they were absolute sweethearts

My little sister got to ask a question during J2’s panel at MinnCon, and both Jensen and Jared were incredible, but Jared was an absolute sweetheart to my little sister. She’s 13 and has severe anxiety, so when they told her she might be the last question, she started to panic. Jared came to grab both of us and I told him, “please be nice to her. She’s really scared.” He smiled and then said, “of course”. After that, he didn’t let go of her. He guided her to her chair and had his hand on her back the entire time she was on stage. He rubbed her back when he felt her get panicky, and tried to make her feel as comfortable as possible. When he walked us back, he pulled her aside and talked to her even more. He congratulated her on what an awesome job she did and her question was “what helps you get through the hard times,” so he gave her even more advice and told her she’ll be fine.

A Lesson [M]

Anonymous said: How about: you’re Jungkook’s girlfriend and once you had sex togheter on their dorm(you thought you were alone) suddenly Suga come and say that Kookie doesn’t make you scream enough so he decided to give him some tips … I know it’s hard, but I think It could be very interesting ;)

Anonymous said: Could you write a threesome with Yoongi and Kookie pls ?

Warnings: threesome smut, language

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Wrong Place Wrong Time- The Aftermath (1)

Do not reuse, edit or copy and of my work(s). ©
Part 1 of an ongoing sequel, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭 ,. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language and Adult themes.)

Summary: The Sequel to Wrong Place Wrong Time: Life after the death of Red.
Main Characters include: Reader and EXO.

Click for WPWT(1)  Part 2 Part 3  Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9  Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16 Part 17 Part 18 Part 19 Part 20 Part 21 Part 22-Finale

Word Count: 1,844 (-ish)

It had been a year since you had really seen the majority of the other men. Quite a lot had happened during this period of time. The most important being that you and Minseok had gotten married, it was arguably the best thing that happened to you in life. Your parents were extremely confused when you suddenly introduced him to them. You had lied saying you had met him at your new workplace. To say they weren’t happy was an understatement. Their daughter had gone missing for a couple of months and all of a sudden she wanted to get married it all seemed slightly rushed, and you couldn’t blame them because it’s true, it was rushed, but you had never been so sure of anything in your life and you were not backing down so eventually they had to accept what you wanted. It’s not that they didn’t like Minseok; they always stated that he seemed a ‘nice enough bloke’ but the whole concept of marriage at the age of 23 didn’t sit well with them, but truthfully you couldn’t be happier. Minseok made you extremely happy and that’s all that really mattered at the end of the day. You had been married for just under two months now; you lived in a cute cosy house in a quiet area. You had accessed your savings from your job before you entered that mad house, on top of that you were both earning enough in order to live comfortably, it was nothing too fancy, but it was something that you both liked and it was home. After the life you’d lived last year silence was the only thing you craved and so did Minseok. He was glad that he could finally call you his. He never went a day without reminding you that you belonged to him and he was so glad that you had given him a new start. You went to Church with him every Sunday and visited the graves of his parent’s right after the service. It had become routine and it put the both of you at peace. It was weird visiting the place Minseok had opened up to you weekly, only this time around you were his wife and he loved you more than he could possibly put into words.
The wedding that the two of you had had was small. Really small. The only guests present were your parents, Mia, Chanyeol and Sehun. The rest of the boys didn’t make it and apparently Minseok said that they had reasons for it, but you still weren’t too sure what those ‘reasons’ were. Quite frankly you thought that their absences were rude, especially Baekhyun’s but you learnt to push your hurt away into the deepest darkest corner of your mind, just like all the other hurtful memories you had accumulated over the time you’d spent in that house.

You had caught up with Chanyeol once or twice, but not as much as you would have expected to, partly because you were now a married woman and because Chanyeol had started dating. Since you were trying to get your lives on track, Chanyeol had gotten a new job at an elementary school as an assistant teacher and had fallen head over heels for one of his colleagues. You were so happy for him because he was an absolute sweetheart and he deserved all the happiness he could get in life. You knew that if it hadn’t been for you loving Minseok maybe it could’ve been Chanyeol he was the most caring man you’d ever met and so his happiness meant that you were happy. As for Sehun you would see him the most, he was still practically joint at the hip to Minseok, always visiting your home. But he had slowed it down a bit after you had gotten married, he realised that the both of you needed ‘time’ to yourselves.

