they were all a bunch of dorks

Dating Pidge Head Cannons

Literally this entire thing was self indulgent. I love PIdge so much you have no idea so yeah they’re what I would want in a relationship with the perfect being.

Request made by @hidingfromourtime (and myself)

-she always asks you to bake peanut butter cookies
-(she will never bake them bc she loves your cooking with all her heart)
-when sleeping in the same bed you both hit each other and sometimes wake up on the floor still cuddling
-dating her includes many sleepless night of her just saying how much she loves you
-she’ll let you play with some of her new gadgets
-she’ll be up late trying to finish a new gadget and programming but you’ll stay up with her as long as you can and end up falling asleep on her lap
-when she first confessed to you she was forced to by Hunk
-it took her about a minute of adorable stuttering and a literal push from Hunk which lead to her kissing you

—much movie marathon
-sometimes she’ll let you play with her hair to see her with new styles
-you’ll do each others makeup whenever you’re going somewhere very special
-one time she made a telescope and you two stargazed for an entire evening

-ever since you started having nightmares she bought you some special glow-in-the-dark stars for the ceiling to help calm you down
-when you wake up and cry from the dream she’ll hold you tightly while nuzzling your neck while just whispering things like, “It’s okay I’m here for you, I’m always here for you.”
-whenever you feel insecure at first she’ll get frustrated at whoever made you feel that way and then praise you as if you were God

-matching galaxy or polka dot socks for when it starts getting cold
-also matching keychains so that no matter where you go you’ll always have a reminder for the other  
-sometimes she’ll start geeking out about a new show she’s in love with and the next day you surprise her with some of the merchandise
-(she does the same with you)

-sometimes you two take showers together
-(not sexual, it’s just a bunch of washing each other’s hair)
-when ever you sing she smiles like a complete dork and just falls in love with you all over again
-there are times when she tries to hide how much she misses her family
-you notice right away and just cuddle to show that you’ll always be there for her
-you two surprisingly go out shopping for hours to only end up buying like one sweater each
-she bought you matching bracelets with the date you she confessed to you engraved on it for your one year anniversary
-if you wake up before her you wake her up by giving her soft neck kisses
-she’ll wake you up with kisses on your face

-one time Lance walked in on you two kissing and cuddling
-his reaction: “Oh quisnack! Sorry Pidge!!”
-from that day on he always made sure to knock

finally made it to silver rank in Overwatch comp!!

Reasons to give Monsta X a listen in 2017
  • They make a different variety of music genres. So even if you don’t like hiphop and rap, they have so many songs that have beautiful music, vocals, soft raps.
  • Their MVs are aesthetically pleasing. Even their selfcam special MVs where you can see them goofing around are perfectly shot.
  • They have KILLER vocals!! Even the rappers can sing (listen to Pure Girl). I’m honestly not being biased here, but each member has a unique voice and could carry a whole song on their own (even though some of them have not been given their chance yet).
  • Their choreography is smooth, powerful and will leave an impression on you after you watch it.
  • JOOHEON AND I.M CAN SPIT FIRE!! They’re lyrics are wonderful and their voices are polar opposites. Again..variety of talents.. 
  • I was shocked by their personalities after I got to know them. Because on stage they are oozing charisma but in reality they are a bunch of dorks who just want to laugh and have fun. So even if you don’t like their music, you’re going to like them as people because they are genuinely nice, sweet and care about their fans and their friends (who are also from other groups like Got7 and Seventeen…etc)
  • They were the only groups who stayed till the end of MAMA 2015 to watch Big Bang receive their award and Psy’s closing performance and they were thanked for that and even took an adorable selfie together! (respect all around *clap clap*)
  • They are multitalented. Kihyun is a photographer and a cook, Wonho knows martial arts, Shownu is a swimmer (Wonho and Shownu are bodybuilders as well), Hyungwoon is a model, Minhyuk is also a photographer, has a photographic memory, he can draw and is working to be an MC, Jooheon is a composer and I.M is a cultured smarty pants (seriously he is smart)
  • Again..vocals
  • Visuals!! Every single one of them is a visual I mean just look at them!!
  • Last but not least, give them a chance. Check out their Showtime episodes and listen to their songs and maybe you’ll like them. They are loveable and talented enough to have everyone’s support if just they were given the chance.

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Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Reader
Themes: high school au, badboy & fuckboy jungkook
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 1,081
Summary: After being labelled the school’s biggest bad boy, Jeon Jungkook chooses to live up to the title. What he doesn’t know is that his arrogance will lead him to you.


“Kookie?” He asks, straying away from the point. You cuss and apologize quickly, trying to take back your words. “It’s kind of redundant if I keep saying Jungkook but I’ll stop, I swear. I’m sorry if that was weird or something.” Your cheeks turn red and he reaches closer to removes your hands from hiding your face and you blush even more, telling him to leave you alone.

“No no no… I like that.”

