they were all super fun

That was wild! Sitting directly in the sun and couldn’t feel the heat where just a few minutes before that I was sweating to death! The lighting was so so neat but the camera really didn’t capture it. 
The cicadas got confused and were yelling loudly as if it were night time!
All in all, super fun, glad I got to be a part of it!


one of my favourite lines from the script!! i’m proud of him :’)


I decided to hop on the valentine-making bandwagon this year and made a couple of silly cards with my favourite Bioware boys. I wanted to make more (and think of better captions) but my university exams won’t let me…                                                                                                                                            

honestly I can’t eat chocolate cake anymore without thinking of Aelin & Rowan

Happy Valentine’s Day  ー( *´ ▽ `*)ノ ♡ !

earlier i asked for people to send their nintendo otps (ended up just doing fe ones to keep the whole theme running ehe;;) and i got over 40 messages!! that’s a lot ! i wish i could’ve done them all but they were super fun none the less <3 lucigo, gaisumi, and chrobin were the most popular requests !

                                                  Proof of existence

Happy Birthday to my most loved possession, Super Paper Mario! It’s the big one-oh, so I wanted to draw something big for it!!


Some cool ladies
Other DGHDA drawings


muhteşem yüzyıl kösem + gay text posts


so i made designs and slight profiles, but im not sure if i should actually participate,, well, either way, this was a super fun prompt to think about!!! 

Sober Buddies.

AN: I dont know if this is what you had in mind but I tried! Lol Hope you like it regardless. *sidenote: I dont condone underage drinking but in real life teens get drunk so, it is what it is*


Spring break was finally here and Riley and her small group of friends could not be more excited. They were seniors now and with that came all the super fun, albeit inappropriate, parties. No one in their grade was old enough to drink but it just so happened that the students who did throw parties either had care-free parents or older siblings who’d buy them whatever they needed for their little shindigs. Now that it was Spring Break, the kids who weren’t going away on vacation would stay home while their parents are away and throw big blowout bashes.

Riley’s never been big on drinking, not only is she a bit of a lightweight but she dislikes the taste of it and absolutely hates the feeling you’re left with the morning after. Because of that, she became her groups designated driver for all intents and purposes. Not that she cared, she still got to hang out with her friends but at the end of the night she didn’t have to worry about how they were getting home because she was there to guide her drunken baby birds to their nests.

Lucas very rarely got shitfaced. He was always afraid of what would happen if he pushed himself too far and because of that he knew his limits and always stopped after two drinks. There were a few times he let loose and it’s safe to say he deeply regretted it the following morning.  

Somewhere along the way Riley and Lucas became the responsible ones amongst their friends. Riley already knew she was “the mom” and not just because Maya was always reminding her of it but because she was the one who was always there to clean up their mess. Lucas, upon noticing the pattern, steps in to help Riley out but just ends up being labeled “the dad” of the group, which he secretly loves.

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mobile phone wallpapers (640x1136) | ensemble stars
Trickstar; Ra*bits; 2wink