they way i am

Interesting conversation that I had with a friend. 

He was beating himself up pretty hard cause he’s older [in his mid 20′s] and still a virgin.

Why is this frowned upon? Why is this a bad thing?  Why is society like so.. half assed backwards to make you think that? 

You are not worth less because you’ve not had sex. It should not be a status quo, or ‘something that makes you better’ or ‘you become a man’ when it happens. YOU DO NOT BECOME A MAN OR A WOMAN JUST BECAUSE YOU’VE HAD SEX. Cause if that was the case, I think a good chunk of us would all be in arranged marriages and have kids by our middle 20′s. 

YOU are NOT WORTH LESS because you are a virgin. You are you and YOU ARE WORTH SO MUCH more than that. 

Much love. <3 

*ramblings of a tipsy Manda because this writers block is not leaving her the heckin alone*

Last night, when I retired to recharge, I had 10 followers and the post about Bastion had about 20 notes.

Now, I have 150 followers and the post has 4,431 notes.

Pardon me while I lay on the floor and contemplate the universe.


the blacklist // aesthetics: samar “i couldn’t care less what you admire” navabi

“Can I tell you something I admire about you?”
“I would rather you didn’t.”

“Your intensity. The way you talk and think. The way you do the job.”
“Stop it.”
“I don’t just admire it. I’m also terrified by it. And by what it would do to me if we got too close.”
“How’s this for terrifying? I couldn’t care less what you admire.”

guys..this is so crazy but like this finale really fucked my head up. I have legit not stopped thinking about it since it aired…

I watched a bunch of fanvids and literally like really cried. I’ve read multiple fanfics and I teared up a few times. 

Like wow they really fucked me up this time. Like in a different way then usual. Maybe it’s cuz I feel like time jump is gonna make the characters different people and I’m feeling like I’m losing my favorite characters?? But I know they won’t be THAT different. 

like wow yea they got me good this time

So about the Dreamcar show

Y’all, so much happened. 

In bullet form for readability/it’s 1AM and I have work in the morning because I’m an adult.


I got there like 45 minutes after doors opened because my days of lining up mega early for shows are over.

  • That’s a lie
  • I just had to work til 5 and it was raining all day so I didn’t wanna sit outside anyway

So I walk into the venue, and??? It’s so empty??? Like what the fuck??? I went to the bathroom, which is wayyyyyyy at the back and in the basement, I hate getting to it during packed shows because you CAN’T MOVE. That venue is not safe and there are not enough exits BUT ANYWAY.

When I got back upstairs I went to the merch table and bought a tank top

  • Warning if you see Dreamcar: it fits weirdly small???
  • But I love it
  • Also they didn’t do that thing I hate when bands jack up prices by like $10 because of the conversion rate.
  • It’s $35 online and I paid $35CAD.
  • Joke’s on you that’s only like $20US
  • Help our dollar is a fucking joke

Then I went to the stage and despite the opening band staring imminently I was only two people from the front???


I mean, I don’t know if I would go seeking out their music but they were really fun and had fantastic energy. The lead singer kept making eye contact with people in the front and it was slightly awkward but also endearing as hell. I kept getting distracted during their set because I decided most of the rest of the band looked like other people

  • The keyboard player looked so much like Jamison Covington from JamisonParker
  • Does anyone remember them? They had like one album in maybe 2005 and I loved it
  • But it’s so emo
  • Listening to it now is like??? Was my world ever that dark? Damn son.
  • The drummer looks just like a dude I went to high school with and played in Concert Band with
  • But it is not.
  • That dude is a DJ now though
  • The percussionist lowkey reminded me of what’s his face from Cabin in the Woods… the stoner one. 
  • Cabin in the Woods is a great movie


I mean is it any surprise that they’re great live? All of them have been performing for so long so like… they know their shit. But there’s a lot happening all at once, it seems like. You’ll maybe see when I post my video of All Of The Dead Girls once it finishes uploading to YouTube. But I guess it’s partly because Tom, Adrian & Tony are so used to playing together but sometimes it’s like there’s their show happening and then there’s Davey being Davey around them and it is a lot.

  • Someone yelled “You’re good!” between songs and it got a good laugh out of Davey who was like, “I’m glad you think so???”
  • Like what an odd thing to say???
  • The other three have mastered the art of keeping Davey on topic
  • If he sounds like he’s about to go off on a tangent just start the next song it’s great
  • “If only that would work during interviews,” I’m sure Jade/Adam/Hunter is muttering to himself in the distance
  • They covered Don’t Change and it was amazing, I wanted to get a video of it but it was such a different (more upbeat) version I didn’t even clue in on time lmao
  • During the bridge of Kill For Candy, Davey and I shared a moment during the first “Let it dissolve on your tongue” and it was magical


It rained literally the entire day here, so when I walked out of the venue and it wasn’t raining anymore I thought, y’know what, I’m gonna stick around for a bit, try my luck meeting these dudes. But only until 11:00. That’s my cut-off. I’m a responsible adult.

