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Bless all of your hearts for doing such a great job with this! I’m looking for a fic, it was Nicky-centric and while the twins were still in high school. There’s a part where Nicky’s not feeling well and mixed up which twin is which while making smoothies in the kitchen, and the twins figured out he was sick because he never mixes them up. Thanks in advance!

I’ve read the exact fic you’re talking about but I can’t find it. Can any of our followers help? I’ll link a similar fic below. 

Nicky and His Twins

BTS Drabble Scenario: 

14. “Your hands are so much larger than mine.”

You walked outside of your college building as your last class ended for the day, listening to music with one earphone in, minding your business. Minding your business until the one boy you were avoiding started walking beside you with his signature cocky smile, charming black glasses, mint hair, and dangling hoop earring. You rolled your eyes at him and just kept walking.

“Well hello to you too!” He said, chuckling. “What are you listening to?”

“Anything other than you talking” You smiled sarcastically.

“I think you just did, or else you wouldn’t be able to reply to my question correctly,” He said.

“Idiot,” You said. “Please leave and thank you”

“I had a very boring day until now, thank you for asking,” He said. “What about you?”

“I was having a great day until you showed up,” You said.

“I’m pretty sure that’s not the case, sweetheart. We both know that” He smirked widely.

“I hate you” You smiled ironically.

“No, you like me” He nudged your shoulder.

“Can you not? I embarrassed myself once and I am not in the mood to do it again now or ever again” You said.

“Oh come on,” He said. “We slept together, then a week after you got drunk at another party and told me you like me. So, what? That means I don’t get to talk to you?”

“That means I am stupid,” You said. “Can you stop?”

“I want to take you out on a date,” He said.

You raised your eyebrow at him and shook your head. “Way to make me feel better. Don’t make fun of me” You said.

“You idiot, I’m not making fun of you!” He said. “I’m going to take you on a date on Saturday”

“Just because I told you I like you, doesn’t mean you get to pity me by taking me on a pity date. I don’t need your pity. I’ll get over my stupid crush to the college’s sweetheart and go on with my life” You insisted.

“Why waste your chance when the sweetheart likes you back?” He asked.

“Ha, funny Yoongi,” You said.

He rolled his eyes at you and stopped you, turning you around. He took both of your cheeks in his hands and locked his lips with yours, not for a long time but long enough to make your heart pound. “Now, go on a date with me because I like you back. You’re cute and you have caught my eyes for a long time now. So just let me take you on a date”:

“I guess-”

“Great!” He smiled and grabbed your hand, making you walk forward again. 

“Your hands are so much larger than mine,” You said. “It’s quite disturbing actually, it gives you reasons to be cockier”

“I know, right?” He smirked. “So, where do you want our first date to be, babe?”

AU: Someone stop me from writing more fluff. I think it’s a disease.


Somebody asked if NSP would come to Halifax, Danny said possibly, because TWRP is from there

Somebody said they’re going to the Cleveland show and Danny said “Oh rad! I can’t wait to play those shows.” Aww I love his enthusiasm c:

Somebody said they did a great job in Conan, Danny said “Thank you! We were Nervous.”

Someone asked Ross how Gameoverse is coming along, he said very well

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Yeaterday I lost one of the most importan people in my life. โ€ชWords cannot describe how wonderful of a person my grandmother was. She was such a giant part of my life and such a huge inspiration to me. She always saw the good in people and was always filled to the brim with positivity and smiles. Ever since I was a kid she always supported me in everything I did, especially when I started YouTube. She saw the positivity we as a community weโ€™re trying to spread, and she got behind it immediately. She would ask every day how you guys were doing and would ask me to help her load my newest video on her iPad so she could read all of the comments. She loved what I was doing and she loved this community and being a part of it. No one has supported my channel more than my grandmother did. Iโ€™m not great at writing out my feelings, especially in a time like now, but all I want to say is that although my grandmother is gone, letโ€™s continue spreading the message that she did every day. โ€œAll that matters is love, kindness and acceptance.โ€ โ€ฌ

โ€ชI love you granny. Thank you for bringing so much joy to everyone around you. Iโ€™ll carry you and your message everywhere I go. โ€ฌ

Ring Finger

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Description:ย You and Bucky have been together for six years but he still wonโ€™t propose and you want to know why

Word Count:ย 1.9k

Originally posted by retardell


โ€œNat Iโ€™ve been hinting to him for almost a yearโ€ you complained throwing your best friend a gun.ย 

โ€œShould I talk to him?โ€ she asked taking out two men who were approaching from behind.

โ€œMaybe, just find out what his problem isโ€ย 

You flicked through the blood stained files that were spread over a desk looking for any relevant information. The mission was routine and relatively simple; you and Natasha were scouting out anything that could help the others on a mission they were assigned next week.

A few pieces of paper seemed of interest so you rolled them up and slid them into a pocket inside your suit.

You took out your lighter to burn the rest of the information that wasnโ€™t any use to the team. Nat checked the exit was clear and nodded for you to follow, both of you staying alert for any intruders.

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38! You may have noticed that I dropped a day behind, so expect a double post sometime in the next few days as I catch us up. 

This character was inspired by that great meme I did a bit back where you ask what kinda DnD species + class you’d be–I got doppelganger and rogue several times each, so here we are! You folks were absolutely amazing in indulging me with race/class assignments so I thought this would be a fun way to say thanks. I’ll probably do a few more based off of the most-suggested ideas.

anyway this character is a huge cutie and I’d love it if this was my IRL class n such, good suggestions yall


i posted this on my twitter as well!

Dino to Joshua: After dance practice, in the kitchen of our dorm, Shua hyung was eating something. I was just looking but Shua hyung asked “Do you want a bite?”, thank you for offering that to me. Honestly during that time, I wanted to eat something. I love you ❤

Woozi to the members: I’m thankful for the members because we stay together every time. Thank you, members.

Hoshi to the members: I’m thankful for the members because all 13 of us are together. I’m thankful because everyone is healthy and not hurt. Thanks guys~

Mingyu to Seungkwan: Seungkwan, these days you’re busy with own schedules, right? I’m really thankful for you going to variety shows as Seventeen’s representative and making smile flowers (making people laugh). I ask for you, as Seventeen’s Seungkwan and with Seventeen’s name, to do more cool activities in the future! Thanks! 

S.Coups to Seungkwan: Recently, I was thankful for something. While preparing for year-end activities, we didn’t have much to time communicate with each other and we were also very tired/out of strength. But 2 days ago, Seungkwan sent a long message to our group chat. He said “Let’s work hard together” and at that time as a leader, I should have done that but because Seungkwan did it i’m so thankful, and in the future I’ll work harder. Thanks, Seungkwan!

