they were always a very good old married couple


(Top to bottom and left to right)

“An Old Married Couple!” - I sort of feel Moffat gave the game away here, but my goodness it was a fun ride while we were figuring out if this could really be true. Love, love, LOVE the looks on their faces; River, concerned that too much has been said, and 10, just now realizing he may be staring at the love of his life. 

“I’m Really…Very Sorry” - Aaaaaaand, his suspicions are confirmed. What a layered expression he has when he understands the weight of what she’s told him. And the mysterious 10 musical motif! I always felt as if a massive point of no return occurred with this moment.

“Bet I Like You…”“Oh…you do.” Dearest 10: Stop flirting with your future wife and get to work. 😜

“You and Me” - Honestly, every nanosecond of this scene makes it into my top DW moments of all time, but this line is exceptionally beautiful (I know I’m by no means the first one to point this out). I believe so much in the “us” she mentions. It’s a clever promise Moffat makes the audience: There will be an epic love story in the years to come, viewers. You watch. 

“There’s Only One Time I Could” - Only. One. Time. 10 and River break my heart here. He falls in love and grieves that love in a matter of seconds, and she’s so calm and resigned despite her own grief. They’re simultaneously saying “hello” and “goodbye,” and it’s so tragic and hopeful in the same instant. Just…kill me. 

Acceptance - The Doctor’s not good at the “acceptance” stage of grief, as River tells us. He’s more into defiance. I love the rush of excitement when he realizes he can put her death on permanent hold. RUN, YOU CLEVER BOY, AND SAVE YOUR WIFE. 

Snap - I adore that this adds a new dimension to the whole “timey wimey” idea. The Doctor isn’t able to open the TARDIS with a snap of his fingers because he heard he’d be able to in his future; he’s able to do it because he wants to become the man his wife believes in. It’s not just the time factor–it’s a matter of belief. 

“Everybody Lives” - Only on that very special day in a million days. Everybody lives…and there is a song. 

Doctor Who Revival Series Re-Watch (River Song Edition)

Series 4, Episode 9: “Forest of the Dead”

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