they were both mean to be sastiel but the second one looks like dean

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“Sam teaching Cas to be in a relationship. Cas didn’t know how to hug! Maybe he doesn’t know what holding hands is, and when Sam takes Cas’ hand in his (for no obvious reason, according to Cas), he is really confused and Sam just shakes his head and proceeds to (try and) explain.” (x)


They kissed for the first time two weeks and four days ago. Castiel would have known the hours and minutes too, but his new human mind can’t keep track of things like that as well. There are downsides to being human, but Sam makes up for them all. Castiel never understood humans’ insistence on so much touching, not until now. He spends all day looking forward to the next time Sam honors him with a kiss or a hug. He lives for the evenings when they curl up on the couch together, warmth rolling off Sam and curling around Cas like a blanket.

Today they’ve decided to try and start a tradition of daily walks, since the Bunker is underground they need their Vitamin D and they’ve been spending too many days cooped up in the library. They both get lost in reading easily. After tearing themselves away from their latest research they climbed up and out into a sunny spring day, deciding they’d just wander until they felt like heading back. Castiel points out a few birds in the trees, recognizing them by their calls. He hasn’t lost all his knowledge. Sam remembers the time he took a weekend hiking elective at Stanford and picked up a banana slug after a friend told him they were ‘cuddly.’ He didn’t get the slime off his hands for hours.

They’ve walked and talked perhaps ten minutes when Castiel feels Sam’s hand on his. He looks up, thinking maybe it’s a way to catch his attention for something. Sam is looking ahead though, and his fingers curl around Cas’ and stay there. Castiel’s own hand just hangs limp, and he looks down in confusion. After a moment Sam pauses and looks over, frowning. “No hand-holding yet?” His touch recedes and even if Cas didn’t understand it, he wants it back.

“Hand-holding?” He repeats, cocking his head and reaching out tentatively, trying to mimic Sam’s action. His fingers curl awkwardly around the taller man’s hand. “I don’t know how.” He admits softly, thinking of the time Sam hugged him and at first he just stood there, not sure how to respond until the man prompted him.

Sam laughs now, and everything’s okay if Sam’s laughing, because it’s a beautiful sound. “Here.” He stops walking and lifts their loosely linked hands, taking hold of Cas’ wrist with his free one and holding it up. “Spread your fingers.” The new human obeys, face a picture of concentration as if Sam is explaining a math problem instead of simple human contact. “Hands are made to link together, see?” The hunter slides his own fingers into the slots between Castiel’s and curls them down, squeezing gently. Cas mimics the action until his fingers are gently gripping the back of Sam’s hand. “Not so hard now, is it?” Sam chuckles again, dropping their hands to hang between them as he restarts their walk.

“No.” Castiel agrees thoughtfully, looking down at their now-linked hands swinging between them. “Not hard at all.”

They finish the walk still hand-in-hand. They enter the Bunker still hand-in-hand. Sam goes and gets a drink, and Cas follows him, still holding his hand. Eventually Sam gently disengages himself, explaining that he needs both appendages to make them some sandwiches for lunch. Castiel reluctantly drops the contact, missing the warmth of Sam’s touch immediately. Once they’re eating his hand steals across the table again.

It’s not hard at all. it’s so easy that he does it all the time after that, and he slowly learns other ways of touching Sam (and when and where they are appropriate, which was a lesson quickly enforced after Dean walked in on them in the kitchen and railed for an hour about ‘unsanitary surfaces’). Still, even after they begin to share a bed each night and he falls asleep with Sam curled against his back, the once-angel will often lace their fingers where Sam’s hand rests around his chest. He thinks linked fingers look like stitches, and he’s glad, because it means they are tied together in a way that can never be broken. A human forever is a second compared to what he used to know, but with Sam, it seems like it might be just enough.

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Ace sastiel coming out to each other?

I made this a high school AU. Because reasons. I’m sorry if this isn’t what you wanted. I’ll be more than happy to rewrite it.

Before Cas showed up, Sam had told Dean that this was something he needed to do alone. If this went south, he didn’t want an audience. If it went okay … well, Sam still didn’t want an audience.