Wonwoo to Mingyu: Mingyu-yah…. Yesterday…. For making me ramen….. I’m very thankful. (In KongLish) ddaengkyu/thank you. Make it for me often.

DK to Seungkwan: I want to say thanks to Seungkwan. Whenever we are tired or when we don’t have any energy, I’m very thankful for you giving us a lot of energy, Seungkwan~

Jeonghan to DK: Firstly, the member that I want to thank out of all members is….. The member I want to thank is….. Dokyeom-ah, really…. For hyung….. Ah, I’ll do it again (and yes, he really does walk to the side and enters again as if nothing happened) Dokyeom-ah, thanks! I know it must be really hard to be with me, but thank you for accepting my jokes and for playing around with me. Actually yesterday, while i was beside DK, I said “Dokyeom-ah, wah, thank you really. For being close with me”. I always do pranks on DK and play with him but even with that, for (him) still being close to me, i’m really thankful. Dokyeom-ah, thanks!

The8 to the members: I’m really thankful for the members these days. I was very sick but they still kept on supporting me and seeing them being with me made me really happy so thank you, my members! 

Seungkwan to Hoshi: Nowadays, I’m filming a lot of variety shows (by myself). Every time I go, Hoshi hyung gives me a lot of support even though he’s tired himself. During my filming for King of Mask Singer, my birthday, I’m really thankful to Hoshi hyung for sending me lots of/endless messages. (verge of tears) To members: During King of Mask Singer, after I got to the 3rd round, when the members said I was really cool, I felt so great.

Vernon to the members: I caught a cold right now but the members were worried because I might get sick. For taking care of me like this, I’m thankful. Even now too, thank you.

Jun to Hoshi: Something warm happened to me recently. Because the weather was cold, I caught a cold. Hoshi’s bed was beside mine so every time before he sleeps or when he wakes up in the morning, he always asks “Jun, are you okay? Have you gotten better?” and it was very sweet and I’m thankful for it. Hoshi too, always be healthy and don’t catch a cold like me~

Joshua to Hoshi: Hoshi-yah, whenever I look like I’m having a hard time, you always come up to me first and ask if i’m okay and thank you because you always listen to my talks. Really. Thanks!

from News-Ade’s video!

I don’t even know where to begin, if you had said to me last month I was going to meet Taylor Swift in October I would of called you crazy 😂 I just can’t believe this photo actually exists, I’m so grateful to have been invited to the secret session it was seriously the best night of my life and I will always cherish it 💛 I finally got to meet my idol, the person I have looked up to since 2008, she was exactly as I knew she would be, kind, humble, funny, generous, gorgeous and so much more 💖. She was so kind to me and instantly recognised me as soon as I walked through the door “Morgennnn I’m so glad you could make it” I will never forget those words, I never thought she actually knew who Is was but Taylor proved me wrong ☺️. She also told me she always associates me with the flower crown filter which I died when she told me as all my friends of hers call me “flower king” because of that 😂 I fell in love with her in 2008 and met her in 2017. Last month I was in a dark place, I had my first heartbreak I felt so lost and depressed for a long time but as soon as I received that message from Taylor Nation everything changed. Someone once told me that with every low comes a high and this is definitely that because I have never felt this happy in my life and will never stop thinking about it😊

Taylor thank you so much for inviting me into your home( which is beautiful btw) to hangout with you for a night and listen to Reputation early, which I am gonna say again is the best album you have created you have put your heart and soul into this album and just looked so happy when listening to it with us and just throughout the whole night, I’m just so happy for you ♥️ I cannot wait for everyone to hear Reputation and also can’t wait for you to win album of the year for the third time when the Grammys come around 😌 it’s gonna happen and I am so ready for it! And finally thank you so much for the friendships I have made from the Secret Sessions, I finally got to meet @ethereal-swiftness and @taylorsparklingswift who i had been friends with before the event, it was such a great surprise to see them and to freak out together throughout the whole night with 😄 Also I’m sorry for kinda freezing like a statue when meeting I was so awkward and just overwhelmed that all the thing I wanted to say to you I forgot to speak to you about and I didn’t even ask for a picture with just me and you which I kinda best myself up about as they were personal things I wanted to thank you for but I’m gonna make a post with all those things so please if it made by the fine you read this look on my blog for it it would mean so much to me if you knew.

Thank you so much again Taylor for everything. I love you so much Taylor it was truly enchanting to meet you, the memories of October 13 will stay with me forever, see you on tour!

Love from your Scottish Swiftie

Morgen 😘🌷🌺


Connor x Reader

Request:hiyaaa! how bout a scenario for connor forced by s/o to spend a lazy day with her and then she has like “old android” gadgets and be like, “this is alexa, one of your greatest ancestors” idk where i’m going with this but please do with it as you please. im sorry if asks are closed ;—-; thanks and have a great day!! ❄ -anonymous

Words: 779

Detroit was going trough a heat wave, and you and Connor were spending a nice day of doing nothing, lying splayed across your bed while Connor fanned you with a magazine.

“It’s so hot…” you groaned.

“Yes, you’ve said that exactly 4 times now”, Connor said.

“Fucking climate change.” You wondered if you could take off any more layers. You had already discarded your T-shirt, and were wearing only your sports-bra and shorts. You could still take off the shorts and wear nothing but underwear, but would that be too weird?

“Humans are so sensitive”, you said. Connor was not fazed by the heat. He didn’t sweat or get dehydrated, and it took much more extreme heat to overheat him.

He just looked at you with a puzzled look on his face, thinking how he could make you feel better. Maybe a distraction?

He got up and walked around your small apartment, looking at the different items there. Humans required so many different items to survive and make them happy and comfortable. Should he get an apartment as well? What would he use it for?

Then, his gaze found a shelf full of different electric appliances, many of which he didn’t recognize. Some of them looked decades old. He inspected them closer.

“What are you looking at?” You asked.

“These devices; what are they?” He asked and picked up an old dog-robot.

“That’s Fenrir. Or CHiPK9, if you want to be exact. it’s a dog.”

“A dog?”

“It’s an old dog robot I had as a kid”, you said, smiling at the memory of playing with it. “It recognizes it’s owner and responds to simple commands like ‘sit’ and ‘fetch’. Back then, that was some sophisticated technology.”

“I figured it was a toy”, he said. He thought about Sumo, and how different this toy looked like from a real dog. Despite that, humans had bought them and treated them like pets. There seemed to be no limit to human empathy.