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s/o falling asleep on the boys?

a pure request…

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • It was late, but you couldn’t sleep
  • So you decided to search for Shinguuji
  • He was doing research, but he didn’t mind when you sat down next to him and peered over his shoulder at the book he was reading
  • After patting your head, he began reading aloud to you
  • It wasn’t a fairy tale, or any kind of bedtime story, but…
  • You still ended up nodding off on his shoulder
  • He carried you back to your room after he finished reading
  • Gave you a goodnight kiss before tucking you in and leaving

Rantarou Amami

  • He wants to go out and watch a movie with you? Sure!
  • For the first half you were fine, as the two of you cuddled up as best as you could and snacked on some popcorn
  • But during the second half, you started getting sleepy…
  • It was a bit late, after all… and you have a bad habit of falling asleep during movies
  • Plus, this particular movie wasn’t really loud
  • So, you kind of… ended up leaning on Amami and falling asleep
  • He thought it was the most adorable thing he’d ever seen
  • Yes, even with you drooling on his shoulder
  • He waits until the movie’s over and takes your picture
  • Then he wakes you up by giving you a bunch of kisses all over your face
  • Like the dork that he is

Kokichi Ouma

  • You had just spent the day at a carnival with him, and you were completely exhausted
  • Not only did he drag you onto almost all of the rides, but he also had you participate in a bunch of booth games, and he would always run from booth to booth, and -
  • Yeah, it was a busy day
  • And he was still going
  • Just chattering away while the two of you took the train home
  • You, on the other hand, just wanted to rest…
  • You pressed your cheek to his shoulder, thinking you could rest for just a moment, and then…
  • You were out
  • He probably pouts for a bit since you fell asleep instead of listening to him, but you can’t see him pouting, so he gives up
  • Gives you a piggyback ride on the way home and manages to not drop you

Shuuichi Saihara

  • This boy… is way too preoccupied with whatever research he was doing
  • He’s involved in a huge case right now, so he’s doing his best to help
  • You normally don’t complain, especially since he’s just doing what he does best, but… you miss spending time with your boyfriend
  • Alright, you’ve had enough
  • “Hey!”
  • He looks up at you and you immediately plop yourself down in his lap
  • “Wha-”
  • He starts blushing as you cling to him and nuzzle into his neck
  • “You can still do your work while i’m here, right?”
  • “I-I guess so…”
  • You spend a lazy afternoon cuddled up to him and eventually fall asleep on top of him
  • There’s no way he’s getting any work done like this

Kaito Momota

  • He took you stargazing, of course
  • What did you expect from him? He’s gotta live up to the title “Kaito Momota, famous even in space”, after all!
  • You spent a long time pointing out the different constellations and talking about space
  • But eventually, you two just enjoyed the silence as you stared up at the night’s sky together
  • And, with your head in his lap, you eventually nod off…
  • Instead of waking you up, he just spends the rest of the night there with you
  • Because he fell asleep, too


  • “Hey, this is something a couple does, right? C’mon, let’s just try it!”
  • You don’t have the heart to tell him that he’s too, erm, “hard” to fall asleep on
  • You try falling asleep with your head resting on his shoulder
  • “How is it? Are you asleep yet?!”
  • No. How are you supposed to sleep if he’s yelling in your ear
  • Eventually you just grab a pillow and put it on his lap
  • He gets really flustered really quickly
  • But you actually manage to fall asleep like that, so he’s even more happy!!
  • See, he can do couple stuff just as normally as the next guy!!

Gonta Gokuhara

  • The two of you had gone out for a picnic!
  • It was really fun, and Gonta was really pleased that you enjoyed the food he made for you!
  • You spent the afternoon watching Gonta gather bugs
  • And listening to him talk about bugs
  • Eventually, the heat put you to sleep, and he abandoned the bugs in favor of watching you
  • Then, he gets the idea to carry you home!
  • Just as a gentleman would do!!
  • He cradles you in his arms for a while… even after you’re home
  • He just loves holding you so much
  • Has a hard time putting you down, so he just sits with you until you wake up
  • Next time, can he carry you to the park as well?

Ryouma Hoshi

  • He just wanted to sleep normally, is all
  • But you’ve rolled over on top of him in your sleep
  • This bed is so big why are you doing this
  • He can’t breathe
  • Okay, you’ve moved your elbow away from his stomach, so he’s okay now
  • Or at least not suffocating
  • Well, he’ll just have to deal with it for tonight
  • And, unbekownst to him… every night you sleep together
  • Rip Hoshi
Halloween with Tom Holland ‖ Headcanons

Requested: nope, but I thought this was fun :)

Warnings: swearing, short writing, biased writing (I could be totally wrong w my assumptions oops)

A/N: IK THIS IS LATE DON’T KILL ME! I was super tired from Halloween since I threw a party (check out my side blog @lowkeycaleigh for pics) shameless plug + I had no time to write :( but I think this is easier to picture since Halloween just passed??

  • You and Tom were the most EXTRA couple on Halloween

  •  Y'all planned months in advance for your costumes
  • The 3 options were Peter Pan and Tinker Bell, Angel and Devil, and the Joker and Harley Quinn (which is overused but it worked for u 2)
    • obviously no Spider-Man and MJ (bc Marvel wouldn’t let Tom use the suit duh)
  • But by popular demand, you and Tom chose the Joker and Harley Quinn
  • You bought red and blue hair chalk, green for Tom, and both costumes months before Halloween
  • bro the pRICE WAS EX-PEN-SIVE

Y: “Tom you better wear this for the next 2 years because istg it’s hella expensive”

T: “Babe it’s okay we’re rich”

  • 2 weeks before Halloween, Tom was on hiatus so y'all flew over to Tom’s hometown for Halloween with the Hollands
  • Dom and Nikki were super happy you guys could make it
  • The whole Holland crew wore different costumes:
  • Dom and Nikki as vampires, Sam as Harry Potter, Harry as Superman, and Paddy as Batman
    • don’t fight me on this I actually have no fuckin clue

  • You helped transform the Holland household into the best👏fucking👏haunted👏house👏ever
  • I’m talking fog machines, pressure plates, a cannon that shot fake blood, mechanical zombies, etc etc
  • Y'all built a small separate building made out of PVC pipes for this
  • Never again, never again
  • Once it was finished, Tom took a test run and jumped so much he almost peed his pants😂

  • You both were determined to be that lit house during the annual block party
  • You know, that one house that gives out king size candy bars, has the best decorations, hands out loads of said candy bars, has the best costumes, etc etc
    • Also bc Tom may or may not have had a grudge against the house across the street??