That didn’t stop Dean from pressing his ear to the door. Sam didn’t mind, really, as long as he couldn’t see him.

Now he and Cas were sitting on the bed, facing each other. Sam was trembling and Cas looked about scared as he felt, which was understandable. No one wanted to get a call from their boyfriend saying, “I need to talk to you … alone.”

“Cas,” Sam started, his voice wavering but not breaking. “We’ve been together a long time, yeah?”

“A while, yes,” Cas agreed.

“And in all that time, you’ve never once made me uncomfortable or forced me into anything – ”

“I would never – ”

“I know,” Sam interrupted with a small smile, feeling a little more at ease. “And I love you for that. I mean, I love you for a lot of reasons, but that’s one of them.”

“I love you too,” Cas said softly, a smile in his eyes.

“I know. I know,” he repeated, decidedly more sombre the second time. “And that’s why I need to talk to you. You … you deserve to know.”

“Know what, Sam?” Cas asked when Sam didn’t continue immediately.

“I – I’m asexual. I don’t like sex. I mean, I’ve never actually had sex, and I’m sure I’d be willing to try if you wanted to, just … just don’t leave me over this. Please.” Sam wasn’t afraid to admit that he was practically begging. At this point in his life, Cas leaving him was the absolute worst thing he could imagine.

Cas took Sam’s hand in his own. “Sam, it’s okay. I’m not going to leave you.”


“I can’t even imagine it. I don’t care if you’re asexual, and I would never make you do anything you don’t want to. Truthfully, I … I’ve been starting to wonder if I’m asexual, myself.”

Sam leaned forward to rest his forehead against Cas’s, breathing easily for the first time since he decided he was going to come out. “I can help you figure that out. If you want.”

“Sam, I just said– ”

“No!” he laughed. “I meant, like, with research. I know there’s more than one kind of asexual, but I don’t really know what they are.”

“Okay,” Cas acquiesced, kissing the tip of Sam’s nose. It was just the first piece of Sam he could reach, really. Sam tilted his head for another one on his lips. “It can be a learning experience for both of us.”

Sam smiled wide, even as he shouted at Dean to go away.

“Whatever!” Dean yelled back. “You two are being gross anyway!”

Not even that could bring Sam down at the moment, because he knew Dean was almost as relieved as Sam was, and Sam was practically giddy with it,

QueerSamWeek: Day 2 - favourite queer relationship.

I have to say, as much as I enjoy wincest and sastiel, Sam/Brady has really captured my attention and my heart recently. But I also enjoy the idea of Brady introducing Sam to Jess while they were still together, and a polygamous relationship forming…

I mean, just imagine Sam’s kind-of-uncomfortable-but-mostly-nervous-and-really-secretly-interested attitude when Brady flirts with him in freshers week. At first Sam just thinks the guy is joking around and probably drunk. But then he whispers something in Sam’s ear about how hot he is, and Sam’s just left all flustered and not sure how he feels about it.

And then a few days later he bumps into him in the library, and they kind of awkwardly talk about the other day and Sam’s like “Yeah, I’m not really much of a party guy” and Brady says he isn’t too. And they really start to hit it off. And Brady thinks Sam is flirting, so he kisses him. And Sam is totally flustered and actually secretly really flattered, but super awkward and just mumbles something about how really sorry he is, but “I just don’t- I mean I’m not- you know, I’ve never - not that I wouldn’t ever, I just… I should go.” and Brady watches him leave, smiling with a cheeky, “That’s too bad… we could have been so great!”

Sam spending the next few weeks thinking about how that kiss; thinking about how he can’t stop thinking about the kiss. Wondering what it means for him. Wondering if he’s gay. Realising that maybe he’s into both men and women. Or maybe just this particular guy.

Oh shit… I’m into this guy.

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Can I send you a prompt? Don't find many Sastiel blogs out there. Ya know, if you want... Prompt: Sastiel. Cas moves in to the bunker to be near Sam, but Sam thinks it's to be with Dean since they have "a more profound bond". Sam goes to move out of the bunker to give them space even though he loves Cas.

Sastiel + perceived unrequitedness

Sam wants what’s best. He always has even if it means he doesn’t quite get what he wants in the end.