He put the dog back on the shelf and looked at the other gadgets. There was an old model of Roomba (newer models of Roomba were still being bought and sold in 2039), other robot toys, some old smart watches and cameras, alarm clocks and other ones Connor couldn’t recognize.

“What’s this?” he picked up a black, tube shaped device with the word ‘amazon’ written on it. It weighed about 2 pounds, and it didn’t have any screens. Maybe it was a speaker?

“Oh, that’s a good one”, you sat up, excited. “It’s Alexa, an old virtual assistant.”

“Alexa…” he said the name, trying to remember where he had heard it before.

“It’s like your ancestor. It’s not exactly complicated in it’s features, but back when I was a kid, that was the best we had.”

“So this is from your childhood home?” He asked.

“Most of the stuff on that shelf is from my parent’s place. We had a lot of gadgets and stuff when I was a kid.”

Connor was fascinated by Alexa. How much had humans achieved in the past twenty years?

“Can I turn it on?” He asked.

“Go ahead. It needs to be plugged in though.”

After you helped him find the power cord from your massive collection of wires that you had left tangled up in your closet, you successfully powered up Alexa, and sat down on the floor. Connor was holding the Alexa like it was something precious.

“Alexa, what’s the weather like in Detroit?” You said.

“Currently, in Detroit it’s 99 degrees with clear skies. You can expect more of the same tonight, with a low of 77 degrees.”

Connor’s eyes lit up. “Alexa?” he said, and paused to think. “What should I ask?” He looked at you when he said it, but Alexa answered.

“You can ask me anything.”

You played around with Alexa for a while, asking it different questions. There was nothing Alexa could do that Connor couldn’t. Connor was also connected to the internet, and was able to find any kind of information upon request.

Eventually, you got hungry and decided to cook something. You left Alexa on the kitchen table while you worked.

Over your time together with Connor, you had taught him how to cook. Now he was better at it than you.

“I wish I knew what it was like to appreciate good food”, Connor said while slicing the onions. He always sliced the onions, since it didn’t make him cry.

“I guess you can do something else while I eat”, you suggested.

“I like listening to your music.”

“Well then, let’s play some music!” You turned towards Alexa and spoke.

“Alexa, play Despacito.”

general “matchmaker” organa - poe dameron

fandom: star wars

pairing: poe dameron x reader

summary: leia is tired of her two best pilots reckless disregard, and decides that itโ€™s about time you realise that youโ€™re in love with each other

warnings: very vague sexual reference

notes: okay, this is terrible but iโ€™ve had the idea forever and i really wanted to write it, so I did! i may end up rewriting it, but for now here you go, feedback is always awesome and so are requests! x

Originally posted by darianas

word count: 1,535

General Leia Organa was no fool. She saw more than her crew knew, and understood each of them in ways they themselves probably did not. Over her years, sheโ€™s become particularly gifted in recognising things within a person even when that person is doing their utmost to hide it.

Although almost the entirety of The Resistance โ€“ yes, even the oneโ€™s on the outer-rim โ€“ knew about the tension between Poe Dameron and his best friend, General Organa is especially proud to say that she was the first to see it.

โ€œDonโ€™t even think about it, flyboy,โ€ you said, toeing your toolbox shut with a snap. You glared at the man standing above you as you tinkered with the underside of your X-wing.

He wore a smirk to rival the great Han Solo, โ€œBut you love me.โ€

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New girl

The Losers Club x Female!reader

Word count: 514

Requested: yesyesyes

Summary: im really sozzles i couldnt even find the request but i just remember it abt the reader being the new girl and she sees henry bullying the losers and she fucking decks him so yeah

Side note: i’m not gonna even say it. y’all should know lmao

Originally posted by unchxxrted

It’s your first day at your new school and honestly? It’s not great but it’s not that bad either. Everything is pretty simple and nothing too horrible has happened so that was good. You could get used to this place.

For some unknown reason your parents moved to Derry and at first you were against it but it’s not so bad. 

You were walking back home from school when you heard a lot of laughter in a near by alley way. 

You had a little peep to see what the noise was. There was an older boy harassing some kids from your class. He pushed down the one with the glasses to the ground then kicked him in the stomach and laughed like a mad man. Then he turned to the other boy, grabbed him by the shirt then threw him to the concrete ground. 

That set you off. You marched up to him.

“YOU” you called out to the bully.

He turned around obviously startled. Then he smirked. 

“More punching bags. Just what I-” 


He was cut off by you swinging your fist right into his face. And god, punching someone in the face hurt like a bitch. He stumbled back from the sudden impact. He wiped his nose smearing blood across his face. 

The boy with the glasses that was on the ground, you helped him up. He looked at you with wide eyes, like he just witnessed someone being murdered.

The bully turned to you with anger evident on his face. Then he stalked towards you.

“You’re so fucking dea-”

You swung your leg up his crotch and he fell to the ground, kneeling and holding himself. You heard gasps from behind you from the boys and girl.

You gave him one last kick. A big one.

“Now fuck off” you spat.

Then he ran off still holding himself. After he was out of sight you turned to the group of people he was harassing. 

“Are you all okay?” you asked. 

They didn’t answer for a moment. They just stood there. Shocked and amazed. Until one of them finally spoke up. 

“W-what you did for us, f-for Richie. Thank y-you”. 

“It’s no problem. He deserved it”.

The boy with the glasses grabbed you by the shoulders. “You. Are. My. Fucking. Hero. Why can’t I have the courage to punch Henry Bowers in the face!” he exclaimed, causing you to chuckle. 

“I’m Richie. And thats Bill, Bev, Eddie, Stan, Mike and Ben”.

“Hello everyone” you waved. 

“That was just so fucking amazing” Stan said. 

“Really fucking amazing” Eddie huffed. 

Beverly put a hand on your shoulder, “so thank you again for helping us out back there”.

You smiled with a nod. 

“We were just on our way to get some pizza and maybe ice cream too. Do you want to come?” Mike asked.

“Oh no, I don’t wanna intrude”.

“You’re not intruding. Please come. We want you to come” Ben told you.

You thought why not. “Yeah, I’d love to come”.

“G-Great” Bill smiled. 

Looks like you made some new friends 


Yoonmin Tinder AU


When Taehyung and Jungkook sign Jimin up for Tinder as a joke, they never thought theyโ€™d find the Agust Dโ€™s account. Jimin is not as impressed. Heโ€™s been through enough heartbreaks in the past to know itโ€™s too good to be true. Thereโ€™s no way his idol likes him, especially with that profile picture. Will Jiminโ€™s messy relationship history get in the way of his happiness?