You heard through the grapevine that Junmyeon was married however you and Minseok couldn’t make it as you were on your honeymoon, why he scheduled the wedding at that time you didn’t know. Honestly you were slightly displeased with him because there was nothing more you wanted to see than Junmyeon happy, especially since the last time you had seen him when he tried to burn all of you alive, he was an utter wreck, you just hoped that whoever she was she was treating him right and loved him unconditionally because that’s all these broken men needed. They needed something like what you and Minseok had, because honestly it was intense and special.
You and Minseok had been living a pretty comfortable life and for the most part you were extremely happy, but lately he had been coming home pretty late, he always seemed somewhat tired and flushed and you couldn’t help but think there was someone else. You had only been married two months, was he getting bored of you already, maybe he realised that you weren’t what he wanted? Maybe he only needed you to break down his walls and that was it. You tried shaking the thought from your mind multiple times, ignoring his late returns but it kept creeping back to the forefront of your brain, until one night when the both of you were in bed relaxing, you‘d decided that you’d had enough of it.

“Min…” You wavered slightly, wondering if you should ask him the question, surely he was innocent and you were just overreacting, you didn’t want to hurt his feelings and start an unnecessary argument.

“Mmm?” He was focused on the tablet that he was holding in his hand, scrolling through the dozens of emails he’d received earlier in the day. For some reason this got you angry, he wouldn’t even focus his full attention on you even when he spent less and less time with you. You weren’t a clingy woman, but Minseok’s behaviour was slowly spiralling downwards and there was only so much that you would allow yourself to take.

“Where do you go so late at night?” You spat the question out, your voice laced with venom. Minseok frowned, placing his tablet down on the bedside table and turned his head to look at you.

“Babe…what? When I get home you’re already asleep.”He answered, you knew Minseok well and you could already sense a lie in whatever ‘version of truth’ he thought he was telling you.

“No! Don’t give me that shit Minseok! Don’t act like you just come in right after I fall asleep because you sure as heck don’t! Do you have any idea how long I wait up for you?! You slip into bed at like 3AM and think I don’t notice. You’re supposed to be my husband Min; you’re supposed to be loyal.”

“No, babe. I promise you it’s not what it looks like. I want to tell you but I can’t…” He shook his head, lightly taking your hand in his, but you pulled away.

“No Minseok! This isn’t okay. Why can’t you tell me where you’re going then, doesn’t that sound dodgy to you? We’ve been married only two months Min. Two months. And you’re already screwing other girls. We waited until marriage Minseok; you shouldn’t be bored of me already! What am I doing so wrong? Am I not satisfying enough?” You didn’t even realise the involuntary tears rolling down your cheek until a tear splashed onto your hand.

“Babe, no, stop it. Of course you’re enough for me; you’re enough and so much more.”

“Then why won’t you tell me where the fuck you go Kim Minseok!”
You had enough of the sweet talk and your body was shaking violently, you thought you meant more to him than this. Everything was going swimmingly well, why did he have to do this to you when you were putting your everything into this marriage.

“Y/N if I tell you, then you’ll be mad at me, life will spiral downhill again and we won’t be happy! Is that what you want?!”
Why was he twisting this on you, as though it was your fault that he was returning home early hours of the morning, cheaters always do have a way of making the innocent party look guilty, but you weren’t going to let him win.

Just as you were about to give him a piece of your mind. You heard the front door knock. The both of you froze, turning your heads to the direction that the knock was coming from. It was 3AM; who could be possibly knocking at this time. You frowned rising from the bed.

“No Y/N, don’t get that.” Minseok reached over to your side of the bed grabbing your wrist, but you pulled it out of his grip and advanced out of the room.

“Why, are you scared it’s the whore you’ve been fucking? Scared that she followed you home Min? That you’ll be exposed?” You laughed sarcastically and coldly not turning back to look at him. “I swear if it’s Melanie I’ll kill her with my bare hands.”

You walked over to the front door of your house swinging it open and talking faster than your brain could think.

“I don’t know what the fuck you think you’re doing here but he’s married, so you can sling your hoo—What? Yixing?”
You paused staring at him. You were stunned to say the least and let out a breath that you didn’t even know you were holding, it had been a year since you’d seen him and although you no longer felt anything towards him even remotely, you had to admit that he looked more handsome than he did before.

“Y/N.” He smiled at you softly, his dimples making a subtle appearance. You had to admit that you had missed him a little bit and it was somewhat comforting to see him again and know he was okay.
“It’s been forever…you look…good.” He gave you a quick once over and you remembered you were wearing a satin crimson pyjama dress that Minseok had bought you not too long ago, making you cringe with embarrassment, you tried to cover yourself as best you could with your arms.

“You look good too.” You said back quietly. “But what are you doing at my house at this time of the day? It’s 3AM.”