To be truthful with himself, he should have seen this coming. He should have known. Profound bonds and all that, they were iron clad. They were unbreakable. Unchangeable even when so many awful things had transpired. Dean and Castiel were… they were meant to be together, even though Sam didn’t quite understand how they fit together on most levels. Of course, that may have been his spite talking.

It wasn’t Dean or Castiel’s fault that they were in love. Hearts want what hearts want. Sam has been there. Well, not exactly there. He’s never had an angel love him. Not that any of them would or want to. He isn’t exactly righteous or clean. Pure. Not for that kind of attention. And Sam doesn’t really mind sitting this one out. He just feels like an idiot for the most part.

He should have seen this coming.

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I'm really mad at what J2 said in this con about destiel... have you SEEN the gifs of dean cas and how they look at each other?

Personally, I’m not mad at them… Because while Destiel is amazing, the actors have every right to not ship it.

Both Jared and Jensen spoke about how the show is /not/ about destiel. Jensen said he doesn’t play Dean for it, and Jared said it might ruin the plot.

Are either of them wrong? I’m not sure. You can say that Jared is wrong if you can see a way destiel can become canon without ruining the plot.

Personally, I don’t think they’re wrong. Jared, especially. The show was about two brothers hunting, and now it’s about Team Free Will hunting.

I really enjoy the Sastiel and Destiel moments we get. They can be interpreted as love OR friendship, and it’s nice to have it open to the viewer.

But as soon as we force one of those ships (like some ships were forced, and did ruin the plot) we have to keep in mind that it might seriously affect the plot in the future.

I mean, say Destiel became canon. I don’t think we’d go through all of s10 seeing demon dean kissing Cas. It just doesn’t work.

(Again, it’s my opinion. If you think otherwise, I’m not saying you’re wrong!)

As for the gifs of destiel, yes, some of them are very romantic looking.

But let’s not forget that you can take 0.2 seconds of the scene and elongate it into a gif so that the look they share lasts like 5x longer than it actually did in the show.

Still, I enjoy those gifs. But like I said, I would rather enjoy it on a fanon level than canon.

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could you write like a sam and cas scene (doesn't have to be shipping your choice) where sam has low self esteem and cas bringing him up somehow idk feel free to do whatever you want

AH okay! It’s hard for me to write Cas, but I’ll try! Also I’ve seen some REALLY cute Sastiel shit that I can, in no way, hang with, so I’ll keep this basically platonic. :)


“Sam, I want Gadreel to pay as much as you do.” Castiel shifted awkwardly and went on. “But nothing is worth losing you.” Sam’s eyes, fixated on the angel’s face, lit up. It wasn’t often someone other than Dean said anything like this to him. It rang different dressed in someone else’s voice, with someone else’s cadence. It made his heart flutter just a bit. “You know, being human, it didn’t just change my view of food. It changed my view of you. I mean, I can relate now to how you feel.” 

Sam snorted at the comment about food, then asked, “What are you talking about?” with a smirk on his face. 

“The only person who has screwed things up more consistently than you…is me.” The angel smiled his half smile at his friend. “And now I know what that guilt feels like. And I know what it— I know what it means to feel sorry, Sam. I am sorry.”

Cas watched as the smile on Sam’s face faded. So this wasn’t a speech about how he was worth it. It was just another reminder that he was a fuck up. The second biggest one in the universe, apparently.

Same song, different tune. Guess Dean doesn’t have to say it for it to come out the same way.

Sam felt slightly deflated. And stupid. Stupid for letting himself think, for a second, that someone would pay him a compliment without putting a qualifier on it. Nothing was worth letting him die because if he were gone, how could Cas live with his own mistakes? Just like Sam shouldn’t be allowed to die on his own terms, because without Sam, there is no Dean. But what did those things say about Sam, himself? Who is he, what is he worth, in reference to no one else but just himself? Is he anything more than the boy with the demon blood? Or the dumb kid who let Lucifer loose? Or Dean’s dumb kid brother who needs protecting?

Sam’s eyes fell for a moment while he thought of these things before he caught himself and smeared a smile back across his face so Cas wouldn’t notice how those words had actually hurt. But it was too late. The angel who wasn’t great at picking up on things had caught him.