But why does it matter? Heโ€™s not actually talking to Min Yoongi.


Wow, so itโ€™s the end.

I remember when I posted the first two chapters, and I was so scared, but I resolved that I was going to make this for myself. I was hoping for 50 notes on the first post, and the fact that the masterlist has over 3,000 notes is literally insane. I never imagined that so many people would read and enjoy my work. While making this AU, Iโ€™ve made so many friends and met so many people (virtually haha). Before I didnโ€™t know anyone who liked bts and now I have so many people who understand why Iโ€™m screaming at 2 am about jungkookโ€™s hair (iโ€™m still shook)

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55spitfire191  asked:

Not sure if your taking any suggestions/prompts/asks for art, but my two kids (who love your art) were wondering if you’ve ever drawn the Super-friends playing baseball or dresses like ball players? My little girl saw someone had drawn Ariel from little mermaid in a Cincinnati Reds cap and shirt and she was all “Comic Girl could make an awesome Alex & Kara like that!” Anyways- thank you for all your awesome posts and art- they are always great to see!

Iโ€™m not taking requests at the moment, no. โ€ฆBuuuuuutย I had some spare time today so I squeezed it in. XD Not sure if itโ€™s exactly what you guys had in mind, but I hope you enjoy it!

(And thank you!)

No Panties - One Shot

Notes - Hi guys! So I randomly got really inspired to write a JK one shot while I was at f21, this legit was all inspired by a dress I saw lmao. I hope you guys enjoy this <3, let me know if you want a PT 2!

Triggers - Smut, Oral, Fingering, Dirty Talk

Word Count - 3.8k

โ€œI just donโ€™t understand why I have to like someone that bullies me!โ€ You groaned out and threw yourself on your best friend, Jiminโ€™s bed. He smiled and shrugged.

โ€œThatโ€™s typical guy behavior, he has a crush on you.โ€ He spoke and shrugged. โ€œOr maybe he hates you.โ€ You groaned and rolled your eyes. You and Jimin had known each other since you guys were only in the 1st grade, ever since then youโ€™d be inseparable. However, you and Jimin never developed feelings for each other even though the two of you acknowledged that you were both good looking, The bond of brother and sister was way too strong to break for a relationship that most likely wouldnโ€™t work because of the differences you did have. โ€œYou know what you need to do?โ€ He questioned. โ€œShow up to school without panties, get him into a quiet location and show him youโ€™re not one to mess with.โ€ Immediately you sprang up and stared at Jimin.

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BTS Reaction to: Them giving you hickeys

Anon asked: ”Can you do BTS react to them giving you hickeys and kissing your neck? The one you just posted was great 💜 ” 

Author’s note: Thank you! Gifs aren’t mine. x 


Originally posted by jinniesday

Seokjin knew that you loved the feeling of his plump lips against your neck. So when you were mad at him he used that against you. He pressed himself up against your back, removed your hair from your neck and pressed his lips against your sensitive skin. You bit down on your bottom lip as Seokjin sucked a purple bruise. 

“Seokjin, what are you doing?” 

He smirked against your neck as he spun you around before crashing his lips against yours and guiding you to the bedroom. 


Originally posted by sugakookie

Yoongi wanted to get you back for leaving hickeys on his neck the other night. Sure he secretly loved them but the media took notice of them and rumors spread like wildfire. So he decided to give you a taste of your own medicine. Yoongi pinned you down underneath him as his lips trailed down your neck. You closed your eyes as he pressed wet kisses before he harshly bit down on your skin, making you moan. 

“Ah Yoongi.” 

He grinned before going back up again and pulling you in for a passionate kiss. 


Originally posted by ourhopeourangel

Hoseok smirked when he saw the purple bruises on his neck. Yesterday you spend a lot of time teasing him and created a lot of hickeys on his neck. So he thought it would only be fair if he did the same to you. Hoseok came up behind you as he wrapped his arms around your middle and started sucking on the skin of your neck. You instantly dropped your phone in your lap as you closed your eyes in pleasure. 

“Ah Hobi that feels good.” 

He chuckled before pulling back, admiring the purple bruises he made. 


Originally posted by ksjknj

Namjoon was beyond annoyed. During your dinner together the waiter kept shamelessly flirting with you. As if Namjoon wasn’t even there. You didn’t even seem to notice which only annoyed him even more. So he wanted to get you back and what better way then to mark you? Namjoon pushed you up against the wall as his lips sucked on your sensitive skin. You threw your head back against the wall as he grinds his hips against yours. 

“Ah fuck Joon that feels good.” 

He chuckled as he slowly pulled back. Staring at you with dark eyes as he growled, “You’re mine baby. Don’t ever forget that.” 


Originally posted by minblush

Jimin had missed you a lot and when he saw you again he simply couldn’t control himself anymore. Jimin dragged you with him to the bathroom as he pushed you down onto the bed. Your back hitting the mattress as he climbed on top of you. Jimin pressed his lips against yours as he kissed you passionately, before moving down to your neck. His plump lips trailed down your neck as he pressed soft kisses against it. Sucking a few hickeys here and there. 


“Does that feel good baby?” 

You nodded your head as you felt him smiling against your skin before coming back up and crashing his lips against yours again. 


Originally posted by jjks

You had been teasing him the entire day. The entire goddamn day. Taehyung had enough and needed to teach you a lesson. So when he saw that you were on the phone with your friend he smirked before he came up behind you. He wrapped his arms around your middle as he pressed kisses against your neck. You let out a moan at the feeling. Your cheeks instantly heating up as you quickly said goodbye to your friend before hanging up the phone. Taehyung chuckled as he sucked purple bruises onto your skin. 

“Hm you really like it when I do this don’t you baby?” 

“Yes, It feels really good.” 

Taehyung grinned as he turned you around before crashing his lips against yours. 


Originally posted by jengkook

You and Jungkook had been playing a stupid game the entire day. He tried to tease you so you’d give in and beg for him to fuck you. But with you being as stubborn as you are it took him a lot longer than he initially thought. He hoped that you’d give in in 2 hours or so but this stupid game already lasted half of the day. So Jungkook took drastic measurements and teasingly ran his hand through his hair as he walked up to you. He bit down on his bottom lip before he pressed you up against the wall and started sucking on the skin of your neck. 

“Why are you so stupid baby? Just give in. I know you want to.” 

You bit your lip as he sucked dark bruises onto your sensitive skin. Slowly grinding his hips against yours at the same time.  

