they were definitely not dating at that moment!

BTS reaction to your curvy and tan body


Everyone please note that these types of requests are aimed for very specific people and of course not everyone has this type of body type.
My aim in making these reactions are to create fun and fictional writings that are able to entertain fellow ARMYS.

This reaction is not definite.

BTS will love you no matter your body type & skin colour.

Thank you for requesting~


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this boy and his damn tendency to touch other people’s butts… Jungkook would definitely love your body type. But dating this boy would mean being prepared for all the butt touching and slapping, he wouldn’t really show his love for your body in public though.


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Taehyung would be slightly low-key turned on by your body, of course he would try to hide this at first as a way to show you some respect but when you two were close enough he would just be constantly complimenting you. This boy would develop a praising kink just for you.


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Jimin would slowly come to learn to love it. Curvy and tan body types aren’t as often seen in Korea and so you had definitely caught his eye the moment you walked into the room, Jimin admired you not only for your beautiful body type but also the confidence that you bring with you.

Even after dating for a while, Jimin would have grown a tendency to just unconsciously stare when you walked past him.


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Namjoon would love not only your body but the air of confidence that you bring about it, he loved that you referred to your own body as “beautifully curvy” because he knew it was just as true as you had said it to be. Namjoon would be the type to constantly kiss you compliments just to reassure himself that you never had a day in which you feel uncomfortable with the way your body looked.


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Hoseok is a mix of all the boys in one body, he can be both extremely fluffy or smutty when it comes to your body. When he feels like it, he would playfully comment on how good you look in a certain outfit with his tongue stuck out and other times he just feels like laying in the couch and pecking every inch of your body.


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High-key turned on as fuck. And honestly, Yoongi wouldn’t even try to hide it.

He loved your body and didn’t care to hide it. He’d compliment you out of the blue on some days, even in public. Roam his hands around your body as a comforting habit and lick his lips when he watched you change from outfit to outfit when you both go shopping.


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I’m going to be completely honest, Seokjin would definitely not be used to itat first.
Jin was raised with traditional Korean standards, this means that most of the girls that are viewed as beautiful there are thinner and have more petite body types (this is not fact).
But don’t fear, Jin is a total sweetheart and a “personality over looks” type of guy, when he falls in love with you, falling in love with your body will just automatically be included when dating.

                                                  -bangtan angels-

Live a Little (Taehyung/Reader)

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Prompt: If You’re still taking Taehyungie requests could I get a smut for trying new things and Tae sweet talking her into anal and taking it super slow and gentle and she ends up having the best orgasm of her life?? More love makey anal. Rather than aggressive.

Genre: Fluff Smut

Words: 4.5K+

Author: Admin Kaycie

Tags: Clothed grinding, body worship, oral sex, teasing, fingering, anal sex, vaginal sex, etc.

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Super important prompt: what was the boy squad doing leading up to Isak's insta post.

This is super important, which is why I have bumped it up on the list. Okay here we go. 

“This is a terrible idea” Mahdi states as the boys walk around the corner to kaffebrenneriet. 

“What the fuck?” Magnus screeches “this is a great idea. Trust us man.”

They all pull a chair out and sit at a table outside near one of the windows to the cafe. 

Isak licks his lips before nodding “Mahdi was right. This is a terrible idea.” 

Jonas laughs and shakes his head “oh come on don’t act like my ideas have never worked before.” 

“yeah but this time it’s half Magnus’s idea” 

“EXACTLY!” Mahdi exclaims already getting up from his chair. 

“Mahdi sit down” Jonas orders, trying desperately to calm the squad down. “it’s gonna work.” 

Mahdi reluctantly sits back in the chair with his shoulders slumped as he chews on his lip anxiously. 

“So which one is she?” Magnus asks grinning. 

“shhhh can you try to be less obvious?” 

Isak and Jonas raise their eyebrows at each other because they both knew the answer was no and that Mahdi was head over heels. 

“Is it her?” Jonas asked, nodding at a brunette clearing a table next to them. 

Mahdi shook his head. 

“What about him?” Magnus asked pointing straight at a guy taking someones order. 

“Nei Magnus” 

Jonas and Isak laughed 

“What I can’t remember if you said it was a girl or not. and he’s hot right Isak?” 

Isak leant back in his chair with a smug smile painted across his face. “nah not my type.” 

“You’re so whipped man.” Jonas shook his head grinning proudly at his best friend. 

Isak shrugged, smiling. 

“oh wait is it her?” Isak asked as he spotted a blonde girl. 

“oh my god you guys are awful at this.” 

“she’s pretty though.” Jonas said. 

“yeah hot!” Magnus agreed. 

Isak squinted his eyes and angled his head like he was looking at an abstract painting he just couldn’t get. 

“I think i’m too gay for this.” 

The boys roared with laughter, the warmth of the joke making Mahdi finally relax a little. 

Suddenly a short girl with glasses, wearing an army jacket under her apron, and her purple hair tied up in a bun on the top of her head walked out with a tray of coffees. 

“that’s her” Mahdi mumbled. 

“what?” Magnus asked confused 

Mahdi’s eyes nearly fell out when he stared at Magnus trying to convey what he meant “that’s heeerrr” he said between his teeth. 

“ahhh” the boys sang together. Mahdi rolled his eyes at how long it took them. 

Isak smiled “She’s cool.” 

“And cute” Jonas agreed. 

Mahdi smiled “yeah we met at a save the planet meeting” 

they all stared at him. 

“What? I care about the environment!” 

“Sure you do…” Jonas smirked and rolled his eyes “just like Even cared so much about kossegruppa.” 

Isak ignored him “anyway what’s the plan then?” 

Jonas and Magnus looked at each other in silence. 

“Hello? Plan?” Mahdi pressed, getting anxious. 

“ugh well…” Magnus began 

“This is as far as we got.” Jonas finished. 

Mahdi facepalmed “you have got to be kidding me.” 

“it’s not our fault! We were planning on Even being here to you know, take over…” Magnus said. 

“Yeah where the hell is he anyway?” Jonas asked Isak. 

Isak grinned cockily “i’m making him study for his math exam.” 

“Making him?” Mahdi asked

“How the hell could you-” 

the moment Isak’s cheeks turned pink the boys chuckled as Jonas waved his hand in the air, shaking his question away. “nope nevermind, I don’t want to know.” 

“Okay” Isak said, clapping his hands ready to take over. “this is what we’re going to do.” 

“Quick does anyone have any asprin?” Jonas interjected. 

Isak glared “that’s not my only move jackass.” 

“How about you go up to her and tell her-” 

“No Magnus” the boys said simultaneously. 

“Okay, Mahdi, you go and order us coffee.” 

Mahdi stared at him.

Isak stared back

Mahdi raised his eyebrows. “That’s it?” 

Isak smiled “that’s all there is to it.” 

Mahdi groaned, “I can’t believe i’m doing this” before standing up. 

Jonas clapped as Magnus cheered and Isak threw his head back laughing. 

“you all suck” Mahdi said before walking in to the cafe. 

“so how do you think he’s gonna do?” Jonas asked as soon as he walked inside. 


“he’s probably gonna pass out before he gets to the counter.” 

Jonas shook his head “you guys are horrible friends.” 

“hey it took me and Vilde like months to get together! How long did it take Evak?” he asked Isak. 

Isak thought about it. “well, we nearly kissed 3 weeks after we met…actually kissed a week after that but then we weren’t official until…like what a month? or actually maybe-

“We get it. It was complicated.” Jonas interrupted. Isak replied by sticking his tongue out at him. 

“real mature.” 

“so yeah it’s realistic for us to assume he will bomb out the first few times. It’s just how it is.” Magnus said wisely, shrugging at his insightful knowledge. 

Finally after ten minutes Mahdi walked out with a plate of Waffles. 

“So how did it go? Isak asked, just as Mahdi shoved half a waffle in his mouth. 

“Oh! Good. We’re going out on friday.” he mumbled through the mouthful of waffle. 

Magnus’s chin nearly hit the ground “you got…you got a date?” 

Mahdi nodded confused “wasn’t that the plan?” 

Isak grinned “nice one Mahdi.” 

Jonas high-fived him. 

Magnus was still in shock. “but…but….it’s supposed to- you were meant to- what about bombing out?” 

the boys laughed. 

