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it’s sad when relationships fall apart. it’s sad, it’s really sad. i hate seeing two people who once loved each other walk by each other like nothing ever happened. i hate seeing their old pictures erased from their facebook walls and i hate how they don’t know the stuff about the other anymore. like what music they listen to or what their favourite subject at school is now. it’s like what was the point if it was going to end?

but i think that’s life. or at least, that’s what i’ve learned. i think you meet people and for a time, they are the love of your life. romantically or otherwise. you love the shit out of them. yet even those relationships are susceptible to falling apart sometimes. and that happens. and it sucks and it hurts, but it happens.

so to the me in 2017… i hope you meet a lot of new people or old people become your new favourite people and that you have the time of your life with them. they’re not all going to stick around, but that doesn’t mean that time is worthless.

i hope you never let someone harden yourself to the point where you shut yourself off from people, but i hope you learn your lessons. i hope you find the ability to move on from the past even though that’s your biggest struggle. i hope you can let go. i really do. please. let go.

—  // lily rose.

So I watched @markiplier’s date videos (I got vanilla ending 3~), and I actually kinda felt bad for Darkiplier.

I mean, he seemed so…adamant that he was better than Mark in every way and then some. He was so angry at being tossed aside like he was nothing even though he’s such a huge, potential danger.

But you know what?

I bet Darkiplier wouldn’t even know what to do if someone, or many someones, actually were willing to try to accept him. All it would take is one person to just up and hug him for Darkiplier.exe to crash. It would be glorious, and no; I don’t feel bad about smiling at that thought.

Mighty overlord Darkiplier, defeated by a hug.

  • The Anti's: bitching bitching bitching, "mon el is stupid" "mon el is forcing himself on Kara" blah.
  • Mr. Mxyzptlk: forces Kara to marry her. Endangers people. Traps Kara in the fortress. A bunch of other shit.
  • Mon El: realised that Kara can handle herself. Tells her that he knows she can handle herself.
  • Karamel: Together FINALLY!!!
  • Sanvers (Bonus): this just made me super happy because they were so cute!! First VDay for my babes.


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50 and 53 for the ask??

50: If you’re single, why do you think you are?–hmm,,probably cuz I’m not super pretty, and I’m not super talented and I’m awkward and annoying! rip. also i can be really loud sometimes haha
53: Are you jealous of couples when you’re single?–nope!! I joke about it a lot and tease them (when they’re my friends) but i honestly find it really hard to be because lots of couples are super cute!! 

thanks for asking babe ❤❤❤❤

Imagine Person A being surprised when people say that they didn’t know that they and Person B were dating.

Taehyung Scenario: Lightning Rod.

Request:  I want to request a Taehyung scenario where there’s thunder storms and thunder and lighting and the power goes out or something and the oc freaks out because she doesn’t like thunder and lighting and Taehyung is just there to comfort her and make her feel better and just super cute.

Genre: Fluff

You were sure it was going to rain. The sky was dark and cloudy since early in the morning, giving the day a lousy feel. You hurried home as soon as you got out of classes, you certainly didn’t want to get caught up in the rain, after all you didn’t even had an umbrella with you.

You got home just in time, as soon as you were inside the firsts drops started to fall from the sky, you made yourself confortable putting on some shorts and an oversized t-shirt. The next step to relaxation was a cup of some hot beverage, and since the weather was so grey you decided to go for a hot chocolate mug to lighten up the mood.
When that was ready you settled in on the couch, you had some homework and reading to catch on for tomorrow’s class. From that spot you could see the rain falling, there was a huge window and that let you appreciate every single change in the weather. For example, you begun to notice how the light drops became stronger with each second and suddenly it looked more like a rainstorm than a temporary cloud.

The blue sky that had become grey lighted up and you knew what that meant. You froze and waited for it, closing you eyes tightly when the first thunder fell.
Trying to calm your nerves you stared at the paper in your hands, maybe if you got distracted with the reading you wouldn’t get so alarmed by the raging storm. But it was of no use, your gaze flickered from the notes to the window every three seconds, it was like you were there waiting for the next thunder to fall.
It didn’t last long for the next one to fall, your body doing a little jump from the shock like you didn’t saw it coming.  
You stood up and started to walk around the house to see if you could calm down with a little bit of movement, but that wasn’t working either. The rain blasted against the window with so much force it shuck the windowpane violently, seeing the scene outside it didn’t look pretty at all. The wind was strongly rocking the trees, the water accumulating on some parts of the streets in big wells and the alarms of the cars going off for all the noise. 

Another thunder, this time stronger than the others. For a moment all your body was paralyzed and you thought it had actually struck you, soon you realized you hadn’t been combusted and went to sit down. The sky roared once more and just as you thought this couldn’t get any worse everything went black.
Of course, with this storm the only thing that was missing for you to have a massive nerve breakdown was the light to be out.

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I was watching pirates of the caribbean; at worlds end and the scene of Will and Elizabeth’s ‘wedding’ was playing. So I thought: what if Jed and Octavius were getting married like this? Wouldn’t that be just super cute ?
Imagine this:

The museum added new diaramas to the diorama room, including a celtic , pirate and knight diarama. They declare war to the romans and cowboys, even de mayans chose the side of the new exhibits.
Octavius and Jedediah fight side by side and do everything they can to survive, but their enemy is very strong as well. Jed realises that this could be his last moment with Octavius next to him and that he wants to make Octavius his.
He grabs Octavius’ arm at pulls him closer “Octavius, will you marry me?”
Octavius looks confused at his friend “but this is not the best time!” He answers while kicks a knight in his stomache.
“Maybe the only time we have!” Jed says while he shoots down a pirate and pulls Octavius closer again “so what do you say?”
Octavius looks into the cowboys eyes and than calls for Agrippa, a very important Roman who also happend to be a good friend of him.
“Agrippa! Marry us!”
“Now is not the best time! I’m busy” the Roman replies while tries to survive a ambush from 3 pirates.
“Do it!” Octavius yells as he pushes away some mayans.

The other Roman sighnes as he jumps onto a crate and yells “dear friends, we all gathered here today to witness-”
He got cut off by a knight who kicked him of the crate, it took a few minutes before he could finish his sentence.
“To witness these two people-” again he couldn’t finish his sentence.
Jed look at Octavius and grabbed both of his hands, he didn’t want to wait any longer.
“Octavius Augustus Caesar, will you take me as your husband till death do us apart?” Jed askes.
Octavius couldn’t answer immediately because someone aimed for their heads, they stayed down and tried to find a calmer place to marry . When they stopped walking Octavius finally answers the question .
“Yes I do” he says with a smile on this face.
The males try to survive another ambush, it was like te enemy was everywhere and wanted to prevent Jed and Octavius from marrying each other.
“Jedediah Strong Smith, will you take me as your husband, in good and bad times?” Octavius asked as he protected his soon to be husband from a sword that aimed for his heart.
“Especially bad times” Octavius whispered after Jed was safe again.
“ of course i do” Jed replied , he pulled Octavius closer with a smile on his face. He finally was going to marry the one he loved most! If someone had ever told him he would marry a guy, he wouldn’t have believed it, but here he was. Jed and Octavius looked over to Agrippa, who needed to say the final sentence.

“You may now kiss the-” Agrippa shouted from a distance, once again the enemy prevented him from finishing his sentence.
“Just kiss each other!” Another Roman shouted at the couple while he ran past them.
Jed leaned forward , closed his eyes and felt Octavius lips against his. It was like the screams of the fighting people around them were faded away, it was like they were the only ones there.
They might be in the middle of a war, but both of the males never felt happier that they did right now.