Malfoy's Cat and The Necessary Rules for Survival

ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย  Gossip is a constant but unfortunate norm at Hogwarts. Before the war, it was over superficial things; who was dating who, was that really their nose or just a glamour, or even who was to be blamed for the loss of fans for professional Quidditch?

ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย  After the war, the gossip changed. Oh, it was still about who is dating who, no that really is a glamour and the popular consensus was that it was entirely the Chudley Cannons fault for the downfall of Quidditch fans.

ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย  Butโ€ฆ

ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย  Something else was bothering a lot of students. Draco Malfoy.

ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย  There was a margin of people that disliked the Slytherin because of who he was. Snarky, rude, pretentious, ex-Death Eater, all around bastard and current boyfriend of one Harry Potter.

ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย  However, the majority of the students were too distracted to notice all of that. The appearance of the cold blonde for his eighth year was overshadowed by Malfoyโ€™s cat.

ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย  A small, tiny, little kitten. The cat was so small that most people worried it had been taken from its mother too soon. Which was a strike against Malfoy. Some suspected by the catโ€™s incredibly disheveled black fur, that the Slytherin didnโ€™t properly care for the poor thing either. Not to mention the feline was left to its own devices a lot of the time. The cat could be seen running around the halls chasing peeves, sprinting outside chasing butterflies, or racing down corridors in pursuit of bullies.

ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย  Because, yes, Malfoyโ€™s kitten disliked anyone speaking negatively of others. Which was honestly ironic considering the cat loved Malfoy. That much was obvious by the loud purring the animal would emit at the sight of the Slytherin.

ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย  The cat was the main topic of conversation, even half-way through the year.

ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย  โ€œItโ€™s got to be a devil-cat.โ€ Justin whispered to his friends, the whisper carried around the quiet of the library.

ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย  โ€œI heard that itโ€™s claws are sharper than knives.โ€ Ernie told them sagely.

ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย  โ€œThe eyes are where you can tell itโ€™s really evil. They just follow you around wherever you go.โ€ Mumbled Michael as he looked around to make sure the cat wasnโ€™t in sight.

ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย  โ€œThe cat freaks me out.โ€ Hannah piped up. โ€œI canโ€™t live like this!โ€

ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย  ย โ€œSounds like you all need some rules to abide by, to ensure you donโ€™t anger the evil cat.โ€ Luna sing-songed on her to put away a book. ย ย 

ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย  That had them all scrambling to get close and begin arguing over the best guideline for survival. Word of mouth passed quickly and by lunchtime a list was being formed.

ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย  Malfoyโ€™s Cat and the Necessary Rules for Survival.


ย Rule Number One: Donโ€™t insult, hex, curse, sneer at, or judge Malfoy.

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in too deep.

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ten โœ˜ youย 

tattoo artist!au, mafia!au; angst & fluff ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย ย 

words: 5,7kย  โ”‚ย  โ™ซ


5 minutes and one hour until opening and you were walking up the street, a bagel in your mouth, keys ready in your hand and a cup of chai latte in your other. You spotted your discreteย parlor soon enough and hurried over to it, spotting Doyoung seated on a bench right outside, most likely having lost his own key again.ย 

Your parlor was a small shop on the bottom floor of a tall building. Above it was mostly cafeย and one DIY shop that you frequented in your lunch breaks. There was no neon sign screaming outย โ€œY/N and Kim Dongyoungโ€™sย Tattoo Parlor, weโ€™re illegal!โ€. No, your little shop was plain; the interior was the classic with white brick walls, creme decorations and wooden furniture and, coincidentally, you also sold coffee.ย 

You smirked at Doyoung as you passed him and walked up to the glass door of your shop.ย โ€œLost your key,โ€ You put your own in and turned it.ย โ€œagain?โ€

โ€œYeah, I did.โ€ Doyoung admitted with ease. Being the fourth time this had happened, he had stopped caring about his pride.ย โ€œIโ€™m glad I stopped writingย โ€œtattoo parlorโ€ on them.โ€ย 

You laughed and tried to open the door, only for it to not budge.ย โ€œWhat?โ€ You mused and inserted your key back in, turned it, and opened the door. Doyoung sighed loudly behind you and you could only imagine his flailing arms.

โ€œAre you telling me it was open all this time? Whoโ€™s here before the bosses? Do you think Johnny is this early? Like, Johnny?โ€

Ignoring his whining, you walked inside, careful in your steps as you carefully listened for any kind of rushed movements or heavy footsteps. Maybe you were being robbed. Before you knew it, your life flashed before your eyes; your heart raced and your palms started sweating.ย 

This was it for you and your parlor.ย 

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School Dances - Richie Tozier

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word count: 4311
warnings: swearing
a/n: yes i know it’s mileven but they’re my babies and it was a good gif so politely fuck off.  also i’m sorry this is a lame title,  and it’s been so long since i’ve posted

[ love is arguing, but not attacking ]

You had your feet up on the couch, using your legs as a makeshift table as you sketched away in your notebook.  Everyone was at Bill’s for a sleepover, and you and him were currently sketching while the others were playing Atari.  You were never one much for video games.

“What do you think?” You asked quietly, leaning over to show Bill your pencil sketch of the quarry you’d all been to countless times.  Bill smiled and nodded.

“I-I like it” He told you, and you went back to your sketching again.


“You should draw me sometime sweetheart” You jumped slightly as you spun around, eyes narrowing at the boy leaning over the back of the couch.

“Damnit Richie you almost made me mess it up!” You scolded, but he just grinned before hopping onto the rug between Eddie and Ben.  You rolled your eyes and shook your head.

Yeah, you and Richie were friends.  You were both in the Loser’s Club, and always shared good times and awesome adventures.  Not including the whole Pennywise fiasco last summer.  It was just that he was such a trashmouth, and you were so introverted, that the connection was hard.  So most of the both of your time spent together was either arguing, or really great and fun.

It was 90% arguing.

“y/n? Earth to y/n” You blinked to see Eddie was snapping his fingers in front of your face.

“Sorry what’d you say?” You asked again.

“I asked if you were going to homecoming” He repeated, eyes flicking to the screen momentarily to see Bev’s character dominating over Richie’s.  Richie yelling and whining about how he ‘was the professional here’.

“Thanks Ed but you’re just a friend… I’d rather be asked by someone interested-”

“Oh no no no no no no I didn’t mean it like that y/n I wasn’t asking you ou-”

“You’re asking y/n out?” Richie abandoned his game to glare over at Eddie, but you missed it after being too focused by her drawing.

