they went all out for this wedding it feels so real


It had been a long couple of weeks since the wedding he went to, though he was more or less still talking to Christian. He knew that this was innocent enough, spending time with his best friend’s lover. The thing was, would it be awful if deeper feelings developed? He thought so, but his best friend was a real prat and didn’t give any kind of shit about Christian. It hurt Alister to see the Demon live through a relationship that wasn’t substantial. He deserved better.

Holding the big bag of take out, he rang Christian’s doorbell while he waited for the Demon to answer. His best friend was out, he knew that all too well, so to come over while he wasn’t would be an issue. But, even then, his best friend was an idiot and wouldn’t notice. But why would Alister care about that? He was just going to have dinner and spend time with the man that was supposed to be his best friend’s lover.