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A Story to Tell~Thomas Jeffs x Reader

Welp I’m going to try and create a somewhat decent story, feed back is appreciated!

Set in- Ham time.

Word count-978 (damn it almost a thousand for my first fic ever)

prompt- the reader’s parents are forcing her to be courted and she meets a certain someone ;)

warnings-Super cliché, bad writing, And a few (like once or twice) Hells.

     You gave up on finding love a long time ago, Specifically after your courter- whom you were head over heels for at the time- was found in bed with another girl. so when your parents arranged for you to be courted you couldn’t care less about love instead just trying to make everyone but yourself happy. Currently in New York with Eliza Hamilton, your best friend, trying to learn what is going on with the government.

   “Hurry up Eliza or we will miss them!” you tried to shout over the large crowd trying to catch a glimpse of the men coming out of the recent cabinet meeting.

   “Im trying y/n, besides I need to see my Alexander,” Eliza having to yell just to be heard. “ I absolutely have to tell him the good news anyway!” your best friend of years was pregnant again always wanting more and more children. You’d think that one was enough but she insisted on another child.

“yes yes Eliza we will have to invite Angelica from Europe and host a proper baby shower for you.” you had to admit you were always excited to throw parties.

“And you’ll have to bring John too,” Eliza laughed, she was aware about your feelings on this one-sided courtship. 

   You didn’t have the heart to tell your parents that you didn’t want to marry John, because you knew it would break them and that this was a very favorable match for your unfortunate social status. The truth was that he just wasn’t very exciting, he was very sweet for sure and always let you have your way but that way just it. You needed some resistance but still have the freedom to believe and do as you wish, more or less you needed someone to challenge you. Being very interested in politics alone made men steer away and the only reason John stayed with you was because his family needed him married so he could get his inheritance. He would always say things like ‘Dear don’t talk about politics, its not your place’ or ‘save it for your journals’ once he heard of the subjects from your mouth.

 “Look! y/n, there coming out right now,” Eliza stated bringing you back to present times. From what you heard there was an issue regarding the states debt that they were, hopefully, going to resolve at the cabinet meeting today.

   You watched as the men came out of the building,  jealous because they could do something that you would never dream of doing. They all filtered out one by one into the cheering crowd. You saw Alex rush over to the two of you to speak to Eliza. Alexander seemed unhappy about what happened in there so it must have been a win for the democratic-rebulipcans. You just kept watching the rest of them come out while Eliza and her husband left when one man caught your eye. He was wearing the most peculiar purple velvet suit, but some how he pulled it off. You kept staring at him until the man in the purple velvet looked in your general direction, looking away with a slight blush hoping he didn’t notice you. 

   You looked up to see he was coming your way, so you started walking away hoping he would not notice you. Finding your shoes very interesting you weave your way through the crowd making your way to the Hamilton’s house to catch up with the boys not having seen them in a few weeks. Right as you think your about to be out of the cluster you run smack into a broad chest and fall backwards landing on your bottom in the middle of the street. How embarrassing.

   “Im so sorry madame, this is all my fault,” a foreign voice says and you look up immediately regretting it as you find the mann from earlier that caught your eye.

   “I-um-uh-I-I,” you stutter looking as red as a brick house on the street. You were mortified that he saw you like this, not that you should care seeing as you will be marrying John against your better judgement.

  “Here let me help you up” *swoon* he’s a gentleman. He gives you his hand and you take it using it to get up from the road itching to touch his skin. “ I can not tell you how sorry i am for running into you like that miss…” 

  “y/n, y/n l/n” why would he want your name?

   “A beautiful name for an even more beautiful girl, Thomas Jefferson at your service,” he says as he takes your hand and gives it a small peck. If you weren’t blushing before you certainly were now. How could you possibly end up in this  position with Thomas Jefferson of all people? After all you thought he was still in France. You had finally found words to say.

  “I must be going, i am expected somewhere but thank you for helping me up Mr.Jefferson”.

   “Will i ever see you again, Miss. l/n?” He wanted to see you again. You out of all people, there were so many girls that were more beautiful and had way better gowns than your old almost-out-of-fashion gown you currently had on. Hell, you shouldn’t even be letting it go this far. You needed to end it here and try to be happy with John, but it seemed as your heart’s words got to your lips before your brain’s did.

   “I would sure hope so,” you couldn’t believe you just said that.”But i must be on my way good day Mr.Jefferson.”

  “Good day to you as well Miss. l/n,” Jefferson leaned down to kiss your hand again and bam, he just walked off leaving you standing there flustered as ever.

Boy, you had a hell of a story to tell Eliza.  

Um so yep heres my first attempt at writing on this blasted site. I hope it was good constructive criticism much appreciated. Will probably be a part two, we shall see if anyone likes it.

// Alright guys I really gotta go to sleep but I’ll reply to all the other birthday wishes privately and per mobile tomorrow! Thank you all so much really, it means a lot and y'all are so damn precious.

ALSO, to explain why I’ll also be a little less a tive, long story short … @laxusthelightning stood in my living room all of a sudden and I’m!!!!!!!!!! This bUTT! My mom knew it, one of my friends knew it, my aunt knew it and jfc I was so damn surprised and happy jsbksks GDI. She’ll stay here for a couple of days soO yEA. Then there were a few more surprises and such nice gifts and I cried ugh but it was such a nice birthday honestly ughugh kwjsks so yea just wanted to share this with you so you know that I’ll be a little spotty with IC stuff and Jacky probs too jsndk Greetings for y'all and see you later!!

