they were both each other's captains too


summary: in which barry allen alters the timeline and sets foot on a universe where his once best friend and first love is alive.


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“Y/N, you are late once again.” Captain Mendez noted when he saw you run towards your desk in hurry.

You smiled sheepishly, “I’m sorry, Captain, it’s just that the alarm –”

“– wasn’t working and you overslept, I know.” he finished, causing you to blush in embarrassment at his comment.

You worked as a Forensic Photographer for the Central City Police Department. You were actually very good at what you did, but the only problem was your punctuality. Though you did have reasonable excuses on why you always slept late, and it usually involved your work and investigations about it.

Captain Mendez handed you a folder, “Anyway, care to take these files to Mr. Allen? He claims he can’t find his copies.”

You grabbed it and furrowed your eyebrows. “Why would he lose important files? He usually keeps them organized.”

“That’s the same thing I’ve been wondering about. And you know, he also looked kinda lost.”

“What do you mean?” You asked.

The Captain shrugged, “He asked about a guy named ‘Singh’ and he looked genuinely surprised that I’m the captain. Might have had too many drinks last night.”

You chuckled. “Maybe.” you said, “Well, I’ll just go ahead and give these to him.”

He nodded. “Sure, you do that.”

You turned around and headed towards the stairs.

You and Barry had a healthy co-worker relationship. The both of you used to attend the same school when you were younger, and were even considered as best friends. But when the two of you grew older and attended different universities, you lost touch and became distant to one another. Nonetheless, once you saw each other again, even learning that you were going to be working in the same building, your friendship with Barry was easily restored.


It was surreal. This whole brand new world was absolutely surreal for Barry Allen.

The moment he was aware that he was in another timeline, he visited his mother and father. He talked to them until they grew tired and asked for sleep, oblivious to how Barry was close to tears the whole night he spent with them. And then the next day he visited CCPD where he coincidentally still worked at.

He was still getting used to the changes, like his lab seemed to be bigger and more advanced than his previous one. Barry found himself slowly falling in love with this new life he was living.

“Barry?” an unfamiliar voice pulled him away from his thoughts.

He looked at the doorway and saw someone he never expected to see again.

You were smiling at him, your soft [eye color] eyes meeting him in an instant. You still had your hair in the same style, and your features had matured from the last time Barry saw you. He couldn’t help but slightly let his jaw fall in shock.

You entered his lab, “Hey, Captain Mendez wanted me to give you this.” you dropped the folder in front of him.

Barry didn’t hide the fact that his eyes were travelling up and down your body. You noticed this and instead of growing uncomfortable, smirked.

“Allen, I know I’m hot but can’t you have some restraint?” you teased.

“Uh, what?” Barry broke away from his trance.

You raised an eyebrow. “The Captain was right, you do seem a little lost. Was last night a little bit too fun?” you continued with your teasing.

Barry stood up from his seat, “Y/N, is this really you?”

“Yes …  and you are starting to freak me out.” you answered.

“I’m sorry, it’s just that, I can’t believe that you’re here.” he admitted.

You were even more confused than ever by the way he was acting.

“Why wouldn’t I be?” you asked him.

Barry recalled the memory of your death in the original timeline. He could remember how painful it felt to lose another special person in his life once again, this time you, who were one of the reasons why he believed he could live a happy life after all even though his mother was gone and his father was in prison. But when you died due to a car crash, Barry’s world lost it’s meaning and he felt the exact pain and loneliness he felt when his mom died.

You tilted your head to the side when he still didn’t answer. “Barry, are you alright? You’re not on drugs or anything because that would get you into deep —”

Before you can even finish what you were saying, Barry pulled you in a hug. You were surprised at the affection he was showing you but nonetheless returned the gesture, awkwardly patting his back in the process.

“What’s this for?” you inquired.

But Barry didn’t answer, he just held you, and it didn’t seem like he was planning to let you go.

The Neighbors ( 3/?)

 Summary: You’ve been in New York for about 3 years now moving here looking for a new experience. You grew up in a small town with you parents and siblings, so your new experience was city life. You began working at a hospital doing patient records and a moved into a cute little apartment in a mostly safe neighborhood in Brooklyn. After being at the hospital for a few months, you were presented with an amazing offer to switch from patient records to shadowing nurses, you just had to take a few classes outside of work while you worked with them. Since then, your life in New York has been great. But will it stay that way once you meet your new neighbors across the hall?

Warnings : swearing, bad flirting.

Pairings: Sam Wilson x Reader, Bucky Barnes x Reader, eventual Steve Rogers x Reader


                                         Part 3 : The PJ Party

     After you shower and make yourself breakfast, you’re more than ready to pass the hell out. You crawl into your bed, pulling the blankets up to your chin and snuggling yourself further into them. You set an alarm for 6:45pm, making sure to give yourself enough time to get ready before going across the hall. As you lay back down, you can’t seem to stop thinking about tonight.

  What am I going to wear? Who the hell has pajama parties anymore? But Sam’s so sweet, like a little puppy. Should I wear what I have on right now?

You pull your blankets away so you can see your pajamas. You have on a pair of comfortable underwear that has flamingos all over them , and another giant band tee shirt.

I can’t wear this. I’ll look like a weirdo! Maybe I can dig out a pair of my old sleep shorts. Yeah, that sounds good.

After 15 more minutes of debating what to wear, you finally doze off.

   Beep Beep Beep

You go to hit the snooze button, but end up knocking the entire clock on the floor.

 "Son of a bitch!“ You roll yourself onto the floor to pick it up and place it back where it was. You’re still not completely awake, so you drag yourself to your bathroom and throw some cold water on your face. When you wake up a little more you start to get yourself ready to go to the guys. You fell asleep with your hair wet, so you try to tame the lions mane that your formed. You manage to smooth out your waves, so they don’t look as chaotic. Perfect start, now let’s find some pants.

 You rip through all of your drawers, looking for the pile of shorts you know you have somewhere. You finally find it in the last drawer. You drop the pile on your bed, picking each pair until you stumble across the winners.

  OH HELL YES.   You pick up a pair that you completely forgot about. They use to be your favorite before you opted for sleeping in just underwear. You slide the shorts on and switch out your band tee for a new shirt.

    You look in the mirror happy with your appearance.Your hair is down in somewhat tamed waves and you decide against makeup. You’re sporting black sleep shorts with a white stripe down the outside of your legs, and a white V-neck tshirt. The shirt wasn’t too baggy but it wasn’t too tight. You twist your body to get a better view of the back to make sure everything looks alright.

   Damn, did they always make my ass look like this…? You notice that the shorts cling on to the curve of your ass perfectly, but you can’t tell if they’re appropriate or not for tonight. You look at your clock to see how much time you have left. It’s already 7:50? How is that even possible? You decide to leave the shorts on, but you throw on some slipper boots, grab your phone and make your way across the hall.

 Before you knock on their door, you take a deep breath. Remember, they are just normal people. That occasionally save the world. And are hot. Super hot superheros. Damn it, Y/n! You make yourself blush, but knock on the door anyway.

  Sam answers and pulls you inside. You look around, noticing that all the boxes are gone and that it looks almost exactly like the setup of your apartment.

  "Well what do you think? I set everything up while those two slept last night.” You keep glancing around, noticing the décor and how awesome everything really looks. It was just a typical guy’s apartment, but it was really tidy. It was clean and simple. You love it.

“Sam it looks incredible! It’s so neat and organized,” you say as he leads you to the couch. When you look down at it, your eyes light up. It’s the biggest couch you’ve ever seen. The kind that people only see in the super expensive store. The cushions are  almost the size of a small bed and look so soft. Huh, must be from Stark.

You look at Sam before you dive onto the couch like a child. He lets out hearty laugh then follows your lead throwing himself down next to you.

