they were before everything happened)


“You don’t belong here”

twenty-five days of peter and olivia
↳ day eight - favorite kiss

Fatherhood (Daryl Dixon imagine)

imagine: before the apocalypse, your boyfriend Daryl fled after hearing the news of your pregnancy. upon arriving at your home, Alexandria, Daryl must prepare for fatherhood. (2,500 words)

based on this request from anonymous: Could you do one where you and Daryl were together and had a kid before the apocalypse. But when everything happens you and Daryl weren’t together so you have been separated ever since the break out happened. But eventually you came across Alexandria with your kid and have been there ever since. Then Rick’s group gets there etc.

an: i know daryl’s too old to have a kid this young but i don’t care bc kids are cuter to write than teenage children!!! - gabby 
TW: teenage pregnancy

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I was a nineteen year old college student who could barely take care of herself, somehow always tangled up in illegal or dangerous situations. Daryl was the twenty year old brother of my drug dealer who, equally, could barely take care of himself. Daryl hung out in the same bars that my friends and I did, and tagged along with Merle to college parties. Usually, I went for the typical college douchebags; the jocks who’d spend more time on the playing field than with me. Hence, it’s safe to say that my relationship with Daryl was unusual, but unlike the few before him he made me feel safe, and we could take care of each other.

I was a strong and self-assured nineteen year old in a stable relationship, but I cried into my pillow like a heartbroken twelve year old. I was a happy, carefree college student with my whole life ahead of me, but I as curled up on the bathroom floor in the foetal position, I dreaded the future.

The dozen or so pregnancy tests lined up along the edge of the bathtub all read ‘positive’, but I’d never felt so negative in my nineteen years of living. 

Once the initial shock of realising I had a life growing inside me had resided a little, I decided it was time to turn my life around. After secretively flushing a colourful array of drugs down the toilet, pouring three bottles of vodka down the sink and deleting Merle Dixon’s contact details from my phone, the next step was to let Daryl know that he was going to become a father. 

Strolling back into my dorm room after filling my pockets with the pregnancy tests, I tried to act casual.

“What took so long? And why’d you take vodka into the toilet?” Daryl drawled, barely looking up from the motorbike magazine he was reading. I can still remember how relaxed he looked, slumped on my bed, surrounded by pillows. Meanwhile, I was the opposite of relaxed; my nails digging into the palms of my hands, my teeth piercing the inside of my cheek. 

Various sentences collected on the tip of my tongue, but my lips may as well have been glued shut. After a few moments of silence, Daryl averted his attention away from the magazine and raised a concerned eyebrow at me. Just as I was about to speak, a couple of the pregnancy tests tumbled from the pockets of my jacket and landed before Daryl. One puzzled glance at the smiley faces on the tests and Daryl had clumsily shoved his magazine into his back pocket and was lacing up his boots. 

“Daryl, talk to me,” I’d pleaded. He seemed unable to look at me as he headed towards the door. 

“I’ll call ya sometime,” he replied, running a hand through his blonde hair. “I gotta process this.”

Two months and my first ultrasound scan passed and I’d still had no contact from Daryl. Soon, Merle wasn’t the only Dixon whose number I’d deleted from my phone.

My son Nathan and I were evacuated from D.C. when everything started going to shit. I deserted a café I’d put my whole life into running, and my son didn’t even make it to middle school. We left behind a tiny apartment and traded it for a huge house in Alexandria, our new home. After living there for almost two years, the other residents had become the family we never had. 

Nathan had been feeling unwell lately, and after complaining of a scratchy throat, headaches and waking up in cold sweats I decided to ask Denise to check him over. Pete Anderson was usually the go-to doctor of Alexandria, but I favoured Denise not only because she was a good friend, but because Pete creeped me out.

Initially I was embarrassed to be knocking at Denise’s door so late at night, but she was incredibly welcoming, immediately sitting Nathan down and checking him over. I couldn’t help but fuss over him because he was all I had left, not just in the apocalyptic world, but before this all happened, too.

“Have you met the group Aaron brought back?” Denise asked, making small talk as she took Nathan’s temperature. 

“No, I didn’t even know Aaron was back yet,” I replied, yawning slightly. “How many of them are there?”

