they were absolute sweethearts

the signs as people in my life
  • aries: my cute nerd bro; a memester and good person to have fun and talk about star wars with.. looks like the human version of a golden retriever
  • taurus: my "ray of sunshine" friend; immediately brightens my day with their cute smile and they have amazing taste in music
  • gemini: my ex boyfriend; we're still really close and always do crazy things with our mutual friends, a cynical loser that i love having in my life.. probably a future drug dealer
  • cancer: an old friend that i miss; we had too many falling outs but they were always my #1.. super dramatic and extra but an absolute sweetheart and i'd do anything to have them back
  • leo: myself and the pretty girls that i friend lust over; i wanna hang out with them and be closer with them because they're all so fun and amazing
  • virgo: my dad; never listens to me and we have the worst relationship but we jam to 80s music together and he'll buy me food if i ask.. infectious laughter and sometimes really chill
  • libra: the boy i like; the prettiest eyes, amazing way with words, super smart, really good kisser, i'm always so happy when i'm with him.. the light of my life tbh
  • scorpio: my party friends; do wild stuff at 3 am and are always seen on everyone else's snapchat stories.. popular and really awesome people to exchange hoe stories with.. my go-to friends if i ever wanna get myself into trouble
  • sagittarius: the majority of my friend group; i always have the best time with them, lots of emo music, mario kart, and shade and i absolutely love it, they're people i can actually trust
  • capricorn: the friend i've known the longest; we pick on each other but we have such a great friendship and i can rely on them for anything.. reminds me of a puppy.. a genuinely good person and wicked baker
  • aquarius: i'm actually not friends with any aquarians, but the ones i know are lively and are great to be around, always getting in twitter fights and are doing stuff with their friends on the weekend
  • pisces: my older friend; my fav person to spill some tea with, can talk to them about anything, either always sleeping or always awake, they have cool hair and go to lots of concerts, someone i would have fun with if we were closer

This is a dream come true. Ghost signed my artwork.

I simply do not have the words to describe the past two days I spent following them from Austin, TX to Houston with @dankcastle & @capedcrepes.

We met them and they were absolute sweethearts. This was one of those moments that changes someone’s life completely. Papa even sang to me during Cirice in Austin and kissed my hand. I just do not know how to convey the feelings I experienced.

I adore them so, so very much.

How they react to you having hearing loss:

  • Of course, the most supportive was Clint. He offered to teach you (depending how bad it was) sign language. He also, which is out of character for him, bought you a box of chocolate to try and cheer you up.
  • Natasha smiled and stroked your cheek with her thumb. “Don’t worry (Y/N). Everyone is here for you, just take your time.” She grabbed you and pulled you in for a hug.
  • “Don’t be shy; if you need us to speak louder tell us. Don’t hesitate.” Steve had a similar reaction to Nat and you melted into his touch.
  • You told Tony and Bruce at the same time and both were absolute sweethearts. They disappeared and a few hours later they came back with a hearing aid which enhanced your hearing past what the usual person’s was like - you could hear on coming enemies and even conversations from miles away. 
  • You’d forgot to tell Thor about it and when you kept saying “pardon?” to him he thought you were purposely trying to offend him. By the look on his face you had to quickly rush an explanation of your hearing to him since you were in the middle of a battle field.
  • Wanda expressed how sorry she was for you and gave you a hug. She was determined to make you happy so she bought you a few stuffed bears and the pair of you had a movie night.
  • Bucky was training and you were stood in front of the sweaty soldier who was sat down wiping his face with a towel when you told him. At first he looked at you to make sure you were being serious - he then grabbed your hand and pulled you towards him for a big breath-taking hug.
PDA || Preference

Ponyboy: He wasn’t big on PDA, since he’s only 14; but he will hold your hand or have an arm around your waist (To show that you were his of coarse.) And sometimes he will give you a short little kiss on the cheek. And when the guys make fun of you two being the youngest; as soon as he’s had enough he will kiss you right then and there just to prove he isn’t a little kid.

Johnny: He normally wouldn’t show much affection towards you in public; mainly hand holding and cute, short, little kisses on your face. He would kiss your neck, lips, nose, cheek, and forehead. You guys end up blushing bright red as soon as someone from the gang teases you guys (Not to mention happens a lot.)

Sodapop: I mean come on, face it Soda’s an absolute sweetheart, he always made sure you were having a good time. He would constantly be holding you whether it was hand-holding or just him with his arm around your shoulders. But you almost always end up kissing him first. Girls are always checking him out, so you’ll pull him in for a long passionate kiss.

Steve: He never cared who was around, who was watching, or where you were. He always showed affection towards you. Sometimes he’ll slap your ass when you walk ahead of him, but mostly he’ll try and turn you on. he is constantly kissing you, though.

Two-Bit: Nothing to much, he’ll normally keep an arm around you and you two’ll share short passionate kisses. He loves making you laugh, so he’ll kiss your hand because you think it’s absolutely adorable. But when he is drunk he will kiss you more roughly and/ or become somewhat handsy.

Dallas: He’s not much of a hugger or hand-holding kinda guy. But whenever he catches someone checking you out, or he just wants people to know you are his, he will instantaneously pull you in to his body and kiss you. The kisses were sometimes passionate, but were mostly rough.

Darry: He was always watching what you two were doing in-front of his brothers. But sometimes it was a completely different story. He would sometimes have you pinned you against a wall and would be kissing you passionately or sometimes it would be sweet, and he would hug you from behind and kiss your neck softly. (It would always make you jump a little which would result in him softly chuckling.)

Tim: He wasn’t afraid to kiss you in public, in fact he did this quite often. He would frequently kiss you on the cheek. When walking he always had his arm around you or was holding your hand. And if you were feeling down he could tell. He would pull you aside grab your hands, pull you close to him and ask what’s wrong. He was quite a caring and sweet boyfriend, and lost the tough guy act around you.

Curly: He was very spontaneous boyfriend, whether or not you guys were in public. When you were talking, as soon as you finished your sentence he would pull your face in his hands and kiss you. When walking he would grab your hand randomly, you’d look up at him and he’d wink down at you. And he’d constantly talk about you to Ponyboy and all of his friends, and it annoyed them, but they loved that Curly was happy.

Bob: Even though a lot of people would see him as rude, manipulative, and mean. You seen the real Bob, he could be real sweet at times. He would have his arm around you all the time. when driving you home he would ask about your day and you guys would just talk. 

Randy: The thing he loved to do the most was go on walks, while holding you tight, and talking just about life. He would kiss your cheek ever so slightly making you blush. You guys sometimes went to the Nightly Double Drive in, but not very often. But when you did he was extra sweet. He would pay for your ticket no matter how much you insisted you could pay for your ticket.