  • You, Sam, and Harry went out to go get the candy a week before Halloween because all the good stuff would be gone

*Harry, grabbing 8 bags of king-size candy bars*

Y: “Are you sure?”

S: “She’s right.. grab another bag mate”

H: “Good idea”

  • That’s when you realized you weren’t only dating a dork, but that dork of a bf also had dork brothers 😂

  • Once you got home, Tom and Paddy snuck a bag of candy into Paddy’s room
  • You were searching around for your hair straightener when you heard a bunch of crunching and snicker-ing (haha get it)

*You, walking into Paddy’s room* “Hey, Tom have you seen my straightening iron-”

Tom and Paddy both whipped around

Tom with chocolate smeared over his mouth while he was trying to do that diy hack of sealing the plastic bag of candy shut using an iron

  • it was no literally no use they already ate ¾ of the bag

And Paddy, who had 3 kit kats in each hand omg

T: “Um no,,,,”

You’d give him that look and he’d give you puppy dog eyes

Paddy wanted to trade his candy for popcorn bc he knew his older brother was boutta get w h o o p e d in the ass😂

T: “Uh- did I ever tell you how gorgeous you look, my love??”

Your facial expressions were fucking priceless

T: “I love you???”

Poor Tom

  • The day (or night) came when Halloween was finally here
  • everyone was h y p e d
  • Tom was decked out in a velvet purple blazer, yellow tie, etc etc…. but he made it WORK
  • Then again, when he saw you his jaw dropped to the ground
  • You in that costume was STUNNING to say the least

T: “Babygirl, you’ll drive me crazy all night”

Y: “Hands off hun, I only date bad boys” (+ the Harley Quinn attitude yesss)

Y: “I’m joke-ing” haha get it

  • You and Tom took a mirror pic of y'all in costume and #couple goals tbh
  • Harrison commenting “You stole my costume idea Y/N”
    • fight me on Haz’s salty ass

  • An hour before you guys started trick or treating, Nikki came up to y'all

N: “Guys, is it okay if Paddy comes to trick or treat with you?”

T: “Mum, we’re not kids anymore”

P: “But mummm I’m a teenager now??”

  • Yeah I’m sure Paddy’s got friends to trick or treat with😂

  • You and Tom were definitely ones to throw a kickass Halloween party, but this year y'all reprised the role of being kids at heart and trick or treating with the fam
  • Y'all started trick or treating early so you could get the good stuff
  • There were a lot of people who noticed Tom, even in his green hair, and stopped him for pictures welp
  • There was this one old lady who didn’t recognize Tom ir what he was supposed to be😂
  • There was a neighborhood haunted house that nearly scared the shit out of Tom
  • T: “That clown jumped out of fucking nowhere!”
  • Y: “Uh-huh whatever you say, babe”
  • There were a bunch of houses whose owners were lazy and left the bowls unsupervised candy outside
  • Big mistake amirite
  • Y'all were like yeet and took a handful
  • Harry took sm he almost took the damn bowl
  • But Harry wasn’t that one fucker who did take all the candy *coughs* my sister *coughs*
  • You all ended up filling your pillowcases to the brim with candy ayeee

  • When you all got home, you all spilled your candy into piles and started trading pieces like the kids you are
  • Tom got the reeses, Sam the York bars, Harry with kit kats, and Paddy with Hershey bars
    • don’t fight me on this either😂

*Harry, holding up a fun-sized candy bar* “Look, Tom, it’s the size of your dick!1!1!”

T: “Oh shut up, that’s not true”

S: “Yeah I’m sure Y/N can vouch for that”

*You, almost choking on a candy bar*

T: “Yep, that’s what I can get her to do”


  • But after that (and I’m still screeching over what I just wrote), you all watched Halloween movies while eating said candy
  • You guys ate so much you’d end up with a candy hangover the next day
  • That night ended with you and Tom researching costume ideas for next year definitely not thinking of making another one of these on Halloween

  • hands down, the best Halloween ever :))

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What's your favorite liveshow? Or even just one to recommend to someone who's bored and has time to sit with those two dorks.?

Ahh I don’t really have a favorite because there’s literally so many to choose from. 
But I’ll give you a list I guess;

Dan’s Younow - July 17, 2012
(this is 2 hours long but so worth it, literally took me days to finish)
Dan’s Younow - October 28, 2014
(he was home alone and he finished editing Outlast, you can tell he’s lonely)
Dan’s Younow - December 5, 2013
(Cooking and Questions with Dan. I watch this one too many times)
Dan’s Younow - May 20, 2014
(He educates us all with hedgehog porn)

Phil’s Younow - May 30, 2014
(He grabs his old school tie, his mum calls, and he spins on the chair)
Phil’s Younow - October 5, 2014
(Dan steals his doritos and he gets sassy about it)
Phil’s Younow - January 19, 2013
(They had a bunch of people over and Phil just dips out and sits in the hall talking on younow what a dork)
Phil’s Younow - July 28, 2012
(When they first moved to London and he reads a book from his childhood)

Joint Liveshows:
June 23, 2012 
March 29, 2015
(after they announced the book)
October 12, 2012
(they sing Phantom of the Opera and Toxic what else do you need?)
May 13, 2016
(in a weird hotel that a prostitute would murder someone, in kentucky. even with the horrendous lag it’s still so special)

…I need a new hobby…

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do you think that greg and BD will meet each other again?And if you do how exactly do you think is going to play out?

