they were like bffs i swear

Being the only girl in NCT Dream would include

Request: Being the only girl in nct dream would include???thanks, love your work

A/N: I can’t believe it took me so little to do this, lmao. Thanks for requesting! <3

  • You would laugh a lot with them, they would never fail to make happy. And you’ll see all of them playing around and joking with you, but they’re also angels with you. They will always listen to whatever you have to say and they will protect you from everything.

  • And all of them were probably were really shy at first, not only them but you too. But with the help of the most talkative members (like Mark and Renjun) and the most extroverted ones (like Chenle and Haechan) you could start to feel more comfortable and you were able to get closer with the most quiet ones. AND Y’ALL BECAME INSEPARABLE.

  • Also, this angels are really friendly and polite, so you would get closer really fast, and not only with them but with the older members too. Taeyong once said that he already considers you the 20th member of NCT, lmao.

  • And if for some reason you feel sad or they ever see you crying all of them are going to hug you and comfort you. You’re just precious to them, and they love you so unconditionally. Specially if you’re, at least, younger than Jeno. And it’s the cutest thing ever if you think about it. They’re trying to protect you and you’re trying to protect them and the oldies are trying to protect you both and you both try to protect the oldies and hONESTLY JUST THINK ABOUT HOW ADORABLE THAT WOULD BE I’M-

  • You would do so much things with them, like learning Chinese with Chenle, speaking English with Mark, drawing with Renjun, watching anime with Jeno, is just impossible to feel bored with this guys around. They would also teach you how to ride a hoverboard and I swear you never fell because they were beside you, ready to catch you and making sure that you were safe.

  • In conclusion, being with them would be sO COOL AND FLUFFY, IMAGINE BEING ABLE TO LOOK AT THEIR FACES EVERYDAY AND BE BFFS WITH ALL OF THEM, SOUNDS LIKE A DREAM TO ME. You just feel blessed to have this angels taking care of you and making you happy. They would be really supportive with all the decisions you want to take and, they’re just angels. Also, honestly, imagine how cute would be growing with them and having them to your side protecting you.

AGAIN! How did Lena and Sam

not notice her leave right as sirens went off. Or the way Alex babbled. Or how she TOOK OFF HER GLASSES WHEN SHE WAS LIKE TEN FEET AWAY! Plus, how long does it take someone to get ice? It’s just ice. 3 minutes… MAX 4 minutes.

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Can I just say that I called it. I knew that crazy preacher dude was gonna recognize her.

One more thing: Just a cute idea

When all the girls were at the school performance, Kara should have left and came back as Supergirl and it would’ve been another gala situation like season 2:

Lena: Oh Kara! Supergirl was just here! You missed her!

Kara: Oh, darn!

Lena *smiling warmly even though her best friend is a weirdo*: *to herself* I swear to God, this girl says the weirdest things. Golly and now darn. Wtf?

I feel like Percy would be kinda like ‘Nico, what do you mean I’m not your type?’ but only because that whole confrontation really confused him. Like he’d sneak into the Athena cabin and wake Annabeth up at 3 am and be like:

“but what did he mean? He used to like me and now he doesn’t? does this mean we can’t be friends anymore?”

“percy I think you’re overthinking thi-”

“no annabeth I’m serious! He hasn’t talked to me in a couple days! does this mean he doesn’t want to be friends?”

“percy he’s been in the infirmary-”

“no, he’s avoiding me! I’m no longer worthy of his companionship!”


“should i talk to him about it?”

“percy i swear-”

“but what did i do wrong? I thought we were gonna be bffs forever! we were gonna have slumber parties with Jason and-”


and this is honestly the only way i’m ok with percy being obsessed about not being Nico’s type

Also some more older sibling / parent figure snatcher headcannons:

- Sometimes when he spies on hatkid to make sure she’s doing her contractual obligations he finds her doing her idle animation of making her two dolls kiss, and he secretly thinks this is adorable, and gets a laugh out of when she starts just smashing them together

- At one point he finds her at the top of the big tree, reaching up high as she lays on her back, and he’s all “what are you doing kid?” And she excitedly says “I’m grabbing my parents! I feel closer to them here” Because she’s reaching out to ‘grab’ a star far far away of where her parents are and he feels bad for her

