they were happy being twins

lilyevansismylife  asked:


  • hermione was totally the one to propose not ron 
  • people can fight me on this but this is seriously what i believe
  • i feel like ron would always jokingly propose but she was never ready and he knew that hermione needed to be ready before anything could happen
  • when she proposed to ron while they were watching muggle movies (she more blurted it out from nerves) he thought she was joking at first
  • but then he looked at her red cheeks and her eyes and knew she was serious
  • and he started crying tears of joy and grabbed her face and kissed her with more passion than he knew he was capable of
  • i imagine them getting married in secret
  • it seems weird for ron to not include his family or for either of them not to include harry but it was what they wanted
  • they got married on a hill top at sunset and just wanted to be each other
  • after they said their vows and they were sealed they were left alone and slow danced for hours
  • they always had a very serious relationship when they were alone (even when they were younger)
  • but they were always nitpicking and teasing each other around others 
  • ron and hermione were the type to keep their passion about each other private
  • they wanted something that was only their’s 
  • and ron stayed home with the kids when they were young while hermione worked and defied all the gender norms
  • but everyone supported it fully and it worked for them
  • and they were so happy 
  • i imagine hermione first being pregnant with twins but then miscarrying
  • and ron was so devastated and hermione didn’t speak to anyone but ron for months
  • they gave up for awhile but she then got pregnant with rose and they thought it was a miracle
  • hermione would always read rose to sleep and ron would watch her by the door frame and would fall in love with hermione all over again
  • and hermione would just shyly smile but then get up and bicker at him about something jokingly and call him ronald
  • and so many other things but i feel like if i don’t stop now i’ll never stop