I’m of the belief that the resolution of our current conflict (Homeworld angrily advancing on Earth) will not be resolved through the exercise of more violence. Homeworld tried that millennia ago and no one feels better for it.

Instead, and what I feel SU has always led up to, we’re not solving violence with more violence. Corrupted gems? Actually casualties of war. Homeworld gems? Just doing their job. The Cluster? A bunch of hurting individuals just trying to be whole.

All of these huge arcs were resolved through listening, sometimes crying. We’re already beginning to see the humanised Diamonds, that Homeworld gems are just huge dorks like our own CGs. 

But I think really instrumental in the defence of Earth, will be the prominent role human beings play in its defence. Maybe 6,000 years ago, human beings were in no position to go up against all the advanced weaponry gem kind was hurling around.

Given the angle Steven is advocating though, that it’s not going to be about who has the bigger guns, the key is empathy. We don’t have to know everything about the strangers in front of us, but we have to want to understand.

As the show has progressed, human beings have played bigger and bigger roles in episodes. Their arcs and their strengths have been developed a whole lot from the “background characters” they were in the early days. 

It makes a lot of sense that in the end, those who will speak for Earth are the very individuals with the largest stake in it. Steven is the bridge. He’s making huge strides in that field, not only because he’s both human and gem, but also because of the empathy he possesses. 

Greg and BD have an affinity for one another because of their great loss. And I think it’s so interesting that they’re mourning two separate individuals who each played a part in the others’ demise, either physically or emotionally.

Greg has come a long way from being the “useless guy” the gems made him out to be in the first season. Having resolved a lot of his own issues, we can be certain that he will not only be standing by Steven when the confrontation happens, but he will also be playing a bigger role.

And it’s not just going to be one person. Because having human beings make the case for Earth lends so much more credence than someone the Diamonds still consider a gem. It shows that they’re not the primitive animals they’re currently seen as. It shows that they’re just as capable of feelings and cognitive reasoning as the Gems.

I think it’d be a huge waste for the Greg and BD interactions to be opened up in Steven’s Dream, and then have it closed just like that.


You and your boyfriend go on a date to the beach to watch the sunrise.

  • kang dongho!!!!!!!
  • this was meant to be fluffy but took a more romantic turn idk
  • for anon: “dongho as boyfriend?”

You watched in amusement as Dongho tried to smooth the blanket out on the hot sand, small particles of sand flying into his hair and face.

“(y/n), can you pass me the basket?” He asked, diving to keep one of the corners of the blanket down on the sand. You obliged, passing over the picnic basket that Dongho had packed.

For some reason unknown to you, your boyfriend Dongho had insisted that the two of you go on a date at the beach, and you obliged, wanting to make your boyfriend happy. It was worth it to see the proud smile that he got when he’d successfully laid out your blanket, patting the spot next to him.

“What food did you pack?” You asked, snuggling into the hoodie that Dongho had lent you. “Coffee?”

“Coffee’s not a food, (y/n),” Dongho teased, passing you a thermal mug nonetheless. While you had decided to go on a beach date, you figured it would be better to beat the crowd of families and their screaming children, opting for waking up early and watching the sun rise at the beach instead.

“Having fun yet?” Dongho asked, lifting up his arm for you to snuggle underneath, already knowing that you preferred that position. You leaned against his body, letting yourself watch the waves lap up against the shore.

“I wouldn’t say fun,” you said with a smile, leaning up to kiss him, “more like relaxation.”

You spent a couple more minutes in relative silence, Dongho munching on some toast and you sipping your coffee. Despite it being summer, it had been hectic for both of you, Dongho busy with work and you stressed over an internship you’d managed to secure.

“When does your internship end, again?” Dongho asked, glancing down at you.

“Two weeks,” you replied, reaching over to intertwine your fingers with Dongho’s.

“I’ll take you to a nice restaurant when you’re done,” Dongho said with a smile, “I know how much it’s been killing you, and I also know that you won’t treat yourself, even though you deserve it.”

“Ey, what did I do to get such a caring boyfriend,” you chuckled, kissing his cheek as you squeezed his hand a bit tighter. Dongho laughed in embarrassment, still not used to your compliments even after almost a year.

“You deserve all the care you get,” Dongho replied, watching as the sun just barely cracked the horizon, a select few rays piercing the velvet blue sky.

The two of you sat in relative silence, just watching in awe as the sun rose, slowly but surely, the dark inky blues of the sky turning into pinks, oranges and purples, then slowly rising, the clouds making way for clear skies.

“I’m glad we’re here,” Dongho said quietly, hugging you to his side a little tighter, “we don’t get enough time to ourselves.”

You smiled, leaning your head on his shoulder, “this is nice,” you agreed.

“Actually,” Dongho paused, pulling away from you to reach into his pocket, “I have a question for you.”

You stared at Dongho in horror, “Yah, Kang Dongho, please tell me you’re not asking me to marry you.”

Dongho stared at you blankly, a key in his hand, “well, no, I wasn’t.”

You cringed in embarrassment as Dongho burst out into laughter, burying your face into his shoulder. “It’s not funny! I got really scared, I mean, you reached into your pocket and said can I ask a question!”

“There’s a million questions in the world I could have asked you,” Dongho retorted, still chuckling a bit, “well, the romantic moment was ruined—no thanks to someone—and I was going to ask you if you wanted to move in with me.”

You took the key from his finger, examining it.

“We’ve been dating for almost a year, and you really do mean a lot to me. I want to be able to make sure you’re okay and safe, and you practically live at my apartment anyways,” he explained, ears turning a bit red. You smiled at his thoughtfulness, taking out your keyring and carefully adding it to your existing set of keys.

