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Could you do a scenario with McCree and/or Genji having a crush on a mechanic who works for Overwatch but doesn't go out on missions (mostly just fixes weapons/armor/prosthetics stuff like that)

(Both of them on the same mechanic or separately? Kyaa, I wanna make it a love triangle~)

[Name] had not been a part of the reformed Overwatch for long, but already they were starting to gain attention from some of their colleagues. The most notable were the affections of a certain cowboy and a cyborg ninja.

Since [Name] didn’t really go on missions at all, and spent most of their time indoors, the options on how to approach them were limited. The best time to catch them was during lunch, in the late afternoon or when they were working, though the last one was not recommended. Yet it was the one time Jesse had chosen.

“Howdy, [Name],” he greeted in a familiar tone, causing his romantic interest to look up from the gun they were working on.

“Howd- Hi,” they replied, catching themself before copying the greeting, “I’m kind of busy right now, but what is it?” Jesse wasn’t discouraged – his eyes curiously scanned his crush’s project before he spoke again.

“Yer busy most of the time,” he eventually replied, shrugging as he made his way into [Name]’s line of sight. They stopped working for a moment, since Jesse seemed insistent on getting their attention. “How ‘bout I pull you away for a drink or two?” he offered, getting straight to the point.

[Name] rolled their eyes as they turned back to their working counter.

“McCree, I told you – I’m busy. I have to get everything done on time. I am the only mechanic around right now, well, besides Winston. But he’s busy doing other things… With everyone relying on me, I have no time for dates,” they stated simply, not especially hostile with their intents.

“I’m sure there’s a more gentle way to shoot a fella down,” Jesse chuckled, still holding his ground. [Name] sighed.

“Your persistence is admirable,” they stated with a roll of their eyes. The cowboy tilted his hat, not sure if he should be flattered.

“How ‘bout jus’ coffee? A five minute break won’t hurt,” he tried again, and [Name] shrugged and showed him an apologetic look.

“I can’t. Genji will be here any minute now,” they started, immediately gaining Jesse’s curiosity, “I promised to look at his arm. It got damaged on his last mission… Though I’m not sure why he wouldn’t go to Winston, since I find him far too complicated to-” they paused, sighing. “Nevermind.” They’d noticed they had started to ramble and brought it to a quick stop.

“I didn’t notice anythin’ wrong with it when we…”

'Speak of the devil’ came to mind when the door opened and both [Name] and Jesse turned toward the door. It was Genji with his cat-like steps, waving a hello before turning to Jesse.

“Oh, I did not know you had company,” he said, directing it to [Name] and slowly dragging his gaze to them.

“He was just leaving,” [Name] assured with a smile as they glanced at the cowboy, too. “Weren’t you, McCree?”

Reluctantly, Jesse took a few steps toward the door, stopping just before passing Genji.

“Well, you two have fun with, uh, fixin’ yer arm…” he said, drawing out the words as if referring to something else.

“I don’t know how much fun we’ll have with that, to be honest,” [Name] said as they got up and grabbed Genji by the wrist, and the latter easily obliged as he lifted his arm for them to inspect. Some minor damage could be seen on the surface armor, but it appeared to be working fine.

“Ah, I wouldn’t underestimate your pleasant company,” Genji quickly retorted, sounding like he was smiling as he spoke. It was hard to tell with the mask and the slight echo in his voice. [Name] showed a half smile at the compliment.

“Well, aren’t you in the mood for flattery, both of you,” they chuckled. A soft glare was now directed at Jesse. “But really, you should get out. You’re disturbing my work.”

“I get it, I get it. I’m goin’,” he assured, bringing his hands up in defeat. He dug out a cigarillo from his back pocket as he headed for the door. “Think 'bout my offer, though.” With a wink, he exited. The last thing he saw was [Name] shaking their head.

It occured to Jesse that both him and Genji seemed to be interested in the same person. And as usual, Genji was being a lot sneakier about his approach than him – and it clearly had its rewards, too. As he lit up his cigarillo, he briefly wondered if he could keep up in this 'gentlemen’s competition’.

There was no way he was giving up that easily, though.

–Mod Evie


Below are the questions that MUST be answered in order for PLL to end. If the below are not answered, these writers are stupid. Harsh, but true.

- Who is AD?
- How did Spencer and Charlotte come to be? (parents, history, etc)
- Who killed Charlotte and why?
- Who killed Jessica and why?
- Who killed Sara Harvey and why?
- Clarification on the love triangle between Archer, Alison and Charlotte
- Why Archer took on the alias Elliot Rollins
- Why Noel helped Sara in the dollhouse
- Why Sara Harvey was Red Coat and Black Widow
- Bethany Young: all her tape recordings, drawings and ‘Aunt Jessie’

Now, if you could only pick THREE questions outside of the above list, what do you want answered? To have satisfying closure, here are my 3 questions that I NEED answers to:

- who the HELL was in Jason’s house in 203 and why were there bloody tissues in his trash? This is bugging the hell out of me. It couldn’t have been Ian, because Ian committed suicide a week ago according to the police. 