Okay so we’re all really happy about the victuri kiss (like holy fuck so happy) but I’m gonna stop freaking out about that for one moment to point out that Phichit won gold!! And made history as a Thai Skater! 

Like I feel like for obvious reason figure skating in someplace like thailand isn’t seen as seriously as it might be in someplace like Russia and I’m just so happy for him. Plus he won over Yuuri, who did a move at a time in his routine that not even Victor had tried before which just shows how blown away the judges were by his performance.

It must have been a really big day for ice skating fans in YOI that day. A Thai skater winning gold and Japanese and Russian male skaters kissing on international television like damn. I’m just so happy for all of them. 

Hit the Diamond

The way that this episode had not only things I wished, but things I thought that would be pretty unlikely to happen makes it hard to believe that I’m not dreaming, somehow. At the beginning of this year I made a fancomic with lots of Rubies and had such a great time just by playing with the idea… I could never imagine that we would have such an anime-istic episode WITH THAT MANY RUBIES. AND SO MANY RUPPHIRE MOMENTS. The jokes were amazing, all other characters were just as incredible, DAMN. I’m so happy! 

Tbh autistic people are so cool the way we seek information. If i want to know the ins and outs of how cars work, or the human heart or nervous system, or the history of dragons or the way complex buildings are made or how to make my own computer from the ground up there is going to be an amazing autistic person out there who can tell me all about it in such a way that is so engaging because they are truly excited and happy to talk about it and they really truly KNOW what they’re talking about because of their love/intense interest for the subject and all the research they put in and i just thinks thats so fantastic like damn look at us were so cool.

every time i think about eos i feel like i’ve been punched in the damn chest like holy shit just the fact that Aelin knew her and Rowan were mates and the fact she was so selfless and sacrificed her happiness and the life she could have built with her family hurts me so much

Monsta X reaction when their crush who’s an idol (you) going to be on “We Got Married” with him.

@ur-beautiful-when-u-smile said:Can I request a reaction of monsta x hearing that their crush who is an idol (the reader) wants to be on we got married with him? I don’t really know the rules

Shownu: He’s was on a radio show, when the radio host started explaining to him that last time you were here on the show, you said how you would like to be on “We Got Married” with him. He was loving the conversation, he was loving the idea you had most especially. 

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Hyungwon: Your like his major crush. He finds you so damn attractive and funny, smart, and just everything about you makes him so happy that your his friend. So he was super flabbergasted when he found out he was going to be on the show with you. He couldn’t tell someone your name without getting super excited. Somebody: “Who are you going to be with on the show?” Him: “*y/n*” *GIF*

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Minhyuk: The members had to pick someone from their group to star on the TV show, Minhyuk already told them he DID NOT want to be on the show, but did they listen….nope. He went nuts when he seen his name on the list.

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But when he found out that you asked to be paired with him, he suddenly loved the guys for volunteering him in for the show.

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Kihyun: He waited for the MC to pull the name out the basket, he was definitely sure that someone else name was going to get picked for your co star on “We Got Married”. But when the MC said his name, he was completely shocked, but went back to looking neutral, so no one would suspect his crush on you.

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Wonho: He tried, he really did try his best to hold it in. He didn’t know whether to smile really hard or laugh a little, so he came out with both.

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Jooheon: He’s not showing how really happy he is to be with you on the show (HE EXTRA FUCKING HAPPY), but he’s showing some sort of excitement and shyness when they announce his name.

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I.M: His group members are more excited than he is apparently, when they hear the news, a lot of high pitch screams burst out.

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My life must have been a reward because I met you

All the good feels and happy moments from the previous 12 episodes were completely swept away with episode 13 - I don’t even remember how it feels to laugh and smile anymore. This review is long (it was a 1 hr 25 min episode)

Shin was shocked how he didn’t realize that Wang Yeo was right in front of him all this time. GR was conflicted because 1) he was still trying to figure out who he really is and 2) it’s kinda harsh news to suddenly learn you’re the person who sent your friend and his family to their deaths 900 years ago. Hence, GR kept asking the same question over and over, “Was that young and foolish face mine, in the end?” Shin was tearful as he told GR that the heavens have and are still on his side because his memories were erased; therefore, GR doesn’t remember what he did, while Shin relives his memories everyday. Some people are saying that it’s immature of Shin to put the blame on Wang Yeo, but remember, Shin was human too and he was put into this situation because of Wang Yeo. When we’re angry, we do unimaginable things even if they are our loved one and, at this moment, Shin was lashing out all his locked up emotions for 900 years. Eun-tak was worried for both Shin and GR as she checked their rooms. When Shin returned home, he told her to pack because they are staying at DH’s house, but he noticed how she didn’t argue nor ask questions. Therefore, he realized that Eun-tak already knew the truth about GR (this probably hurt his feelings because his sister already hid the truth from him). But she gave a very thoughtful and considerate answer because she genuinely was thinking about his feelings and left it up to fate if it was truly meant for Shin to find out the truth himself, “But if you two had been fated to pass each other by, you would’ve done so. And if you two had been fated to meet, you would’ve met anyway.” 