“oh and she gave me free waffles!” Mahdi said proudly, staring at the plate with heart eyes. 

“she’s definitely a keeper.”  Isak nodded in approval. 

“see Mahdi you should appreciate us. Look, our plan work.” 

“your plan sucked” he replied. 

Isak nodded “yeah it did.” 

Jonas rolled his eyes. “Shut up and lets take a photo to commemorate this moment.” 

the boys all huddled together. Jonas struggled with his phone “do i…do I stand here, or should it.”

Magnus pointed at the screen, “maybe if you flip it” 

“but then we won’t be able to see what we look like” Isak stated. 

“Will someone just press the button?” Mahdi said. 

“I think i’m pressing” 

“wait you’re pressing?” 

“Yeah i’m not sure but - oh shit it’s taking photos” 

“it’s taking photos?” 

“oh fuck it was on burst mode.” 

the boys looked through the photos together. 

“Yeah that looks about right.” Isak said 

the boys agreed in unison. 

“Who wants to go get pizza? I promised Even if he studied for his math exam I would bring him home some.” 

The boys all stared at him in surprise.

“What?” Isak asked. “What the fuck did you think I meant?” 

Mahdi shook his head “nothing.” 

“oh yeah nothing I totally thought you meant bribing him with food” Jonas said as they all began walking off. 

“What?’ Magnus asked finally catching on to the conversation 

“OH I thought you meant sex.” he shouted, earning a punch in the arm from Isak. 


Imagine Dean talking to your baby girl when he thinks you fell asleep.

Read the rest of the series here. This imagine can be read as a stand alone or as a part of the Life Unexpected series:

You felt Dean’s weight leave the bed. He had gotten up and quietly walked over to the baby’s bassinet. Raising a baby in a bunker wasn’t ideal, but its not like you and Dean had planned for it. One night of passion and throwing caution to the wind, and here the two of you were nine months later. 

What had gone from the two of you sharing Dean’s small room in the bunker had turned into a party of three. Emmary, a combination of your moms’ names Emily and Mary, had been the best thing to happen to you, next to Dean. 

You heard Dean gently pick her up, she was fussing a little bit, and sit down in the corner rocking chair with her. You started to roll over and ask if she needed fed until you heard Dean’s low, soft voice talking to her.

“Hey my sweet Emmary Jane,” he whispered to her in the dark. “Is my baby girl gonna be a night owl like her daddy?” With that question you heard Emmary coo almost in response to Dean’s question. Listening to him to talk to her made your heart sing and you couldn’t bring yourself to interrupt. You lay there listening as Dean continued to talk to her. 

Emmary fussed a little more and Dean started bargaining with her. “Okay, baby girl. Let’s make a deal,” he offered as he rocked her gently. “How about you be okay with Daddy for a little bit tonight, huh? Let your beautiful momma sleep for a little while longer,” he suggested. “Your mom over there,” you felt his eyes look up at you and gaze at you “asleep” on the bed. “She is the most amazing woman I have ever met. Emmary you don’t know how lucky you are that she is your mom.” 

You felt a tear slide down your cheek as Emmary’s cry rose slightly.

“I’ll tell you, you get your sweet stubbornness from her,” he said with a chuckle as he tried to calm her down. “You’re lucky you don’t have your daddy’s looks either. Your momma’s a knockout,” he whispered to her. “When you grow up, you’ll look just like her, so no dating until…” he thought for a moment, “well until ever,” he said decisively. 

You chuckled silently to yourself, trying not to give away the fact that you were listening. 

He continued, “I definitely never expected someone as honest and intelligent and drop dead gorgeous to ever go for an ass like me. And don’t tell her I said ass. That better not be your first word, young lady, I’ll be dead meat.” He laughed.

“You know, you are absolutely beautiful when you sleep,” he said even more quietly. “Just like your momma,” he said. 

You could hear the soft, slow breathing of the baby. You heard Dean get up out of the chair and lay Emmary back in the bassinet. He slowly made his way back to the bed and you felt his weight sink in the mattress as he got back under the quilt and snuggled up close to you.

He wrapped his arms around your waist and buried his face in your neck, kissing it sweetly. You sighed and turned to look at him, your lips meeting slowly, exploring the familiarity of the each other. He slowly pulled away and looked into your eyes as you smiled up at him. “You heard every word, didn’t you noesy rosey?” he asked with a fake irritated look on his face. The way his smile reached his ears gave him away though. 

“Maybe,” you said before kissing him sweetly. “But trust me when I say, Emmary Jane has plenty of her daddy in her too. When she doesn’t get her food the moment she wants it, that girl has got a mean streak in her. And she is only a few weeks old,” you said with a laugh as you rolled over to face Dean wrapping your arms around his waist, pulling him close to you.

“Winchester’s gotta eat, sweetheart. I can’t say I blame her there,” he said with a chuckle. 

You looked up at him and kissed his collarbone trailing up his neck and jawline until you reached his mouth. As your lips connected, Dean’s tongue slowly moved along your bottom lip, parting your lips and immediately exploring your mouth. A groan escaped your throat as the kiss deepened. 

You pulled away and said, “I love you, Dean Winchester.” He kissed the spot below your ear and immediately you felt a current flow through your body. Dean’s hands had found their way under your shirt and were exploring your stomach making their way up your body. Just as his hand had reached your breast, Emmary let out a cry.

Dean threw his head back on the pillow with a sigh, knowing that his playtime was over. 

You gave him a peck on the lips, placing your hands on his chest.“She knew you were about to mess with the goods,” you said suggestively with eyebrows raised. “No one comes between a Winchester and their food,” you added with a wink as you straddled him to get out of the bed. He grabbed your waist and flipped you over, pinning you beneath him. He kissed you deeply as Emmary’s cries became more insistent. 

“I better let you go, momma,” he said as he gazed into your eyes. “Or Daddy is gonna pay for it more ways than one,” he said with a laugh. You smiled as you gently pushed him off you. He rolled over wrapping himself in the blanket once more. “Besides, I don’t mind the view from here,”  he said as he watched you get out of bed, slapping you on the ass as you walked away. 

You playfully swatted away his hand and laughed.You were in love with Dean. The two of you had a baby. Dean was a good dad, it came so naturally to him, all those years taking care of Sammy. 

You picked up Emmary and whispered soothingly to her noticing Dean was already snoring. “We are two lucky girls, you know that Emmary? Your Daddy is the bravest, most selfless man I’ve ever known,” you said as you kissed her forehead and sat down to feed her with a sigh.

Life Unexpected Pt. 6 - Not Gonna Happen

This is happiness

This is what I had been plotting @sir-scandalous! I finally finished it and may or may not have decided to do this instead of requests;;


Summary: This was new, it was unexpected, but welcome. Soft touches, sweet caresses, warmth all around. It wasn’t perfect, and sometimes there were tears and harsh words, but like gasoline and fire, wind and waves, they came back to each other. So what, it wasn’t perfect, but it was theirs.

Softly running his fingers through soft locks, Shiro gave a soft hum. He loved the feel and texture of Lance’s hair, the soft silky strands, the hum of delight Lance made when he carded his fingers through the brown locks. The first time Shiro had touched Lance’s hair, they hadn’t even been in a relationship-and it was completely spontaneous. Lance had jumped a bit in surprise, but didn’t pull away or shout at Shiro, letting the older teen play with his hair.

“Shiro?” Lance asked, wide blue eyes locking with Shiro’s silver gaze. With a blush of embarrassment, Shiro moved to pull back, an apology on the tip of his tongue-but Lance caught his wrist and pulled Shiro’s hand back to his hair. “You don’t have to stop, I was just confused.” Lance had said, an easy smile brightening up his face.

“Y-You sure? I didn’t ask and-” Shiro had been cut off by Lance laughing, reaching up to card his own fingers through Shiro’s hair carefully. Bright grin, soft blue eyes, and a silly “Now we’re even then.” and Shiro knew his was gone.

They never tell you that falling in love-literally felt like falling, the rush of excitement and fear, the odd rolling of the stomach, the utter feeling of elated bliss. It was a leap Shiro would willingly take again.

