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Just in case you didn’t get the memo, or read it, i refuse to discuss anything that involves a certain person and her IG pics. Again I get info on her.

I feel she has taken up to much space on my blog and time in my life.

i also refuse to give any more to this person, as I feel she is deliberately trying to take the shine from Cait on such an important weekend in her life.

Cait has worked hard to get where she is. Whether you like or dont like Cait, you have to say that a woman who takes a complete turn around in her llife and goes into another career path; has a lot of courage. Cait went to school for acting and has put all her effort into making Outlander a great show. I feel someone who is leeching off of anyone for attention of any kind is not worthy of this fandom.

We have a lot of women here who get up every day and face the shit that we have to in order to make money just to live. i cant in all good conscience give any attention, respect or emotion to this person. She is not the person I would want to be associated with no matter who says she is so sweet. Her association with an actor in a popular show does not make this person an interest to me.

This weekend belongs to Cait. I am praying hard that she wins. Anyone else trying to take her glory she has worked so hard for can fuck off as far as I am concerned.

Just saying.

。.✦ ☾ Madelaine Petsch Gif Icons

As requested by @sydsideasHERE you’ll find 120 ( 80x80 ) gif icons of, Madelaine Petsch. All of these are her as her role Cheryl Blossom in Riverdale. ALL of these gifs have been made by me ( nooraofrp ) and I’d appreciate it if you DID NOT post them as your own or edit them in anyway for public use. I hope you appreciate them, a lot of time and effort went into them, and if you do use them give this a like or reblog!!  These may be updated with interview gifs & as more episodes are released if requested

        heyoheyoheyo !!  kymmie here with her old as fuck blog with a brand new promo ~ just wondered if you wouldn’t mind kicking this about the dash a few times? i had to go on an unfollow spree as i came to the sad conclusion that most of who i had followed went inactive —– but!   i know there are so many blogs out there that i only need to make the effort to look for them, so

  • this is a big multimuse, 16 muses all of which are related. they are the isaksen family, based primarily in sweden but they’re from all over the shop, really  ( japan, spain, france, germany to name a few )! 
  • we’ve got all sorts here ~ from waitresses to clowns to contract killers
  • not all of them get along, and not all of them are very friendly but you’d best believe at least three of them will try to adopt your muse into the family at some stage or another
  • sachiko, my main muse, the Mom Friend™, will love you endlessly if you humour her with her puns // she’ll love you endlessly anyway, tbh. cuddles are never in short supply from her!
  • nessie, my rising star! a youtuber with a small following, trying to come out of her shell & find her niche — finds inspiration everywhere she looks!
  • felix, my klepto clown ~ a bit of a meanie with a soft spot for kids, hence his decision to become a childrens entertainer( if only he didn’t steal from the birthday parties he was hired for, oh well )
  • milo, a Basic Bitch™ if you ever saw one. an engineer student who is temping as an english teacher, no one loves milo like milo does! though, he has a lot of love to give, so while he compliments himself aplenty, he’ll make sure you know your worth too

& many, many more! 

     if you fancy interacting  ( or are just feeling charitable & if so, bless you )  give this post a LIKE or REBLOG i’ll come check you out, yeah? regardless, hope you’re having a great day! Ciao for now, smooches!

So there are some very lovely people who have commented on my last post. Thank you all for taking the time to do so. 

I’m not going to delete my blogs - at least, not this one or my Phelps blog. For one, I know how much time and effort went into them both, although the main reason is that a few people have mentioned how my blogs have helped them in tough times. That means a hell of a lot to me, as that is the whole reason I started blogging on here myself. 

When I joined Tumblr, I was so ill that posting and reblogging photos etc was about all I could manage. Thankfully, my health has improved so that I am able to leave the house maybe once or twice a week, and I have also been able to do a few bits and bobs of my various craft hobbies. I guess that’s why I’m not on here as much, and also perhaps a subconscious part of that is not wanting to be somewhere that reminds me of just how very ill I was a few years back. 

I’m waffling now, but the main point is that I’ll probably still be logging in from time to time to see what I’m missing. I’ll also re-open my asks in case anyone needs to contact me.