“Actually I need to speak to Minseok, he’s in right?” He pushed past you softly walking into the open planned living room/ kitchen.

“Y/N, Y/N. I told you not to open the door…” You heard Minseok’s voice in the distance gradually getting louder the closer he got to where you were stood. “Leave it and come back to bed, God knows who—Yixing?” Minseok’s eyes opened widely for a second or two, then returned his gaze back to normal. “What are you doing here Yixing?” He bit his lip nervously. What was going on, and why wasn’t Minseok as stunned as you to see Yixing when you both hadn’t seen him in a whole year.

“Min, it’s Luhan.” Yixing frowned.

“He’s alive. He’s Back.”

Thor Odinson Fluff

Request: Can you maybe make an Thor Odinson x reader, where she is on her period and she has to explain to Thor how it works, at first he is confused but then he sees the reader having very painful cramps and he becomes very understanding, helpful and yeah just becomes an absolute sweetheart??

Your cramps were so debilitating from your period, you were on the floor sobbing from the pain. Thor practically broke the bathroom door down to get to you. “What’s wrong, my love?” He asked, trying to do a full body assessment to see if you were severely injured.

You pushed yourself up into a sitting position and practically threw your body into his lap, “Oh honey. It’s just my period.”

“A period?” He asked, “Isn’t that the punctuation mark that goes at the end of a sentence.” He was genuinely confused.

You couldn’t help but giggle. “Thor, it’s when a woman has her cycle. Like to know she isn’t pregnant.”

“Oh. I see. And it is very painful for you?”

You nodded and placed his hand at the bottom of your stomach, “I get cramps right here.”

“Well, I demand the cramps to stop attacking my woman and leave right now.” The funny thing was as he said this that he was 100% serious.

“Oh I love you.” You smiled and kissed him, “Now, can we get in bed and eat ice cream and watch movies?”

“Of course, my stars.” Thor practically swept you off the ground and placed you into the bed next to him. “Movies now or later?” He asked.

“Later, just come cuddle me.” He put his arms around you and sighed happily.


So me and @questionartbox went to Obaren in Stockholm, Sweden last night and saw Sons of an illustrious father! And it was amazing! I’m still taking it all in.

I can confirm that the rumors are true. Ezra is an absolute sweetheart! Honestly they were all super nice and friendly! I loved every second of their performance and talking to them afterwards!

We had drawn some pictures for them and above you can see my picture signed by Ezra! (He said it was beautiful, my emotions…///)
We also asked if Ezra could sign the folder, in which we brought for the signed pictures that were for us to keep (SOAIF got their own to keep!) and well, you can see what he wrote instead of just signing it, and that’s just the sweetest thing in the world and I’ll never get over it!;;

I also got to hug Ezra as well as take a picture with him!
Ezra’s hugs really are the best thing in the world. They just feel so sincere and loving. He also tangled his fingers in mine before we took the pictures and I almost died.

Please do not reupload my photos, share them via reblogging instead!
Thank you! ♡

so honestly everyone at Thought Bubble is so lovely! i was able to see Gerard and give him my gift and he was so happy and i also gave him a gift to give to Lindsey….and i got him a bag of chips and was like ‘heres a snack for you in case you need it’ lmao and he let out this lil laugh and said ‘aww thanks’ and yeah we talked for a bit and then i was able to stay with him for about 30mins and take photos of him (im gonna post them later!) and then i said ‘bye and thank youuu! see you tomorrow probably!’ and he and the staff gave me the okay to come back tomorrow to take a few more photos if i want :))

then i went to see the other Young Animal peoples (we already ran into them yesterday at the hotel and had a lil chat) and as always they were super lovely. i got them all some chocolate and they were excited haha Jon was suuuuper tired…he said he couldnt sleep so he cleaned his already clean hotel room so i said ‘you know you could come and clean ours if you like next time you cant sleep’ lmaoooo he was laughing so hard but yeah they were absolute sweethearts as always!!!

and i met so many lovely mutuals and friends!!!!!! it made me so happy!!! and i was also able to help some people out which was also really nice bc i like doing that whenever i can because hey, other people have helped me out too!!!! the organizer even said i could stay and photograph as long as i want but you know you just get a feeling that after a certain time youre done taking photos because you have everything you need and you dont wanna be in the way

also omg there were some ‘bystanders’ taking photos of Gerard and the staff were like ‘no photos please! the only person allowed to take photos is her!! (as in me)’ and i was like OMG???? 

anyway im probably forgetting half of it bc thats what always happens but yeah it was an amazing day! i think now we’re just gonna chill, im gonna edit my photos, then we’ll get some food and maybe chill some more

but to my pals if youre still around feel free to message bc we can totally hang out 


Pairing: Bucky x reader

Summary: you weren’t beautiful. And no, no sugar-coating that, you just simply weren’t. you didn’t have the perfect body and you were insecure about almost everything about yourself. But still, no matter how much you were in denial of your beautiful imperfections, Bucky couldn’t help but admire you more and more.

