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A Lesson [M]

Anonymous said: How about: you’re Jungkook’s girlfriend and once you had sex togheter on their dorm(you thought you were alone) suddenly Suga come and say that Kookie doesn’t make you scream enough so he decided to give him some tips … I know it’s hard, but I think It could be very interesting ;)

Anonymous said: Could you write a threesome with Yoongi and Kookie pls ?

Warnings: threesome smut, language

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hope you like, anon!!

(Side note; I got a little carried away with the bed time stories bc I’m a dweeb, so this could just be the pevensies as young kids in general, but I hope you like it nonnie J)



·     Quietest baby in the world

·     His parents were so surprised

·     Like they were quite young and they were so nervous that he was going to be so loud

·     But he was probably the quietest

·     And when Susan was born he became a big brother so naturally and Mr and Mrs. Pevensie thought it was the cutest

·     He looked after Susan really well for a two year old

·     He was the toddler who needed to always be helping and fixing things for the adults

·     It was endearing

·     But also really annoying

·     And potentially dangerous because he always liked to try to fix things involving electricity

·     He had one bear as a toy and he would. Never. Let. It. Go.

·     It was the mangiest thing but he still loved it for years.

·     He. Loved. Pirate. Stories.

·     Ofc, obviously as a young kid he ADORED Arthurian legends and things like that because from a very young age Peter LOVED knights.

·     But, pirate stories. He had to have the pirate stories.




·     She was a Cryer and a screamer as an infant.

·     Her parents were so used to quiet little Peter but then BOOM there’s Susan

·     (She really didn’t have a problem making herself heard)

·     She was sick a lot as a child, so it wasn’t really her fault.

·     She was the kind of older sister who wanted siblings who she could dress up and boss around

·     Her and Peter obvs got on really well when they were really young, because it was just the two of them

·     But when the younger two came along

·     Susan loved taking the lead, and Peter was often still trying to fix things

·     She sucked her thumb for a while

·     Peter gently weaned her off it

·     She loved Shirley Barber.

·     She loved fairy princess stories and Shirley Barber’s illustrations were just. She adored them.

·     She loved any stories were there were knights and pretty dresses

·     But she also loved things like Xenia; warrior princess because she loved the idea of being a warrior and a princess at the same time

·     And of course her parents encouraged that idea.


·     Cried A LOT

·     Like more than a newborn actually should

·     It wasn’t that he was sick, he was just a crier.

·     Susan loved using her old baby clothes to put him.

·     Peter tried to teach him to fix things.

·     But he just wanted to play with the matches and the magnifying glass

·     His parents both had heart attacks at this

·     Turned out he just liked playing with the light

·     So his dad gave 18 month old Ed a torch and that was that

·     Was a little very jealous when Lucy came home from the hospital

·     He loves being adored obvs

·     So he was scared his parents would forget him

·     Of course they didn’t, and Peter was always very encouraging and he always had something to do

·     But my son is a very salty child ok

·     He. Loved. Detective. Stories (this is actually canon oh well)

·     He loved reading about mysteries and solving crimes

·     At first his parents thought it was a bit morbid because he was so young

·     But eventually they were like ‘eh why not’



·     Absolute sweetheart as a newborn

·     So quiet and so well behaved

·     Only cried when Ed pulled faces at her

·     Loved her toy bunny with all her heart

·     Actually enjoyed playing dress up with Susan

·     Went on solo adventures by herself in the garden

·     Always scared her parents when she did this

·     She just loved being in her own world

·     She loved making up stories in her head

·     LOVED blowing bubbles

·     Always ran around chasing them when the other three blew them

·     One of the only things that brought Ed joy was detective stories watching Lucy chase after them on chubby legs

·     He thought it was adorable

·     She clung to Peter as a 2 year old

·     Would never leave his side

·     He loved it

·     Would never listen to Susan when she told Lucy to stay out of her room


·     She loved them all

·     They were her favourites for bed time

·     She’d always ask for one and Ed would always roll his eyes bc he’d want some Sherlock

·     Her favourite was Cinderella

·     She just loved the idea of all the magic and being protected

·     Susan secretly loved them too

·     She also sucked her thumb

·     But again, Peter and this time, Susan, coaxed her out of that habit. 


Pairing: Bucky x reader

Summary: you weren’t beautiful. And no, no sugar-coating that, you just simply weren’t. you didn’t have the perfect body and you were insecure about almost everything about yourself. But still, no matter how much you were in denial of your beautiful imperfections, Bucky couldn’t help but admire you more and more.

Author’s Note: hey! I am not dead. Okay so this is an introductory part of this series. It’s a pretty small one it will have two or three parts only. I really wanted to write a chubby insecure reader one so here it is. It’s more funny than fluffy but I guess it turned out well. Also, tags are open. Hope you like it!

Warning(s): swearing and sexual humour

Word Count: 1600

PART 2, 3

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‘so, who is this another one of you freaks I don’t know about?’ Bucky turned to Steve as they were making their way to the common room.

‘oh, she’s an absolute sweetheart.’ Steve smiled brightly as your image popped in his mind. ‘well, mostly she is.’ He snickered.

‘what do you mean?’ Bucky questioned as they entered the common room.

‘see for yourself.’ Steve pointed at the avengers who were surrounding someone.

The room had a warmth in it, a nice hustle and bustle. Everyone was laughing out loud at something you had said.

  ‘damn it (Y/N)! my stomach hurts!’ Clint said as he rolled on the floor laughing while. Natasha couldn’t help but laugh at his reaction.

‘yeah!’ Sam slapped your shoulder.

‘You never fail to make anyone laugh.’ Thor said grinning.