  • This is a lie
  • It’s cute that I believed it though
  • Also it was still raining but it was a very fine mist so it wasn’t that bad
  • This is also a lie it was terrible and my hair went to shit

There were like 25 people waiting, at the peak of it. After about an hour, some people had left so there were maybe 20 or so. Not bad at all, right? About half of those were No Doubt faithful, who seemed to be a very tight-knit group who all knew each other from various No Doubt events and trips and stuff. They were super nice and – bonus! – most of them couldn’t be fucked about Davey. But we did talk about the show, how awesome it was, and the fact that Davey is secretly jacked was mentioned – not even by me!!! And most of them agreed that a) it should’ve been a longer set and b) they should’ve covered some No Doubt because Davey singing I’m Just A Girl would be delightful.

  • Somebody made the joke that the guys snuck out past all of us and were probably on the public transit bus that went by
  • “But then they’ll get to Sherbourne station and get shanked.”
  • If you know Toronto at all you know that’s probably true
  • If there was anywhere in this city where a repeat of “what are you gonna do about it, pink shoes?” was gonna go down it’s motherfucking Sherbourne St.

Finally at around 11:15 or so, security & tour management came out and set up a barricade by the bus, telling us all to line up in twos. Ok cool. We did. 

  • Tom came out first and the orderly line went to shit because he just like, walked right out to chat and take pictures and sign autographs. I was trying to stay near the barricade and missed him entirely. Oops. 
  • Tony came out next and did the same thing, but actually on my side. I got a picture with him and he signed my ticket.
  •  Adrian stayed by the barricade but was very chatty with people. I also got a picture and autograph from him.
  • All of them seemed to like, know some of the No Doubt die hards who were there and I think that’s so cool, they’ve always seemed like this huge, untouchable band to me but they’re so cool with their fans

All three of them got on the bus, and because of the No Doubt fans stepping back I was pretty much at the barricade. The tour manager came back and asked who we were still waiting for so of course were like, obviously Davey. So then came the new instructions:

  • Single file lineup please (I ended up third, so cool)
  • No photos
  • This is 900% ok I’ve seen my pictures with Adrian & Tony I know what I look like
  • I’ve been standing in the rain for two hours I look like I live in garbage and a family of raccoons have been living in my hair for the winter
  • No hugs either
  • Also fine because who honestly wants to hug a bunch of damp strangers???
  • Just a chat, an autograph, and keep the line moving
  • Awesome, we’re grown ups, we can do this
  • Oh shit now I have to think of something to say

So then Davey appears in that long hoodie/cloak… thing… which I SHOULD have asked where he got it because I love it but obviously I think of things to say after the fact, so whatever. He was really chatty and smiling at everyone and it was so nice. The first two conversations happened as I was trying not to awkwardly stare at Davey. I’m not gonna be the one who makes it weird.

  • This is also a lie
  • I don’t think I made it weird though

When it was my turn, he asked how I was and I said “amazing” because I was, and the teenage version of me fainted then and there, she was not at all prepared for this moment.

I might’ve rattled off something about how his music, whether AFI or Blaqk Audio or Dreamcar or any other project, has been such a big part of my life for almost half my life now, so thank you and I wouldn’t be the person I am today without it

  • I don’t think that was weird
  • It was true, too
  • “Thank you, I hope that’s a good thing.”
  • I mean.
  • Obviously.
  • So I said it’s absolutely a good thing, thanked him again, and mentioned I would see him in like 3 weeks (!!!) for some AFI shows. 
  • ‘Cause y’know. He’ll remember.

And then I walked back to the subway and went home, 18-year-old me screaming internally.

tl;dr I saw Dreamcar, they were amazing, I finally met Davey Havok after 15 years.

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Jade.jade. in the new homecoming trailer someone gives Peter a churro. They're buying him food, jade. You predicted the future through headcanons.

Listen. There is so much stuff in the Homecoming trailers that I physically cannot believe they’re giving me. Spider-Man as a faltering, neighbourhood hero. Peter going up against villains he has no right going up against. School uniforms. The shitty back-up version of the Spidey suit. Aunt May. Peter’s entire characterisation. I’m just???

no but just imagine:

all the egos having another meeting on how to take over mark’s channel and then BOOM

in pops in the new ego, efroniplier: the ultimate amalgamation of mark and zac efron, he doesn’t even show up on the camera it’s just an ethereal glow

all the egos explode from sheer awesomeness

and that’s how mark’s channel is finally saved

If I’ve been writing people of colour badly (especially their dialogue) in my fics and I’ve upset or offended anyone I just wanna say that I’m sorry and I’m gonna be trying to write these people more accurately

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Can I just say you're amazing?! Honestly you're the best author I've ever seen, better than many others who have their work published and sold. I love Passing Ships so much, and your writing style is incredible. I hope someday I can write half as good as you can. Thank you so much for sharing your work

oh geez. here come the tears. oh boy. I am going to frame this ask and put it on my wall and look at it whenever I feel sad. you are so so amazing for taking the time to come to my inbox to say all this, i wish i could bake you a batch of cookies, my cookies aren’t very good and sometimes i accidentally use salt instead of sugar but the sentiment is there and OH MY GOD I AM RAMBLING BECAUSE I LITERALLY CANNOT GET OVER HOW NICE THIS ASK IS. 

*hugs* thank you so much seriously. I love sharing my work and I’m glad you’re enjoying it so much. it’s people like you that make me inspired to write. thank you.