they were in the same place

anyway i love how sana watched the hei briskeby video and had the fondest smile when even appeared on screen, she’s so happy their friendship looks exactly the same as it used to before. and when they were telling yousef to stay in turkey, she said “eeeh, i don’t think so!” out loud haha. btw, they’ve been texting quite a lot lately. he sends her pictures of the places he goes to. yesterday he sent her a picture of a big bird with 10 scared emojis 

also sana and jamilla have been texting too! chit chatting and talking about the eid party. they sent each other pics of their outfits and told each other how beautiful they looked. sana is happy she’ll get to see her on saturday (me too sana, me too)

sana approached the girls today and chris was the first to notice and she went “shhh” and her eyes were subtly pointing in sana’s direction. they were talking about her gift but still haven’t figured out what to give her. they really want to give her something nice and appropriate 

and also! important side note, sana’s parents picked a car today and her dad is just super excited about it. the mug holder holds his mug perfectly! the seats are heating AND cooling! it’s just great, great! (he won’t stop talking about it)


Word Count: 265

While doubled over in pain, you longed for something sweet and warm. He knew the cycle by now and knew that any day this week would be the time. “Tae~” you half called half screamed out.

“It’s warming up!” he called from the kitchen and you could tell what he was doing. He did the same every month.

As usual, he rushed into the bedroom as soon as the preparation was finished with your red hot water bottle and a mug of his home-made, signature hot chocolate. “Where does it hurt most?” he asked, and after paying close attention to the exact spots on both your back and front, he instructed in his deep, heavenly and comforting voice, “lay on your front.”

You did as he said while he placed the hot water bottle under your lower stomach and handed you the boiling mug. When you were as comfortable as you could get through the pain, you felt Taehyung’s legs either side of your thighs, followed by a weight on your butt. “Where about is it, baby?” he asked, feeling around your back until you let out a noise. Then, his large hands started pressing the spot and rubbing around relieving some of the pain.

“Better?” he asked, adding more pressure with his long fingers. 

“A lot,” you moaned in relief “Thank you so much, baby.” you sipped the sweet liquid and felt it as it warmed all through your insides.

“Anything I can do to help,” he leant down and placed a kiss on the top of your back a while continuing his treatment. 

Part Five: O Captain! My Captain!

Here’s the next installment! You can read the previous scenes here.

I stepped out onto the terrace for a breath of fresh air and found the Fraser children had had the same idea.

Ellen and Willie were laughing as they expertly waltzed circles around Jenny and Brian, the elder pair trying to teach the younger the fundamentals of the dance and not succeeding overmuch. Marsali called out, what I’m sure she thought were, helpful suggestions as she stood atop a bench. Joan and Maggie beamed from ear to ear, twirling ‘round and ‘round in the only dance step they knew: excitement.

“Here, let me try,” I offered when a new song began and took Jenny’s place.

The teenager rolled her eyes melodramatically, warning, “Watch your toes, Mistress Claire.”

I winked at Brian whose brows were furrowed in determination, giving his nose a playful tweak. “Don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it.”

“I keep losing count,” he complained.

Marsali cackled with glee, “How hard is it to count to three?”

Giving her a look, I cut off Brian’s retort. “Then I’ll count, you just move your feet. Ready? ONE - two - three, ONE - two - three, ONE - two - three.”

We shuffled about the terrace, song after song. Brian did catch on quickly with a more patient teacher and soon we even tried to throw in a turn. It didn’t end well, crashing headlong into Ellen and Willie instead of changing direction.

“Again, again!” Brian begged as a new melody started up.

“But this is a foxtrot,” I tried to explain, “I’m not sure I know it well en–”

“May I be of assistance?” The Captain quite suddenly asked, taking me completely by surprise. How could a man that tall appear out of thin air without a sound?

My hand flew to my neck, my pulse beating erratically as I stammered, “I, ah, that is, you should teach Ellen. She’s a magnificent dancer.”

He looked slightly amused as he offered his hand, “She kens the foxtrot well enough.”

I turned to find Ellen dutifully teaching Willie the steps. “Slow, quick, quick,” her voice floated past as they danced by.

“Show us too, Father,” Brian urged, grabbing Jenny by the hands and pulling her back into the middle of the terrace. “How does it go?”

“May I have this dance?” He asked, bowing low. His hand was still outstretched and I took it reluctantly. Brian tried to emulate his father’s courtly bow and nearly fell over in the process. I heard the captain chuckle as he drew me closer, placing his left hand on my lower back and stepping into the dance.

God, he smelled wonderful.

A more than competent dancer himself, he guided me effortlessly around the veranda for a time before commenting, “I wanted to thank ye, Nurse Claire, for all ye’ve done for my children.”

“Oh, but they’re so delightful that it’s really no trouble at all, Captain, truly.” I rambled like a lovesick schoolgirl, making my cheeks grow warm with embarrassment.

How had I never noticed what a deep blue his eyes were? They were magnificent. Rimmed in long lashes that somehow were a lighter shade of auburn at their base, the glow of the ballroom made them gleam like precious gemstones. He smiled then and it took my very breath away.

He didn’t speak again and, as I didn’t trust my own tongue, I embraced the silence. I felt like he may think me staring at him, so I dropped my gaze. My left hand rested just beside his lapel and the sparkle of my mother’s ring caught my eye.