Author’s Note: hey! I am not dead. Okay so this is an introductory part of this series. It’s a pretty small one it will have two or three parts only. I really wanted to write a chubby insecure reader one so here it is. It’s more funny than fluffy but I guess it turned out well. Also, tags are open. Hope you like it!

Warning(s): swearing and sexual humour

Word Count: 1600

PART 2, 3

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‘so, who is this another one of you freaks I don’t know about?’ Bucky turned to Steve as they were making their way to the common room.

‘oh, she’s an absolute sweetheart.’ Steve smiled brightly as your image popped in his mind. ‘well, mostly she is.’ He snickered.

‘what do you mean?’ Bucky questioned as they entered the common room.

‘see for yourself.’ Steve pointed at the avengers who were surrounding someone.

The room had a warmth in it, a nice hustle and bustle. Everyone was laughing out loud at something you had said.

  ‘damn it (Y/N)! my stomach hurts!’ Clint said as he rolled on the floor laughing while. Natasha couldn’t help but laugh at his reaction.

‘yeah!’ Sam slapped your shoulder.

‘You never fail to make anyone laugh.’ Thor said grinning.

‘I think you are mostly mean.’ Tony said unimpressed and everyone looked at him. you gave him a sharp look before continuing to speak.

‘hey, how do you think Tony spices up his sex life?’ you asked and Tony’s eyes narrowed.

‘how?’ Wanda asked trying to stifle her laughter.

‘with just a little bit of pepper in his life.’ You smiled at Tony and crossed your arms over your just.

‘well- uh,’ Tony stuttered.

‘and the great Tony stark is defeated.’ Bruce kept a hand on Tony’s shoulder who stood there gaping like a fish.

‘ahahaha!’ Clint pointed at Tony as he sat on the floor and started to roll on the floor laughing again. That was enough to make all of them burst into laughter again.

Steve and Bucky who were looking from afar couldn’t help but join in. Steve walked towards you and Bucky followed.

‘hey pumpkin!’ Steve grinned at you knowing how much you hated that nickname.

‘hey!’ you stood up and hugged him. ‘how’s my favourite blonde?’ you winked at him. he rolled his eyes, he could never beat you in the worst nickname game.

‘you must be Bucky!’ you grinned at the long-haired man.

‘that’s me.’ Bucky gave you a small smile and shook hands with you. ‘Steve told you about me?’

‘you bet,’ you pointed at him. ‘Barbie over here, never shuts up about you!’ you said as you punched Steve lightly.

Bucky couldn’t put a finger on it but something about you made him want to know you more. He felt a certain… security around you, a sense of welcome.

‘I am (y/n) (y/l/n) by the way. I respond to almost everything ranging from witch, bitch, asshole, Gertrude and Shrek.’ You smiled and he snickered.

‘how can you depreciate yourself so much but still be so happy?’ Wanda asked.

‘oh, it’s a gift.’ You said sarcastically. ‘If anyone doesn’t get my sense of humour they are free to go fuck themselves.’ You said with your arms crossed over your chest.

‘you look so cute when you’re angry.’ Steve pulled your cheek. ‘our cute, angry, pumpkin.’ Steve chuckled while you shot daggers at him with your eyes.

‘why do they call you pumpkin?’ Bucky furrowed his brows.

‘she was all cute and round like a pumpkin when we first saw her.’ Wanda teased you.

‘yeah, but she’s lost a lot of weight now.’ Natasha said.

‘if anyone says anything about me anymore.’ You said calmly. ‘that bitch won’t have their head on their shoulders!’ you threatened.

 ‘aww.’ Tony cooed and everyone started laughing. You crossed your arms and cussed under your breath. You hated it when you became the butt of all the jokes.

‘I won’t call you pumpkin.’ Bucky gave you a soft smile.

‘then you will be my new favourite person.’ You smiled.

And since that day on, you and Bucky became the best of friends. You were practically inseparable. You could even enjoy the silence in each other’s company. You were the only one who could make him laugh till his stomach hurt, who would talk to him when he had a bad dream or a bad day, who would equally enjoy his weird music and, the one he had started to love.

