they were expensive kind of but so worth it

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(1) I love you. I love that you are willing to stand up for Allura in a fandom that is so far up Keith's ass they can't realize that their favourite character can react to something in the wrong way. Keith may be a paladin, but that doesn't make him a god. Good characters are flawed, good characters have conflicts. And good conflicts are not always resolved in one episode. I believe this conflict has the potential to be a really good bonding exercise, and a good way to see how the characters

(2) characters handle a conflict within their ranks. The writers have made some questionable decisions that I do not agree with, (namely ignoring more than half of their cast in terms of character development) but those can be fixed. However, what doesn’t seem to be fixable is the fandom’s complete adoration for Keith and disdain for Allura. Everyone wants to jump on the “Allura’s wrong!!!” Boat, but no one wants to fly the “Keith could have dealt with this better” flag. Allura is not the only

(3) one at fault here, and the fandom needs to see that. This is a group of teenagers that have been cut off from everything they know, everyone they love, and they are TEENAGERS. They won’t all agree on one subject because they are a group with diverse experiences. Allura watched the Galra destroy cultures and everything she knew, but she woke up and it was worse than remembered. There was more genocide and slavery than before. The one Galra she had actually trusted turned on the royal family

(4) in the most drastic way. By destroying everything they knew and their allies, so that they could never take refuge. This scarred her emotionally. You don’t watch this kind of shit and come out without any scars. He may not have done it personally, but you can’t tell me that she shouldn’t have any reservations because he didn’t head up the attack himself. Shiro isn’t holding this against Keith because he knows he needs to be mature about this, and newsflash, he knew Keith before all of this

(5) Which is something I would love them to explore, but not at the expense of not devolving the other half of their cast. Pidge is still looking for her family, but she knows Keith isn’t responsible, so she doesn’t blame him for it. Hunk understands how people’s emotions can get the better of them, so he is letting Keith vent and get what needs to be said off of his mind. Lance knew Keith from the Garrison— kind of, at least. The rivalry is probably one sided. They were never close, but

(6) but he is taking this as a way to fuel his lack of self worth. Which, once again I hope they develop. However, they probably won’t. Everyone is so caught up in shipping and ages that they can’t see the writers trying so hard to make Keith ~special~ that he is one of the only characters getting development.

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Series: An Unexpected Casualty

Title: Jasmine - Part 1
Characters: Rose/Reader, HongBin, Vixx
Warnings: 18+ Content, foul language, Smut
Genre: Multifandom AU, Dramedy, Tragedy, Romance
Word Count: 8462
Summary: You needed a distraction so your best friend introduced you to one. Little did you know it would be the catalyst to the rest of your life. Well, everyone’s life.
Author’s Note: The first installment in the Unexpected Casualty series/universe. If you caught the hints, more groups will follow soon. Enjoy!

Originally posted by saltykong

“$375 for two hours?!?!” you exclaimed. Your best friend had roped you along to another one of her expensive hobbies.

“Oh my gosh, when has a price tag ever stopped you from doing anything before?” she asked accusatory.

“But I’ve never paid that much money for something like this before!” you defended.

“Ummm, excuse me, Miss?” Interrupted the petite, bespeckled woman at the marbled reception desk. “We do have a First Time Visitor package. You get the basic package and one night free of charge. All you have to do is sign this waiver-”

“One night free? What are we supposed to do for a whole night?!” You looked between the receptionist and your friend.

“What do you think you’re supposed to do?” Your friend was slightly annoyed with you at this point. She brought you to this place in hopes of cheering you up and curing you of your increasing uptight-bitchiness. You knew she was trying to help you and get you to relax for once. But your friend’s way of relaxing was…not the norm.

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One of the most unexpectedly intriguing places I have visited is the Elkmont ghost town in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It’s odd to be hiking and then find that your trail is lined by dozens and dozens of abandoned houses.

Nice houses, too. You can tell that they were once expensive mountain vacation homes and they are full of old light fixtures and it looks for all the world that the community just up and disappeared one day.

Actually that’s kind of what happened. The houses and buildings went up before the National Park’s creation but the lease given to the owners of the houses wasn’t terminated until 1992, when those with houses at Elkmont were forced to abandon them.

