they were good friends

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Hey I'm new to the fandom and I was just wondering who the hell is Nox? did I miss it somewhere in the books or something?

Nox is a thief from Perranth. He was on of the contenders to be the Kings Champion in Throne of Glass. He and Celaena were good friends, and she told him who she was before sending him away to save him from the creatures that Cain was releasing. He is precious and wonderful and genuinely nice and we haven’t seen him in five books and I miss him.

Up Up Down Down // Bayley

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Request: An imagine where Bayley and y/n are dating and they’re playing video games together and Bayley is just being really competitive but y/n ends up winning. Also she goes by her nickname Pogo whenever their playing and maybe y/n goes by a a cute funny nickname Bayley gave her. And Sasha is just chilling in the back judging them. And maybe they’re both on up up down down

Warnings: None

A/N: Awh the request was so cute I loved it so much!

Your girlfriend, Bayley, and you loved to play video games a lot, every chance you had to play at any video game, you would take it, and today you two were going to play at some video games on Up Up Down Down, it wasn’t the first time you were going to be on the Youtube channel, you were really good friend with Xavier, and being Bayley’s girlfriend, you had a few occasions to play with them, and you always spent a good time with them.

“ I’ll never let you win Love Bug “ said Bayley competitively

“ You wish Pogo “ you replied using your girlfriend’s nickname when you two were playing

Bayley and you were playing for around twenty minutes already, Bayley didn’t want to lose and neither you did. You two were always competitive but your girlfriend was known to be the most competitive between you two. You could hear Sasha laughing in the back, she was like the judge but she couldn’t stay calm, Bayley and you arguing about who was going to win was too funny. Bayley had the advantage but in the end, you were the one who won. 

Your girlfriend was a bit mad but she knew it was just for fun and she still had enjoyed the game so she smiled at you and kissed you while Sasha was cheering because of the kiss. 

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Can you believe it's been one year since Kubo and the two strings came out? It's such a wonderful movie I can t even believe some people haven't seen it or don't like it. But it's nice to know you and I love it the same

wow, it feels like longer than a year ago for some reason. I remember seeing kubo in the theatre with my siblings and friend and we were all really shocked at how good it was! I’ve rewatched it recently and I was blown away all over again, it’s just so timeless and incredible. happy anniversary to kubo and the two strings, one of the only movies that has managed to bring a tear to my eye.


There are two types of people


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“Don’t know what position you play in quidditch, but you look like a keeper ;^)”

//I would like to thank my dear potterhead friend for that pickup line


bonus: he strikes again!!

Secondhand smoke kills, but not as fast as firsthand hammer. 

“Where are you, you little pest?”

Sting, Chapter 15

Happy very belated birthday @kryallaorchid! The moment i read this scene i wanted to make an animatic for it. It’s so well done i love the contrast between it and what happened previous with Adrien.

I now it’s a little bit rushed in the end. I kind of overdue myself since i wanted to draw actions scenes. I kind of played with the camera a lot. I also wanted to paint it more but my photoshop stopped cooperating

Again im sorry for being so late! Hope you like it!


..and then they got eaten by mama dragon. the end.

Remember back when I used to draw Acno and Anna as childhood friends and Acno collecting lizards as a hobby? So I was throwing out some things and found some old sketches of this, and since I still have a soft spot for this au why not use them?


“Gee, Mister. You must know Wedge Antilles really well. What’s your name?” “Luke Skywalker, at your service!” — Star Wars: X-Wing Rogue Squadron Special

DREAM DADDY X JC LEYENDECKER?? Just kidding… it’s an original piece but it was heavily influenced by his style. A print for Fan Expo @ table A37!
Just finished the sketch AHAH. This is actually my first time planning out my own composition for a print and it was SO HARD because I wanted to challenge myself (just kidding there was no Leyendecker piece with 7 people). But I felt like last time people lowkey thought I was cheap for taking his compositions LOL. Ok but really I looked up so many references and had a lot of trouble fitting them in and making it look unified and just good. Friends were actually asking me when I was going to make fancy suit daddies LOL. It’s supposed to look like a formal picture but I tried to make each of their personalities very evident. Robert is the only one with his shirt open and flower on the wrong side because he’s problematic. I originally had Hugo do the funny bunny ear pose on top of Joseph but my sister told me it was so out of character. Gonna spend the next few days painting this and I’ll post the final soon.
(Sorry for the WIP I didn’t want anyone to steal it because it’s been happening)

If You Purify Everyone, Then They Can't Punish You For Destroying The Zones....