they were always fun to fight with

Kylo Ren & General Hux x Reader Imagine

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”Imagine Kylo and Hux fight for your attention in a cute way.”

>Requested by @mysweetbucky ❤<
( @knights-of-rae I bet you like this too my friendo)

It was always pleasant to work with Commander Ren and General Hux, both of them were always very nice and attentive towards you but both of them were also kinda annoying and clingy lately. Kylo asked you more often if you want to watch him train and Hux offered you a promotion to his personal assistant so you could spend more time together. Watching Kylo train was always fun but you had no time for that, you would lose your job if you accepted his offer and you liked your job, you wanted to keep it. The same applied for Hux‘s promotion , spending more time with hime sounded like fun but you knew the poor soul who worked as Hux‘s personal assistant the last time, said person quit their job after two weeks so you decided to keep your job as superior Officer.
Both of them struggled to get your attention and you wondered if it was because they liked you or because they had one of their childish fights again, howsoever, you decided to encourage them to fight for you. It all started harmless, Kylo came more often to your workstation while you had to work and talked to you. He praised you for being so diligent and that he‘s proud to have such a hard-working employee and friend in his organization. Having Kylo around you at work was kinda distracting but he refused to leave if he didn‘t have to, instead he hang around at your workstation and looked over your shoulder and watched what you‘re doing. Hux had also his ways to spend time with you and to catch your attention, he ordered you often to the bridge and he even took you with him on the Finalizer. You had always a good time with him and the things he talked about were always interesting but your work became more and more, the more time you spend with him and it was annoying and hard to refinish everything in your free time. Kylo and Hux didn‘t do only annoying things to get your attention, no, they did sweet and adorable things for you as well. Kylo taught you how to fight with a lightsaber and he liked to pull you into his lap so you could pretend that you move something with the force while Kylo did the actual work. Hux on the other hand couldn‘t offer you fun with the force but he owned a cute cat and he invited you to play with her whenever you wanted to. He used the chance while you played with Millicent to talk with you and to show you what a nice and admirable guy he is when he‘s not busy with destroying planets. This small and cute fight went on and on until you made Lieutenant Mitaka a compliment in front of them.
„You‘re so good looking Mitaka, you‘re one of the prettiest employees in the First Order.“
„Thank you Y/N, you‘re so kind ! I have to go to a meeting now, see you later.“
Hux and Kylo would‘ve been offended to hear that you compliment Mitaka since you never told one of them that they‘re pretty but they took it also as challenge to find out who‘s the prettiest employee in the First Order because they were pretty sure that it was one of them so they decided to ask. They walked up to you and stopped you from walking away.
„My dearest Y/N, we don‘t want to be intrusive but we heard your conversation with Lieutenant Mitaka“ Hux stated.
„Okay, and what do you want now ?“
„We would like to know who‘s the prettiest member of the First Order since you said that the Lieutenant is one of the prettiest but not THE prettiest.“
„Oh, the answer is simple, both of you know the prettiest person in the First Order, take a guess !“
Kylo and Hux started immediately to argue with each other who‘s the prettiest person, both insulted each other and insisted that they‘re themselves the prettiest person. You watched them and let them argue until you had enough.
„Stop it now ! Do you really want to know who‘s the prettiest First Order employee ?“
Kylo and Hux stopped and looked at you just as excited as nervous.
„Well, it‘s me. I‘m the prettiest person here, pass it on.“


Request: Can you please do one where the two of them have a fight and Harry kicks her out of the car in the middle of the night and she gets into an accident?

Hope you enjoy!

We were at a club, drinking and having fun when it all started. When we got to the club, there was already eyes everywhere on us. When your dating Harry Styles there always is. We had been there for about 20 minutes, chatting with some friends when some guy started looking at me. I wasn’t bothered, knowing that he was probably just some horny guy. I kept my focus on our friends and Harry until about an hour later when the guy came to talk to me. Harry was at the bar getting a beer with Jeff and I was left alone at the booth.

“I’m Paul.” I’d expected some cheesy pick up line instead of just a name but I introduced myself as well.

“So what’s a pretty lady like yourself sitting here all alone for?”

“Well my boyfriend and a friend are getting drinks at the bar.” I wasn’t trying to sound bitter, I just wanted the conversation to be over before Harry saw. It’s not like I was doing anything wrong, Harry just has a jealousy streak that I don’t want continued on into tonight.