Today there is debate as to whether the buildings should be destroyed or restored, so the fate of the ghost town is unknown. Whatever happens ultimately, this strange place in the Appalachians is definitely worth a visit.

College boy - Kim Namjoon (F,S)

Originally posted by bangthebae

Paring: Namjoon x Reader 

Word Count: 8.3k

Summary: You finally decided to move to London to go to an Arts school there. You’ve heard some really good things about it and are curious to see who your roommate is gonna be. Will they be nice or not? You’ve decided to fully focus on your studies from now on, but what will happen when your roommate turns out to be a really hot guy? 

Written in both reader perspective and Namjoon’s.

Ratings: Fluff, with slight smut. 

Another story I originally posted on Wattpad. 

Your P.O.V

It’s finally here, the day you’re moving to London go to an Arts school there. You’ve always dreamt of doing this but you never expected it to actually happen. You’ve always had a lot of dreams as a little kid, and moving to London was one of them. A pro about moving to England for me is that you get to speak English all the time, which you absolutely love. It took you a while to learn the language since it isn’t your first language but now you’re really comfortable with it. More comfortable than you ever expected to be actually.

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Do you think the reason why JHO January promo was so bad was because Louis did very well on his own without promo and Sony feared he might be a breakout star and overshadow Harry as "the first and only star of One Direction"? I used to think they did it to destroy him, but since he was forced to sign with them, I think they just want to control his success. Like "yes, bring money, but don't be a superstar" kind of way.

i actually think that there might be some truth to the theory that another label wanted to sign louis and so sony/syco were trying to devalue his worth so that the terms they had to match would be less expensive.


So… spent a small fortune on shoes and insoles today. $173 altogether. The shoes were actually marked down from $130 to $104! Expensive… but totally worth it.

You guys.

He took the time to measure my feet sitting down and standing up. He watched me walk barefoot. And then told me that my feet kind of roll inward when I walk, and I need a certain kind of shoe to help support that. He pulled 3 different shoes. And then we tried each one on with different insoles. He let me run with all of them outside (Which was so nice omg). And really took the time to listen to my goals and if I like cushion or do I like a sturdier shoe, etc.

Y'all. I was really worried that the staff there was going to look at me weird or whatever because I’m an overweight person and I’m getting into running. But the guy I worked with was SO supportive and told me to not run in cotton socks (didn’t know that??) and just kind of walked me through some of the programs they have. @boo-badger I FINALLY GOT SHOES LIKE I’VE TOLD YOU I WAS GOING TOO 😊

I also got a library card! I can use it at EVERY branch of our library system!!! And there is this database that I can rent movies and tv from! And some of those videos are workout ones! Which will be way nice for when I need a change.


TL;DR: I got new shoes. I got a library card. I am SO PUMPED. It’s been a rockin’ day.

Crooked (G-Dragon Scenario) - Part 1

Archived | Posted October 8, 2014

This is a scenario I’ve had in my head for a very long time. Way before I even considered putting the stuff I wrote on here. Wrote it down on my phone all those months ago, deleted it and now I really felt that I wanted to give it a go in turning it into a series here on tumblr, since I remember most of it. I hope you like it! :)

Got inspiration from G-Dragon’s song “Crooked”. Well, more specifically: From the scene where he’s on the floor crying in the MV.


Summary: He broke your heart two years ago and you left him. Time is supposed to heal all wounds, so will you take him back?

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6]