- how did Jenna and Charlotte meet? Jenna had a violent history with Charlotte in season 4 yet she claims she met and befriended Charlotte for the first time post time jump? Plot hole?

- why did Charlotte need a visitors pass to see Mona if she was a patient there, and how did she get into the Rosewood High Yearbook?

What are your 3 questions!?

(I’m keeping a list of every single question here)

“Little” Red Riding Hood and the (not so) Big Bad Wolf part 1

On the run from your past, you find yourself in a little town on the edge of the Enchanted Forest. On the other side, your freedom awaits–but getting there might be more complicated than it seems. Between bandits, thieves, warlocks, werewolves and angry swordsmen, you might just die trying.

Reader x Yoongi x Jimin (but not in a poly way, in a love triangle way if that makes sense)

To be somewhere that no one knew you name, face, or what you had done, with no “WANTED” posters with unflattering pictures scrawled on them with unrealistic rewards was refreshing for a change–even if it was just a matter of time before it all caught up with you. 

You could walk around freely in the daytime, something you hadn’t been able to do for months. You were still a little more than paranoid, but you couldn’t afford to look suspicious–not when you were so close to escaping for good. All you needed now was a way through the Forest.

It wasn’t impossible, you knew that much. Just… Improbable. At least, if you went alone. But with a guide? Someone who knew the Forest could make their way through, undead and fairies or not.  

All you had to do now was find someone who could (and would) help you. But first, you decided to stop in a little bakery that the most heavenly smells were wafting out of. There was a group of young girls outside the window, looking in, giggling and blushing, and then looking in again. 

“I think he’s a prince, left here for safe keeping until the time is right.” One girl said dreamily. 

“Or maybe he’s here to find a bride?” Another giggled.

“I’d marry him even if he isn’t a prince.” This girl was actually drooling a bit, and you silently judged her from afar as you made your way to the entrance of the small building. “He can just be a handsome, broke baker, and I’d still marry him in an instant.” 

“Who?” You asked, not sure if you wanted an answer. But curiosity got the better of you, and you were speaking before you knew what you were doing. 

“Seokjin.” The three girls all sighed in unison. 

“He’s beautiful.” The first said helpfully. 

“But can you imagine? Being sister in law to…” The second girls voice trailed off as she saw something over your shoulder. 

Beatrice.” A male voice said from behind you, and you turned to see a young man about your height wearing a bright red cloak glaring at the second girl. 

“Jimin.” She replied curtly. You looked between them, the two of them obviously had some history together. 

“You’re looking particularly annoying today.” Jimin sniffed. 

“It isn’t possible to look annoying, you imbecile.” Beatrice shot back. 

Jimin narrowed his eyes at the girl. “I don’t know, seeing your face always puts me in a bad mood.” Jimin turned to you. “You’re new here. I’m going to do you a favor and tell you not to talk to Beatrice. She uses fancy words in a desperate attempt to sound smart, and her waist is not that small, she wears a corset.” Jimin thumbed his nose at the girl before walking into the bakery.

“How rude of him to absquatulate like that.” Beatrice huffed. You weren’t entirely sure what that word meant, but you didn’t particularly want to ask. 

“Uh, right. That.” You agreed. “I’m just… Going to go…” You followed Jimin into the bakery, away from the strange girls outside. The smells of bread and fresh food overwhelmed your senses, and you took a deep appreciative breath. 

“Hello! What can I get for you today?” The man behind the counter was indeed stunning, and greeted you with a bright smile. His hands were covered in flour, and there was a streek of it across his face, yet somehow it looked good on him. Jimin was sitting on the counter to one side, happily munching on a muffin. You couldn’t remember the last time you had fresh food, and you looked around at it all in wonder. 

“I don’t know…” You said distractedly. “What can I buy with five gold pieces?”

“You have how much?!” Jimin said, his mouth still full of food.

“Leave the customer alone, Jimin.” The man behind the counter warned. 

“I’m not bothering her, Seokjin. We’re friends, right?” He aimed the last remark to you, and you raised your eyebrows. 

“Are we?” You asked, and Jimin hopped off the counter and made his way over to you. 

“Of course we are.” He smiled at you, mischief in his eyes. 

“I apologize for my brother.” Seokjin said, dusting his hands off on his apron. “He’s just a bit…” He glanced at Jimin, seeing that he was eating another muffin. “Quit eating the merchandise!” He snapped. “I swear he’s going to drive me insane.” He muttered, and the air felt colder suddenly. There must be a draft you decided, though it wasn’t particularly cold outside either. 

“Calm down.” Jimin waved a hand dismissively at his brother. “It’s just a muffin and we’re not making a very good impression by bickering like this.” 

