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On one of his nightly strolls Robbie was letting his wings air out but suddenly he wasn’t alone anymore. A child was out wandering and saw him. In a panic he used his magic to create a fog hoping that they’d forget what they saw if they couldn’t see anything. 



Part Two 

Paralyzed (Grayson x Reader)


Requested: Nope, just an idea I’ve been having for a while.

Summary: You, Ethan and Grayson grew up together. You were very close to both of them but you were closer to Grayson causing deeper feelings to arise, it became harder and harder to control those feelings especially since he keeps coming for girl advice to you.

Word count: 1453

Warnings: Sad, all over the place.

(A/N) : I haven’t written anything in a very long time so my writing is pretty rusty, I apologies for that.

Growing up with two very sporty and energetic boys was hard at times, especially since you weren’t a very sporty person. Ethan and Grayson have always tried to get you into sports and they succeeded as you played a variety of sports with them when you guys were younger.

School was hard, people were making fun of you for hanging out with them, they often teased you saying that you were dating both of them. Mean words were thrown at you and they defended you every time. Ethan was better at keeping his cool and he was only throwing words back at the bullies, you couldn’t say the same about Grayson. He was the one getting more physical when guys were starting to really bother you and some of them touching you without consent.

You understood the reasons as to why they left but they left you alone to fend for yourself. With time, you grew immune to the insults and started defending yourself when the guys or girls were starting to get physical. You owed it to Grayson and Ethan for teaching you how to do so. Having two masculine influences growing up was starting to become an advantage.

When they decided to move to Los Angeles it was one of the most devastating moments in your life. You were so mad at them that you didn’t even help them pack and you didn’t even say goodbye.

“Gray, we have to go. We need to arrive in time at the airport to get trough security, we waited long enough. She isn’t coming.” Ethan tried to make Grayson get in the car as he was standing on the front porch of your house.

You were in your room, tears streaming down your face as you peaked from the window of your bedroom. You were afraid that the moment you hugged him, you weren’t going to be able to pull apart. Not only did they left you by yourself in school but they were going to leave you for good. Visiting during summer wasn’t enough and it wasn’t the same.

The day they left wasn’t the most devastating moment, it was a close second. The most devastating moment is happening right now.

You were in Grayson’s room, on his bed to be precise. You were staring at him as he was running his hand trough his hair in agitation. He was rambling to you about this girl he saw on Instagram. That girl was gorgeous, you couldn’t deny it. No one could. He’s been talking about her for about a week.

You tried to push the strong feelings that you had developed for Grayson but you couldn’t anymore. It was killing you inside, seeing him look at girls that he meets, a certain way. The way his eyes sparkle, the way he bites his lip eyeing the girl up and down. His face becoming flushed, he begins stuttering. You were seeing those reactions for those others girls.

With you he was his normal self, you know all of his emotions, form angry, to sad, to happy, to goofy. You have never experienced the flushed Grayson though. Now, you have, for another girl.

“Should I message her? No, that would be too weird. I mean, what do I say?” He has been rambling on and on.

“How about you text her a hey, Gray? Don’t you think that would be a good start for a conversation?” You asked him as you placed your hand on his shoulder, in order to ease his nerves.

You were very good at masking your emotions, at pretending that everything was fine.

“You’re right. I’m such an idiot for getting so worked up.” He chuckles as he wraps his arm around your waist giving your hip a little squeeze as he places a gentle peck on your cheek.

“What would I do that you, Y/N?” He asks with his big, mesmerizing smile.

You have him a weak one in return, the one you thought resembled a grimace.

That night, you had difficulty sleeping, it was becoming harder and harder to control your emotions. It’s been so long since you discovered that you were falling for him. How could you not? He’s the nicest guy you ever met, besides Ethan of course they were both very similar in that way.

Grayson could change your bad mood with just a simple smile, he had that kind of a big power on you. It was becoming too hard for you, being so close to him and not act upon your feelings.

Not seeing him that often was suppose to help and it did in a way. When you weren’t around him, you had the illusion that your feelings subsided but once you come and see him again, staying with him for three months of vacation. It’s a lot and the departure destroys you.

