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You Me Her

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Chapter Three: Excuses 

Word Count: 2136

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After lying to Lucas about the extent of her feelings towards him Riley feels she has no choice but to tell Maya the same thing. Riley thinks it’s better to hear it from her rather than Lucas, especially after the two girls agreed to no longer keep secrets from one another. A pact that makes Riley feels horrible for lying to Maya but she keeps telling herself that this is the best thing for everyone. Her guilt subsides slightly when Maya looks relieved after Riley explains that she isn’t romantically interested in Lucas. 

As the weeks pass things remain awkward. Even though no one is asking Riley if she’s okay anymore they certainly still have a watchful eye on her in all situations. Still, Riley wears a smile that doesn’t waver as she tries to navigate through every tense situation. 

As for Maya and Lucas, on the outside you probably wouldn’t even be able to tell they were dating. They almost never held hands or made contact of any sort. Riley was unsure if they acted like this because of her or for other reasons.

Not surprisingly at all Maya prioritises Riley over Lucas in ever situation, even when ‘choosing’ isn’t necessary. Riley wonders if Maya does this out of guilt or obligation but she shakes the thought every time, Maya was her best friend and she does things because they love each other. Even though Riley tries to primarily focus on Maya she can’t help but notice the slight wave of disappointment that seems to cross Lucas every time he’s passed over for Riley. At least she thinks it’s disappointment. 

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So I'm a big Lauren fan, and I saw that she said Camren wasn't real on twitter and basically called the shippers invasive. I think the difference between Camren and us is that a) Lauren is actually out and b) the camren shippers would ignore Lucy even though is was clear they were dating privately (i.e no pap walks or matching clothes for all you elo*nor stans) and it was clear Camilla used the ship for her own benefit, idk if she gay but she liked the attention it gave her

to me it all comes back to respecting the fourth wall. we know how invasive the het fans/stalkers in our fandom are but there are tons of larries on twitter and instagram who are incredibly invasive too and i really wish they would chill the fuck out and stop bothering the boys and their families/the people associated with them on twitter.

anyway tl;dr fans being invasive has no correlation with something being real or not but you’re absolutely right that the circumstances are different and yeah, the camren shippers (from what i’ve seen myself and what other people have told me) had no respect for lucy or for lauren as a person separate from their ‘ship’.


i don’t think they’re trying to take us

In addition to my high school au, PROM NIGHT!!

Short fic under cut!

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Imagine the classic fanfic scenario of Kara in her Supergirl attire dropping over at Alex’s place unannounced, coming in through the balcony and stopping dead in her tracks because Maggie is there. On her sister’s couch. On her sister. And Kara didn’t even know they were dating, Alex didn’t have a chance to tell her yet. And Alex’s first reaction is to shout out Kara’s name while almost pushing Maggie off the couch as Kara just stands there red in the face, stuttering out apologies. And for a second Maggie is freaked out and then she’s amused and then she realizes Wait WHAT?!
“Did you just call her Kara?”
And both Alex’s and Kara’s eyes get bigger and they’re like “Pffft no, no no no, definitely not, nope” in a fake-casual-obviously-panicky way and then Kara’s like “WHAT’S A KARA” in a high pitched voice and Maggie just wishes there was a camera she could look directly into because these are the two finest DEO agents, apparently.

The Awful Flower Analogy on Jane the Virgin

I am so glad that they addressed the flower analogy in this episode and just how damaging it can be.

You know I really applauded this show for exploring virginity with Jane. For so many years the sexual revolution has been defined by a woman’s right to have sex and not be judged for it. And I found it so interesting that for once a show explored a woman’s right to NOT have sex and not be judged for that. The fact that Jane was allowed to make the decision to wait for marriage and stick with it, is something that I don’t think I’ve ever seen on contemporary TV. They explored how hard it was for her to stick with that decision but also how accepting every around her was of that decision. Over the series I don’t think anyone told her she was wrong for it or that it was ridiculous to stick with it. Even the men she dated were remarkably okay with her decision. Even if they floundered at first, they all respected that choice. That was great to see on television.

That being said I’m so happy they addressed the damaging flower analogy.

When Jane was 12 years old her grandma tells her to crumple up a flower and then try to make it perfect and new again. When she can’t Alba tells her that’s what it’s like when you lose your virginity and you can’t go back.

That’s horrible. It’s an awful message and certainly not one that you should drill into the head of a preteen.

And even though Jane consciously knows better, and even though she waited until marriage like her grandma told her to, after she has sex with her husband she feels like that crumpled up flower. She feel like she’s lost something, or that she’s less special because she’s no longer a virgin. And that’s not only sad, but untrue. And having those thoughts in her head affected her ability to enjoy sex with her husband.

