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On one of his nightly strolls Robbie was letting his wings air out but suddenly he wasn’t alone anymore. A child was out wandering and saw him. In a panic he used his magic to create a fog hoping that they’d forget what they saw if they couldn’t see anything. 


Let’s take a closer look at Arashi here… especially at Sakumoto + Jun’s reaction and, of course, Nino’s reaction~ LOL! Ohh~ these boys! XD - VS Arashi 2015.10.01

Better Than CPR // Poe x Reader

Could you do a Poe imagines where you almost drown (your x wing crashes) and he has to do cpr on you. And him thinking that your dead he confesses his love to you?

“Come on, people. We are almost back home,” Poe, the head pilot, speaks from his headset.

General Organa sent four of her best pilots out a mission. The two day mission required immense focus and you barely got any sleep. Your surroundings were all so hazy and blurry as you were flying close to home. Vision going spotted, your eyes fluttered closed and you told yourself to stay awake.

(Y/N), you’re almost there. Come on, push through it.

Everyone told you if you were too sleepy to fly home, you should not fly at all. Someone would take you back in his X-wing. But you were too determined to fly back with no help. You were one of the best pilots, how could something bad happen to you?

“You okay, (Y/N)? Your ship is rocking back and forth,” a voice calls from the other line of your headset.

Shaking your head, you realize that you were falling asleep once more. ‘Yeah!“ you wake yourself up. "I’m fine, just uh- just a little turbulence…”

The pilots and you continue to make your venture back home as you get sleepier and sleepier. Your brain can’t take it anymore. You’ve just been so exhausted that you just need to rest your eyes.

Like before, your eyes start to flutter, softly and slowly. You can feel your X-wing start to fall as your body becomes knocked out. The last thing you hear is Poe’s voice calling your name…

Kamino was a water planet. All of it was covered in water and beaches. Nothing more, nothing less. When Poe saw that’s where you were crash landing, he knew he had to act quick.

As your ship plummeted down and hit the water, a huge splash erupted from the force of contact. Poe started directing orders left and right, his nerves high.

This can’t be happening. Not to her.

The other pilots located your ship and Poe landed his quickly so he could take you out safely. Once you and your ship were plucked from the ocean, you were brought up on the sane. Poe rushed to your side as he watched your expressionless face. You lips were parted, hair sprawled out across the warm sand.

Poe pressed his ear to your chest, listening for your heartbeat. He couldn’t find anything which made his heart sink. “Call General Organa and warn her. Now!” Poe commands as the other two pilots rush to the ships, leaving you and Poe alone on the beach.

He started to panic. What do I do? What do I do?

Suddenly, he realized that he has to perform an emergency CPR. Breathing out, he leans down, placing his lips on your parted ones. He pushes his oxygen from his lungs into yours, praying that you’ll wake up.

Poe then folds his hands while pressing short pulses to your chest.

“Come on, (Y/N). Wake up, please,” Poe whispers. He repeats the process a few more times, pressing his ear against your chest to check for a heartbeat. After about fifteen reps, he sees no progress. His heart sinks to the bottom of his stomach. “(Y/N), please,” his voice cracks. “Wake up, please. I haven’t told you how I really feel…(Y/N), wake up. I’m in love with you. And I have been so such a long time. Please wake up.”

Your eyes still remain shut, but your brain is awake and is processing all of the words spoken to you in that moment.

Poe was confessing his love…to you?

“I can’t let you go. Not now. Please wake up. I need you,” Poe tells you as he brushes your hair away from your face. You can hear sniffling as your body jolts with electricity, your eyes fluttering open. The picture before you is fuzzy as your eyes slowly adjust to the bright light of Kamino’s sun.

You let out a groan, before struggling to pick yourself up. “Poe?” you ask.

His brown eyes look down at you as his eyebrows furrow in confusion. “(Y/N)? You’re alright?” he asks, as you push your body weight on your elbows. “You’re alive.”

A small smile forms on his face as you wrap your arms around his neck, pulling him into a tight hug. Poe buries his face in your neck, never wanting to let you go in fear he’ll lose you for good. When you pull away, you look into his deep eyes. “Did you mean what you said just then?” you ask.

He wears a confused expression before a slap of realization hits him. “Uh, um, I mean, yeah, kind of…”

With that, you grab his face and pull his lips onto yours. He is tense under your touch, but slowly relaxes as he cups your face. His lips are soft and you can’t help, but want to stay in that place forever. Pulling away, his eyes are still closed in complete bliss. You giggle at him, “Better than CPR?” you tease.

Poe shakes his head, eyes still closed. “Much better,” he whispers as you laugh, placing another gentle kiss to his lips.

We were supposed to write reviews of movies featuring ancient Rome and I ended up writing my entire paper on homoeroticism in the 1959 Ben-Hur.

It’s actually a fascinating topic. Post WWII society’s gender roles were getting all blurry so there was a huge surge of homophobia in the states, which you can totally see in the film considering Ben-Hur and Messala ARE CLEARLY LOVERS LIKE HOLY FUCK IT’S GAY. IT’S SO GAY. Plus also the actor who played Messala (Stephen Boyd) said they were encouraged to act like former lovers, which he did, and he’s like totally making love to Charlton Heston with his eyes in their initial scene together. IT’S LIKE, CRAZY GAY.

And since it was a review on historical accuracy i got to say that that definitely wasnt inaccurate because homoerotic relationships were perfectly normal in Rome before the 4th century when Christianity was introduced and it became illegal- they had pretty strict rules about who could top and bottom though because society was so hierarchical. Basically what I’m saying is as a Roman citizen, Messala most definitely would have been the top/dom and Ben-Hur would have been the bottom/sub since he’s Jewish (dom/sub dynamics were crucial in Roman homosexual encounters because your rank in society dictated who you were allowed to stick it in.) V interesting stuff.

But anyway, ofc American ideologies were trying to reinforce heterosexuality throughout the narrative so Messala and Ben-Hur have all that conflict and then Messala dies and Ben-Hur ends up with Esther whom he has NOT ONE IOTA OF CHEMISTRY WITH OMGGGGG yet Messala and Ben-Hur had so much sexual tension you can fucking taste it is2g

Welp. I hope my prof enjoys my analysis.

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Almost all my pictures were blurry. I’m so upset. ;∆; If anyone happens to find any pictures of us, please link me! It’ll just be for my own happiness and I won’t repost!

AFO was awesome! Voltron family was well received! And it was SUPER HELLA AWESOME actually meeting a few of you! Hope I was just as lame as I sound like on this Tumblr. *awkward slow wink* I’m sorry I missed some of you though. We already had afternoon plans so we ducked out after a few hours. :(

I want to bust out these cosplays in the future (maybe next time my boyfriend will actually wear his dang wig!!!!). Florida was very unforgiving today and the heat made me hella anxious when it really shouldn’t have. Fingers crossed the next time Team Voltron makes an appearance the weather won’t be a billion and one degrees. *whispers*ihateyouflorida*whispers*

Note to self, make son a Red Lion shirt or something so we have an excuse to include him. x3