The list of reasons why he adored you could wrap the moon twice. Your face, smile, eyes and hair were materialistic things. What made him fall for you were how you laughed, how you cared for every one, how you hugged him and made him feel that all his broken pieces had stuck back together, how you sang beautifully and threatened to cut him if he told anyone, how you would greet him by wrapping your hands around his neck rubbing your cheek against his then complain about him not shaving. He just couldn’t get enough of you.

But he was scared. He was scared to death to tell you about how he felt. How could he? though you looked like a person who murdered people just for the knack of it., you were insecure. You were insecure of your body and face. you were insecure of how you could get loud or too masculine sometimes. you were living in a crisis of your own mind and he didn’t want to push you away. So, he kept it all inside.

‘why are you taking that leather jacket? I thought you hated it.’ Steve said as he saw Bucky standing in front of the mirror.

‘do you know there is a thing called cold which makes you feel uneasy?’ Bucky replied sarcastically.

‘I can see how much of (y/n)’s rubbed off on you.’ Steve leaned against the door frame.

‘oh, he so badly wishes that.’ Sam scoffed as he passed the hallway.

‘the fuck did he say?’ Bucky turned to Steve who had a teasing grin on his face.

‘oh, you know, that you are in looveee’ Steve said in a sing a song manner.

‘who’s in love?’ you cocked your head from the went making them jump in surprise.

‘how many times do I have to remind you and Clint, no sneaking around in the vents.’ Steve straightened up.

‘oh, get that stick out of your ass cap’n’ you said hanging from your hands.

‘don’t blame him (y/n),’ Bucky looked at you. ‘that tends to happen due to a lack of-‘

‘sex!’ you and Bucky said in unison as you jumped down. Steve turned red because of both embarrassment and anger. you and Bucky could not be defeated together. you loved to get on everyone’s nerves, specifically his.

‘that’s not true!’ he defended himself.

‘of course.’ Bucky grinned.

‘oh don’t tease him, Sharon said she finds it cute when he tries.’ You said seriously and Bucky started laughing. You could even hear a distant laugh of the other avengers.

‘okay, now if you are done making fun of me let’s go, we have this spying mission to complete.’ Steve walked ahead and you both followed.

‘and a whole lot of orgasms.’ You whispered in Bucky’s ear and he snickered.

‘I heard that!’ Steve turned to you.

‘well, Sharon never quite felt that.’ Natasha joined in and Bucky and you started laughing like crazy. Steve groaned and walked away fast paced.

All four of you were cramped up in Steve’s car. Natasha and Steve were in the front seat and you and Bucky were sitting in the back.

‘you have no right to comment about my sex life,’ Steve turned to you. ‘you are a virgin after all.’ He said.

‘yeah, but we both are totally different case.’ You said.

‘oh, really?’ Natasha rolled her eyes.

‘hell yeah.’ You replied. ‘first of all, Steve’s a century old while I am the youngest of you oldies, second, I do not look like that.’ You pointed at him.

‘okay, but you had the chance with that guy at the club.’ Natasha said. Bucky was curious now, who was this guy you had not told him about? ‘he was hot and was giving you signals the whole night.’

‘he could’ve also given me AIDs!’ You shot back making Steve and Bucky snicker. ‘also, call me Steve,’ you said making Steve roll his eyes. ‘I believe in making love and not just having emotionless one night stands.’

‘aww.’ Natasha and Steve cooed. ‘you must’ve kissed someone at least?’ Natasha asked.

 ‘uh, well, I’ you struggled with words and started playing with your hands as you looked down.

‘what?!’ Natasha and Steve’s eyes grew wide. Natasha noticed Bucky’s unchanged expression. ‘you aren’t surprised?’ she grinned.

‘she tells me everything.’ He shrugged.

‘I am telling this to everyone!’ Steve said and you kicked his seat.

‘and I am going to jail for burning captain America alive or for extracting all the water and air out of him.’ you smiled.

‘that is still is not going to stop me.’ Steve simply stated. You groaned and Bucky gave you a sympathetic smiled.

You all were looking out for the man to come out of the building but it seemed to take too long. It was getting late and colder.

‘when will you get that damn heater fixed.’ You complained to Steve.

‘I am sorry I forgot.’ He simply said. ‘just use your powers.’

‘I can’t! I had taken a day off so I won’t use them until it’s utterly necessary.’ You argued.

‘well you’ll freeze if you don’t. I guess it is necessary.’ Natasha shrugged.

‘wait! Don’t do it!’ Steve turned around. ‘there is that gas pump thing lying in the back. Tony gave it to me and I forgot to give it to Bruce. It’s temperature sensitive so if you turn up the temperature we’ll die.’ Steve said.