“I don’t know exactly, but there are a lot.”

“Can we go meet them, Mom?” Nathan asked, squirming a little as Denise used the stethoscope on his back. 

“If you sit still for Denise we can go in the morning,” I promised, returning the grin he shot in my direction, his expression reminding me of his father. 

Denise concluded that Nathan just had a common cold, and after apologising profusely for wasting her time, I strolled home with my son’s hand in mine. This was the way it always was, and although many had told me that I needed to find a father figure for Nathan, I liked it this way. 

It was almost like Christmas morning when we awoke the next day. Nathan was always excited by new arrivals, I think he hoped to find some children nearer his age; Ron, Sam, Enid and Mikey were all older and picked on Nathan a little. He scarcely gave me time to dress myself before he was dragging me out of the house.

We ambled past the lake, looking for ducks as we made our way towards the newly occupied house. I let Nathan knock on the door once we arrived. A large, orange haired man with an impressive moustache answered the door, his face serious and a little threatening.

“Hi, I’m Y/N, this is my son Nathan, we just came to introduce ourselves,” I said, embarrassed by how timid I sounded.

“Are there any kids here?” Nathan asked confidently.

“We got a boy a little older than you, and girl a hell of a lot younger than you,” the guy replied, ruffling Nathan’s hair. “I’m Abraham. Come on inside.”

I was surprised to find they’d all slept in one house, and even more bizarrely, all in the same room. Some were still lounging on the couches; I felt a little intrusive to be in their new home so early in the day. 

“Hey Rick, don’t you think the little man looks like someone we know?” Glenn asked after we’d introduced ourselves to everyone. Nathan was a way off, reading comics with Carl; he waved shyly when he noticed all eyes were on him. “Guess who I’m thinking of.”

“Oh yeah!” Rick exclaimed, grinning. “He looks like a mini-Daryl.”

Almost immediately upon hearing his name my heart began to race; I could hear my pulse pounding through my head. The sound almost drowned out the laughs of the group.

“Hey, you alright there?” Rick asked, a frown on his scarred face. 

“Nathan’s dad was called Daryl,” I replied dryly, swallowing uncomfortably. “Probably a weird coincidence.”

“Well, our Daryl isn’t really the fatherly type,” Michonne said, placing a hand on my shoulder. 

“I don’t know, that sounds about right,” I laughed nervously, pinching the bridge of my nose. “Where is he anyway? I’d like to check, I’m a very anxious person.”

The creaking of stairs behind us revealed the person I was hoping I wouldn’t see, answering my question for Michonne. Daryl looked different as he descended the stairs, his hair longer and darker and instead of being a scrawny teenager, he was now toned and muscular. In a moment of panic I grabbed Nathan, murmured goodbye to everyone and raced out of the door, wincing as it slammed behind me. As I piggybacked Nathan home, I wondered if this was how Daryl felt all those years ago, running away confused from something he was afraid of, but wanted so much at the same time. 

Nathan’s cold seemed to be getting worse, as during the night he was vomiting and had come down with a fever. Trying to keep an eye on him and get dressed out of my pajamas at the same time was proving to be a struggle; you’d think that after nine years of being a single mother I would have mastered multi-tasking. I was clad in pajama bottoms and a half done up shirt when I heard a knock at the front door.

I told Nathan to stay put in bed, and rushed down the stairs to answer the door, almost slipping down the polished wood in the process. I was already out of breath by the time I’d opened the door, but upon seeing the person stood before me all oxygen was knocked out of my lungs.

“Lemme in, we gotta talk,” Daryl demanded, a pleading look on his face.

“Nathan’s really sick, I’ve gotta get Denise,” I panted. There was no time for chat, regardless of it being the absent father of my child I was talking to. “Can you watch him while I get dressed and go get her?”

“I, uh, I don’ know nothin’ ‘bout babies,” he drawled in the same Southern accent I’d fallen in love with all those years ago. 

“He’s nine, Daryl,” I scoffed, beckoning for him to join me in a hurry up the stairs. “Please?”

I could hear Daryl talking to my son, our son, through the thin walls separating the bedroom and the bathroom, where I was rushing to get changed. I couldn’t help but pry on their conversation.