“Thank you, Dongho,” you said quietly, leaning up to kiss him. “It means a lot.”

tbh i have a bunch of requests before this one, but i really can’t think of anything for all of them,,,,, ashdjskfsd send help pls

also i was watching nu’est mtv diary (?) and i forgot how dorky that group is lol;; they were portrayed on pd101 as like the serious hyungs but in reality they’re just a bunch of dorks,,,

I really love that the fact that during the final boss of Splatoon 1 a bunch of octarians like Marina happened to hear the squid sister’s show and some were so moved it “Changed their lives” like some just collectively went:
holy shit??!?


which lead to Marina becoming a pop star, and probably a local legend where she lived. Like all the other octarians are so proud of her achieving her dreams and being on the surface on the big screen.

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hey ..... do u have any cute hcs for like ,,, anything bc honestly im having a bad day and ur hcs r always on point

okay u know what im feelin right now, reychel

  • they don’t feel like making a big public announcement that they’re dating and decide they want to take it slow and not tell a whole bunch of people, neither one of them has ever been in a relationship before and reyna’s not even out
  • b U T they’re dorks and they forget that like, they’re supposed to be keeping it a secret? they basically behave exactly the way they would if they were out, but reyna is really not fond of pda so people assume they’re besties who are majorly flirting with each other all the time
  • so it just ends up being this thing when everyone is convinced they’re haaardcore crushing on each other and is trying to devise ways to get them together
  • and then the day finally comes when piper bursts out like “oh, reyna, just ask her out!” and reyna just blinks in confusion
  • and then panics because like “she told me she doesn’t like dates!!!! she says it messes with her artistic vibe!!!! oh no, does she think i’m a bad girlfriend? piper i don’t know how to do this!!!!!” and piper’s like DUDE WHAT THE FUCK HOW LONG HAS THIS BEEN GOING ON
  • and reyna stops mid-rant and laughs nervously and piper’s like *face palm*
  • rachel loves painting reyna, like these full and beautiful pieces (and it gradually gets more and more Intimate as they get more comfortable, with more and more skin being revealed)
  • and they both wind up covered in paint because they end up making out and it gets all over rachel too and ruins the picture but it’s beautiful in a messy way and ugh, nerds,
  • they’re definitely the kind of couple to go hiking together
  • okay imagine reyna deciding she wants a tattoo but she doesn’t know what and then unbeknownst to her rachel starts drafting ideas,
  • and then she comes up while she’s drawing one day and rachel explains and reyna is clasping her hand and she’s like “it’s perfect
  • and then rachel flushes and explains that this part of the design is actually for her and reyna is like beaming and like “even better”
  • and that’s actually the story of how they get engaged because like i think we all know that rachel is fully the type of person who actively hates wedding customs and knows that diamond engagement rings are a marketing scam lol
  • imagine the two of them lying together on the window seat in the sun,
  • or reyna reading a book and holding rachel’s hand while she attempts to paint one handed
  • their house is going to be a disaster
  • imagine how many fights they have because reyna threw out something that was actually an art project and rachel painted on something that was actually a very important document, eventually they just end up with a system for “my stuff is on this side and yours is on that side and you forfeit all rights to get angry if you left it on the wrong side and something terrible happened to it”
  • which is sort of ironic because it’s the exact opposite of with their wardrobe, they’re not even really the same size but rachel tends to wear very loose fitting clothing anyway, they only technically have separate clothing and it always ends up in the wrong drawers anyway
  • rachel having to roll reyna’s jeans up several times and belt them and wearing one of rachel’s big sweaters and walking around the house like that,
  • reyna coming back to new york and surprising rachel in her dorm room at clarion, and rachel just bursting into tears and unraveling,
  • god like reyna stroking her hair and being like “we have got to get you out of this school i can see it sucking the life out of you”….ohmigdo and she uses her strength lending thing too, fuck

Okay so I’m fully aware this message may be the cause of more than a few people to go ‘Oh crap, you still exist?’ and I’m also fully aware I haven’t really posted much in the way of artwork on here in over a year and its barely fair for me to as this knowing that but

I’m wondering out of necessity that if I were to potentially ask for comissions, would anyone be interested?

I included a couple of more recent images to try and help but I’m sorry that all I really have to offer you in the way of reference are a bunch of rough sketches/wips of characters you were never meant to see.

anonymous asked:

I like to think of you as this random human that just showed up at Ego Inc. one day and they all just kind of ignored you as you weren't doing any harm, but you were getting them some publicity, so ehh whatever. Then as time went on they could no longer ignore you and now they've just accepted you as half a mother figure and half a smol child. Dark just thinks you're ridiculous. (that's my head, anyway... haha...) -AJ

Aww! This is really sweet! I kind of think of myself the same way. Like I just wandered in and went to work in my own little corner of the library, and now they all just kind of accept it! Haha but that’s just cuz I’m a total dork, and I love these characters a bunch. XD

“Are you flirting with me?” - Kenny Omega

This is a prompt drabble requested by @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch

You can find my other writings here: Masterlist

It’s a long train ride from Tokyo to Osaka. Almost 4h of being stuck with The Bullet Club on a train, but still it is better than traveling by Bus. You were in charge of organizing their transport on this tour and you’re well familiar with them but again you want to spend less time with them all as possible. Not because you don’t like them. It’s more because sometimes they are an unpredictable bunch of dorks. You know now how a first grade teacher must feel when they are on an excursion with their class. It can be very nerve-racking.

