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Do you know what love is? I’ll tell you: it is whatever you can still betray.
― John le Carré

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fawnmist  asked:

Psst you got any good sick or injured Keith fic recs?

OK! finally getting around to answering this. sorry it took so long but ive like literally had to go through all of my bookmarks to find some, and even then the ones im about to rec are pretty loose on the sick/injured Keith.

Needless to say, theres lots of angst, some have happy endings, some dont. Ill add the warnings in for each rec

Finding Home by spacegaykogane

Warnings: N/A
Summary: After the wormhole collapses, Keith finds himself stranded on a strange planet. Alone. Until Lance comes along.
With their lions dead and resources limited, Keith and Lance need to put aside their differences and work together to get home.
Wherever that may be, now.
WC: 26966 (6/6)
General Notes: Its the typical fic of Lance and Keith getting stranded on a planet post s1 wormhole collapse. From what i remember its told mostly through Keith’s pov and I enjoyed it for all its worth. 7/10

we’ll make it, you and me by asexualrey

Warnings: Major character injury
Summary: “Keith, if we make it out of this alive, I’m going to kiss you.”
WC: 6421
General Notes: I really wish i remembered more of this one, i can only tell you that it was good. Lance is the one that ends up hurt the most, but like both of them are pretty beat up. 8/10

The Six Gun Sound (Our Claim to Fame) by Mytay

Warning: N/A
Summary“We’re not robbing the bank of the biggest crime lord here, Lance. Do you have a death wish?!”“Let’s just do our damn best to not die. I am too gorgeous to expire this early, dude — I haven’t even hit my prime yet.”Six weeks after crashing landing on this miserable world, the Red and Blue Paladins are on the verge of losing everything. This is how Lance and Keith turned it all around and earned their badass reputation as The Two McClains: Mercenaries That Get The Job Done.
WC: 13181
General Notes: They both get pretty scuffed up in this one, and its more of that dynamic duo action. i really love these two as space mercenaries/pirates. 8/10

Keith’s Scar by 61feathers

Warning: N/A
Summary:Keith and Lance comfort each other later after Keith tells everyone he is Galra.Lance didn’t get the chance to tell Keith his scar is actually really sexy though.
WC: 1134
General Notes: Short and sweet post ep8. You know that shoulder injury he gets, all about that. 8/10

all we have to do by akinghtley

Warning: N/A
Summary: Keith gets hurt during a mission, and Lance is not sure how to handle that.Lance wakes up on the floor outside of the medical bay, jerking wildly, body a mess of aches and twinges.
WC: 19418
General Notes: summary pretty tells all there is to this fic, and its pretty much all this, and Lance not knowing what to do with himself really. I loved it. 9/10

Don’t Forget to Remember Me by CamelotQueen

Warning: N/A
Summary: Keith recognizes him immediately. Alarm bells go off in his head. This person is important, he thinks. He wishes he could remember.“Keith!” he exclaims, “Look who’s finally awake. How are you feeling today?”Keith falters. His mind is working a mile a minute trying to recall this person’s name, what he is to him.“Um… who are you?” he asks dumbly. He immediately regrets it._______Keith suffers from dissociative amnesia.
WC: 4107
General Notes: a;sdkjgnasah this fic, holy shit, keith with amneisia kills me. my heart hurt the whole time, ust ughhhh. He’s not necessarily hurt but Lance is there taking care of him and boy, the domestic life suits them, but damn does it hurt. 10/10

Homecoming by Thesis

Warnings: Major Character Death
Summary: Two deaths and one funeral. Keith has trouble readjusting to Earth and Lance has trouble dealing with Keith.
WC: 9845
General Notes: I’m emotional over this still and i havent read it in forever ok/ thats all i gotta say. 9/10

bruises by Chaosandthecalm

Warning: N/A
Summary: “Show me how much you hate me.”Keith wants to know what Lance’s problem is. The answer might surprise him.
WC: 3632 (3/3)
General Notes: Boys being boys and being idiots. What can you do. 7/10

Of booty shorts and Injuries by Queerklancing

Warning: N/A
Summary: Keith is sure that he’s having a heart attack. Or that he hurt his brain when he fell earlier. Because it’s simply not possible that the boy who’s sitting next to him is not a hallucination. How could someone so gorgeous just sit in an emergency room at night?"Keith and Lance unexpectantly meet at the emergency room in the middle of the night.
WC: 23862 (4/4)
General Notes: lmao this one is great, def not as heavy as the others, but both of these doofuses get injured. keith is a hockey player and lance has legs for days. enjoy. 10/10