“You know Y/n, you can’t have a pajama party without a fort…” Your eyes light up like a child’s on Christmas morning.

That’s it. He’s my new bestfriend.

“You’re totally right, Sam. You know what else? Candy, can’t have a pajama party without candy.”

You both just stare at each other before he speaks, “Did we just become best friends?” You both have the biggest, dorkiest smiles on your faces.

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“Yep!” Oh my God, he just quoted Step Brothers with me. Well played Wilson, well played.

               “Fucking finally someone to get my movie quotes! Those two still aren’t caught up to this time period, all my good reference go right over their heads,” he angrily confesses. You let out a snort and put your hand on his shoulder.

  “This is going to be a beautiful friendship, Sam Wilson.” He throws a fist into the air in celebration. Just then, Steve and Bucky walk through the doors with 4 boxes of pizza and a couple bottles of Pepsi.

When they see you, they both smile and say hello while they drop the items off at the counter.

Bucky gives you both a suspicious glance. “What did you two do? You look guilty.” Sam rolls his eyes, you laugh and shrug your shoulders.

“Nothing, yet.” You and Sam burst into a fit of giggles, and that causes Steve to laugh. Bucky just rolls his eyes as he walks over and sits down next to you, handing you a plate of pizza.You thank him, and watch as Steve brings Sam his. Sam picks a movie out of his very large movie collection and plays it without telling anyone what he chose.  Before you know it, the opening credits to Billy Madison starts playing, and you almost spit out your pizza.

  “THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST MOVIES,” you yell in excitement. Sam throws his hand up for a high-five, and you gladly give it to him.

  “At least someone likes my movie choices,” he exclaims. Both of his roommates roll their eyes and continue eating.

   “So Sam…fort time?” You ask, sending him an excited grin. He jumps up, ready to do it right that second. Bucky’s expression lights up too. I already love all of them.

“That’s what you two were plotting when we got here? Steve says. “No way! No forts! Buck and Sam can’t stand each other in normal spaces, I’m not dealing with them arguing over a fort.” You all huff in response to Steve’s parent-like attitude.

  You hear Sam mumble what you think is ‘Captain Buzzkill’. Bucky just flicks Steve off, earning him a glare. You laugh, noticing a smile on Steve’s lips as you do. All of a sudden, you feel a cool metal hand lay gently on your bare thigh. You look towards Bucky, raising your eyebrow. What is he doing?

“You know Doll, if you want to fool around in a fort we could always build one in my room. I could show you a few things, if you- “

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  Steve cuts him off by whipping a pillow at him. Bucky glares at him, sending you a wink. “The offers always open.” You roll your eyes, and he squeezes your thigh before removing his hand. Way to be discreet Barnes.

   Halfway through the movie, when everyone was full and finished eating, Bucky turns to you and asks, “So Y/n, have you always lived in New York?” The way he asks makes you think he already knows the answer. I bet anything they had Stark do a background check on me to make sure I’m not a stalker. Not surprising. You tell him about your hometown and the need for a change. As he keeps asking your questions, Sam and Steve join in. After Sam asks about your best friend, you decide it’s your turn.

“Woah woah woah, it’s my turn to ask guys!” They all nod in agreement, so you continue. “How long after you met me did it take for you guys to have Tony Stark run a background check on me?” They were all silent, until Bucky speaks up.

“Wow doll, you think we would have Stark do a background check on you? How cold.” You start to feel guilty and are about to apologize before he continues, “We had Natasha do it. If you want snooping done right, you’ve gotta have a spy do it.” He winks at you and you smack his arm.

“You ass! I almost felt bad about that!” He just chuckles and moves to his next question.

“So sweetheart, are you single?” Steve spits out his Pepsi, right at Sam, and Sam lets out a string of profanities.

“Jesus Buck, way to be subtle,” Steve mumbles. You can see a faint blush on his cheeks.

You let out a light laugh, “It’s okay Steve, I had a feeling it would be asked. And yes Bucky, I’m single. Are all of you?” You hold your breath, half wanting to hear Steve’s answer, half not wanting to know.

They all answer yes .Looks like the Universe is on my side for once.

    The night continues with random questions, some funny, some serious. By the time you all seem to run out of questions,  it’s about 4 a.m. In one night, you feel like they know you more than most people. You tell them about your family, past relationships, more about your best friend. It’s so easy to talk to them that everything just flows out. You also find out more about them than you could imagine. From their lives before the Avengers, to what they do in their spare time. You even unwillingly learned of Sam’s shit schedule, thanks to Bucky. When you go to leave the guys’ apartment, you hug them all goodbye. You notice Steve and Buckys hugs last a little longer than Sam’s does for you. You aren’t going to think too much into it though. Bucky offers to walk you to your door, which sends a laugh through you.

“Barnes, it’s literally 15 steps away.” He shrugs his shoulders, resting his hand on your lower back guiding you to the hall.

“I’m from the ‘40s, it’s the gentleman thing to do. Just humor me, doll.” You shiver at the nickname and a blush blooms across your features. You don’t miss the victorious smirk on his face.  if it was really part of the '40s charm, why Steve didn’t offer? Oh well. When you reach your door, you give him another hug, and turn to unlock it. When you turn back around, Bucky’s eyes are still lingering where your ass was just a minute ago. You clear your throat and cross your arms.

“My eyes are up here, Doll.” You smirk. Bucky blushes at being caught red-handed.

“Goodnight Y/n,” he says. You take that as your cue to step into your home. As you’re stepping away, Barnes lands a decent smack on your ass. You let out a yelp but by the time you turn around he’s already at his door and laughing.

Being a gentleman my ass. What the hell am I getting myself into?

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3 a.m.

“I’m sorry I can’t make it all better, Bucky. But I’m here now. I’ve got you,” Steve whispered. 

I’m actually really happy with how the colours turned out! While I was painting this I kept worrying that the colours were off and that this piece just wouldn’t work in colour, but luckily the “colour balance” adjustment layers in PSP fix everything.  ;)

In my first sketch for this they were both happy and content, but well, it’s Steve and Bucky… so yeah… in the next sketch they were both sobbing into each others shoulders. But that was too much, I decided, so now we have Bucky doing that “crying while scowling and looking angry” thing that Seb’s characters often do, and Steve just being there for Bucky, like a cuddly rock.

Spilled Secrets (Secrets)

Summary: After leaving your assassin life behind, you seek a new life to forget your past. Nick Fury brings you into the life of the Avengers, posing as Tony Stark’s personal assistant. But, what happens when your secret’s revealed?

Pairing: Avengers x Reader, (Eventual) Steve x Reader.

‘Secrets Masterlist’

Everybody was sitting in the conference room, speechless. After the events that unfolded, nobody wanted to go to bed, despite the massive amounts of cardio everyone just endured. 

“Are we going to address the elephant in the room?” Tony asked, looking at you. 

“Are you calling me fat, Stark?” you joked. 

“N-No, not at all,” he said nervously. You chuckled. 

“I’m just kidding.” 

Fury spoke. “As you know, Shadow isn’t dead. She’s been living under wraps for a few months under our care, as you can see.” The team looked at you and you shifted uncomfortably under their gaze. Natasha sat next to you and gaped. 

“I can’t believe it. You’ve been my hero for the longest time,” she said with a nervous laugh. You smiled. 

“That’s sweet, thank you. No need to be nervous around me, though.” 

“I still can’t wrap my head around it.”

“I think it’s time you all knew he truth,” you started. “I was Shadow. The HYDRA branch that took me as a child is long gone, but I’m still trying to adjust to the life Fury gave me. I’ve, uh, been Tony’s personal assistant ever since.” 

“I really can’t believe that,” Tony said. “This badass was hired as my personal assistant? Damn, I should’ve hired you as my body guard.” 