‘I think you are mostly mean.’ Tony said unimpressed and everyone looked at him. you gave him a sharp look before continuing to speak.

‘hey, how do you think Tony spices up his sex life?’ you asked and Tony’s eyes narrowed.

‘how?’ Wanda asked trying to stifle her laughter.

‘with just a little bit of pepper in his life.’ You smiled at Tony and crossed your arms over your just.

‘well- uh,’ Tony stuttered.

‘and the great Tony stark is defeated.’ Bruce kept a hand on Tony’s shoulder who stood there gaping like a fish.

‘ahahaha!’ Clint pointed at Tony as he sat on the floor and started to roll on the floor laughing again. That was enough to make all of them burst into laughter again.

Steve and Bucky who were looking from afar couldn’t help but join in. Steve walked towards you and Bucky followed.

‘hey pumpkin!’ Steve grinned at you knowing how much you hated that nickname.

‘hey!’ you stood up and hugged him. ‘how’s my favourite blonde?’ you winked at him. he rolled his eyes, he could never beat you in the worst nickname game.

‘you must be Bucky!’ you grinned at the long-haired man.

‘that’s me.’ Bucky gave you a small smile and shook hands with you. ‘Steve told you about me?’

‘you bet,’ you pointed at him. ‘Barbie over here, never shuts up about you!’ you said as you punched Steve lightly.

Bucky couldn’t put a finger on it but something about you made him want to know you more. He felt a certain… security around you, a sense of welcome.

‘I am (y/n) (y/l/n) by the way. I respond to almost everything ranging from witch, bitch, asshole, Gertrude and Shrek.’ You smiled and he snickered.

‘how can you depreciate yourself so much but still be so happy?’ Wanda asked.

‘oh, it’s a gift.’ You said sarcastically. ‘If anyone doesn’t get my sense of humour they are free to go fuck themselves.’ You said with your arms crossed over your chest.

‘you look so cute when you’re angry.’ Steve pulled your cheek. ‘our cute, angry, pumpkin.’ Steve chuckled while you shot daggers at him with your eyes.

‘why do they call you pumpkin?’ Bucky furrowed his brows.

‘she was all cute and round like a pumpkin when we first saw her.’ Wanda teased you.

‘yeah, but she’s lost a lot of weight now.’ Natasha said.

‘if anyone says anything about me anymore.’ You said calmly. ‘that bitch won’t have their head on their shoulders!’ you threatened.

 ‘aww.’ Tony cooed and everyone started laughing. You crossed your arms and cussed under your breath. You hated it when you became the butt of all the jokes.

‘I won’t call you pumpkin.’ Bucky gave you a soft smile.

‘then you will be my new favourite person.’ You smiled.

And since that day on, you and Bucky became the best of friends. You were practically inseparable. You could even enjoy the silence in each other’s company. You were the only one who could make him laugh till his stomach hurt, who would talk to him when he had a bad dream or a bad day, who would equally enjoy his weird music and, the one he had started to love.

The list of reasons why he adored you could wrap the moon twice. Your face, smile, eyes and hair were materialistic things. What made him fall for you were how you laughed, how you cared for every one, how you hugged him and made him feel that all his broken pieces had stuck back together, how you sang beautifully and threatened to cut him if he told anyone, how you would greet him by wrapping your hands around his neck rubbing your cheek against his then complain about him not shaving. He just couldn’t get enough of you.

But he was scared. He was scared to death to tell you about how he felt. How could he? though you looked like a person who murdered people just for the knack of it., you were insecure. You were insecure of your body and face. you were insecure of how you could get loud or too masculine sometimes. you were living in a crisis of your own mind and he didn’t want to push you away. So, he kept it all inside.

‘why are you taking that leather jacket? I thought you hated it.’ Steve said as he saw Bucky standing in front of the mirror.

‘do you know there is a thing called cold which makes you feel uneasy?’ Bucky replied sarcastically.

‘I can see how much of (y/n)’s rubbed off on you.’ Steve leaned against the door frame.

‘oh, he so badly wishes that.’ Sam scoffed as he passed the hallway.

‘the fuck did he say?’ Bucky turned to Steve who had a teasing grin on his face.

‘oh, you know, that you are in looveee’ Steve said in a sing a song manner.

‘who’s in love?’ you cocked your head from the went making them jump in surprise.

‘how many times do I have to remind you and Clint, no sneaking around in the vents.’ Steve straightened up.

‘oh, get that stick out of your ass cap’n’ you said hanging from your hands.

‘don’t blame him (y/n),’ Bucky looked at you. ‘that tends to happen due to a lack of-‘

‘sex!’ you and Bucky said in unison as you jumped down. Steve turned red because of both embarrassment and anger. you and Bucky could not be defeated together. you loved to get on everyone’s nerves, specifically his.

‘that’s not true!’ he defended himself.

‘of course.’ Bucky grinned.

‘oh don’t tease him, Sharon said she finds it cute when he tries.’ You said seriously and Bucky started laughing. You could even hear a distant laugh of the other avengers.

‘okay, now if you are done making fun of me let’s go, we have this spying mission to complete.’ Steve walked ahead and you both followed.

‘and a whole lot of orgasms.’ You whispered in Bucky’s ear and he snickered.

‘I heard that!’ Steve turned to you.

‘well, Sharon never quite felt that.’ Natasha joined in and Bucky and you started laughing like crazy. Steve groaned and walked away fast paced.

All four of you were cramped up in Steve’s car. Natasha and Steve were in the front seat and you and Bucky were sitting in the back.

‘you have no right to comment about my sex life,’ Steve turned to you. ‘you are a virgin after all.’ He said.