She and my father had died in a car accident when I was young, making the small cabochon ruby encircled in diamonds of infinite value to me. I wore it on my ring finger, as that’s where it fit the best, and I absently wondered what they would have thought of my dashing Captain Fraser.

My Captain Fraser.

He wasn’t mine. He could never be mine. At least ten years my senior, he was completely out of my league in terms of social status, and a widower with seven children to boot.

The song ended long before I was ready, my heart aching as he stepped away.

Pull yourself together, Beauchamp.

Marsali suddenly appeared beside me, commenting loudly “Your face is all red.”

“Is it?” I asked lamely, scrambling for something intelligent to say. “I guess I’m not used to dancing.”

Brilliant, I mentally kicked myself, you’re bloody brilliant.

Footsteps echoed on the paved patio and I turned to see Lady Dunsany walking towards us with Ian in her wake. She was making an effort to hide her jealous rage, but the scathing tone of her voice and set of her jaw gave her away. “Why, that was beautiful. What a lovely couple you’d make.”

The light in the captain’s eyes disappeared at once and it had nothing to do with Ian blocking the glow from the ballroom. I caught the distracted glance he gave her as he responded, making me wonder if I had flustered him the way he had me. A hint of a blush crept above his neatly pressed collar and I wondered what it would be like to kiss him.

I felt three sets of eyes trained on me as I realized he had said it was time for the children to go to bed.

“Right! Yes!” I agreed, jerking to attention and tearing my eyes from his lips, “Let’s go, children. Come along.”

Turning my back to the adults, I quickly gathered the children into a clump, making preparations to leave the party via the garden next to the veranda. We would disappear to the east wing without disturbing the guests and in relative haste. I wished the ground would open and swallow me whole, but retiring with the children was the next best thing.

We were almost to the cobblestone path when a strong arm came around my shoulders and guided me back, “Jamie! Ye canna let the lass be tucked awa’ with the bairns for the night! She must come to the party!”

My heart skipped a beat at the discovery of the captain’s pet name. I knew his given name was James, and had assumed that he went by some sort of nickname with his family, but to hear it spoken aloud…

“Oh, but really, I can’t, I–” I tried to protest as we moved closer and closer to Lady Geneva and the Captain.

“Dinna fash,” Ian waved his hand in dismissal, then beckoned to Germain who happened to walk past, “Seat the lass next to me, will ye?”

The disgruntled butler looked to me and back to Ian, “If you insist, Mr. Murray.”

I broke the awkward silence that followed by pointing out the obvious, “I’m, ah, not dressed for it, Mr. Murray.”

Ian nodded, seeming to notice this for the first time, and grinned, “Ye have time to change, I’ll see to it.”

Lady Geneva had followed me up to my room despite my best effort to ditch her.

I opened my closet doors and stared stupidly at the clothing. All suitable for being with the children, even a few business formal outfits for if the occasion arose, but none would work for the dinner downstairs. “I’m not sure I have anything that would be appropriate.”

“Nonsense,” Lady Geneva spoke from behind me, sounding very condescending, “Where is that lovely little thing you had on when the Captain couldn’t keep his eyes off you?”

I spun around, “Couldn’t what?”

She smiled coyly as she stood next to me, “Come now, we are women; we know when a man notices us. You really are quite attractive, you know. The captain would hardly be a man if he didn’t notice you”

“I do hope you’re joking, Lady Dunsany,” I swallowed hard.

“Not at all.” She turned to me, eyes wide in mock innocence as she held a blue sundress in her hands.

Holyrood. I had wore the dress to Holyrood when she and the captain took the children on a tour of the palace. They hadn’t really needed me, which meant I had time to wander behind them and admire the place myself.

My mind replayed every interaction I’ve ever had with the man, searching for something that could have betrayed my feelings.

“But I’ve never–”

“Oh, you wouldn’t have to, my dear,” she looked over her shoulder as she laid the dress on my bed, “There’s nothing more irresistible to a man than a woman who’s in love with him.”

A woman who’s in love with him.

The air seemed to leave my lungs in a rush, “Is that so?”

“Of course! And what makes it all so nice is that he thinks he’s in love with you.”

“No,” I shook my head, “That’s not true.”

He couldn’t be in love with me.

Her eyebrows rose, “Surely, you’ve noticed the way he looks into your eyes… and you were blushing just now when the two of you were dancing.”

I’d always been told everything I thought showed on my face, but I had worked so hard to not give myself away. To love him from a distance, without his even being aware of it.

It seemed I had failed.

“Don’t worry, my dear, he’ll get over it soon enough, I should think,” shrugged noncommittally, “Men do, you know.”

I knew he would, but I wasn’t sure I could. Something deep within my heart told me that I would always love him.

So what now?

I couldn’t go on being a nanny to his children when he knew my feelings towards him. I couldn’t face him, couldn’t look him in the eye and see the truth.

What was the truth? Do I believe this woman? Does he really love me?

My heart sank as I realized that even if he did love me, we could never be together. We were from two completely different worlds, completely opposite stations in life. I couldn’t live in his and I would never ask him to lower himself to mine.

I have to leave.

I jumped, not realizing I had said this aloud, as Lady Geneva asked, “Is there anything I can do to help?”


@gracefulleopard asked:                    

Would it be possible for a ghost to go intangible, through a wall or object, and then return to tangibility while still inside the physical object? Or would there be some sort of instinct/fail-safe type thing that prevented them from doing so until they were clear of the obstruction?