Shiro had not acted on his feelings after realizing them, not at first he didn’t. Tugging Lance to his chest, Shiro rested his chin on the younger teen’s shoulder, smiling softly at the small smile on his face as Lance carefully read through reports. It took a while, but Lance had managed to learn Altean. He found a way to make learning it easier, a type of game or something, and often had Pidge join him. The two would speak Altean around the castle, bursting into laughter at some points, sometimes Coran or Allura would hear it and laugh.

Shiro found it endearing seeing them bond, even if he was a little put off that he couldn’t tell what they were saying….He hoped it wasn’t curse words. Lance didn’t curse, but Pidge… Pidge he couldn’t be sure.

There were times… Times Shiro regretted some choices he made, times where he wished he hadn’t been stubborn. Pulling Lance closer, holding him a little tighter, Shiro drew comfort from the warmth of Lance, relaxing at the steady beat of his heart, the soft but strong breaths.

They’ve fought, of course they had, every couple has, but they always made up. Lance laughed, and Shiro tilted his head a bit to look at him.

“What are you laughing for?”

“Nothing.” Lance said, and Shiro frowned a bit, before shifting his hands to slide down and wrap around Lance’s sides.

“Nothing?” Lance tensed, and right as a protest started falling from his lips, Shiro dug his fingers into Lance’s sides, causing him to burst out into laughter. “I don’t think it’s nothing.” Shiro said, laughter highlighting his voice. Letting Lance catch his breath, Shiro’s eyes softened.

“Hah ha, don’t-don’t do that-” Despite the attempt to sound annoyed, Lance was smiling, bright blue eyes full of love and adoration.

Sometimes Shiro wondered if his eyes reflected the same, if his love and devotion could be seen as well as Lance’s eyes shown his own. Giving Lance a quick kiss to the cheek, Shiro hummed a bit before Lance suddenly responded.

“I’m happy.”


“This war, the fighting, it’s not easy. It never is, but I’m happy.” Lance said, looking down at where he and Shiro had intertwined their hands in front of him. A soft smile played on his lips, the blue eyes Shiro loved to get lost in trained on their fingers.


“I’m protecting home, we all are. Saving lives, freeing people, it’s nice to know we’re making a difference. It’s… Sometimes it’s overwhelming, but I’m really happy. I have you, I have Allura, Coran, I have Pidge, I have Hunk and Keith.” Lance murmured, and Shiro closed his eyes, resting his head on Lance’s shoulder again. “I’m happy here, with everyone. I miss my family… But I also have this one.”

Shiro kept quiet, holding Lance tight. They had moments where everything seemed to weigh them down, but, they were in this together, they all were. They bore the weight together, and they held each other up.

“It’s nice.” Shiro opened his eyes, he and Lance looking over to where Hunk and Keith were sprawled on another couch, Hunk was sleeping, Keith cuddled up to him, violet eyes trained on him and Lance.

“Yeah.” Shiro mumbled, affection lacing his voice. Lance’s smile grew, and though it was all new to him, to them, it was welcome. The soft touches, warmth, love, everything that he hadn’t gotten to experience like this, it was comforting.

Keith smiled a bit, enveloped in the warmth of Hunk, soft and firm. He wasn’t used to this, to the affection and security he was surrounded by. It was frightening at first, the feeling he had when he fell for Hunk frightened him. It was hard to ignore, not when the bright smiles and silly puns caught his attention, not when the way Hunk had accepted him had him falling more.

People left, they always did, but right now… Right now, he was safe, and he was ok. Watching Shiro and Lance, it was so obvious they were in love, and he hoped that maybe he and Hunk were so obviously in love too.

It wasn’t immediate, and the slow building romance was hardly noticeable, but when he realized it, he was afraid. There was nothing to fear, especially when Lance had been so adamant that Keith confess- he wasn’t going to lie, knowing Lance supported them had helped a lot- and giving in and confessing, he was not expecting Hunk to look like someone handed him the world.

“Just do it Keith, you won’t feel any better until you know for sure.” Lance wasn’t one to sugar coat things, despite he could be vague. Dutifully playing with his blade, Keith pretended he wasn’t close to giving in and confessing. He was worried about possibly ruining this friendship he had-of course, Hunk would never distance himself- and by the way Lance flopped down against his back, Keith was not convincing enough.

“Lance, I can’t not-”

“You can, and you should. I’m not going to force you, but you won’t know unless you try. What if he likes you back? What if you two are both just worried about the other’s reaction?” Lance was right, and Keith groaned, falling back and Lance chuckled. They bickered, they fought, but they were teammates, friends, brothers in arms. Nothing was perfect, but at the same time, that was perfect enough for them.

“If I get rejected, you know you’ll be stuck sparring with me until I get over it.” Keith grumbled and Lance laughed, obviously not in the least worried.

“I will end up sparring with you anyways.” Keith was quiet for a moment, before smiling.

“Yeah, true.”

Obviously, everything had gone well, Hunk’s eyes brightened up and he had such a big smile, Keith was truly blinded momentarily. Unlike Lance and Shiro, Keith and Hunk slowly eased into their relationship. Of course, they also didn’t act like they were dating before actually dating.

It was amusing to see how many times Shiro and Lance would get flustered when people thought they were dating, or at least in some form of relationship, and Keith had definitely called it before anyone else.

He was close with Shiro, he knew well enough before Shiro realized his own feelings. Closing his eyes, Keith let himself relax, and even doze. It was a moment of peace, a short amount of time to cuddle, relax, and let themselves rest. 

Hunk and Keith had immediately followed Shiro and Lance to the common room- none of them actually know how to refer to it, Lance and Pidge like calling it the Lion den, but honestly, no one cares what it’s called, they just hang out there…. Ok, so Keith might refer to it as the family room, but no one seems bothered by it when it slips out- and the two couples immediately cuddled up for down time.

This was all new, their relationships and the sudden realization and calm familiarity. He was never this close to anyone, and despite he still was figuring it out, they all were, it was nice.

So what if they had their rough patches, or that their peaceful moments were short and far between, they were happy with what they had, and Lance was right.

They were family now, they were all in this together, and they were not going anywhere.

This was happiness.

This took a while to write, I wanted to focus on it first, but I have absolutely no self control and had so many ideas and now a to of wips but here it is! Heith and Shance bc there is never enough.

Waiting Is A Patient’s Man’s Game and I’m No Patient Man

IMAGINE: Bucky and (Y/N) broke up a year ago. Bucky realises that he wants her back but the thing is she’s moving on…or is she? 

[gif is not mine. hope you guys like it. the plot is loosely based on the ‘swarley’ episode of himym.]

word count: 1.7 k+

Bucky looked at (Y/N) who was now fiddling with her hands, she took a deep breath and looked at him. She smiled tightly at him, “I understand.”

“(Y/N).” He ran a hand through his hair, “I just need to do this. I need time for myself.”

“I thought,” she started then decided not to finish her sentence. She looked up at Bucky, sadness in her eyes. “You said that I was helping you.”

“I”m not asking you to understand it (Y/N), I’m just asking you to support my decision.”

(Y/N) closed her eyes and bit her lip. She finally opened her eyes and once again smiled at Bucky. “Can you promise me that after you find yourself, you have time to yourself that we can have another shot?”

Bucky opened his mouth more than once, wanting to agree with what she said but something held him back. Convinced that his silence meant no, she couldn’t help but feel her eyes water.

“Right,” she stood up from the step she was sitting on. She rubbed her hands on her thighs. “I’ll see you around Bucky.”

“I can’t believe you didn’t get the signal!” Bucky pulled Sam aside as the man furrowed his brows and looked at him weirdly.

“What signal?”

“This,” Bucky looked seriously at Sam and then looked away. “That look.”

Sam scrunched up his face, “What does that look even mean?”

Bucky groaned in annoyance, “It means, you need to talk to me about this situation.” He peered over Sam’s shoulder and saw that (Y/N) was still talking to the man. “They’ve been talking for almost ten minutes!”

Sam looked over to where Bucky’s gaze was now held. He rolled his eyes and turned back to the man. “First of all, we don’t do signals, and even if we did it would be a you and Steve thing. Secondly, you broke up with her she has the right to talk to other men! Hell you’ve been broken up for almost a year, she has the right to date them if she wants to!”

