they were adorable and reminded me of my exchange student sam

Anonymous asked: Can you write a fic from Mary’s pov? Like how she sees Dean and Cas becoming friends when they are kids and then something more as teenagers?

Author’s note: I got this ask last week, but several of you have requested Dean/Cas from Mary’s point of view before, and also Dean/Cas growing up together and falling in love. So this little AU love story is for all of you, enjoy! 

~ 6 ~

On a sunny afternoon in July, Mary Winchester witnessed the start of a new, majorly important chapter in her oldest son’s life.

She didn’t realize it, not right away. And how could she? There was no way to tell how much impact a story was going to have when you were only on the first chapter. Nevertheless, a grin tugged at her lips as she gazed out the kitchen window, observing the two six year old boys in the backyard.

The new neighbors had moved in three days ago, and it would seem that their youngest son, the one with the big blue eyes and the untamed hair, had come to introduce himself to Dean. The firm handshake between the two boys made her laugh quietly, the business-like expressions on both their faces making the exchange even more precious.

Soon enough, the formal introductions were clearly forgotten, and not much later the two boys were running around in the back yard, playing with a ball.

A noise from two year old Sammy -a huff that sounded anything but pleased- forced Mary to take her eyes away from the scene unfolding.

The toddler glared at her from the highchair, face covered in apple sauce, causing Mary to chuckle at her youngest son.

“Let’s get you cleaned up, honey.” She suggested with a playful roll of her eyes as she took away his empty plate.

When checking on Dean and his new friend ten minutes later, watching them from the back door, Mary concluded that they’d already given up on the ball game. Instead, Dean was handing something to the blue eyed boy; a handful of freshly picked cornflowers. The boy blushed, eyes wide, all smiles as he accepted Dean’s present.

It was then that Dean turned around, spotting his mother, his freckled face splitting into a grin.

“Mom! Come meet my new friend!” He called, waving her over. “His name is Castiel.”

Judging by her son’s enthusiasm, Mary vaguely suspected that she’d be hearing that name a lot in the years that would follow. She wasn’t wrong.

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