In short, there doesn’t need to be a instinctual fail-safe because they just wouldn’t be able to do it! Matter hates existing in the same place as other matter. If a ghost tries to unphase in the same space as other stuff, the stuff either compresses, breaks, forcefully ejects them, or they are trapped in their phased state.


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anonymous asked:

what's your favourite Jily fic and why

oh GOD. so many. i can’t choose just one.  

basically anything written by @alrightpotter and @jiilys bc their writing is fucking phenomenal.

favourites include:

i heard you were looking like the moon by ellie. ( I CRY SO MUCH. it is so poetic and beautiful and how????)

amber by ellie (again i am in absolute awe of anything ellie writes bc it is like poetry. so beautiful)

your hand holdning mine by ellie as well okay i love her

with you by caroline (it’s actually the same. i just love caroline’s writing so much i cannot even describe how beautiful it is)

this one (no title) by caroline (IT’S THE SAME I CAN’T EXPLAIN IT)

is there a place where this is not temporary by caroline also

aaaaaand laisser derrière tout ce qui est perdu by @padfootdidit (so incredibly poetic and beautiful and so much love and amazing characterization and just….. i love)

send me asks?

You hold the negative up
to the light, appreciating the shadows.
It is you and I posing
as you and I, what seems coming apart
at the seam at some hidden locus,
some meeting place of sensation and nerve.
Looking at ourselves this way
we are surrounded by the low clouds
of trees in full bloom, my hand in yours
is an erasure, perfect, oracular.

Now you take the scissors and cut me
out, keeping me for yourself.
Then you hand me
you. The sentimental we agree
has its place, if undeveloped.
I place you in my wallet
in the compartment I never use
so the light cannot touch you.
You do the same, as if it were possible
nothing could ruin us now—
so separate, almost unborn again.

Stephen Dunn, “Split: 1962,” A Circus of Needs: Poems (Carnegie Mellon University Press, 1987)

Markhyuck fluff:

Title: shy

Kind: shy af donghyuck× shy af mark, donghyuck is the only person who calls mark “minhyung” and mark finds it adorable, jaemin is a lil evil friend, renjun the child of god, chensung’s cuteness

Side ships: jaeno/chensung/renjun×his book

Original aff link of the fic:


Shy. That was what mark and donghyuck both were. But not shy to everyone. They were shy to each other. And only each other. They would get all blushy abd shy whenever they were together in the same place. They didn’t even had to sit next to each other, even just sitting in the same table would make them get all blushy. They had been crushing on each other for almost a year now and their friends’ teasings weren’t helping their feelings.

“So when will you confess him ?”

“You know i can’t” mark said and put his head on his hands.

“Dude you had been crushing on him for like what ? 1 year now ? I’m not even sure if i should call it just a crush anymore. You look at him like he is the most beautiful piece of art you had ever seen.”

“But he really is the most beautiful piece of art i had ever seen” mark said,looking at jaemin hopelessly.

Jaemin sighed “just go talk with him. You don’t have to confess yet. Just please go talk with him. You sitting here like a complete idiot makes me so mad. Just do something already.”

“Why are you getting so mad ? I don’t understand.”





“WHAT ??!!”


“U-uhmm m-minhyung”

Mark turned around so fast when he heard the soft familiar voice behind him that he almost broke his neck.

“Y-yeah d-donghyuck ?”

“J-jeno said he wanted to t-talk with jaemin” donghyuck said, keeping his eyes on the floor.

“O-oh…” mark said, streching the back of his neck while jaemin said a “bye idiots”

“S-so how are you d-donghyuck ?”

“I-i’m fine m-minhyung. Y-you ?”

“I-i’m fine too”


And the silence filled the air. Donghyuck’s eyes were still on the ground, looking at his shoelaces that were untied,lying on the ground carelessly while mark  was studying donghyuck’s face.

Oh dear god donghyuck was so, so beautiful. How was he even real ? Those deer like eyes, this adorable cute little nose, those now pink and probably warm cheeks, these pink plumb lips…if only mark could stop being shy and make a move finally.

“I-i guess imma go now. C-chenle and jisung are waiting for me”

“Oh…oh okay. S-see you later then ?”

“Y-yeah. Bye minhyung”

“Bye donghyuck”

Mark could swear his heart melted softly when donghyuck gave him a small smile before walking away fastly.


“You still haven’t told him you like him right ?”

Donghyuck shook his head.

“Good” said chenle and kept licking his ice cream, afraid that it will melt and stick to his fingers. Cause ewww that sucks.

“Wait what ?”

“Yeah. Cause you don’t like him. You are so damn in love with him”

Donghyuck sighed and took chenle’s ice cream from his hand and bit on it

“Hey that’s my ice cream!”

“Oh shut up chenle i paid for it anyway” donghyuck said and kept eating the ice cream

“Yeah you bought an ice cream for you dear friend and now you are eating that ice cream! Logic ?”

“I agree chenle. And this is also an inderect kiss.”

“First of all jisung you always agree chenle. He can say he poops pink and you would be like “oh i believe you chenle” and second of all i don’t count this as an indirect kiss. For god’s sake why people make up things like “oh its a direct kiss” just to be kissed ? Thats stupid. It’s not a kiss as long as i don’t press my lips right on chenle’s lips”

“Don’t do that tho!!!!”

Donghyuck laughed and ruffled chenle’s hair “i would never do that chenle don’t worry. You are my son.”

“I’m just one year younger than you!”