“Awfully rude of your boyfriend to leave you here alone. I’m sorry about that.”

“It’s not like he needs to be with me 24/7. I can handle sitting by myself for a couple minutes.” 

“Want to dance to get your mind off of him?” This guy was forward. I was about to respond when Harry did for me.

“No she does not. Please leave.”

“I think the lady can answer for herself. And who are you I might add?”

“I’m her boyfriend. Now leave before I make you.” This was not going to turn out good.

“Harry stop. Let’s go.”

“No Y/N. Why do we have to leave when this bastard was just getting ready to?”

Paul spoke up saying, “Harry’s right, I was just leaving. But Harry, before I go. A little advice. You might not want to leave such a pretty young thing alone in a club. From what I’ve heard, she will go home with anyone who approaches her without her boyfriend around.”

Those rumors of me cheating on Harry with random men had been going around like wildfire. Harry of course knew it wasn’t true. Most of the stories that the press used couldn’t have been true, seeing as I was with Harry. When Harry was asked about the rumors he would always shut them down, so the media died down over the past couple of days. But Harry always got defensive when someone accused me of something. With the rage already within Harry, this comment added gasoline to the fire causing Harry to explode.

He charged his fist towards Paul’s face, causing him to fall to the ground. Harry was quick to get down to Paul’s level and hit him again, this time in his eye. I tried pulling Harry off of him, but it was no use seeing as he was considerably stronger than me and he was determined to keep Paul held down. I searched around the bar to try and find Liam, who I knew could get him out of there. After a minute I found him and Liam pulled him off of Paul and dragged Harry outside. 

“Thanks Liam. I think we are gonna go now.”

“No problem Y/N. ‘Night.”

Harry was already in the drivers seat when I walked back to the car. I knew he wanted to just go home without any talking and just peace and quiet, but I was to angry for any of that.

“Why do you always have to do that! I understand he was insulting me and you were upset about that, but you didn’t have to hit him!” I yelled.

“Are you kidding me Y/N? He was chatting you up treating you like a piece of meat and you think I just going to let him do that?” he countered.

“You have got to get over this jealousy thing Harry. You turn every little thing that a guy does in my general area as a bad gesture towards me and you take him out! This can’t happen anymore.”

“I’m not jealous.”

“Bullshit Harry. It’s like you don’t even trust me!”

“I do to trust you!”

“Then why are you so jealous?!”

“I’M NOT,” he roared. Sure Harry and I had gotten into arguments before, but he has never yelled at me like this.

“You are jealous Harry. I don’t understand why you are the one getting jealous all the time when you are the one with a history.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“I mean you have womanized plenty of women over the years and STILL have women throwing themselves at you to this day and I don’t get jealous. I trust you completely. So why don’t you grow up and realize that I’m the person that should be jealous in this relationship.” I knew I had struck a nerve in Harry. He hated it when I brought up his past. I felt bad but I needed to get my point across.

I thought I had finally gotten in his head to help him realize that he has nothing to worry about, except I hadn’t. All of a sudden the car came to a complete stop on the side of the road and Harry just stared straight ahead.


“Get out.”


“Get out of the car Y/N. I’m not moving this car until you get out of it.”

I knew I had upset Harry but not to this extent. He had never actually kicked me out of his freaking car.



I quickly unbuckled my seat belt and fumbled with the handle until I was out of the car, standing on the side of the road. He quickly sped off leaving me alone. I was stunned. I didn’t think Harry was capable of this. I knew he could get angry with me but if he did, he would just leave our flat for a couple of hours then return and we would make up. I didn’t think this would happen.

So I started walking. I wasn’t to far from our flat, so I knew I’d be fine. I felt awful that I made Harry that upset, knowing that I pushed him to far, but he didn’t need to kick me out of the car to prove a point.

I was crossing the road to get to our flat complex when a tiny little squirrel ran into the road. A car was on the other side of the road, out of my way. When the car saw the squirrel, it hit me straight on, and everything went black.

I woke up to hearing beeps and seeing several machines all around me. I tried raising my hand to see what was attached to it, but it hurt to much. All of a sudden I saw a big green eyed head full of messy curls clouding my vision. 

“Oh my god Y/N,” Harry cried clutching my hand. I was still confused as to what I was doing in what I assumed to be a hospital. 

“What happened?”