‘what?!’ you said.

‘horribly.’ He added.

‘fuck you and your old memory.’ You whined. Bucky took off his jacket immediately and draped it around your shoulders. ‘hey! You don’t have to!’ you said.

‘don’t worry, I am used to cold temperatures.’ He said. ‘

you sure?’ you asked and he nodded. ‘thanks. But still.’ You scooted closer to him and rested your head on his shoulder. You summoned your energy and sparked a warmth in him.

‘this is nice.’ He said as a comforting heat grew in him.

‘you’re welcome.’ You smiled with your eyes closed. ‘did I tell you that I’m getting new piercings?’

‘nah, where you getting them?’ he asked.

‘ears. Where else will I get them? I already have a nose one.’ You furrowed your brows.

‘you know there’s lips, tongue, belly button..’ Bucky started to count. ‘nipples.’ He said and you giggled.

‘I already have them.’ You said and the three of them stared at your chest. ‘I was just kidding.’ You covered your chest with Bucky’s jacket.

‘why do you like piercings?’ Bucky asked.

‘why? You don’t like them?’ you asked with your eyes closed.

‘no! I love them. Just wanted to ask.’ He said and you shrugged in response.

‘I love the pain and I guess I love having some extra metal in my body.’ You replied and both Steve and Natasha turned around and wiggled their brows at him. he kicked their seat and they turned away.

‘why are you moving so much?’ you asked.

‘nothing, just getting rid of some bugs.’ He glared at them.

‘I am sleeping now don’t disturb me.’ you closed your eyes and soon fell asleep.

Bucky was playing with a lock of your hair and savouring this moment of having you so close. You weren’t a very touchy person. You would hug the best but liked to maintain your distance.

‘you are in a little heaven back there, aren’t you?’ Natasha asked.

‘please do shut up.’ He said.

‘reply with outmost truth buck,’ Steve said.

‘you took the jacket because you wanted to do that, didn’t you?’ Steve grinned as he faced Bucky.

‘nope, I also keep my chains in it in case I have to strangle someone.’ Bucky replied sarcastically.

‘just tell her already! Be her first kiss.’ Natasha said. ‘you will be the cutest couple at the tower.’

‘it’s not that simple.’ He sighed. ‘she has had a whole lot of stuff. You know what she says sometimes?’ he looked at them. ‘she says that no one can love someone like her.’ He looked at you with a sad expression.

‘why does she think so lowly of herself?’ Steve asked.

‘you do that when you are made to think so.’ Natasha replied. Bucky brushed away a stray lock of hair from your face and looked at you adoringly.

 ‘only if she would believe me.’ he sighed again.

‘damn, this car should be named “the sadness wagon”.’ Natasha said as she realized that at that time. All broken souls were sitting in that car. Each of you had lost something or the other.

‘Bucky?’ you said and Bucky froze. Had you heard everything?

‘yeah, (y/n)?’ he asked hesitantly.

‘why aren’t bra’s called booby traps?’ you asked with a dead serious voice. He took a breath of relief and they all started laughing.

‘she talks in her sleep?’ Steve asked.

‘only when she is exhausted.’ He replied.

‘I almost forgot!’ Natasha exclaimed. ‘ I have to take her shopping. She literally has no clothes.’

‘would you mind if I take her instead?’ Bucky asked. ‘I can spend some time with her that way and I have never seen her in anything but those baggy sweatshirts or tops of hers.’

‘yeah, sure.’ She said.

‘great.’ Bucky said to himself.

I’m honestly upset that Lee Insoo got eliminated, but I can’t really blame the knetz for that.

Insoo debuted in a group called A6P back in 2015 only for them to disband not even a year later. Mnet could have highlighted that fact in the broadcast, but they didn’t.

He, along with Kim Taedong and Lee Gwanghyun, joined the idol survival program Boys24 last year but failed to make it to the final group after getting eliminated twice. Mnet could have highlighted that fact in the broadcast, but they didn’t.

He was the center for Boy In Luv team 2 but got buried under his more popular teammates. Mnet could have highlighted that fact in the broadcast, but they didn’t.

He earned so much praise for his rapping skills back in Boys24 but barely got any chance to showcase his ability on the show. He’s shown that he’s a decent choreographer.

He’s a well-rounded trainee and an absolute sweetheart. It’s a pity that not many people were able to see that due to unfortunate luck and the lack of screentime

I’m sorry for all the word-vomit. I know I’m supposed to be a trashblog but I just really needed to let it all out. But yeah, I’m still keeping this url and wait until Insoo finally gets the recognition he deserves. Rant over.