- If by some chance he ever visited her spaceship he would force her into a contract so she can clean her room and she’s literally screaming at him

- “Are you really an alien? I thought they were supposed to have like, ya know, green skin, big black eyes, and weird antenna on their heads” “THAT IS AN OFFENSIVE STEREOTYPE AND YOU LOOK MORE LIKE A BIG BLACK JACKOLANTERN LOOGIE THAN A GHOST”

- When working for him she initially called him Boss or Mr. Snatcher, as her BFF eventually she starts to call him Snatchey or Mr. Grumpy pants. He doesn’t know what to call her because she’s cheeky and knows not to give a pseudo-demon her real name, however harmless he may be around her

- Legit he only censors his swearing around hat kid to others he just goes wild, and when someone’s threatening hat kid he has to try even harder to censor himself. The joke is that clearly hatkid has all the knowledge of bad words so when he least expects it she’ll shout “FUCK” and he’s like “>:0 WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE”

- Adding on to the last one he also usually thinks hat kid can handle herself in battle so that’s why he never usually intervenes in her fights, but if he sees she’s actually in any true lethal danger in comes ghost papa like a hissing snake ready to fuckin fight

I once was outside at dusk with my then BFF. we were making mud pies and I looked up at the sky and it legitimately opened up a small portal like hole

There was this siloghette of three crosses on top of this big hill and it seemed no one else noticed it but when I looked away from it, I noticed the sun had went down already and I swear I only looked at it for like 30 seconds

When I looked back up, it was gone :/

My parents believed me but just used that to up their Christianity points lol

i got the cutest banter between cassandra and dorian basically comparing shitty families and cass was like “yeah my family tried to throw suitors at me too but they stopped when i broke one of them’s arm… IT WAS AN ACCIDENT DORIAN REALLY I SWEAR” and like

1. we were robbed of lesbian cassandra and im still bitter

2. why are these 2 not bffs

3. hot??

IMAGINE Jungkook inviting you to hang out with his friends and as the day passes he regrets introducing you guys, since you and and his bff taehyung are now closer than he is with you.

“ Kim Tae is so cute and squishy! I relate to him on so many levels! I swear ,what did I do with my life before meeting him?!! ”

“You were head over heels for me , before meeting him!”, he pouts “ What has he done to you?! This was your first meeting, for goddess sake!”

“ Is that a jealous kookie that I’m seing, right now?!”

“ Don’t talk to me, I’m not in the mood”

“ But tae is just like a sibling to me! Why are you getting jealous over a guy that I consider as blood afiliated to me?!”


“ You’re my kookie dough ”, you pulled on his cheek

“ W-What ?!!!!!!!!”, he said in disbelief

“ You know I love kookie dough more than anything else in this world ”

“ You only like me because my name is food related and YOU LIKE FOOD" , he scowls at you