“You were in an accident. You were walking across the road when a car hit you. I’m so sorry, I should’ve never kicked out of the car. This is all my fault.” Harry was full on crying now. The memories came flooding back to me. I felt awful for putting him in this condition, knowing that we both did wrong.

“Harry shhhh. I’m okay. We both said and did things that were not helpful towards this situation. I’m not mad. Can you just lay with me for a while?” I asked. 

“Of course, love.”

So we laid there, just taking in each others embrace. I knew we had some things to work out, but that didn’t matter right now. All that mattered was me, and him. 

Being Jon Snow's twin sister would include :

(Wooo first GOT prompt! Yay Jon! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :D Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.) 

 -Your father, Eddard Stark, loving the both of you equally and making sure you are both treated well by the others

-Robb and Theon always teasing you when you were younger and not being able to stop even as you grew up

-You and him always understanding each other just by the way you look at one another

-Him being able to have a good laugh when you’re around 

-Arya loving to be around the both of you and enjoying when you and him would muss up her hair

-Your hugs always comforting him when he’s having a hard time 

-The two of you being equally good at sword fighting and always having fun training together

-You dressing up as a boy and sneaking to go to the Wall with him despite him not wanting you to come along

-Him having no choice but to accept your decision and always trying to keep your secret

-You stepping up to Alliser Thorne when he’s being disrespectful to your brother and you always getting yourself in trouble because of it

-Sam being the only person at the Wall to know of your secret and promising to help you

-Tormund Giantsbane looking at you closely and always complimenting on how you’re way too pretty to be Jon’s twin “brother”

-You helping your brother through it when he came back to life and comforting him

-Him asking for your advice on ruling the North as a King and you gladly helping

Hurt So Good

Requested by @teepartyy: A fic where Dean accidentally finds out the reader likes to be spanked.

Warning: Smut, spanking

Word Count: 1500ish

A/N: Sorry this took forever, hope you enjoy it!!

Cool air rushed into your lungs as you stepped out into the night, the front porch squeaking underneath your weight.

“That was fun,” Dean grinned, cheeks still flushed with adrenaline, and you couldn’t help but grin back. It was fun. Even if it was violent and scary, the rush of winning, of killing the evil, was always nice. And you didn’t hate the feel of fighting, knowing you were going to win, watching Dean as he moved with the same confidence.

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Description: You’d kept your Dyslexia a secret from Spencer for a while now, you didn’t want the BAU’s resident genius to look down on you because of something so trivial; but like all the profilers were trained to do, he eventually found out.

A/N: Thanks to the anon who requested this! I don’t have Dyslexia so I spend a lot of time before writing this doing some research so it was at least somewhat accurate; I hope I did it justice!

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He gets jealous - TVD preference

Author’s notefuumeitsutano requested this more than a month ago and I totally forgot (I’m so sorry, m'love), it’s been sitting on my laptop since the 2nd of January, I just forgot to post it. I’ll do more for you though, dear, since I made you wait so long! Thanks for the suggestion and inspiration! :) xxxx

Damon: Damon was rarely jealous – he knew that you were his and that you loved him, he called it confidence, you’d say it was arrogance. That being said, sometimes Damon would get jealous and it was never a fun thing to witness. He’d become irrational and ill-tempered and usually caused either a verbal or physical fight. You would be the tension diffuser and you’d have to drag your idiot of a boyfriend back to his house. It took a long time before he calmed down, he would always talk about how disgusting the guy who was ‘hitting on’ you was. To fully calm him down and bring him back from murdering the poor guy, you’d prove to him that he was the only one you had eyes for – that plan has never failed yet.

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Time in a Bottle [Peter Maximoff Fluff]

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Request:  “ Imagine request: your new to the xmen team. Your powers would help so much that professor x wanted you. Over the course of practicing you meet Peter aka quicksilver. You become friends and really bonded. And start to catch feelings for each other. One day you and him have a one on one practice session. Having a fun time just fooling around and pretending to fight each other as if you were villains. And you fall on top of him and your faces are close and slowly go in for a kiss. You both laugh:) ” anonymous

Trigger warnings: none 

Characters: Peter Maximoff xReader (gender non specified)

Word Count: 1.4k

A/N: I changed it a little tiny bit. I hope its alright with you. Again, I cant physically write anything under 1k words bc im trash and always get carried away so here is this mess. Jk, I quite like this one. Sorry for the delay and thank you SO MUCH for being so specific I love when you guys give me an actual plot to wrok with so if you have any ideas just hmu.