Poor DH was the only one who didn’t know what was going on. Eun-tak, being the considerate person she is, offered to stay with Sunny because 1) to give Shin a peace of mind about his sister (Shin can’t face Sunny at the moment with his current state) and 2) probably to give him time and space to think about the situation. It’s quite true what DH said about Shin just kicking out GR from the house, but like Eun-tak said, “Mr. Reaper has nowhere else to go,” and Shin wouldn’t kick out GR because 1) he’s his friend and 2) he’s Wang Yeo. The transition from Sunny to GR was beautiful as GR returned home to an empty house - just the same as he returned to an empty palace after killing Shin and his family. Sunny and Eun-tak talked about how her memories returned, but what’s important to notice is that even though her memories of being the queen are back - she is still the Sunny we know with her witty remarks. What Samshin said about lives is very significant to note in regards to reincarnation/rebirth, “Whether it be the first or forth, every single time is important.” Sunny said it was her fourth life because she knows of her previous lives and met her brother and lover again; Eun-tak said it was her first because she wants her second, third, and fourth lives to be with Shin. However, we really don’t know whether it is our first, second, third, or fourth life, therefore we should always treasure each life we have because who knows if we’ll be granted a second chance - that’s why Wang Yeo’s greatest sin wasn’t killing Shin and his family, but taking his own life

Shin was conflicted as he was trying to drink his worries away, but images of Wang Yeo and GR popped up in his mind because he could’t distinguish whether they are different or the same (Wang Yeo who wanted his death or GR who wants him to live). Joong Won and GR finally meet again; we learn that Joong Won is an evil spirit/demon who feeds on people’s dark emotions and he was the reason behind Eun-tak’s mysterious deaths (I was so mind-blown over this because it makes sense why death was “literally” hunting her in an abnormal way). This drama emphasizes the importance of names such as when GR demands Joong Won’s, but he refused while questioning GR if he even knows his own name. Personally, I think the reason why Joong Won survived this long was because his name wasn’t transcribed when he died, “That’s how I’ve managed to survive for nine hundred years now.” This second time, Shin reminisced the happy moments with GR. This is important because these were Shin’s true thoughts about GR, despite him being Wang Yeo, and I believe it was at this moment that Shin made a decision - that’s why he picked up GR’s call. If he was still angry, Shin wouldn’t have picked up. GR decided to face his past and confront Eun-tak about the sword, as well as, he asked her to give the ring back to Sunny since he has no excuse to see her because he “erased” her memories. Eun-tak didn’t give the ring right away to Sunny because Sunny was also trying to figure out, for herself, if the feelings she has are her’s or the queen’s

Sunny tried to convince Shin to move forwards from the past, though, Sunny’s answer to Shin remained the same about his decision in regards to Wang Yeo, “Go, Big Brother.” Shin replied that it will not be forgiveness for Yeo if he moves forwards and I think it’s because Shin already decided to forgive Wang Yeo - instead he wants Wang Yeo to understand that he is loved, he must fight, he must protect his loved ones, and he must live on in this lifetime. GR got punished for abusing his powers by the Investigative Agency of the Reaper department (about time this was addressed, I was beginning to wonder how he got away with breaking the rules). His punishment was the return of his erased memories after being tortured in hell for 600 years. After Shin’s and Kim Sun’s deaths, Wang Yeo’s “mental health” deteriorated as he grew up and was given a tonic by Joong Won to improve his health (obviously it was poison). In adulthood, Wang Yeo was seen improperly dressed, his hair messy, pale-yellow complexion (indicating sickness due to poisoning), and he was depressed. I think another reason why Yeo did not wear his complete royal robe was because white (in Asian cultures) symbolize mourning and perhaps he was in a state of forever mourning for Kim Sun; that’s why he drew her portrait. We finally discover how Samshin got the ring in her possession by asking Wang Yeo to give it to her - she probably knew that they will eventually meet again because Kim Sun will be reborn. Wang Yeo then burned the robes as an offering to Kim Sun and took his own life by drinking the remaining tonic, which was served by the maidservant (aka. lady grim reaper). The ironic thing is that Wang Yeo killed himself with his own ‘royal decree’ just as he killed Shin and his family with his ‘royal decree.’ 

Also, if you didn’t notice, one particular cup was shaking (it was a brown cup?) and I believe it might be the one Wang Yeo drank from when he erased his memories. 