You chuckled as you thought that Jungkook was such a precious guy


the tattoo artist au: yellow tulips
  • finch runs the place obviously
  • he inherited the building from his father and cleaned it up instead of selling the property
  • he’s always been interested in art in all forms, even more off-the-wall stuff like tattoos and piercings
  • he has a few scattered tattoos from his college days, but he decides to fully commit
  • learns from friends of friends how to apply ink to skin
  • the process is a little slow and awkward, and he first few attempts are…………..well.
  • not the best
  • but once he gets the basics down holy goddamn shit
  • he spends hours and hours inking beautiful images of flowers of all types and styles
  • from classic and simple colors to super intricate modern geometric designs, he’s got it covered
  • once he’s covered both arms, he realizes he’s going to need a little more assistance, both in the shop and with tattooing the rest of his body
  • he puts the word out and one john reese shows up for an interview
  • john is skeptical of finch at first
  • this guy? with his three-piece suit and tie and not a tattoo in sight? but he really needs the gig, and he’s worked under worse people
  • at least the building is spotless
  • finch is immediately smitten like the gay nerd that he is
  • john’s look: simple, clean cut, but subtly badass. dark jeans, work boots, tight grey shirt that shows off his full sleeves and neck tattoos
  • and john is /good/
  • he has all the stock work and flash art, of course. but his original art is simple but meaningful
  • it’s more of a military theme than finch is used to (there’s got to be a story there) and there’s a lot of art that deals with freedom and escape
  • john has quite the little following, and finch hires him immediately
  • there’s a lot of late nights with customers and shared coffee breaks and intense eye contact
  • it’s pretty gay
  • one day finch asks if john knows anyone who has experience with creating concepts for animals, specifically birds
  • “why, finch? thinking of finally getting your first tattoo?”
  • finch just raises an eyebrow
  • john expects an eye roll, not finch starting to unbutton his work shirt
  • “um. harold?”
  • /then/ finch rolls his eyes. “honestly john. you thought i ran a tattoo shop with clean skin?”
  • [finch finishes unbuttoning his shirt and rotates his arms slowly so john can see his work
  • “it’s beautiful”
  • “thank you, i did them myself”
  • without thinking, john reaches out to trace one of the oldest. “what’s that? it sort of looks like rain”
  • “wisteria,” harold responds. “it’s a reminder”
  • “do they all have meanings?”
  • “most. some i just find aesthetically pleasing”
  • john nods slightly and retracts his hand. “so what kind of birds were you thinking about?”
  • and finch smiles slightly and they get to work
  • it takes them WEEKS to decide on the design, placement and coloring
  • finch wants john to try to experiment a bit more. “i hear watercolor tattoos look absolutely wonderful”
  • and john’s more hesitant and traditional. “what’s wrong with grey scale, finch?”
  • “if you think im going to have this beautiful creature /muted/, you can get the hell out of my shop”
  • “yes /harold/”
  • lots of sass and finch reminding john to take breaks between designing to /eat for gods sake/
  • will john ever remember to take care of himself? who goddamn knows. but finch has it covered
  • he eventually decides he wants the design on his side, when he turns his skin will stretch in a way that makes the birds wings spread farther
  • finch is super excited
  • john’s a little nervous
  • he’s gonna be around a shirtless finch for like. hours
  • at least five hours
  • he has to practice his deep breathing exercises at home the night before
  • maybe the week before let’s be real
  • so john’s super hella nervous because HELLO it’s harold
  • he’s so tense he can barely hold the tattoo gun
  • “so i was thinking that after this we could get lunch?”
  • john nearly drops the gun
  • “like. together?”
  • “no, john in separate cities–yes john together! unless…that’s not something–”
  • “i’d lOVE TO”
  • “well then. now that /that’s/ settled…”
  • “right. i’ll just…” he gestures uselessly
  • and the rest of the day goes pretty smoothly after that
  • it ends up being closer to dinner than lunch because there were some pg13 shenanigans on the table
  • and the floor
  • “mr reese if this gets infected, i swear–”
  • but it made dinner so much more interesting
  • when finch gets home he immediately calls his long time gay bff, grace hendricks, and they squee on the phone for about an hour
  • john buys finch flowers the next day
  • yellow tulips
  • harold smiles softly “i see you’ve been doing your research”
  • they kiss very gently and it’s very pure and gay
  • and when john comes into work a week later with a tattoo to match, finch pauses their make out session
  • “do you not like it? i thought about asking you to do it, but i wanted it to be a surprise”
  • “no john, it’s lovely!” he traces john’s hip where the base of the stem begins. “but the line work and style is truly extraordinary. an interesting fusion of geometric and illustrative. was it done by a friend of yours?”
  • john grimaces. “not really…a friend”
  • “oh?”
  • “her name’s root, and–”
  • “say no more”
“Stress relief” – SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge: Week 3

Author: fangirlofeverythingme

Reader gender: Female

Paring: Dean x Reader

Words count: 2 800

Warnings: smut, fingering, kinda sex in a public place, dirty talk, language

Prompt: Written for the 3rd week of SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge by @one-shots-supernatural. The prompt was: “There’s an interesting story behind that.”

A/N: Been there, done that. The college is finally behind me! Not really sure, how it happened though, I was super stressed while passing the exam and showing my research results. I wish I had Dean by my side to help me out.

Summary: Reader is about to take one of the most important exams in her life. Dean, as a supportive boyfriend, helps her reduce the stress.

@iwantthedean @growleytria @d-s-winchester @ashleymalfoy @divinitycas @salvachester @ilostmyshoe-79 @but-deans-back-tho

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“My God, you have no idea how happy I am that it’s already over” you sighed on the phone. You spent last half an hour talking to your best friend, Y/BBF/N, about earlier events. You successfully defended you thesis that day and it’d been three hours and forty-seven minutes since you’d got your Master degree.