“Jimin, go in the back and check that the bread isn’t burning.” Seokjin said. When Jimin whined and didn’t move, you could have sworn it got even colder. “Now, Jimin, or–”

“I know, I know.” Jimin grumbled, taking his time walking around the counter. “Or you’ll turn me into a raccoon. Again.” 

“Raccoon?” You looked between the two confused. 

“Figure of speech.” Seokjin smiled. You had never heard it, but you were a long way from where you grew up–maybe he was telling the truth. “Now what can I get you?” 

You didn’t bother leaving the bakery to eat, too hungry and impatient. There was a small table to one corner where you sat, and Seokjin watched you curiously.  “How long do you plan to stay in town?” He asked. He had cleaned the flour from his face, and several other customers had come and gone while you were there.

“Not long, just until I find what I need.” 

“Do you have a place to stay?” He asked, leaning against the counter. You could still see the group of girls through the window, and you wondered if they always had so little else to do.

“Not as yet, but I’ll find somewhere.” You said around a mouth full of food.

“There’s a spare room upstairs, Jimin and I rent it to people passing through. It’s currently empty if you’d like to use it.” You eyed Seokjin for a moment, assessing him. Not only was he handsome, he was kind and polite as well. Something was definitely off about him, there had to be. No one was that perfect. 

“What is it that you’re looking for?” Jimin asked, emerging from the back where Seokjin had banished him. “Maybe I can help?” 

“Probably not, Jimin.” Seokjin sighed. 

“I’m looking for a guide to get me through the Forest.” You said to Jimin. “Do you know anyone?” 

“As a matter of fact, I do.” Jimin grinned at you. “Park Jimin, at your service–for the right price, of course.” 

A/N This is ridiculous but I’m not even sorry. Can you guess who the big bad wolf is? –Boo

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if you could have made a GMW episode what would it consist of? :)

[ooo I love this question!!]

If I could make a GMW episode I would center it around Riley and Farkles relationship. For sure it would be a two parter, because you just can’t fit enough of what they have into 30 minutes. It’d mostly consist of them finally realizing their deep love for each other. Perhaps Farkle says something first which changes everything. I just don’t see Riley confessing first. And, I really don’t know how, but when this Farkle x Riley plot finally unfolds it’ll be a time after Smarkle and Rucas have broken up (yes in my world they break up because it’s just how I realistically see it). This is all messy but the main picture for me is that riarkle gets their happy ending and I envision that in a way where it won’t interfere with Smarkle or Rucas and create another love triangle. What I’m saying is, if riarkle were to happen, let it be after current relationships are mended/broken. So ya that’s my response :))

It’s too much.

You pick neither of the boys.

Part 1

(I am not very good at angst so it ended up being quite short)

You stood and stared in pure shock. You were surprised that Yoongi actually liked you but you were surprised at being stuck in the middle of some love triangle where one point of the triangle was absolutely clueless. You looked at both of them “Y/N, it’s fine you don’t have to say anything.” Yoongi said eventually.

 You could tell it hurt him to say that but you couldn’t comfort him by lying and saying you loved him. Yes you cared for him just not in that way. You loved Jungkook the whole reason this awkward situation was happening was because of that reason. But you couldn’t be the one to break up the bond the two boys shared “I- I need a moment.” You finally spoke. 

 You left the hallway and found yourself exiting the building, you couldn’t bring yourself to confess nor bring yourself to give Yoongi a chance. It would just drive a wedge between the boys no matter how strong their bond was and you wouldn’t be able to live with yourself if you knew it was your fault.

You considered walking out of Jungkook’s life forever to save yourself the pain but you realized it would cause him and Yoongi pain as well. You decided you couldn’t even be that selfish. So you went back inside to see the boys all messing around and as you went and sat down Yoongi joined you “look Y/N, please don’t let this stop us from hanging out, I love working with you and being your best friend.” Yoongi said with an air to voice that let you know he had been planning what to say. 

 You smiled bravely and nodded pulling out your notebook for you to get back to work with Yoongi but you couldn’t help but look at Jungkook who for once was staring right back but as you expected him to come over and begin chatting away as he normally would but he didn’t he just stood there and for the first time you couldn’t read his emotions so you decided to be the first to look away.


What I really love about Feyre and Rhys’s love story is that it wasn’t a cheap shot. It wasn’t a “choose who you love more” love triangle.

Even right down to their first meeting was intentional and had a story behind it. It wasn’t a “Oh yes, I met you by chance and now I’m in love you” love story.

Rhys has loved Feyre for 3 years, even if she didn’t return the feelings at first. They got to actually know each other and become friends before mating. Rhys gave Feyre the safety and peace she needed to heal before they were officially together.