I am so happy that Xo came to her and explained that no longer being a virgin doesn’t mean that she’s lost something. It means that she’s gained something. By having sex with Michael she’s opening herself to explore and discover a new side of herself and also a new side of her relationship with Michael. I think what Xo said was pretty much Mother goals in terms of the sex talk.

Gays dont have the same resources and population to experience dating the same way as straight people. Straight people having been practicing dating since they were 12. Some gays don’t even come out til their late teens

dont compare yourself. being lgbt is 100% different and its okay. 18-24 is usually the time that gays get the “teen dating” experience


tfw u want people to draw fanart of your au so you draw fanart of your au

The Faces of Bélmez

In August 1971 in Bélmez, Spain a woman and her grandchild noticed something strange on the kitchen floor of their home. Imprinted on the floor appeared a face. The face appeared sad and troubled. When the family tried to rub it out the face only appeared sadder, and the eyes widened. Disturbed, the home owner had the floor removed and a new concrete one replaced it. Three weeks after the first incident, another face appeared on the floor.

As word began to spread of the strange phenomena the local authorities started to take interest. They had the section of the floor where the faces were removed. As they dug under the floor they uncovered human remains. The skeletons dated back to the 13th century, and some were even decapitated. As the discovery was made four more faces appeared in the floor. The skeletons were removed and buried in a local cemetery. The floor was then covered in cloth and wax as a local notary oversaw. Three months later the wax was removed and the faces had changed positions. The faces continued to appear until the residents moved out of the home.

The Final Countdown (Bucky x Reader)

 Word count: 1100   

     “I have a bad feeling about this, Bucky.” You whispered to him as you walked into the vacant HYDRA base. “I don’t have a good feeling at all.”

               “When do you have good feelings about anything?” Bucky shot back, irritated by the fact that you wouldn’t stop talking. Recently, even though you two were dating, fights had been an everyday occurrence in your relationship.

               “I don’t understand why you have to be so rude about it.” You looked up at him, angrily glaring as he checked your surroundings.

               “I don’t understand why I tolerate you anymore.” Bucky sarcastically shot back, and you felt your heart drop down into your stomach. You two said it to each other all the time, when he would eat the rest of your cereal, or when you would drink the rest of his coffee, but never in this type of situation. He had never, truly, meant it, until now. Bucky felt a tension in the air, and he sighed, knowing that he had upset you. “I’m- “

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i love the idea of joker being thrust into bruce’s world, and not grasping how much money bruce has
like, joker is used to eating fast food and wearing dollar store makeup/elf/wet n wild, his whole aesthetic revolves around things that are cheaply made
and then he meets bruce, who is a billionaire, who could buy elf out if he wanted to, and both of them are in such shock at the other’s lives
joker sends bruce a picture of that mariah carey mac collection just to say “i like this product design” or smth and bruce just. assumes that means he wants it (or maybe. just wants to be nice it was a holiday collection) so he buys him a few of the lipsticks or some highlighter and joker is awestruck bc hes never spent more than $10 on a single product in his entire life

So this had been a headcanon staple of mine for ages but, FAHC Dan and the Crew yes? Because it’s some good shit, Gavin and Dan together again, another weapons expert/hitman at the crew’s disposal yes? And the crew get along just fine with Dan yes? Right?

Fuck no. Michael is and always has been a jealous idiot, about Lindsay, Gavin, Meg, even before they were all dating but now? This guy that Gavin absolutely adores, who knows Gavin as well if not better than Michael does, this guy who’s talents range from guns to cars to explosives, to Michael’s thing, Michael’s area of expertise, Michael hates Dan. Dan doesnt like Michael either I mean Michael is openly hostile to Dan and at first Dan kinda thinks he’s like this with everyone and asks Gav why he’s dating that dickhead and Michael damn near blows a gasket, and then Dan learns it’s because he’s jealous and gets defensive and then they both actively just don’t like each other. They play act just dandy when Gavin, who’s so far down the ‘Dan’s back and alive and here with me and he’s ok and my B is back’ rabbithole that he does not (yet) notice the strife between his boyfriend and best friend

And so Michael and Dan constant trying to one-up each other, getting on each others shit like
Random Thug: one more step Jones and the limey gets a bullet in his head
Michael: just one?
Dan: fuck you Jones
Michael: yeah ok, anyway bye Dan, ive got more important shit to be doing, GAVIN MY BOI ARE YOU IN THERE?
Dan: are you gonna damn help me?
Michael: I wasn’t planning on it no.
Dan: You’re a cunt you know that
Michael: eh, I try, GAV, BOI-

