they were like fetus

Camren timeline

Before anything I want to clarify that this is just a theory and you shouldn’t take it seriously as it is a thought, this is SOLELY what I personally believe. And secondly I’m sorry this post is massive. But I put together details and explained what I thought. Again don’t take it seriously please, it’s a based opinion what I have seen.

The end of April posts early May:

‘’I don’t care, I love you anyhow, it is too late to turn you out of my heart. Part of you lives here’’

These are some of their posts from the end of April and early May. It all seemed fine (as in they seemed happy), if we take into consideration what they posted and if they really meant it in the whole month of April they seemed fine, you could even tell in interviews they were interacting (obviously not like fetus Camren) but there wasn’t that extremely awkward distance. So if you look at interviews they did in April and interviews they did in May & compare them you will be able to notice this drastic change in their behaviour. Now what’s interesting is that their behaviour in interviews seems to add up with how they are “seemingly” feeling on their blogs/posts.

Disclaimer: Some interviews are recorded and posted weeks after, for example the interview with Extra TV where they talk about No Way, was actually recorded on April 28 — as you can see on their snapchat, but it was only posted on May 26.

This interview where Lauren talks about “No Way” — that we believe is related to Camren, took place in April. I mean she says it all “To the outside it’s toxic but it’s about a relationship and how you guys kind of overcome it, and it’s like you know that you shouldn’t be together but you want to be together and you wanna make it works”, constant back and forth can be toxic but when you love them you want to keep trying, because you want to make it work somehow.

These interviews all took place in April and as you can see they seemed “fine”.  Actually they were interacting a lot more than we expected. Camila said she would change minds with Lauren and there was this cute moment of them and Camila kept complimenting Lauren, there is even a theory about them spending the night together on the April 9th in London. So ASSUMING that this is true, let’s just say they were in pretty good terms.  

I also wanted to point out to one of the interviews that took place in France on the April 13, the interviewer asks “Who gets picked up (hit on) the most when you go out?” Lauren says “I think maybe Camila. Camila gets hit on alot, yeah it’s true” but the way she answers the question is very suspicious to me because she seems mad/jealous of the fact that Camila gets hit on.

But if they’re only “friends” why would she react that way, right? It doesn’t make sense to me. Camila answers “then why am I single?” I mean, it felt like a shade to me, just get your shit together already Lauren. Just look at the interview yourselves and make your own conclusions — Fifth Harmony en interview chez JB Fun Radio. Well so Camila and Lauren are both “very separately single” but their posts on social media tells us otherwise, I mean why is Camila tweeting and reblogging about “I just know I found myself getting lost with you”, etc if she’s single? And what’s even more interesting is that their post are based around the same topic, around the same time, for example from April to the start of May they were all about love in their posts, but from mid May on things started to become dark with the topic of broken relationships etc pretty interesting coincidence right? The same time, the same topics. Also the fact that their posts reflect exactly on how they act in front of cameras.

Here are some posts I got from mid-May when their posts were mainly about sad, broken relationships. There are a lot more on their tumblrs but I only selected some. Mid may gets depressing.

We know this isn’t just random reblogs because she reblogged this: How would she get through the next few weeks without falling apart and especified that she had never related more to a post. Then the reblogs after that are all based around the SAME topic: Heart break. Lauren’s reblogs are also based around the topic and around the same time as Camila’s. These “next few weeks” would be surrounded by interviews, promotion of the album, release etc. So they were gonna be together for most of the time. Okay, so imagine you broke up with someone for whatever reason and then you have to spend  most of the time around that person, must be pretty hard. I’m not saying that this is what happened, again I’m basing this on their posts right after Camila reblogged this post that she relates so much to and their next reblogs were all about heart breaks and break ups. it’s just curious how they link/connect so much.

‘’Someday you will look back and know exactly why it had to happen.’’

“I hope you find someone that matches your capacity to love.”

“I wonder how biology can explain the physical pain you feel in your chest when all you want to do is be with someone.”