“Leaving that life behind is kind of the point.”

“If you don’t mind me asking, why’d you leave Shadow behind?” Steve asked. You looked at him and tried to detect the emotion on his face. He was calm and calculated, like a captain, but you could see his eyes held concern for you. Taking a deep breath, you explained. 

“My childhood consisted of training. I was convinced I was doing good in the world by killing all those people and stealing things. I kept telling myself that was I was doing wasn’t wrong. HYDRA gave me a compelling story and when you’ve been abandoned all your life and someone takes you in, you don’t really question what they say. When I wanted out, HYDRA forced me into continuing by brainwashing me. I don’t know how they did it. I’m not really sure I want to know. 

“But something broke inside of me. I guess it was when I tried to save this girl from a burning building, defying my commander’s orders. I broke then. I didn’t want to kill anyone and I didn’t want to harm people. I resisted the brainwashing and lived under cover for a while. 

“Then Fury found me. He offered me a brand new life at the tower if I agreed to work closely with you guys. Just in case anything happened to me.” You looked down at your hands. Truthfully, you had always been this shy girl around other people, but as an assassin, you kept up a facade that you held up for so long. In that conference room, you felt more vulnerable than you ever had in your lifetime. 

“I’m not proud of what I did,” you said, looking up to meet Steve’s eyes. “I never want to go back. I’m not that person anymore, I…,” you trailed off, not knowing what to say. Natasha gently put a hand on your shoulder and began to rub small and soothing circles. 

“I know, Y/N,” she said. She experienced something similar to what you went through and you relaxed under her touch. “You’re not that person anymore. You’re not what HYDRA wanted you to be.” 

“It’s really hard pretending I’m not Shadow,” you began. “Every footstep in the house feels like an intruder and every corner feels like it’s concealing something behind it.” Bucky looked at you and understood. Clint grabbed one of his arrows and toyed with it, a habit he had when he was nervous. You looked at him and smiled.

“Sorry. I know it’s a lot to take it.” 

“It’s okay, Y/N. Really, it is,” Wanda said. You allowed her to cross paths in your mind and she could hear your every thought. “You’re safe here, right guys?” Everyone nodded. 

“So I guess this means you’re no longer my personal assistant, right?”

Everyone went to sleep and Fury let them have the day off. Truthfully, the team didn’t go on a lot of missions. The Earth was safe (for now, at least), and the team picked up small jobs here and there. Earth’s Mightiest Heroes didn’t need to save the Earth to be considered heroes. 

You noticed that everyone tiptoed around you. They’d be so careful with what they say and they continuously tried to impress you when you sparred with them. Now that the cat was out of the bag, Fury begged you to train with the Avengers and teach them your skills. You figured there was no harm in trying to pass on your skills to people who actually did some good. You told yourself again and again that these people weren’t going to hurt you to keep yourself from staying in your room all day. 

It took some time for you to be comfortable with accepting the fact that you were Shadow. You had come so far, running so fast from the truth that ultimately, you fell hard when the truth hit you. You knew you’d have to face it one way or another, but you didn’t count on it hurting you so much. 

You wanted the team to become better at fighting. You wanted them to help other people in the way that you didn’t. It became a personal mission to you - helping others to make up for the time you spent sending terror to people who didn’t deserve it. You and Natasha had gotten along pretty well, having a similar backstory. Natasha gleamed whenever you two would spar or hang out because she was your number one fan. You saw her as a friend and as someone who understood why you ran. 

Steve and Bucky were in the common room with you. You were reading a book and Bucky and Steve were trying not to look at you. You felt their gazes, but tried to focus on your book. 

“Shit,” Bucky said under his breath. Your eyes looked up from the page. “I forgot I was supposed to help Sam oil up his wings.” Bucky stood up and jogged out, leaving you and Steve alone. 

Steve felt awkward. He was used to feeling relaxed around his teammates, but he couldn’t sit still around you. He couldn’t figure out how to sit comfortably nor did he know the right words to say, so he decided to shut up altogether. You were aware that Steve tried to avoid talking to you and you assumed it was because of the recently revealed secret you had been trying to hard to hide. 

He shifted in his seat and started at you. You sighed and closed the book. 

“Is there something I can help you with?” you asked. Steve looked at you and his eyes widened. 

“No, not really.” He avoided your eyes. 

“Are you scared of me?” 

“No, why would you think that?” 

“You don’t talk to me anymore. Well, we didn’t really talk in the first place, but we talked more than I talked to the others. Now, it’s just…,” you paused. “It’s just silence.” Steve didn’t know how to answer that. You were being so upfront with him and it scared him. You scared yourself. You forced yourself to be candid and not beat around the bush. You didn’t want your teammates to be scared of you and you didn’t want Steve pushing you away. 

“I just, well, I don’t really know how to handle this entire situation,” Steve said, waving his hands in the air. 

“You don’t have to live with it, I do.” Steve’s eyes softened when he noticed your small frown. 

“I know. I get that, I do. I’m afraid I might say something that’ll offend you or trigger you in some way.” You offered him a small smile and he returned.

“Thank you for thinking of me, but I don’t want you to feel like you have to tiptoe around me. Not you, especially not you. Please,” you pleaded. You looked at your hands again and played with your fingers. Steve felt horrible that you felt this way and shifted his body so that he was kneeling in front of you. 

“Hey, hey,” he said, coaxing you to look at him. Once your gazes met, he put his hand on yours and stroked your skin with his thumb. “I can’t say I know what you’re going through, but we’re all dealing with some demons from our past. Just take it one day at a time.” You nodded at him, soaking in every word he said. Steve hesitantly moved his hand to cup your face. Your cheeks flushed, but you didn’t care. It was nice being held. Steve didn’t know if he made you uncomfortable and was about to retract his hand until he felt you relaxing in his palm. He started to stroke your cheek and you closed your eyes, humming in approval. 

Steve looked at you. He could see you were tearing yourself apart, punishing yourself for doing more harm than good. But he also saw that you committed yourself to training the Avengers with the intention to help them prepare for anything they might face. For the first time, he saw how helpless you were. He had known you as being the quiet assistant who wasn’t afraid to talk back to Tony Stark when he needed to be put in his place. Then, he knew you as the most ruthless and feared assassin in the world, but now he saw you as someone who was trying to better themselves. He could relate to that. 

You opened your eyes and saw Steve looking at you. The corners of your lips tugged upwards into a small smile and Steve was happy to know he was the reason behind it. 

The both of you stared at each other. His blue yes looked straight into yours and you swore you could hear your own heart beating fast. This was so new to you. You never had time for relationships and being so close to Steve scared and excited you at the same time. 

Steve was the one who leaned in first. He was scared that you’d think he was taking advantage of you, but truth be told, he wanted to know what your lips felt like the moment you were hired as Tony’s personal assistant. 

You and Steve were only inches apart before Sam interrupted, yelling at Bucky.

“What the hell, man? I told you to let go after I jumped,” Sam said. You both pulled apart and were grateful Sam and Bucky were too busy looking at each other to notice the position you and Steve were just in.

“Jeez, I’m sorry! You should’ve made that clearer,” Bucky retorted. 

“I really don’t know how I could’ve been clearer,” Sam scoffed. He saw you on the couch and Steve standing next to you. “Oh, hey guys. Don’t mind us, Bucky’s just being overdramatic.” Bucky glared at Sam. 

“Me? How about you?” You looked and Steve and shared a laugh. For the first time, you felt like you were going to be okay.

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Fear Factor

PAIRING: reader x avengers 


WARNINGS: slight graphic description, implied jump scared and swearing. 

HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!!! Now this is based on something that happened to me. I experienced my first walk through horror house, it was the best/worst thing that has ever happened to me and the thought of our fearless hero’s going through what I experienced was something I could not write! I hope you enjoy and I hope you all have a spooky halloween!!!! 


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From the age of fifteen you could boast a plethora of jobs you have worked over the years. Some of the were mundane as a grocery clerk, and an office assistant. But there were others such as dog groomer and of course your annual weekend job of working in a Haunted Horror walkthrough. The weekend of Halloween was by far your favorite time to work, who else could stay they had made grown men fold like a pack of cards just by your scream. You had worked that job for many years, mostly at circuses and fairground attractions; it was there you made the acquaintance of a certain archer.

It was Clint who had contacted you, your secret martial arts training and ability to slip into any role was the perfect biases of becoming a shield agent, and the rest they say was history. You had worked closely with the Avengers over the past few years forcing to give up your yearly job of scaring the living hell out of people. But this year was different, you had gotten an email from your old boss telling you that the festival was due to hit New York on Halloween weekend, she had also offered you as many tickets as you needed seeing as you were her favorite actor.

“Please guy, it will be fun I promise” you pouted looking around at your teammates. They all looked at you with a level of trepidation

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Captain of the Guard

Lafayette x reader

“Your highness? The princes have started to arrive,” your maid informed you as you sat in your favorite chair, reading your favorite book.

You groaned under your breath. You were dreading this day, the day that you would have to meet all of these spoiled rotten princes so that you could marry one that would help you rule your country.

“Thank you Emily,” you said as you closed your book and went over to the window.

She nodded.

“Also, the Captain of the Guard would like to have a word with you before the ball,” she told you.

You smirked.

“Of course. Bring him to my receiving room.”

She nodded and bowed, leaving the room to go get the Captain.

As soon as she closed the doors you jumped into action, pulling your hair up and putting on a special necklace.

Then you walked to the receiving room and waited for your captain to come and join you.

“Good afternoon, your highness,” Captain Lafayette said as he entered the room.

He fell to one knee in front of you and kissed your hand.

“Good afternoon Captain. I was told there was something that you wished to speak with me about?” you smirked.

He glanced behind him, making sure that no one else was in the room before he picked you up in his arms and spun you around.

He set you down and placed a deep kiss on your lips.

You kissed back feverishly, needing him against you. It was like you had been starved these past few days after not seeing him.

It sucked that you couldn’t just be together whenever you wanted. You just had to run around and hide it.

“Hmmm, I’ve missed you my love,” Lafayette said as he sat down with you on his lap.

“I’ve missed you too Captain,” you replied.

He kissed you again and then nuzzled his face into your hair.

You hummed and stroked his cheek. He looked tired. Though you probably did too.

“I’m not ready for this day,” he said.

You smiled sadly. Neither one of you were ready for this.

“I don’t want to see any other man touching you,” he growled, holding you tighter to him.

“I don’t want any other man to touch me,” you responded.

You both sat there in silence after that, just enjoying each other’s presence.

“Even though I have to marry someone else Laf,” you whispered. “You will always be the only person that I love with my whole heart. You are my everything.”

He looked into your beautiful eyes, staring deep within you. It made you feel giddy inside.

“I will always love you too Y/N. With my very soul.”

A small kiss graced your lips.

“I will love, serve, and protect you…

My queen.”

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“Total Opposites” - Peter Parker x TwinSister!Reader

Word Count: 1,322

Warnings: Some swearing, fighting, betrayal (yikes)

Request: Hey Doll! I was wondering if you could do an imagine where the reader is Peters (Tom Holland one) younger sister and you have some sort of power(you can choose!) and you end up getting dragged into the Civil War airplane fight scene and you’re on Iron Mans team obviously but then maybe you end up switching to Caps team which makes Peter feel betrayed? Thank you, love! ❤️❤️

Author’s Note: Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t posted a lot lately, Jadyn has been procrastinating too much. But she’s working now and I hope you guys like this one! 

*if you spot the how i met your mother reference, please message me cause you’re awesome ;p*


“I can’t go to Germany.”


“I-I got homework”

“Oh my god.”

“Peter what the hell,” you sigh. “I’m so sorry, please excuse me and the idiot also known as my twin,” you said to Tony, pulling Peter into the corner of his room. You smacked the back of his head.


“What do you think you are doing!” You whisper yelled. “Tony friggin Stark is asking YOU,” you poked his chest, “to go to Germany with him! Why are hesitating?” Peter looked down.

“I know what you are gonna say… ‘You are such a McFreakin idiot’,” he mocked, imitating exactly how you said it less than an hour ago. “But I just-”

“You just what?”

“I can’t leave you here. I don’t wanna leave you here,” Peter explained, putting his hands on your shoulders. You put your hand on his cheek.

“Listen, buddy, you know I love you. But you gotta go with Tony. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I don’t know if I could let you miss out on it because of me.” You hugged Peter, squeezing him tight. “I’ll be here when you get back, I promise,” You whispered in his ear before pulling away from him. “Now get your ass over there and tell Mr. Stark you are taking his offer,” you demanded with a giant smile on your face. Peter smiled back and walked back over to Tony, who was admiring the web slingers.

“Man, you two are total opposites.” Tony laughed.


“Okay, what?”

“I’ll go with you to Germany. But on one condition.”

“Kid, I can’t do much. I mean the most I can do is upgrade your onesie. But, humor me,” Tony commented, crossing his arms.

“(Y/n) comes, too.” Your eyes flew wide open.

“Come again for big fudge?” you asked. Peter really was a McFucking idiot in your eyes.

“I can’t leave her here, she’s my sister and I think she could help too.” Tony stared at Peter for a second, then looked at you. Then back at Peter again.  

“What can you do?” Tony asked. Peter glared at you.

“Just tell him (Y/n), we can trust him,” Peter thought.

“I will kill you if you are wrong,” you said out loud. Tony gave you a confused look, wondering what just happened.

“I can sorta… I have the ability to teleport anywhere in my eyesight.” Tony’s face lit up like a Christmas tree. “And since me and Pete are twins, I can communicate with him telepathically. But that’s not important-”

“Can you fight?” Tony questioned, making you laugh.

“Who do you think taught Spiderboy over here how to fight?” Peter blushed at your comment.

“Alright then, Spiderling. Your twin comes too.”


*later, hiding in the airport in Germany*


“Yeah, (Y/n)?”

“I’m scared.”

“Wow, I didn’t think you could ever be scared.”

“And you wonder why I never tell you my feelings.”

“I always find out in the end… you know, cause of my spidey senses.”

“You and your damn ‘spidey senses’.”

Of course, you and Peter were going to have a small fight at a time like this. You were waiting for Tony to give you guys the signal to come out, and you couldn’t have been more nervous. But Peter was nervous too. And when you both were nervous, you two tended to bicker to each other about random little things.


You and Peter looked at each other in sync.

“Good luck. You’re gonna need it.” You nudged his shoulder and smirked. He scoffed.

“See you out there.” Peter winked and left. You waited until you saw him take Steve’s shield and then teleported over next to Peter. “Oh my god that’s Captain America… Is this really happening?” you thought to Peter.

“Shit… but remember Mr. Stark said he’s dangerous,” Peter thought to you.

You glanced at everyone on Team Cap, nervously waved and mouthed “I love you all so much.”  You didn’t know if you were going to last long against the Avengers. Sure, you taught Peter how to fight and went out with him when he needed back up. But these were the Avengers, not your average criminals that didn’t know their left from their right. As Tony and Steve started talking, your heart pounded faster and faster. You listened to their conversation, and it made you realize: you didn’t know what the whole story was. You knew Tony needed help, and all Tony said was that “Captain America is dangerous”. But when you looked at Peter, standing strong in his upgraded onesie, you knew that you were on the right side. Well, you hoped you were…


When the fight started, you immediately teleported inside the airport and hid. You waited until you saw someone from the other team run in. A couple minutes later, you saw Bucky, Falcon and Hawkeye run into the building. You teleported a couple yards in front of them, and they stopped running when they got closer to you. Hawkeye turned to Falcon and Bucky and whispered, “I’ll stall this one, you two go. I got this.” Falcon and Bucky ran past you, and you turned to Hawkeye and got into a fighting stance. He put his hands up, slowly walking towards you.