Thanks guys. You’re all amazing.

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aries and capricorn

(aries and capricorn are almost opposites of each other; aries, with boundless energy and a recklessness that threatens to take over at times; and capricorn, who is known for being patient, collected and always under control. two cardinal signs collide here, in a kiss with a bite.) 

aries is a sign that gets a lot done, but leaves a trail of destruction in their wake. like with scorpio, one can only watch and hide when an aries decides to do something. they are beautiful, brimming over with life force and rawness. they do everything to an extreme, and that goes for feelings too. capricorn, on the other hand, is a cautious, slow-moving type. the type that does everything perfectly, but unlike aries, you would never even see the effort a capricorn went to to do something, let alone an aftermath. capricorns are quiet by nature; they say what needs to be said, they do what must be done. when these two signs mix, they take from each other. from aries, a lust for life and a youthful approach are taken, while aries finds themselves with a steadier outlook and a calmness in their hearts. 

these signs are both cardinal, meaning they are both active people that can achieve a lot in their lives. their approaches are different, but deep down, they understand each other. capricorn can cool the fire in aries, while they warm capricorn’s sensitive hearts. there is a tendency to ignore the emotional in this pairing, given capricorn’s guarded nature and aries’ accidental selfishness, but both of these signs love truly and this shows through in a healthy relationship between the two. these are two signs who will love each other the way no one else could, and two signs who will grow with the other until they reach full bloom. 

Suffocating Insecurities

Summary: Xiumin feels insecure about his appearance and weight
Members: Xiumin x Reader
Type: Angst
Length: 1,920 words

TRIGGER WARNING: There are mentions of an Eating Disorder in this scenario :( Please do not read if you are sensitive or prone to any of that, also if any of you warriors need someone to talk to we are always here! < 3

- Admin Mocha

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You felt empty inside.

  You were spending your day off with your cheeky and adorable boyfriend, Minseok. The morning began with some snuggling in front of the T.V. as the two of you watched cartoons before you regretfully got up to take a shower. Before you went to wash yourself, you made your boyfriend some eggs, toast, and ham for breakfast and you gave it to him to eat. You knew how much he worked and that he put a lot of effort into the band that he was in, so you always wanted to make sure that he was supplied with a meal. He thanked you while a small smile graced his lips before you then exited the room to enjoy your shower.

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Buff Alarak?


A lot of people in the Heroes of the Storm community is asking for Alarak buffs and I’d like to share my input. 

Currently Alarak is struggling both in and out of Competitive play, in HGC Alarak has only been picked twice and both games were losses. 

I agree that Alarak currently isn’t very strong as not only does he have some issues, but the meta isn’t very good for him right now at all. Currently you see a lot of double tank/healer compositions making what Alarak brings to the table very weak. Alarak has a tough time dealing with a lot of the top tier heroes right now like Diablo/Artanis/Zarya.

Here’s some ideas I have for Alarak changes.

Something annoys me is that against characters with blinks/invulnerability, Alarak’s Telekinesis+Discord Strike combo isn’t guaranteed when the Telekinesis lands, unlike Kerrigans combo which locks you in once your pulled by the by her Primal Grasp.

An easy way to change this is

[ - Decrease the time Alarak is locked in place when casting Telekinesis, allowing him to move/cast skills faster. ]

One of the mechanics Alarak has involved with his Talents is getting center hits with Lightning Surge. It applies to 3 talents, 2 of which give you an active benefit, and the other one being a quest giving you permanent benefit.

The mechanic is fun and rewarding, but is troublesome for a lot of players, especially when they are new. I’ve touched upon the mechanic in the guide but once recommendation that would help Alarak for new players and overall is

[ - Lightning Surge deals a small damage over time to enemy Heroes hit in the center at baseline. This bonus damage does not heal Alarak ]

One of the biggest things that people bring up is that Alaraks talent tree is very weak, offering very little variety. I went over the build/talents in my Alarak guide but I’ll go over some of the weaker talents here.

Tier 1

I always take Applied Force at level 1.