They both seemed confused mainly Lauren, it’s like Camila just wants to live freely and happily and she is willing to lose it all for that person, Lauren seems to be more rational than emotional but still loves the person and wants them; she’s just not willing to take the risk right now. She’s going with her head instead of her heart. And I’m not saying that it’s all Lauren’s fault and that she is the bad guy because she isn’t, a relationship consists of two people, so we can’t blame one person only, but to me it seems like Camila is hurt and tired of the situation while Lauren wants to keep at as it is.

And in interviews the distance and heavy tension were also clear to me.

I picked only some events I will talk about what happened in May, you will be able to notice this uncomfortable tension between them. If you want to investigate this further just find interviews, etc of them in May. Focus in the change of behaviour from April to May.

I don’t know if it was only me but I realised a strange tension between them at Billboard Awards, everything just felt so awkward. Specifically at one moment when Camila is giggling with Ally about something, Lauren looks over at them and Camila notices and reacts in this weird uncomfortable way. They both try to play it cool by looking elsewhere.

In this interview —  May 30 the girls are answering fan questions, I understand they must all be tired by now but Camila doesn’t only look tired but rather sad. There is a huge gap between them compared to the other girls, we know how they always try to sneak a look towards each other even if it’s a quick glance, but in this case weirdly enough Lauren is the one that glances at Camila and tries to make contact with her while Camila just seemed to not care and not once glanced towards Lauren. It just seemed like she was trying really hard to avoid her.  

Interview with Facebook —  May 31, again Camila didn’t make one contact with Lauren it’s like she tried to pretend she wasn’t really there or something. But again Lauren is the one that is constantly sneaking looks towards Camila, even when she wasn’t talking Lauren would glance towards her, I actually noticed this weird vibe throughout the entire interview, I don’t know how to explain it, it’s just weird. Watch the interview and see.

Right after that interview, Camila posted this on snapchat, she is singing along to Drake’s song “U with me?” what is interesting about this is the gestures and body language she makes while singing along to these lyrics: “Remember you was livin’ at the London for a month, service elevator up to 4201 we were still a secret, couldn’t come in through the front girl I had your back when all you used to do was front”. At the start of the video she is singing along to it facing the front of the car. But as soon as this part of the lyrics come up: “We was still a secret, couldn’t come in through the front girl I had your back when all you used to do was front”, the video. She looks directly at the camera and makes the secret sign with her finger. It’s just an observation that when the word “secret” comes up, it seems relatable to her that she looks at the camera and makes gestures as if she’s indirecting somebody. Again it’s just a song, may not mean anything.

Later that day, at the airport —  May 31, all the girls got to go home for 3 days, Camila is talking to fans until she notices Lauren walking past, she gets distracted and her eyes follows Lauren as she walks by… I mean come on, when there are “seemingly” no cameras and Lauren is unware of Camila looking, that’s exactly when Camila doesn’t even try to be sneaky. She turns her head, for a full 90 degrees staring at Lauren as she walks by, the fans don’t even notice Lauren. She seemed really interested in what Lauren was gonna do or who she was gonna meet. Interesting, but why?

Lastly the all well talked about “London kiss”, this happened before any of those moments up there but I left it last because I have many thoughts about it. So first of, as much I want to believe that they kissed on the lips, I don’t think they did. It looks like a cheek kiss but then again I could be wrong. This is one of those videos that I’m in constant doubt about because why would you greet kiss your “separately single friend” if you just saw her a few minutes ago, right? But I don’t know. A bigger part of me still believes that it was on the cheek, sadly. Also because I believe that back then they weren’t “together”. Now I’m briefly gonna talk about Lucy cause she was there. I just want to make it clear that I have no problems with Lucy, I actually like her. She seems like a great friend to Lauren.