“I bet you do.” Y/BFF/N laughed. “Taking how many times you called me in the middle of the night, weeping that, I quote, you had enough, screw that school, you were gonna resign and so on. I think I got the picture.” she/he mocked you, imitating your hopeless crying that she/he had used to hear more or less once a week since you’d gone to college. “How many sleepless nights you had before the exam?”

“Actually, I didn’t have any.” you said, smiling to yourself. Your friend knew you the best in this world, completely aware of how you react in such a stressful situation. “I slept like a drunk baby, no idea why. But when I woke up this morning… that’s a different story. Thought I was gonna die waiting for the commission to call me in. Inside wasn’t much better, honestly. Even though they were super friendly, I had a hard time answering their questions. But once I started talking, it got easier. They didn’t even let me finish, I probably talked too much.”

“Easy questions?” your friend cut in.

“Yeah. Mostly about the subject I used to curse in all the words I known.” you grinned sarcastically and heard laughter on the other side of the line. “Anyway, I was fine till they asked me to present my research. All I could think about, walking toward the computer, was not to fall on my face in those damn heels.”

“I wish I was there for you, Y/N.” she/he said apologetically.

“Don’t worry. I had a strong support group.” you replied with a smirk, remembering clearly how strong it was.

“Dean went with you?” Y/BFF/N guessed.

“They both did. Dean actually looked more stressed than me.” you giggled. “But you can’t imagine how supportive he was.” you added carefully, your voice lower now. There was a short pause before she/he responded:

“Yeah?” she/he asked slowly and the light shade of curiosity in voice told you, that your friend caught the innuendo. You glanced behind your back, then stood up and closed the door to your room. You didn’t need the Winchesters to hear what you were about to tell Y/BFF/N.

There’s an interesting story behind that I would like to tell you.” you admitted. “But if you rat me out to Dean, I swear to God…”

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alright beebs this isnt even a blurb bc its like 3.1k words (whoops) but it’s for @alreadymissings and @clummyhood bc im a hoe for bff!5sos. i rlly like this so i hope u do as well! 


Your eyes flashed open at the sound, though you were unable to register the situation. There was a long pause, a heavy silence permeating the air, and for a moment, you thought you’d merely imagined the noise. Moonbeams spilled through the window, your curtains pulled back so that your room was illuminated with a faint light.


You sat up in bed, swearing quietly. You squeezed your eyes shut as your vision failed you for a moment, leaving you with only a black landscape. Blinking rapidly, you finally regained your bearings before turning your head to the left, glaring at your window.

On cue, a small, dark object flew up—seemingly, out of nowhere—and hit the glass with a sharp knock. You flinched at the sound, quickly throwing the duvet off of your body and slinging your legs off of the bed. The hardwood floor was cold, and you shivered once your bare feet came in contact with the ground. 

You stood, walking over to your window and peering outside, looking down with furrowed brows. Immediately, you felt your lips curve up into a beaming smile, and a little gasp left your mouth.

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No Filter (AlexanderXReader)

Words: 2085

A/N: So I’m technologically inept and cannot figure out how to put a link or a picture in my text posts to show what this imagine was based off of. But, just so you know, it was based off the picture of the text message where person A says: “Wait, did you just flirt with me?” And person B responds with “Have been for the past year but thanks for noticing. Enjoy!

You looked at your phone and continued to half listen to the man sitting next to you. He was mainly talking to John Laurens but you knew better than to assume he wouldn’t turn to you and ask for your opinion on the matter at any given second. Currently he was ranting about something new Jefferson had done during debate to piss him off.

"He actually fought against giving more funds to our veterans. This man will live in our country, be protected by its military, and then wants to cut off the very limited funds that help provide them with the help they need after returning home from war? He has the audacity to believe that that money should go to raising the wages of our government officials. Can you believe that (Y/N)?”

You nodded and barely even hummed in response, but you had responded, so he continued without noting the lack of enthusiasm. Sighing you took a sweeping look around the room. John was listening to Alex rave, Hercules and Peggy were playing some video game whilst attempting to teach it to Eliza, Aaron was in a deep conversation with Angelica, and then there was Lafayette, who sat on a chair opposite you watching the trio playing a video game.