Feysand is honestly just the most awesome YA power couple that I’ve had the pleasure of reading about. There was always an explanation behind every one of their stories. Sarah didn’t write it as “I am the author, so what I say goes.” No, she actually explained their relationship and made it believable with back stories and character development.

I just love it so much.

The Literature Incident

Jason prided himself in being a man of great literary tastes.

Therefore, this had to be done.

“What the hell are you doing, Todd?”

Jason hesitated for a mere second before continuing to pull books from Damian’s personal bookshelves. “Doing what needs to be done. Look at this!” he cried dramatically, but with a hint of anger. “Aristotle? Plato?!”

Damian’s brows furrowed into a pout and he walked further into his room. “What is wrong with Plato and Aristotle? They were both respected and brilliant philosophers-,”

“In ancient Greece!” the older brother turned and almost slammed the thick volumes on the table behind him before whirling around and resuming his job, almost hellbent now. “No modern literature!”

“Well, I don’t generally find the concept of dystopian futures and ridiculous love triangles to be very appealing, Todd, so no-,”

“You haven’t even gotten any Romantics!” Jason threw his hands in the air, sounding offended. “How on earth do you not have any Romantics?!”

Damian’s frown deepened and he stepped closer, picking up one of the discarded books and running his hand over the cover. “I read Frankenstein, Todd, and honestly, why is it that much of a concern to you-,”

Frankenstein is Gothic you brat.” The man snapped, throwing more books onto the table in exasperation. His expression turned sour when he returned to the shelves before him, hand skimming down three whole rows with a scowl. “Shakespeare. More Shakespeare.”

“I will have you know, Todd, that William Shakespeare was a brilliant author and you have no right to disrespect him in such a manner!” the 13-year-old barely caught the 2 special edition sonnet books that Jason tossed backward before they flew across the room. “He is-,”

“And, oh look! More Shakespeare!” Jason interrupted again, earning a grumpy huff from his younger sibling.

“I like the wordsmith.” Damian rolled his eyes and gently, almost lovingly, placed the thin novels on the table with the others. He looked up to find Jason grabbing several more volumes into his arms and looking over the next few rows.

“Read some goddamn Thoreau, you literary piece of shit.” He snapped, eyebrows furrowing in disgust. “Better yet, Hemingway. Anthony Burgess, that’s some weird shit. You’d probably like that.”

The boy sighed, stomping up next to his older brother and placing his arms outstretched. “Give me back my Shakespeare, Todd.”

“Are these History books?!” Jason asked, voice going up an octave in disbelief.

“Yes, I-,”

“You read these for leisure?!” He sounded on the verge of a breakdown.

Damian crossed his arms. “Mother has always taught me to know the valuable knowledge of this world, and that includes their history.”

Jason slowly turned his head towards his little brother, eyes narrowed in anger. He growled; He would not have his little brother so unexposed to good literature! Talia had brainwashed him with all this non-fiction stuff, he needed some good fantasy! “Your mother is a monster!”

Damian rolled his eyes again. “I do believe that has been greatly accepted in this family, Todd, but this is the first time I am hearing it being used to insult my knowledge of “modern” literature.”

“You have 5 copies of Dracula?!” Jason slammed the Shakespeare novels on Damian’s bed and shuffled through the books with vigor. Suddenly, he drew away and cast a glance to his little brother. “You’ve read Jane Eyre?”

His green eyes became unamused. “Once. Never again.”

The Great Gatsby, The Odyssey, the Tale of Two Cities, Sherlock Holmes, Charles Dickens, The Art of War?!” Jason scoffed, throwing his hands in the air. “All of these classics!”

“I thought you liked classical literature, Todd,” Damian said pointedly. “Father told me that when you were a child you greatly enjoyed the times when he or Pennyworth would read them to you. Why are you so upset about me having them?”

“I am not upset that you have them, Short Stop.” He hissed. “I am upset that you have them and not other books!”

“What other books, Todd?”

Jason was appalled. He knew that Damian had been raised with a bit of a traditional childhood, but he didn’t know that it was this severe.

Gesturing to the bookshelves, he almost shouted, “Harry Potter! Percy Jackson! Some Narnia maybe?”

“Narnia is not a modern series, Todd,” Damian added with another eye roll. “It was written by C. S. Lewis in the 1940’s and was-,”

“More modern than these!” Jason interrupted. His eyes raked over the last few books in Damian’s collection and his heart puttered to a stop. Realization hit him and he turned, ever so slowly, almost without breathing, and whispered. “Tolkien.”

The newly teen raised an eyebrow. “What?”


“Are those the books that you were so enthusiastic about as a child-,”


“I do believe that you are overreacting, Todd. They’re merely books.”

Jason froze, completely, arms outstretched in anger and eyes wide.

Merely books.

Merely books?

How dare he.

“We’re going to the bookstore,” Jason stated, grabbing Damian’s hand and dragging him towards the door. “We are going to fix this atrocious disaster and then I am going to piss on your mother’s grave. Come on.”