// top photo credit: @chiiburi / @daiisho. bottom photos taken by yours truly and Lex Lang.

( and, of course, i forgot to take my glasses off in the first one like a total goof! )

so the convention was absolutely phenomenal! i met so many amazing people, made some incredible new friends and overall just had a real blast!! Tony Oliver and Lex Lang were total sweethearts and i absolutely adore them, and they both complimented my cosplay! a few people mentioned that i did an incredible job on the cosplay and took my photo and the con was a real success!

however, with all the good, came a small bit of bad. Columbus is a dangerous city at night, apparently, and i feel lucky to have gotten out of there without something worse than what had happened after the con ended Saturday night.

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Slightly older UK, Aomine, Haizaki, Nijimura, Kise, Murasakibara having to meet s/o's younger brother and not being very excited because who wants an annoying kid anyways. But when they meet him they find out he's a teenager and immediately falls in love with them and counts them as brothers. How would they react to that. Like how would they be around him and such.

Kiyoshi: Though he hadn’t openly complained, Kiyoshi was a little disappointed he wouldn’t be spending his time solely with you. However, his feelings immediately changed when your younger brother mentions a love for sports. It may not be the same as Kiyoshi’s, but the similarities in their love were enough.

Kise: Admittedly, Kise could be a bit of a snob when meeting new people and it was the same story with your brother. You probably should have opened up with the fact that the other male standing in front of you was your blood relative first; maybe Kise would’ve opened up a hell of a lot faster.

Aomine: As far as you’re concerned, your brother and Aomine still hate each other. What you don’t realize is that they both have a secret bond that developed over their shared interest in gravure and idols. Of course, neither of them are going to tell you that, so they still act snippy with one another.

Murasakibara: It honestly wasn’t too hard to get on Murasakibara’s side. All your brother really had to do was give him one of his favorite snacks (that you had suggested he bring way beforehand) and not expect him to share. Really, if you knew it would have been that easy, why didn’t you woo him that way too?

Mibuchi: Always trying to get along with people upon first meeting them, Mibuchi tries not to snub your brother the second they meet. He’s so glad he made the effort to stay kind too, because your brother is an absolute sweetheart that makes Mibuchi want to swoon.

Nebuya: You were surprised at how quickly Nebuya came to accept your younger brother.Just moments ago he had been silently complaining about meeting the younger lad and now, all of a sudden, he was pulling him into playful headlocks and promising to beef him up just like him.

Hayama: Feeling like meeting your brother now would be a waste of time (he’d meet him when at the family dinner; couldn’t you wait until then?) Hayama acts rather moody when he is finally introduced to the boy. That is, until he realizes that your brother reminds him so much of his younger self. Practically a clone!

Nijimura: Mature enough not to show that he was disappointed, Nijimura meets with your brother easily. Of course, you can tell the mood shift in him when he actually does start enjoying himself. It’s not every day that Nijimura can easily talk with someone he’d only met a few minutes ago.

Haizaki: He had verbally complained about hanging out with your brother all day long, even doing so in front of him when he finally arrived. It wasn’t until your brother made a quick, snappy comeback at Haizaki that his mood changed from foul to appreciative. Your brother had guts and he liked that.

Hanamiya: Your brother annoyed the ever living daylights out of Hanamiya and, in return, he made sure to do the exact same for him. That doesn’t mean the two of them didn’t get along though. In a way, this was their own form of bonding and companionship that you just didn’t quite understand.

the signs as people in my life
  • aries: my cute nerd bro; a memester and good person to have fun and talk about star wars with.. looks like the human version of a golden retriever
  • taurus: my "ray of sunshine" friend; immediately brightens my day with their cute smile and they have amazing taste in music
  • gemini: my ex boyfriend; we're still really close and always do crazy things with our mutual friends, a cynical loser that i love having in my life.. probably a future drug dealer
  • cancer: an old friend that i miss; we had too many falling outs but they were always my #1.. super dramatic and extra but an absolute sweetheart and i'd do anything to have them back
  • leo: myself and the pretty girls that i friend lust over; i wanna hang out with them and be closer with them because they're all so fun and amazing
  • virgo: my dad; never listens to me and we have the worst relationship but we jam to 80s music together and he'll buy me food if i ask.. infectious laughter and sometimes really chill
  • libra: the boy i like; the prettiest eyes, amazing way with words, super smart, really good kisser, i'm always so happy when i'm with him.. the light of my life tbh
  • scorpio: my party friends; do wild stuff at 3 am and are always seen on everyone else's snapchat stories.. popular and really awesome people to exchange hoe stories with.. my go-to friends if i ever wanna get myself into trouble
  • sagittarius: the majority of my friend group; i always have the best time with them, lots of emo music, mario kart, and shade and i absolutely love it, they're people i can actually trust
  • capricorn: the friend i've known the longest; we pick on each other but we have such a great friendship and i can rely on them for anything.. reminds me of a puppy.. a genuinely good person and wicked baker
  • aquarius: i'm actually not friends with any aquarians, but the ones i know are lively and are great to be around, always getting in twitter fights and are doing stuff with their friends on the weekend
  • pisces: my older friend; my fav person to spill some tea with, can talk to them about anything, either always sleeping or always awake, they have cool hair and go to lots of concerts, someone i would have fun with if we were closer
Shot Through The Heart, And You’re To Blame. (Brendon Urie x Reader)

