they were chatting the whole time ;;

  • Also Marinette: *sends Chat Noir flying* look at him go
  • Someone: fuck you, and you, and you, and ESPECIALLY YOU! FUCK YOU ALL!! *slams door behind him*
  • Spain: what was that all about?
  • Germany: Romano's probably angry about something again.
  • Romano: what you say about me?
  • Spain: huh? If you were here this whole time, then who was yelling??
  • Germany: ... waait...
  • Romano: ... I fucking told ya Italy needed his usual morning coffee.

for me, i know a relationship is over when we’re not having fun any more. like, when it feels like a chore, when it feels like i’ve forgotten what it’s like to laugh or have a day without stress, then i know it’s done.

for example now, we’re working through things, but because we’re so open and honest about everything we can have these conversations about feelings a frustrations that don’t turn into arguments and still enjoy each other’s company. like this weekend after church i had a chat with his parents and i brought it up with him and we had this big chat where we agreed on somethings, and disagreed on somethings. the whole time, we were making homemade pizza and drinking wine and we ended the day with love and kisses and jokes and fun. the conversation was necessary, but so is the fun. it’s so important to not lose the fun.

Ladybug and Chat Noir redesign. This was my original LB design before my previous one that I kept to myself, thinking that the tails of her suit were far too impractical, as if Chat doesn’t have a dumb (read: cute af) belt tail that screams impracticality in a fight. So yeah. coat tails for LB. They kinda emulate ladybug wings?

Chat’s suit is sleeker and simpler, since it’s harder to resign something as complicated as his canon outfit without changing the whole thing entirely.

I just want a friend

I used to love school. I used to love going to school with my friends. Working hard in class. Participating. Playing. Hanging out. I used to love it all. But now it’s changed. I feel so alone. People say they are my friend. But why do I feel like I have none. You know. The other day they were talking about depression. And one said. “If they want to kill themselves they should do it properly. ” I think that’s when it started. I used to have depression. So you can feel how that would affect me. I slowly started noticing. How I was slightly left out. The one left behind. The one ignored. Uncared for. I broke down three times today. Disappeared for a whole hour. And. No one noticed. Or cared. Or asked about it. When I say something in a group chat it automatically dies. I’m so alone. I just want to be invisible now. I just want to stay at home. I don’t know what to do anymore. I feel like I’m suffocating. I don’t eat at school anymore. I just hide. But really. I just want a friend. Someone to rely on. To hug. That will accept me for me. That will be there for me. Is that so hard to ask….

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Things I would do as your girlfriend:
•Make you laugh when sad
•Make you food
•Nap with you whenever you want
•Be there for you when you’re going through hard times
•When you’re anxious, I’ll hold your hand and trace your hand with my thumb
•Let you steal my sweatshirt
•Tell you I love you every second of everyday
•Watch any movie with you (even if I’ve seen it because I’m most likely staring at you the whole time)
•Take you on cute dates
•Surprise you with your favorite candy, ice cream, flowers, etc. anything you like basically.
•Be the big spoon
•Or the little spoon whichever you want me to be
•Play video games with you but let you win (when you get mad bc I beat you 😉)
•Take pictures of you while you’re sleeping bc you’re just so cute
•Fall asleep on video chat with you every night that were away from each other.
•Make you cum many many times (sorry not sorry)
Anyways…The most important one…
Love you unconditionally and always support you in everything you do and never hurt you.
—  Just please do the same for me.

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You went to his concert???? Tell me everything

yes! i went to see Alien Tveit in concert last month and it was An Experience™. I actually had like hella good seats like we could see the weird ass pattern on his pants. He was amazing i mean i went in with pretty high expectations and he shattered them. he was such a nerd the whole time tho like he kept telling us little stories before he would sign a song and he really made you feel like you were just chatting with a friend and not a greek god, it was really fun bc he strutted around the stage and this bitch made eye contact with everyone he could- and im talking EYE CONTACT it was fantastic bc it happened to me multiple times and at one point it was when i was taking a snapchat vid of him. HIS VOICE THO LIKE WHO ALLOWED THAT TO HAPPEN I DEMAND ANSWERS AND I WANT THEM NOW. also his hair was great and when he was singing shake it off he dramatically ran this hands through it at the “and to the fella over there with the hella good hair” part like this bitch KNEW what he was doing wtf man i hate him. my fav part was when he tripped over a speaker that was on stage tho it was hilarious okay hes the worst. but yeah in conclusion, aaron kyle tveit is a menace and i want him stopped