The night before the day you were supposed to return home in New Jersey, your feelings were all over the place, it was becoming too much for you. You couldn’t control your breathing, your mind was in a very dark place and you couldn’t escape all the bad thoughts. You had to tell him.

You, Ethan and Grayson came home after being out, you were distant the whole night.

“Okay, Y/N, you need to tell me what’s going on. I’m here, I’m always here to listen and you know that. Did the fans we saw earlier say anything bad to you? If they did you need to tell me.” Grayson pressured as he crouched in front of you as you were sitting on the edge of the bed.

You shook your head with a frown. “No, they didn’t say anything bad. They were really nice actually. It’s just…something that has been on my mind for a really long time and I don’t know how to say it. I’m say it, actually.”

Grayson’s worried expression changed to a confused one. You were scared? You’ve never been scared to tell him anything before.

“I..” You stopped as you had to take a deep breath, your heart was pounding. You squeezed your eyes shut. You had to do this, it was hurting you too much.

“I can’t come visit anymore.” You blurred out quickly. Your eyes opened wide as you stare at him, that wasn’t how you planed to tell him.

His eyebrows scrunched, his mouth was parted as he stared at you.

“Wha-what? What do you mean you can’t visit anymore? Are you guys having money troubles? Because I told you before, we’d be happy to pay for your ticket, we said that since the beginning-”

“No! Grayson, it’s not money problems. I just can’t be around you anymore.” You interrupted him, getting up as you started pacing around the room.

You couldn’t look at him, you couldn’t see his hurt expression after you said that. Grayson didn’t get were that was coming from. What did you mean by that? What did he do wrong?

“Did I do something wrong?” He asks, his voice quiet and wary.

You quickly shook your head and stopped pacing, you were facing him now, his eyes were filled with sadness.

“No, you’re doing everything right and that’s the problem.” You said, your voice beginning to shake as tears were welling up into your eyes.

“I can’t be around you anymore without wanted to hold your hand or kiss you. I can’t watch you fall for other girls. I can’t be the best friend. I’m sorry, Grayson. I tried, trust me. I really tried to bury these feelings away. Our friendship means so much to me but for a while now, all it does is hurt me.” You finally let it all out, tears were running down your cheeks. Your vision was so blurry that you could only see his figure. The lump in your throat made it hard for you to finish your sentences.

Grayson was speechless, he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. How did he not see that his best friend was hurting. How did he not see that he was the cause of your suffering. He slowly made his way towards you and wrapped his arms around you, letting you cry into his chest. He was holding your shaking body to him, holding back his own tears.

“I’m sorry.” He apologized quietly. What was he apologizing for? Was he sorry for not noticing? For not return your feelings? Or both?

The day of your flight, your said your goodbyes to both of them. You couldn’t look Grayson in the eyes, the guilt that was in them made your heart ache, your heart has suffered too much already.

(A/N) : Well that was pretty crappy, I’m sorry like I said my writing is pretty rusty. Leave some feedback, is you want and if you guys have any requests I’ll be happy to hear them out! Thank you for reading !

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What if MC didn’t take care of herself while V was hospitalized ? (based on day 10) pt. 3

Actually wrote this a lot faster than I thought. Then again I already had half written by the time I posted pt.2. This part is a little slower, but it’s centered around Jihyun. Oh and MC’s blood results came back! Remember, MC here is MC Jeon because I gave her a last name. 

Thank you so much again to those who gave me such positive comments! I hope you enjoy this part and well stick around for the next part because more is gonna start happening :D!

Pt. 1 // Pt. 2 // Pt. 3 // Pt.4 // Pt.5 // Pt. 6

Length: 2022 words

Part: 3/?

Pairing: VxMC

Warnings: none

Sorry for any grammatical mistakes ^^;;

Jihyun’s night turned out to be so much longer than he would have liked it to be. Since Jumin left, the room was just a cloud of silence and it was suffocating in the least. It bothered him that he woke up so close to the end of visiting hours. It was around 10:30 pm that he woke up and MC fell unconscious. He wanted to scream everything on his mind. Having no one to distract him, no one to talk to him, he was left to his thoughts. And anyone who knew what it was like to be alone to your thoughts in the dead of night was torture.