“Look, kid, I don’t want to hurt y…”

Before he could finish his sentence, you teleported behind him and pinned him down onto the ground. It was a struggle keeping him down, and then all of the sudden you blinked and you were on the cold, hard floor. You tried getting up but Clint held you down.

“Kid listen to me! Do you know what you got yourself into?!” You pushed him off of you and jumped up onto your feet. You threw a few punches and teleported behind him to piss him off.  Clint turned around and put his hands up.

“I just wanna talk to you. So could you listen for a few seconds?”

“Shouldn’t you be trying to fight me?” you asked, confused.

“I have a daughter, and you already remind me of her. So just listen… okay?” You put your fists down and relaxed.

“Let me just ask you something: do you know what you are fighting for?” You stared at him for a few seconds, thinking about what Tony said.

“Honestly… I’m not completely sure,” you answered. “I’ve been contemplating whether or not I am doing what is right, and I don’t know why I’m here. I don’t know the whole story.”

“Let me sum it up for you: Tony signed the Accords, which allows the government to control the Avenger’s actions. We wouldn’t be allowed to go save anyone without their permission. Cap disagreed, and now he is fighting for the Avenger’s freedom,” Clint explained. “What do you believe is right?”

And then it hit you. You had to switch sides, even if it meant hurting Peter. You had to do what was right.  

“How can I help?”


*later on during the fight, you spot Peter*

“(Y/n)! What are you doing?!” Peter yelled as you stopped him from going after Wanda.

“I can’t let you do this, Pete.”  You saw his heart break, you actually felt it. “How could you…” he thought.

“I’m so sorry, but we are on the wrong side! Cap is right, come on Pete you gotta admit it. We didn’t know a lot of what was going on before we joined Tony!”

“I gotta impress Mr. Stark, (Y/n). I owe him that much,” Peter said.

“I can’t fight you, we are supposed to stay together until the end. We were born together, we stay together.”

“I’m sorry. But I can’t let down Mr. Stark.”

You sighed. It hurt knowing that your twin brother, the person you thought would always have your back, chose someone over you. Sure, he chose Tony Stark over you. But it still hurt.

“I love you, bro.”

“I love you too, sis.




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ask-showlover  asked:

why is it considered bad for a low-ranked guy to hang out with someone high-ranked?

You can see a longer answer I gave about fraternization a while back, but I can go into some more detail here as well!

The biggest issue the army has with different ranks hanging out is that it may indirectly or directly affect how soldiers are treated. Ideally, everyone should be treated equally under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. All soldiers have a superior to whom they answer. Punitive and rewarding actions should be based on the merit of the soldier, not the relationship between a soldier and their superior.

But if you’ve got a PFC getting buddy-buddy with their sergeant, maybe they get an early waiver for specialist, maybe they get a cushy admin job so they can hang out with the sergeant instead of working with all the other privates, and maybe that is based on their own merits or maybe the sergeant is just keen on the private. There’s no way to know for sure unless the army forbids the sergeant and the PFC from being buddy-buddy in the first place. 

This is often why you see a lot of soldiers getting a transfer shortly after a major promotion. A promotion from PFC to specialist isn’t that big a deal, but when you get from specialist to sergeant, suddenly you’re in charge of a bunch of lower-enlisted who used to be your buddies, and now you might start showing them favoritism or they might not properly respect you because they still see you as a peer. Thus, the army moves you to another platoon, company, or even battalion. Now all your new soldiers know about you is that you’re a sergeant, and they should treat you like one.

Of course, there’s always the alternate route of a superior being vindictive toward their subordinates. It’s pretty shitty for a rival peer to be promoted over you and for the bad blood between you to cause them to abuse their power.

While it is inappropriate for someone with a high rank to hang out with someone who’s a low rank no matter what the circumstances, or for an officer to hang out with NCOs, it’s not always strictly enforced between soldiers who are in completely different chain of commands to the point where they couldn’t possibly have any influence on each other.

Let’s take Fort Bliss as an example. Fort Bliss is a massive army post, the second largest we have, and as such it’s home to a number of unrelated units. 

Say you’ve got a captain from 2-43 ADA and a sergeant from 5-52 ADA. At first glance, they look dissimilar enough. They’re different units under different command and they may never even see each other. But they both fall under 11th Brigade, making them a little too close to have an interpersonal relationship. If the captain were promoted to major and then worked as a supply officer in 11th brigade, well, now all of a sudden the sergeant has a buddy at 11th who’s got some strings to pull. 

Contrast this if to a captain from 2-43 ADA and a sergeant from 2-13 CAV. The first one’s in Air Defense and the second one’s in 1st Armor Division. They’re two completely different parts of the army. They have almost nothing in common except that they’re both stationed at Fort Bliss. There’s almost no way the relationship could become leverage for the sergeant or become such that the captain can abuse their powder.

The reason it’s still inappropriate for them to fraternize even despite their vast differences is mostly just for the sake of appearances. As a soldier, we are representative of the army at all times. That’s why we aren’t supposed to grow our beards out on leave or wear off-the-wall clothing in public. People who know we’re soldiers see us doing that and think, “Huh, is that how the army acts nowadays?” So when people see a captain being friendly with a sergeant, they might get the wrong idea about how the chain of command is run. 

Naturally, a lot of people find this a silly reason to prevent people from being friends, so this is where you get into “technically not allowed but it depends on who cares” kind of scenario. 


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To Have and Have Not Part 1/11

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Warnings: Swearing

Pairing: Chris x Reader, Seb x Reader

Y/N - Your name

A/N: Reader is Seb’s best friend and comes to Atlanta to help him through a rough time. On the way there she meets Chris Evans and they instantly hit off. Seb quickly sees what he has been missing.

BE NICE!! I have only ever written one other story about Seb and this is my first Chris story. Also their real life girlfriends don’t exist in this story so there are no hidden feelings or opinions about their current relationship status’.
Feedback is always appreciated.

Here you go @viophelia just because I love you so much!!!

Part 1 II Part 2 II Part 3 II Part 4 II Part 5 II Part 6 II Part 7 II Part 8 II Part 9 II Part 10 II Part 11

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Pairing(s): Peter Parker x reader, Natasha Romanoff x teen sister!reader

Summary: This “Civil War” business is complicated enough for you, a Romanoff with powers over electricity. Throw a cute boy on the enemy’s side into the mix, and you’ve got one of the most ridiculous battles you’ve ever fought on your hands

Warnings: Violence, swearing

A/N:  I’ve written part 2 already, I’ll post it tomorrow or the day after, let me know if you’d like to be tagged :)

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pls don’t reblog pLS give me more m/m plots i’m begging you 

  • ‘so you’re the new kid in school wait why are you so cocky and arrogant don’t you know i’m the king of this school wait all of my worshipers love you this is not happening stop taking my popularity i hate you also you’re hot shit did we kiss omfg-’ 
  • ‘so i wanted to apply for a job and oh shit you’re the ceo of course i remember you from high school i used to date your sister and tease you for being gay also by the way i’m gay too now yeah you’re no longer the nerdy shy guy???? also you’re hella hot in a business suit shit i want you’ 
  • ‘listen i know you’re getting married to a woman but i’ve been your best friend for years and i love you pls love me back shit you left her at the altar bc you were unsure??? time for me to lay my traps on you ahaha’ 
  • ‘listen i’m the basketball team captain and the most popular kid in all of school and you’re get straight a’s and you’re in fucking debate team, elocution team, mathaletes andfuck why are you so smart and you’re pretty popular too but we hate each other mainly because you hate basketball and we’re both sarcastic as fuck who thought it was a good idea to make-out????’ 
like this or hmu pls i’m crying-
Who is She? (Part 3)

Series: Star Trek

Character: Leonard “Bones” McCoy

Warnings: none??