Prison Bonds by GriffinRose

Warning: N/A
Summary: Keith and Lance are captured and stuck in a cell together, but it’s not the Galra. They almost wish it was. These Cordalians feed off of emotions, and their favorite emotion is sadness. Worse, they’ve found a way to make their victims relive their worst memories to make that pain fresh again, and Keith has a lot of terrible memories he’d rather not relive.
WC: 18925 (8/8)
General Notes: just read it. please. 10/10

Heroes by battleshidge/Amiria_Raven

Warning: Graphic Depictions of Violence
Summary: “My mom always hated the Garrison and what we were supposed to do there. I never got it. How can you despise the idea of being a hero?” Lance laughed a little here, dryly. “But I think I understand now.”He took a shuddering breath.“Because heroes aren’t meant to survive,” he choked, and then buried his face as the tears started falling again.
WC: 8463
General Notes: askgjnafbab, lance breaking down in this fic hurt my heart. 8/10

of florists and tennis shoes by venpast

Warning: N/A
Summary: 'Lance wasn’t sure if he’d imagined the brief tremble at the corner of Keith’s lips or not, that slight stutter that promised a smile. But before he could guess further, Keith gave his knee a shove and got to his feet. He reached out to him, “I’m done here, and I’ve still got some daisies to sell you.”“Yeah,” Lance agreed, looking down at the extended palm, noting the little Saturn tattoo on the inside of Keith’s wrist where the sleeve hiked. He took the hand, “better not overprice those too, you asshole.”’(in which lance is a broke university student trying to impress a pretty girl with flowers, but ends up falling for the florist that sells them instead.)
WC: 63774 (11/11)
General Notes: This isn’t the kind of physical hurt that most people think of, but Keith does get emotionally hurt in this one and it just breaks my heart. i really loved this, its wonderfully written, and its just, wow. 10/10

Echoes of the Past by Gigapoodle

Warning: Graphic Depictions of Violence
Summary: It was his fault. He shouldn’t have retreated – he should have ran after them, Galra forces be damned, and ripped the red paladin right out of his weaponized hands, shooting the commander dead on the spot.But he hadn’t. Lance stood there, frozen with adrenaline and fear, before backing out with tears in his eyes, justifying it to himself by saying, ‘he won’t get far, we can easily get him back once I have Voltron with me.’He’d forgotten they didn’t have Voltron. He’d forgotten that without Keith, Voltron was nothing.Keith is Galra. Keith is gone. Keith is Galra. Keith is gone.
WC: 28197 (yes one chapter)
General Notes: this is more along the lines of keith finding out he is galra and hence running away its still one of the best fics in this fandom imo. 10/10

i can’t help but want by aknightley

warning: N/A
Summary: Lance deals with the aftermath of being sucked into a black hole and stranded on an alien planet.When Lance wakes up, all he can see is blue.
WC: 16921
General Notes: more of klance being stranded on a planet post wormhole collapse, and just yes. 10/10

Just Static by Jessadilla/wobblyarms

Warning: N/A
Summary: –Static—–iro, Hunk, Kei—, nybody? I’m—–static—-I’m sorry guys. This is all my—-static–cc—–I found my coordinates. They’re—stttcc–guys. I hear something—–scccc–end transmission-Alone on a hostile planet, transmissions aren’t getting through. How did it come to this?
WC: 84141 (16/16)
General Notes: just holy fuck. this fic made me cry, like straight up. it is more than likely one of the few fics that have made me cry, and i dont cry easy. 100/10

but imagine reading the anne of green gables books when they first came out and hardcore shipping anne and gilbert and then anne of the island comes out and you’re frustrated af throughout a majority of the book and seeing anne swoon over that fuckboy roy is so painful but then gilbert almost dies and anne comes to her senses and IT HAPPNS and it’s like insane wish fulfillment and all those years of angst and slow burn were worth it like LM MONTGOMERY DID THAT™

Drarry Fact #51

They had a bet, the person who caught the snitch first was allowed to do/make the other person do whatever they wanted. It had already been a couple hours they’d been playing and they both just wanted to get it done when the both saw a glint of gold in the distance. They both set off speeding down the pitch pushing up against each other. They were neck and neck when the snitch dropped. They both nose dived, playing a game of chicken. But they were relentless. Harry crashed to the ground with Draco on top of him. They both just sat there Draco on top of Harry staring in his eyes. When Harry snapped out of it and opened his hand showing the snitch. So that’s how they found themselves sneaking food out of the dinning hall to go eat on the pitch.