When you first came to study at the Xavier’s Institute for Gifted Youngsters you were a frightened teenager that was too scared to use your powers. But that was a month ago and now you were a reckless teenager that had no problems using your powers for the most selfish reasons and well you had only one person to blame.

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The kinds of SNS shippers:

The kind one: just the mom basically. You go to her to ask your questions and feel better. Main blog is her sns blog. Is always polite somehow? Everyone loves them.

The debunker: will literally call out all your shit, they don’t care you ship what they ship. Canon doesn’t phase them. They literally will bring up screenshot after screenshot, MLA format essay, master posts, links to posts from fucking 3 years ago, that embarrassing thing you said when you were 12. They will fight you. When you are real with them, they are so funny and cute. You melt.

The asshole: They don’t bring any canon facts, are just assholes with gifs. Funny, not at all serious, takes light of the whole thing. Will make fun of you endlessly.

The pixie: EVERYWHERE AT ONCE? Always loving and liking and giving feedback? How? Quick at all hours. You even change up your times to see if they are around and yup.

The babe: super chill. Just wants to enjoy the ride. Cool to literally everyone, you can’t tell if they like anyone more than anyone else. Even haters get similar treatment. They honestly are just trying to reblog art and funny memes.

The angel: either a loved artist or writer. Mess with them and you catch fists.

The Nerd: takes it way too seriously and personally. Literally cries about this stuff. Thinks about it daily. Will be both the mom, the pixie and the asshole. They are almost too much to bare but they are funny and a great support, even if they are embarrassing.

The Misanthrope: has and won’t really speak to you. But comes up with the most random and funny shit. Gets 1000 notes and responds to nothing. Leaves just as swiftly as they came. If they respond one day, months later, you gasp.

The what-the-fuck-are you here for: says that Sasuke and Naruto are hot together. You urge them to seek depth of character. Please! They shrug.

The baby: they aren’t new, but they are the sweet and the adorable ones. They are soft personas who just want to love. They don’t have anti content for anything. They are almost too pure. The only one the asshole is nice too.

The anti: just here for the anti part. Literally gave up awhile ago, still learning to laugh.

Dally Imagine: Maybe You Could Hold Onto It.

requested c:

You and Ponyboy met when you were in elementary school. All the other boys in your class used to make fun of you (if only they knew they’d be fighting to ask you out in high school) but Ponyboy never did. He used to get teased a bit too but never as much because they were all scared of his older brothers. Ever since the first day that Ponyboy sat with you while you were alone on the swings you two bonded instantly.

You made friends with his friends too but none of you ever were as close as you and Ponyboy were. The girls in your grade would always ask you which one you had a crush on and could never understand when you said none of them. You really meant it. You didn’t have a crush on any of them, especially Ponyboy. He was like your brother to you but you never saw the way he looked at you that definitely showed he wanted more than friendship.

You didn’t like any of them until one day day where you were sat on the Curtis’s couch waiting for Ponyboy to get out of the shower. No one else was home but suddenly Dally had walked through the door. He didn’t notice you-or if he did he didn’t acknowledge it- as he went to the kitchen to grab something to drink. He came out into the living room and sat in Darry’s chair. You shifted a bit where you were sitting but didn’t take your eyes off of the program you were watching on TV.

“Jee, doll, I never really noticed how good you looked.” Dally said and you looked over at him.

You didn’t think you looked any different than usual. You guessed what you were wearing showed off your body a little bit more than how you usually dressed but other than that nothing was new. You tried to ignore him. You didn’t mind the other guys but Dallas Winston had a tendency to drive you up a wall. He was bad news and he always took things to far.

Ponyboy got out of the shower and you two went off to the movies like you planned. You couldn’t stop thinking about Dally which made you annoyed you. You really tried not to care about him but the next night when Ponyboy invited you to a fire that they were having in the lot you found yourself dressing up a bit. You put on some lipstick and perfume and you even made your sister help you do your hair up a little nicer.

When you got to the fire you saw Dally do a double take. He didn’t say anything to you but you felt his eyes never leaving you the whole night. This happened a few more times. You and Ponyboy would hang out with his friends and you would make sure to look extra nice in case Dally showed up.

One night you and Ponyboy were sitting doing homework and his room. You two were going to the drive-in later with Dally and Johnny.

“Y/N.. Can I ask you something?” He said finally.

“You just did..” You laughed and he did too a bit and you looked up at each other.