“Todd-what- let go of me!”


“Todd, unhand me this instant!”


Damian will never admit it, but later that night, when he is seated in front of Todd, cross-legged and quiet as Jason reads The Fellowship of the Ring to him, using all different types of accent for the many different characters, he hasn’t been happier all week.


Whore4batfam posted a little thing a while ago about Jason sorting through Damian’s books and I just couldn’t help myself. They’re idea, my little ficlet thing!

The TVD finale was perfect, especially the last scene.

When Nina left the show, or even sooner, the story was no longer about a love triangle, it was about these two brothers, Damon and Stefan. They did awful things to each other, and hated each other for years too, but at the end they found peace together. The last scene of TVD could have been Elena and Damon living happily ever after, but we got something better, we got to see the reunion of the two Salvatore brothers in the after life. Damon’s final words to Stefan were his first ones too, so in that moment everything came full circle. At the end of the day it was not about Delena, Stelena or any other romantic ship, it was Defan, and I loved it.


bbomb was really mad abt zico not following him on ig and zico said earlier that he doesnt really feel the support from the members then bbomb’s like “I HEART ALL YOUR POSTS” 😂
no excuses zico!

zico thot everyone was asleep when in fact they were watching him on vlive in their rooms and came to surprise him 😭

Stanford “______” Pines

Because these are fun:

Stanford “Lab safety is for squares” Pines

Stanford “It’s been a while since I’ve talked to another person, I should probably shower” Pines

Stanford “This isn’t an unhealthy relationship at all” Pines

Stanford “I’m an expert on children’s nutrition even though I only eat nerd pills” Pines

Stanford “Let me just give this charismatic twelve year old a crossbow real quick” Pines

Stanford “This isn’t unhealthy at all” Pines

Stanford “Sleep is for pansies” Pines

Stanford “This unmarked bag of toffee peanuts must mean that my brother who has loved and supported me all his life has decided to purposely ruin my life” Pines

Stanford “There is no way this could be an accident” Pines

Stanford “Communication is for cowards” Pines

Stanford “This tarot card literally has a triangle with a snake going through the place where I know its eye would be if it were Bill, but I’m still going to believe Bill when he tries to make the tarot reading sound like it’s talking about Fiddleford” Pines

Stanford “I have such little faith in my own abilities but hold myself to such high standards that I turned to the ancient equivalent of Satan-Google for answers instead of continuing to search for them on my own” Pines

Stanford “I’ll take the fall for mistakes made by others, unless the mistake was Stanley breaking my science fair project” Pines

Stanford “I’ll punch Stan in the face for re-opening the portal but while we’re in the Fearamid and Stan’s blaming himself for Bill’s reign of terror I’ll backpedal and re-assert that the whole thing is my fault, all while failing to recognize that it’s actually Bill’s fault” Pines

Stanford “Social interaction isn’t a requirement for survival and I’m perfectly fine without it” Pines

interrupted (M) part II

pairing: reader x ???

genre: Lil but of angst but mainly SMUT. OLUWAUNNIE I FUCKING WARN YOU NOW. DONT SAY I DIDN’T.

summary: part two of this jikook love triangle lmao.

word count: 2.2k (specifics: 2,263)

warnings/triggers: this is some sinful badly written x-rated shit okay. and and it swears a lot like me lol.

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They watched their love watch someone else, and each one of them thought they were the only one who could feel that way. Little did they know it was never just a triangle.

(Sorry I left out some ships. Also, this is my quote.)

Who do you want?

Jughead x Reader x Archie

Request: Can you do an imagine where the reader has feelings for both Jughead and Archie, but doesn’t want to hurt either of them.

Summary: Jughead, Archie, Reader love triangle

word count: 1.5k

this is a bit shit i’m sorry I’ve had a lot on the past couple of weeks 

I sat in pops, the iridescent lights leaving an ominous glow amongst the few people who decided to stay here at this time of night. I sit there reading a book waiting for Archie, it was a Tuesday night which meant Archie and I were due for milkshakes and a bowl of fries. He arrived without my notice, my nose too far in my book for me to care about any other being I this current moment.

I jump and let out a gasp as a pair of large hands wraps themselves around my eyes, blocking my view from the words before me.  “Archiekins” I giggle turn lifting my hands to his to pry them away from my eyes, only to be met by the infamous ginger himself. His dashing smile taking over his face. “Scoot over y/n/n” he says in my ear gesturing with his head for me to move over in the booth. I move over allowing him to slide in beside me.

He gently places an arm over the back of the booth behind my shoulders. I sink back into my seat letting his arm brush against my shoulders slightly. It was moments like these I thought we’d make the perfect couple. He always treated me so well, and we’d shared a couple of kisses in the past from being caught up in a heated moment. But something always manages to get in the way.