“Still. You are my son. So does jisung.”

“Fuck my luck i’m everyone’s son. Everyone calls me their son.”

Donghyuck laughed harder.

“If you are our mom. We need a dad, hyung. Go get mark hyung fast. We want a dad.”

Donghyuck almost choked on his ice cream.

“W-what ?”

“Yeah we want a dad mooom”

“Why the hell i am the mom ???”

“Cause you are beautiful hyung.” Said chenle and jisung nodded and added “and mark hyung is more manly”



Mark watched how donghyuck was talking so excitedly with his friends. His hands were moving to all the ways in the air while probably scolding poor boys. Mark loved when donghyuck was angry, when he scold his friends. He admired how donghyuck’s voice would get even higher when he yells or how his face gets red with anger. He knew no matter how angry he gets donghyuck couldn’t even hurt a fly. He was too soft. Donghyuck had always showed his shy side to him so mark just loved seeing his other sides too even though he couldn’t see them directly. But why donghyuck was always shy towards him ? Maybe he liked him back ? Mark shook his head. Nah he was probably shy cause mark was a popular kid and his “fangirls” would threaten the poor boy if he get too close to mark. And at times like this mark hated being the popular kid one more time. He didn’t want to be the popular kid. He wanted to be the kid that donghyuck would talk comfortably.

“Just watching him from a far will not make you two date you know”

“Hi to you too eye smile”

“Mark hyung you gotta go talk with him.”

“Why ? He dosen’t like me back anyway.”

“I thought the same for jaemin right ? But it turned out that he was liking me back for a long time too. And we will celebrate our 5 months together tomorrow”

“Look jeno i’m happy for you. I really am. But not everyone is as lucky as you in love”

Jeno just sighed “your choice hyung. Oh by the way wanna come with us tomorrow ?”

“For your 5th months anniversary ? Why ?”

Jeno shrugged his shoulders “i don’t know. Jaemin said seeing you alone hurts his heart. He said it would be fun to go together. And tomorrow is also valentine’s day you know. We don’t want you to be alone.”

“So you pity me ? Did i get it right ?”

“Ah hyung come on. We don’t pity you. We love you, you know. We wanna spend our day with you”

“In valentine’s day ?”


Mark squinted his eyes and gave jeno a suspicious look “sound suspicious. But okay.”

“You will come with us ????”

“Yeah. I have nothing else to do anyway. So imma ruin your date” mark said and laughed

“Well you can ask donghyuck out”

“You know i won’t”

Jeno sighed again “whatever you want hyung. Imma go to jaemin now. See you later.”

“Yeah see you later eye smile”

Mark sighed. Yeah of course he was gonna spend this valentine’s day alone too. Cause he was too shy to confess to donghyuck…


“Na-fluffin-jaemin! Where are you guys ? I had been waiting for like seventeen minutes now.”

“Oh it had been that long ? Shoot sorry”

Mark wanted to choke jaemin when he heard his teasing tone.

“Just come here quick you asshole. I’m freezing.”

“We’ll come don’t worry. But we have a surprise for you before that hyung.”

“Surprise ? What surprise ?”

“Oh you’ll see” jaemin said and ended the call.

Mark could see that evil grin in his face even just by the tone of his voice.

“M-minhyung ?”

Mark felt like someone just shot him in the heart with butteflies. How donghyuck’s voice got even softer ? He turned around and saw donghyuck, standing there cutely, looking like a total cutie inside his fluffy clothes. His scarf was covering his chin but mark would still see his red cheeks shining on his beautiful tan skin. Oh god mark was gonna die. Mark was gonna die in the middle of that valentine’s day festival shit thanks to his adorable crush.

“D-d-donghyuck ??”

“U-uhmm jeno and jaemin said they will come as quick as they can. They said w-we can wait together.”

“O-oh…t-then let’s w-wait together.”


The silence was filling the air again like a thousand times before whenever they were together.

 "y-y-you" mark cleared his throat and talked again “you look g-good today donghyuck”

Donghyuck blushed and looked at the ground again. Wow the snow on the ground was so interesting. Wow. “t-thanks minhyung. y-you look good t-too.”

Mark blushed too but kept looking at donghyuck. “t-thanks”

“U-uhmm do you wanna eat something ? I think they will make us wait more” mark asked after 30 quiet af minutes.

“Y-yeah that would be nice to be honest. I haven’t eat dinner yet. J-jaemin said we will eat together so i gotta come hungry.”

“Oh…w-what do you wanna eat ?”

“D-dosen’t matter” donghyuck blushed more when they had an eye contact.

‘Dear god lemme live till the end of this night please’ mark prayed in his mind. Donghyuck was too much for his poor heart.


They ate in a cafe close to the festival place. The cafe was all decored special for the valentine’s day and all couples were annoyingly loud and kissy. Mark could count more than 7 couples that were making out and it was making both him and donghyuck blush cause the sounds that were coming from other couples…the sounds…

They both let out a deep breathe of relief after they got out of the cafe.

“W-what will we do now m-minhyung ?” Donghyuck asked, playing with the pompoms of his soft maroon beanie.

“A-ahhhh y-you wait here. I-i will come back quick.”


Donghyuck waited till mark came back. He was hiding something behind him and even the thought of mark bought something for him made donghyuck blush.

 "u-uhmm i-i got this…for you" said mark and gave donghyuck a red rose.

Donghyuck blushed even harder if it was possible “o-oh f-for me ?”