“I get that,” Bucky spoke angrily. “I know that she has the right to date someone after I broke her heart! But that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hurt any less, just because we haven’t been together in a long time doesn’t mean that I love her any less.”

“If you don’t love her any less then why the fuck did you break up with her?”  Sam bit back.

“Because I thought that was the right thing to do!” Bucky snapped. “I could feel him coming back Sam. I knew that she was in danger and if there was one person in this world that I never wanted to hurt, it was (Y/N).”

“She’s a strong person.”

“I know that. If I hurt her… I wouldn’t have been able to live with myself. She was the only good thing in my life and I hurt her in any way.”

Sam sighed and tilted his head back, “Look, let tonight go, okay? Let’s drown ourselves in alcohol, stay the other side of the room and we can work this out tomorrow, alright?”

Bucky agreed slowly, his eyes flittering over to where (Y/N) was now laughing loudly at whatever the man was saying.

“Stark, I need your help.”

Tony looked at Bucky who was obviously frustrated. He grinned at the man and put down the piece of paper he was reading. “What can I help you with?”

“It’s about (Y/N).”

In an instant Tony replied with a, “No. Definitely not.”


“Because it’s (Y/N) and if she ever found out that we were meddling in her life, she would have our necks,” Tony pointed out. He sighed pitily at Bucky who was obviously in a frustrated moment. “Look don’t do anything rash. If you ever want to be with her again after breaking her heart then you just need to wait until she’s ready again.”

“So you’re going on a date with him?”

“I can hear the judgement in your voice, Anthony,” (Y/N) remarked as she bit into her biscuit. “And he does not have the crazy eyes!”

“He’s crazy, (Y/N)!” She rolled her eyes at Tony. “Trust me.”

“But he’s hot,” (Y/N) reasoned out. She shrugged as Tony made a face and then chuckled. “Look, he’s attractive and I’m 99.5% sure that he doesn’t have the crazy eyes, if he does I’ll buy one of those weird doughnuts and I’ll wear a shirt that says ‘Tony’s right’.

Bucky logically knew that he needed to wait for (Y/N), until she was ready, but his irrational jealousy clouded his judgements. He remembered just this morning that Steve told him (Y/N) was going on a date with the bar guy. He may or may not have accidentally smashed the glass of juice in his hand, or slammed his bowl against the counter causing it to smash. After pestering Sam and Steve, the latter finally snapped and told him where they were going out for dinner, then he found out that they were going back to their quarters. Steve told him not to do anything stupid and reason everything out while Sam rolled his eyes knowing that Bucky wouldn’t listen to whatever Steve was saying.

He crept up to her quarters and looked around, it’s been a year since he’s been there and everything was still the same. He looked for the familiar picture of the two of them on her coffee table but found it occupied by magazines and a cup of cold coffee instead. He frowned, where the hell did it go? Fishing out his phone, he texted the one person he knew would know.

‘Stark, where’s the picture of (Y/N) and I that was on her coffee table?’

After waiting a couple of minutes for a reply and looking around her place his phone finally beeped.

‘She took it down after you left. Put it in her cupboard, I think.’

‘Wait, how do you know that she doesn’t have it anymore?’


‘Tony just told me what you’re doing. Buck, stop.’

‘Don’t be a fucking idiot you moron -Sam.’

Rolling his eyes, Bucky put his phone back into his pocket and headed to the storage cupboard. After looking through various boxes he finally found the large framed picture and sighed in sadness. He was too busy reminiscing that he didn’t notice the sound of the keys jingling. Panicking when the door opened, Bucky ran behind the couch accidentally dropping the frame during the rush.

“And then I told him how can he fit a pumpkin in there?” (Y/N) joked as she opened her door. Tim looked at her oddly and gave her a small pitying chuckle. She turned around and smiled tightly. Dating was fucking hard nowadays. “Do you want something to drink?”

Tim nodded and she placed her keys inside the bowl and headed towards the kitchen. As she was preparing their drinks she heard something drop inside the living room. “What was that?”

“Oh that was just my phone.”

(Y/N) furrowed her brows, it definitely didn’t sound like a phone dropping but she shrugged it off. Walking back into the room she saw pieces of glass on the floor. “What is that?” She placed the drinks down on the coaster and walked fast to to it. “Is that a picture of Bucky and I?” She turned to Tim, “This picture is broken. Was that the sound? Did you break this?”

The man shook his head in confusion.

“Can we sit down for a moment?” (Y/N) pulled Tim down and looked at Tim. She vaguely heard him say something and she nodded along. “Stop moving.” There really wasn’t anything that she could see.

“Can I kiss you?” The question barely registered when she heard someone yell ‘stop’ and suddenly a body was between her and Tim.


The man tried to turn to (Y/N) who smiled weakly at her. He turned back to Tim, “Name’s Bucky,” he held out a hand which Tim shook hesitantly.

“What are you doing?”

Bucky tried to fall to the floor with a little bit of dignity but ended smacking his head against the table. “I don’t know. I”m just going to go.” He ran to the door almost tripping over his own feet. As he closed the door he leant back on it. She was definitely never going to take him back after this stunt. He jogged to his room, praying that (Y/N) would be able to forgive him.

(Y/N) ran to Bucky’s room knowing that he was going to try and find sanctuary there. Without bothering to knock she opened the door and tried to find where Bucky was. Finding that he was outside on his balcony she headed there.

She sat next to him, they sat there for a moment before she turned to Bucky. “Bucky, what the fuck were you doing?”

He turned back to her, tears in his eyes. “(Y/N), I”m so sorry. I ruined everything. He didn’t ruin that picture of the two of us, I did.”

“So Tim was just a nice guy? An actual nice guy?”

Bucky sniffled, “Yeah he was, and you deserve someone who isn’t so fucked up. Who won’t break your heart because they think it’s the right thing to do, even when a small part of you is saying a completely different thing. So why don’t you go back to your room and finish your date? I’ll pay for your next one.”

(Y/N) was silent for a moment, she nodded her head a couple of times. “You do have to pay for the next date.”

Bucky nodded sadly, knowing that he would always be watching from the sidelines now because he made a stupid fucking choice. The wrong choice.

“You’re crazy you know that right?” She asked him. “The craziest fucking person I know. You have the craziest I’ve ever seen.”

Bucky turned to her, “Shouldn’t you be going back to Tim?”

She looked at him and he repeated his question. She turned to him, a small smile playing on her lips. “I missed you so fucking much.” Bucky breathed in relief and smiled at her.

Years would come by and they wouldn’t know who made the first move. Maybe it was Bucky or maybe it was her, but what they did know was they both moved towards each other even if the other didn’t. Because there was something there that night that they couldn’t run from.

Progress update!

Good day all!

We have been getting a lot of questions about how far we are with the game, so I figured it was time for a little sit-down.

First things first, we have officially started play testing our engine.  This has turned out about exactly as one would think.

School, real life, new employment opportunities, a few engagements/marriages, enough drama to entertain an army of stay at home parents, and just a gosh darn plethora of other things have done their best to sink this glorious project.  I won’t lie and say that it has been easy.  When we started this project so long ago, nobody really had any idea what they were doing.  Now, thankfully, we have the experience to admit that we don’t know what we are doing.

The predictable result of all of this is that the project has definitely gone slower than anybody in the process has really wanted.  This has been compounded with the fact that most of the coveted dating sim projects we have come to love have thrown in the towel.

We here at the UDS would love to take a moment to thank how patient 99% of you have been with us (you know who you are).  We are currently working on a way to actually communicate on how the production is going.  I’m thinking either a progress page or maybe even weekly patch notes.  Who knows.

I do know that by the end of this, I will probably be unable to look at any of these characters in a good light ever again.  I just spent 30 minutes trying to figure out why Toriel would disappear instead of laughing.

Hope everybody has a great afternoon, and stay tuned for more news in the near future!  I’m diving back in.

anonymous asked:

Hey Jeremy, so I found out the girl I had a crush on is dating someone... advice on how to cope since you were in a similar situation?

J: Oh… uh! Whatever you do don’t take a $600 dollar pill! Highly not recommend! Just… stay positive, I guess? It may take some waiting but you will have your moment and if they are really worth it the waiting will also be worth it! Oh, and, uh, stay cute! That definitely helped me.

part i | part ii | part iii | part iv | part v

part vi: in which we let sasuke live

The phone sat between them as the seconds ticked by. Like a good friend, Naruto came over the moment Sasuke told him there was an emergency.

