they were always used as comedians


Why comedies need to up their game:

This guy is amazing. Perfectly articulates my problems with modern comedies.

I haven’t been a fan of the comedies coming out lately. The “This Is The End"s, the "The Heat"s, the "Neighbors"s, but I’ve been saying it all wrong. The actors and comedians in these movies are very funny, but I’ve always felt insulted that they were some how phoning it in. That they were just funny people improvising funny conversations in front of cameras.

My favorite comedy is the kind that mixes wit, dialogue, and physical comedy with the unsuspected or misdirection. With film and cameras we have this beautiful gift of the frame that isn’t used often enough.

Lately, I’ve been rewatching Scrubs on Netflix (it’s one of my favorite shows ever) and after watching the above video, I now realize why. Scrubs uses the medium to it’s full ability. It’s also one of the reasons I like single-camera sitcoms worlds more than multi-camera sitcoms.

Watch this scene from Scrubs:

I love watching stuff like this, and even more so, I love knowing that I love watching stuff like this. Now I can bring it over to my work.

Never stop learning!

Beacon of Hope – 4x17 – Episode Review

Sometimes, we need something different. And after the Angst and broody mood of the last weeks, Beacon of Hope is a wonderful episode to savor. Laughter, humor, jokes, (sometimes bad but always funny) puns, badassness and energy were everywhere tonight and this breath of fresh air is the best thing that could happen at this moment of the season.


After a few weeks of depressing angst and darkness, the writers knew we needed an uplifting episode to fill our batteries before the upcoming grave episode. 

They chose to give the responsibility to cheer us up to Echo Kellum and Charlotte Ross. And this decision was the best they have taken in a really long time. By placing these two natural comedians in the center of the episode, they gave the episode a lighter tone first but also a new approach, a new dimension to what Arrow can be, to what new actors can bring to the show.  It is not about changing the show, it’s about adding a new weapon to the Arrow arsenal. It’s proving that humor has its place in a darker show and that the audience can enjoy a different tone.

We have waited for months to see Curtis get out of Palmer Tech and be a part of the team. The force of his character comes from how much we can relate to him.

Curtis is nothing but genuine, sincere, honest, funny and brave (you can be brave and squeal… it works!). He is the friend that we all would want to have and the guy we know we can rely on.

Nothing but the desire to save Felicity drove him to discover the Arrow Cave and to be a part of the team, even for a few hours. He is the ordinary kind of hero we can relate to, the hero we wish we could be, the one frightened and freaked out by the task but convinced by the necessity of it.

Even though Curtis is convinced that his place is by his husband, at home, he proved tonight that he has the potential to become a strong and loveable hero, the type of heroes that ignites light in the city and inspire others.

This episode was also the opportunity for Echo Kellum to shine and demonstrate the extent of his skills. No one will deny that this episode was the funniest in the Arrow history and we owe it to a wonderful performance from Echo. It just feels good and organic to laugh again, to enjoy the simplicity of a well written episode, one where we can breathe, relax, sit back and simply enjoy without fearing for the life of our heroes.

Charlotte. What a wonderful tiny woman!! So much energy and humor squeezed into her tiny frame! We always ask for more Mama Smoak and we are never disappointed.

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I’ve always wondered how I would feel if I heard that one of my favourite celebrities had died, and now I know, and it’s strange.

I feel lucky that his life turned out the way it did so we were given the characters he played, the friendship and work he shared with Ade, and the ways he inspired younger comedians. The word ‘legend’ is over used, but I feel in this situation it is appropriate.

It’s incredibly sad to lose someone so bright at such a young age, but we have no choice but to be amazed at the creations and legacy he has left us.

Colin Grigson, Rick, Alan B'stard, Kevin Turvey, Drop Dead Fred, and all of the other characters that were born with you.

RIP Richard Michael Mayall.

Ted Cruz jokes about killing Donald Trump

Rob Beschizza:

Ted Cruz, on Jimmy Kimmel’s show:

But first, “Who do you like better, Obama or Trump?”

To which Cruz diplomatically answered, “Donald is a unique individual,” before getting more graphic. “If I were in my car and getting ready to reverse and saw Donald in the backup camera, I’m not confident which pedal I would use.”

Not bad, Ted! A quality guffaw from someone who isn’t a natural comedian, but can deliver a good line.

Thing is, even a few months ago, the idea of presidential candidates yukking about killing one another would have been quite unthinkable. I’ve been saying since Christmas that when Trump is assassinated, it won’t be a lefty or a liberal but a conservative who pulls the trigger. But it always seemed too on-the-nose to publish the thought. And now it’s too late! Thanks to Ted, everyone’s permitted to indulge their fears, prognostications and fantasies about the coming Roman Empire-like bloodbath of American politics. Sad!

Dear Grace,
Hi. It’s Shu.
I dunno if you will see this through everything being posted. I just wanted to thank you for the message you sent to Katie. I’m friends with many long-term fans in the fandom, and I know them and myself have shared the view Katie expressed. However, I do not want you to think that we don’t respect you as a person or that we don’t see all the hard work you’ve put into building up to what you have become. I think that that alone is the reason a lot of us were confused by the new content, because we’ve watched you grow as such an independent and strong comedian and it’s something we respect so deeply and believed that it’s what you wanted to be. We’re very proud of all you’ve accomplished and would honestly be let down if you let that go because it’s what we’ve been supporting you for for so many years for, but we will always continue to support you. It’s good to know where you are with things and it’s okay to be honest with us if you’re kind of in a rut.
The point to this is I appreciate your honest words because I do have a lot of investment in you. And I, along with many others, believe in you. Your happiness will always come first. Please don’t doubt that. Again, we are all incredibly proud of what you’ve accomplished. Thank you for allowing us to be honest with you about how we feel and taking it so well, and thank you for telling us what we needed to hear. You are, as always, an amazing person.

blair hanley for @plumbobos legacy!

blair hanley, 22, she/her

blair grew up in a very competitive household with three other brothers (one being a twin). no matter what, they were always trying to one-up each other. consequently, blair loves being the center of attention and can become very jealous when she is not. her sarcastic personality is what she is known for. she took her education super seriously and would write jokes in her spare time. she is now an aspiring comedian, even though her parents think she could put all the years she spent studying to better use.

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