‘yeah, but we both are totally different case.’ You said.

‘oh, really?’ Natasha rolled her eyes.

‘hell yeah.’ You replied. ‘first of all, Steve’s a century old while I am the youngest of you oldies, second, I do not look like that.’ You pointed at him.

‘okay, but you had the chance with that guy at the club.’ Natasha said. Bucky was curious now, who was this guy you had not told him about? ‘he was hot and was giving you signals the whole night.’

‘he could’ve also given me AIDs!’ You shot back making Steve and Bucky snicker. ‘also, call me Steve,’ you said making Steve roll his eyes. ‘I believe in making love and not just having emotionless one night stands.’

‘aww.’ Natasha and Steve cooed. ‘you must’ve kissed someone at least?’ Natasha asked.

 ‘uh, well, I’ you struggled with words and started playing with your hands as you looked down.

‘what?!’ Natasha and Steve’s eyes grew wide. Natasha noticed Bucky’s unchanged expression. ‘you aren’t surprised?’ she grinned.

‘she tells me everything.’ He shrugged.

‘I am telling this to everyone!’ Steve said and you kicked his seat.

‘and I am going to jail for burning captain America alive or for extracting all the water and air out of him.’ you smiled.

‘that is still is not going to stop me.’ Steve simply stated. You groaned and Bucky gave you a sympathetic smiled.

You all were looking out for the man to come out of the building but it seemed to take too long. It was getting late and colder.

‘when will you get that damn heater fixed.’ You complained to Steve.

‘I am sorry I forgot.’ He simply said. ‘just use your powers.’

‘I can’t! I had taken a day off so I won’t use them until it’s utterly necessary.’ You argued.

‘well you’ll freeze if you don’t. I guess it is necessary.’ Natasha shrugged.

‘wait! Don’t do it!’ Steve turned around. ‘there is that gas pump thing lying in the back. Tony gave it to me and I forgot to give it to Bruce. It’s temperature sensitive so if you turn up the temperature we’ll die.’ Steve said.

‘what?!’ you said.

‘horribly.’ He added.

‘fuck you and your old memory.’ You whined. Bucky took off his jacket immediately and draped it around your shoulders. ‘hey! You don’t have to!’ you said.

‘don’t worry, I am used to cold temperatures.’ He said. ‘

you sure?’ you asked and he nodded. ‘thanks. But still.’ You scooted closer to him and rested your head on his shoulder. You summoned your energy and sparked a warmth in him.

‘this is nice.’ He said as a comforting heat grew in him.

‘you’re welcome.’ You smiled with your eyes closed. ‘did I tell you that I’m getting new piercings?’

‘nah, where you getting them?’ he asked.

‘ears. Where else will I get them? I already have a nose one.’ You furrowed your brows.

‘you know there’s lips, tongue, belly button..’ Bucky started to count. ‘nipples.’ He said and you giggled.

‘I already have them.’ You said and the three of them stared at your chest. ‘I was just kidding.’ You covered your chest with Bucky’s jacket.

‘why do you like piercings?’ Bucky asked.

‘why? You don’t like them?’ you asked with your eyes closed.

‘no! I love them. Just wanted to ask.’ He said and you shrugged in response.

‘I love the pain and I guess I love having some extra metal in my body.’ You replied and both Steve and Natasha turned around and wiggled their brows at him. he kicked their seat and they turned away.

‘why are you moving so much?’ you asked.

‘nothing, just getting rid of some bugs.’ He glared at them.

‘I am sleeping now don’t disturb me.’ you closed your eyes and soon fell asleep.

Bucky was playing with a lock of your hair and savouring this moment of having you so close. You weren’t a very touchy person. You would hug the best but liked to maintain your distance.

‘you are in a little heaven back there, aren’t you?’ Natasha asked.

‘please do shut up.’ He said.

‘reply with outmost truth buck,’ Steve said.

‘you took the jacket because you wanted to do that, didn’t you?’ Steve grinned as he faced Bucky.

‘nope, I also keep my chains in it in case I have to strangle someone.’ Bucky replied sarcastically.

‘just tell her already! Be her first kiss.’ Natasha said. ‘you will be the cutest couple at the tower.’

‘it’s not that simple.’ He sighed. ‘she has had a whole lot of stuff. You know what she says sometimes?’ he looked at them. ‘she says that no one can love someone like her.’ He looked at you with a sad expression.

‘why does she think so lowly of herself?’ Steve asked.

‘you do that when you are made to think so.’ Natasha replied. Bucky brushed away a stray lock of hair from your face and looked at you adoringly.

 ‘only if she would believe me.’ he sighed again.

‘damn, this car should be named “the sadness wagon”.’ Natasha said as she realized that at that time. All broken souls were sitting in that car. Each of you had lost something or the other.

‘Bucky?’ you said and Bucky froze. Had you heard everything?

‘yeah, (y/n)?’ he asked hesitantly.

‘why aren’t bra’s called booby traps?’ you asked with a dead serious voice. He took a breath of relief and they all started laughing.

‘she talks in her sleep?’ Steve asked.

‘only when she is exhausted.’ He replied.

‘I almost forgot!’ Natasha exclaimed. ‘ I have to take her shopping. She literally has no clothes.’

‘would you mind if I take her instead?’ Bucky asked. ‘I can spend some time with her that way and I have never seen her in anything but those baggy sweatshirts or tops of hers.’

‘yeah, sure.’ She said.

‘great.’ Bucky said to himself.