“You’ve been.. You know.. doing your hair all different lately. And dressing nice. Well you always dress nice just.. nicer than usual..” he corrected “I couldn’t help but wonder if that.. If you and I maybe-” he couldn’t finish his sentence due to the fact that Dally and Johnny busted into the room. Dally was smoking a cigarette but he used his free hand to shove Ponyboy a bit.

“Come on, man. It’s getting dark already we gotta go.” he said.

Ponyboy looked a bit annoyed but you all left anyways. You all sat down for the movie and you were sat between Ponyboy and Dally. You could feel both boys stealing glances at you and about halfway through the movie Dally stood up. “I’m gonna get us all some cokes. Come help me carry them, Y/N.” he said so you stood to follow him.

The line was a bit long and you were shivering a bit, not realizing how cold it had been before since you had been focused on the movie. Dally shoved his coat at you a bit roughly. “Here, doll.” he said as he lit up a cigarette. “Jeez why wouldn’t you bring a jacket if you knew you were sitting outside.”

You couldn’t think of any smart replies so you just shrugged and put on his coat.

He stared at you for a long moment. “That’s a good look for you, babe.” he said then clarified. “My jacket on you I mean. I could get used to that you know. If you wanted to hang on to it.”

You grinned a bit and nodded. “I think I’d like to hold on to it.”

Dally just nodded a bit and wrapped his arm around your shoulders. You two didn’t say much else but when you got back to your seats you shared a soda and he kept his arm around you.

You weren’t sure what this would end up as or be like with a guy like Dallas Winston, all you knew is you could get used to the feeling of his arm holding you close.

Bellamy Blake imagine: My Queen (Part 1)

Summary: It’s Unity Day and reader has been looking forward spending some time with Bellamy, but instead he is having fun with Clarke. Reader gets jealous and gets into the fight with him. Then she goes with him, Raven, hercbest friend, and Jasper on the mission as the backup for Clarke and she gets hurt.

Part 2

Word count: 3741

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For the first time since we came down here, I could see everyone having a good time. They finally got a chance to loosen up a little.

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Why Coco and Yatsu Lost Their Match

[Image of Coco and Yatsuhashi knocked out at the end of their match in V03E04]

This, I think, more than anything, gets people upset about CFVY’s characterization in the show. While I know it’s been over a year at this point, I want to tackle this head on and hopefully lay this issue to rest because I still see people discussing it. (Yeah, wishful thinking I know.)

“Why did Coco and Yatsuhashi go down so easily in their two on two match?” people cry. And honestly, I’m not going to pretend that the match is easy or fun for me to watch, but here are my thoughts on how it happened because, honestly, it always made sense to me and never once felt out of place (even as I get upset at seeing my beloved team get hurt).


The only other time we’d seen CFVY fight was against grimm, in a life-or-death situation where they were protecting their home and civilians. They had just gotten back from a long mission about 24 hours before they got the call to go into downtown Vale and help with a grimm invasion of unknown size. They were packing their heavy hitting dust and bullets – Velvet was preparing to pull out her weapon and we know how devastating that can be.

Remember also that fighting grimm – no matter how heavily armored – is inherently different than fighting humans. Grimm don’t have auras – they are comparatively much easier to hurt and kill – so even if CFVY was packing the exact same equipment in Breach as Lessons Learned, it would still have taken more effort to even drain the aura of a human.

However, the Vytal Festival Tournament was a sparring match. A sparring match that was heavily televised and promoted, but still a sparring match. They weren’t out to kill or hurt anyone, so I’m certain they left their heavy hitting ammo and dust at home. They’re students training to be hunters to protect humanity – why would they bring things to a friendly sparring match that could hurt people?

Team Composition

[Image of Coco and Yatsuhashi at the beginning of their match in V03E04]

Okay, so, then why Coco and Yatsuhashi – the two tanks of team CFVY? Even with less heavy hitting equipment, they are clearly not the best choice – they’re both slow moving, Yatsu doesn’t seem to have a ranged weapon and Coco’s gun pretty much requires her to stand in one place to use most effectively. Fox and Velvet, the far more mobile pair, would have made a better choice – right?

Unless you consider this:

[Image of Velvet and Fox in the stands at the tournament]

Velvet essentially doesn’t have a weapon. Given Ruby’s attitude towards Velvet’s pictures, and Coco treating the weapon like a priceless commodity, she doesn’t pull it often. There would be no point in pulling it for a friendly sparring match against a rival school – it would have been a complete waste of photos. While she’s a perfectly capable fighter without her weapon, it still puts her at a disadvantage, and therefore she’s not a good choice.