So I had a project on the Muslim religion for school and I thought it would be cool to go one step beyond and actually get my info from someone professing the religion. I reached a Facebook page of the Muslim community in my city and in less than a week I met with Noman and his wife and had a great interview with him and then a lovely chat with her, they thought me and my boyfriend very quickly a lot about their religion, traditions and the place they had made here for other muslims and whoever wanted to learn about the religion, culture or Arabic language.
I’m not converted or anything, I still have strongly atheists beliefs (or disbeliefs?) but I was so amazed by the whole thing and how they were so friendly and so open about everything, I loved their teaching 100x times more than whatever catholic people has been trying to inculcate me for years 👌🏻
Here are pretty pictures of the Quran that they let me take for my presentation


so al @reneewvlkers​ and i were chatting about how much we love wymack and decided to make a wymack appreciation post of all his finest moments and for his character in general

he is described as such

“Clad in jean shorts and a faded tee, Wymack looked more like a garage band rocker than a university coach”

  • honestly what’s with these characters and jorts?
  • but he’s just a tired™ coach, he doesn’t have time to dress to impress (although his casual dress seems to surprise/impress neil) 

he is the whole reason the foxes get put together the way the do and stay together

“Coach Wymack was quiet for a minute. ‘Did you think I made the team the way it is because I thought it’d be a good publicity stunt? It’s about second chances, Neil. Second, third, fourth, whatever, as long as you get at least one more than what anyone else wanted to give you.’”

“‘I can take care of myself,’ Neil said.
‘Watch me beam with pride. It’s not your job to take care of yourself anymore. It’s your job to play, and mine and Abby’s to look after you. Get your priorities straight.’”

  • he takes care of the foxes like they never have been before
  • he becomes their
    • mentor
    • father figure (or actual father in kevin’s case)
    • emotional rock to lean on
    • protector from the media (he petitioned to not release neil’s name so he wouldn’t be forced into the spotlight)
  • on top of all of this, he is an inventive and good coach who comes up with new things to do on the court (the whole situation to switch renee off of goal when they’re down to only 2 strikers)
  • he is aware of everything happening with his team and discovers the thing brewing between andrew and neil before it’s anywhere closer to being on neil’s radar
  • which like, he is so observant, possible more than andrew, and knows everything going on with his team pretty much
  • he’s always first and foremost their coach, and it’s his responsibility to take care of his players
    • specifically when he finds out kevin is his son and takes on the attitude of
    • “why didn’t you tell me”
    • followed by “this won’t change anything, but i want an actual relationship with you”
    • it’s exactly what kevin needs because he was so worried it would interfere with exy 

he’s on level with neil in terms of comebacks and sassiness

“You get to take him shopping later this week,” Wymack said. “On your own time, not mine. I’m sick of seeing him in the same clothes over and over. Just let me know when you’re going and I’ll give you the p-card so we can expense it.”
Neil was mildly offended. “I have money.”
“Good for you.”

“There is no surviving worse driving than that idiot’s,” Wymack said. “There’s just open casket or closed.”
“Hey, hey,” Nicky said. “That’s not fair.”
“Life isn’t fair, tweedle-dumb. Get over it. What are you still doing here?”

  • honestly, he loves and cares for the foxes but doesn’t put up with their shit and is just as sassy to them as they are to him
  • of course he is their coach, but he acts more as a parent to petulant teens that challenge him at every step
    • he is the epitome of “i know best” as a parent except he does

overall, wymack is one of the best characters in the book because he founded the foxes in the way he did, is generally a great guy, and takes care of all of his players 100%

(feel free to add on with your own fav quotes and moments)

A Weekend in Paris

 Five months have passed since New Year’s Eve on the roof. The group of friends had been so happy since then. Farkle was overjoyed to be with Smackle again even if it was long distance. In a couple of days that distance would be no more. He would be in Australia with his beloved and they could pick up where they left off the day she had left for Australia. Video chats and late night phone calls were ok, but nothing could compare to the moment he would see her in person for the first time in months. Everyone had come with him to the airport and he was glad they did. He knew he would miss a lot while he was gone but would see them at the end of the year. They all had plans for the summer. Plans that didn’t really include the group as a whole. Maya and Josh would be spending the summer in Philly with his family. Zay and Sara would be staying in the city, as Zay was doing some summer theater and Sara was working. Riley and Lucas would be spending the summer in Texas and Lucas had some big plans for Riley. Lucas had mentioned his plans to Farkle and he couldn’t be happier for them. Riley was about to have a summer she would never forget.