Out of her friendship circle, Lucy seems to be the coolest, most down to earth one out of all the others. Oh, but Lucy went to London and many other trips with Lauren because Laucy is real? Okay, if you want to believe that I respect you but I don’t think Lauren would risk a friendship that long at all. They have been best friends way before Camila was even in the picture, so a very very long time. They are literally like sisters, real best friend goals. Also knowing how Lauren is a super private person, she wouldn’t post pictures of the trips they went, wouldn’t publicly “show” Lucy if they were really dating. With this specific event this is what I think/assume happened, so because I believe Lauren and Camila were not together at the time, they were both “hurt” and “heartbroken”. Camila took her mum with her to London, but Lauren’s parents couldn’t make it so she brought her best friend with her to be her rock and support her through this “difficult time”, but to also show her support towards the album release. I mean Lucy is really rich, if I had the money she has, hell yeah I would go with my best friend to places especially for important events like this one. Lauren/the girls are barely home, the only way to see her is to travel with her, and if her friends have the money then why not, so finally let’s compare how Lauren treats her “relationship/friendship” with Camila, Lucy and all her other friends. Like with Lucy — and also all her other friendships aka Keana, Alexa, Normani and many others, she has no problem posting pictures and showing everyone that they went on trips just the two of them aka Lucy’s birthday, Coachella, etc. She likes and comments on their posts on instagram and stuff, anyway she has NO problem with what people are gonna assume knowing what they already assume (that they are a couple), she just keeps doing it and showing everyone, because I believe it’s a genuine friendship, there is nothing to hide so it’s ok if people assume things because the rumours aren’t real.

Now with Camila, from long posts to defensive comments about Camren and the constant need to explain herself on how it isn’t real, I mean when people try to explain things too much, or they act super defensive about it you can be sure there is some dirt under that carpet. If they are all just friendships to Lauren, shouldn’t it be treated the same way by her? Like if it isn’t true (Camren) just ignore what people say, like she does with Lucy, right? If it isn’t real, what’s the problem?

Well this is what Camila said in an interview about Shawn Mendes rumours:

When you are just really great friends there is nothing to be bothered about, then why does Camren bother so much if it’s just a friendship like they say?  So anyway what I think happened in that month of May was that they both agreed to try and be friends because for whatever reason it wasn’t working out, they are/were confused, I mean you are in a band together spending a lot of time together, you have to try to be friends and “act normal” as if nothing happened.  But I believe Camila wanted to show or seem like she didn’t care about/to Lauren but fails, obviously cause she’s hurt cause she still loves Lauren but for some reason it isn’t working out and I think that Lauren still wants things to work between them but keeping it as a secret, so maybe for now it’s better to stay friends. Just look at the difference in both months, April everything seemed alive and well —  both on social media and in front of cameras, but in May things just became dead. Now imagine you broke up with someone you really cared/care about and you have to be around them nearly all the time and act like everything is cool. I can’t imagine how hard that must be especially if I agreed to be just friends with them but still had strong feelings for them. This is a theory and what I believe, don’t take this seriously at all because it probably isn’t even what happened but it’s just my opinion based on what I seen and put together.

The girls went home for a couple of days, on June 3 they had a signing but Camila couldn’t attend because she was sick:

Later that day at the airport, Lauren was rec0rded crying and people said it was because she was overwhelmed by the fans, which I totally believe cause some people can be very disrespectful but I don’t think it was the only reason.

Remember when Lauren also cried in the takeover when Camila was sick and couldn’t make the show: It’s a coincidence that she just happens to cry when Camila is sick and not around.

Right after that happened Camila took to Tumblr and reblogged these:

It seems like things are confusing for them, I mean constant back and forth must get pretty confusing especially when you’re with that person all the time and you can’t really avoid them but it’s like Camila is saying ‘’Don’t worry when we fight/argue cause that means I still love you, want you and miss you even if everything is confusing, worry when we stop cause then there is nothing to fight for.’’

A day later Camila gets back with the girls (4 June) and she posts this on snapchat:

So interesting…. I mean Camila has clarified in interviews that she is “single” but then why is posting things like this? And conveniently the day she gets back with Lauren and the girls.

Lauren really likes “Into you” by Ariana Grande, as she posted this also on the 4th:

It’s just a song, may not mean anything, she might just really like it but still it’s posted the day Camila is “back” and let me remind you of the lyrics again: “Got everyone watchin’ us, so, baby, let’s keep it secret. A little bit scandalous, but, baby, don’t let them see it”

June 11, Lauren liked a Camren pic on instagram:

Later Lauren had to explain herself:

First of all I saw this live as it happened, I checked the likes 10 mins later after she liked the post and her like was still there when you accidently like a post the immediate instinct is to instantly dislike it, so why did she leave the like there for so long? A convenient accident, right? Had to be about Camren, the thing she hates the most, the other thing is the unnecessary comment explaining herself. Like okay, you made a mistake then dislike it and move on. Why is there always a need to explain herself when it comes to Camren? It just makes me believe in it even more. If she had simply disliked it right after and left it at that I would have believed it more that it was an actual “accident”.