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The Wolf of Wall Street (2013 Film) : Sentence Starters
  • "I've been a poor man, and I've been a rich man. And I choose rich every fucking time."
  • "What kind of hooker takes credit cards?"
  • "I fucked her brains out... for eleven seconds."
  • "$26,000 worth of sides?"
  • "The sides did cure cancer, that's the problem, that's why they were expensive."
  • "Shut the fuck up!"
  • "Sell me this pen!"
  • "You want a beer, pal?"
  • "But, you drink enough and... you drink a lot and it'll get you fucked up?"
  • "I know, but I don't drink, remember?"
  • "So boring. I'm gonna kill myself."
  • "There's no nobility in poverty."
  • "The name of the game, moving the money from the client's pocket to your pocket."
  • "I mean, we had similar interests and shit."
  • "I am not gonna die sober!"
  • "Let me give you some legal advice: Shut the fuck up!"
  • "Oh, no. No, Daddy doesn't even get to touch Mommy for a very, very... very long time."
  • "But no touching."
  • "You gotta untie me, buddy."
  • "I think you have a fuckin' drug problem."
  • "It's his first day on Wall Street. Give him time."
  • "I don't want to get personal or anything, but are they okay?"
  • "I'll tell you what: I'm never eating at Benihana again. I don't care whose birthday it is."
  • "Fun coupons!"
  • "The real question is this: was all this legal?"
  • "Don't you dare throw that fucking water on me! Don't you fucking dare!"
  • "They're gonna need to send in the National Guard to take me out, cos I ain't going nowhere!"
  • "What I'm asking, you Swiss dick, is are you going to fuck me over?"
  • "If you sell $10,000 worth of stock, I'll give you a blowjob."
  • "But we were making more money than we knew what do with."
  • "Good for you, little man."
  • "Look, it's a figure of fucking speech."
  • "I'm gonna let you in on a little secret about these telephones. They're not gonna dial themselves."
  • "The book, motherfucker, the book!"
  • "You dress like shit, so fuck you!"
  • "Whoa! Did you just try to kiss me, bro?"
  • "Risk is what keeps us young, isn't it, darling?"
  • "I want to jerk off - but that's not why I do it. I do it because I NEED to."
  • "The nice thing about being rescued by Italians is that they feed you, make you drink red wine, then you get to dance."
  • "Whose fucking teeth are you gonna knock in?"
  • "The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can't achieve it."
Scary Movie

Pairing: Seokjin x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: It’s Halloween, and of course you had to agree to watch a scary movie with your friends. You’re TERRIFIED. Thankfully Kim Seokjin is there to take care of you.

Word count: 2452

A/N: This is the first story from a Halloween project I’ve been working on. If you’re interested in checking out the other stories I wrote you can find them here: 

Jin - Yoongi - Hoseok - Namjoon - Jimin - Taehyung - Jungkook

You didn’t particularly enjoy going shopping, but since winter was around the corner and the weather was starting to get a little to chilly you had to try to find a decent jacket. Unfortunately for you, as you looked for it in almost every shop in the mall you couldn’t find anything to suit your taste.

You knew your friends were going on a double date to the movies, and they knew you were going to be around since you really needed to get a new jacket. What you didn’t know, however, was that Kim Seokjin was going to be with them, so when one of your girlfriends texted you, you couldn’t help but feel surprised.

“So how’s the shopping thing going?” One of your friends asked you.

“I haven’t found anything I like yet…” You simply answered.

“We’re going to watch a movie, and since Jin is joining us so should you.” Hoseok, your best friend’s boyfriend exclaimed, giving you a smile so bright that you simply couldn’t say no to his offer.

It’s not that you had a crush on Seokjin or anything, but you always thought he was incredibly good looking and to be completely honest, his impeccable manners and his adorable personality swooned you and you couldn’t deny that you that wanted to get closer to him.  There was a part of you that was somewhat drawn to him, so when the idea of being his not-really-a-date-date came up you couldn’t help but feel… happy.

Not to mention how much you loved movies and since the day had been so crappy and somewhat useless you couldn’t help but think that hang out with your friends for a bit and relax was a great idea.

At the time, you didn’t quite understand why the line for the movie was so long, there were dozens of people in line for a movie that had been released a while back. Then again, you were with your friends so the wait didn’t feel particularly long.

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As per request, my response to a dumb comment on DA today made rebloggable.

I also asked the Etsy community’s opinion and had some very interesting responses. The question I posed was: “Should the customers perception of worth play a factor in pricing?





9:16 am 22 Jan, 2014 EST


Yes of course, you should price according to the material costs, the opportunity cost and the market.

There is such a thing as suspicious;y cheap and reassuringly expensive - the people who criticise a handmade product as being to costly a, cannot afford it and b, have no understanding of the work that goes into making a thing.

When I first started making cards to sell, I was so keen to sell that I massively under-priced them. Once I cottoned on to the idea that my low prices were scaring folk away and upped them, the reassuringly expensive factor kicked in and the folk prepared to spend money on handmade and local made cards, who appreciate my kind of work, then started to buy them. —





9:24 am 22 Jan, 2014 EST

You certainly can take a customers perception of worth into consideration when you do your pricing.