Jughead Jones. He never fails to sway my feelings for the ginger haired preppy boy before me. Whenever everything is going perfectly between us, Jughead always seems to pop up in some way and I’m never able to shake those feelings I get when he’s around.

He was the complete opposite to Archie. Where Archie Andrews held musical and physical talent, and was no doubt Mr. Popularity as of recently (and was easy on the eye) Jughead Jones was boorish in some manners but it suited him, he held a high level of intelligence that no one else could equate to and had distinctive features that made him attractive.

It was fair to say that they both had qualities I was attracted to. And both of them had been pining after me for months. I knew because both Veronica and Kevin had been telling about Archie’s feelings towards me, I didn’t know about Jughead until I overheard him speaking with Betty about it.

At times it feels like they are fighting over me. I can never hang out with the group anymore because every-time I do there always ends up being chaos.

“So what do you say y/n?” I hadn’t realised I had zoned out until Archie asked the question.

“Huh? What sorry, Arch I didn’t hear you, I zoned out?” I reply slightly ashamed at the fact he had been sat here speaking to me for 5 minutes while I blanked him.

“Can I take you out on a date this Saturday? We could go out of town or something?” he speaks quietly getting nervous. Just as he finishes his sentence, Jughead walks through the door and sits down at the table opposite us. Archie sighs and lets out a “typical” shaking his head I just look between the two a little stunned. This seems to be a reoccurring theme. Whenever one tries to take things further the other magically appears. “Sorry did I interrupt something” Jughead says looking between Archie and I with a confused look on his face. “No-“I go to reply but was interrupted by a rather pissed off Archie “Actually yeah, Jug you are, don’t you find it convenient how, I say I’m going to take y/n out and you happen to turn up just as something is going to happen?” Archie beings to raise his voice.

“Woah- something was going to happen? And what exactly was that Archie?” I interject. Not really enjoying the fact he’s speaking about me as if I’m not even here. “You know what I mean y/n/n” he sighs and looks towards me. Jughead sits up straight. His jaw locked looking between Archie and I and realising how close we were.  

“oh and what was it that you said to the football team Arch, something getting laid and y/n being ‘lucky girl’ who gets the honour?” Jughead smirks towards Archie knowing he had something on him.

“Could you two stop treating me like an object for one second and perhaps take my feeling into account? I’m tired of you two competing for my attention. I like you both okay. I can’t decide what I want right now because I just don’t know” I stand up brushing past Archie and exit the diner walking towards my car.

I jump into the small vehicle and make the short journey home.

Later that evening I find myself laying in bed thinking over everything that has happened with both of them over the past few months when a text comes through on my phone.

Juggie: Hey y/n I’m outside could you let me in so we can talk?

I sigh and walk downstairs opening the front door to see Jughead standing on my lawn looking a little dishevelled. I gesture for him to come in and he does, slipping his shoes off in the doorway before slinking off upstairs, into my room, I follow him closing and locking the door behind me.

“Look about befor-“

“It’s fine Jughead, lets just leave it” I sigh walking around to sit on the bed.

“No I’m tired of leaving it, we always leave it. You always give Archie a chance and you never give me a chance.” He says looking down at his hands.

“At least let me try something before you completely give up on the idea of us” he whispers. I nod and he takes my hands pulling me off the bed so I’m standing in front of him.

    His hands slip around my waist and one glides up my arm to land on my shoulder. I hold in my breath at the gentle caresses and movements of his fingers on my skin. He leans down and places a kiss on my lips. I just stand there shocked un-able to move. My body felt like ice and as his warm lips melted into mine I shattered into a thousand pieces. I lifted my arms a little to rest on his biceps and I moved my lips with his. I pulled away breathless. Smiling I looked into his eyes and saw something in them I never had before.

“What do you want y/n” he asks me quietly. He knew exactly what he was doing and knew what the answer was going to be.

Sarah J. Maas is the queen of tackling love triangles, seriously. In ACOTAR, you’re like “ugh she’ll have to choose between Tamlin and Rhysand how will she ever” but then it’s like Tamlin doesn’t stand a chance. There are no teams, there is only Rhys and no one else. In TOG, you’re torn between Dorian and Chaol, both bringing something to the table. And then, SIKE, it’s none of them. Rowan swoops in like “hello, it’s me” and it’s done. There is no one else for her. Rowan is it. Rhysand and Rowan make these love triangles null basically. Sarah shows how just because they were there first, doesn’t mean they will be who you end up with. I could say so much more but basically this is one of the many reasons why I love Sarah J. Maas and both of her series.


you were on common ground with Emmett when Paul approached. they both squared their shoulders, trying to be bigger than the other.

“Y/N. i need to talk to you.” Paul stated.

“she’s busy.” Emmett said.

“wasnt talking to you.” Paul said between clenched teeth.