“Nathan’s a cool name,” Daryl had said, a little awkwardly. “D’ya mind if I call you Nate for short?” This caused a small smile to creep onto my lips, but I quickly shook it off. A cute nickname could never make up for his absence in Nathan’s life, and his lack of interest in mine.

I practically sprinted to Denise’s house and explained between breaths that Nathan was displaying symptoms worse than that of a common cold. We made it back to my place in record timing and zoomed upstairs to my bedroom where we found no trace of Nathan, and no trace of Daryl.

“What has he done!?” I whisper-shouted, panic rising in my chest. Denise found a scrap of paper on my bedside table with the words “showing Nathan my bike in Aaron’s garage” scrawled onto it, and soon the panic was replaced with intense anger.

“I’m sorry, Mom,” Nathan repeated for what could well have been the thirtieth time this evening. I’d found him in Aaron’s garage sat on Daryl’s motorbike, wrapped up warm in his dressing gown and slippers. A look of pure joy lit up his face as he grabbed onto the handlebars. Denise had since cleared any worries of influenza and I was tucking him into bed and kissing his forehead as I did every night. 

“Goodnight little one,” I whispered, reaching up to switch off the light.



“Is Daryl really my real dad?” His voice was saturated with hope and it made my heart sink with disappointment. 

“Yeah, he is.”

“Why have I never seen him before?”

It took a while for me to find an appropriate response. “He wasn’t ready to be a dad just yet.”

“Is he ready now?” I turned away from my son and switched off the light, hoping to mask the single tear that was coursing it’s way down my cheek.

“I don’t know, Nathan,” I said, my voice trembling slightly. “I’ll ask him.”

I experienced déjà vu from almost a decade ago as I shuffled into the sitting room. Daryl lay on my couch, swamped with cushions as he flicked through a book of mine titled “Tips for Single Parents”. He lazily tossed it onto the coffee table and reluctantly pulled himself into a sitting position to accommodate for me on the couch.

“’m sorry,” he murmured. Either he was unusually interested in the ceiling, the walls and the floor or he was determined to avoid my gaze. 

“What were you thinking?” I asked calmly, although my tone was bitter. “He’s sick, and you take him out into the cold?”

“He told me he was feelin’ alright,” Daryl shrugged, biting at the loose skin around his nail beds.

“Daryl, he’s a kid with an obsession for motorbikes,” I almost laughed at his foolishness. “Of course he’d tell you that.”

“Oh, yeah, I guess.” A silence fell upon us, and as I stared at the empty, black screen of the television in front of us I recalled a time where a stoned Daryl and I would watch reality TV just to mock it. “Nate’s cool, Y/N, you’ve done a good job.”

“It’s been really hard,” I yawned, stretching out tiredly. “I wouldn’t change a second of it though. You’re right, he is cool.”

“He wanted to drive it around Alexandria,” he smirked. “At least I ain’t that irresponsible.” With a roll of my eyes and a small laugh, I sat forwards and opened one of the drawers in the coffee table, pulling out a photo of Nathan from when he was three years old. He’s sat on a motorbike four times the size of him, yet his smile still manages to be the main focus of the photo. 

“See, he’s always liked them,” I laughed, offering Daryl the photo. He seemed tentative as he took it from my grasp, but soon he was beaming as he examined the photograph, gently brushing away any fleck of dust. 

“Can I… nah, don’t matter.”

“What is it?” I prodded.

“Can I keep it?” Daryl’s eyes were ever so slightly glassy and I noticed he was chewing the inside of his mouth, a nervous habit we both shared. “Shit, I missed out on so much.”

Somehow, I found myself wrapping an arm Daryl’s shoulder and he was soon enveloped in my embrace, his warm tears seeping through the fabric of my pajama top. It felt strange, yet almost natural to hold him in my arms.

“Did you think about us?” He pulled away and nodded enthusiastically in response, looking humiliated as he wiped at his bloodshot eyes with his wrist.

“’m sorry, this is selfish,” he breathed uneasily, glancing at the photo again. “I ain’t the one who had to bring up a kid by myself.”

“Why’d you never call? Why’d you leave?” I asked, threatening to spill my own tears. 