He caught your eye and waved his phone, signaling that he had or would send you a text. You looked at your phone again, and after a few seconds it vibrated. You opened the message to see what it was that he would rather text you than come over and say to you.

From: #BFF
You know, if you just kissed him he’d definitely shut up about this for the rest of the night. Or anything for that matter ;)

You were really glad that he had decided this conversation was best over text.

To: #BFF
You know, there are some days I regret meeting you.

You looked up and watched as Lafayette looked down at his phone and grinned.

From: #BFF
But, ma chère, who would be here to make fun of you as you pine for our dearest Alexander from a distance.
I could always instigate things if you like ;)

To: #BFF

Lafayette began laughing uncontrollably grabbing the attention of everyone else in the common room. The nearest person, Hercules, leaned over to ask him if he was alright or if they needed to check him into the loony bin. After a minute he sobered, and, noticing you were the only one not laughing, Alex turned to you.

“Since you’re not laughing, I assume you know what caused this fit of hysterics.”

“Yup,” was all you gave in response.

“Is he going to be okay?” He inquired.

You looked Alex in the eyes, and in a deadpan voice told him, “In about two minutes, when I kill him, he will be.”

The corners of Alex’s lips tugged upwards, and he gave you a sort of crooked half smile. You prayed to whatever all powerful being there might be that he stop being so cute. “Do you need help with killing him? Because if you do,” he gave you a sort of half bow, “I’m at your service.”

You damned him to hell a million times over before taking a deep breath to try and steady your heartbeat. “I think I can do it, but if I need a boost to reach the giant troll’s neck I’ll let you know.”

Alex grinned and winked at you as you stood and trekked across the room to the Frenchman. He retained the shit eating grin that had been on his face since your last text. You sat on the arm of his chair and grimaced down at him.

“If you keep it up your name in my phone is gonna be changed from ’#BFF’ to ’#connard’,” you gritted out.

He let out another sharp laugh as you slid off the side and down into his lap. When you had settled, he leaned in so close you could feel his breath as he talked. “Your cheri is staring in our direction.”

You punched his chest, “That’s because he’s probably waiting for me to start murdering you like I promised,” you said, but you couldn’t help but hope that maybe there was more to it.

“Anyway,” you began, “do you have twenty bucks I could borrow?”

Lafayette dug his wallet out and fished out the money. “Oui, what do you need it for?”

You snatched the money and stood up. “I want coffee,” you said to him. Then you addressed the rest of the room. “I’m going on a coffee run, Laf’s treat. Who wants some?”

Almost everyone raised their hands while Lafayette scoffed at you. “Alright, I’m going to head up to the cafe. Ang will you text me what everyone wants so I don’t forget?”

Angelica nodded her affirmation and you turned towards the door. When you were almost through the doorway a hand landed on your shoulder. You turned around to see Alex’s smiling face.

“Do you mind if I come with?” He asked.

Your smiled back at him and cursed him for having a contagious smile. “Of course not.”

As you walked out of the dorm hall and towards the cafe he told you stories about his history professor. All of them were delightfully funny and you found yourself laughing so hard tears were rolling down your face. Grinning from ear to ear he continued moving on to stories about his other professors. Your stomach hurt so bad you finally had to stop him.

“How are you always nonstop talking?” You said between giggles.

“I’ve just got a lot to say, and if it makes you laugh this much then why stop?” That same cute grin was plastered on his face. You gave your response before thinking about it.

“I like listening to what you have to say.”

For the first time that night your cursed yourself instead of someone else. You hoped that he wouldn’t read too much into what you’d said and that he’d just laugh it off. But when his smile faltered into slight confusion you knew it hadn’t gone unnoticed.

“Wait, did you just flirt with me?” He asked.

Your brain had shut off completely. You had no clue what would be the right thing to say. So you gave your soul up to the devil hoping something sarcastic would throw him off.

“Have been for the past year, but thanks for noticing.”

If there was a black hole you would have gladly jumped in it. You wished with all of your heart that you hadn’t inherited your mother’s big mouth. Or that maybe you had a sock to shove in it when you were about to ruin your whole life. You looked at him hoping despite everything that he would look past your weird crush on him and continue to be your friend.