Breaking Down

Request: I love your stories so much! If it is no trouble I was wondering if you could write a newtxreader where the reader feels like she has been a burden to Newt and it gets to the point when she leaves when he isn’t noticing? And then he comes to find her? Really angsty please? Thanks! 

Word Count: 2,106

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Requested by Anonymous

Requests are currently open! Feel free to send one in

The pot clatters to the ground, breaking open and sending black dirt rolling across the floor. Newt cranes his head around from where he’s working. He watches the shrivelfig bounce across the ground and ricochet off his boot.

Wiping his hands on a towel, he leans down and lifts it. “Efficient.”

You return his grin with your own half-hearted smile as you turn to grab a broom.

Newt notices your insincerity. “You okay, love?”

Your back to Newt, you nod. “Fine.”

He focuses back on the potion in front of him. “You sure?”

“Positive,” you murmur. Guilt tugs at you. You don’t like lying to Newt, but this isn’t his problem.

You go to sweep up the spilled dirt, but before you can even touch a grain of it with the broom, it starts spinning around. The pieces of the pot reassemble themselves, and the dirt shoots back into the mended pot. Newt doesn’t need to look at you for you to know he’s smiling.

“No need for the broom, love, I’ve got it.”

You stare at the clean ground, unmoving. Of course you’d mess up and break something Newt needed. Of course he’d need to clean up after you.

“Everything okay?” The nonchalant question comes from over his shoulder as he stirs the mixture.

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How about an AU spinning off of the end of Season 2 where after weeks of searching, the team reluctantly concludes that Shiro must be dead. But rather than stick together, Keith refuses to accept anyone other than Shiro as the Black Paladin (including himself) so when the team tries to sort out who will replace Shiro, Keith decides to leave. He somehow figures out how to make himself look Galra and he sets out to infiltrate the Empire, figuring he’ll just have to take down Zarkon on his own.

Meanwhile Pidge decides if there’s no more Voltron because they’re down two paladins now, she has no more reason to stay. She also leaves, intending to search the universe for her brother and father, though she at least says goodbye before she takes off, unlike Keith. The team is down to Hunk and Lance, Coran and Allura.

Lance seriously considers just trying to go home, just giving up on Voltron like everyone else seems to have, but as he’s loading up Blue, getting ready to head back to Earth, he looks back and sees Coran and Allura watching him go, looking completely defeated. And suddenly he just can’t leave. He misses his family, sure, but Allura and Coran have lost so much already, he can’t bear to make that worse. Besides, he knows that if the Galra aren’t stopped, his home and his family will eventually be in danger, and he can’t live with himself knowing he’d be at least partially responsible for that. He stays.

Hunk was just going to stick with Lance, because they’re best friends, no matter what Lance decided, but he’s painfully relieved when Lance changes his mind and decides to stay. Allura and Coran are pretty much crying.

So the four of them become this tiny little resistance all on their own, sometimes working with the BoM group, sometimes on their own. They can’t form Voltron, but they’ve got two lions and a lot of gumption, and they’re going to do whatever the heck they can to stop Zarkon and the Empire.

Then one day, maybe years later, while Lance and Hunk are sneaking into a Galra facility on a mission to get supplies, info, and to cause some damage, they stumble upon a Galra soldier trying to release a very familiar-looking man who is floating in some sort of healing pod. Hunk almost attacks the Galra but Lance stops him, saying “I’d know that mullet anywhere.” A very surprised, very purple Keith looks up at them with wide eyes.

(Oh, and Pidge and her fam are totally there too. Keith and Lance get into a shouting match that draws their attention and leads the Holts right to the rest of the team. Pidge and Matt end up being the ones to figure out how to release Shiro from the healing pod, though they have to use Keith’s hand to actually activate the system. Then there’s a brief argument over how the group is getting out of the Galra facility and who’s taking Shiro where, which Lance and Hunk win by virtue of the Castle of Lions being the biggest ship, and the only one with healing pods.

Pidge’s dad marvels over how unlikely it was that they all managed to be reunited at the same time like that, but all of the Voltron Lions look very smug somehow for the next few days despite the fact that their faces are solid metal and can’t show expression)

Little Dove

Summary: The one where Bucky can’t stop smiling.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1005

A/N: a dad!bucky fic for my beloved blade, to make up for all the angst I’ve written; hope y’all enjoyyyy!