“I didn’t wanna be like my old man, I ain’t lettin’ my kid have a dad like that,” Daryl practically whispered, again avoiding my stare.

“Mom?” A tiny voice called out, and soon Nathan’s voice was replaced with the sound of his feet stomping down the stairs. Daryl rubbed furiously at his eyes and attempted to look collected as Nathan entered the room. 

“What is it, sweetie?” I asked, pulling him onto my lap and protectively wrapping my arms around his small body. 

“Is Daryl ready to be my dad yet?” he asked innocently, and I watched as a microscopic smile graced Daryl’s lips. I shrugged at Daryl, unable to answer for him.

“I dunno, buddy,” Daryl began, scratching the back of his neck uncomfortably. “But I’m sure as hell ready to try.”

“love in the time of hydra” better have a full fitzsimmons scene, where they talk everything out with no interruptions

what is this, the fourth time they’ve been interrupted?

gdi writers, i know you want your big “plot twists”, but seriously, stick to the characters please. finish a goddamn storyline before you start a new one

I noticed a lot of people don’t know what it means when people call movies like The Force Awakens, Jurassic World and Fury Road “soft reboot”s.

Okay, booting is a computer term, which means initializing a computer system, getting all of its operations running.

When you’re rebooting a computer, you initialize its system and operations once again, restarting them. A cold or hard reboot is when you turn off the power of the machine and then turn it on, starting the operations all over again. Alternatively, a warm or soft reboot is a reboot which doesn’t require turning off the power, and can restarts the system without interrupting continuos activity.

When it comes to movies, a hard reboot of a movie franchize involves resetting the slate clean, and ignoring and restarting everything that’s already happened before. When they were making The Amazing Spiderman movies, they were rebooting the Spiderman franchize, starting all over again with a new Peter Parker, new world and new Spiderman.

A soft reboot on the other hand, doesn’t get rid or ignores what was established before. The continuity of the world of the franchize is still intact, but the franchize is starting again with new characters, plots, conflicts and locations. Jurassic World has a new cast and new park, but the old park still existed in that world. Fury Road has a new Max with new adventures, but it didn’t try to retell Max’s whole backstory over again. The Force Awakens has a new cast with new adventures and a new enemy, but the events of the previous films are still acknowledged.

On The Edge - Jack Gilinsky Part 7

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6

If I was being honest, Jack tutoring me wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but of course I couldn’t let him know that. Every time we would be talking like nothing had changed, I would always purposely say something to ruin it. I wasn’t going to let him back into my life like that ever again.

We mostly did the tutoring in my house, well actually we always did it in my house. He would offer for us to go to his house but I just didn’t think I could face his family. His family and I were really close before everything happened and I don’t think I would be able to look them in the eye from now on.

It was a Friday which meant Jack was tutoring me. I groaned to myself as I saw my parents sitting at the table when we walked in. “Guess we have to go to my room then” I told Jack making my way up stairs. I rolled my eyes as I could hear Jack greeting my parents.

“You’re are such a kiss ass” I said playfully. “No I’m not it’s called being polite, you should try it sometime” He said in a joking tone which had a hint of a serious undertone. “So let’s get started” I said flopping onto the bed. I looked up when I got no response from Jack. “What are you doing?” I asked him as I noticed him looking around the room, like a child in disneyland. “Did you change your room around? didn’t that used to be there? and that there?” He said pointing to various pieces of furniture in my room. “Yeah? and?” I asked him in confusion at his curiosity. He shrugged as he sat down beside me. “Just an observation” he defended. “Okay..” I said raising my eyebrows.

“Anyways let’s get this over with” Jack announced. “Geez thanks” I said slightly offended. “No..I didn’t mean..I meant let’s get the algebra over with..I didn’t mean like” He said lost for words. “I was just kidding” I said half laughing.

For once we actually did algebra and avoided going off topic. “So you bring this over the equal sign and-” Jack said but was interrupted by my mother’s voice. “Do you kids want Pizza?” She called. “No” I said as Jack simultaneously said yes. He smirked and we switched answers. Me saying yes and him saying no. We smirked at each other as my mother called back “Well which is it?” I finally answered with a yes. “We never could decide on anything could we?” Jack stated. “Yeah but you would always end up giving in to me though” I said smirking at him. “That is true” He said smirking down at the page.