To your surprise he took a step closer to you and leaned in. His lips were soft against yours and you only allowed yourself a second of shock before you responded. This might be your only chance to kiss him and you weren’t going to waste it. It took most of your self restraint to gently snake your arms around his neck instead of throwing them around him like you wanted to.

Noting your positive response Alexander grabbed you by your waist and pulled you close so that almost every part of your bodies were touching. Your right hand had automatically shifted when he’d grabbed to from his neck down to his chest to steady yourself, and you could feel his heart beating rapidly through his shirt. Your heartbeat was doing no better than his.

You moved your hand from its place on his chest back up and ran it through his hair. It was soft tonight. You felt so perfectly placed pressed against him, and his lips moved so naturally against yours. A small part of you wished that this wasn’t happening in a public place.

Suddenly a piercing noise came from your pocket and you both instantly jumped away from each other. You fished through your pocket for you phone. A text from Angelica with the group’s coffee order glared at you from the small screen in your hand. Your breath was shaky and you could hear Alexander’s rough breaths as you both tried to wrap your head around what had just happened.

You looked up, and for the first time in your life, saw Alexander standing there with his mouth open, speechless. His face was completely flushed, and the hair on the left side of his head was quite messed up. He looked wrecked; and you knew he saw about the same thing when he looked at you.

“We s-should probably head to the cafe before they start getting suspicious,” you stuttered. Alex’s face fell slightly, and he nodded.

You continued, “Then, maybe, when we get back to the dorms, we could talk about this,” you suggested, gesturing between the two of you.

Alex’s face lit up again, and he motioned towards the cafe. “After you.”

The cafe wasn’t much farther, and Alex filled the silence of the night with more laughter about psychotic professors and talking about his hometown in the Caribbean. The cafe was empty so the orders were done fairly quickly and you both walked out with a tray of coffees each.

The walk back was quieter. About halfway through the walk back Alexander reached for your hand twining your fingers together. You looked at him and his face was set in a silent question asking ‘is this okay’. You gave his hand a small squeeze and looked at the ground smiling.

After a few short minutes you entered the dorm hall again and headed straight for common room. As you entered you held up your tray to catch the attention of all of your friends. “Coffee is here!”

No one in the room moved. All seven of your friends continued to stare at your bug eyed. You followed their gaze and looked between you and Alex where your hands were still intertwined and you immediately jumped away from him in horror. His face had gone completely red and you couldn’t meet the eyes of either him or your friends.

“Mon dieu! Finally!” Lafayette yelled and, suddenly, the room was buzzing with noise.

Everyone leaped forward to congratulate the two of you and grab their coffees, then they returned to their respective spots in the circle they had made of all of the chairs and couches. There was one open chair, which Alex sat down in first, so you went to walk past him and sit on the armchair of Laf’s chair, like usual, when Alex’s hand reached out to stop you.

His touch was light enough that if you didn’t want him pull you back you could easily break free. But you didn’t stop him as he pulled you back until your legs hit the chair and you had no choice but to sit down in his lap. Instinctively he grabbed your coffee so that you could resituate yourself by turning so you were sitting sideways draping your feet over the arm of the chair opposite you. He then handed you back your coffee and rested his arm behind you, one protective hand on your waist.

You flashed him a quick smile before looking out towards your friends who all had their eyebrows raised. Laf and the Schuyler sisters had grins so big you thought their faces might actually freeze that way. Peggy was finally the one to break the silence.

“Okay you two can not just walk in here holding hands, looking at each other all 'heart eyes motherfucker’ like, cuddle on a chair together like it’s a normal thing, and not expect us to want to know what the hell transpired in the twenty minutes you were gone. We’ve all been watching the two of you pine after each other for months, so spill.”

You covered your mouth to hide the smile and massive blush that had returned, and turned your head to bury your face in Alex’s shoulder. He looked down at you bearing a matching smile and blush, and an overwhelming rush of love hit you like a truck. You felt like you were the luckiest person in the world.