Jumin’s disappointed yet concerned words resonated in his ears and because of them, Jihyun was now looking back on his life. Had he always been this way? Why had he not seen how selfish he bad become? Even when he said he gave his all to Rika, he was really taking everything from her. How could anyone handle him? How could MC do this to herself someone like him?

Everything that seemed to make sense in his life no longer did.

Was it because he was now starting to change? Was it because he finally had an outside lens into his life? All these questions swam around in his sea of thoughts and refused to let him be at peace. At least for one night so he could recuperate would be enough. If Jihyun could recover, he could take care of MC. But negativity ate at him for what felt like an eternity, especially since the only clock in the room was across the room where he could not see.

If he was being truthful with himself, Jihyun was even avoiding looking at MC. Seeing her in such a state only made him feel so worthless and like a burden. He had promised her since the beginning that he would protect her. Save her. But it had been the opposite all this time and all he ever repaid her with was anxiety. He even began to admit to himself that it was his stubbornness and he needed to change that about himself as soon as he could if he wanted everything else in his life to change.

Stirring in bed only made his wound that much more painful so he could not even fidget that night. Constantly rubbing his eyes, he hoped that some drops of sleep and tiredness would rain on him. But it did not come until much later around midnight. It was at that time that another nurse came in to check on MC that exhaustion finally kicked in, sending him off to another world where he could escape such pessimistic thoughts. And he did not wake up until six in the morning when light shown through the window, courtesy of the early morning sun

The pain in his abdomen had subsided quite a bit, much to Jihyun’s relief. But now he was absolutely hungry, his stomach growling for food. It took him a while to completely wake up as he was drifting between consciousness and unconsciousness, his eyelids fluttering and fighting to remain open. It was not until he noticed that now there were two nurses checking up on MC, as opposed to the previous single nurse. They were injecting medicine directly into her veins and from what little Jihyun could perceive, he managed to hear them say that the blood work came in.

Jihyun grunted as he shifted into a sitting position on his bed and asked the nurses with a raspy voice, “I hear you two saying something about her blood tests. May I know what results came back in?”

The new nurse was not sure of he was allowed to know but the other was there when Jumin gave his permission to discuss MC’s test results with his friend. The nurse came to his bedside and showed him the document with all the information he needed to know. He squinted and rubbed his eyes hoping to focus on the letters but he was either too exhausted yet or his vision was worsening. It was most probable that it was the latter.

The nurse explained to him about the findings in her blood and said, “According to Miss Jeon’s tests, she’s been developing anemia for a while now. Of course, it’s nothing alarming or to worry about so much because it’s easily treatable. That’s why she was so cold last night.”

“I see… So, even with that condition, she’ll be fine?”

“She should be. We’re just giving her iron supplements and vitamin B now that we know. She has a low red blood cell count so that may contribute to still being asleep. With anemia, it means she’ll be easily fatigued and lightheaded, but we’ll discuss more about this when her guardian arrives,” the nurse informed Jihyun and then placed the documents elsewhere before returning to his side. “I’m also going to need to check your wound for the moment.”

Still trying to become fully aware of everything, he awkwardly lowered his blankets and lifted his shirt for the nurse to see. With a nod he gave, the nurse began to examine his wound. She also checked around the area for any tenderness, to which gave Jihyun discomfort, drawing a pained moan from his mouth. Once done with the examination, he pulled down his shirt and was informed that he was healing just fine and that he could walk now; finally being allowed the walk elated him so much but he knew he could not simply walk expecting to have the same strength in his lower body. After all, he had been confined to a bed for over twenty six hours.

Before the nurse could leave, Jihyun’s stomach growled again and it reminded him to ask for breakfast if was allowed to eat yet. Fortunate enough, the nurse told him that someone would bring him food soon. However, he was defeated by drowsiness and did not get to eat breakfast until much later around noon. Might as well be lunch then.

Admittedly, it was hard to push down the food they gave him because of its undesirable bland taste. If anything it felt like he was eating plastic. But Jihyun knew he needed something in his body to start functioning well again. Finishing up what little breakfast they served him, he drank up some grape juice and set the tray aside at the end of his bed. Considering that he was fully awake now, he removed his blankets, slowly and carefully, and his feet found their way to the floor. Shivers traveled up his body as he felt the floor was almost like ice. Jihyun grabbed hold of his IV, using it as his support as he walked over to MC. It was a painfully slow process and he thought his legs would give in very soon.