Summery: After one blissful night, your secret relationship with the Enterprises CMO is at risk of becoming public knowledge.

A/N: Honestly, when I start this fic, it was going in a whole other direction. But I mean, I like how it turned out. Glad y’all liked it!!

Part 1 Part 2

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Yo why aint there ever been a Daredevil animated series? That shit would be so dope

There have been two different ‘Daredevil’ animated series in production over the years. The most recent was meant to air on FOX Kids in 2002 but FOX pushed back the release to coincide with their ‘Daredevil’ movie. Then that movie bombed so the animated series was shelved.

There have been several other Marvel series in production over the years too that were never released. Animated ‘Captain America’ and ‘Thor’ series were both developed, with 26 episodes planned for each, and they were meant to be released to coincide with the MCU movie releases but Marvel just never released them for unknown reasons.

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Prompt: “If you walk out that door…don’t you ever come back”
Word Count: 1288
Warnings: Break up, fighting, so much angst
Author’s Note: This is for a prompt challenge by @trekken81

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And we are at Day 3: Shy/ Bold of @daisugaweek2017! This one is kind of a short, lazy one for me. Sorry guys. I went into it with absolute no idea what I was writing so…

Moving on. I hope you enjoy it anyway. Happy day three.

“Has there ever been something you’ve wanted to do but just… couldn’t?”

Sugawara lowered his beer from his lips, “Triple back flip.”

“No… not like that,” Asahi sighed. He glanced to Shimizu where she sat to his left. “You know what I’m talking about, right?”


“No!” Asahi let out a sigh. “I don’t mean like… physically. I mean… was there ever something you wanted to do… but felt like you couldn’t because… because you were too scared or because society would frown on it?”

“Kill a man,” Sugawara said in a low voice.

“Forget it,” Asahi grumbled and lifted his beer to his lips. “Forget I asked.”

Sugawara smiled and leaned his chin in the palm of his hand. His eyes drifted across the bar to where Daichi stood, ordering another round for the table. He leaned his elbows on the counter and chatted cheerfully with the bartender, who laughed at something he said as she filled a pitcher with beer.

He was by no means dressed for flirting, wearing his wrinkled university track suit, hair tousled in messy rows on his head from dragging his fingers through it when it was still slick with sweat.

He was a complete bedraggled mess. 

But he was talking. And he was smiling.

And the bartender was definitely falling for his easy charm.

Who wouldn’t?

Sugawara wrapped his hand around his beer and tapped the glass silently.

“How did your exams go?” Shimizu drew his attention. “You were worried about chemistry, weren’t you?”

He straightened and flashed her a bright smile, “Piece of cake! Totally aced it.”

“Ehh…” Asahi pursed his lips. “I heard the chemistry program at your university is really hard.”

“Nothing I can’t handle,” Sugawara smirked.

“Says the guy that called me up every night for the past two weeks to cry about how I’m totally gonna fail it this time, Daichi. I’ll have to drop out and be a prostitute, selling my ass on the streets of Kabukichou!” Daichi set the pitcher of beer down on the table and took his chair next to Sugawara’s.

Sugawara pouted and punched him on the arm, “Traitor!”

Daichi laughed and filled Sugawara’s glass to the brim, “It all worked out in the end anyway, right?”

“No thanks to you,” Sugawara grumbled.

“What was I supposed to do, run to your dorm and help you study?” Daichi rolled his eyes. “This isn’t high school anymore, Suga.”

I know.

Sugawara stared down into his beer.

Oh. I know.

Sugawara was all too aware that they were no longer in high school. In high school, he saw these faces every single day. At practice, in class, passing by in the halls, sitting across from him at the cafeteria…

Now he was lucky if he saw them a few times a month for their weekly drinking night. 

He was fortunate to have these few hours each week to catch-up with his best friends. Most classmates split up and never saw each other again after high school.

Sugawara was really fortunate.


“How’s the store, Asahi?” Daichi asked, leaning back in his chair. “Did you resolve that robbery business from the other day?”

“What? A robbery?” Shimizu’s eyebrows lifted. “You didn’t tell me about this.”

“Ah… it’s not a big deal,” Asahi scratched the back of his head. “Turns out it was a misunderstanding…”

Sugawara leaned his cheek in the palm of his hand. He really was fortunate. Because even though their schedules were different now, and they lived further away, and they went to different schools and had different friends and responsibilities… Sugawara was still able to see these people that had once been the entirety of his small world.

He was really fortunate. Even if things weren’t the same. They didn’t study together anymore. They didn’t play volleyball on the same team anymore. They weren’t the same setter, spiker, and receiver trio anymore. Asahi wasn’t the ace and Shimizu wasn’t the manager. Daichi wasn’t the captain and Sugawara wasn’t his vice.

Daichi and Sugawara didn’t walk home from school together anymore.

They didn’t buy each other treats at Sakanoshita and claim it was for “future favors” that they never ended up cashing in.

They didn’t catch each other staring at one another in class and then tease endlessly about it later that day, both too embarrassed to really address why… just why their eyes were so magnetic.

They didn’t do a lot of the things that Sugawara had once looked forward to every single morning.

But they were still friends.

They were still here together, laughing and drinking and existing in one another’s lives.

Even if it wasn’t the same.

Has there ever been something you’ve wanted to do but just… couldn’t?

Sugawara wanted to go back to high school.

He wanted to go back in time.

He wanted to play volleyball for Karasuno one more time.

His gaze drifted sideways and met Daichi’s, already staring. Daichi’s Adam’s apple bobbed and he looked away.

Was there ever something you wanted to do, but felt like you couldn’t because you were too scared?

Sugawara wanted to take back what he once had.

No… he wanted to create something new.

Something that he had been too scared to create back in high school.

He wanted to be bold.

Sugawara reached out with one hand and grabbed the back of Daichi’s neck. He pulled him forward and pressed his lips softly to his, eyes closed. He kissed him for a long second and then leaned away. Daichi stared at him with wide eyes and flushed cheeks, lips slightly parted.

Sugawara slid his hand off of his neck and then faced Asahi. He wrapped his hands around his beer and smiled.

“Is that the kind of thing you were talking about?”

Asahi’s mouth flapped, “Ahh… ahhh… uhm… Y-yeah. I suppose.”

Shimizu snorted into her fist.

Sugawara smirked and glanced to Daichi, who was still gaping at him. He chuckled and lifted his beer to his lips.

They weren’t in high school anymore. Things weren’t the same. But maybe Sugawara didn’t want things to be the same anyway.

He wanted to make a change.

He wanted to be bold.

Oneshot #19

Akashi Seijuro was and always has been one for public announcements. Proclamations. Dramatic openings. The like.

It is probably something to do with the sort of mafia movies he loves to watch, aka repeatedly until he can recite all of the script by heart, but Furihata is not going down that road….now.

He knew Akashi lived off of seeing the quiet, stunned awe and respect and other much likely terrified expressions on people’s faces when he walked - no, strutted, mind - into the room. Or declared something of huge importance. Like how it was his plan to let the GOM go to different high schools and his plan to let the team fall apart and his plan to have Kuroko go to an obscure school and his plan to shift the Akashi Corporation Head Quarters to Kyoto.