Weight Insecurities (2)

Hello I have a request for a one shot I was wondering if you can do a part two of weight insecurity or one when y/n gets into a fight with Dan and in the end they make up sorry if my request is really cheesy and good job on your work I was too scared to even send you a request

Oh god, please don’t be scared to request! I love it!
I’m sorry, I was really stuck on ideas but I tried to combine both ideas so I hope it’s okay xxoo


Youtube had given a large group of youtubers the opportunity to go on holidays for 2 weeks. Though you yourself were not one, Dan refused to go without you, so he took it into his own hands to buy you a ticket which you were more than grateful for.

The place you were staying at was beautiful. It was an ocean side hotel that was done up in a vintage style.
The holiday was even better for the fact that all of Dan’s closest friends were there also.

The first night, everyone had decided to go out for dinner, but you were too jet lagged to go, so you convinced Dan to go as you slept away the groggy feeling.
The next day, you were once again not feeling the best, so Dan went out, doing all the tourist like things with the other youtubers whilst you stayed in again.

The third day, Dan woke you up as he entered the room at 9am, coffee and breakfast in hand.

“Morning, love” he smiled as he kissed the top of your head

“Good morning” you replied as you mirrored his smile

“So we are all going to spend the day on the beach today. Relaxation time” he explains

The idea of being around all those gorgeous, thin girls in their bikinis made you sick. You couldn’t bare the embarrassment of everyone seeing you in a bathing suit.

“I might skip.. But have a good day”

“Y/n, you haven’t come out and done one thing with us yet. So your coming.” Dan states demandingly

“I’m sorry Dan but I just don’t feel like it” you apologise, not wanting to tell him the real reason

“Fucking hell y/n. I didn’t spend my money for you to sit in the hotel room the whole time!”

“Well I’m sorry you did that and I’m sorry for being an inconvenience to you!” You yelled back angrily at your boyfriend

“Jesus Christ, I should’ve just left you at home” he mumbles to himself… Well that hurt. Tears prick your eyes but you refuse to let them fall. Instead you get up and start collecting your belongs, placing them all in your suitcase as you prepare to grant his wish and leave.

“Are you serious right now y/n?! Your going to leave instead of just coming to the beach! This is stupid”

“I’m sorry Dan! I’m sorry I don’t want to embarrass myself by wearing a bathing suit over my fat body in front of all your gorgeous friends!” You rush out loudly as you begin to pack with more angry force.
Dan’s tensed face drops as he finally realised what’s happening. He instantly walks to you, attempting to wrap his arms around you, although you try your hardest to push him off.

“Baby stop” Dan instructs as you finally give in, allowing him to hold you.

“I’m sorry for what I said… I just wanted to spend time with my favourite girl, I’ve missed you so much these past days.” He says calmly, placing a soft kiss to your neck.

“I thought we were passed all of this sweetheart? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with your gorgeous body at all.”

“Dan please, I can’t wear a swim suit and get judged and laughed at by all those people out there.” You explain, your words shaky

“Y/n I promise that you are the most beautiful girl here. No one will laugh at you, and you know why? They will simply be stunned by your beauty, just as I am every morning I wake up and see you there beside me. Please come with me baby, just for a little while?” Dan’s words warmed your heart and all you could do was accept.

“Okay” you quietly mumbled into his chest as he held you tight.
He smiled as he watched you find your swim suit, going into the bathroom to change.

5minutes later Dan heard the bathroom door open, he looked up from his phone to see you standing in a bikini top and swimming shorts. His eyes widened as he looked you over, his swim trunks getting seemingly tighter.

“Or maybe we could go later” his voice comes out low as he walks to you, pressing you up against the wall as his lips instantly smash into your own, grinding his hips to yours.

Basic Attraction Part 1

So this title I actually don’t mind lol. TJ Perkins x Reader x THE Brian Kendrick suggested by my equally evil team mate @alexispoo. Once again I must thank @jazzytoosweet for lending her phenomenal editing skills to my many writing projects, including this one! TYSM Boo!

So TJ Perkins and Brian Kendrick fight over reader before their match and they decide to make a bet. Whoever wins, gets her. (Cause that worked so well with Jericho and Christian all those years ago…)

I don’t wanna spoil the plot so let’s go~!

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Your name: submit What is this?

“Hey, TJ.” TJ paused, glancing at the doorway of the locker room and he scowled at who he saw. There stood Brian Kendrick, smug grin in place as he leaned against the door.

“Kendrick…” was TJ’s clipped reply. “Come to ask me to throw our match again?” he frowned. Brian chuckled, pushing off from the door and walking over to the current champion.

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PDA || Preference

Ponyboy: He wasn’t big on PDA, since he’s only 14; but he will hold your hand or have an arm around your waist (To show that you were his of coarse.) And sometimes he will give you a short little kiss on the cheek. And when the guys make fun of you two being the youngest; as soon as he’s had enough he will kiss you right then and there just to prove he isn’t a little kid.

Johnny: He normally wouldn’t show much affection towards you in public; mainly hand holding and cute, short, little kisses on your face. He would kiss your neck, lips, nose, cheek, and forehead. You guys end up blushing bright red as soon as someone from the gang teases you guys (Not to mention happens a lot.)

Sodapop: I mean come on, face it Soda’s an absolute sweetheart, he always made sure you were having a good time. He would constantly be holding you whether it was hand-holding or just him with his arm around your shoulders. But you almost always end up kissing him first. Girls are always checking him out, so you’ll pull him in for a long passionate kiss.

Steve: He never cared who was around, who was watching, or where you were. He always showed affection towards you. Sometimes he’ll slap your ass when you walk ahead of him, but mostly he’ll try and turn you on. he is constantly kissing you, though.