We eventually gave up after the pizza came. We both sat legs crossed around the pizza box as if we were at some sacrifice. “This is so good” I groaned as I took a bite of the pizza. Jack just stared at me smiling. “What” I asked him with my mouth full. “Nothing” Jack said chuckling to myself. “Freak” I said kicking him playfully. It always made me feel insecure when he stared at me. Before he used to stare at me because he thought I was “beautiful” or whatever, but what possible reason could he have now.

After a hour or so of sitting and talking, Jack announced that he should be getting home. I nodded as I followed him to the front door. “Well I guess I’ll see you on Monday” I said waving him off. “Yeah see you then” He said walking out. “Wait Jack” I said and his turned. “Thanks..for tutoring me and stuff” A smile grew on my face. He said smiling sincerely before walking away.

If You Ever Want to be in Love- Liam Dunbar Imagine

I was also wondering if you could maybe do an imagine where the pack tries to set you up with like Liam, Brett, Isaac, Stiles or Scott? (You choose)- Anon

You, Scott, Lydia, and Stiles were spending the night together. At least once a month you four got together and had a movie night. You were all friends before everything with the supernatural happened. It was a nice break for the real horrors of Beacon Hills. 

“So, (Y/N), how do you feel about Liam?” Stiles asked, sitting down next to you on the couch.

“He’s cool, I guess. I only know him from the pack. We don’t talk outside of the pack.” 

That was a lie. You and Liam always talk out of the pack. You helped him with a lot of things, like shifting and the occasional homework packet. 

“Well, we think you should talk to him.” Scott said, flipping through the channels to find a movie. 

“Okay, I will.” You replied. “But why are you so set on me talking to Liam?” 

“I don’t know. I just happen to think you guys would make a really cute couple.” Scott said. 

“Thanks, I guess?” You brushed the conversation off and went into the kitchen to help Lydia make snacks. 

“You know they’re just trying to help you out. They just come off a bit wrong.” Lydia implied, taking the popcorn out of the microwave. 

“What do you mean ‘help me’? I don’t need help with anything.” 

“(Y/N), we’re not stupid. Scott said your heart skips a beat when you see Liam. Liam’s does the same exact thing when he sees you. It’s called a crush.” Lydia chuckled. 

“I don’t like Liam!” You exclaimed, carrying the drinks into the living room. 

“Yes you do!” Scott laughed. 

“No, I don’t. I think I’m a little more familiar with my own feelings than you are.” You replied. 

You sighed, knowing they were right. You had always liked Liam, but he said he had a crush on someone else. He never told you who, but you had a feeling it was his partner in history, Hayden. 

“Okay, well what if he asked you out? What would you do?” Stiles asked. 

“I’d probably say ‘no’. I don’t want to be in a relationship right now.” You lied. 

“That’s a complete lie, (Y/N).” Scott said, laughing at your futile attempt to lie. 

“Fine, I like Liam! Are you happy now?” You sighed, burying your head into a pillow. 

“Guys, leave her alone.” Lydia scolded. 

You guys just dropped the conversation and continued to watch a movie. 

Over the next week, Liam started to act really weird. He would avoid you in the hallways and sit at the opposite end of the table at lunch. You decided to confront Stiles and ask him if he told Liam about your crush on him, seeing as he would be the one to share your secret. 

“Did you tell Liam?” You questioned, slamming his locker shut. 

“Oh wow, someone’s feisty today! No, I didn’t tell Liam. I would never tell your secret.” He replied, causing you to laugh. 

“You would definitely tell Liam. Don’t deny it!” You pushed. 

“Okay, I would, but I didn’t. Maybe it was Scott or Lydia.” 

You texted Scott that night and asked him if he said anything to Liam. He reassured you that he didn’t and told you to ask Stiles if he did. It came to as a surprise to both of you that Stiles wasn’t behind it. 

The only other person that knew that you liked Liam was Lydia. You decided to call her and ask her if she told him. 

“Yeah, I told him. I’m sorry, (Y/N), but I saw how it was tearing you apart thinking he didn’t like you back.” 

“What do you mean thinking? Does he like me?” You asked, sounding a bit too hopeful. 