Which customers will you use? The bargain basement hunter, the “I want it, but can’t afford it” shopper, the “I can make that cheaper” shopper…. —

Molly Spilane




9:28 am 22 Jan, 2014 EST 


In marketing there is a term called “perceived value”. That means what average customers perceive the item to be worth in their head.
Many sellers do have to take perceived value into account when pricing their items. For example, you can spend a million hours making, say, a scarf but that doesn’t necessarily make the scarf worth a million dollars. The perceived value is lower.
With that said, there are ways sellers can make the perceived value higher. Great photos, branding, presentation, artist bio, etc.

Also - perceived value isn’t always a downer. For example, if I used a straight, across the board pricing formula for all of my items I would actually be charging less for some items I sell. I don’t do that because some of my items have a higher perceived value therefore I can make more money and price them higher than a standard formula would say to. —





9:28 am 22 Jan, 2014 EST

I don’t think the customers’ perception should have the final say. If it did, we would all be saying Make me an offer! I think you are more likely to know the worth of your product because of all the things you mentioned. So don’t let nasty comments influence you. If that person walked into Neiman Marcus and made that comment, NM would not lower their prices. —





9:29 am 22 Jan, 2014 EST

It’s the only thing that matters.

You can control to some extent increasing that perception of worth, but the bottom line is it is worth what someone will pay for it.

But not what EVERYONE would pay for it. Otherwise, we’d be giving our stuff away for free, literally.

Not everyone is going to perceive that worth at whatever your price what you sell, but that’s okay. —





9:35 am 22 Jan, 2014 EST

I don’t think that artists should explain or defend their prices.

And I don’t think they should pay attention to someone who thinks the price is too high based on the size of the item. With that reasoning, diamonds should cost pennies. —





9:35 am 22 Jan, 2014 EST 


Yes, the customer’s perception of worth ALWAYS plays a factor in pricing; that is why companies have entire departments dedicated to advertising and marketing. They are constantly trying to INFLUENCE the customer’s perception of their products. A designer shirt (which may very well be made in the same factory as a Wal-Mart shirt) is priced totally on perception of worth. —

Sorry this post is long but it highlights a lot of the things OTHER than the art itself that you will need to deal with if you start your own business selling things. Some of the quoted opinions above conflict with each other but they are all still valid and interesting thoughts - form your own opinion on if you agree with them or not. 
Date ||-/Olicity

It was Saturday morning. Felicity was off of work and she and Aiden sat on the floor eating their respective bowls of cereal while they watched cartoons. She was actually already showered and dressed, but she had gotten up early to do some last minute editing on one of her youtube videos before publishing it. The only thing she had to worry about for the rest of the weekend was grading assignments, but there was something else on her mind. Oliver had been taking care of Aiden for awhile now. He was very good with him and made her life so much easier. She was also starting to like him. After she began to trust him it was easy to take that step into what could be considered “school crush” territory. It had been at least three years since her boyfriend died. She had been focusing her attention on Aiden, her day job, and her channel. She was allowed to move forward with her life and start dating right? It was at least worth asking Oliver. She figured maybe a movie date would be fun. She wasn’t a very fancy person, so expensive restaurants were out; she didn’t want to put Oliver into that kind of situation anyway. Felicity had to take Aiden to the store to pick up a few things, but she texted Oliver to come by her place in a few hours if he had the time. 

You don’t get to use my reaction to your lies as a reason for your lies […] Don’t pretend this is about me and my emotions- I trusted you.

Peggy Carter (Agent Carter, 1.04 The Blitzkrieg Button)

This episode is important. It should not be remarkable to see women authentically portrayed in media.

I should not have been surprised by the food-smuggling purse scene, completely void of judgement and mockery. (How often do we see women unapologetically eating when it’s not some “cool girl” bullshit or humor at their expense?! And the fact that they were all KIND to each other about it?! Conspiring to make chicken pockets and gravy purses?! I loved it.) I should not have been taken aback by Peggy standing up for herself. That scene was perfection. I can’t count the number of times I’ve wanted to yell-

Women’s. Emotions. Don’t. Discredit. Their. Actions. Or. Opinions.