Finally, Shin and Wang Yeo truly meet after 900 years. In a fit of anger, Shin pushed Wang Yeo against the wall and grabbed him by the cuff to express 1) how Yeo failed to protect his people, his country, his woman, and himself2) how his sister died to protect him because she was his weakness, and 3) how he won’t kill Yeo because Yeo already atoned for it by taking his own life. Despite Shin holding this 900 yo grudge, none of his reasons were about being killed for “false treason,” but instead were about Wang Yeo’s life. Even though Shin is a goblin, he’s not perfect and is still susceptible to the “weak things” of humans that we call emotions. Shin’s mind was a chaos trying to distinguish between GR and Wang Yeo: are they different or the same? Now that GR’s memories returned, Shin was most angry at him for saying that he wanted to die, again, - this is selfish and inconsiderate of of Wang Yeo/GR. But we can’t entirely blame GR because he’s troubled about what he did and who he really is. Eun-tak returned the ring to Sunny and Sunny remarked how the regrets, sins, and loneliness of the ring were hers all along. When Sunny asked Eun-tak how she is related to her brother, I lost it when I read Eun-tak’s answer, “Because that’s my fate… I can make it rain a bit less. So that the citizens don’t have a hard time. And I can make the first snow of the season come by faster, too… to make the people of the world happier.” This represents Eun-tak and Shin’s relationship: how she makes him happy and he makes her happy. It also shows how she focuses on the positive aspects of their relationship and how she’s always thinking about others - especially when she told Sunny why they became the goblin and grim reaper, “Because the world needs miracles. Beautiful and strange miracles… Because life is a bit lonely since death exists.” Notice how these two descriptions of life and death compliment the roles by Shin and Wang Yeo. Shin, being the goblin, represents the miraculous things that makes life special, while Wang Yeo, being the grim reaper, represents the truth of death that makes life precious

I admire Eun-tak’s genuine selflessness - she immediately jumped in front of Sunny to protect her from Joong Won even though she was scared and was equally in danger. Joong Won hates Kim Sun because she was the reason why Wang Yeo changed. Her birthmark activated to protect her from Joong Won, but this confirmed to Joong Won that her birthmark was disappearing. I admire how Eun-tak continued to put up a strong face in front of Sunny, until she summoned Shin - she immediately rushed to hug him because he’s the only person that she can show weak emotions in front of (Eun-tak always puts a strong face in front of others because of her childhood, but he’s the only one who sees her weakness just as she’s the only one who sees him in his times of weakness). Shin noticed that her birthmark was faint and warned her to worry about herself - that someone else will protect his sister (referring to Wang Yeo/GR). Shin told her to wait two more days because God has asked him and GR a question of “fate” and they must find the answer themselves. 

That’s why GR wrote the special case report for Park Joong Won; this being the first step for Wang Yeo to move forwards from his past and take an initiative against Joong Won who was a father figure to him. In front of Grandpa’s grave, GR warned Shin about Eun-tak’s death and Shin told him to protect Sunny from Joong Won. GR questioned why Shin stepped forwards that day despite knowing that it was going to be his grave and Shin finally told Wang Yeo the words he couldn’t say, “You’d received love from the former king, who’d been your half-brother, from my sister, who’d been your lover, and from me, who protected your Goryeo.” The reason why Shin kept walking forwards that day was because 1) he was going to die anyways, 2) if he didn’t step forwards then it would make the King look bad for accusing false treason on an innocent/loyal general, and 3) it was the only opportunity for Shin to “defy” his king after following all of his orders so that he can finally meet Wang Yeo face to face. All his life, Shin was and still is loyal to Wang Yeo. After telling GR his true feelings about the sword in his chest, Shin finally realized the true purpose of the sword: to kill Park Joong Won

I truly admire Yoo In Na for her performance of portraying a person split between her past and present. Throughout her day, GR followed her while watching her from a distance until they finally talk at the bridge - their iconic spot of their relationship. Bridges have symbolically represented two things in literature and mythology: 1) the transition between life and death and 2) overcoming a challenge/obstacle. Their relationship is truly a challenge, but they both took a step forwards: GR not forcing her to choose and Sunny breaking up with him. Sunny revealed to GR that her memories were never erased because all the sad memories were happy - showing that in both Kim Sun and Sunny love Wang Yeo & GR for who they are. When Sunny called him “Kim Woo Bin,” this confirmed how Sunny loves GR not because he’s Wang Yeo, but because he is his own person. The differences this time around are 1) GR didn’t force the ring on Sunny’s finger unlike when Wang Yeo forced on Kim Sun and 2) Sunny chose to live happily unlike when Kim Sun chose to die happily. Shin, knowing that he’s going to die, took Eun-tak on one last trip to enjoy time together. Eun-tak hugging Shin’s back, his head on her lap while she caressed his face, him presenting the contracts, and her jumping on him and kissing him to get the original one while they both laugh… But the final blow to my heart was when Shin broke down crying while reading the contract, thinking about Eun-tak, and how there is such a thing as forever sad love because he wants to live. T.T 

Shin visited DH and Sunny and wished them only happiness - I cried when he wished for Sunny to have a great life as HERSELF! Thus him acknowledging that she is not only Kim Sun, but also Sunny too. And lastly, he went to wait for Eun-tak in front of the stairs. As she walked towards him, all he could do was gaze at her while engrossed with her smile; he then tells her his plan concerning Joong Won. But the next scene!! IT’S THE SCENE WE’VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR BUT I CAN’T TRULY INDULGE IN IT KNOWING WHAT’S HAPPENING NEXT. Shin instructed her to summon him right away once he calls her, but right as Eun-tak thought he already left… HE CAME BACK AND KISSED HER SO PASSIONATELY, INTENSELY, AND DEEPLY! OMFG… LOOK AT THIS KISS! This kiss was 900 years worth of loneliness and longing… all of his locked up emotions for Eun-tak… the emotions that he will no longer be able to express… he literally devoured her as she could only respond back and became worried because of the intensity of kiss. Despite that wonderfully hot and sexy kiss, it had an aura of desperation and unquenched hunger as he gazed and cradled Eun-tak’s face - trying so hard to engrave her image, every curvature of her face, and the feel of her body into his memory knowing that it was the last time he promised her, “I’ll be back.” 