“(Y/N), sweetie, he looks at you like you’re his whole world. He becomes the happiest person on the planet when you smile. I think it’s pretty obvious that he’s in love with you.” Lydia said, making you wonder if it was all true. 

“I have to talk to him. I’ll tell you how it goes later.” You sighed, before hanging up the phone. 

You slipped on your shoes and walked to Liam’s house. You were going to drive, but walking would give you a chance to gather your thoughts. When you thought about Liam, you got butterflies and it felt like you were the only people in the room. He made you feel so warm inside. 

When you arrived at Liam’s house, you hesitantly knocked on the door. You knew his parents were both working late shifts, so you weren’t worried about waking anyone up. 

“(Y/N)?” Liam answered, rubbing his eyes. 

“I’m sorry, Li, I know it’s late, but we need to talk.” He invited you in the house. 

“What’s wrong? Is it about what Lydia told me?” He asked. 

“Yeah. Look, Liam, please don’t let this ruin our friendship. I know you said you had a crush on a girl in history and it’s probably Hayden, but I like you. I really really really like you.” You sighed, holding back a few tears. 

“Are you kidding me? I don’t like Hayden. I like you. You’re the girl in our history class that I like. You’re gorgeous and smart and perfect.” He said, lifting your chin up with his index finger. 

“Liam, are you serious?” You whispered. 

“I am so serious. I think you’re great and I’d love to take you out on a date sometime.” He smirked. 

“I’d love it, too.” You smiled. 

Title: Lost
Pairing: Hyungwon x Minhyuk
Warnings: Mentions of violence and abuse, mentions of suicide, angst, AU from Monsta x All In MV
Rating: NC-15
Final Word’s Count:
Summary: I’m all in for you, my body and heart
I’m all in only for you
From now on
I’m all in for you 

(the fanfic is down the cut!)

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morethanjustamask cont from (x)

Bruce wanted to both vomit and cry. Seeing the others face made him feel a rush of emotion that he hadn’t felt in such an incredibly long time. A few years ago, before everything with the registration happened, when they were still happy and in love, Steve had once told Bruce that he would be happy with just the time they had together. Apparently neither of them knew exactly how short that time would be.

Once the registration had started and all the fighting began, Bruce was faced with the decision of either standing by Steve, or following Tony. Either way he would lose. If he followed by Steve, then he would lose his best friend. If he followed behind Tony, then Steve would hate him. Bruce wasn’t really sure he could take either.

So he had left. It was easier for everyone, and honestly Bruce always had it in the back of his mind that when all the fighting had ended and they came to an agreement, he would go back to Steve. He never did. 

Bruce stepped into the elevator and glanced at the other before looking in front of him, pushing his glasses up on his nose. “I am.” He said softly, almost afraid that if he said anything too loudly then this would all be real. “They want me to come back, but not as a soldier. They want me in the R&D department.” He said, looking over at Steve. “H-How have you been?”

Night Life

Hermione x Reader

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Request by @icesoccerer: Your works are great and I do have a request. Could you possibly write Hermione x Female Reader? From Hermione POV? The plot is all up to you :) Thanks :)

Night Life

Warning: I think some swearing?

Hermione’s Point Of View.

I wasn’t suposed to be out of bed, I knew that. Students caught wandering the halls late at night were practically guareenteed a detention if Filch were to find you. Before everything that had happened I would of been to worried of getting a bad reputation I would have stayed in bed for the whole evening but tonight I felt the need to move, see the castle in the dim light of the moon. I hoped that it would take away the memories of today.

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if you, like me, are a white person, then right now your job is to listen to black people and let them speak rather than speaking for or over them. the best thing you can do is ask what you can do to help, do what you can to help, and be empathetic. be respectful. don’t make this about you.

don’t think that because protesters are no longer being actively tear-gassed this is over. Darren Wilson has yet to be prosecuted, and even if or when he is, that won’t mean that this has ended. Mike Brown isn’t an isolated victim–he’s one of many innocent people murdered by anti-black cops and other racists with guns. if you thought everything was fine before and were shocked that this happened, don’t expect the world to ‘go back to how it was before.’ it was already like this. the difference is, now you know.

stay informed. keep paying attention. keep listening.

