they were discussing girlfriend

It’s become too much to live here and I need y’all’s help.

My parents’ home has become too stressful to live in. My dad is lowkey homophobic and my mom’s not much better. My sister told me that last night they were discussing me and my girlfriend, and how they wouldn’t allow me to do certain things I’m doing now (like taking the 2007 Honda Civic to Baltimore to see her) if I was seeing a boy. 

I want to stress that I am 26 years old, and they shouldn’t be able to think that they can allow me to do anything.

This is a bit of a long and complicated story, so if anyone has questions about how I ended up in this situation you can just message me and I’ll try to explain. But basically, my mother is emotionally abusive and extremely manipulative. She is the queen of gaslighting. She has already spewed the line that I should have taken into consideration how me dating a girl would affect the family (not even acknowledging the fact that I’m actually the one that is directly affected by all of this) and that I’ve been incredibly selfish. I’m trying to figure out what options I have, because I really want to leave this house. My mentality has been taking some major hits, and the whole point of me coming home for the year was so that I could work on how to cope with my anxiety. The year is almost halfway over, and I feel like I’ve barely made any progress.

I feel the need to say that I do have a job, but it’s part-time (although I do work as many hours as I can) and I get paid biweekly. My money has been going towards paying for health insurance, helping my parents out with the housecleaning, and gas/food/toiletries. I just recently got accepted for an online subtitling job, but I haven’t started yet and don’t know how helpful the pay will actually end up being or how often I will be paid. I also technically have a car, but it’s not under my name; my parents gave it to me before I left for vet school so I’d have a way to get around. For the past three years, I’ve been paying for gas and repairs for this car. But my parents continue to say that because I didn’t pay for the car note, it’s not my car. They have also threatened to take it away before. I can only assume that if they make me choose between staying in their house and continuing to see my girlfriend, I may have to give them the car as well. This is worst-case scenario.

If there are any resources you all know of, please please please message me and let me know, or reblog this post with comments. Even if you don’t know how to help, spread this around. Maybe someone who’s been in a similar situation before will see it, and have an idea of how to help. I’d really appreciate it.

TL;DR I am in need of LGBTQ+ resources and advice on how to leave my parents’ house. I have a job, but currently don’t have enough money to simply move out.

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Me and my girlfriend were discussing how cute the sun and moon reference is with couples and so she said we should be the Hot dog and the hot dog bun ..... I 🤔 just realized my gf might be just ... idk lol but hot dog and hot dog bun doesn't sound as cute and sun and moon

That’s- I mean in a sense it’s not as cute as the sun and moon but I think it’s still pretty cute? Hot dog to your hot dog buns 😂

honestly men are terrifying i was just in a nearly empty train car w/ 3 dudes who were casually discussing when it’s appropriate to hit their girlfriends. one of them was like “if my bitch spits on me, i’m slapping the shit out of her” and they all laughed while i’m just sittin there, tensed up, avoiding eye contact…why are men so violent & horrible