Without Effort and Power Conduit provide similar Mana sustain while doing nothing else, Without Effort removing the 30 mana from Telekinesis, and Power Conduit removing 10 from Lightning Surge.

Both of these Talents are uninteresting and could be replaced with interesting talents easily.

[ - Replace the Mana talents with interesting Talents or combine them with other Talents. ] 

Tier 2

The most glaring thing in Alaraks kit is Double Cross, being his most picked talent by far, being used over 80% of the games Alarak is picked in.

It simply adds more than the rest of the Talents which just don’t compete with it. Making your Discord Strike a really scary ability with the area it covers compared to the default range.

The other alternatives are almost laughable, while I do think Reckless Strike is a good talent, Cycle of Discord is simply a 2 second cooldown reduction on Discord Strike, which isn’t very good because you do not cast Discord Strike on cooldown. Extended Lightning is pretty silly, it gives you a bit more range, which will rarely come into play.

I see suggestions asking to put Double Cross at baseline, and I think that might be a silly change. While you get it at level 4 and use it for most of the game, it’s definitely a power spike when you get it.

What I had in mind was -

[ - Add the 25% extra range from Discord Strike to baseline, and have the Double Cross talent still add the two side strikes. ]

Tier 3 

The only bad talent on this Tier is Thunderstruck.

Alaraks Lightning Surge was designed with the center hit functionality in mind, as it applies to 3 of his Talents, but the mechanic is simply inconsistent. Endless Energy is good because once you land the center hit you maintain the benefit permanently, while Thunderstruck does not. In teamfights, it’s very likely you will not find a good center hit.

I do like the mechanic a lot, but the talents behind it dont justify the inconsistency very well.

[ - The slow on Thunderstruck isn’t good enough to justify the inconsistent mechanic, change it to something else or remove the Sadism reduction ]

Tier 4

I’ve mentioned this a lot in the guide, but Counter Strike is much better than Deadly Charge. Deadly Charge is a flawed heroic that doesn’t fit into Alaraks kit very well. Alarak is a positioning based melee mage hero, not a dive hero. 

It’s great for early/mid game ganks where teams aren’t grouped, but in actual teamfights the usage of the charge is very limited.

He isn’t tanky and can’t sustain himself after a dive like Kerrigan or Anubarak would be able to do.

So a simple suggestion I have for the talent

[ - Alarak gains 25 Armor for 3 seconds if Deadly Charge hits an enemy Hero]

Tier 5

This tier is a bit weird, as it has two of Alaraks only talents that outright increase his damage, with two talents that lower his damage.

I personally like Dissonance a lot as the 2.25 Silence is very strong right now vs. the tank/support meta we have right now. .75 seconds of extra silence pays off better than an extra 150-300 damage right now.

Psychokinesis and Pure Malice are both fine (the former being pretty boring) talents as they both have situations you can pick them over the other (RIP Misha).

Hindered Motion is weak, 40% slow for 2 seconds isn’t as impactful as the other talents, the slow doesn’t linger for very long after you combo people, which usually isn’t worth losing the Sadism.

[ - Simply increasing the slow duration on Hindered Motion a little bit would help the talent a lot. ]

Tier 6

A lot of heroes can be defined by their “Best Talent”, Varian loses a lot of his power without his “Warbringer” stun at level 4, Zeratul gains a lot of mobillity/power with “Seeker in the Dark” at level 7, Nazeebo can often outright win games with “Vile Infection” at level 20.

Quick Mind is the biggest power spike in Alaraks kit, lowing the long cooldown of Telekinesis by 50%, 12 seconds to 6 seconds. Once you gain Quick Mind your teamfight and mobility get substantially better, being able to do more combos and manipulate enemy positioning more

Alarak struggles with being Cooldown based, the enemy team will know Alarak isn’t useful once his combo is used, but now that you can Telekinesis 100% more in fights, that weakness is almost gone.

A simple suggestion that would be a huge buff for Alarak

[ - Change Telekinesis Cooldown from 12 seconds to 10 seconds, and nerf Quick Mind from 6 seconds to 4 seconds Cooldown Reduction ]

The nerf to Quick Mind would open up the possibility to take the other 3 talents a lot more, as they are all fine talents in their own right.