“Fuck no!” Eddie screeched, now gaining your attention again.  Eddie went on this rant about your friendship and all that, but you just sat there quietly.

Were you really that unideal of a homecoming date? Maybe you didn’t have the body of a senior, maybe you weren’t perfect, but you thought you’d at least suffice.

“I’m gonna get a drink” You muttered, tossing your sketchbook carelessly to the side of the couch.  You stood up without another word, walking to the kitchen and blinking hard so you wouldn’t cry.

“Fuck Tozier” Eddie grumbled.  “You made your girl sad”

“She’s not my girl” Richie replied in a quieter tone, paranoid you could still hear him from the kitchen.

“Ri-Richie you should t-talk to her” Bill said, but Richie shook his head, pushing his glasses up his nose.

“I can’t” He said, feeling as pathetic as he sounded.  Bev rolled her eyes, standing up and going after you.

“You’re a pussy” She called back to him before consoling you quietly in the kitchen.

It was late,even for you, and you had quite the night owl tendencies.  But you didn’t care, preferring to lean over the kitchen counter with your second cup of cocoa as you worked on a sketch.  A different one from before, this one you’ve been adding to for months, and still, it just doesn’t seem perfect.  You didn’t like to share them until they were perfect.

You groaned softly, rubbing your eyes with the palms of your hands.  Your eyes briefly flicking to the little candle you had on the counter, wondering briefly if you should just scrap the whole page.  Then shook your head, not liking the destructive thought.

“y/n?” Your head snapped up, hands propping you at your chin.  “What’re you doing up it’s like… two in the morning” Richie spoke, voice tired and a mumble.

“Was I loud?” You whispered, and he shook his head, messy hair flopping in front of his face.  You watched him pull his glasses from where they were folded to slide into the neck of his shirt, fitting them onto his face and pushing them up his nose.  You found yourself smiling at this, even though it was a simple action.

“No I just… couldn’t sleep” He said lamely with a shrug.  He wandered over to where you stood, peeking down at your notebook.  You pulled it towards you anxiously, flipping the pages so he couldn’t see what you’d been working on.

“Me too” You finally responded, drawing his attention away from the book.  But it didn’t work.

“What’re you drawing?” He asked, and you felt the nervous butterflies fluttering relentlessly in your chest..  Your fingers curled tighter around the pages.  “What? Scared I’m not gonna like my sexy portrait?” He smirked at his own comment and your eyes narrowed.

“Why would I want to show you anyways, you’re just gonna make fun of it” You said, holding it against your chest.  Richie’s smirk pulled into a frown instantly.

“I won’t” He said quickly.

“I don’t believe you” You mumbled back.  His frown deepened.  You set your book back down on the counter, keeping it closed as you reached to drink from your mug.

“y/n… come on… what do you think I’m gonna do?” He tried to keep his voice quiet, soft.

“I dunno…” You murmured out again.  “Make fun of it?”

“I promise I won’t” He responded fast, truly trying to persuade you to show him.  You bit down on your lip, glancing anxiously around before picking up the book again, sliding it over to him.  Richie grinned, his cheek a pink hue illuminated in the candle light.

You wanted to draw that.

He opened up the cover carefully, seeing your name and information printed neatly on the inside cover of it.  He turned the page, and you awaited his reaction to your first sketch.  It was simple, just a night sky.  You remembered how you spent forever shading in the different patches of the sky, and perfecting each point of the little stars you added.  Richie almost reached out to brush his fingers over the perfected crescent moon you’d drawn, but pulled away at the last moment, not wanted to ruin your masterpiece.

“It’s not… it isn’t perfect it was when I was first starting to draw-”

“It’s beautiful” He cut you off.  “And this was when you were an amateur?” Your teeth sunk into your lip again.  “y/n you’re so fucking talented!” He smiled up at you before flipping the page, seeing an arrangement of flower sketches all over it.

“That was uh.. That was practice for something else” You said, fingers wringing together.  Bill was the only one you shared your work with, the both of you critiquing and admiring each other’s pieces.  But this was… this was different.

“They’re nice” He commented quietly, then moved on to another page.  This one was the one he’d briefly saw earlier, of the quarry and it’s sparkling waters, the morning sun giving it this effect.  He smiled, being reminded of countless memories spent there with the Losers.  Another page turn, and this time he paused.

His eyes scanned over your most secreted drawing, the one that’s seemed to take you an eternity, every detail needing to be at absolute perfection.  A slow grinned tugged his lips open, a pearly white smile being flashed your way before back to the notebook.

Inside was a sketch of the whole gang, arms linked over everyone’s shoulder.  Mike, then Stan, Ben, then Eddie, then Richie, Bill, Beverly, and you.  There wasn’t any scenery yet, so far just the basics of each person.  Facial features, clothing, hair.  Richie looked at his own character, his grin in the sketch lopsided, glasses crooked and eyes large.  His hair was even messier than usual and his tee shirt read Loser.  All the shirts had the same logo on it.

“y/n this is so…” He breathed out heavily, for once, not having anything to say.  “It’s fucking amazing, it’s perfect” You blushed deeply and darted your eyes away from his.

“I was going to give it to Bill for Christmas… I mean it’ll probably take me that long anyways and I thought after… last summer it’d be kinda… you know?” You trailed off, not wanting to say the words.  Richie nodded, glancing once more at the page before closing the book.

“I’m really glad you showed me” He said, and you only nodded your head in response, taking the last drink of your cocoa and setting the mug in the sink.

“I should go back to bed” You said, taking the notebook in your arms once more.  Richie opened his mouth, maybe to protest and ask you to stay, or to say he wasn’t tired yet, he wasn’t even sure.  So he sighed inwardly and gave up on finding the right words.

“Yeah, it’s late” He said, and you both trudged on your tiptoes back to the living room where the arrangement of sleeping bags were strewn all over the place.  You looked back at him as you sat down in yours, holding onto your pillow as he settled in again for the night.

“Goodnight” You whispered, and he looked over at you as he took off his glasses and folded them up.

“Night y/n” He replied, and you smiled gently before laying down and getting comfortable.  Richie smiled to himself as well while he laid down and went to sleep.

The next day at school you were all groggy from staying up so late, especially you and Richie.  Which the others commented about numerous times.  But you brushed it off and ignored their ongoings as you put in your locker combination.

“I’m too tired for this” You hummed to Richie, who nodded, eyes shut as his side leaned against the locker next to you.  Only hearing pieces of Eddie yelling at Beverly for her smoking habits.  Not that she cared, but it was funny to get him riled up.

