape to curl fetus-like on the cobbles. then he wraps himself in a cousin of his own skin, unblemished, serviceable ears and eyes and a nose. finally, a mouth to sip his first breath: life, by its textbook definition, found again between the local grocer’s and a tobacco dispensary, and maybe this makes him more of a New Yorker now than he had ever been.
credence barebone gives birth to himself on the street, fawn-feeble and tenuous, his greatest feat, hardest ordeal he’s ever undergone, forcing its chest to rise and to breathe with the strength of his sheer spite. making it shiver and blink out its aliveness under skies of rain and rain and rain.

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dino and hoshi from svt and yoongi from bts 🌙

First Impression:
alright now, so I was a Seventeen TV babe and like they were all so tiny and fetus and just adorable, I fell in love with them all kind of at the same time because wowow like tiny tiny babes in a practice room always so eager and such low quality and :)) he was a literal baby. #PROTECT
Best Era: uhm uhm uhm so i know they haven’t officially come back yet BUT TEEN AGE ERA IS ABOUT TO FUCK CAROTS UP OMG DINO LOOKS SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!! HE’S GROWING INTO SUCH A HANDSOME CHILD!!!
Favorite Thing: He’s an incredible performer. A little baby Taemin in the making. Oh My God is still one of my favorite svt tracks and my boy dino is just an all-around artist and i can’t wait to see how he’s going to grow in the industry

First Impression: “
That boy can dance and choreograph and he’s so smart and intricate and like wow i wish i was more like Hoshi”
Best Era: Adore U Hoshi is blond and therefore it is my favorite. Idk what it is about when idols go blond but i die for that shit like !!!!! he looks so nice i love <3<3<3
Favorite Thing: I have like this special place in my heart where i drool over choreographers because i love dance and to me that is just so !!!! attractive. If you tell me you are a dancer, i will literally follow you to the ends of the earth. And my favorite thing about svt period is their performances. Don’t Wanna Cry literally had me in awe for like an entire month because i loved the choreo so much. Hoshi is a baby genius. He’s gifted. I love him.

First Impression:
Take me back to early 2015 and I’m watching Boy In Love (and when I’m not distracted by f*boi Taehyung) I’m like BOIIII I CAN BE YOUR BAD GIRL. He had my favorite rap verse in that song, altho that song is like !!!! i love that song, that video, that era so so so so so much. And his earrings and just whoo my first impression of Yoongi was just “fuck” probably….negl
Best Era: RUN ERA MINT YOONGI!!!!!!! (green is my favorite color so i’m biased but yoooo)
Favorite Thing: mmm, his voice

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