Two-Bit: Nothing to much, he’ll normally keep an arm around you and you two’ll share short passionate kisses. He loves making you laugh, so he’ll kiss your hand because you think it’s absolutely adorable. But when he is drunk he will kiss you more roughly and/ or become somewhat handsy.

Dallas: He’s not much of a hugger or hand-holding kinda guy. But whenever he catches someone checking you out, or he just wants people to know you are his, he will instantaneously pull you in to his body and kiss you. The kisses were sometimes passionate, but were mostly rough.

Darry: He was always watching what you two were doing in-front of his brothers. But sometimes it was a completely different story. He would sometimes have you pinned you against a wall and would be kissing you passionately or sometimes it would be sweet, and he would hug you from behind and kiss your neck softly. (It would always make you jump a little which would result in him softly chuckling.)

Tim: He wasn’t afraid to kiss you in public, in fact he did this quite often. He would frequently kiss you on the cheek. When walking he always had his arm around you or was holding your hand. And if you were feeling down he could tell. He would pull you aside grab your hands, pull you close to him and ask what’s wrong. He was quite a caring and sweet boyfriend, and lost the tough guy act around you.

Curly: He was very spontaneous boyfriend, whether or not you guys were in public. When you were talking, as soon as you finished your sentence he would pull your face in his hands and kiss you. When walking he would grab your hand randomly, you’d look up at him and he’d wink down at you. And he’d constantly talk about you to Ponyboy and all of his friends, and it annoyed them, but they loved that Curly was happy.

Bob: Even though a lot of people would see him as rude, manipulative, and mean. You seen the real Bob, he could be real sweet at times. He would have his arm around you all the time. when driving you home he would ask about your day and you guys would just talk. 

Randy: The thing he loved to do the most was go on walks, while holding you tight, and talking just about life. He would kiss your cheek ever so slightly making you blush. You guys sometimes went to the Nightly Double Drive in, but not very often. But when you did he was extra sweet. He would pay for your ticket no matter how much you insisted you could pay for your ticket.

Meet the parents

pairing: michael x reader

word count: 897

requested! i hope you liked it :D its literally like 1 AM while I’m writing this uGH i need sleep

requests are always open!! xx

“Thank you again, Mrs. Clifford. Dinner was amazing.” You said, giving her a warm hug goodbye. 

“Oh, it was really nothing, darling.” She waved off your compliment. “And please, call me Karen. Be sure to visit again soon!”

“We will for sure, Karen.” You said, allowing Michael to wind his arm around your waist. “It was really nice meeting you.”

“You as well, you’re a lovely girl.” She said, making you blush.

“Okay, Mum, we have to get going now.” Michael said, wrapping up the conversation.

“Alright. Love you Mikey! Drive safe.” She said, waving to us as we headed towards Michael’s car parked in the driveway of his parents’ house. “You sure you can get home safe, or is it too dark for you to see? Daryl, maybe they should stay ‘round here tonight just in case.”

“We’ll be fine, Mum!” Michael shouted at her, slightly annoyed.

“Just making sure! Love you!” She called out. Michael didn’t acknowledge it. “Mikey, I love you!” She yelled again, using a little more emphasis.

“Love you too” He said half heartedly.

“I didn’t quite hear you…”


“That’s better. Goodnight you two!” 

Quiet giggles were tumbling out of your mouth as you tried to contain them, Michael putting the car in reverse and backing out of the driveway. “That woman could talk for days.”

“You love her, Michael. Don’t act like you don’t.”

“Of course I love her!” He quickly argued. “I’m just glad we got you meeting my parents out of the way. Now it’s my turn.”

“For what?”

“To meet your parents.”

You shifted in your seat a little, flattening your skirt a few times. “Do you really have to meet them?”

“Of course I do, Y/N.”

Meeting Michael’s parents was way easier than you had expected. They were incredibly friendly and hospitable towards you, and the couple couldn’t have been sweeter. No wonder Michael’s an absolute sweetheart. You were a little nervous to meet them at first–who wouldn’t? But it was relieving to you how smoothly tonight went.

Now, Michael meeting your parents? That would be a whole different story.

Your parents weren’t necessarily strict…but if they knew your boyfriend was a rockstar that had tattoos and piercings and artificially dyed hair, they would never approve of your relationship. Sure, you were old enough to live on your own and not need your parents’ approval when it came to things like relationships, but dating Michael was seriously risking the way your parents viewed you. They would judge you and probably make Michael feel like a freak, because to them he was. And you hated that about them. 

Michael meeting your parents was a huge risk, and it was one you wanted to postpone for as long as possible. 

“I don’t know if that’s the best idea…” You said, not looking at Michael and instead the moon in the sky out in front of you.

“Why don’t you want me to meet them?” He asked, glancing over at you.

You shrugged. “I don’t know.”

“Come on, Y/N. It’s just your parents.”

“Exactly. It’s my parents.”

“And what’s so bad about that?”

“Nothing, it’s just–”

“Are you ashamed of me or something?”

“Of course not!” You denied, almost jumping out of your seat and turning to face him. “I could never be ashamed of you, Michael.”

“Then why don’t you want me to meet them?”

“It’s just…they won’t really like you. I just know it.”

“Why wouldn’t they like me?”

“Look at you, Michael.” You said, gesturing towards him. “You have blue hair and piercings and tattoos–all things my parents don’t like.”

“So I’m dating your parents now?”


“Listen to yourself, Y/N. You don’t want me to meet them because they won’t approve of how I look. But here’s the thing: if you actually loved me for me, you wouldn’t care what anyone else thought.” He told you.

Your mouth hung open. “Michael, I love you so fucking much you have no idea. It’s just my parents–they’re hard to deal with sometimes and I don’t know how they’ll react to me bringing home a guy that isn’t clean-cut like the usual boyfriends I’ve had in the past. Why do you want to meet them so badly?”