Emmett took a step forward and you got between them both, “woah guys.” you laughed, “you dont have to fight.”

neither say anything, they just stared at each other.

“i dont like it when you two fight.” you stated, more forcefully this time, “you’re both better than that.”

at this, they both looked at you. Emmett was the first to stand down, his shoulders slumping to their normal state, “fine. sorry.”

you looked to Paul. he glared at Emmett but then looked to you, nodding, “fine.”

Love Triangle

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pt2  pt3

REQUESTED: a love triangle scenario with Jaebum and Jinyoung

Jinyoung x Reader (you) x Jaebum 

Word Count: 1950

Warnings: suggestive

note: requested by the lovely, @meepynixter! I got too carried away with writing this tbh and I’m so sorry if it’s really badly written haha! i’m honestly JJP trash because they’re both such good looking fellows. should there be a part two for this? let me know! happy reading and take care! -admin

You were sprawled out on bed, your clothes scattered around the floor as you stared up at the ceiling. You wondered how you got here in the first place. Closing your eyes, you tried to think about the events that happened last night. Party, alcohol, and a handsome man. Your eyes shot open as you turned your head to look at the person sleeping soundlessly beside you. His hair remained styled, brushed to the side, like how it was last night. Shirtless and striking handsome features spoke out to you. You widen your eyes in realization as you discovered who was right beside you.

Jaebum was a man who you met at a bar a few nights ago. He was a gentlemen and you two clicked instantly after the first meeting. You gave him his number and he gave you his. After the meeting at the bar, Jaebum and you started to meet up more frequently and it resulted in you falling for his charm. But after a night of a lovely dinner, Jaebum told you he didn’t date girls like you. And truly, it broke your heart. That night, you went over to Jinyoung’s house to cry about this situation. Jinyoung, being your best friend, comforted you by being a great listener. He told you that there were other guys who would treat you better than Jaebum. And you couldn’t be more grateful towards Jinyoung after he comforted you. But last night you were invited to a party by a friend and things happened that you didn’t expect it would.

You softly cursed under your breath as you tried to get out of bed without making a ruckus. Slowly picking up your clothes on the floor, you rushed to the bathroom and quickly got dressed so you could leave as soon as possible. Fixing your hair, you rushed down the stair to greet a lady with some clothes in hand from the dry cleaner.

“Who are you?” She asked as you stood there, trying to think of an answer.

“Who are you?” You fired back, realizing that you didn’t have anything to say as an excuse. So asking the same question back was a classic comeback anyone would do.

“I’m here to drop off dry cleaning for Jaebum.” The lady said, giving you a mean stare. You would have to admit that this lady was pretty. And you understood why Jaebum hired a lady like this to drop off his dry cleaning. For sexual reasons.

“Well, I’m just about to leave.” You stated, eyeing her down before running towards the door. You grabbed your shoes and rushed out the door to avoid that lady and Jaebum. You didn’t want to cause trouble and you certainly didn’t want to see Jaebum’s face. Although Jaebum was a good person, he was the one who rejected your love which broke your heart.

Waving down a taxi on the street, you gave the driver Jinyoung’s address and sat there in silence. You thought that talking to Jinyoung would make everything better, since you told him everything. Jinyoung was always there for you, no matter what happened. He was caring, kind, and handsome as well. But the thought of loving your best friend would just ruin the perfect relationship you had already.

After a while, the driver stopped in front of Jinyoung’s house. Paying the kind driver, you hopped off the car and walked up towards the front steps to move a flower pot to the side to find his spare key. Jinyoung always kept a spare key waiting outside for you incase you wanted to come over to his house and stay. You always used this key and entered his house without any warning. You two were close enough to let that happen anyways.

“Yah, Jinyoung! Where are you? Let’s go for lunch!” You yelled as you entered the house. Closing the door behind you, you noticed that the house seemed empty and quiet. You wandered around the first floor, setting your stuff down as you looked around for any signs of Jinyoung. Since you didn’t see him downstairs, you decided to find him upstairs. As you climbed up the stairs and started walking down the halls, you took a sharp turn and found yourself collided with a tall figure.

“(Y/N)?” Jinyoung raised his eyebrows in shock as he grabbed your waist to save you from falling. You looked up at him and widen your eyes at the sight in front of you.

Jinyoung’s hair was wet and brushed to the side with a single strand bent down, kind of giving off the James Dean vibes. He was half naked, a towel covered his lower half, indicating that he just took a shower. You couldn’t help but stare at his lean, toned body. You knew that he started working out awhile ago since he wanted to build his muscles. And you were completely satisfied with his hard work at the gym.

“Jinyoung.” You breathed out as you looked at his handsome face. You could feel your cheeks rise in color and your heart starting to beat fast. To be honest, you never felt this way before with Jinyoung. And you would have to admit, you were falling for him.