As always I want to thank those that are always there to support me @sand1128, @zombeeegurl, Kayla, Courtney and @hiheyhowdyhi

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Chapter 1


Sunday, June 4, 2023 at the apartment of Lucas and Josh

Lucas and Riley were just returning to the apartment from the airport where they just said their goodbyes to Farkle. He was going to be in Australia with Smackle for the next 6 months. As a matter of fact, the whole group of friends would be gone for the entire summer. Riley and Lucas were due to fly out of La Guardia airport for Austin, Texas the next morning at 9 a.m. They would be spending the whole summer at Pappy Joe’s Ranch in Texas. Riley couldn’t wait to get away and have Lucas all to herself for the summer. She was helping Lucas finish his packing and they were going to have dinner with Maya, Josh, Zay and Sara upstairs at the Matthew’s apartment. Topanga had been cooking all day and wanted to send Riley and Lucas off with a small get together of friends and family.

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So a while ago people were talking about ‘liveaction tv show, actors!au’ and i love imagining blooper reels for animated things, so my twin sister and I came up with this silly thing. Now seemed an appropriate time to share with the recent liveaction movie announcement. 

Marinette’s actor would be a total jokester

My last night

I was in a party with my friends and when they started drinking I decided it is the perfect time to come out (I was sober). I simply said I will change my name in the group chat because I’m a guy. Two of them were confused because one of them knew it but she thought I wouldn’t come out, the other one only knew me as a guy and her first question was what is my real name? Someone told her and I got upset, after I explained the whole gender and sexuality thing and they were ok with it and the rest of the night they used my name instead of my birth name.

Alex Galchenyuk - Meet and Greets

hi! could you write an imagine about a montreal canadiens fan who finally meet her favorite player (alex galchenyuk) and from there, they kind of develop a feeling about each other and it keeps getting more and more intense?

It was going to be the best day of your life, you were sure. You were going to meet your favorite player, Alex Galchenuyk, today. Today! 

The whole day went on blur because you were so excited. You were making your way to the Centre Bell, but of course just today, the traffic was being terrible. You just and just made it on time for the Meet and Greet. 

Because you were there so late, the line wasn’t that long. You were just so happy you made it. Meeting him was great. He signed your jersey and the two of you had a really quick chat. 

You were one of the last people there, so it wasn’t that crowded when you left. Just as you were getting back to your car you heard somebody walk behind you. 

 "Hey Y/N, wasn’t that your name right?“ you hear a familiar voice say behind you. 

You turn around and there he is. Alex Galchenuyk, standing right next to you. 

"Umm hi what are you doing here?” you ask him. 

 "It’s just that you seemed really nice there, and uhh, would you like to get some coffee with me maybe some day?“ he mutters. Your heart almost comes out of your chest because you are so excited. 

 "Yeah, sure, do you want my number?" 

The two of you chat for a little while until he has to leave for practice. 

 It was the the first anniversary of you and Alex. He’s having a Meet and Greet today, just like the one where you met him. Of course, you’d have liked to have all to yourself for the whole day, but this gave you an opportunity to surprise him. 

You arrived to the Centre Bell just a few minutes before the Meet and Greet was ending, and settled to the back of the line. When the girl in front of you left after talking to Alex, you stepped right in front of him and covered his eyes. "Surprise!” you yelled at him while taking your hands off his eyes. He stood up and kissed you: “Happy anniversary Y/N”


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1 Year Yo

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It’s been 1 whole year:

This was the message that started it all. You were drunk in the bathtub and I was drunk at the bar, being an attention whore on Tumblr and you came in clutch and gaave me allll the attention I asked for and more. We were not instantaneous friends. It took us like. Three to four weeks to become daily speaking friends. And then we did! SUCH FineESSE. 