Mark nodded and looked at his hands. “y-yeah”

Donghyuck held the rose gently and played with it slowly “i-it’s really beautiful”

“n-not as beautiful as y-you”

Their cheeks could probably warm up the whole city cause of how much they were blushing.

“Marry-go-round!” Donghyuck said suddenly, looking at something behind mark

“E-eh ?” Mark turned around and saw what donghyuck was looking at with shiny eyes

“You wanna ride it ?”

Donghyuck nodded, the blush on his cheeks rising up again with excitement.

“Let’s go then” mark said and held donghyuck’s hand, pulling him towards the shiny machine.

They spent hours in the funfair riding marry go round a few times, riding ferris wheel while donghyuck is holding onto mark like a scared little kitten and mark wrapping his hands around him and saying soft little “it’s okay. I’m here"s to his ear, sharing a cotton candy, getting it all over their faces and laughing at their sillyness, donghyuck surprisingly winning against mark in the target game and lastly riding the scary home ride at the end of the funfair.

“IS THAT A SKULL ? OH MY GOD MINHYUNG ITS A SKULL!!!” donghyuck was holding onto mark’s arm like his life depends on it.

“It’s okay hyuckkie it’s just decoration.”

“BUT ITS SO SCARY!!” Donghyuck screamed, didnt even noticed mark just called him “hyuckkie”

“You gotta calm down a bit hyuck. I can literally feel your heart beat against my arm. It is beating so fast”

“IT ALWAYS BEATS THAT FAST WHENEVER IM WITH YOU THO!” Donghyuck yelled and didnt realize he just slightly confessed mark

“W-what ?” Mark’s eyes got wider and another skull flied in front, stopped right in front of donghyuck’s face, making the poor boy scream higher. He was so sure that he was gonna have a heart attack before this ride ends. So he thought why not confessing before dying ??


Donghyuck couldn’t continue his words when mark pulled him by his neck and slammed his lips into his open lips. Donghyuck held onto mark tighter and pulled him closer, literally eating mark’s lips. Mark could feel his head was spinning and he didn’t know if it was cause of the loud scary sounds of the ride or cause of donghyuck’s intoxicating kiss that was leaving him breatheless.

Mark pulled back when he felt like he was gonna die cause of lack of oxygen. And whispered an “i love you too” against donghyuck lips that was following his own for more kisses.

Donghyuck smiled and kissed mark more, making them both smile in the kiss.

“I will never forgive you for kissing me in this god damn ride. I can’t believe i lost my first kiss inside a scary ride.”

“Are you complaining ?” Mark asked and donghyuck got closer to his face again,staring at him intensely.

“No. No i am not at all.”

And mark smiled into kiss again. Cause he was so damn happy. His crush for so long was in his arms, kissing the life out of him, and dosen’t even care that the ride ended a long time ago and people were looking at them with shocked face. Donghyuck couldn’t give less shit about them people and mark smiled even harder at the kiss. Yeah. He couldn’t fall for someone better. Donghyuck was the best for him.


“Moooom when will dad come and buy us ice cream ??”


“But we want ice cream moooom. Call dad pleaseee”


“Yo hyuck where is your husband ??”


mark laughed, watching his boyfriend from a far. Yeah he was recording donghyuck scolding others cause he was just so adorable in mark’s eyes when he is angry. But donghyuck didn’t have to know that right ?


oh shit….

“U-uhmm no my one and only love”


“Hey! why it’s me who dies all the time whenever you wanna kill someone ?”

“Shut up!” was the last thing donghyuck said before mark pulled him into a kiss.

Jisung closed chenle’s eyes with his hands.


“Im protecting your innocent eyes”

“Im older than you!!”

“Believe me my eyes seen worse than that thanks to jeno and jaemin hyung”

“You all need holy water and jesus” renjun said and kept reading his book after shaking his head disapprovingly.

“Cause we are gay ??” Jaemin asked,judging renjun’s words

“No. Cause im tired of hearing the gross sounds you make when you kiss. I kept reading same part for like 5th times now. Please stop being so disgustingly in love. Be as gay as you want. But don’t smack your lips that hard when you kiss please. You are ruining my innocence and book.”

Jaemin just rolled his eyes “yeah whatever you say the pure child of god”

“Daaaaad will you buy us ice creaaam ??” Jisung asked to mark and donghyuck broke the kiss “PARK JISUNG I SWEAR TO GOD!”

but he couldn’t yell more when mark pulled him into another kiss.

“Awww look dad saved you”

“I love dad more than mom”

“Me too”

Not moving

Since I got a lot of the same question about it. No he’s not moving in with dk or anyone else or moving anywhere else. His table pretty much always looks like that, as well as most of the rest of his place. Books and pictures stacked all over the place, I don’t think he knows what a bookshelf is. 😬😬. Anyone know if Best Buy sells bookshelves 🤔🤔 He’s posted pictures with the table looking the same way. Even back when he was with cs and she’d post a pic from his place books were always piled up, same with his friends and any posts they’ve done.

suspicious partner 25-26

This was really a turning point for the drama, 2 episodes that would or break the main plot for me. The issue with many police/crime dramas is with all the fluff and humor in the first half, the darkness in the second half feels too heavy for what we’ve been given so far to the point where it’s like it isn’t even the same show since the things you loved about it are gone (you’re all surrounded, for example, suffered this imo).