1.Zayn leaving the band

He called you the night before everything happened, you were watching a movie with your little sister
“Hey babe, what’s up?” You felt something was wrong, the way he was breathing told you he wasn’t okay. You got up and went to the kitchen” Harry, what is wrong, please…”
“Zayn is leaving the band and…” He sobbed “I don’t know if the fans…I don’t know…I…(Y/N)…I need you here with me, please, just for two days…” Your heart broke and the next thing you did was buying the ticket.

You two were in the swimming pool when he got a call.
“Hello?…Hey man how are you doing, we really miss you…Oh…yeah…Mate I understand your decision, yeah…” You saw his eyes turning red and his nose scrunching. You moved next to him and hold him tight, he dropped the phone but you caught it ” Zayn, what’s happening ?” Liam was crying now in your shoulder “(Y/N) I’m leaving the band, please give him love, and take care of my brother” “Oh love I will, talk to you soon, take care” You looked at Liam and felt the pain, it was going to be a hell time for everyone.

You were recently dating, maybe for a month or two, but you had so much affection for each other that it looked more like a couple in love. You were in the first concert after Zayn’s way out of the band. Louis was having a good time but you could see the sadness in his eyes, there was a time when he disappeared for a few minutes and when he came back  Liam gave him a hug and Lottie came to you ” He was crying (Y/N), I don’t think I have ever seen him so sad” You gave her a big hug while stroking her blond hair ” Don’t worry sweetheart, he is going to be okay” You looked up to the stage and saw Louis mouthing to you ‘Is she okey’ , ‘She’s fine’ He nodded and blew you a kiss. He was going to be okay and you knew it.

“So yeah, I want to leave the band cause (Y/N) you know how bad I am and how…I know it is really fucked up but I need you to tell the boys, tell them I love them so much, and that I will call them later” “I will, love you always Zayn” ” I love you too, call you later” Then he hanged up and I turned around. You were their secretary and you had a secret relationship with your little Niall. You turned around and saw him in there “Hello my love” “Hey…We need to talk” Niall kissed your check “Okey, let’s talk” “I need all the boys”
After telling them you hugged all of them and went to your hotel room. Someone nocked in the door and opened the door. “Niall are you…?” You cuddled him close to you” I don’t want this to happen, please tell me its a fuckin’ joke” ” I can’t , I’m sorry love, I’m sorry”

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I wish I could go back and tell you how scared I really was when you asked me. I wish I could have told you everything I felt and thought. But the fear of losing you was too big to let me. I wonder what you would have done if I had said something? Maybe we would’ve realized how big of a mistake we were both making and stopped it before… Before everything else happened?
—  Or maybe I wouldn’t be writing this right now


Christ. He was tripping out again. The tall man before him sounded exactly like the entity he had “ran” into before, and those burning blue eyes, though shielded behind a pair of dark glasses, were difficult to forget even if everything that happened before between them was a dream.

And, not to forget, that goddamned smile.

“No,” he replies affirmatively, shouldering his bag, and storming off in the opposite direction without care. He manages to get three strides away before reality dawns on him: he had nowhere else to go. With his usual mode if transportation being grounded for maintenance, the man now had to wait with everyone else for a flight.

Naturally, the flight was delayed.

“Shit,” he mutters under his breath, tightly closing his eyes until his initial frustration ebbed away. In the end he sighs and motions the other to follow him to a nearby cafe that was spared the hustle of men, women, and children waiting for their own flights.

It wasn’t as if Prophet had intended to pick this moment to engage the man. Time and settings were not always the most kind to him. This was more of a broad moment that he picked. It just so happened to coincide with his little exploration had him meeting Simons again.

Prophet really needed to work on his people skills.

At the no, the man gave a simple shrug. Brushing a stray long hair back, he turned his focus to the long flight boards above. Prophet hadn’t intended to end up at an airport. While here, he might as well see which ones were taking off and landing. That was until he caught motion from Simons out of the corner of his eye.

Without a word, he moved through the crowd that was going one while to follow Simons into the cafe. Only once the man and himself found a seat did he mumble a partial apology.

“Sorry Simons. I caught you at a bad time, didn’t I?”