He shrugged. “I guess I haven’t really gotten to the point in any relationship where I considered the other person’s parents my own family, y’know? And I really like you, Y/N, and I want things to work out with us. You’re the longest and most serious relationship I’ve ever had, and I want it to work out. Because I love you that much.”

“Yeah, but don’t you want them to like you at all?”

“Y/N, I’m not an asshole.” He said, laughing lightly. “If they’re half decent people–which I know they are because they raised you well–then they’ll look past my looks somewhat and realize I’m not some rude prick that’s just fucking you.”

“That is true…” You said, sighing back into your seat.

“…So does that mean I can meet them sometime soon?” He asked, a smile creeping onto his face.

You sighed and nodded. “I guess so. Congratulations.”

“This is gonna be fun, I swear.”

“Whatever you say, Clifford.” 

the signs as people in my life
  • aries: my cute nerd bro; a memester and good person to have fun and talk about star wars with.. looks like the human version of a golden retriever
  • taurus: my "ray of sunshine" friend; immediately brightens my day with their cute smile and they have amazing taste in music
  • gemini: my ex boyfriend; we're still really close and always do crazy things with our mutual friends, a cynical loser that i love having in my life.. probably a future drug dealer
  • cancer: an old friend that i miss; we had too many falling outs but they were always my #1.. super dramatic and extra but an absolute sweetheart and i'd do anything to have them back
  • leo: myself and the pretty girls that i friend lust over; i wanna hang out with them and be closer with them because they're all so fun and amazing
  • virgo: my dad; never listens to me and we have the worst relationship but we jam to 80s music together and he'll buy me food if i ask.. infectious laughter and sometimes really chill
  • libra: the boy i like; the prettiest eyes, amazing way with words, super smart, really good kisser, i'm always so happy when i'm with him.. the light of my life tbh
  • scorpio: my party friends; do wild stuff at 3 am and are always seen on everyone else's snapchat stories.. popular and really awesome people to exchange hoe stories with.. my go-to friends if i ever wanna get myself into trouble
  • sagittarius: the majority of my friend group; i always have the best time with them, lots of emo music, mario kart, and shade and i absolutely love it, they're people i can actually trust
  • capricorn: the friend i've known the longest; we pick on each other but we have such a great friendship and i can rely on them for anything.. reminds me of a puppy.. a genuinely good person and wicked baker
  • aquarius: i'm actually not friends with any aquarians, but the ones i know are lively and are great to be around, always getting in twitter fights and are doing stuff with their friends on the weekend
  • pisces: my older friend; my fav person to spill some tea with, can talk to them about anything, either always sleeping or always awake, they have cool hair and go to lots of concerts, someone i would have fun with if we were closer

someidioticurl  asked:

Throws you post-mortem-lullaby if you still do the opinion thing

My Opinion on;

Character in general:  Emil is a well built character and she really is unique.  Congrats to you, you put the original in original character <3
How they play them:  Pretty well! You always give people enough material to reply to :) I’m a bit terrible with idle chats though and I don’t know how well Emil fits with my muses but I still cannot help but admire your skills <3

The Mun:  We haven’t talked a lot but you were an absolute sweetheart when we did <3

Do I:

RP with them:  I do!
Want to RP with them:  Of course

What is my;

Overall Opinion: Definitely one of the great oc’s out there ! I’d pretty much recommend you in a heartbeat ! @post-mortem-lullaby

**Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty

Meet The Parents

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Meet The Parents

“Daewoong please behave”

“Of course, I’ll behave you don’t need to say it like that”

You gave him an exasperated sigh and fixed his collar. You were probably more nervous than he was. You spent the last hours smoothing out, nonexistent wrinkles on his shirt, and picking off invisible lint.

He chuckled grabbing your small hands in his own and placing a kiss against them. “It’s fine. They’ll love me”

Raising a brow you groaned. You loved Daewoong. But even you had to admit that he was an acquired taste. Was that the right word? Perhaps he was closer to the taste that you never sought out, but didn’t completely hate. 

You were just anxious. You knew how your parents were; Sure, they were nice enough but bringing home a rapper that had more controversies than albums was probably not the best idea.

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How they react to you having hearing loss:

  • Of course, the most supportive was Clint. He offered to teach you (depending how bad it was) sign language. He also, which is out of character for him, bought you a box of chocolate to try and cheer you up.
  • Natasha smiled and stroked your cheek with her thumb. “Don’t worry (Y/N). Everyone is here for you, just take your time.” She grabbed you and pulled you in for a hug.
  • “Don’t be shy; if you need us to speak louder tell us. Don’t hesitate.” Steve had a similar reaction to Nat and you melted into his touch.
  • You told Tony and Bruce at the same time and both were absolute sweethearts. They disappeared and a few hours later they came back with a hearing aid which enhanced your hearing past what the usual person’s was like - you could hear on coming enemies and even conversations from miles away. 
  • You’d forgot to tell Thor about it and when you kept saying “pardon?” to him he thought you were purposely trying to offend him. By the look on his face you had to quickly rush an explanation of your hearing to him since you were in the middle of a battle field.
  • Wanda expressed how sorry she was for you and gave you a hug. She was determined to make you happy so she bought you a few stuffed bears and the pair of you had a movie night.
  • Bucky was training and you were stood in front of the sweaty soldier who was sat down wiping his face with a towel when you told him. At first he looked at you to make sure you were being serious - he then grabbed your hand and pulled you towards him for a big breath-taking hug.
Fate - Chapter 7

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Chapter  [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

‘Jay this is my sister.’ You introduced Jay to your sister and you knew the star struck look in her eyes but you tried to ignore it as her eyes wondered Jay’s body from tip to toe. You cleared your throat when she stayed silent and she quickly regained her composure as she took his hand. ‘You’ve got a nice house.’ Jay commented as a small chuckle escaped your lips and you were met with two pair of eyes glaring at you. You bit your lips trying to hide the smirk from forming on your lips.