For once, you were grateful for your big mouth, and missing verbal filter.

themikaelsoncupcake  asked:

Klaroline au/ah: Klaus is a customs officer at Melbourne airport, Caroline is moving to Australia for work but has never been through customs before and forgets to declare some items not allowed in to Australia, Klaus then checks her luggage and as he's checking finds lingerie and sex toys leaving Caroline rather embarrassed. I got the idea for this prompt from an Australian show Border security for all those who don't know :)

Okay, yes I said I wasn’t going to do any more prompts but I did say I’d try to do the ones I had, so here is a short one for you lovely @themikaelsoncupcake. I know this show well, I always find it fascinating what people try and smuggle into the country. 

Excess Baggage

Melbourne Airport, Victoria

“I swear, what have you got in this bag, it must weigh a tonne,” Katherine grumbled, pulling her baggage off the carousel and dumping it on the floor unceremoniously.

“I did just move over to the other side of the world Kat, so I had to bring a few things I really needed,” she drawled. “You know you didn’t have to come with me.”

“What are BFFs for, Care?” She asked, hands on hips. “Although I definitely deserve some bonus friend points for sitting on a plane for a whole day. It felt like we were going to the moon, not Australia.”

“I know, it makes me realise just how far away I am from everyone,” she sighed, trying not to cry again. She figured she’d shed enough tears at JFK to last a lifetime, obviously she was wrong.

Caroline was a fashion writer for Vogue in New York City and as much as she loved her job, there wasn’t any chance for career progression in that office.  When the Fashion Editor position had come up in their Australian office, Caroline knew this was her chance. Of course there would be applicants from all over the world and she didn’t hold out much hope, until she got the call.

She honestly never believed it would happen, but here she was starting a brand new job in a brand new city. Her cousin Matt had horrified her with stories about all the deadly animal species in Australia, obviously in hopes of making her stay in the States. It had almost worked but she kept telling herself that Funnel Web spiders were only native to New South Wales and she figured brown snakes didn’t just slither into multi story apartments in the city, well she hoped not anyway.

“Well, I’m more than happy to stay around for a while, you know to help you settle in to your new place,” she replied, as they made their way towards the customs line.

“You are such a liar.”

“Excuse me?”

“You’re only here so you can bed some hot Aussie guys, preferably ones that resemble the Hemsworth brothers.”

“Fine, there may be some truth to that but I’m more than happy to share them around, you know like a good friend would.”

“Thanks, I think,” she said, raising her eyebrows.

“Oh wow, speaking of hot Aussies,” Katherine purred, gesturing to the counters ahead where one of the custom officers was examining a bag. “He can search my baggage any time.”

“Kat!” Caroline hissed, noticing a few curious looks from other travelers in the line. “Sorry, I just can’t take her anywhere.”

“Don’t tell me you weren’t thinking the same thing,” she shot back. “Ah-ha, that tell tale blush just proves I’m right, as usual.”

“He’s not overly bad to look at, I guess,” she offered, hypnotised by his crimson lips and those adorable dimples he was flashing. She wondered how it would feel to run her hands through his dark blonde curls and stare into those deep blue orbs.

“Excuse me, miss?” Caroline broke out of her trance, to be met with the eyes she’d been fantasizing about. “It’s your turn.” She couldn’t mistake his crisp English accent, obviously Katherine’s instincts were wrong.    

She continued to stare unable to form words, she felt Katherine give her an encouraging nudge. “Way to be obvious, Care,” she whispered in her ear. Caroline decided to blame her apparent lack of social skills on the untoward thoughts her best friend had planted.

“Hi,” she murmured, unable to look at him directly, he was just that gorgeous. He even made the plain navy uniform look good, and that was saying a lot.

“Can you hand me your bag please, miss?”

“Oh yes, of course,” she stammered, thinking what an idiot she must look like. She attempted to lift her bag, forgetting just how heavy it was. She struggled for a moment, looking over helplessly to Katherine who was too busy batting her eyelashes in his direction to notice. “Kat!”

“Oh, sorry,” she apologised, picking up one end while Caroline held the other. Once her bag was on the counter and she was faced with him again, she felt her cheeks flush knowing it wasn’t from the exercise required to lift her over weight bag.  She noticed his name badge thinking just how sexy the name Niklaus was. 

“Can I have your incoming passenger card too, miss?” Why did he have to sound so sexy saying miss? She was pretty sure he’d sound just as heavenly using her actual name. 