“So, shall we have our final battle now?” Of course, Joong Won teleported to where Eun-tak was and, at that moment, the buckwheat flowers in the book flew away like dust, foreshadowing how her lover will disappear. Unfortunately, she could not see him because of her fading powers. At the same time, GR sensed the change in Eun-tak’s death card announcement set to tonight. Eun-tak finally realized why Joong won waited all this time - for her birthmark to fade so that he could control her to pull out Shin’s sword. Joong Won attacked Eun-tak while she received Shin’s call and fumbled to start the lighter… luckily she managed to light a flame and summon Shin. However, the tables turn and Eun-tak grabbed Shin’s blade pleading him to kill her instead, “He’s trying to use me to remove your blade! I was fated to die. If not for you, anyway.” Too late, Joong Won possessed Eun-tak’s body and proceeded to remove the blade while Shin stood there as if this is what he’s been waiting for. Right then, GR appeared, commanded (like a king) that the deceased soul answer to the grim reaper, and called out Park Joong Won’s name three times. I KNEW THEY HAD TO TEAM UP! Joong Won was forced out of Eun-tak’s body and Shin caught her while also proceeding to pull out the sword holding onto her hands on the hilt!! OMFG!! SHIN PULLED OUT THE SWORD TOGETHER WITH EUN-TAK! Despite being shocked, Shin wasted no time and swung one last mighty slash at Joong Won with the blade blazing with fire. However, he wasn’t so depressed with the price of his death with the package of Shin’s death too, “But what I did was not in vain, because I’ve killed you once more. It’s the end for you now.” 

Shin fell to one knee as he propped himself up with his sword, barely able to stand, while formally addressing the king one last time, “Forgive me. I will now send word to you that I’ve died a heroic death.” The sword, which was given to Shin by Wang Yeo and was the object of his immortal curse, finally disappeared and Eun-tak rushed to Shin’s side to support him with her own body and pleading the one word that she could only think of, “No! No! No!” She hugged Shin so tightly as if trying to keep him from disappearing while Shin caressed her face, “My life must have been a reward because I met you.” She reminded Shin that he told her he would never let go of her hand and Shin said that he would ask God to let him come back with the first snowfall of the season… the promise in which Shin had signed his life to keep with Eun-tak. The final blow to the remaining life inside me - when Eun-tak desperately confessed, “I love you, Mister. I love you!” and Shin replied, “Me too. I love you. Until the end. I already have.” In the end, their last moments together was them finally genuinely confessing their love for each other, as compared to the first time when Shin silently & indirectly confessed his first love and Eun-tak jokingly and not seriously meaning “I love you.” Shin closed his eyes and disappeared into red sparks as the flame from his heart spread to his body and blowing away in the wind… leaving Eun-tak alone as she collapsed in tears. But one thing to notice is that Eun-tak didn’t bawl into tears in front of Shin until after he disappeared because the actual reality of Shin disappearing into dust was the most painful experience for her… she was probably still holding onto a glimpse of hope that Shin would stay, but the moment he actually disappeared before her eyes was probably traumatizing as all she could do was helplessly watch her love turn to dust. 

So in conclusion, I’m a mess right now. There are 3 more episodes left and that’s a lot of time that still remains to cover the ending of this drama, therefore anything can happen at this point since the sword pulling is done. Since GR is already on probation, he most likely might erase Eun-tak’s memories for her sake and won’t mess up like how he did with Sunny (he’ll probably say - forget everything about being the goblin’s bride and that he existed - return to living a normal life like a human). As for Sunny, she’s moving on with her life by making it meaningful, happy, and successful without it being related to her past life. As for GR, he’s trying to come to terms with his past and 1) he’ll stop being a grim reaper, or 2) he’ll return to being a grim reaper. As for Eun-tak, my poor baby, she’s in so much pain but I think she will most likely lose her memories and we’re going to get a time skip, but she has grown so much to become the wonderful woman she is now. Lastly, for Shin, I still hold strongly onto my reborn theory that he will be back! This can’t be the end for him because in episode 12, the letter by grandpa said he’ll disappear with a “blue spark.” However, in this episode he disappeared with “red sparks.” Red fire symbolizes destruction, transformation, and creation; therefore, perhaps Shin disappearing into red sparks might mean the end of his goblin life but he will be created as a different entity (as a human, angel, or even a grim reaper (theory courtesy of @azhaneeothman)). Of course, he probably is going to have a talk with God.. probably give his answer to the question of “fate” and I believe Shin already gave us a piece of that answer, “My life must have been a reward because I met you.” 