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I Won’t Say I’m In Love Ch. 2

whoop chapter two is here

this intro is rushed bc im tired af. if u want a more detailed one then check out the ao3 link. 

anyways hope y’all enjoy

Summary: Marinette Dupain-Cheng is madly in love with Adrien Agreste who is Chat Noir who is madly in love with Ladybug who is Marinette Dupain-Cheng. After a sudden burst of confidence, the two decide to confess to their individual crushes, and both get rejected. Now Marinette and Chat Noir turn to each other for comfort- but soon realize they may be getting a little TOO close for comfort, and just end up trying to deny it, like the ridiculous losers they are.

Based on an animatic by @pepper-bottom, who you should most definitely check out! 

Words (in this chapter): 4k (hol y shit)

[AO3] [FFN]

Chapter 2 - Marinette Throws Herself Into The Fray

That night, Marinette laid on her bed, staring up at her ceiling, replaying the events from patrol over and over again in her head.

No matter how she thought about it- no matter how she framed it.

She still felt like a total jerk.

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I’m working on a Tododeku Harry Potter Au and basically all I have at the moment is that Todoroki is a Slytherine and Deku’s a Hufflepuff Squib (who still goes to Hogwarts) and they develop a relationship were the other thinks they’re standing up for each other but in reality they’re all a bunch of dorks

Wedge - Chapter 4

Summary: After being unsatisfied with their lives, Dipper and Mabel move back to Gravity Falls to reopen the Mystery Shack, and something scary and new starts bubbling under the surface. But the sudden appearance of a third party throws even their sibling relationship into chaos. 

[Ch 01] [Ch 02] [Ch 03] [Ch 04] [Ch 05] [Ch 06] ​[Ch 07] [Ch 08] ​[Ch 09] [Ch 10] [Ch 11] [Ch 12] ​[Ch 13] [Ch 14] [Ch 15] [Epilogue]


Chapter 4 – Material Cause

Okay, this is making me dizzy.

Mabel had been sitting on the living room couch in the shack for the past half-hour, picking at the vest her brother never took back, watching two Dippers, identical down to the fading scribbles on their cheeks, pace back and forth in front of her while they mumbled to themselves. They were mirroring each other, hitting two different ends of the room at the same time, and every so often they would look up at, give each other a glare, then resume their deep thinking.

They didn’t seem to like each other.

Their first interaction probably didn’t help.



Dipper ran over to the other Dipper as he was picking himself up, and shoved him backward, hard. He stumbled and fell butt first into the pool of calm water behind him. He looked shocked.

“Did you seriously just push me!?”

“Water melts clones!” He looked at the now wet Dipper. “Wait, you’re not melting.”

Wet Dipper shot him an angry look. “Then maybe YOU’RE the clone!” He scooped up some water from around him and splashed it at the other.

The water hit Standing Dipper and he shrieked, cringing away from it like it was boiling, but after a few seconds he noticed nothing had happened. He patted himself down.

“HA! I’m not a clone!” He paused. “Wait, I already knew that.”

“That’s exactly what a CLONE would say!!”

“No, THAT’S exactly what a clone would say!!”


It kinda went on and on like that for a few minutes, her watching silently the whole time. A little bit because she had been pretty freaked out, but mostly because she couldn’t figure out which one to make fun of.

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Dark's Heart (part 2)

The next day it was all over the internet, the picture of you booping Dark’s nose.
People had taken a video of you when you talked to Dark and posted it that day. A lot of people commented that you provoked him and some said you must be really brave enough to talk to Dark like that. Google goes through the comments in the video and the ones for the photo of you booping the nose. “This is really trending right now from the community.” Google looks at the three screens looking through the comments. His brothers are also looking it up on other social media outlets. Dark is standing in the room with them, hands behind his back watching them work.

“This is humiliating.” Dark does not look pleased as he notices Yellow found so many gifs of the boop on Tumblr. He woke up to the sound of Willford laughing so loudly and he bursts into Dark’s room to show him the photo. From there Dark called the Googles and made them search it immediately. “What do the comments say?”

“Some find it funny, then we have others who find it rude for some reason, the ones who say "who do they think they are”, and those praising their bravery.“ Green saids. Red snickers, "I like their style.” That gave him a dirty look from Dark. “I don’t like that some of the people are being rude. I don’t think they did anything wrong.”, Yellow saids looking at some hate comments. Dark looks over Yellows shoulder and reads some. Some were pretty rude and some were just childish jabs. 

“They should have thought of that before doing anything.” Dark saids. He looks at the picture of you with him. He is still curious about you then shakes it off thinking why would he want to know about you. “Look someone found out who they are.” Green saids. Google pulls it out to a bigger screen, sure enough there you are in a photo. “Some of these fans are relentless… kind of scary…” Google saids. Dark looks at your Facebook profile, “So (Y/N) is it. Hmmmm”

“Should we do something about this?” Google looks up at Dark. Dark is usually in charge making some calls when it comes to things like this. The Googles go through online for anything going wrong in the community. They cant stop hate comments since more would come but they do make an effort to stop some bullying to the fans. In this case it was people wanting to know who you were after the event, the really intense ones. Dark was more concerned over his image rather than you but he does for some reason think of how you feel about this. “I suggest just to keep people from looking into (Y/N) for now. Mark would not want them to feel targeted, like I care they did this to themselves.” , Dark said. The Googles get to work on it and within a minute they are able to hack the internet together to get your page protected. “There crises averted. And while you are at it delete what happened that day.” Dark commands. Google looks up at Dark from his seat, “ Dark that would take at least five hours to do even with all of us working on it…” Dark just gives him a look and Google turns around and starts deleting.