Fox is a great fighter, has a weapon, and is plenty mobile. However, in Breach, he followed Velvet’s lead into the fray. He may work best with someone guiding him into a battle because of his blindness*. I also think he fights better when he knows what to expect from their tactics – I’m sure grimm are fairly predictable – and in an environment he’s familiar with. So he’d be fighting two unknown hunters in training he’d never fought before and partnered with Coco or Yatsuhashi, who again, are slower and not as mobile and would make for a poor lead. He probably would have done fine in the singles round, but struggled to get through the doubles.


Here’s another thing to think about: Coco and Yatsuhashi had a very different mindset going into the fight than Emerald and Mercury.

Emerald and Mercury were prepared to kill. They weren’t trying to kill Coco and Yatsuhashi, but there’s not a doubt in my mind that if it came down to it they would have. (Mercury more readily than Emerald, but still.) Again, Coco and Yatsuhashi were there for a friendly sparring match and were not actively trying to hurt anyone – nor would they ever feel like it would be necessary given the circumstances.

Final Thoughts

Given that they knew their strengths and weaknesses and that the doubles round essentially would have to be Coco and Yatsuhashi – arguably the worst possible combination from the team – why did team CFVY enter the tournament in the first place? They had to know they’d lose at some point – that the four on four match would probably be easy, but in the doubles round they’d crash and burn.

So, let’s rephrase the original question: why did team CFVY enter the tournament knowing they were going to lose?

[image of Velvet with a holographic version of Crescent Rose]

For Velvet.

Velvet is an amazing fighter with a huge weakness – her weapon is only as good as the weapons she has photos of. The Vytal Festival is a fantastic chance for her to get as many photos as possible – and if they enter the tournament directly they’re going to have access to locker rooms and be able to get in way closer. Hell, Velvet may not have been allowed to bring in her weapon without being a participant. So with that in mind, I think CFVY signed up for the tournament without a second thought - and would do so all over again just so that Velvet had as meany weapons as possible at her disposal.

*I know, technically, this is only fanon, but heavily supported fanon and so for the purposes of this post and any meta I write, I’m working under the assumption that Fox is blind.

boyfriend ! Taehyung

- he would have condoms on him all the times 

- cause he’s a sex monster 

- stealing your sweats pants

- once didnt wear underwear and EVERYONE SAW EVERYTHING

- you disowning him all the time

- once played porn in front of you and called it a movie

-would get excited when talking about your booties

- broke many of your reorders 

-hates blood

- once you were bleeding and started crying

-he hands down would try to fight air 

- is king at arm wrestling 

- has been unbeatable since the 9th grade

- but you would always beat him 

- you always have to remind him wear chap stick  

- vv forgetful

- he wouldn’t know what he would do without your caring ass

- is a mess

- he would makes you thumb war him when he doesnt want to clean up his mess

- childish af

- sometimes forgets he’s an adult 

- he’s fun to have around

- loves your body warmth

-whines about you not being home enough cause you be working all the time

- he would come to your work and bring you lunch

- he sucks at cooking

- you would eat every drop of it cause you love him

- does the dishes so you wouldnt get mad at him 

- is hella funny

- makes the best jokes

- has the best music taste

- you two would be jazzing out on Friday night while drinking

- he hates loud things

- he hates when you get mad and yell at him

- he would cry 

- huge crybaby

- you would have to kiss him to stop crying

- is a fashion king

- he lowkey a fashion designer

- hella loaded 

- but he’s saving his money for your kids and wedding 

- is a mature, pure person when meeting your parents 

- you met his friend and would question  them all the times

- you two going to park in the middle of the night and just chill

- he would hate when you come from work to work even more

- he would makes you a cup of coffee 

- then he would come up behind you and kiss your neck 

- giggling and shit

- you two staying up all night until you finish up your work

- he would wait for you on the couch with open arms when you come vvv late from work

- you stuff you foot in his face when you sleep

- him kicking you off the bed

- him thinking your dead when you dont wake up

-would makes fun of you when you wake up in the morning

-”god you’re so ugly”