Random thug #2: i’ve got your friend limey, stand down!
Dan: friend?
Michael: damn straight he’s not right. ugh, fuck you for making me agree with you dan.
Dan: right, anyway *sits*
Dan: continue. 
Michael: i’m gonna slit your throat and tell Gavin it was a freak accident
Dan: can’t do that if youve been shot in the head. please sir, continue,

Michael: ‘oh hey Gavin,’ i’ll say, ‘yeah boi its the darnedest thing, Dan just up and died. just stabbed himself like eight or nine, ten, twelve times in the face. so strange.’ I’ll say
Dan: if you’re as shit with a knife as you are everything else I wont have much to fear, will i?
Michael: ‘Fifteen, twenty times,’ I’ll say ;carved his own damn eyes out man, dan’s such a weird fucking bastard, i have no idea why you hang out with him’ and then i’ll set your room on fire to really sell it

Dan: you’re doing that wrong
Michael: no I’m fucking not Dan I’ve been doing this eplosioves shit for fucking years you horse’s ass
Dan: oh really, and how did you learn this ‘explosives shit’ eh? 
Michael: I’m self-taught jackass
Dan: and I learned in the military and you, are doing that wrong
Michael: I fucking hate you

Dan: you were supposed to shoot that guy
Michael: oh really Dan? Really? Are you sure because if I’m not goddamn mistaken I was about to get fucking shanked to death
Dan: oh quit your bloody whinging, if you’d shot that guy you could have taken this other twat out before you got ‘shanked to death’.

Gavin: you two came for me!
Michael: I did! I did, all by myself. Dan didn’t help worth a damn.
Dan: Bullshit, Michael spent the whole ride here crying in the backseat
Michael: because I love and missed you boi, I was emotional
Dan: oh is that right, and I could have sworn it was because of your crippling inadequacy compared to me. That or the fact that you have no idea what a proper explosive rig looks like
Michael: mmmmm fuck you dAN

They spend all their time digging st each other until Gavin walks in the room and spend the rest of their time squabbling for Gavin’s affections. Michael makes up for Dan having known Gavin longer and all their inside jokes and their closeness by lots and lots of physical affection. He stands there kissing Gav staring Dan dead in the eye. Dan responds by buying Gav a new phantom, and grinning at Michael while Gav coos excitedly over it.

Them working together is usually only for Gavin’s sake and is never any modicum of friendly without Gav there like, their one common interest that they won’t immediately fight about, for his affections sure but not him, is Gavin. Their one common goal being his health and happiness. Gav gets hurt? Send Dan and Michael out and Gav will be carted back to the penthouse in record, tossed in the hospital where he will stay until Caleb clears him, no ifs, ands or buts. Gav gets kidnapped? Gavin’s rescued a day or less later and an entire swath of gangs in that sector of the city get taken out. Gavin’s been up for 5 days trying to get into some database? Dan and Michael bully Gav into sleeping, a feat more impressive than anything else.  Dan senses something wrong with Gav, emotionally, physcially, Michael confronts Gav about it. If Gav lies his way past Michael, Dan’s there to pick up the slack. Just, Dan and Michael’s the ‘we ‘share’ a loved one but also fuck you’ guys

‘Friendly Reminder About Dallas Winston’

In most imagines that I see Dallas can just not keep it in his pants and was whoring around town while he has a girlfriend. Dallas wasn’t some whore-y cheater. He HAD a girlfriend,Sylvia. And he WAS pissed when she cheated on him. Even if there is girls throwing themselves at him, he would most likely stay faithful. Most boys then, were. Yeah they messed around and embarrassed other girls but at they end of the day they had their girl. Just like Soda, for example. He really loved Sandy and yeah, he embarrassed other girls but he wanted to MARRY her. Yeah, Dallas was a dick, but he wouldn’t cheat on his girl. Back then, even the worst greasers wouldn’t/couldn’t cheat on their girl.  They were faithful. It wasn’t like nowadays, how some guys wont even date girls if they cant get any and ‘side hoes’ are things that are normal to have. Dallas Winston is not a cheater, the boys dint even like cheaters. Like the way they told Johnny to stay away from girls because the way they are. It was more common then, for the girl to cheat on the guy. 

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This has been a psa. 

