they were a weird mexican stereotype

Some words to haters

Haters gonna hate.
So, wait a minute. My yesterday post was not racist. I love all the nations, and our little “xsicans” community too. But what i saw today? Some guys said that it was racism? 
You know what? Go fuck yourselves.
Because it`s NOT racism. Stereotypes - yes, tons of them. But not racism, not a little fucking bit. 
Racism - when you tell an afroamerican “go away you dirty monkey, don`t touch my bike”.
Racism - when you look at Chinese girl and say to your friend - “wooooah, she might work for a cup of rice”
Racism - when you hate all muslim because they have another traditions than you. 
But xsicans have no rasist subtext. They were made by an accident, and “just for lulz”, nothing more. Some of their phrases can be understood only when you know russian a little. But they are still funny - try to fucking imagine x-men in mexican style, come on! 
And, you know, how can some of you talk about racism, when all bad guys in YOUR films are, SUDDENLY, russians or latinos, or chinese? 

So, to those, who still didn`t understand - it`s a joke, some sort of weird humor. Stereotypes never were an attribute of racism, and never will be. You think, all russians live like in USSR - this is your stereotype, some of us laugh when hear that. We don`t have bears on streets, don`t like vodka as main alcohol drink, don`t play all day on balalayka - but it`s really funny to hear that stereotypes about us. And noone will hate you for this,because it is not racism. 
And one more thing.
Holy shit, we promote russian “Guardians” better, than their PR managers.