Not the last one probably. Masaomi had shook his head and commiserated with Furihata at the over dramatic displays of his son at dinner. It had been a bonding moment for the two of them. Akashi grumbles at their special friendship, even now.

But, that is deviating from the focus of today’s topic. Which is. Primarily.

Akashi loved the “ahhhh” feeling of reveal. He was the one who would bring a full grown Doberman - “Really Sei? That dog?” “But Kouki, its such a nice well behaved dog!” -to a fluffy pet show. He would be the one to wear a tailored suit to a graduation party. Not the graduation no. But the party. Two tailored suits. For the same crowd. “But, Kouki, I cant possibly be wearing the same thing for both occasions!”

But, Kouki! But, Kouki! My ass. 


Furihata really should have known better than to think Akashi would keep quiet about them.

About the fact that they have been fucking each other six ways to sunday for the past two years.

It was a testament to Furihata’s persuasion skills that Akashi had lasted this long in keeping their relationship a secret. Except from his father. Who had taken one look at them and had known. It had been terrifying then, but all their stress had come to nothing. “Nothing?! You told him I snored! To my own father!” “But he asked! And besides, you don’t snore. You hum in your sleep. I find it very cute.” “Don’t mollify me, Kouki. That wont get you anywhere- what are you doing?” “Making up to you.” “You wh-Kouki! Giving me a blowjob wont-oh! That’s…nice.  Keep going.”

Furihata felt his cock stirred in his pants. He crossed his legs. Thus wasn’t the time for that. Later, maybe. Shit. Wrong thought. He shook his head. He was deviating too much. Akashi had started talking.

“Me and Furihata are in a relationship. It started two years ago when I realised I had feelings for him more than what a dorm roommate was supposed to have and today is our anniversary and I thought it was high time you know. Now I know this may be a shock to you-”

“Its not, Akashi-kun.” Kuroko’s voice was clear as crystal. Breaking the rant in one clean slice.

Kagami followed, “Yeah man. Its pretty obvious.”

“Is that why you called us here? Tch.” Aomine ran a hand through his hair, his grumpy expression getting grumpier, “Such a waste. You better have booze for the pain it took to get here.”

Midorima pushed up his glasses, irritation colouring his tone, “Akashi we play shogi every month, it has been obvious for years. Since high school, even.”

“Wait, just two years?” Takao exclaimed, watching Akashi and Furihata’s faces for conformation, as if waiting for them to deny something. What, Furihata didn’t know. “So during the third year in school when you both were captains and threatening each other and all that heat and snark was not sex?! You weren’t secretly fucking like bunnies in the locker room back then??!”

That statement sent a round of murmured humming through the crowd. Everyone seemed to argue from which exact time Akashi had been at Furihata’s ass. Some claims went back to the first year of high school too. Furihata squirmed at the mention of “The Lion and Chihuahua” moment. He and Akashi had been able to put that past themselves by the time they finished high school.

He shook his head. Deviating again. His attention span was really something to checked later. He glanced at his boyfriend. He knew Akashi would be disappointed at things not going well.

What he saw answered his doubts.

Looking at Akashi, Furihata knew he was shocked at his reveal falling flat. So he did what any self respecting boyfriend would do.

Taking a deep breath, Furihata squared his shoulders and stepped up. “Its an anniversary of sorts.” The silence that followed was careful, cautious. Even Akashi was looking at him, a bit wary. He ventured, with a smile. “Its the day Akashi confessed to me on the rooftop, naked.”

The gasps were enough to please Akashi.

Akashi snakes an arm around his waist and pulls him close. “Thank you.”

Furihata whispers back, “You better make it up to me tonight.” Which roughly translated to “I just saved your dignity in front of our friends so you better try hard to make me cum which just your tongue in my ass tonight. Or else.”

Akashi laughed, his eyes glittering heatedly. They hold promise. And more. So much more. Furihata shivers delightedly.  

Akashi Seijuro liked the big reveal. 

But he liked it better when his boyfriend stole the court. 

all eyes on me

summary: wow the head cheerleader likes you too?!

You were at the girls’ volleyball game, making sure to sit not too far but not too close on the bleachers. You were that specific not because you wanted to watch the game (of course, you were there to support them too), but you were there to watch the cheerleaders, specifically, the cheer captain, Im Nayeon.

You sat and waited for the game to start, and while waiting, the cheerleaders began trickling into the gym, sitting on the sidelines. Not one of them caught your eye until Nayeon came out, holding both her pom-poms in one hand and a water bottle in the other. She had a big smile on her face as she looked through the crowd seated on the bleachers, and you could’ve swore that the two of you locked eyes with each other for a second.

The volleyball game soon started, and everyone’s eyes were darting as they followed the ball as it went from one side of the net to the other. At the end of the first set of the game, your school’s team was winning, and as the players went to rest, drink water, and go over game plans again, the cheerleaders took the floor, beginning their routine. Your eyes were stuck on Nayeon the whole time, watching her raise her arms, twirl, and jump around while chanting encouraging words with that bunny smile of hers.

When the cheer team finished performing, the crowd applauded and cheered, and you had to admit, maybe you cheered a bit louder than normal. But the game when on again, this time, the opposing school winning the set.This meant the teams would have to go for another round. But you didn’t mind. Having to go for another round also meant that the cheer team would get to perform again. You continued to watch Nayeon as she cheered on the school team, a big smile on your face, and dare you say, heart eyes.

They finished, and the intense volleyball game resumed. It went on for a while, the teams neck in neck. It seemed as if everyone in the crowd was holding breath, and had released it in a heavy exhale when the school’s team was declared winner. You stood up along with the others that were supporting your school, cheering them on. A win meant a congratulatory performance from the cheer team. They began their routine as people began to move down the bleachers, exiting the gym or congratulating the players. 

You, on the other hand, kept your eyes on Nayeon as she gave her last performance of the day. When they finished and the majority of the people have left the gym, you began to walk down, planning to leave back to your dorm, but you were stopped by a hand on your arm.

You turned back, surprised to see that it was Nayeon. The Im Nayeon, cheer captain, the girl of your dreams. Confused and flustered, you blurted out the first words between you two.

“U-uh, great job out there.” You rubbed the back of your neck, eyes darting around.

“Thanks,” She only laughed, putting her bag over her shoulder, then pulled you away from all the other girls as they teasingly whistled. “You’d know, wouldn’t you? With your eyes on me the whole time.”

Your eyes widened, “U-uhm, you must have me mistaken for someone else? I wasn’t looking at you.”

“Don’t even try to lie.” She chuckled, caressing your arm. “I had my eyes on you the whole time too.” 

“Me? Why me?” You squinted, leaning back a bit. This was suspicious. Why would anyone be looking at you? You were just a normal girl.

“Wow, talk about oblivious.” She playfully rolled her eyes, chuckled, then looked back at you, a really confused you. “I like you too, idiot. And don’t even try to deny that you like me because you don’t look at someone you don’t like the way you look at me.” She nodded as she finished.

“Um.. Wow… Wait, you knew all along?!” was all that you could muster up after hearing all that, brushing away the fact that she just told you she liked you too.

“Yes. Eyes tell a lot, Y/N.”

“Wait, you even know my name?!”

“We share a class, Y/N, come on. You can’t have forgotten that easily.” She sighed and laughed, shaking her head. “But anyways, I hope you don’t have plans after this, because I’m taking you on a date.”

“N-no, I don’t have any plans.”

“A date it is.”

16th Advent Squad Imagine

This is part 2 for the 15th advent *click me*

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Your P.O.V.

After walking around Gotham city and dealing with an attack, we arrived at a building that looked bad. It gave me a very nasty vibe. ‘’Let’s go’’ Rick Flagg told us and we had to follow. Harley was right next to me and we followed Rick closely. Everything was smashed. Something had no mercy whatsoever for this place.