“Fuck,” Sasuke cursed for the nth time, glaring at his phone. He touched the screen when it dimmed, bringing it back to its full brightness and displaying Tinder Girl’s selfie of herself in a green bikini as she hugged the neck of her unicorn floatie like the basic bitch she probably was. “Fuck.”

“Okay.” This was the first word said in the past ten minutes aside from ‘fuck.’ “Okay, I have a plan.”

“What is it?”

“You have to like more photos.”

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You know any stories where there is car sex? Sterek?

yeah, I think I know a few…

Screwed by stilinski_wolf

Stiles and Derek have some fun times in Derek’s car, and it’s definitely a good thing that Derek has tinted windows.

Delayed Gratification by Siriusstuff

One thing after another interferes with Stile’s and Derek’s date night plans.

Thump, Thump by littlefrog1025

That awkward moment when your ex brings a date to your father’s wedding…

Matchmaker, Please by LadyMerlin

When the Sheriff said that he wanted to set Stiles up with one of his deputies, Stiles thought he’d be meeting some chubby, doughnut-loving desk sergeant. He definitely wasn’t expecting Officer Hale.

After significant efforts on the Sheriff’s part, Stiles takes Officer Hale on their first date.

(previously titled: Papa Knows Best)

Driver’s Education by arrowofcarnations

This is the moment he realizes he can never have Derek Hale – that he was stupid to ever think he could. Maybe their moms made them hang out when they were little and maybe they’ve managed to get along these past few weeks, but they’re too different. Derek’s cool, he plays a million sports, he drives a Camaro, he’s friends with Jackson. Stiles doesn’t fit into the equation and he never will.

"That's Not Fair."

Prompt (from Anon): Heey, so first of all I wanna say that I absolutely love the Accident, seriously it’s so amazing and cute, thank you for blessing us with that fic <3 aaand, since you’re up to anything riverdale rn, I thought I’d share this imagine idea I saw a few days ago “your OTP passionately making out, person A starts scratching down person B’s back, which drives them nuts, whining into the kiss that that’s not fair"idk what you think about this but omg I can see a lot of fluff and ahfksmzbka pretty please 

 A/N: first all of thank you so much I’m just happy people are enjoying my work :3 and of course this sounds like such a good fic so here we go! I know there’s a lot of build up to get there but I kinda wanna do a part two? Like/reblog if you want part 2! 

 Fandom: Riverdale Characters: Archie Andrews

Pairing: Archie x Reader (anon didn’t specify so I’m running with this)

Warnings: steamy make out session 

Originally posted by archiesandrews

(gif not mine)


 Right after school, your classmate (whom you must add have had a crush on since sixth grade) Archie Andrews met you as you closed your locker. "Well if it isn’t the Riverdale football star himself,” you greeted him with a casual smile. “What brings you here?" 

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Wishful Drinking

Not About Angels | PT. 1

Bucky Barnes x Reader series

Summary: Loving him feels like the most exquisite way of self-destruction. Too close, and you’re radioactive. Too far, and your heart shatters, and the city cracks in two while debris scatters in the space between your ribs. Pining over a brooding, unstable Bucky Barnes isn’t exactly your brightest idea, especially when you’re just as damaged as he is, and he doesn’t seem to love you half as much as you love him. 

Warnings: drinking, moodiness

Word count: 1158

A.N: This is the first part of my submission for @whothehellisbella ‘s Cool Times Summer Jamz Mix Writing Challenge (whew!) and it’s based off the song Angels by The XX.

I have to confess I’m very exited about this and hope you enjoy the series as much as I do!
Dedicated to the beautiful Ella @buckysinthesinbin for putting up with me and my coffee highs, and for never complain about being woken up at 5 a.m. (still sorry about that) to read angsty chapters. I love you <3

It all starts as an accident.

First it’s you barely coming back alive from a mission, sore and bruised and soaked to the bone after spending almost three days stranded in the middle of never ending rain.

You can feel a headache forming in the back of your brain and have just stepped out of the meeting room after hours of debriefing with Steve who—God bless the man—took pity on you and gave you the entire week to rest, and the second he lets you go you’re practically rushing to the kitchen.

The place is huge and dark—you don’t even bother to turn the lights on— but it’s Stark’s and you can always count on a billionaire for good booze. You know it’s probably a bad idea, especially when you know you have a drinking problem, but it’s late and you’re tired. Plus, it’s not like the rest of the team doesn’t have issues of their own that they want to forget about, so you rummage through the cabinets as quietly as you can, using the little light that’s coming through the window to try and find something to drink.

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#23 and also "I got a fistful of your hair But you don't look like you're scared You just smile and tell me, "Daddy, it's yours." from bruno mars gorilla with either Kylo Ren or Newt? smutty smut and hopefully a lil longer? ;*

#23: “she’s gonna be an angel, just you wait and see - when it turns out she’s a devil in between the sheets” + “I got a fistful of your hair But you don’t look like you’re scared You just smile and tell me, “Daddy, it’s yours.”

Newt had started off his night in a suit, his date to the ball wearing an angelic white gown. You had been the definition of lovely and polite, making light conversation with him during the date, dancing properly and giggling gently when he accidentally stepped on your feet. Everything had been like a dream, the car he had bought running smoothly as he drove you to your door. You were proper and contained, wanting to leave him wanting more. But that all changed the moment he put the car into park.

“Tonight was… amazing.” He smiled, his handsome face illuminated by the dull streetlamps. “Thank you. I’d love to do it again sometime.”

“You’re a busy man Newt. I doubt we’ll get to do something like this soon.” You fussed, loosening his tie for him. The way you bent over to tend to him made the view of your breasts look great in that low cut dress. 

Newt cleared his throat, trying to avoid staring as it was not what a gentleman would do. “I’m willing to hold out for someone like you.” He uttered huskily. “I mean it. You’re special to me (Y/n).”

You sighed. “I hate how formal we have to be to each other. I hate that this is our first date.”

Newt frowned. “You didn’t enjoy it?”

“No, I loved it!” You said. “It’s just… People like us don’t have the time to develop things. You’ll probably forget about me after a month of chasing down rare dragons to write about.”

Newt considered your words, his hand lingering at your jawline now. “I’ll always make time for you. I see… I see us going somewhere.”

“Really?” You perked up hopefully, grabbing a hold of his scarred hands. You adored their roughness. 

“Yes. And since people like us don’t have time to develop things,” he smirked, leaning in closer, “why not speed up the process?” His lips were hovering over yours now, their softness gazing yours teasingly. “Let’s not waste time on formalities. I want you.” He pressed his lips to yours, impatient and desperate in his touches. You were excited, but the moment was being slightly ruined by the handbrake digging into your stomach. Newt parted, his lips a little swollen from the intensity of the kiss. “Backseat?” He suggested.

“Backseat.” You nodded, both hopping out and hastily climbing into the leather cushioned seats. Newt pushed you into the cold material, his hair already dishevelled and his pupils blown with lust. He took no time in peppering kisses down your neck and breasts, his hands exploring you excitedly. All the while you tugged on his hair, your fingers getting lost in the soft tendrils. 

“Yes Newt. Right there.” You moaned as he began sucking on a sweet spot on your neck, right above your hammering pulse. He dipped his clothed hard-on into your core, eliciting a whimper from the two of you. 

You had received enough teasing, and decided to push Newt off you, responding to his perplexed look by taking a seat in his lap. His head fell back onto the now foggy window of the door as you ground into him, his hands pulling at your dress. As he zipped it off, you smeared red lipstick stains all over his jaw and neck, nipping hard to mark him as he had you. 

“Fuck, love.” He groaned, running his hands down your now bare skin. In the meantime you had managed to rid him of his shirt and tie, unbuttoning his trousers now. He pulled your panties to the side as you pulled his length out, wasting no time in lining yourself up. 

Your thighs trembled as Newt wrapped his arms around your middle, grunting as you immediately started riding him. His fingers clawed at your shoulders as he pushed you down, his strokes sloppy and needy. You kissed him with force, biting at his bottom lip as he kneaded your ass, relishing the sounds you were making just for him. He let out a low moan as you bit on his earlobe, before arching your back to provide him with a deeper angle.