Lastly, did you watch/listen to the ending song? There is a scene of a man standing in the desert and perhaps this is Shin? The desert has two famous symbolisms: 1) loneliness and isolation (death), but it can also 2) represent purification, eternity/endless possibilities, and awareness of oneself (humility). Perhaps this is what Shin is experiencing at the moment… either death or a new beginning from realizing that his immortal life was not a punishment after all. At the very last second of this episode, it was when Shin saw Eun-tak’s future… but this time a new line was added with Shin answering about his choice, “I understand now.” WHAT DOES HE UNDERSTAND!? Perhaps he is either answering himself why he chose to do what he did, OR he’s answering God about the answer to “fate.” :O

Welp… I’m still pulling for a happy ending because… I WANT TO SEE ALL OF MY BABIES HAPPY WITH THEIR LOVED ONES!! (PS: thanks for reading if you’ve read up to this point… I’m so sorry I had so much to talk about). 

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Important Anon Question regarding Pedophilia

I’m happy for you, I really am… But that doesn’t mean that I don’t wish that I could change your mind and make you want to be with me again. I can’t change your mind and the more I think about it, the more I wonder why I want to so damn bad.
—  Okay

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who do you think said I love you first and additional who do you think kissed the other first

yoongi was the first to say i love you. it happened when he and jimin were cuddling back in the dorm, jimin had been trying to tell him about something that happened earlier but he couldn’t get through the story because he was laughing way too much just remembering it. and at that moment when it was just the two of them all warm and happy and tangled together trying to fit on the single bed, yoongi laughing not because he understood jimin’s story but because jimin himself is so damn endearing, it just slipped out of him and he didn’t regret it at all because he whole-heartedly meant it.

jimin kissed yoongi first but it was after a while of yoongi always staring at his lips as he spoke or unashamedly touching them but making no attempt to kiss him, and he just knew that that’s what yoongi wanted,, so it happened when he was talking one time and noticed yoongi very apparently not paying attention and staring at his mouth; he leant over to give yoongi a quick kiss, told him how damn obvious he is and ‘if you want to kiss me hyung, just do it’ and although yoongi had gotten all blushy and flustered and told him what a dork he is, he still pulled him in by the shirt so he could do exactly that.

Okay tho

Can we just talk for a second about how phichit is just in supportive friend mode during Episode 10?
He doesn’t get upset or ask “why didn’t you tell me, yuuri? I thought we were friends??” After seeing the rings.
(which would have been my reaction, tbh, because I’m a flawed human being)

No, this beautiful cinnamon roll doesn’t question a damn thing or make it about himself. Even though he instantly assumes that yuuri got married without telling him about it, he’s so happy that his friend got married - and therefore, is happy - he announces it to the ENTIRE RESTAURANT. 


gay couple? CHECK. loving relationship? CHECK. supportive support system? CHECK. 

I just…I’m so blessed.


It’s funny, because Skullkid really is my favorite character in all the Zelda mythos.

For those of you who don’t know, he’s basically this Imp who stole this super powerful mask and tried to make the moon crash into the earth.  But what I found so ingrained in the character is that he’s set up as the villain, and yet you just feel so damn awful for everything he goes through.

He’s this ugly little Imp who feels his friends have all abandoned him.  His friends, the giants, just vanished one day, and all he relied on were these two fairies.  Once he finds this all powerful mask, he just loses it and all his pain just turns to anger against everyone else. 

But once you beat the game, you can see that his character is heart broken because of all the pain he caused with the mask.  He is ashamed with the giants return, he can’t even look at the Happy Mask Salesman he robbed.  

I always thought it was a powerful message of the dangers of loneliness with the character.  After so long of being ignored, his life just started to be consumed with anger, and he was willing to kill everyone just to share this pain.  It just stuck with me.

“Friends are a nice thing to have…”

Always thought he was the most deep villain of the series.

Young and beautiful - Tony Stark

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N/A: a little angst, sorry. 


The first time you saw him on the news, besides thinking that he was really a handsome man, you noticed his playboy acting. You began to question ‘if he’s a hero, how on earth could he truly be a complete jerk?’ And you were damn right. As if destiny were acting in your favor, you eventually met Tony Stark at a charity party. And, ignoring all the boring rich people, he came talk to you. No, he didn’t try to seduce you or anything, you could see well enough that he was happy to finally have a casual and normal conversation with somebody. After that night, you two started meeting each other frequently, sometimes a coffee, other times a tea. You just wanted to talk and see one another. So, it was no surprise when you started a serious relationship. Tony Stark was head over heels for you and you were completely in love with him. But, unfortunately, life wasn’t that easy.

“Every damn day you’d pray for me. Pray that I’d make home and without any serious injuries. And… And I always coming back to you.” Tony whispered weakly, holding your hand as carefully as if you could break into a thousand pieces. This would be funny if it could not really happen, but there you were lying in a hospital bed. You sighed sadly as you watched Tony’s features, he looked so tired, like he had not slept for days. And his eyes… Where was the sparkle in those eyes that you loved so much? “Please, sweetheart, don’t give up yet.”

You wanted so much to cry. You wanted so much to scream that life wasn’t fair. You wanted to live and be with your love. You wanted to make Tony Stark smile. But you were dying. You were the cause of Tony’s tears. You were breaking your vows. ‘Til death do you part. Destiny could be so ironic. You glanced once again at Tony, he’s done some horrible things in life but you knew with all your heart that he was a good person. He was your person. Your love. Your everything. You wanted to cry again, but you didn’t have any tears. You were leaving him. You were tearing his heart apart. You didn’t want to go. 

