they were clearly talking about glee

Just my observation

I watched the video of Darren’s introduction speech when he gave Ryan the award. Two things jumped out at me. 1. He was stuttering. His tics were visible at times. He was trying too hard to be funny. Darren is usually very articulate. He’s clearly at home on a stage in a room full of people. We know he does this (verbal and physical tics) when he’s uncomfortable. It kind of shows how he feels about being around / working with Ryan again. 2. He made a joke about partying the hardest when w hair and makeup people. I immediately remembered the interview Chris did w Larry King (summer 2015, I think). Larry asked him who he still talks to from Glee. Chris said the hair and makeup people. Just another coincidence! 😏

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Can you please give the source of Jeremy recently hinting at klance I'm dying. Or at least maybe explain more of what's going on? I'm in the dark (though a source would make my day if that's not too much to ask for).

i got you fam.

so first of all let’s proceed in order. there’s this interview from a few days ago in which jeremy hints at lance possibly finding….some romance. it’s a vague answer and it really says anything, but then he also adds he wants to see more moments of keith and lance bromance and i’m eating that shit up like a bag of chips.

second, there’s this other interview on the afterbuzz voltron review show and jeremy was a guest and basically the hosts kinda….made him talk about ships (and it was cringy as hell also they were clearly sh///eith biased and tried to dismiss kl/ance but anyways! u can’t fight tru luv) and he said that they basically can explore sexualities bc of the network and are planning slow burn relationship. if you wanna see where exactly he’s talking about that it should be around min 33 something.

so this is what you missed on glee

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I can’t believe you’re supportive of noel fielding now. I kinda get your “acceptance” of ray and ryan’s behaviour since you’ve liked them a while and all, but seriously?? noel?? you realize hes kind of an ass, right? I mean, he mocks transgender women on that stupid show of his, and constantly makes a jokes about how feminine he looks. I thought you were a decent person, but clearly you’re supportive of hate and I have to unfollow you. Even though I’ve been with you since your glee days.

You’re—you’re disappointed? Oh good lord I’ve never laughed harder in my life. I’m sorry, anon, but you don’t have any means to be disappointed in me seeing as I likely have never had a conversation with you. You’re making judgements on my personality and what I do and do not ‘support’ based on a blog on the internet that means shit-all. Honestly.

But aside from that, I don’t know if you and I are talking about the same Noel Fielding here. We can’t be. Either he’s got an evil twin, or you haven’t watched any of his stuff. He’s probably one of the least offensive comedians I’ve ever come across—which is why I like him. I mean, I pretty sure his brain is filled with rainbows and candy. Maybe even all the wonder of children around the world. I’m assuming the ‘transgender woman’ you’re speaking of is Old Greg? Whom I’m almost certain was never meant to be seen as transgender? Also he’s half fish so… If there are any fish men who identify as male but happen to enjoy wearing skirts and have a vagina, I humbly apologize for any offense this has caused you.

Also I’m not sure what the problem with him making jokes about his femininity is offensive. I mean… he’s talking about himself? And it’s not like he’s dissing women. In fact, I think it’s as far from offensive as you can get seeing that his character never once got mad at being called a girl. In fact, in the last episode Vince seemed quite prideful of his ability to slip into both genders. Which is actually pretty awesome? Not to mention that Noel himself has said that he enjoys dressing up and wearing makeup and etc, despite other people’s opinions of it? That seems pretty accepting of other people who may like to do the same to me. 

In fact, I’ve yet to see anyone except you say anything bad about him. 

Honestly though, I love Noel and Julian and the rest of Boosh (and now Luxury Comedy) and I don’t frankly give a rats ass what you think. I don’t care how long you’ve been following me, you have no right to tell me what I should and should not enjoy watching so kindly fuck off.

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What's your favorite Klaine scene from season 5? :)

I mean there are so many and there are so many obvious one.  The engagement absolutely is my favorite. I honestly can say, this was the best engagement scene on television ever and one of the few things Glee got very right in the later seasons.

But one of the shortest scenes, also my favorite.  During the CHUMS dream sequence when we go this.  Weren’t we just talking about the no tongue “rule?” Clearly they were unaware:

Okay, serious talk here for a minute.

Let’s pretend for a moment Glee is a tv show that follows some sort of logic.

Why is Kurt getting a brick in the face? I’m completely serious here. The episode clearly isn’t about him. It seems like he doesn’t even have the B, but the C plot. 

I don’t believe anyone working on this show is so delusional to think they’ll ever get an Emmy nom again (if they were, this wouldn’t be the C plot), so why even do it?

Apparently we get lots of stuff with Rachel and some sort of Samcedes fest, with two Mercedes solos (one after the brick-to-face-incident), where they even filmed on location.

And let’s be real for a moment here… no one will care about anything in that episode except for the Kurt stuff, not (only) because Kurt is popular, but also because it’s something really dramatic and upsetting. Who (except shippers) even remembers or really talked about the almost-Finchel-wedding in On My Way? I forget it all the time and I don’t care about Karofsky one bit.
So the deck is stacked against most of the episode from the beginning anyway…
Like, they could probably have shifted most of the Samcedes stuff into the two episodes after and we’d likely never have noticed. The Rachel stuff likely too, but since Funny Girl is an ongoing story and not a plot that is just starting, it depends on what happens there.

Did the writer for the episode (was it Ian?) have free range, but had to include the bashing, while not really wanting to? I don’t get it.