But anyways on the 15th Camila posted this possible indirect:

Camila is a famous person, followed by millions on instagram, EVERYBODY LIKES HER PICTURES, everybody except Lauren. So when Lauren “accidently” likes a Camren selfie on instagram Camila posts this major shade. What a great coincidence and the post also happens to be neutral.

8h after that post she tried to cover up the indirect with a little twitter “interaction” and picture with Nick Jonas. But it was also for publicity as his album had just came out.

But first she tweeted this:

Then the “interaction” with Nick began:

That random “love u” tho. Fishy, fishy. Not for Nick, I don’t think, but for… And on their tumblrs:

Just some of Lauren’s super “straight” reblogs on the month of June. Posts from both of them on the start of June:

“When you are happy, you enjoy the music. When you are sad, you understand the lyrics.”

“Let’s have the conversations we’re not having. Let’s talk about why we don’t talk. Let’s tell each other what we’re really thinking. Let’s lay out our hurts. Our hang-ups. Our hearts. Let’s admit our failures and ask each other’s forgivenes. Let’s show each other who we really are and see if there can still be an us after that. - let’s talk.”

“What’s for you, will not pass you.”

I feel like they probably talked and are taking things slow. Funny that even their attitude changed in front of cameras compared to last month, when they seemed extremely distant and their depressing reblogs in May seemed to match. I mean the June reblogs are nothing compared to May’s depression posts. Now let’s see in front of cameras:

Watch this video and pay attention to their hands, why is Camila’s hand moving so far away from her body towards Lauren? It almost looks like she wants to hold hands but notice the difference from last month where she barely wanted to make contact with Lauren to now almost holding hands.

In this interview at the same award show, the interviewer asks “Who’s single?” Camila puts her hand up and says “I am” then affirms it with a “yes, I am”. Remember Camila’s snap a few days ago? How is she single but she posted that “my heart when I’m with u” snap? At the begging of the question Lauren seems hesitant but when she notices Camila’s answer she puts her hand up straight away and says she’s single. Ok, so now my question is: Why did she hesitate at first but then changed her mind right after Camila’s answer? If she was dating someone what was the problem of just keeping her pose and saying she wasn’t single? They didn’t ask WHO she was dating, they just asked IF they were single. Alright, let’s assume that she hesitated because she isn’t single, wouldn’t whoever she’s dating feel “rejected” after she confirms she’s single? I mean unless that person had just said they were single too, right in front of her, like I said it seems like they are taking things slow at this point, but they are also still confused. It’s also important to say that this event happened before Lauren “accidently liked the Camren pic”, so maybe it wasn’t an “accident” but rather trying to prove a point to Camila maybe. I mean, she literally left the like there for 10mins if she wasn’t trying to prove a point I don’t know what she was trying to do.

Camila seemed a lot happier and interactive compared to last month, just look at the video. In this video she even looks jealous when the magician touches Lauren’s hand. I mean look how closer the month of June got them.

Just look at more awards show/interviews videos that happened in June and the change in behaviour are evident. 

On June 16 Camila posted these on snapchat:

And Lauren posted this on instagram:

I’m not saying anything BUT IT IS the same wall, they may have taken each other’s pictures or not. The sad truth is that we will never know.

But on that same night Camila went to watch Finding Dory.

And Lauren took an uber: Possibly to the movies?

AGAIN, it’s an assumption that probably didn’t happen but my delusional Camren heart sees these “facts” and assumes shit like this. Don’t take none of it seriously please.

AnywayS, you see how in April when both their posts on social media seemed to reflect on how they were acting in front of cameras and May when things on both their social medias also reflected on their behaviour in front of cameras, and lastly June when both social media and camera behaviour also seemed to match… Well it’s a very interesting coincidence, I want to stop to ship them but they don’t cooperate.