“You like that daddy?” You purred, feeling his cock twitch violently inside of you. His mouth hung open, unable to push out a reply while his vocal cords were stringing together a succession of groans and whimpers. 

“Y-yes.” He uttered, his mouth finding your nipples. “Baby girl.” He tested, smiling against your breasts as you shuddered. “Cum for daddy, won’t you? Be a good girl.” 

You screamed onto his lips as he captured yours, his hips jerking up into yours harshly to lead you to your orgasm. The stifling air in the car had left you both sweaty, your bodies so dirty but pure as you both came to your highs. You had no strength after you had come down, your head resting against Newt’s heaving chest.

“That was… greatly unexpected.” Newt chuckled, his face flustered. “I didn’t take you for one who liked to do things fast.”

“Speak for yourself Mr. Magizooloist.” You retorted, flicking his nose. 

Newt couldn’t believe how events had taken such a turn, but he knew that when he had met someone so easy to connect with, sometimes it wasn’t right to take it slow. 

“So… shall we go again?” He suggested with a dark smirk. 

*Request a song lyric drabble*

Just the way you are ♡ Grayson

Request: ‘’Hi, the request was how some girls dress in sweats or non revealing clothes anqd then they start to dress more revealing because other girls do it so I was thinking the opposite where the girl already dresses a little revealing and she starts to put more clothes on because she’s worried that (Gray or E) is only with her because she puts out more than other girls‘‘

Response: Thank you for the request babe! I’m always worried that my imagines will be too short, and then I suddenly have over 1500 words, lol :) Hope you enjoy xx

Warning: English is not my native language, so if there are any vocabulary/grammar mistakes, please ignore them. I try my best :)

You take one last look in the mirror and smile at yourself. For the first time this week you thought you looked pretty okay. You were wearing a lacy bralette with a transparent crop top over it and some tight blue shorts. It wasn’t even that hot outside, but since it was summer you had no problem with wearing less clothing.

You take a selfie and decide to post it on Instagram, since you were really feeling cute today. And that was something rare, because most of the time you felt really insecure about your looks. The second you post it you immediately get hundreds of likes. Since you were Grayson Dolans girlfriend and he had opened up about that, you had gained a lot of followers.

Although it was the first selfie in ages and the first one since you and Grayson were in a relationship, you weren’t really nervous to post a photo of yourself. Most of the fans were always really sweet to you, and Grayson always told you that you should just ignore the hate. Luckily there hardly was any.

After you post the photo you see that you had received a text from Grayson: ‘’Hey, see u at school? 😘’’ A smile appears on your face and you text him back right away: ‘’I’m on my way xx’’ With a happy feeling you grab your books, put them in your bag and leave the house. Even the sun was shining. This was going to be a good day.

When you put your history books in your locker and are thinking of which class you had after lunch, you feel a big pair of hands giving your butt a light squeeze. You jump up and feel your cheeks turning red. You turn around and look up to Grayson. He was wearing a black and white tank top, which showed off his toned skin very clearly. He was wearing a cap and in his ear his dangly earring – as usual.

‘Hey baby,’ he says, giving you a quick kiss on the lips. ‘Hi,’ you greet him back. His eyes flicker from your butt to your torso, checking you out from head to toe. ‘Dang, you look good today,’ he says with an approving look on his face. ‘N-not that you don’t look good on other days, but, I mean-‘  he adds a little embarrassed, but you gently place a hand on his muscular arm and giggle.

‘I know what you mean, Gray, don’t worry. You don’t look bad yourself.’ You hated to admit it, but you kind of thought that it was important that Grayson liked how you looked. And you knew he liked it when you dressed a bit revealing. Grayson smirks and brings his face close to yours, so close that you can feel his warm breath on your nose and could see the brown dots in his eyes.

A pleasant tingle makes you get goose bumps. ‘See you later at my place?’ he whispers. ‘I’d love to,’ you say. He gives you another quick kiss, which lasts a litter longer than the last one (but still too short) and tucks your hair behind your ear. With a last wink he walks away to his next class, leaving you with weak knees.

While you’re sitting in class you couldn’t wait for this hour to pass. History was the most boring subject ever. You discretely grab your phone and start scrolling through the comments of your last selfie. To your unpleasant surprise you saw more negative than positive comments.

‘’wtf are you wearing’’
‘’that’s a slutty outfit’’
‘’i can see your underwear’’
‘’you only do that for gray’’
‘’where are your clothes’’
‘’you shouldn’t dress yourself like that’’

The list went on and on. But the one comment that really hurt you the most, was ‘’SLUT’’. Just one simple word, but with so much meaning behind it. You felt your eyes start to tear and you quickly rub them away with your arm, before anyone could notice it.

You immediately delete the picture and put your phone back in your bag. It was unbearable to read more of these nasty comments. You try to pay some attention on what the teacher was saying, but your mind keeps going back to that one comment; ‘’SLUT’’. You didn’t even had sex before, so what she was saying wasn’t even true. How could someone say stuff like that? Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the bell rings. You grab your bag and leave the classroom, while you feel tears welling up again.

Before you stop by at Graysons house, you decide to go home and change your clothes. After about half an hour and three missed calls from Grayson (he was probably wondering where you were) you finally found some clothes to put on. It was an oversized green hoodie and some black leggings.

Maybe this was a little dramatic, since you never wore loose clothes and only tight stuff, but you didn’t care. You were actually curious about what Grayson was going to say about it, because he was definitely going to notice it. You didn’t know why, but all of a sudden you were starting to feel really pissed. Maybe those girls who commented were right and he really only dated you so he could stare at a girl’s butt all day. You grab your phone, leave the house and step in your car.

With a happy smile on his face Grayson opens the door for you. ‘Hi Y/N,’ he says and wraps his big arms around you. ‘Hey Gray.’ Your face is pressed against his large chest and for a moment you feel so warm inside. But that feeling wasn’t going to last. Grayson pulls back and his face had turned into a deep frown.

‘Where have you been? I thought you’d be here at two? It’s almost three by now,’ he says with kind of a disapproving tone in his voice. ‘And why have you changed your clothes? You looked so nice in that other outfit.’ Again, you feel yourself getting a little pissed. ‘Yeah, of course you’d say that,’ you say under your breath, but Grayson heard you. ‘What?’ You say nothing, eyes focused on the ground.

‘Hey, Y/N?’ He pokes you to get your attention, but you take step aside. ‘Nothing,’ you say, and suddenly your sight is getting unclear. Just now you realise that tears are running down your cheeks, but you didn’t want Grayson to see that you were crying. Not because of him. Not because of those stupid girls, who were all right.

You push him roughly to the side and walk past him into his house. Within two steps he stands next to you and grabs your arms. ‘What’s wrong?’ he asks very confused. You turn around while you shake his hands from your body, looking him in his eyes.

‘What’s wrong?’ you repeated, almost screaming now. You didn’t know why, but suddenly you felt very emotional and frustrated. ‘You know what’s wrong? The fact that you only date me because of my style! Because I only wear crop tops and tight jeans. And now I’m wearing a hoodie and leggings and you ask why I’m wearing it? Because I fucking want to!’ you yell, out of breath.

And then it’s quiet. Grayson still looks at you with a very confused look on his face. He didn’t know what to say. He wasn’t even angry. He never was. You were just an emotional mess and a bad girlfriend who could only yell at him. After you let out all of your energy you feel a bit weak, and you start seeking for support around you.

‘Wohhh,’ Grayson quickly grabs your arms and waist before you can fall down. He leads you to the living room and sits you down on the couch. By the time he comes sitting next to you, you are crying uncontrollably and your body is shaking. ‘Hey hey, come here,’ Grayson whispers and shoves towards you, so that he could hug you.

‘Shh, Shh… Please don’t cry. I hate it when you cry,’ he says with a sad tone in his voice. After a few minutes your sobbing slowly stops, and you sigh deeply. Grayson pulls back and wipes a tear from your face.

‘Of course I don’t date you because of your style. I date you because I like you. Very, very much, to be honest. And I think you’re gorgeous, just the way you are. Even if you only wore sweatpants and hoodies, I would still think that you’re the most beautiful person in this entire world.’