- he would kiss you anyways

- he would brush the back of your hair when you’re in a rush

- he would makes sure you brush your teeth before you go to sleep

- he would pack you a “get better soon” bag with medicine and band aids

- would pack you extra socks 

- you would mistake your shirts for him and wear them to work

- he would always send you off 

-”make lots of money”

- would sometimes drive you to work

- a lot of sex in that car

- he would make fun of your height ( even if you tall )

- he buys you presents every other weeks to show you, he’s proud of you 

- he would take you out dancing 

- he’s hella boom @ dancing 

- he does that embarrassed ass smile when he was dancing with you

- he would force you to bring him snacks from the kitchen when he’s less than a foot always from it

- he would makes you step on his back

- would blow up condoms and throw them at you

-  condom balloon fight

- y’all friend walk in once and you both said

-”play safe”

- he would sing to you when you’re sick

- he would makes you soup

- rub your feet

- wash you

- he just doesnt like it when you’re sick

- he would call you his little pretty girl

- he would tickles you under the chin when you get annoyed

- rare taehyung reading a book

- you two having a sns war

- aka posting memes of each other to make each other look bad

- to embarrass you, he would start singing dirty lyrics  into your ear

- fighting 

- you two would pose in the middle of streets, whenever y’all song come on

-  he loves you more than you think of

- he would call you mother at times cause u nag a lot

-”you makes me love crazy”



Teasing and Surprises

Summary: Teasing your fiancé, Mick, has always been fun. Only this time it was even better considering you had some great news to tell him. Who knew someone ‘tough’ as him could get so soft. 
Requested by two Anons

Words: 731

Pairing: Mick Davies x Reader

Warnings: Pregnancy Reveal, nothing else I believe.

A/N: I admit, this is kinda out of character. But it’s been one of the requests so I don’t care.

You and Mick were both watching Ketch fighting some Rugarus in the training area. He was using some new weapons as well as some new combat techniques he had learned from some of the American hunters.

The progress you had made in America was astonishing and even though you knew neither Mick nor Arthur would admit it, they thought so too.

The past month you had been feeling… a little bit off. But when you found out what the reason to it was, you were more than happy. Well, shocked at first since you never expected it to happen but you knew when Mick found out, he would feel just as happy.

But before you told him… you decided to tease him a little.

“I really admire Ketch, he’s so strong… and nice… and he can take on everyone. I’m sure if he was taken he would do everything to protect his girl. A true hero,” you smiled, trying your best not to laugh when you noticed the sad glance Mick gave you.

“I see…” he said before leaving without saying anything else.

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Girlfriend Sooyoung

bias wrecker?? definitely 💖

Originally posted by sooyyoung

  • dating sooyoung is a roller coaster ride, lemme tell you
  • she feels emotions strongly so if she’s mad at you then RUN AS FAR & AS FAST AS YOU CAN
  • but when she’s happy then it’s like gazing directly at the sun
  • her entire being exudes joy & sunshine when she’s happy
  • oh, & fights with her suck bc she’s too sassy
  • you’ll never win
  • she’ll always have an answer
  • and a good one at that
  • have you ever tried arguing with someone that can best you in comebacks?
  • it sucks!
  • but one good thing about her wit is that NO ONe can talk shit about you
  • sooyoung will butt in with something so sarcastic & smart that that person starts to wish they were never born
  • oh, & bickering with the other girls is so much fun when sooyoung’s on your side
  • “ah, what do you mean, you didn’t realise that the pudding was ours? can you not read? we wrote our names on it!” sooyoung points out, to a pouty bandmate
  • also, handles the “dating scandal” well
  • she has good leadership skills in my opinion. there’s been many instances where an interviewer will ask an awkward/imposing q and she’ll handle it smoothly, making a joke out of it or diverting the q
  • so if the tabloids/mc’s/interviewers go to far in their q’s about the relationship, she’ll hit them with a “ah, why are you so concerned? don’t you have a love life of your own?” which will leave the crowd in stitches
  • is hardworking so will dedicate as much time & energy into the relationship as she can, but sometimes, she simply can’t; her schedule can be crazy, which makes her so tired whenever she comes home (sometimes she doesn’t)
  • but when she can, she makes the most out of time with you, making sure you know you’re loved & appreciated
  • whether that’s a coffee date
  • or simply having a night in
  • that’s when she’s the calmest
  • that’s when she doesn’t need to worry about her image, or about what to say & how to say it
  • she can burp and munch and chew away, feeling completely comfortable around you
  • this leads to much skinship, particularly cuddling
  • she switches it up between being the big & little spoon, since sometimes she feels so drained that she just wants to be cuddled and have you litter kisses on the back of her neck
  • then other times, she feels like taking the more dominant role
  • oh, actually, let’s talk about dominant sooyoung
  • because wow
  • maybe this ties in with her good leadership skills, but she knows how to take control
  • loves to take control, actually
  • she likes nothing more than tying you up, doing whatever she wants to you, worshiping your body while dirty talking you so hard that you feel like so filthy but oh so fulfilled
  • “ah, do you want me to make you cum?”
  • “what do you say?”
  • and if you don’t say “please” then don’t expect release anytime soon
  • unless you compliment her, which makes her absolutely melt
  • there’s something so reassuring about having anyone, esp the person she loves, tell her that she’s doing well, that her dancing has improved, that the shoes she wore go so well with her jacket. just anything kind makes her feel so warm & mushy inside.
  • but she’s not the type to let your compliments away without saying something witty
  • “of course I look good today. I look good everything”
  • & you can’t even say anything back since
  • where is the lie?