On the 23rd they both posted this:

“There is no greater misfortune, than not knowing what is enough. There is no greater flaw than wanting more and more.”

“Have you ever craved someone? Their touch. Their smell. Their presence. Where all you want to be is tangled up in them? Doing nothing. Saying nothing. Just lying there together. Where nothing else matters.”

I think it’s pretty clear what they are saying here. Camila isn’t afraid of the consequences, while Lauren is asking for patience.

South America moments:

Camila waiting for Lauren to walk out together after Dinah’s birthday dinner. How cute. I posted the video here.

They also walked out together on Lauren’s birthday dinner. Possibly sat together, when cameras werent around?

This fan went to a Meet and Greet, wearing a shirt written “Lesbian for Camila”. The fan gave a brief summary saying that all the girls reacted well with it, Camila was super fine with it she even joked about it and stuff. But Lauren on the other hand was not amused at all. I mean look at her fake smile in the picture, it says it all.

Camren jealous, when one of them get too intimate with a fan?

Camila posted this picture of the Argentinian flag, with the sun and the moon that fans had given her with the caption “I love you”.

They intertwine fingers even when the microphone is in the way.

And sometimes they change the microphone to the other hand so they can intertwine hands better.

The day they stop looking at each other like they are the only people in the planet. That’s the day I’ll stop shipping them.

No “friends” bite their lips, and look at each other that way unless you are interested in them. Eyes don’t lie!

I think that they are taking things slow and being lowkey about it. Behind cameras they wait for each other, they are always next to each other at airports and places in general, etc & the cold birthday wish and dry response from them was more like trying to keep Camren away from the spotlight. If they had said ‘’I love you’’ or written a huge post, some of us would have freaked out and made it into a huge deal, Camren would probably trend and everything. So in a way it was better that way, and if they are trying to be lowkey it’s because there is something but for now it’s still a secret. I’m just glad that lately they look very happy.

justlieswithnomercy  asked:

Do you know why Bangtan are calling "fetus" in their pre-debut and debut era? I see this in some tumblr post with old pictures. In spanish, you say "fetus" when someone is really really really ugly, and this bother me a little bit, because I think they were so cute °◡°♡ Maybe a language barrier?

OOOOOOOOOOOHHH it’s not because they were ugly but bc they were young! Yknow a fetus is like when the baby is still growing up in his mother’s belly. So it’s just to say that they were lil babies :^DDD


“oooooowww, fetus jungkook”

“ok nvm”

If a fetus were like a used car...
  • Me to Anti-Choice car salesman: I'd like to get rid of this car. I don't want it.
  • ACS: Yes you do. Think about it. Come back tomorrow.
  • Me: I don't want it.
  • ACS: Go home and ask your husband and kids what they want.
  • Me: I'm not married and I don't have kids.
  • ACS: No kids? Why did you buy such a big car then?
  • Me: What difference does it make?
  • ACS: I'm just wondering if you bought a big car so you could have unmarried sex in it. Those seats fold flat.
  • Me: It's none of your business.
  • ACS: Maybe you feel a lot of guilt for having unmarried sex. Is it fair to take it out on the car just because you can't control yourself?
  • Me: Fair to a car? It doesn't have feelings.
  • ACS: Sure. That's what the anti-car life people want you to believe. I've got science on my side. I've got brochures. When you turn the key in the ignition, what happens?
  • Me: The car starts.
  • ACS: See?? It's ALIVE!
  • Me: That's mechanical.
  • ACS: It's the miracle of life!
When one lacks answers, so then do they lack peace. Questions conjure fear; what you don’t know scares you more than what you do. But there’s peace in knowing maybe you don’t NEED all the answers.
—  Hunter Hayes [May 5, 2009]

Can yall imagine a scenario where you were friends with fetus Luke like not fetus 5sos fetus but like actual little kid Luke like it’d be so cute, especially if yall were still friends. If you’ve been friends for that long it’d be so cute like I can see him having pulled your hair the first time you met so when youre bored and he’s across the world you’d just send them a text saying like “remember when we were 8 and you pulled my hair so I tackled you wow good times”.