BTS during the party
  • Jin: loud laughter at everything
  • Suga: passed out from drinking, with his arms spread and slumped, snores like a grandpa
  • J-Hope: dances while someone is singing at the karaoke
  • Rap Monster: sings drunkenly at the karaoke, doesn't let anyone "borrow" the mic
  • Jimin: tries to "borrow" the mic, ends up getting hit with a mic
  • V: takes funny and awkward selcas and pictures of them
  • Jungkook: sober in the corner, probably scarred for life because of his hyungs
Scorpius chats with Ron
  • Rose invited Scorpius over for the afternoon one summer to have dinner with them, but Ron insisted on having a chat with him because he thought they were dating, even though Rose insisted that they were not. So, Scorpius sat down and talked to Ron and...
  • Ron: What’s your full name?
  • Scorpius: Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy. Some people call me Scorp.
  • Ron: I hear you tease Rose sometimes.
  • Scorpius: Um... *rubs the back of his neck* I used to in first to third year, but we're friends now. I promise I won't do it anymore. Posie- I mean, Rose- is so funny when she's angry, that's all.
  • Ron: So, Scorpius, you’re how old now? *looking gruff and like he’ll shoot Scorpius*
  • Scorpius: Fourteen, sir.
  • Ron: Fourth year, hm?
  • Scorpius: Yep. Same year as Rose. OWLs will be next year, so I’m pretty nervous. I know Posie will do well though, she’s brilliant.
  • Ron: Yes, well, she’s her mother’s daughter. *chuckles* What’s your favourite subject?
  • Scorpius: Potions, because Dad taught me. But Charms is fun when Posie helps me out.
  • Ron: What do you want to be when you grow up?
  • Scorpius: Maybe a Professor. I love Hogwarts. I'm not as good at it, but I think that I’d like to teach Transfiguration though, it’s so cool. McGonagall’s my favourite teacher.
  • Ron: I see. And what about your father and mother, do you get along with them?
  • Scorpius: Well- this is rare, but it happens - Dad loses his temper. He’ll snap at me and Mum. Mum annoys me from time to time. She’s a stickler for dressing up and being clean and all that.
  • Ron: My mum was like that and now my wife is too. Terrible fate, I’ve got.
  • Hermione: I HEARD THAT!
  • Scorpius: *laughs*
  • Ron: You like Wizard chess?
  • Scorpius: Yes, Al and I play all the time in the Slytherin common room.
  • Ron: Really? *chuckles* Reminds me of me and Harry. And what about Quidditch? Do you play?
  • Scorpius: No, sir. I like to watch, though. James is really good and so is that Zabini bloke from my house. And I really love the Chud-
  • Ron: *screams at him and flails his arms* CHUDLEY CANONS?!
  • Scorpius: *looking scared* Uh... y-yeah... it’s my... um...favourite team. Why? Is... is that bad? I'm s-sorry.
  • Ron: *shakes his hand* Welcome to the family!
  • Scorpius: What? But I’m...
  • Ron: My son!
  • Hugo: DAD?!
  • Ron: You Puddlemore supporter!
  • Scorpius: Puddlemore? Hugo, are you off your rockers?
  • Ron: I love this one. I love him. *hugs Scorpius*
  • Scorpius: But sir, Rose and I aren’t even dating. She’s my friend.
  • Ron: What do you think of her?
  • Scorpius: Well... she’s respectable and funny and kind and brave and... *blushes just a bit* maybe a teensy bit pretty?
  • Ron: ROSE!
  • Rose: Yes, Dad? Is dinner ready? I was just working on my History of Magic assignment and I-
  • Ron: You marry this one, okay? *pats him on the back and squeals* He likes Chudley Canons!
  • Rose: What?!
  • Scorpius: What?!
  • Ron: I give up all the things I said about you never marrying a Malfoy. Just go ahead, fall in love! *pushes him towards her* So long as he keeps loving Chudleys. Say, what was your favourite game?
  • Scorpius: But sir...?
  • Ron: *grinning like a fool* Which one? Come on, then.
  • Scorpius: 1988 Winter Games. I saw it on tape with Dad.
  • Ron: I’m calling Draco on the pellyphone to arrange a marriage.
  • Hermione: What? Ron, you can’t! Rose needs to make her own choices. Plus, you hated the Malfoys, why do you change your mind over a Quidditch team?
  • Rose: Dad, I don't want to have an arranged marriage!
  • Ron: *ignoring them* Hello, Malfoy? I’d like to ask a favour...
  • Rose: Um... sorry, my family’s crazy. *blushing*
  • Scorpius: Yep, I can see that. I don’t mind. *smiles at her*

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what if louis and harry were dating but louis cheated on him with briana and harry and louis broke up after they found out that she was pregnant???

















The Korrasami affect is real!!!

See, my two friends both liked this guy. One (Mari is her name) started dating him and then he cheated on her with the other (Ali). He cheated again on Ali, she left him but still liked him anyways. He tried to get with Mari again but she kept refusing. Both still had a thing for him but soon became best friends as they spent more time with each other. Now they are dating! They didn’t even know they were bi till they met each other xD. This to me at least parallels with what happened to Korra and Asami in LOK. It has my fangirling heart so fucking excited!!!

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