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And then I got super lit. AGAIN. And gave you my snap chat. Because I am a sloppy mess. And then the NEXT time we exchanged numbers. Then crossed that divide to insta and facebook and twitter. It was Wildt. 

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In the past year, you’ve helped me through so much. You are the single reason why I got through my first semester at my university. You have been one of my biggest supporters through quite a lot of changed I’ve gone through. I like to think I’ve been there through quite a few changes for you as well. I love you and am Blessed to have you in my life. I am a lucky lil bean. 

Message me and we can get real deepen. 

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Wasn't blarke in the zimbio poll? They didn't make it past one round, Clexa won the whole damn thing lol. And they wonder why they lose every time there's a head to head matchup.

hahaha yeah they were, but they are stalking the chat from hell instead of voting, no wonder they don’t get shit done.

“His hands reach up to cradle her still face, and he winces a little as he smears red on her pale cheeks. She’s so cold and unmoving, but the tears that fall from her are just as precious as they were the first time because it means she can feel him.”

check out @peachbunni‘s marionette au!! and this fic by @gigiree. the whole idea is just so hauntingly beautiful, im in love with it.

I Could Be A Leafs Fan pt. 2 (Day 1)

Mitchell Marner x Reader

Fandom: NHL

Warnings: None

POV: First Person/Reader’s

Summary: Mitch and the reader meet up for the first official time whilst Mitch still tries to convert the Pens fan

Author: Cymbelline

NOTE: Open for part 3 if requested!! This is part two to “I Could Be A Leafs Fan”

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It had been a few weeks after the Pittsburgh game, I had been chatting with Mitch nearly every day. It was surprising how quickly we clicked, how close we became in just a matter of time. No matter how busy Mitch was, he always made time to message me, even if it was something short like, “Hi, sorry I can’t chat, hope you’re well”, or whatever. My friends, of course, were somewhat skeptical about this whole ordeal, telling me I had to be careful with boys like him. Pfff. Boys like him. Just because he was Mitchell Marner, doesn’t mean he was a bad guy! 

Nice, quiet, Friday night, just chilling inside, minding my own business. Boom! Mitchell Marner is calling me. I paused the show I was currently binge watching and cleared my throat before answering. 

“Hello?” I asked, trying to sound as nonchalant as possible. 

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¾ of bts!hp au || hufflepuffs!kim taehyung and jung hoseok are the brightest, most beautiful boys of hogwarts, always seen with smiles on their faces! (which is why they’re known as the sunshine duo!) second year hoseok couldn’t find a seat on the train, and taehyung (who noticed the black haired boy with a ferret hidden inside his coat pocket looking distressed) happily invited hoseok to sit with him. the boy smiled at taehyung in gratitude to which he returned with a beautiful grin of his own. they ended up chatting about any thought that came to mind the whole way to hogwarts, and there was never a dull moment between the two. little hoseok listened to taehyung in awe as he spoke about the wonderful muggle world, quickly earning hoseok’s respect and newfound interest. taehyung learned more about hoseok’s parents who were both slytherins in their time but loved and adored the fact that their son was a hufflepuff. a random thought occured to taehyung as they neared the school - he needed to give hoseok a nickname! (because that was his tradition when he found a new friend). as they stepped off the train, taehyung concluded that hoseok’s nickname would be hobi because “it’s cute, it’s simple, so why not?” to which hobi simply smiled, shrugged, and said “well i’ll just call you tae, then.” and that was the start of tae and hobi’s friendship - one that was constantly admired and loved by all. if you ever need cheering up or any help at all, these two will be there in a heartbeat. and to anyone that discredits their kindness, they’ll have to put up with slytherins!yoongi and jimin for picking on their hufflepuff pals.

Class Journal 1

(note: I should probably make it clear that I’m not translating these library books in any specific order. I’m just being biased and doing the ones I’m most interested in first, while also trying to prioritize the ones most relevant to the established characters and most pertinent to the overall lore of the series. I do plan on translating as many of the books as I can, if not all of them, and at some point I will put some sort of masterpost together for easy access to everything.)

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