“Baby, it’s… It’s okay. Everything’s going to be okay. I love you. I- I love you so much.” Tony said almost without no sound, his hands shaking while he held yours. He watched you try to keep your eyes open, diverting his own gaze for a moment to the ceiling in order to contain more tears. He couldn’t do this. He wouldn’t be able to live properly without you. Was he paying his sins like this? So young and beautiful, you were so sweet and delicate like a flower. But at the same time, you were fierce, powerful in your own way. Why did you have to pay for his sins? Why did it have to be you and not him?

You tried to smile softly for a brief second, your pale skin contrasting with your red lips, it was impossible to keep breathing without feeling pain. Tony leaned toward the bed, a hand clasped in yours as he gave you a half-hug. You could feel that his whole body was shaking. You knew that he was crying. Too tired and too weak to keep your eyes open, you finally allowed yourself to sink into the darkness while you made your last wish. “When I get to heaven, please let me bring my man. When he comes, tell me that you’ll let him in...”

That Lovelis Bitch

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Words: 1038

A/N: OK, so apparently we don’t like Nia, because she’s steals our man Calum Thomas Hood (I think that’s how we all feel). Here’s another Calum one for y’all .-.
*stops talking because I’m too weird*




Thank you so much again Nia!

You were just getting out of the airport, texting Nia for setting this whole meeting up. You didn’t like her at all. She was too… fake for your taste, but Calum had already been after you once because of your hate towards her. So you decided to “pretend to like” her to please your boyfriend.

You had texted Nia’s sister, Rena, saying that you missed Calum so damn much and a few minutes a text appeared from Nia. Normally, you wouldn’t text each other, so it did wake an interest. Nia explained that she was more than happy to arrange a meeting between you and Cal. And how could you say now?

Your phone dinged and on the screen, a text appeared; Well, you deserve it.

You got out of the airport and got in a cab. Nia had texted you the address to a fancy restaurant, where they all were going for dinner. None of the 5SOS boys knew, but the whole Hey Violet band did. So you had been texted Casey about your project.

The drive took about an hour. Nia ordered the cab driver, too. Maybe she wasn’t the worst person ever? She had been clinging to Calum the whole tour – you knew that from Michael, who wasn’t very fond of her either. She was always sassy and snapping after you, which sometimes would result in a screaming fight. Calum had interrupted you and Nia’s fight once and he freaked. All of a sudden, the three of you was fighting. It ended with you promising to Calum that you would be nicer to Nia and Nia standing there with an evil smirk spread across her face.

The cab stopped in front of a rather big restaurant called: DiCibo. You couldn’t help but smile at the thought of being reunited with Calum again. You texted Casey as you went in the restaurant; Better prepare yourself, I’m coming now bbeeeatch

“Welcome. How can I help you? “ The restaurant was almost empty from where you could see, which made you anxious.

“Is there a big get-together at all? “ The lady, who was asking you the question before, looked confused.

“Uhm no. But we have a great brownie-recipe. “ She said, handing you a menu. You slightly mumbled thanks, before she walked away, leaving you at the door. You found your phone immediately, thinking they must be late. They had to be late. The phone rang a couple times before Nia picked it up.

“Hey Y/N. “ She said with her “innocent” voice. Just hearing her talk made you sick. Voices behind her was yelling and your heart dropped when you heard one specific.

“WHO’S CALLING, NIA? “ Calum yelled. The menu fell to the ground from the shock. They are probably in the car, you thought.

“Where are you? “ You whispered. Nobody needed to know that it was you calling her.

“We’re at the restaurant. When are you coming? “ The voices behind her faded, making it clear she was walking away from them.

“You bitch. “ You hissed at her. You could almost hear Nia chuckle, making it clear it was all planned.

“What? “ She laughed. “What’s up, Y/N? “

Tears were forming in your eyes. You had no idea where you were. You walked in thinking you would get to see the love of your life, but no – Nia had to play some sort of game.

“Is that Y/N? “ Michael shouted far away, probably ears dropping on the conversation. You heard a sound of chaos before Nia immediately hung up before Michael could snap the phone. You stood there, a single tear running down your cheek, not knowing what to do.

“Uhm, miss? “ You said calmly, trying to control your cries. The lady walked over to you. “Can I get a table? “

“Yes of course. “ She picked up the menu from the tree floor and showed you to a table, right next to the door. You sat down, not even looking at menu.

“Three pieces of that brownie. “ You handed her the menu and smiled slightly. Then you looked down at your phone. Nothing. Not from Michael, Casey, Nia or Calum. Putting away your phone, another tear hit the table. And another.

Three plates of cake where placed in front of you. You didn’t say anything, well-knowing that “Calum Hood’s girlfriend crying in an empty restaurant” would be a great title for an article. So you wiped away your tears carefully and waved away the waitress. Minutes passed where you were just starring, tears hitting the table repeatedly.

The first cake was gone after 30 minutes. Then the next took 20 minutes. It was almost getting boring, eating and crying. A couple went in and got a table in the other end of the room. The hold hands acroos the table.

Don’t worry, it’s going to end, you thought with disgust, watching the happy couple. He’ll go away on tour and an annoying bitch will mess with your feelings!

You were mumbling about the irritating couple under your breath as you fiddled with the brownie, when the door slammed open. You looked up from your cake and blinked.

Calum looked around to see you, sitting in the corner.