‘Oh yeah thanks.’ She replied taking the wine and flowers from your boyfriend. The ones which you told him not to bother getting but when he arrived at the door he had tried to excuse himself saying he didn’t want to seem rude and how expensive the wine was. ‘Is this the first time you’re here?’ she asked walking towards the kitchen to open the cabinet for a vase. Jay quickly turned his head to look at you as if accusing you of telling her the night he had slept over.

‘Yeah it is.’ You answered for him as your sister let out a small scoff. Jay couldn’t help the grin from forming on his lips making you nudge at him playfully. ‘So who else is coming?’ he whispered to you.

‘Just waiting for her fiancée to pick my grandma up.’ You answered his question.

‘They’re on the way back.’ Your sister explained looking back over her shoulder.

‘Oh, you didn’t tell me your grandma would be here as well.’ He whispered to you as you moved to the living room. You looked over your shoulder at his shifty eyes and slight frown on his lips. ‘Why are you nervous?’ you teased him which made him change his expression all together, faking confidence. ‘No I’m just- you know- I didn’t know she was coming.’ He tried to shrug it off playfully taking a seat next to you in front of the TV. You grinned and patted his shoulder comfortingly moving to whisper right next to his ear.

‘It’s alright. My grandma doesn’t bite.’

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This is a dream come true. Ghost signed my artwork.

I simply do not have the words to describe the past two days I spent following them from Austin, TX to Houston with @dankcastle & @capedcrepes.

We met them and they were absolute sweethearts. This was one of those moments that changes someone’s life completely. Papa even sang to me during Cirice in Austin and kissed my hand. I just do not know how to convey the feelings I experienced.

I adore them so, so very much.

Study Date

Zayn: “I swear to God,” you muttered, erasing your lines for the fifth time. You couldn’t figure out how Zayn drew the way that he did, how he was so able to create something out of nothing. Zayn was smirking to himself, his lips quirking at your frustration. You’d met Zayn through the art class you were forced to take at the college you were attending. You couldn’t even draw-but you couldn’t sing either, and art seemed like the lesser of two evils. You met him the first day of class, both of you wide eyed and terrified of your first college class. You had met eyes across the room and smiled timidly at each other and it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. “Having problems, love?” He teased, his hand flying across the paper. You glared at him, the hair in your pony tail slipping out. He was way too advanced to be in the class he was in, but he had said he wouldn’t leave you alone. “Yes,” you growled, crumpling up your fifth sheet of paper and tossing it. “How am I supposed to draw something that ‘moves’ me, anyway?” You shouted, throwing the pencil across the room. He laughed, snapping his sketch book shut. “Think of what matters to you,” he said instead, giving his own cramping hand a break. “I can’t draw a bottle of wine, can I?” You dead panned, brow raised. “No, not if you want Ms. Andrews to think your an alcoholic.” You sighed, rubbing your hands over your tired eyes. He studied you for a moment, his dark gaze missing nothing. Since your friendship started, neither of you had dated anyone else. You were constantly together so there wasn’t even time to look at anyone else but each other. “What did you draw?” You asked, reaching for the black leather bound book. “Uh, nothing,” he said hastily, snatching the book. It fell off the table and bounced open, the page he marked sticking out. You looked down at your own face, your laughing smile and bright eyes. You raised your eyes to his now, bewildered. “You move me,” he said softly, tucking a lock of hair behind your ear. “You always have.”

Liam: “If I do one more math problem I am going to explode,” he sighed, dropping his pencil into his thousand page math book. “I hate it.” He groaned, eyes flicking to you. You didn’t mind, you were quickly knocking out your pre-calc homework like it was nothing at all. “Stop complaining,” you said without lifting your eyes from the page. Liam smirked, you’d been a smart ass since the day he met you. When he introduced himself with a smooth opening line, you’d wrinkled your nose in disgust and said, “does that actually work for you?” And he had been smitten ever since. It took a while for you to come around to him, but once you did you were glad. He was an absolute sweetheart and he was charming and funny. And okay, yeah, maybe you liked him a little but too much. You were trying not to get carried away, you hadn’t felt like this over someone in a while. Neither did he, actually. “You’re mean, why are we friends?” He asked himself, making you chuckle. “Because you wouldn’t know how to do fractions without me,” you reminded him, finishing your work and snapping your book shut. “You’re so high and mighty, I hate it,” he said, watching you slide over to the counter and pour two more mugs of coffee. Your midterm was tomorrow and neither of you felt confident about what you were going to be tested on. “You love me, don’t be ridiculous,” you waved a hand dismissively at him. He just smiled. Maybe he did love you just a little but too much. He was trying to figure out a way to ask you out, but he was coming up short. “I think we should go out and celebrate tomorrow,” you said surprising him. You were tired of waiting for him to ask you out, so you took matters into your own hands. “Pass, fail, we drink,” you said meeting his gaze. He was smiling, his coffee eyes lit up the way they were the first time he saw you. “I’d like that. And maybe even after, we could go out again?” You were blushing now, finally glad that you were making headway. “Yeah,” you said, his arm brushing yours, “I’d like that.”