“Oh look! It’s my favorite girl!” Suddenly your locker was slammed shut, and you jumped to see Henry Bowers had wedged himself between your now closed locker and yourself.  You backed up immediately, finding his aroma to be absolutely ghastly.

“Take a shower fuck-bag” Richie groaned

“Fuck off loser, I’m only here for y/n” Henry stroked an oddly gentle hand down your cheek, and you winced with disgust.  “How are ya y/n? I missed school yesterday… did you miss me?” You gagged aloud.

“No Henry, I didn’t miss you” You uttered, yanking your face away from his hand.  “Don’t touch me” You added, hiking the strap of your backpack higher on your shoulder.  Henry smirked, an eyebrow arching tauntingly.

“Come on sweetheart, don’t be that way” He leaned forward to meet your eye level.  “I know all I gotta do is ask you to lift your skirt a little, isn’t that right boys?” Your face fell at the horrible and untrue accusation.  “But that’s alright, it’s nice when they’re easy” His hand was back on you again, toying with the collar of your shirt and trailing over your throat.

“Hey!” Henry was shoved away, toppling to the ground.  “She said not to touch her you fucking pervert!” Your eyes widened at Richie, and your fear only increased as Henry stood up, grabbing the boy by his shoulders and pinning him to the row of lockers.

“You better fucking watch it four eyes!” Henry yelled in his face.  “I’ll fucking gut you-!”

“Mr Bowers?” Richie fell to the floor as Henry dropped him as soon as the scolding voice of a teacher rang in the air, silencing the hall.  “You wouldn’t want a call home would you?”

Henry took off, leaving the Losers alone in the hallway.  Whoever the teacher was, simply turned and walked away as well, not saying another word.

“y/n are you-”

“What the fuck?” You cut off Ben’s almost question as you whipped around to look at RIchie.  “What was that!?” Richie, confused by your sudden burst of anger stood up and scrunched up his eyebrows.

“I’m sorry?” He said sarcastically.  “That asshole had his hands all over you, the disgusting mullet wearing-”

“Well I didn’t need your saving” You said, adjusting your bag, your face fallen as you turned to head away.

“y/n-!” He called but you didn’t even so much as glance over your shoulder.  Just kept on going.  His lips fell to a frown as he looked at his friends, who all seemed confused.

Except Bev, who frowned herself as she shook her head.

“”What’s going on what happened? She.. she’s actually mad at me?”

“No Rich, she’s just embarrassed” The girl said, but his expression didn’t change.

“But she… but I’m…” he sighed, defeated.  His shoulders slumped as he began to walk away as well, wanting to follow after you, but instead heading to class.

He hadn’t meant to hurt you, or offend you.  He was only trying to keep you safe.

Three days passed and you’d done everything you could to avoid Richie, even though you still saw him everywhere.  Walking past your classes, which you were sure was on purpose, in the lunchroom, in your gym class, and you swore that every time you turned your head, he was darting away somewhere.

“n/n? You gonna show me your dresses or not?” Beverly asked you.  You blinked, looking up from where you were sat on the floor against your bed.

“Bev I don’t really wanna go to the dance… do I have to?”

“Of course! Come on it’ll be fun” She said, already opening up your closet to look through your things.

“But… Richie’s gonna be there” You said weakly.  Beverly just laughed, and pulled a dress from your closet.

“This one” She said, and laid a dress off the side of the mattress.  You looked at it for a moment, not remembering having worn it except for your aunt’s wedding.  That seemed so long ago.

Ever since the events last summer, a time before that just seemed like another era altogether.

“Beverly just… no thanks” You mumbled, looking back at her.  She only crossed her arms.

“Come on.  It’s in one hour y/n” She pleaded softly.  “You and I will hang out, and if you want….” She sighed deeply.  “I’ll even make Richie to swear to stay away from you”Your eyes widened a little bit, but she still noticed.  “Even though I don’t even understand why you two are so… I don’t even have the word for it.  Being stupid?”

“I’m ashamed Bev, someone else had to come and save me.  Again.  I’m so sick and-and tired of needing to be rescued!” Your friend frowned.

“Sweetheart, it’s nothing to be ashamed of.  It’s what good friends do, we help each other out.  And quite frankly, Richie was right.  Henry was being a creep, even more than usual.  Of course he was in a jealous and protective rage”

“Jealous?” You repeated in a whisper.

“Well duh, the boy digs you” Beverley brushed it off like it was obvious.  “He was just trying to keep you safe is all.  He wasn’t trying to make you feel like a damsel in distress”

You chewed on your lip, now staring at the dress she’d picked out for you as your thoughts ran wild with this new information.

“Fine” You huffed out after a long period of silence, standing up and snatching the outfit aggressively.

Richie did what he usually did at school events.  Or most events for that matter.  He found a seat, and began counting down the minutes until he could go home.

Did he want to be at the school dance? Not really.  Had his friends pretty much persuaded him to come anyways? Yep.  But there he was, sitting in an uncomfortable plastic chair at a black and white (and pink? What was this fucking valentine’s day?) themed school dance.  His friends all gathered on the gym floor and dancing obnoxiously to some song he hadn’t heard of before.  All the while he just sat and watched.

All Richie could think about was how maybe if he hadn’t been a dumbass, he’d at least be sitting here with your company.  Knowing that you weren’t one much for getting up and dancing in front of your peers.  His night could’ve been filled with fun conversation and the stupid game of pointing out the best and worst outfits of the night.  But he hadn’t even seen you arrive.

And he was pretty sure that you wouldn’t be.

He’d watched the clock till it was ten minutes into the dance. The boredom was weighing down heavier and heavier and soon he was slumped over his seat, his elbow propping his chin up and his glasses sliding down every now and then from slouching.  Eleven minutes.  Twelve.  Thirteen.  Fourt-

Richie nearly jumped out of his seat when the gym doors swung open, this time not revealing one of the chaperones coming in, but you and Beverly.

And wow, you looked perfect.  And Richie thought you looked like an angel on a normal day.  But this was… this was a fucking occasion he should’ve planned for.

She walked in looking nervous, like she felt out of place.  And to him, she was, she blew away any of the other girl’s who even tried tonight.  Her hair was in curls, some of it pinned back behind her head.  Her dress was a pale pink color that fell to her ankles, sleeves that came almost all the way down her arms, and something in him wanted to touch it to see if it felt as soft as it looked.

Richie blinked, eyes growing even wider behind the thick frames.  He wasn’t even sure if she was real.  He watched as Bev pushed on your arm gently, then nodded towards him.  He almost didn’t redirect his gaze before you’d looked to where she pointed.  Luckily, you hadn’t caught him openly staring.