‘’You comin?’’ El Diablo asked us while walking up the stairs. Harley and I changed looks. We were both in deep thoughts. ‘’Yeah fireboy’’ Harley replied for us and tugged me to follow her. A few floors later Harley heard something. I walked a couple steps up, but noticed that she wasn’t following. She just stared down. ‘’H-’’ I started, but Deadshot shushed me. I looked at him with confusion in my eyes.

‘’Watch out Y/N, she’s still capable of snapping and hurting you’’ Deadshot warned me with a kind voice. It was true. We were all locked up for a reason. I sighed and then crossed my arms. Deadshot walked over to Harley and tried to make her come with us. Suddenly she grabbed her gun and aimed at Deadshot who stepped back and stared at the gun.

‘’Harley relax’’ I said and felt like I should step between them. Her eyes were sad, almost glistening from tears. ‘’Have you ever been in love?’’ She questioned us and then offered us a small smile. Now that was strange. I couldn’t help but to think tho. Love.. My mind went straight to my ex and all our memories, but I blocked those thoughts.

I was stronger than her/him/them..I had to move on.

‘’We should keep going’’ I spoke awkwardly and then started running up the stairs so I could catch up with the rest of the squad. I stopped running when I was next to El Diablo who just glanced at me quietly. Deadshot and Harley would come, I knew it. They could just be the tail for now.

‘’Do you want to be here?’’ I was surprised when El Diablo spoke to me. Even Aussie Boomerang here seemed confused but luckily he kept his big mouth shut. ‘’I don’t know..I feel like we all don’t really have a choice’’ I answered him seriously. We were forced to come here. It was kinda unfair. ‘’You got a point chica’’ El Diablo sighed and seemed tired. I felt bad for the guy. He had tried to be a better person and there was nothing wrong with that even tho I was a bad person. He had the rights to change but now he was here.

‘’I heard you got superpowers’’ I admitted, trying to keep a conversation. I heard Killer Croc sighing and that’s when I realized I probably said the wrong thing. Way to go. ‘’Well you could say had. I don’t want to..raise my hands for bad again. I suppose these cobardes want me to’’ He told me more quietly and pointed at the soldiers. ‘’I feel you’’ I admitted, but then regretted it. The only one so far who seemed to know about my powers was Harley. And of course Rick Flagg.

El Diablo looked at me curiously. Before I could answer him, some strange ass creatures came out of the office and they ran inside. My eyes widened and I knew we were their targets. I completely ignored the squad now and I thought of saving my own ass. I knew I’d get tired, but I had to do this.

Three of those nasty looking bastards come towards me and I bet they would love to tear me apart, limb by limb. ‘’You’re fucking with the wrong squad’’ I hissed and then took one step back. Just to get more speed. Suddenly I leaped towards them as fast as lighting and grabbed two of their heads. They didn’t get to realize what was happening because it was so fast.

I smashed the two of them to the third person and used my strength to make sure their heads were a billion bits on the floor now. A smile spread on my face because I had killed again. I wasn’t a superhero, I was a villain. I loved this feeling. It made me feel so powerful. ‘’How to kill three birds with two rocks’’ I giggled at my own joke.

More of the same creatures seemed to ooze onto the office floor and we were all fighting. Harley was using her bat and the rest seemed to shot them. SAs I watched them, I felt someone touching me. I flinched and quickly turned around to see another beast. I was so startled that I didn’t even think until I had punched it’s head off. ‘’Oh fuck’’ I breathed out and watched as it fell on the floor, dead.

After a few minutes of fighting I was closer to Harley. We were all backing off and fighting against them. Luckily we were almost done with this attack. Deadshot shot the last one and then silence fell over us. We were all panting a little bit as we stood there, back to back in silence. We were safe. ‘’Good job’’ Boomerang cheered happily. ‘’Yeah but it’s just the beginning’’ Rick reminded us and patted Croc’s back. Croc growled at him and it made Harley giggle. 

                                      After meeting the devil herself, Amanda Waller was there with us. I was ready to kill her, but I remembered the bombs. What if Rick could blow us up as well even tho Amanda would die? I wasn’t taking any risks. Silently we walked up to the roof. We had to fight again because we were being attacked.

Harley pulled me by my hand behind a corner. Deadshot followed us and soon the three of us were sitting on the ground as we were attacked. ‘’What the fuck is going on?’’ I whisper-yelled as I heard someone laughing. Harley grabbed a phone I hadn’t seen before and she was smiling to herself. Deadshot and I just stared at her. We were attacked by someone else with guns and helicopters and she was just smiling?!

‘’What? Do I have a hickey or something?’’ She asked us innocently and touched her neck. For fuck’s sake. She got a message and then she stood up. ‘’Y/N it would be an honor to take you with us’’ She told me and then offered me her hand. Now I was just lost and confused. ‘’What are you talking about?’’ I asked her and felt sick. This entire thing was a big flop and now Harley was being weird.

‘’J came to pick me up. He said I could bring a friend’’ She chirped excitedly. So that’s who was attacking us. ‘’No, girls’’ Deadshot tried to make us stay, but I grabbed Harley’s hand. I would not stay here if I had a chance to leave. ‘’Let’s do it’’ Harley smiled widely and then made sure our fingers were intertwined. Gunshots were all around us, but we weren’t hit. Together we ran towards the helicopter and that’s when I saw him. Joker himself, the green haired clown prince of crime. He lowered his gun and looked down, smiling when he saw Harley. He kicked down a rope for us.

‘’Harley I need you to trust me’’ I told her and met her pretty eyes. She seemed confused. ‘’What?’’ Was all she could say until I got into action. As Amanda Waller yelled at us and the squad watched us, I picked up Harley. She squealed and held onto me tightly. Then I used my powers so we could reach the rope easily.

I took a deep breath and then ran as quickly as I could to the edge where I used my strength for a big jump. Harley held onto me as I grabbed the rope. I used to my strength so we wouldn’t fall. Then Harley grabbed the rope so we were both hanging. ‘’That was so cool!’’ She chirped at me. I couldn’t help but to smile. ‘’Oh you haven’t seen anything yet Harls’’ I let her know. 

As we flew further away, Amanda Waller tried to press her phone. I thought I’d blow up, but Harley kept her promise which surprised me. Joker had disabled us from the bomb. What a fucking miracle. Then Deadshot pointed at us. ‘’What the fuck is he doing?’’ I breathed out. Would he fucking shoot us? ‘’Relax girl he won’t really kill us. Just pretend to fall when he shoots. I’ll go down first, then you’’ Harley said calmly. I heard a gunshot and then I watched as Harley let go and fell down a little. Luckily she held onto the rope. It looked like she actually got shot.

Another gunshot.

I held my breath and let go of the rope. Then I held onto it again, feeling how the rope burnt my palm but it wasn’t that bad. We both hung there, eyes closed for a moment. Suddenly Harley giggled and waved at them. I bet Amanda was pissed. ‘’I’d love to see her face’’ I chuckled happily. We were free!

‘’Me too but there’s someone I want to see even more’’ Harley admitted as we were pulled up into the helicopter. I got myself inside safely and took a deep breath. Suddenly Harley jumped into Joker’s arms and they hugged each other. It was really cute. 

We were safe..

(But we all know what happened after that)

Command Types: Pike/Reader

Surprise visits from Starfleet brass were not usually your idea of a good time, but when they included your old friend, James T. Kirk, you were willing to tolerate it with a decent amount of goodwill.

“Permission to enter shuttle bay, granted,” you said to the pilot of the shuttle from the Enterprise as it approached your ship, the Armstrong.

“Commander Wilson, you have the comm,” you ordered your first officer, riding from your chair. “I am going to greet our distinguished guests.”

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