Negatively Charged however I think should be changed. Much like Thunderstruck the inconsistency with the center hit mechanic hurts it a lot. One of the weaknesses that Alarak has being a burst damage hero is his lack of %Max HP damage, making him struggle against tanks. One way to help fix that

[ - Negatively Charged changed to deal 5% max HP damage to all Heroes hit in the Center, this bonus damage does not heal Alarak and is unaffected by Sadism ]

Tier 7

Giving the previous buff to Deadly Charge I put earlier would open up taking both heroics more. One quality of life change that should be done however

[ - You can now switch the position of Alaraks Ultimates between D and R with a number key]

Last Laugh I think is fine, having normal bolt on Alarak would simply be too strong, so the talent being mostly defensive is fine… that being said

Hasty Bargain is insane however, compared to Last Laugh which is a worse bolt, it’s pretty much a better rewind. Being on a 20 second cooldown instead of 60.

So overall I think Alarak could use a couple buffs here or there to not only make him more competitive, but to also round out the hero a bit better, making him more fun and accessible.

Overall list of changes I would like to see

 - Alarak isn’t locked in place as long when casting Telekinesis

 - Lightning Surge has some kind of center hit mechanic built into base, with the center hit talents buffed.

 - Telekinesis Cooldown lowered, with Quick Mind nerfed to balance.

 - Alarak gains armor temporarily upon hitting an enemy hero with Deadly Charge

- Part of Double Cross put into Base Discord Strike, with the rest of it still talented. 

Whenever Blizzard releases a new hero they always adjust talents based on winrate/pickrate after release, however Blizzard didn’t do that with Alarak besides buffing Counter Strike.

I still love playing Alarak, even if he isn’t a very strong hero in the current metagame. I’ll definitely still be playing a lot more Alarak even if he doesn’t get buffs. Thanks for reading my proposed changes, as always check out my Twitter , If you wanna see me play you can catch my Twitch Stream whenever I’m live.

Peace out.

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any updates on tangled electric?

Yes and no. He’s definitely been getting closer to me on the friend front, inviting me to hang with him and another one of his friends a lot. And we’ll text each other out of the blue now and he’ll make an effort to sit near me during lectures and exams and such (and be such a distracting lovable person I jusgnksjxjdndjs). And like today after my physics midterm me him and his friend went out for dinner and had a really nice evening just eating and talking together. It was so nice.

However, I’m not seeing much of anything on the romantic interest front, so who knows. It looks like right now I’ve just slipped into being one of his really close friends, which while not ideal is better than nothing for sure. All I can do is wait and see if anything else comes of it I guess.

Also: I told him about being on the autism spectrum today and he was really really chill about it, which is such a relief off my shoulders tbh because now if I’m a little weird there’s at least an explanation.

Here it is, my silly full body fanart of Cantaloupe Pap’s redesign. Hope you like it!

( Cantaloupe Papyrus - @missladytale )

Hello Tumblr Friends!

It’s been a while since the last time I posted something here. Probably many of you doesn’t seem to know me anymore which makes me even more sad for I’ve lost friends, great friends here and I do not exactly know how I’m gonna put all the memories back from the time I was still active and interacting with you all. Tho, I’m thankful for the massive follows I’m still getting everyday which my phone never failed to notify me every now and then. I truly appreciate the effort of clicking the follow button even when you know, I guess, that I’m no longer posting here for the past few months. 

Well, 2015 was a great year for me. It was the year I was able to spare time for myself. The year where a lot of opportunities came along my way and took me to another level of being me. Everything I went through the whole year was worth remembering- it’s not a perfect year but I thanked God for giving me enough powers to face tough times. It was a great roller coaster ride, I’ve learned a lot of things which definitely a great way in getting ready for another exciting year waiting ahead of us. Yay!

This year, I will surely keep my eyes on my blog again. I’ll find time to write and surely find time to meet new friends here! It’s just really hard to give up Tumblr. And now I’m back! Hello friends! I hope you guys had fun today! Sending you hugs and kisses! <3

Mang Jose


I wanted to do something special for Mark’s birthday, so here it is! A lot of effort went into this, as well as trial and error, so it would be greatly appreciated if you would reblog as well as like

But! Happy birthday, Mark!!