I am very happy to say I’m not feeling this right now. Yes, we were given a lot of humor in the beginning, but we were also given murder and Bong Hee’s arrest and trial, which set a tone very much like what we got with these 2 eps. Because of this, I didn’t feel like the drastic mood change from last week was out of place for this drama at all. Actually, I enjoyed the dark turn we took today because the focus was still on the characters more than the plot itself.. 

I have to say the stand out scene for me was everyone going over why/how they blamed themselves for Mr. Bang’s injury. Rather than having one character go on their noble idiocy arc alone (though i’m still not entirely convinced Bong Hee won’t do something,) I enjoyed everyone knowing how everyone else could have done something to save Mr. Bang, but nobody blamed each other. The loyalty and teamwork of this group is astounding to me and I really enjoy the dynamic. Another thing that really surprised me was Attorney Cha being a welcomed member of the team despite her history with both Ji Wook and Eun Hyuk. The level of maturity of these people despite the circumstances is what’s setting these characters apart for me from other similarly themes dramas. 

I was disappointed by the lack of romance (I’m a simple girl with predictable  tastes), but was still pleased with the little we got. Again, speaking to maturity, by all accounts Ji Wook and Bong Hee should still be in the honeymoon phase of their relationship, and even though they couldn’t be all over each other I still saw the newness conflicting with the need to comfort and be comforted. The comforting scenes were simple, and sweet and the most I could have hoped for. 

Ji Wook was definitely the stand out character of this hour, and watching his dark side come out was equally terrifying and exciting. He’s been an amazingly kind, upright man so far and I’ve been wondering for a while what his breaking point was (the man let him self be physically assaulted and fired for doing his job correctly for god’s sake). I was equally pleased to see that his anger was solely focused on Hyun Soo and he never turned on the people he loved, Bong Hee for example. It would have been easy (even understandable) for him to push those he loves away to get revenge, but he was just as soft and kind to the as he’s always been. And as @overthinkingkdrama pointed out, the way he showed his pain by changing so quickly into lawyer mode was more powerful than any of JCW’s acting thus far (which us saying something since I think this has been some of this best work). 

Hyun Soo’s demise disappointed me. It was an entirely cliche and expected move to off him just as the lawyers are closing in, and in a show that has constantly been subverting my expectations, I wanted something more. Of course, he could be alive but I’m not holding my breath. With the only known Big Bad gone, I have no idea what will come next, but there was more potential than what we were given from him. 

The biggest question on my mind right now, is, assuming the psychic was right, and if Mr. Bang survives tomorrow, who will be the second person to die?

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If Rarity and Twilights kid would be sterile because its a sphinx pony mix, shouldnt Twilight be sterile as well? she is half pony

OMG how did I overlook that? Okay so we’ll just go with how it sometimes works with mules (horse/donkey hybrids). Generally they’re sterile but females have been documented to actually give birth to offspring. It happens rarely, though.

Soooooo the same thing could be the same for sphinx/pony hybrids. Female hybrids have a slightly higher chance of actually producing offspring but generally it doesn’t happen. The use of magic in Rarity and Twilight’s case, along with Rarity being the one carrying the child instead of Twi, could be why they were able to have a kid in the first place?? I mean alternatively Twi’s just sterile and they adopt a child; that works just as well.

The Culture of Education

I find myself doing some repetitive tasks which free my mind for thought so I have taken to listening to several essays by the great historian Will Durant. I found myself listening to one on the Greek philosopher Aristotle and Durant made a wry joke about the 13-year-old Alexander, one day to be “the Great” and Aristotle’s student, being better at breaking horses than breaking down philosophical quandaries. It stuck me. I understood the joke because I was familiar with Alexander, Aristotle and their time and place in history. To one not so familiar the reference would have been entirely unintelligible. 

You see, Professor Durant and I were in the same club. The club of those learned in the liberal arts and humanities. These days, of course, any student who wishes to study philosophy, history, literature or art is likely to be on the receiving end of “what use is that major” and “how do you expect to get a job”. Well, the fact is that people with liberal arts degrees get jobs and often, like philosophy major Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple or history major Sam Palmisano CEO of IBM do very well for themselves.

If you want to succeed learn to THINK.

Thinking about shipping real life people but also gossip magazines questioning if so and so is dating their new co-star (which is the SAME THING fyi)

And that got me thinking about the rumour mill in every school or work place where people speculate if Brad from Marketing and Jill from HR are boning yet

Or how you’ll eagerly watch mutual friends fumble their way into a relationship

Or how the Red Dwarf fan forum husband and I met on were convinced we were a couple long before we were (and who were very happy and also “about damn time” when we did get together)

And it made me realise how wonderful and odd it is that we have evolved to not only be interested if our fellow humans are mating and who with but EXCITED about it and deeply invested in it emotionally even though we aren’t involved in it.

Like it’s strange to think about but kinda beautiful to think we have evolved to want other people to be in love with each other and take joy when they do. To the point we will actively try to hook friends up with suitable partners.

That we can look at two people and be all “they look like they make each other happy I want that to be reality” is kinda beautiful.

(Saying that: if you ship celebrities and such in real life I’m not gonna tell you not to because I did at one time and I’d be a massive hypocrite but don’t like tweet at them to hook up or anything like that cause that creepy and not okay. Just like you wouldn’t want Brenda from accounting telling you to hook up with Chad from sales when you haven’t ever spoke to her before.)