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my childhood summer

sweet summer peaches
picked right off our trees
the sting of sun kissed skin
and scraped up knees

stubborn little girl curls
put in crooked pigtails
dirty filthy socks
and unkept fingernails

big sister snuggles
with endless summer talks
climbing up trees
and long forest walks

guessing shapes
resting under cloudy skies
then playing in dirt
making perfect mud pies

ice cream scoops
piled up to my nose
with one eager lick
they’d fall too my toes

riding my banana seat bike
while chasing the sun
second hand roller skates
were way too much fun

hand held sparklers
with starry skied wishes
sneaking out of the house
to avoid doing dishes

beach picnics with cousins
and way too much food
our dads wearing swimsuits
that didn’t always look good

skimming rocks on the pond
and jumping in puddles
picking each dandelion we saw
no need for chemicals

a full day of play
in a tree house retreat
with sticky sweet smiles
and penny candy treats

jumping through sprinklers
and water balloon fights
hide and seek games
during cool summer nights

blanket fort sleepovers
with absolutely no sleep
sharing magical secrets
we promised we’d keep

blasting off caps
then running for cover
with wishes that summer
would never be over


Sleepover with Jungkook~(requested by meme anon)

Sleepovers were always fun with your boyfriend Jungkook from gaming to shoving pizza in your mouths, to cuddling and having pillow fights.




Hellos and New Starts Part 01

Draco Malfoy X Reader

Request: Nope

Warning: Torture. Fluff. Marriage talk? Fear

(AN: Takes place post wizarding war. Draco is smol bean. Haha… Next part is fun)

Originally posted by stunning-i


Shyly, you placed a shaking hand into Draco’s, fighting the tears stinging your eyes. You had absolutely nothing in common with Narsissa or Lucius Malfoy except for your love for their son.

You were a Hufflepuff, a half-blood, a fighter on the light side. You and Draco’s love was strange and forbidden, but intimate and passionate, simple and classic. The same relationship that your grandpa and grandma had always had ever since you could remember.

Noticing your nerves, Draco squeezed your hand and kissed your neck, “They will adore you, Y/N… Fret not.” He whispered tenderly in you ear causing a small ghost of a smile to spread on your lips.

“This is me we are talking about Draco. Fretting is more of a hobby than something I do.” Chuckling, I laid against his shoulder while he knocked on the door, rubbing my hand as I took deep breaths in order to calm myself, knowing that it would most likely be his mother who would answer.

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Episode 7

Despite the craziness over the Malec scene I actually really enjoyed this episode. Malec was cute as always and a simple okay from Magnus could’ve saved this fandom a lot of fighting (though I think Magnus was totally fine with it). Aside from that this episode had tons of moments I loved. Jace and Simon’s scene where Jace taught him to flirt and Alec and Izzy’s scene where they talk about Alec’s sex life were hilarious and fun. We saw some actual SIZZY interaction which was perfect. We saw the first of Clary getting a little jealous which was fun and let’s not forget the moment Jace heard Clary was in trouble and he literally jumped out of his seat. My CLACE FEELS!!! Lastly, the Infernal Devices reference to Jem made my day, I squealed so loud that my mom and my sister yelled at me. All in all it could’ve been executed better in terms of scene writing (Malec) and editing but I enjoyed it and I can’t wait for next week.