Harry: “I think we should just watch the Patriot instead,” he said for the fifth time. You growled at him, throwing your notebook across the kitchen table at him. “Harold, just because we’re doing the American revolution does not mean the patriot is the answer,” you said sweetly, your eyes flicking to his. “The Patriot is always the answer,” he said seriously, his green eyes holding no traces of amusement. “You’re ridiculous. Are you just going to tell Mr. Smith that you did your whole paper off of Mel Gibson ranting?” He laughed now, his curls flipping into his eyes. Harry had hated history until he met you. Come to think of it, he didn’t like school at all. He was always busy writing song lyrics, never paying attention. But he paid attention to you alright. He knew that you tucked your hair behind your ear when you were thinking, or nibbled your lip when you were nervous. And how he ever convinced you to study with him was beyond comprehension. “He had some awesome lines, so yes,” he teased, his mouth quirking into a grin. He was adorable-in the most infuriating way. You had to study, had to make sure you aced this class but Harry was so distracting with his giant hands and emerald eyes. “Let’s take a break,” you finally said. You’d read the same sentence ten times, Harry’s foot under the table bumping into yours. Were you dating? Were you friends? You weren’t sure where you stood. “I like that idea. I’ll make some snacks,” you were in his apartment tonight, needing a change of pace from your dorm room. He went into the kitchen and made up some sandwiches, his eyes flicking to yours as you collapsed on his couch. He liked having you here and he liked how his couch smelled like your perfume even after you left. “So listen,” he said, sitting down next to you. “I’m not interested in history.” You blinked as you bit into your sandwich, slightly confused. “You aren’t?” He shook his head, his green eyes smiling. “Nope. There’s only one history I’m interested in, and that’s ours.” You choked and he laughed. It wasn’t the smoothest line, but Harry wasn’t smooth. He was awkward but you adored him. “So I want to know if you will go out with me, and we can make a bunch if memories together?” You grinned, nodding happily as he kissed your cheek, a bright future ahead of you both.

Niall: Vaguely, you wondered how much it wold cost to refund school property. Because you were about to smash one of the guitars from the music room. “Clearly I’m not cut out for this,” you said to the blonde haired, blue eyes boy next to you who was plucking away on his own guitar. “Just be patient,” he said switching tunes to something you didn’t recognize. “Niall, we’ve been at this for hours. I can’t do this,” you dropped the guitar to your feet, wondering why colleges required a music, art or singing class. That wasn’t even your major. “Yes ya can, darlin’,” he plucked the guitar off the ground and came to sit beside you. “Now take a breath,” his cologne wafted up and you shivered, he smelt so good all the time. All you wanted to do was bury your nose in his chest and stay there forever. You did as he asked, taking a deep breath. You weren’t sure exactly how you and Niall got to this point. One day you were strangers and one day you were joined at the hip, hanging out whenever you could. “Yes sir,” you muttered, making him grin. He’d pretty much been teaching you how to play, taking the time to watch you as you watched your fumbling fingers. He took your hand and put it back in the neck of the guitar, his fingers covering yours. “I’m gunna walk you through it,” he whispered, his mouth by your ear. You gulped as he slid closer, his thigh against yours. “Like this, see?” He guided your hand down the fret, his eyes flicking from the chords to your face. Your lip was caught between your teeth, eye brows drawn together as you strummed like he told you too. “Okay,” you said slowly, your hands moving faster as you got more comfortable. His hand slid up your arm as you went and he let his hand rest on the small of your back. Now that he was touching you, he couldn’t stop. Your skin was softer than he imagined and you smelt even better. “I did it!” You cheered, eyes swinging up to his. You were closer than you thought, your nose almost brushing his. “Good job,” he breathed, his breath kissing your lips. “Th-thanks,” you mumbled, cheeks flushing. He jerked back and grabbed his guitar, clearing his throat as you remained frozen, his closeness leaving you stunned. He went back to strumming that unfamiliar song, his eyes on yours. Everything had changed in a moment, both of you met with the realization this was something so much more. 

Louis: “Je voudrais une tasse de café,” you said easily, your voice turning smooth and cultured. Louis blinked, his pretty pink lips falling open as you spoke. Damn, that was the sexiest thing ever. “I don’t get languages,” he muttered, plowing a hand through his hair. Part of the reason he didn’t get it was because you were so damn distracting when you spoke French that he spent more time watching your mouth than actually listening to you. “It’s easy, just say what I say.” You spoke again and his eyes dropped to your lips like they always did. It was hopeless. He’d been blind sided by you since the first day he met you and nothing had changed since. He approached you the first day, asking if you could help him study. You’d become great friends and people often mistook your for dating but neither of you denied it when you were confronted, which left butterflies in your tummy. The final was now coming up and Louis didn’t know what to do when the class ended. Would he get to see you again? He wasn’t even sure if you were interested, not seriously anyway. “Are you paying attention?” You asked for the third time. His eyes turned dark as he leaned back in his chair, his fingers running along his lower lip. “Oh, I’m paying attention,” he said darkly, watching you blush in response. You cleared your throat, surprised at the attention he was showing you. He normally didn’t do that. All you ever wanted was someone to look at you the way Louis was. Desire, longing but his eyes still held traces of tenderness. “Can I be honest with you?” You whispered, setting the book down. He nodded, leaning forward so his elbows braced on his knees. The air was changing, becoming charged and dangerous between you both and he smirked. “I’m not interested in that sort of French,” you mumbled, fingers fumbling together. Since day one you dreamt about Louis mouth on yours and his hands in your skin. You had grown tired of waiting for him to speak up. “Thank god,” he groaned, tugging you so that you were straddled across his lap. “Bonjour, ma belle,” he murmured, just before he pressed his mouth to yours.