“Fuck. “ he murmured as he stormed over to you, grabbing a chair to sit beside you. He instantly took your hand, which you made the rain appear over your cheeks.

“Don’t cry, love. “ He kissed your shoulder and leaned his head against yours. He breath smelled of nicotine and a tint of mint. A smell that you never thought you’d miss.

“Nia… I was going to surprise you. “ You cried. Calum’s kissed your cheek.

“I know. She told me, sweetie. “ He said, turning your head towards him. “She’s a bitch, isn’t she? “

You chuckled. Calum’s eyes instantly lighted by your laugh. He kissed you softly on the lips. God, you missed it – his plump lips moving against yours.

“Let’s eat the rest of that brownie? “ He pulled away and looked desperately on the cake, exposing his hunger. You laughed and nodded, before he started eating the rest.

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that jason todd imagine you did with him and his daughter gave me so many headcanonns!!! imagine jason and his daughter have daddy and daughter days at the park with out his s/o and sometimes the batbros come along too. and they just spoil her with anything she wants bc she's the only little girl that they have. - anon m

Jason would be such a good dad okay???? Like when he showed up to the manor with a small child in his arms the boys, Bruce, and Alfred all thought that he had found it but when he whispered her name and handed her to Bruce, he saw that she resembled Jason in way that was kind of scary. Bruce got ready eyed because this was his grandbaby and he would cherish her like nobody else. The boys were so happy that they finally had a child that wasn’t the incarnation of Satan himself. Alfred cried, like full on cried. Everyone was so shocked but he was just so damn happy that Jason was finally okay. Everyone spoiled that baby and made her feel like she was the most precious thing on the earth, and in their eyes she was. They took her to the park every other day and whenever they were out they bought something for that baby. Jason was thrilled that they loved his baby girl. Every night when he put her to bed he thanked the stars above that he was blessed with such a wonderful child. In his eyes she was the best thing that had ever been placed on this earth. He took naps with her on his chest everyday and watched bullshit cartoons with her in his lap while you admired from the nearest doorway. Every time she laughed he felt like sobbing because he just loved her so damn much. Whoever she would cry he felt like his world was crumbling when ever she would smile he world would brighten. This is getting too long but Jason loves the baby he is given and cherishes it like no other.

This basically confirms my feeling that the author are heading more towards soueri and takumegu. I’m so happy after seeing this colorspread, they look like on a double date here. I thought that Takumi and Megumi would never happened and just a crack pair, but I’ve always ship them since the moment they were on the same panel! and now I see takumegu as a huge possibility after the recent chapters, the OVA, the drama CD, and now this cover. I can’t wait to see the battle between them and that sexy lady. I can’t wait to see takumegu bonding oh damn I’m so excited! 

and this vol 21 cover…

All my ships are here!! Ryou besides Aice. Alice and Takumi look like pushing Erina and Souma towards each other lol. It looks as if Takumi wanted Souma’s attention too ,soutaku arise? lol, but may I think that Takumi is basically telling Souma to step aside so he can stand beside Megumi, like a boyfriend he is. Ah I have a lot of feelings because of these. Next week better come sooner.

Gadreel Wants You to: Know Your Worth

Understanding your worth can be difficult, I know this well. There were days when I would reduce myself to only “the one who let the serpent in”. It has taken me a long, long time to move past this. 

Well, most days I still have to remind myself that I am not made of my mistakes, but they are just a part of me. I’m also the angel who created flowers in his free time. I’m also the angel who watched the first two humans love, learn, and grow. I’m also the angel that helped give heaven a second chance.

But I digress. Just as I am not made of my mistakes, neither are you. You’re the smile on a loved one’s face when they hear your voice. You’re the breaths that you take, and the effort that you put into your daily life. 

Your worth, no matter how small you think your impact is, is monumental.

My father would never create something worthless.Yes, there are billions of humans, but what you must realize is that you, amongst those others, impact everything that you touch.  

How could someone with such influence hold no value?

Finding your worth is no easy task, I realize this. But every day, I want you to look yourself in the mirror, and say “I matter”. Because you do. You matter so much more than you realize.

If we still talked, I’d have told you so much. I would have depended on you to make me feel good again, but we’ve stopped talking now, maybe it’s for the best. We’ve become strangers and I hate how every time I look at those big, brown eyes, I remember it all. I just miss you so fucking much. You were so damn perfect to me. I haven’t talked to anyone like I used to talk to you. There is so much that I wish I could forget about us, and what we used to talk about. Maybe it’s time to let go, since you don’t even remember a thing about me, but I can’t. Every time I see you, my heart sinks, knowing we will never go back to how we were. You’re happy without me and I’m stuck with this pain I’m feeling but I’ve survived this long without you. I’ll get over it.
—  An excerpt from a book I’ll never write.

I love reactions to ‘One Shot’. Like, everybody is so intrigued by the storyline and everybody is too much immersed into it until that plot twist at the end and people go like ‘wtf, did he really just do that?’ without judging the whole thing, the fact it’s Korean and it’s Kpop and Kpop does not emphasize ‘violence’ but damn, even the non-kpoppers were touched by the story and have gone through several membongs during the whole mv. I’m so happy the people are focusing on their message and point of the music video instead making fun of it.