Being Fall Out Boy’s tour manager was stressful enough as is, what with all the pranks, troublemaking, and just utter disregard for any rules whatsoever. But combine the members of Fall Out Boy, Twenty One Pilots and Panic! At The Disco, send them all on the Save Rock and Roll tour, and maintaining your sanity while on the road became borderline impossible.

Sure, Tyler and Josh were absolute sweethearts and tried their best to stay out of trouble to make things a little easier for you, and you could more or less handle the members of Fall Out Boy since you’ve been with them for most of their career, but there would be times (once a week, at least) where they’d do something so stupid, reckless or irritating that you’d majorly consider hopping on a plane and getting as far away from all of them as humanly possible, leaving the rest of the management team to deal with the idiocy. More often than not, these shenanigans could be traced back to a single source: Brendon.

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Spearmint and Salt

Spot is out with his friends when he sees Race in trouble. After ignoring him earlier, Spot feels terrible and can’t leave him there.

This is a third installment of my Schenley Park saga so you probably need to read the other two first for this to make any sense.

Truth or Dare?
I Want You

So, I created some characters to be Spot’s friends and accidentally became attached so they’ll probably be back. Especially Hawk. God damn it, Hawk. I’m obsessed with you. I’ll tag them as if they’re normal characters.

TW: Mentions of sexual abuse and internalised homophobia

Red neon lights stinging his eyes, Spot snorted at his friends. Laces had swung around a lamppost, completely ignoring his surroundings and smacking headfirst into Mouse on the other side. The pair stumbled to the floor, complaining and clutching at their red foreheads.

“What the fuck, Lace?” Mouse groaned, rubbing his head as he accepted a helping hand to bring him to his feet from Hawk. He collected his hat, placing it firmly on his head before squaring up to where Laces was trying to stagger to his feet himself.

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NYCC portfolio recap

Matt Wilson likes my colors 😊gonna work even harder

Kieron and McKelvie were absolute sweethearts who went over my stuff with both nice and constructive things to say. Said I have good storytelling which is the most important part

I fearlessly, FEARLESSLY approached my art idol Olivier Coipel and he took the time to go over EVERYTHING and tell me what to work on and how to improve and how impressed he was that I have “good storytelling” which was mostly the theme of the day. Very constructive meeting! I did have to force myself not to cry over just being in his immediate presence though (I did that later) he’s the sweetest guy you’ll ever meet

Henderson of squirrel girl fame was also great to talk to! Lots of good composition pointers

Greg Pak, writer of the hulk series I’ve been following, took a lot of time to go over my stuff and offered some really good advice on what kind of stuff writers look for in artists. Very thankful!

stjepan sejic was impressed and told me to keep grinding because I’m already hireable, he was a big help in confirming portfolio content and was happy that I had a lot of narrative and knew how to tell a story

Pichelli was the only person who turned me down for comment (she was working on commissions). I missed Bennet though!

I’m exhausted !

But I love these guys! Hope to be a coworker someday

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So I had a long as discussion with this instagram page and they still didn't understand that saying credit to... is not enough and that they should ask for permission. Someone also defended the person and called me retarted. So yeah. But I tried my best. 😊

Honestly this makes me so mad and that other account lmao ‘monboobie’ is so fuckin dumb man, wtf do they even have to do with it??? I literally have his account still opened on Google and reading all those comments and their stupidity just never fails to amaze me

If they want proof that I don’t want my content reposted, then they can have a screenshot of this: take those posts down and make your own content you unoriginal trash bags lmao

I’m so sorry they were talking to you like that, you’re an absolute sweetheart and you did not have to say anything in my defense. I love you so much, please ignore them and block them if they comment back w rude shit again babe ❤❤❤