Jinyoung pulled you closer to his body as you laid your hands on his bare chest. His hands brushed your hair to your side to get a good look at your face. Then he slowly leaned down so that your lips were merely inches away from his. Your heart started to race and you didn’t want this feeling to stop. You were about to grab Jinyoung’s face to pull him down until, your phone from your back pocket started ringing.

Jinyoung immediately let you go as he stepped back, running his hands through his wet hair. You looked at him and bit your lips as you slightly wished that you turned your phone on silent. But Jinyoung looked at you and motioned you to pick up the phone as he let you standing in the hallway to get dressed.

“Hello?” You answered the phone.

“(Y/N).” A familiar voice answered back. You widen your eyes in shock as you heard this voice calling your name. You never thought that Jaebum would ever call you, after leaving you that night. But here he was, on the phone with you.

“Yes, this is (Y/N).” You said, anticipating on what he was going to say.

“Can we meet today? You left your wallet at my house so it’ll be best if I can give it to you.” Jaebum stated. You mentally facepalmed yourself, thinking that you had everything in your hands when you left his house but actually, leaving your wallet behind.

“Yeah sure. Just stop by my house anytime and drop it off.” You said, slightly rejecting his offer to meet. If he was dropping off your wallet, there was no point in meeting up. Since you weren’t his type of girl than why should you meet him.

“Sounds good.” And with that, Jaebum hung up the phone. You leaned against the wall and sighed to yourself. No matter how hard you tried to avoid Jaebum, he would always come back to your life. And whenever he did come back, you would catch feelings for him. Just a moment ago, you were about to kiss your best friend and now, you were trying to deal with your feelings for Jaebum. It was like you were stuck in a complicated love triangle.

“Hey, you said you wanted to go out for lunch right?” Jinyoung asked, interrupting your thoughts. You turned your head to look at Jinyoung, whom was fully dressed, as he leaned against the wall.

“Yeah, but can we stop by my house first? I just need to grab something.” You said.

“How about I get some food at that place near your house and we can just chill at your house.” Jinyoung suggested, smiling brightly at you.

“Sure, why not.” You smiled back. Jinyoung led you down the stairs and out the door. You both entered his car and Jinyoung drove off to grab some lunch. Although the atmosphere was awkward, you would never forget how Jinyoung grabbed your waist and looked at you lovingly. It made your cheeks rise in color just by thinking of him. You shook your head as you started to think too much. Your feelings were overwhelming you and you wished that you didn’t have these two boys in your life. It was too much to handle.

“I’ll be back in around fifteen minutes with food. You do whatever you want in the meantime.” Jinyoung finally spoke up, breaking the silence in the air, as he stopped in front of your house.

“Can you buy ice cream too? I’m in need for an ice cream today.” You stated, hopping out of the car.

“Anything for the princess herself.” Jinyoung joked. You rolled your eyes at him since he always pulled out that princess card whenever you asked him for something. You closed the door behind you and watched Jinyoung drive off to pick up some food. You were about to enter your house when someone startled you out of nowhere.

“Your boyfriend?” A voice asked. You turned around to face Jaebum, looking fine with a leather jacket on, as you noticed him holding your wallet.

“No, he’s a friend.” You answered back, frozen at your spot. Jaebum flashed you his famous smirk before walking up towards you. He looked good just walking up your steps to come meet with you and you couldn’t take your eyes off of him.

“Friend or not, I think he sees you differently.” Jaebum grinned as he stood in front of you, sending at wink at your way.

“Give me my wallet.” You said, changing the subject. But Jaebum just brushed off your comment and moved forward towards you. You felt yourself moving backwards until you hit your back to your front door. Jaebum placed his hand beside your head, trapping you with his toned figure.

“Maybe I came by too late to call you mine.” Jaebum growled as he placed your wallet in the pocket of his leather jacket so that he could use his free hand to grab my waist.

“Jaebum.” You warned him. “You rejected my love weeks ago and now you’re here to claim that you want me?”

“Exactly my intentions, baby girl.” Jaebum smirked at you. “I can do so much more better than him.”

“I beg to differ.” You sassed before attempting to move away from his body. But his grip on your waist was too strong as he pushed you back against the door and tilted your head up to look at him with his fingers.

“Argue all you want,” Jaebum growled as he leaned in, “But he can’t satisfy you like I can. He definitely cannot treat you like I can and you know that.”

With that in mind, Jaebum leaned down to press his lips against yours. His mouth hot against yours as his hands moved down to your ass, giving it a firm squeeze. You gasped against his mouth and he took this opportunity to stick his tongue in. With his mouth fighting for dominance with yours, he lifted you up against the door as you wrapped your legs around his waist. You were getting sucked into his trance and charm and you couldn’t stop here. But in the back of your mind, you wanted to stop because of Jinyoung. Finally, Jaebum pulled away from your bruised lips and smirked at you.

“And he definitely cannot make you feel good like I can.”