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Okay, so I meant to post this yesterday but because of that last episode, I decided to wait because I’m still crying over here. Honestly, I’ve been in the mood to do something feelsy/mild angst in this fandom because it needs more of it tbh-,,, but it has a happy ending, so you guys can’t hate me too much, right? ( ;;; ω ;;; ) If you’re wondering what happened, Yuuri got into a serious car accident before the GPF and Viktor never left his side after his surgery.
Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be dying in the corner until the next episode releases.


Dying to See Her

Summary: Newt’s day has come, and Tina’s the only one present to say goodbye. Inspired by “Dying to See Her” by Brad Paisley.

Word Count: 1,560

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Tag List: @dont-give-a-bother @ly–canthrope @myrtus-amongst-the-stars @red-roses-and-stories @caseoffics @benniesgalaxy @thosefantasticbeast2 @studyforthreehands @whatinbenaddiction

WARNING: Death Mention

He hadn’t been the same for a long time. The Newt they knew, he was gone long ago, and now Tina paces here at the side of his bed, the poisonous bite already seeping through his bloodstream and killing him slowly. St. Mungo’s had already said they could do nothing for him, that it was too far gone to be stopped now.

“Newt, I love you, you know that.”

He smiles, though it’s more of a grimace at this point. “I know.”

“And I don’t—I don’t see why they won’t do anything. There must be something they can do, something they can use, right? Some potion or spell or… or something?”

Newt shakes his head once, a slow movement that only furthers to drain the color from his face. “There’s nothing.”

“But you had a whole notebook. Something must be in it.”

Newt’s eyes shut. “There’s nothing, Tina. I was foolish. This is what I get.”

Her lower lip wobbles, just the slightest. She doesn’t, after all, have time to cry yet, not while he’s still alive in this hospital room for a few more seconds. “The war may have taken her, but you survived it, Newt. You don’t have to let yourself die.”

“It’s my time.”

“Newt,” she mumbles, grabbing his hand, “please don’t do this. She’d want you to live.”

Newt’s hand is cold and heavy in hers.

“Is it so bad if I join her again?”

She squeezes his fingers, nodding. “Yes. Yes, it’s very bad if you do. We need you here, Newt. Queenie and I need you. Jacob needs you. Pickett needs you.”

A shaky breath passes between Newt’s lips. “Tina, the guilt game won’t stop the creature’s poison.”

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An Escape

MariChat May 29th: The argument


Summary: Marinette overhears an argument between her parents.

Marinette clasped her hands tightly over her ears.

Her parents were arguing with each other. Loudly. She tried to block them out, but-

“We don’t have…money…Marinette…!” He father said loudly.

“I don’t care…Marinette deserves…fulfilled! No…cost.” He mother replied, just as loud.

She closed her eyes tightly and felt a couple of tears leak out. “Tikki…” She whimpered. Her companion gently patted her on the cheek. “They’re arguing about me, Tikki!” She cried.

Tikki cooed. “Marinette, shh, it’s not your fault.” She tried to assure the girl.

“But Tikki, they’re-” Tikki suddenly darted under a pillow. Marinette blinked.

Chat’s head was upside down as he looked at her from the hatch to her balcony. His ears twitched and then he frowned in thought before shaking his head and holding out his hand. “Wanna hang with one of the coolest chats in town?” His lips curled slightly upward.

Marinette blinked large blue eyes at him before smiling tentatively and taking his hand. He pulled her up to her balcony and gestured to the whole of Paris. “Want to have some fun?”

She smiled in agreement. A moment later they were flying over the streets and rooves of Paris. The feeling of exhilaration was amplified for Marinette since she wasn’t wearing her suit. The trip ended all too soon with a climb to the top of the Arc De Triomphe.

Chat leaned back on one of the visitor railings as Marinette grinned at the sight of Paris at night. He smiled at the sight of her joy and allowed himself to relax.

Marinette relaxed as well by sitting down against the rail. She sighed and looked up at Chat with a frown. “Hey Chat, can I ask you something?”

He smiled. “Anything Princess.” He said quickly.

His lack of hesitation relaxed her further. “Do your parents argue much?” She regretted asking the question the moment she saw Chat’s face shift painfully. She was about to take it back when Chat answered.

“My mother isn’t around anymore.” Chat said softly. Before she could offer any apologies he continued. “They argued occasionally before she… left, but not often.”

Marinette looked down. “Do you think I caused the argument-?”

“No.” He interrupted. She looked up at his serious face in surprise. “Whatever reason your parents were arguing it wasn’t your fault.” Seeing the doubt on her face he continued. “I promise you that it isn’t your fault.” She shook her head and looked back down. “Marinette, do you trust me?”