Life is Strange Terqua AU
  • Terra is Max and Aqua is Chloe (for Obvious Reasons)
  • Except Aqua’s not a punk girl so much as indie. 
  • Still takes place in Arcadia Bay, Oregon 
  • Terra and Aqua lived in the same foster home. They, along with Ven, were best friends until they hit their teens when…
  • 14 year old Terra was suspected of murdering local rich girl Aurora. He was never convicted, but Aurora’s parents bribed his social worker into sending him to another home out of state. 
  • 5 years pass. Terra sends Aqua and Ven letters/emails. Aqua never responds, partly due to her doubts whether he actually killed Aurora or not, and partly because her foster father forbade her from it. Ven writes back for awhile but eventually his parents find out and make him stop.
  • Now 19, Terra returns to Arcadia Bay to study photography at Blackwell (which in this verse is not just an academy but also a university).
  • He has trouble making friends due the rumors that surround him. He does manage to befriend 14 year old Naminé, another Blackwell student specializing in the fine arts
  • Other students include Aqua, Riku, Xion, Ventus, and new kid Vanitas 
  • One day Terra witnesses Aqua be cornered by Vanitas, who shoots her dead
  • This is what kick starts the Rewind Gift. Terra goes back in time and intervenes by mustering up the courage to talk to Aqua for the first time in five years
  • Their reunion is awkward as heck. Aqua is happy to see him, but Terra is hurt she never responded to his attempts at communication. 
  • During their reunion, Aqua tells Terra that Ven has been missing for the last six months. 
  • He was presumed dead by the authorities, but Aqua refuses to believe it. Terra agrees with her, and the two resolve to find him together. 


just so all my American/international followers know the victims and neighbours of the victims of grenfell tower weren’t asked how they felt about a charity single and still to this very minute are not the least bit fucked about one and to quote them actually “we don’t need a song, we need justice!” you can tell it all came from a good place but the facts are this wasn’t an unavoidable natural disaster that we’ll overcome if we just stick together it won’t go away once you raise enough money this was essentially manslaughter committed by the council and Tory MPs who don’t give a fuck about the poor they knew the conditions were unsafe and a major fire hazard voted against improving standards and used cheap building materials that are banned in many parts of the world and a reported 30,000 buildings in the uk have the same cheap cladding that grenfell had grenfell doesn’t need a song it needs a government that doesn’t value human lives even less than lives of vermin

H O L T.

The memory of the four letters spread by burning petals were forever now etched into Allisiana’s thoughts. From whispers, to hooded figures, to the touch by others unknown, she was never truly alone; she hadn’t been for some time now. Her surname had never before brought her the shame or fear that many would like, and it still didn’t, but it was a mild discomfort that followed her no matter where she traveled - even in the confines of Blackmarsh.

Save for the Grove, Duskwood was never a place without its shadows, but it was home. Those recently attempting to consume her - to strike fear in her, those weren’t the same; they weren’t familiar. They wanted her, she could feel it. To play, to trick, to taunt. But they were merely specs of dust in the corners of brown eyes, and though they threatened, they wouldn’t succeed.

“Because I am a Holt.”

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BTS As Classmates


The Prince of the school
- he’s always admired by those around him 
- is never rude to anyone
- always tries his hardest in school
- constantly followed by his own personal fan club 
Your relationship 
He’s always been in the same classes as you but neither of you have given the other much attention until you were placed next to each other in class. He was the first to speak but ever since then you two have bonded and formed a great friendship. He does his best to protect you from any jealous ‘fans’ that take things too far and you’re always there to support them.


The quiet but confident STAR
- he’s known for his athletic abilities
- is actually really smart too
- sometimes hides in the back of the class to sleep
- always has the best grades
Your relationship 
You hadn’t meant to interrupt his nap but in the midst of your scramble to find a seat, you bumped his desk, jerking him awake. After shooting you an annoyed look he put his head back down on the desk but your blushing face refused to leave his mind. After class you apologized again and his only response was a small chuckle. Happy to be rid if the worry, you were able to talk to him and learn more about his life and his love for music. It was the start of an everlasting relationship that both of you cherished.


The school flower boy
- no one would ever do anything to make this ball of sunshine sad
- teachers love him
- everyone’s friend
- never leaves anyone out
Your relationship 
You and J-Hope have been friends since birth, because if this, you two were always together at school. You were a famous pair and everyone secretly shipped you guys. The teachers always let you two sit together in class knowing it was the only way to keep you guys from talking across the room all day. Lunch was a time when both if you got to escape the crowds of people that tend to linger around; you would go up to the roof and eat together in private. This was when he could tell you about any problems and you could do the same. The bond between you was stronger than any conflict.


The cute genius 
- literally the smartest person 
- doesn’t flaunt it though
- always offers his help to other students
- even the guys in your class are in love with him
Your relationship 
Math was like a foreign language to you; after your teacher gave up on you Namjoon offered to help. You gave him a fair warning, you knew you were too dumb to ever understand this level of math, but he refused to give up on you. Both of you would stay late at school or go to a nearby cafe so that he could tutor you. Not long after, your grades improved and you found more hope for graduating. After endless thanking you asked him what you could possibly do to repay him. A date. It was the best answer you could have gotten and the two of you soon began your new relationship as the cutest nerds in school.