“What is it, Sam?”

Sam rumpled is brow. “Uh, nothing, Cas. I know you’re sorry. You and I, we screwed up and we both get it.”

Castiel cocked his head to the side as though it was easier to see Sam at that angle, and he stepped closer to him, which was jarring to Sam because he wasn’t used to Cas getting so close in general. But the angel felt if he was physically close enough to Sam with his dissecting stare, he might actually be able to read Sam’s expression better. Something he had said had not set well with the Winchester and it started dawning on him what that might be. 

Cas stared for about a minute with Sam staring back awkwardly until Sam finally exclaimed, “What?”

“Something I said upset you.”

Sam shook his head. “No, it’s fine. I’m fine.”

“No. You’re not.” Castiel stepped to the other side to scrutinize the left part of Sam’s face now. Sam’s gaze followed him, his brow still knit up in confusion.

“I really am, and whatever you’re looking for is not written on my face!”

"But it is.” Cas squared up in front of Sam. “The lines on your face, the strain in your brow, the laugh lines in the corners of your eyes, and the way your smile is formed, pulling the sides up to collide with the pull of your nose, creating what humans call dimples —all of those things look different when you are actually fine and when you are pretending to be fine. These places” —Cas’ hands went up to Sam’s face, pointing at the parts he was referring, Sam’s eyes darting around to follow them, startled at the familiarity once again— “here, there, and there, looked genuine at first, then I said that part about screwing up and they were all altered. You tried, but your smile no longer looks authentic.”

Sam’s mouth kind of hung open for a second. “You notice stuff like that?” Sam couldn’t remember the last time someone had been that observant of him. Usually his ‘I’m fine’ face worked like a charm, at least with Dean.

Cas shrugged. “I’ve known you for a very long time.” He sighed. “I may have mispoke,” said the angel. “I was trying to relate to you, as I understand many humans do when having these heart-to-hearts. I’m not the best at it. But what I wanted it to sound like is that I understand why you feel like giving your life to help track down Gadreel to make up for losing Kevin. I, too, have felt like I needed penance to make up for my sins.”

Sam was nodding.

“You are truly good, Sam. What happened to Kevin was not your fault. I hope what I said did not, in some way, make you doubt this.”

“I know you were trying to relate, Cas.” Another smile that Cas did not buy appeared on Sam’s face. “I appreciate that.” Sam truly understood Castiel’s intention and appreciated the effort. He could cut him some slack. There was a learner’s curve after all, and Cas had only been a human for a few months.

“Your face is disingenuous again,” Castiel said, pointing a finger at Sam’s lips. 

Sam sighed exasperatedly.

“Sam,” Castiel’s voice dropped an ocave, signifying he was very serious. “Forget what I said before. Hear me now: you are the boy who believed in angels his whole life and when this one met you” —he pointed at himself— “he treated you badly, but your faith in me still remains. You are the boy who believed so much in free will and choice that you tried to use your powers for good, even when no one would believe in you. You are the boy who didn’t need a second thought to jump into the Cage and save the world, no matter what that cost you, and taught this angel to change his view of the strength in humanity. You are the boy who has trusted and forgiven me, even when my mistakes have taken from you the most. And there is nothing worth losing you, no matter how much you feel you may deserve it. I stand firm on my assessment that there is no one like you on this planet. I will not stand to lose you. Do you understand?”

Sam sat a little stunned as a deep burn stung his chest. He wasn’t sure of when the last time was that anyone had listed out things they admired him for and he was touched. His face showed it, too, and from the look on Castiel’s face, Sam’s expression had passed for ‘truly authentic.’

Sam nodded. 

“Good,” replied the angel. He clapped his hand on Sam’s shoulder with a smile. “Let’s put this syringe away then.”

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sastiel + shyness. uwu

Sastiel + Shyness

Sam can’t talk to a person who won’t stay in the room with him for more than thirty minutes especially when said person tends to zone out while looking at Sam and then blips away like Sam’s small talk has offended him. It’s frustrating every time they’re chatting lightly; Castiel will be attentive one minute and in the next, he’s staring at Sam and his eyes are wide and he disappears as if…

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