Dark leaves the computer room where all the Googles work at and heads to the kitchen. He gets some water and Willford comes up from behind him. “Well well who knew there was someone out there who wasn’t going to take your shit. Besides me of course.” Dark drinks his water and looks at Will, “They were foolish to do so. It got them targeted by some fans.” Willford shrugs, “You know sometimes there are those too intense fans. I mean some of them still say mean things about Amy.” Dark thinks about the situation. He thinks about what you said to him. He thinks abut how you just smiled at him even when he was threatening you. Dark didn’t know what to think of you, a fooling person or someone who was trying to get to him. Did you know that someone was most likely going to film them and take pictures? Were you looking at the aftermath and what were you thinking about it? Dark thought of this curiously then just took his cup and started to go to his office. “Well anyone who doesn’t give care what you say is good in my book!!!” ,Willord yells at you laughing.

Dark goes to his office. He makes Google allow him access to your Facebook page. He looks through it, he sees pictures of you with some friends, some with family. He sees you being goofy and make silly posts about things you are doing. The things you like and dislike, your favorite things like color, season, shows, movies, books, and music. He sees you posted a new photo of you in your new Dark shirt smiling. the post read you had a good time and that Dark wasn’t as bad as people say he is. Dark sees comments instantly piling up, some were asking if you were crazy and others nice boop. Dark chuckles when you post a comment ignoring the mean comments and answering to the friendly ones. “You are an interesting one. Taking the high road aren’t we?”

You are at home looking at your laptop. You see some hate comments but scroll past them. Although you were puzzled when some of the people sending some bad messages on other sites you have an account are being deleted suddenly without you doing anything. You already read a few and some were pretty nasty like you only wanted attention or you were just trying to act badass when you were not. It didn’t matter to you but the constant mean comments did annoy you, you were just trying to have fun. Then you laugh at how Dark just looked up at you surprised. He has probably never heard that from anyone before by the look of it or someone didn’t have the guts to tell him to his face. "First time for everything.“ You say to yourself. You get up and decide to head out for a walk.

You walk to a park and sit on a bench looking around. You see some families playing around, joggers pass by, couples laying on the grass or under a tree, and some children in a playground far off. It is a nice evening out and you take in the fresh air. A breeze comes in and you love the coolness of it taking a deep breath. Then you hear a group of footsteps behind you coming closer, "Hey your that one from the event.” A girl looks at you annoyed. You turn around in your seat to see two girls and three guys giving you a judging look.

“Ummm can I help you?” You tilt your head at them. 

Girl one flips her hair and looks at you mad. “Are you serious? You totally made us look bad.”

You are confused raising an eyebrow, “I don’t understand.” Guy two answers, “You showed we were being a bunch of babies because we didn’t go up to Dark.”

 "Yea whats up with that? You think your cool or something?“ Guy one said. 

You notice girl two has her phone out, "Are really recording this?” Girl two huffs, “Its live so people can see your actually a dork and all talk." 

You stand up, "Umm look guys I didn’t mean it to look like that. I was wanted to meet the guy, I was looking forward to the event just like anyone else. So can we just get past it? I got to go now.” You start to leave but then girl one takes your arm.

“What’s the hurry? We just want to talk or are you too good for that now your some internet star.” Girl one saids. You look at the others around you who look like they are trying to block your way. “How unfair are you? Outnumbering me one to five? Come one guys.” You say casually, but inside you think I am so screwed.

“Whatever you started it by-” Guy three gets cut off. The area feels cold suddenly like something ominous is in the air. You feel it and look around and notice that the others look nervous. They start to shiver and feel uneasy looking around like something was going to pop up behind them. The group hears a voice whisper in their ear, “Leave.” They all get chills down their spines and run off. You stand there confused not hearing the voice. You still feel a dread in the air. It does not consume you like it did the others that ran but you wonder why you feel this way.

“How are you still here?” You turn around to find Dark standing behind you his hands behind him. “Usually my presence makes people uncomfortable yet here you still stand.” He gets up close to you looking you in the eye. “What are you?”

You look back at him and smile. “I’m different that’s all.”

“So it seems.” Dark looks at where the others ran. “ You have become quite popular it seems.” You follow his gaze and sigh, “Yea I guess so. It sucks to be honest. I didn’t know just being me was going to end up like this.”

Dark raises an eyebrow at you, “So it wasn’t for the attention. What was your purpose then?” You look at him studying him for a moment. “Nothing. Just wanted to let you know I like your character. That’s all.” You then realize something, “How the heck did you get here?”

Dark shakes his head. “For someone who is suppose to be a fan of mine you don’t know what I can do.” You just shrug, “Am I suppose to know everything?” Dark rolls his eyes. “I can go where ever I please through a dark portal as long as I picture where I want to go.” You look at him eyes big, “Really that is so cool. That must make traveling so much more easier for you. Wait if you can do that then how do you know I was here?”

Dark takes out his phone. “The Googles were keeping an eye on how your little stunt was progressing in the community. They saw that someone had found you and was filming you via live trying to possibly hurt you. So here I am.” You laugh, “Wow the Googles can do that? Nice..” Then you think of why did Dark show up. “Not that I am not grateful for you saving the day and all, I thought it would have been Silver instead, but why did you come here?”

“I came because my stupid creator would throw a fit knowing a fan was being harassed and I rather not deal with that, its annoying. Besides…” Dark leans into you his face inches from yours making an evil smile. “If anyone is going to make you miserable its going to be me… You owe me and now I am going to collect my payment.”

spyderinej  asked:

*pounds fists on table* give us fun facts about early manned space flight!!

YOUR WISH IS MY COMMAND TBH strap yourselves in this is gonna get long bcs!! astronauts!! are!! so!! cool!!