He looks down at you with a loving smile and your heart flutters. You can’t help but start crying again, but now because you loved and admired him so much. And because you knew that what he was saying, was true. You knew he meant it. ‘No, don’t cry, please. Did I say something wrong?’ he asks worried, stroking a thumb against your cheek.

You giggle and grab his hand, entwining your fingers with his. ‘No, no… It’s just… Thank you. I like you too. Very, very much,’ you say, cracking a smile. He laughs and the only thing you feel at that moment is pure love. You loved the sound of his laugh. It made you so happy. ‘I’m glad,’ he whispers, and leans in to put a sweet kiss on your forehead.

A Lesson in Love (The First Date)

Summary: (College!AU) In which you’re assigned to write a story about romance, a subject you know nothing about, and Bucky, a hopeless romantic, offers you his assistance.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2,978

A/N: The tag list for this story is officially CLOSED.

“A Lesson in Love” Masterlist + Soundtrack

@avengerstories - Nik, you’re a genius editor. Your brain is almost as perfect as your face (I would like to thank Leslie Knope for coming up with this compliment because it works perfectly for you)

Originally posted by arianagrandes

“Y/N, you have a message!”

“What does it say?” You call back, too scared to step away from your laptop and lose the flow of inspiration that had hit you out of the blue. With a draft due in a few days for your Creative Writing class, you’ll take what you can get.

Wanda emerges from your room, phone in hand and a grin lighting up her features. “Is there something you forgot to tell me?”


“Wear something comfortable tonight, but not white,” Wanda reads directly from your phone. “I’m so excited. Happy face.”

Your hands freeze over your keyboard, knowing exactly who that message is from without Wanda having to tell you. “Oh.”

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Poly Relationship w Reiner and Bertholdt headcanons. 🍓

Originally posted by sukerokus

A/N: This gif makes me WET. I’m such TRASH for these two and I have no shame. :))))

+ It started off with just constant flirting between the three
until one day Reiner noticed how Bertholdt was looking at you. His eyes dilated and filled with admiration and maybe even love.
+ It had been a late night and Reiner couldn’t sleep.
+ “Hey, Bertle? You awake?”
+ “Yeah, what’s going on?”
+ “You have feelings for (Name), don’t you?”
+ Silence.
+ “I know you like them too.”
+ “What about the mission?”
+ Ever since that night they agreed to let you choose between who you wanted to be with.
+ You on the other hand had feelings for the both of them and you just couldn’t choose.
+ As your feelings for them grew stronger you felt yourself pushing them away more and more everyday. It definitely didn’t go unnoticed by the two.
+ They figured that you found out about their feelings for you and you got scared away. But they just couldn’t let you go without hearing it from your mouth.
+ Reiner and Bertholdt talked to you late one night.
+ “Why are you pushing us away?”
+ Silence.
+ “(Name), please…”
+ “Because I love you both…and I can’t bear to choose.”
+ That night was the pivotal moment that started the relationship.
+ Not many people knew about it but they had suspected that either you and Bertholdt were dating or you and Reiner were dating but never a love triangle.
+ Its actually really funny because someone would catch you locking lips with Bertholdt then go tell Reiner about it like you were cheating on him. Vice versa.
+ “My boys.”
+ Being all pouty because you feel like don’t get enough attention from them on certain days. They say you’re spoiled, which you really are.
+ They protect you with their lives.
+ Bertholdt is the gentle one. Obviously.
+ Reiner is the rougher one. Obviously.
+ Sex is mind blowing.
+ Reiner is thicker but Bertholdt is longer. The perfect combination.
+ Favorite position is on top of Bertholdt while Reiner is taking your from behind.
+ Reiner gets all sulky when he doesn’t see you for a few hours and Bertholdt is like ‘reiner pls stop’
+ When you three sleep together Bertholdt ends up on the floor because of his awkward sleeping positions.
+ People asking questions 24/7
+ “What’s your relationship with Reiner?”
+ “Are you dating Bertholdt?”
+ “Are Reiner and Bertholdt, you know?”

// Feels ahead. Read at your own risk. //

+ They told you personally what their secret was.
+ At first you thought it was a joke so you laughed but you soon realized they were being dead serious.
+ A sudden wave of betrayal, anger and sadness came over you.
+ All you could do was sob.
+ “Why? What were you two thinking?!?”
+ Bertholdt looking down at his feel unable to make eye contact while Reiner stares at you in horror.
+ “Was this whole thing just a fucking joke? I gave you two every piece of me! I let you both in and-and-”
+ “Babe-”
+ “Don’t fucking call me that!”
+ You just remember telling them to never speak to you again.
+ You didn’t tell their secret but it ate you alive knowing that huge piece of information without telling anyone.
+ But you still loved them and you hated yourself for it.

What a loser

You’re confused.

You’re utterly confused right now, because the biggest bad boy in school is standing in front of you, asking to join the fake club you made when you were seven, and he looks like he’s serious.

“You want to join cool club?”

the weird bad boy doyoung au no one wanted but i wrote anyways. enjoy ^^

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im uncomf with the “bi women who prioritize women vs. bi women who prioritize men” shit for so many reasons and ive tried to put them into a coherent post for ages but i cant so here’s a list of Feelings i have about it

  • the only concrete definition of “bi woman who prioritizes women” that i’ve come across is “bi women who dates women primarily or exclusively (exclusively is better) and definitely is not dating a man at this exact moment in time”
  • and look:
  • if i was going to repress all attraction to all genders except for one i’d probably take the path of least resistance and “decide” to only act on my attraction to men because do you know how much easier my life would be if i “acted straight”? do you know how many people have implicitly or explicitly suggested i do so? do you know how many “gay celibate mormon” ~inspirational articles have been posted to my facebook feed since i came out? 
  • so like, if that were at all an option for me i think!!! i would’ve done it by now, i even heavily considered it at one point!!! but it feels like going back into the closet, like hiding part of yourself away so other people can ignore it. it’s incredibly damaging to my mental health, and that’s just when i’m attracted to women generally, if i actually fell for a specific woman and wanted to be with her?? it would kill me.
  • and people act like this is different because it’s coming from a different direction, it’s Radical but it’s the same thing, it’s just asking me to hide away a different part of myself because it happens to make you uncomfortable
  • its just political lesbianism by another name because bi women aren’t allowed to call themselves lesbians now but we’re still expected to act like them
  • and that’s the thing, the whole thing relies on the idea that your attraction is political, that who you date and sleep with and love is a political statement, and it’s not!! my entire life is not dictated by politics, i’m allowed to do things because i want to and not in service of The Cause. 
  • people act like asking us to “prioritize women” is so easy, like we’re boycotting men the same way we’d boycott a racist movie, instead of asking us to prioritize their politics over our own personal, intimate romantic and sexual desires
  • like i Get if you’re not attracted to men you think that that attraction is trivial (esp if you’ve experienced compulsory heteronormativity and were once convinced that you were attracted to men but realized that attraction was false) but it’s not, it’s as real and strong as my attraction to women
  • and you don’t have to understand that, you just have to respect it
  • the whole thing feels like some kind of violation, like a stranger walked into my home and demanded i started decorating differently, except it’s not my home, it’s my head and my heart but they’re so casual about it it’s like THEY think it’s my home, like an external representation of how i live my life instead of a very personal, intimate representation of my own thoughts and feelings
  • and ALSO i hate the idea that i need to “prioritize” women or men, that i need to frame my attraction in terms of social classes instead of in terms of individuals. 
  • if i date a man, and i prioritize him over random women i don’t know, i’m not prioritizing men over women, i am prioritizing a loved one over strangers???
  • similarly, if i date a woman, and i prioritize her over random men i don’t know, that’s not a political statement, that’s just…me being a human being and considering the feelings of someone i know and love over someone who has no connection to me?? oh my god
  • also what’s with the equation between prioritization and romantic relationships…the person im dating may or may not be more important to me than my platonic friends but if they are it’ll be because of my specific relationships with those people, not because romantic relationships are by default the most important relationships in any given person’s life
  • also what’s with the assumption that all bis are monogamous. if a bi woman is dating a man and a woman at the same time, what’s her status?? who is she prioritizing?? We Just Don’t Know
  • AND what about people who identify as neither a man nor a woman? what about people who identify as both? where does this leave us?
  • anyway my point is i don’t prioritize women over men OR men over women, i prioritize the people i know and love and my relationships with them over people i don’t know but happen to share a social class with. 
  • which goes back to the politicizing. you can prioritize certain groups in your activism (there’s cases where you shouldn’t, but like, it’s a thing that happens) but someone’s dating life isn’t activism and they’re not obligated to bring their activism into the bedroom. 
31 Days - Part 3

Originally posted by unicornrulerofnarnia

Table of Contents: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Reader

Genre: angst, fluff

Word Count: 2.5k

Summary: You come to Korea to visit your family after you graduate from college. Soon, you find yourself falling for a guy you meet online. There’s only one problem—you’re only in the country for thirty-one days.

