they watch the show probably


Dear @orphanblack

For a lot of you I imagine it’s going to be either going back to see your family, Christmas is really nice, it’s your favourite time of the year, time off work, time off school, presents and it’s all good. But for lots of people out there, you know, they might have family problems or personal health issues. Christmas isn’t the perfect thing that everybody wants it to be, so I hope for all the people out there that maybe aren't having the perfect break from doing whatever they want that Gamingmas is a nice little happy thing in their life. ‘Cause I presume that no matter your circumstances if you’re here watching the live show, you probably watch YouTube, so I hope that all of you, no matter how your Christmas period have been going, you’ve just enjoyed watching the fun silly videos on DanAndPhilGAMES.

@danisnotonfire during his live show on the 20th of December 2016

Quotes from Dan (19/?)

The true motivation behind deciding to do 24 videos of Gamingmas, I’m sure. Christmas time is complex. I hope everyone who struggles with this time gets through it okay.


Festive icons I made for you and your number one

Oh Powerless, you had me at “every day people dealing with real life in a superhero world” as a premise, but then you went ahead and added Danny Pudi, Ron Funches and Alan Tudyk (and Vanessa Hudgens who I have no strong feelings about either way but she is cute and it’s nice to have a WOC lead so consider me a possible future fan) and the deal was sealed. 

And then apparently just as a cherry on top:

(Courtesy of someone on twitter - I admit totally missed it when I watched.)

I think this is the beginning of a wonderful new viewership… 

ml love square as movie genres
  • marichat: buddy cop, clash of personalities develops into a tight bond
  • ladynoir: superhero action film, with a romantic subplot between the leads
  • ladrien: romantic comedy, awkwardly endearing shenanigans & mishaps until love conquers all
  • adrienette: coming of age teen romance, character and relationship growth is the focus

the fact that Edward used Oswald’s father and not his mother for his little scheme has really stuck out to me and I’m taking it as proove for Edward not really wanting to “destroy” Oswald. Edward knew how important Gertrude was to Oswald and that using her would have affected Oswald even more. Edward clearly wants his  slightly petty revenge but by choosing Elijah over Gertrude he shows a flicker of something that implies that there is a line he won’t cross


morning: sleepy smiles, sleepy kisses, legs tangled in sheets, CUDDLES, breakfast in bed, coffee, pancakes, morning cartoons PROBABLY

afternoon: attempting to bake cupcakes and failing, going out to the cafe instead, watching tv shows while tangled on the couch, napping

evening: pizza and beer, doing their own stuff for a while and then getting bored, probably watching random shows on tv again, scrolling on their phones before they go to bed, MORE CUDDLES


morning: morning sex, morning breath but it’s OKAY, sleepy makeout session, lazy grinding, a blowjob probably 

afternoon: person a riding person b on the couch, the good stuff

evening: person a prepares a special dinner, lap dances, a tie and lingerie are involved, after-sex cuddles

“Goku doesn’t care about his family!”

“Goku doesn’t love ChiChi!”

“Goku is such an inconsiderate father/husband!”

Me: Welp, that’s the last episode of the show! Again. Now that I’ve finished my rewatch maybe I can start on that other thing–

My ADHD brain: watch it again

Me: I mean sure but I’ve already seen every episode three times now and there’s this show I’ve been trying to watch for a couple months–

ADHD: no, watch it again, I like it

Me: … a’ight, I guess I could go for another rewatch.


You’ve brought up this issue before, this issue of not feeling like you’re in control. Do you remember? When we spoke about your father.