“Damn it” You whispered, hoping to have gone the night without an interaction.  But it was already too late for that.  “Bev let’s go-”

“No way! You promised me you’d at least try” She reminded, and you winced, glancing back over to Richie secretly.

He was staring straight at you, and was completely obvious about it.  He must not have been able to tell that you were looking out of the corner of your eye.  Because he was still staring at you.

Well, you were staring at him too but that was different.  You couldn’t help it.

“He looks beautiful” Was the first thing you said, and Beverly made a weird sound as she turned to see where your eyeline had fallen.  Her brows rose when her sights landed on Richie Tozier.  Moping like a four year old but staring at you like an old lover.

“Beautiful?” She questioned, her surprised face scrunching up with confusion.  You nodded, turning back to face her, a gentle smile on your lips.  He was in a suit, sort of.  It was a dark grey, but the collared shirt underneath it was white, and his tie was black.

You were pretty sure he’d worn it to Georgie’s funeral, minus the tie.

“Yeah” You answered Beverly, who was now grinning ear to ear whilst you blushed at the sight of Richie all dressed up.  “Nice, he looks nice” You stammered out, and Beverly rolled her eyes good naturedly.

“He does.  You should go tell him”

“I don’t think he’d like to speak to me” You whispered, scared he’d hear, even from thirty feet away.  Your fingers began to twirl and intertwine with themselves out of nervousness.

He still hadn’t looked away.

“I beg to differ” Your friend told you.  But before you could ask her why, Bill and Eddie had walked up to the both of you.

“Hey what the hell’s up with mopey McMoperson over there?” Eddie asked, nodding off towards the glasses wearing boy who was now looking fascinated by the floor.  Bev glared at the short boy, a sigh falling from her lips.

“Could we be anymore discreet?” She muttered sarcastically.

“What? I was just wondering if he’s still all hung up over y/n”

Bill smacked his hand against his forehead, and Bev glanced over at you.  Your face had fallen, lips parted, eyes saddened and staring down at your hands, still locked together in a knot.

“n/n I didn’t mean it like tha-”

“I’m just gonna go sit and drink some punch” You cut off Eddie’s apology with a small mumble, and headed off towards the beverage table.  You swiftly poured a plastic cup of punch then made your way to the empty seats along the side of the gym.  Opposite of where Richie had sat himself.

You passed the time watching the girls twirl around in their pretty dresses and fancy hairdos.  Some wearing makeup you were sure they stole from their mothers vanities.  You picked out the dress you liked best, something blue and frilly.  Pretty, but not over the top like some of the others.  After all, it was just a school dance.

“Why aren’t you dancing out there with them?” You looked up to see Richie standing in front of you.  Your mouth opened, but you were in such a shock that no words came out.

“I-I… I don’t know” You said pathetically, mentally slapping yourself for saying something so lame.

“Well do you want to dance with me?” Again, your brows rose as you were thrown for another loop.  What!?  “I know I’m not ideal” Richie continued.  “But pretty girls shouldn’t sit through an entire dance and watch everyone else” A small smile pulled on your lips at the compliment, and you nodded your head slowly, and he reached his hand out to you.  You took it, ducking your head down so that your blush wouldn’t be seen.

“Thanks” Was all you managed to say.  Your eyes still glued to the gym floors, not realizing he was staring directly at you, with a soft intensity.

“I’ve missed you” He blurted, without thinking, as he always did.  But this was different.  You looked up at him, eyes round as a doe’s, a look of pure innocence and curiosity held in them.  “I’ve missed you a lot” He continued.  “I’ve missed talking to you and messing with you and seeing you draw and even just seeing you in the hallway”

While what he was saying was true, he couldn’t stop speaking.  And he began to freak that this would lead him somewhere ugly, telling you all this.  But at the same time… he didn’t care.

“And after… after all that shit with Pennywise and you and I… we… we got closer and I really fucking loved that because let’s face it! You’re great!” Your lips felt sewn shut, though they had dropped open just slightly.  “ANd you get shit and I don’t… I don’t get it! You get shit from your parents because they think you aren’t good enough but y/n you’re fucking perfect and if you ever believe otherwise I’ll… well I’ll off myself! It’d be the end of the world!”

“Rich…” You said softly, hoping he’d quiet down seeing that other dancing students were now watching this scene unfold.

“No I-! I don’t care! Let them watch I don’t care!” He looked around at all the prying eyes, most of them shooting to look away before being caught.  “And y/n I’m sorry, I’m sorry for what I did, and I swear I only did it because I… well I wanted to protect you” He sighed, defeated, and finally quieting down a little bit.  “And I know you don’t need my protection… hell you barely even need me but dammit I need you

Your eyes widened impossibly further, surprised by this confession.  You sniffled, your hands around his neck tightening a little, pulling yourselves closer together.

“Look I… I’ve never done this before, I’ve never even felt this way before but you… you just make it seem natural.  Like I’ve been doing this for ages” Your eyes, wet with tears, crinkled up as a smile tugged your lips upwards.

“Richie you-” Your quiet voice was cut off again.

“y/n I think I’m in love with you” He said, head ducking down so it was ensured only your ears would hear it.  Your noses nearly touched, your head tilted back to properly meet his eyes.  You sniffled again, quickly rubbing your fist under your eyes to stop the tears from falling before holding onto him again.

“Richie” You said, voice weak with a wet laughter.  Cheeks rosy pink with a bashful blush.  “You’re the sweetest trashmouth I know” You whispered.  He smiled lopsidedly, one of his hands on your waist raising to tuck a loose strand of  hair out of your eyes and behind your ear.

“And you are a beautiful stubborn angel” He replied.  You blinked, licking over your lips and biting your cheek to keep from smiling too much.  WIth that, he leaned into you, you barely standing onto the tips of your toes to meet his lips in a soft kiss.

You’d been kissed before, by your parents, a fleeting boyfriend once a long time ago, but this felt so, so different.

Perfect, right.

And when you parted, eyes wide for a moment out of the shock it left you in, Richie smiled at you, leaning his forehead down against yours.

“I think I’m falling in love with you too, Richie Tozier” You mumbled, eyes fluttering shut as you swayed softly to the music with him.

He just smiled with delight, staying silent.

It was comfortable to be silent with you there.

k but in real life he’d be runnin’ his mouth about how hot you are and how much he wants to shove his tongue down your throat, but let’s be real, he’d still be a sweetie

xoxo ~ jordie