The shy cutey
- always wants to be involved but has a hard time speaking up
- tries to help clean after class but ends up doing all the work
- never argues with people
- gives everyone the same treatment he wants
Your relationship 
You noticed the shy boy in the back of your class that rarely spoke. One day you and your friends decided to have a small party and invited your classmates, you made sure the shy boy got one. When he showed up he looked nervous but he came and thanked you for inviting him anyway. You two started talking, you had to wait a little before he could give full responses, and you discovered what a sweetheart he was. From then on you would always make sure he was included at school and the two of you became best friends.


The class clown
- always makes the class laugh
- the source of entertainment on bad days
- everyone but teachers like him
- admired by younger students
Your relationship
School trips are fun but sometimes the long his ride can drain all your energy. It’s a good thing Taehyung was around to entertain everyone for the never-ending journey. He stood at the front if the bus telling jokes and putting on his usual act when he called you out. He was using you as an example of all the beautiful girls that they might come across saying
‘Maybe we’ll find cuties like Y/N around so we can get over the pain of her rejections’
His fake sobbing soon followed making you role your eyes. You were known for rejecting guys, for now you wanted to focus in school. But you couldn’t deny when Taehyung winked at you, your heart fluttered a bit.


The gamer dork
- don’t talk to me if you don’t know games
- actually really friendly just kind of shy
- can’t talk to girls
- always giving a bunny smile
Your relationship
Jungkook was a family friend. You were lucky enough to be the only girl he could talk to for more than two seconds, but he was still distant with you. One day you were playing Overwatch together when you felt him staring at you instead of the screen. When you paused the game you looked over to see him with bright red cheeks and glossy eyes. You should have seen the kiss coming but then again it you shouldn’t have. He was always really shy but every now and then he dropped hints, subtle glances and touches that always seemed more than friendly. Maybe you could be more than friends.

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Sorry for bothering you but do you think the fandom is letting dot of the hook way too easy?

hi u guys never bother me w ur questions lol dont worry. idk about that i mean obviously what she did was wrong like u dont go kissing a man in a committed relationship no matter what, theres no excuses. ppl saying “well if u were in dots place u wouldve done the same thing w magnus” is so wrong to me because thats excusing “homewreckers” and im using that word very lightly bc i dont think she is one but lets not excuse people here going after someone who are already in relationships.

that being said, like i mentioned before im not hating her or anything like that. obviously when magnus denied her she backed off and thats fine. idk, it was a weird scene to me and i think the best thing right now is to move on, not demonize anyone and just remember that the important thing is nothing happened and nothing like that will ever happen. magnus made it clear that his heart belongs to alec and thats that
Opinion | What happened when an Orthodox Jewish congregation went to a gay bar to mourn Orlando
The Orlando attack fell during Shavuot, a joyous Jewish holiday.

When our synagogue heard about the horrific tragedy that took place at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, it was at the same time that we were celebrating our festival of Shavuot, which celebrates God’s giving of the Torah.

As Orthodox Jews, we don’t travel or use the Internet on the Sabbath or on holidays, such as Shavuot. But on Sunday night, as we heard the news, I announced from the pulpit that as soon as the holiday ended at 9:17 p.m. Monday, we would travel from our synagogue in Northwest Washington to a gay bar as an act of solidarity.

We just wanted to share the message that we were all in tremendous pain and that our lives were not going on as normal. Even though the holiday is a joyous occasion, I felt tears in my eyes as I recited our sacred prayers.

I had not been to a bar in more than 20 years. And I had never been to a gay bar. Someone in the congregation told me about a bar called the Fireplace, so I announced that as our destination. Afterward, I found out it was predominantly frequented by gay African Americans.

Approximately a dozen of us, wearing our kippot, or yarmulkes, went down as soon as the holiday ended. Some of the members of our group are gay, but most are not. We did not know what to expect. As we gathered outside, we saw one large, drunk man talking loudly and wildly. I wondered whether we were in the right place. Then my mother, who was with me, went up to a man who was standing on the side of the building. She told him why we were there. He broke down in tears and told us his cousin was killed at Pulse. He embraced us and invited us into the Fireplace.

We didn’t know what to expect, but it turned out that we had so much in common. We met everyone in the bar. One of the patrons told me that his stepchildren were actually bar-mitzvahed in our congregation. Another one asked for my card so that his church could come and visit. The bartender shut off all of the music in the room, and the crowd became silent as we offered words of prayer and healing. My co-clergy Maharat Ruth Friedman shared a blessing related to the holiday of Shavuot, and she lit memorial candles on the bar ledge. Then everyone in the bar put their hands around each other’s shoulders, and we sang soulful tunes. After that, one of our congregants bought a round of beer for the whole bar.

Everyone in the bar embraced each other. It was powerful and moving and real and raw.

After that we moved to the outdoor makeshift memorial service at Dupont Circle. There, too, we did not know what to expect. But as we gathered around the circle, people kept coming up to us and embracing us. One man we met there told us that his daughter sometimes prays with us. Others were visiting from Los Angeles but joined in full voice, clearly knowing the Hebrew words to the song we were singing.

As we were singing, I looked over at some gay members of our congregation and saw tears flowing down their faces. I felt the reality that we are living in a time of enormous pain. But I also felt that the night was a tremendous learning experience for me. I learned that when a rabbi and members of an Orthodox synagogue walk into a gay African American bar, it is not the opening line of a joke but an opportunity to connect; it is an opportunity to break down barriers and come together as one; it is an opportunity to learn that if we are going to survive, we all need each other.

I don’t think this article got very much traction last year, but I wanted to share it again.