You hadn’t seen Tae in a few days. You probably could’ve hung out with you sooner, but he had spent a couple days with his family, out in the country. You wanted to see him. You enjoyed talking to him and really wanted to become close friends with him. But part of you wanted more than that. You wanted to go on a date with him. You wanted to date him officially. But you were leaving Korea in about three weeks. You shook the thought out of your head. It was unrealistic for you to date Tae.

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Jeno - Ice Cream, Movies, and Kisses

Originally posted by mauloveskpop

Warnings: None

Type: Fluff

Requested by: Anon

Request: First time making out with Jeno

Authors Note: 

Hey, guys! I just wanted to take a moment to say that if you requested this, because there was more than one person that did, I am SO sorry for the insanely long wait. I tried writing this so many times and never felt happy with it. And though I’m still not very proud of it, I hope the end product is at least to your liking. 

ALSO, if anyone is planning to send me a request such as this but with a different artist, please only request for those that are at least 17 years of age (Which I believe Jeno is close to, if not already is). The reason I ask of this is because, as an 18 year old, I don’t feel comfortable writing something intimate about those who are much younger than me. Also, even though this isn’t smut and I already make it clear that I don’t write that type of stuff anyway, I in no way, shape, or form want anyone to think that I would ever be okay with the sexualization of minors. If you want to send me a request for people younger than 17 that’s fine! Just please keep your request appropriate for their age. 

P.S. I know this request isn’t sexual. I’m just making a point to mention this now because I’ve seen some relatively intimate and sexual requests going around for young members, particularly those in NCT Dream, Astro, and Seventeen, and I don’t want to see something like that in my inbox.

Now, with that being said, happy reading! :)




“Jeno…I’m bored.”

“Just 5 more minutes, Y/N.”

“You said that 30 minutes ago!”

“Just 5 more minutes and I promise I’ll be done, okay?”

You let out a huff, the side of your face unattractively smashed against your palm as you continued to lay on the floor of the SM practice room. You and Jeno had been at the studio for hours now and you felt like you were going to explode. When you decided to show up and bring him some food you had only meant to stay for an hour or so, but one way or another he convinced you to wait for him to finish so you could hang out. Yet, 3 hours later, you were still lying there with no end in sight.

“Jeno, you’ve practiced enough.” You encouraged, slowly making your way off your stomach and onto your feet. “You don’t want to practice to much and tire yourself out. It’s not good for you.”

“I’ll be fine, jagi-yah.” He reassured, his hands lifting into formation as he followed the heavy music in the background.

You let out a sigh, worry and concern heavy on your mind as you made your way closer to him. You looked at Jeno for a moment, your eyes traveling from his sweaty face to his fast moving figure. He was tired, exhausted even. He was pushing himself really hard for NCT Dreams comeback and you knew something bad was bound to happen if he continued like this. 

 “Please, Jeno.” You begged, your body now directly beside his as you placed a hand on his shoulder. “Let’s go watch a movie or something. You can come practice with the rest of the guys tomorrow.”

Jeno gave you a frustrated sigh and turned around quickly, his body stance in a slightly defensive position. You assumed he was going to yell at you or tell you to give him a few minutes again, so you planted your feet firmly on the ground as you readied yourself. But he didn’t. Instead, he looked at you longingly, his sweat drenched face shining brightly under the yellow lights above him. 

“Fine…” He gave in, his voice an obvious mixture of annoyed and relived. “Let’s go to the dorm so I can change.”

“Yay!” You squeaked, quickly leaning forward and excitedly pressing your lips to his. “We should stop at the ice cream place next to your dorm, too! It’s the perfect weather for it!”

Jeno cocked his head to the side, a small smile forming on his face as he noticed how excited you were. “I don’t know. Ice cream AND a movie? That’s asking a lot…” 

You looked at him in surprise, slightly taken aback by his statement. Your gaze met his, his eyes shining with an incredible playfulness that, no matter how long you’d known him, always managed to surprise you. 

“Are you seriously turning down ice cream?” You asked, mock seriousness lacing your voice.

“No.” He reassured playfully. “I’m just saying, what’s in it for me? I could be practicing right now, but instead I’m taking you out for ice cream and a movie? What makes you think you deserve that?”

“Well,” You giggled, “I brought you food, I waited here for 3 hours so we could hang out, and I gave you a kiss! I think I deserve it, don’t you?”

“A kiss!?” He asked, faking surprise. “Really!? I didn’t even notice!”

You laughed, your arms coming up and crossing in front of your chest. “Should I be offended?”

“No it’s just….hmm….I must have missed it.” He declared, his hand coming up to his chin in a stroking manner. 

You rolled your eyes, your boyfriends acting skills making the entire situation way to obvious. “Are you trying to imply that you want me to kiss you again?”

“I mean if you wa - “ He began, his sentence not even getting the chance to leave his mouth before your lips softly connected with his. 

Jeno let out a sharp gasp, the feeling of your lips randomly connecting with his catching him off guard. After a few seconds to get over his initial shock, he responded immediately, his hands quickly making their way down your arms and around your soft figure, holding you protectively. You leaned into him slightly, your heart beating fast and heavy as hot tingles trailed wherever his hands had touched, the feeling slowly traveling around your waist and up your spine as the small kiss you had initiated slowly turned into something a lot deeper.

Jeno smiled against you, the velvety skin pressing harder against yours as his tongue slowly grazed your bottom lip. You froze for a moment, your mind becoming foggy as you accustomed yourself to the new feeling. You and Jeno had been dating for a while, and you’d definitely kissed before, but this was new. The two of you had never truly made out before and you weren’t sure you really knew what you were doing.

Then, almost as if he had read your thoughts, Jeno pulled away, his right hand slowly leaving your waist and cupping your cheek. You let out a shaky breath, your eyes meeting his before the embarrassment of your inexperience slowly began to set in. Jeno stayed silent, his thumb gently tracing the outline of your jaw before he gave you a small peck, that kiss making your heart beat just as fast as anything the two of you had just done. Then, with a sweet smile and reassuring eyes, he slowly connected his lips with yours once again, your brain immediately clouding in a mixture of joy and nervousness.

Jeno let out a soft sigh, his long eyelashes lightly fluttering against your cheek as he continued to kiss you passionately. You unconsciously shuttered, the intense nervousness you had felt quickly fading as you remembered who you were with and how much you knew he cared about you.

Warmth took over your body, all your worries gone and forgotten as you finally began to fully invest yourself in the kiss. Jeno’s tongue grazed your bottom lip once again, his finger lightly tapping underneath your chin as he smiled against your lips, not attempting to take it further. You opened your mouth slowly, the tip of your tongue gently meeting his and instantly making your heart stop.

You kissed for another minute or so, the need for air finally setting in and forcing you to pull apart. Jeno looked into your eyes immediately, his lips forming a giant smile as his hand left your chin and made its way into your own.

“Right…well…uh…I’m not sure how we ended up kissing like that” He laughed, the playful tone from before still evident in his voice. 

“Yeah…” You blushed, your usual confident and playful attitude failing to show itself. “I….it….it just kinda…you know.”

Jeno laughed, his eyes sparkling brightly at your adorable state. He gave you another smile, his hand gripping yours tightly as he pulled you closer to him, his lips meeting the top of your head in a soft and innocent kiss.

“Now,” He stated, pulling you with him as he headed toward the door. “How about that ice cream?”