- during the first american spacewalk, or extravehicular activity for all you nerds, ed white was So Floored by the beauty of space that he almost forgot to come back into the spacecraft. he had to get back in due to Reasons, but he tried to use tacking more pictures as an excuse to stay out longer until his flight partner managed to and i quote “coax” him back in. all white said? “It’s the saddest moment of my life.” (still less terrifying then the first russian spacewalk tbh) 

- the first song played in space was jingle bells on an 8 note harmonica during gemini 6 by wally shirra, one of the orginal 7 nasa astronauts. immediatly before that they reported an “unknown object”. they reported santa’s sleigh. because of course they did. 

- hey you know that feeling when you’re on top of a 111m/363ft tall rocket that could cause one of the largest non-nuclear man made explosions if it failed? and your heart rate never gets above 70? yeah me neither but john w. young does. (for comparison: usually it spikes up to around 130-150. neil armstrong who?)

- speaking of john young, that man is a Beast. flew gemini, apollo AND the first shuttle flight. he also smuggled a corned beef sandwhich into gemini 3 that almost fucked up their electricity. because the space food they got was terrible, which i mean frankly i understand.

- during the assembly of the lunar landing modules, people weren’t allowed to bring screw drivers into them because if they’d fall, they’d break the floor. those things were FLIMSY. when they pressurized, the window would bend towards the outside. 

- yuri gagarin was a Delight for multiple reasons not limited to: introducing himself as the “world’s first spaceman” to some very confused soviet children and village people who probably thought he was a spy when he landed after his flight, sitting on a cushion as a pilot because he was too small to see and couldn’t stick his landings right since he couldn’t see the runway, shouting “off we go!” while being shot into space. nice dude. 

- apollo 12 was hit by lightning pretty much immediatly after take off. their entire console basically went “whoop de doo you’re fucked” and decided to give them a giant light show of warning lights. the only reason they didn’t had to do a super risky abort was because john aaron, flight controller extraordinair who’d later play a big role in apollo 13, remembered some obscure as fuck switch that could fix the electrical system and alan bean, astronaut who now PAINTS WITH LITERAL MOON DUST, remembered said obscure switch from a training exercise. the entire crew broke out into what one author described as “nervous giggles” after that. my favourite bit is how they relay the information from flight controller to flight director to capcom to pilot and EVERY SINGLE ONE says “the what switch now?”

- speaking of the apollo 12 crew: besides being an absolute Gem in general, they were music enthusiasts. pete conrad brought along a bunch of country and western music that the other two didn’t like, but alan bean was into top 40 which led them to sing and “dance” to Sugar, Honey, Honey on their way too the moon. holding hands and gently floating around. IN SPACE. what dorks.

- other reasons why apollo 12 is the best: they had matching custom painted cars that they drove around houston. ask me for more if you’re into lovely flight crew dynamics for all your au and hope in humanity needs.

- so the americans used to land their crews in the ocean bcs u know you have it why not use it it’s convenient. the soviets/russians don’t really have any suitable ocean around so they had to settle for land landings. which not only brought about the already mentioned gagarin incident, but in general led to some… fun incidents (iirc one crew got stuck in the tundra for like two days and met some polar bears). on the second ever soviet space flight, cosmonaut gherman titov (who also was the first person to sleep in space and get space sickness so u know), was seen ejecting himself from his spacecraft (they used to do that bcs they were #hardcore) and almost landed himself on some rail tracks before landing backwards, rolling over 3 times and getting a face full of nice dirt. some very lovely lady saw this and in her rush to be a Helpful Human drove SO FAST over the bumpy terrain that she banged her head on the steering wheel and “jumped out with a bloody forehead”. so his first task post! landing from the then longest space flight in human history? as the then youngest person in space ever?? giving first aid from his Spacecraft Medical Kit to a local lady. 

HERE YA GO your daily dose of Fun Space Facts. and this is just!! the tip of the iceberg!! there’s so much more!! female astronauts!! john glenne setting his house on fire to impress gherman titov!!! grammatical errors on lunar plaques!! mORE MUSIC IN SPACE!! PRANKS!! HUMANITY BEING COOL!!

The Wrong Wand to Take

Well…. This took me a while. ARGH DAMN INTERNET FUCKED SHIT UP!

ANYWAY here’s a Bad Boy AU of Star vs The Forces of Evil. And the reason why it’s possibly badly written is me rushing the hell out of it!

WELL I’m just going to shut up and keep writing and stuff.

Some of you Filipino readers may cringe on some sentences. I did that because of other fanfics using other languages for certain characters. I thought I could give it a try, really.

This is a submission to @starcoweek3.

I stared into my phone, and kept scrolling down for more stuff at facebook. I was bored, and I didn’t mind time pass through like snails racing in a speedway.

When I took notice of the time shown at my phone, I noticed that it was getting late. 7 PM Late. And Star wasn’t home.

2 hours ago, she said that she had somewhere important to go, and that she will come back around 6:30 PM. I didn’t bother asking more details why, but I bothered waving to her as she was about to leave.

It may not seem to be a bad boy thing to worry about her, but as a secret boyfriend of her, that was an exception

I wondered that her being late would mean something bad. Not normal girl bad, but Mewni princess with a magical wand that could level a continent bad. Kidnapped by Ludo or anyone at all? Lost her way to this house? Impossible. She lived here for quite some time now.

I called her cellphone, but no response. After a few missed calls and a few voice messages, I decided it was time to look for Star.

I had to make a snack first, just in case it’ll take me long. Quickly after taking a slice of bread, covering it with chocolate, and rolled it up, I went to the front door and about to start my search for Star.

When I opened the door, my search was indeed over. Star limped to the front door and looked like she was beaten up, and not in a good way.

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