Sitting on her bedside, Jihyun laid his hand on hers and compared to last night, her hands were much warmer, to his relief. It seemed that the medication and supplements were helping her out, seeing as her skin was not as pale anymore. Listening to her steady breathing was soothing as well. Jihyun could not help but feel more than just worry and a desire to protect her. Part of him was developing affection for her, but he was hesitant to let it come over him. Simply knowing the last time he cared for anyone deeply and affectionately turned into a psychological mess, he wanted to keep some distance with MC. After all, Jihyun only caused her to worry more. He only repaid her with more concern.

Giving her hand a light squeeze, Jihyun whispered to the unconscious girl, “Don’t worry about me for now. Focus on gaining strength okay? I’m alright now, so be selfish and recover. I’m not sure if you can hear me, MC, but I’m going out to walk for a bit. I want to regain my strength as soon as I can. Don’t do anything dumb while I’m away, got it?”

Jihyun left the room for a while as he went out to walk in the halls of the hospital. To distract himself of the pain, he kept counting the things he saw and examined the paintings hung around the halls as decoration. Truthfully, he was also attempting to ward away his selfish and negative thoughts that made him take the blame for everything. Jumin was right and he had to change. But it was something he had always done, he forgot what it was like to be selfish. Maybe MC could teach him what it would be like.

No not yet. I can’t ruin her not like everyone else.

He greeted many other patients walking around in hospital gowns identical to his, making small talk for the time to pass. He made a few laps around the same corridors before feeling exhausted. It was actually harder for him to breathe because the mere expanding and contracting of his abdomen as he did so caused him discomfort. Soon enough, he thought he could return to his room and find something to do. As he was approaching the hallway leading to his room, he heard his name being called out multiple times. Each time it sounded more broken and desperate, so he followed the voice.

It was MC who had just left her room. Her body was still slumped, meaning she was still tired, and her eyes looked around helplessly. She looked lost.

“Jihyun?” MC kept calling out though her head was still spinning. When she woke up, she did not give herself time to adjust. The moment she saw Jihyun’s bed empty, she sprang from her bed and outside the room. Just like someone who had been laid down for a long time and suddenly got dizzy upon standing, MC found herself clinging to her IV pole. She still could not focus her vision on anything so all she could see were blurry blobs of people striding along around her. And not one blob had mint colored hair. As though she were on autopilot, she was not even thinking. It was merely an instinct that she felt; that Jihyun was in danger again. “Jihyun!”

Every pained cry only widened the gash in Jihyun’s heart, and he tried his best to rush to MC. He wished he could yell out her name but that would only physically hurt him more. After turning at one more corner, he found MC appearing like a lost puppy right in front of their room. Before she could yell his name out again, he wrapped her in his embrace, coaxing her into calmness.

“I’m here. I’m okay,” Jihyun sighed and walked her back into the room, guiding her to lay down once again. “Why would you do that, MC? I know you’re scared, but think of yourself first okay?”

MC was still so exhausted, and drowsy. Her appearance was still disheveled and her hair was a mess. Dark circles had formed around her eyes and Jihyun was convinced that those were not there before the incident. Her lips were so chapped that they looked white, clearly a sign that she refused to drink water yesterday. Nothing much was said by the feeble girl as she laid down once again, except a few phrase, “Lay down with…me. I need… know… you’re here. Okay.”

Her grip was fragile on Jihyun’s shirt and he conceded. Despite wanting to keep distance, it was not an easy feat knowing that he had to somehow repay his debt to her. Careful and aware of the MC’s IV, he laid down in her bed next to her after grabbing his phone that was on the couch. She was quickly drifting back into an unconscious state once again, but just before leaving, she took hold of Jihyun’s hand. Their intertwined hands were laid on his chest right before she drifted off into another world again.

But she could still feel his heartbeat in her hand, and that was enough to let her fall deeper into darkness.

To be continued…

Pt. 1 // Pt. 2 // Pt. 3 // Pt.4 // Pt.5 // Pt. 6