Now, just to remember where had she put that stupid card thing. “I think it’s in your passport there,” he suggested, gesturing to her hand.  Could this get any worse? She passed it over, sending him a shy smile.  

“Thank you,” he smiled, knowingly. “I understand this process can seem invasive but really there’s no need to be nervous, miss.” If only he knew that he was the one making her nervous, not the process.

“It’s Caroline,” she blurted out, without thinking. “I mean that’s my name.”

“That’s a lovely name, Caroline,” he smirked, obviously trying not to laugh. The way her name rolled off his tongue was as beautiful as she’d expected. “Now, this card says you have nothing to declare.”

“No, I don’t.” She replied, confidently. Being so organised and such a control freak, Caroline knew she’d followed all the rules. She wanted her time in Australia to get off to a good start, after all.

“Well, that’s good to hear, but I’ll still need to conduct a routine search of your bag, Caroline,” he explained, unzipping it slowly. She was trying to focus on her bag but his aftershave was making her slightly dizzy. It didn’t help that Katherine was watching their exchange with avid interest, her arms crossed over her chest.

Caroline felt herself freeze momentarily remembering just what was in her suitcase. She hadn’t expected this random and absolutely handsome guy to be rifling through her personal belongings. As his hands made their way over her red lace bra and panties set, her satin white negligee and her silky black teddy she was trying not to squirm. Could this get any more embarrassing?

As he dug down further, she watched in horror as he pulled out her vibrator and placed it on the table to make more space, yep it could definitely get more embarrassing. Caroline wished she could melt into a puddle on the floor, all she hoped was that this wasn’t being televised and he’d choose to skip over her assortment of sex toys. She had her needs and who was this smug guy to judge?

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You almost gave me a heart attack ~ Hayes Grier imagine

Request: Hi my name is Mia. Could I get a Hayes Grier imagine? I don’t really know what I want my plot to be so could you please make it something that’s very cute?

 @mia-giannakoulis I’m sorry it’s so late. You requested it like ages ago. Hope you like it

*I did not check my spelling so be prepared

‘Omg I’m going to die.’ You said panicking ‘Calm down maybe you just misplaced it. Let’s be honest it wouldn’t be the first time you forgot where you put your phone.’ ‘y/bff/n how can I calm down? I lost my phone. I really can’t find it. I looked everywhere!’

‘Uhm… I think I found out who has your phone…’ y/bff/n said looking down at her phone. ‘Really? Who has it? I swear that person is gonna be so dead.’ ‘Well I didn’t know you were the kind of person who killed their boyfriend.’ She said laughing. ‘What do you mean? (I swear to god every time I see or hear this sentence I think op JB) Does Hayes have my phone? Why would you think that?’ ‘Well maybe because someone just posted a picture of Hayes on your instagram account saying: God I’m so lucky to have @hayesgrier as my boyfriend. Look at him, could he be any hotter? I’m literally the luckiest girl in the world #ManCrushMonday. And since you don’t have your phone, I think it’s kinda logic that he has it.’

God is he being serious, it’s not even Monday. ‘Well, I guess you’re not coming to my place to hang out anymore. Go get him.’ y/bff/n said laughing. ‘I’m sorry, I’ll see you tomorrow.’ You walked out of school and got in your car.

A couple of minutes later you arrived at Hayes’ house. You rang the doorbell and waited impatiently for him to open the door. ‘Mia what a lovely surprise.’ he said smirking. ‘Cut the act Grier you know exactly why I’m here.’ ‘ I really don’t Mia, please enlighten me.’ He said mockingly. ‘Hayes, just give me my damn phone back.’ ‘Why? Didn’t you like the picture I posted? He said laughing. ‘Stop laughing. I hate you, you almost gave me a heart attack. I thought I had really lost it.’ ‘Ahw come here.’he said coming up to hug you. ‘Let’s get inside and cuddle. It looks like you had a stressful day.’ The smirk still permanent on his face. ‘You almost had a heart attack.’

I haven’t been really active on tumblr lately so I still have a lot of requests. I’m sorry that you guys have been waiting for so long but I’ve been trying to focus on school … ugh…. Math is a huge pain in the ass

Anyway I’ll try to post your requests as soon as possible. Hope you liked this imagine. Let me know