(Also there’s something really cool if you click on them, but only the second one has a special message :P)


Hi Everyone. I’m really sorry for tagging you but there was a lot of effort that went into this video so I’m trying to get it noticed by taylorswift . I’m a 38 year old dad with 3 daughters and Annabelle in the video is 10. I found a recording studio and video company and filmed her covering “Mean”. Her birthday is on 9/22 here in KC which happens to be the same day Taylor is coming to concert. Annabelle is a great kid. She’s kind, supports those that need it, is anti-bullying and is sweet as can be. I want to change her life and give her a memory she’ll never forget, so I beg you to share this and tag Taylor if possible. I’m doing all I can to get them to meet or at least get taylorswift to see the video of Annabelle covering her song “Mean”. Again, I apologize for bugging you all. You’re a great and dedicated group and I hope I don’t annoy you. It’s just something I am trying to do (along with the rest of the world) but want to show my girl that anything is possible with some creativity and effort. Thank you and God Bless! lalmostdo ak13vamp misakiswift13 crooke-d-love taylortwister itsgottabepizza snowball-swift vintageswift-13 little-guitar-girl gracetheswiftie oldscarfswift your-pretty-little-minds thankstotaylor13 loveswiftlee thislovesisgood vermontswift echospayne taylorswiftt1989 seeyouinmywildestdreamsts tayisoutofthewoods welcome-to-new-swift screamingcolouredpolaroids cherrylipsswift starlighttswiftie wereyoungandwreckless swiftielove82195 sweeterthanwonderstruck samantha-swift everything-swiftie rose-garden-filledwiththornss staysoutoolate idrivehomealone asthelightsgodowndropeverything stayinmywildestdreams meredithgreyyswift romantic-in-wonderland swiftieaf taylahswildestdreams twopaperairplanestshs nice-to-meet-you-where-you-bae-n stringoflites alexgator13 heardinthesilence was drowning1989zayn taylorisqueenbee queentaylor enchantedswift13 ifitstorture tayslaysinscreamingcolor 


Hi Everyone. I’m really sorry for tagging you but there was a lot of effort that went into this video so I’m trying to get it noticed by taylorswift . I’m a 38 year old dad with 3 daughters and Annabelle in the video is 10. I found a recording studio and video company and filmed her covering “Mean”. Her birthday is on 9/22 here in KC which happens to be the same day Taylor is coming to concert. Annabelle is a great kid. She’s kind, supports those that need it, is anti-bullying and is sweet as can be. I want to change her life and give her a memory she’ll never forget, so I beg you to share this and tag Taylor if possible. I’m doing all I can to get them to meet or at least get taylorswift to see the video of Annabelle covering her song “Mean”. Again, I apologize for bugging you all. You’re a great and dedicated group and I hope I don’t annoy you. It’s just something I am trying to do (along with the rest of the world) but want to show my girl that anything is possible with some creativity and effort. Thank you and God Bless! reannamoss1 mariahhorton tay-sway returntotaylorswift hairdyedwonderland teapot swift badbloodsmadloves bay-loves-tay downtown swift  @lalmostdo causedarlingiamanightmare wildest-dreams1989 13neverforgetyouaslongasilive13 bubblyswiftie13 fiftyshadesoftayvin sheerioswiftie1322 neverstopfightingdragons burning-reds stood-there-like-a-ghost expressing swift newromantic15 chain-is-on-your-door dancingindaydreams emwheeler13 ashlynnlovestaylor sunnynightskies13 welxometonewyork loft89experience alinaswift13 levia13 taylorwonderlandswift alltaylorlyricsweretaken swifter netwest-coast-taylor silvyswiftie13 shamelesswift 1989updates 1989tourupdates 1989tourinfo the1989ers tracesofswift ts-zoe13 noitzbecky itsjustinyourwildestdreams taylorhasnot remco13 dreamingincastles sae-swifty13 treacherous-slopess dancingonmyownswiftie thisholyground13 mictaylor13