She nodded. “Of course I do Chat.” She said softly.

“Then trust me on this. Your parents love you and wouldn’t want you to think this argument was your fault.” He gently took her chin in between his finger and made her look at him. “Got it?” He asked with a confidant smile.

Her eyes wide Marinette nodded.

“Say it.” Chat commanded.

Marinette smiled hesitantly. “My parent’s arguments aren’t my fault.”

He let go of her chin and surprised her by pulling her into a hug.

She stared at the skyline a moment before smiling and returning the hug.

They pulled apart, still smiling at each other, and both turned to look at the city. Chat knocked his finger against hers and she gently took hold of them. She didn’t look at his expression as she felt a blush come over her cheeks.

Chat looked at her with a soft gaze and then his smile widened.

They spent a few more minutes enjoying the night sky before Chat took her home. He promised to see her again and left her to go get some sleep. The wide smiles never left either of their faces the rest of the night.

You know what’s fucked up? When it was the final TXF show back in 2010 and they all came out on stage w their mentors to hear the decision, Louis had this facial expression that seemed absolutely convinced they wouldn’t go to the final and they were all so distressed, Harry was literally a ball of angst and Louis turned on his left and when he noticed Harry being so distressed he reached out and brushed his arm against his tummy. He was waiting for the most important milestone of his life and he still looked out for Harry

Voltron the Musical

I want a filler episode in Voltron season 3 where its just a musical and everybody’s singing about their own insecuritues: lance sings about wanting to be the best, the hero, but he can’t seem to do it (super angst) and how the one person he wants to save doesn’t seem to need his help (aka Keith). Meanwhile Keith sings about wanting to know who he is, why he’s here (angst!). Allura and Shiro will do a duet, a million miles apart since Shiro is missing (just imagine that one ep of spongebob where spongebob and mr. Krabs sing about being apart bc sponegbob has to work for plankton). Pidge sings about her childhood, and how if she had known the last time she would be seeing her father and brother was right before the mission, she would’ve said something more heartfelt than “see you later, nerds”. Hunk sings about always being the minor character, the person who gives the advice and sits quietly on the sidelines afterwards. He wants to be more than just a side charcter (he might even break the fourth wall and roast dreamworks for not giving him more depth during this song). Coran sings to Allura’s father about never being able to fill his shoes. The Altean King once said to him: if anything happens to me, protect Allura. Was Coran making the right desicion in letting Allura danger herself with the paladins? He sings to the king, begging for advice that will never come. Everything is super angsty but in the end its super cheesy and they all realize that they’re a family and sing some “were all in this together” type of song.

QuantumCurse ONESHOT: The Experiment

Scientist: Alright….Now we shall test how much this “curse” has consumed you…*proceeds to read the notes on his clipboard* According to the previous readings, you have altered your arm into something completely different….I would like to see that again, Subject 2….

TK: *sneers* Now why would I want to do that?

Scientist: The sooner we do this, the sooner we finish this session. Now, it’s been weeks since your last session and the curse has probably spread farther throughout your body….Perhaps you can try to create wings this time…..

TK: That’s impossible for me! Changing my arm already hurt like hell! But Wings?

Scientist: That’s why we are here to test it. will never know where your limits lie until you try….

TK: I know the limits of my body, doc. And I say it ain’t worth the risk tryin’!

Scientist: We are wasting precious time, Subject 2….It’s either we finish this session with you or I’ll have to assign it with the next Subject…..Mind you the next one is…new to the curse and probably has less endurance towards the pain than you are. Especially since she is “expecting”….

TK: *when he’s heard of the subject’s description, he seem to recognize who it was. A friend he had recently made and a former doctor of this hell of a facility ) ……!!!!

Scientist: Other than you and her, there are no other Test subjects to forward this experiment…..So what will it be? Subject 2…..

TK: *grits his teeth, trying to decide what to do* ……….

Scientist: Time is ticking, subject 2. If you refuse we can end this right now and move to the other subje–

TK: No– w-wait!!!

Scientist: *gleams* yes….?

Pain staking hours Later….

Scientist: Hmmm….Interesting yet very disappointing….It barely has enough to support your weight, let alone support itself…..At least it is safe to say that the curse hasn’t gotten to you…..yet…… 

TK: *Glares up at the scientist with glowing red eyes*


Nah, this wasn’t in the RP XD But there were other methods to determine his curse. And they were all still painful nevertheless….poor TK……