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My dear lgbt+ kids, 

You’re allowed to be angry about bad representation or lack of representation. 

People who say “It’s a waste of energy” or “There are more important things to be angry about” or “It’s like you want to feel offended” are most likely people who are already well represented in media. It often sounds somewhat like “I’ve never lacked food in my life, so why do poor people not simply go and buy food? It’s like they want to be hungry!”. 

But change occurs when people stand up. And sending a complaint to a tv channel who is handling lgbt+ representation badly (and similar actions) are not a waste of energy, they’re exactly that: It’s us standing up for our rights. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

Advice from a Certified Firearms Instructor

Buy the guns you want. Enjoy them. Probably should lock them up when you have kids around. Don’t worry about what people will think of you, I’ve had pink pistols before and they’ve been fun. Don’t load your firearms unless you’re ready to shoot or it’s a CC piece. Be respectful of them and keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to fire. Don’t spread false information that only hurts the rest of us law abiding gun owners and paints things in a poor light. 

That’s it. 

I haven’t finished the game yet but since Alisha’s a princess, I really wanted to see her dressed as one so tadah!

Also it’s been a while since I designed anything so I really wanted to do something fancy!

hi I wrote anther one-shot, this time based on these two posts: x x

I’m kind of disappointed but not surprised that there’s all these fics abt matsus with self-destructive and compulsive behaviors and coping mechanisms but so far I know of like One with Chibita. I don’t want like suffering porn but it rubs me wrong that an abused character that’s managed to become the Productive Member of Society always gets written as ‘well-adjusted’ nt that can’t relate to mental/emotional struggle. anyway

Terrors | ao3

Karamatsu (and everyone else) had always known Chibita had a lot of eccentricities. He’s learning to live with most of them, but the screaming is hard to get used to.

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I was worried I’d have to buy expensive polish or something, but it turns out that it’s incredibly easy to dye faux leather using watered-down acrylic paint! Since I only needed to do one of them it took about an hour, it needed a lot of coats to get it as dark black as I wanted. Here’s the tutorial I found if anyone needs it!

I have my Wirt shoes now, I’m so happy! I need to get a black shoelace but the hard part is over and it wasn’t hard at all.

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how many pop funkos do you have? do you use any sites to keep track? and any tips? i want to start collecting and your the only person i know

Hi, hi. You chose my favorite topic to talk about, thank you.

I currently have 209 pop funkos and I intend on collecting Dorbz and Wacky Wobblers, both by Funko as well :)

I use Pop Price Guide sometimes, if I need to see how much one is actually worth before buying, and an app on my phone called Vinyl Toys. (It’s not free, you have to pay for it unfortunately). But, it comes with an amazingly convenient ability to scan the barcode of your pop funko and add it to your collection that way. To me, because I collect and buy so many, it’s very helpful rather than searching for it by the name of the funko.

I really can’t give you tips without being biased, because every collector is different but, in general I suggest:

  • Be wary when buying them online. An outside seller could be asking for twice as much as the intended seller. For example, Target holds an exclusive Rey pop funko, where she is wearing Finn’s jacket. In store, it’s only about 9 dollars, but you can find it on amazon for literally 18. If you have a store close to you, or if you can buy it directly off the website, then do that. Especially exclusives. Third party sellers assume that, if it’s an exclusive, they can get more for it so it’s sort of important to do research before buying.
    • Places that do exclusives(that I know about): Walmart, Barnes and Noble, Target, Box Lunch, F.Y.E, Hot Topic, Walgreens. Conventions like Comic Con.
  • Boxes don’t seem like an important aspect, but a lot of collectors are sort of funny about them. When you buy, and you can physically hold the box, look for any imperfections. Mainly, crushed in corners and sides. Loose plastic in the front is another problem I’ve encountered, so be careful.
  • (Personally) I don’t like to take them out of the box, because I like them to stay Mint and in perfect condition. If you are going to keep them in their box, then box protectors may be something you want to look at. Amazon sells a 20 pack for about 20 dollars. Acid free is the best, because it won’t damage the funko inside. To prevent further damage, keep them out of the sun because they can fade over time.
    • If you do take them out of the box, then I suggest keeping the box. You never know if you’ll want to put them back in it, sell or trade. 
      • Exclusives, specifically Comic Con exclusives should stay in their box no matter what. They’re most likely to be worth the most, and taking them out of the box will decrease their value. While most funkos are mass produced, Comic Con exclusives are not and there are only a certain amount. For example, I’ve got an Unmasked Baymax SDCC exclusive where only about 1,000 were made.

Charlotte and Cordelia’s apartment has been in Charlotte’s family for years. Charlotte used to live there with two of her siblings, and then her brother got drafted and her sister got engaged. Her sister decided to help her find a roommate so that she wouldn’t have to give up the apartment. Her sister found Cordelia through an ad in the newspaper. Cordelia was a recent graduate from the Culinary Institute upstate. Charlotte found this out and wanted to make a pie to welcome Cordelia on her first day, but with med school she just didn’t have time.

She decided to buy a pie, and she went into the baking aisle of the supermarket to get some whipped cream. She saw Cordelia there and they flirted but she didn’t know that was her new roommate. The beautiful stranger offered to walk Charlotte home, and when she pulled out a key (revealing she was the new roommate) Charlotte passed out.

They’ve been together ever since.

Lush question:

So I went into lush today and for the first time ever I had horrible service from the employees. The store was packed but all the employees were standing together chatting and ignoring the customers. I went over to their circle and asked for help in regards to a facial cleanser. I was planning on buying Angels on Bare Skin but all the pots had reached their expiration date! The lush employee tried to tell me that they were all just potted but I literally could see the expiration date on the tub. When I pointed it out she fought with me and wouldn’t answer how long it would actually last. She was really combative. I just wanted to know how long it was safe to use AOBS. I only use an exfoliating cleanser 2-3 times a week so I need something with a longish shelf life. She kept telling me that no I’d go through it in a month and should be using it on my body. I tried to explain I only use it on my face and she fought with me on that. It was so ridiculous! Eventually I ended up just putting the stuff I was going to buy (including a few bath bombs) back and walking out. 

So anyway my question is how long can you safely use Angels on Bare Skin? Can it go past the expiration date and by how long? Would freezing some of it work? Or putting it in an airtight container? 

I really want to buy it since I love this product (I tried a sample of it) but I won’t buy it if it gets moldy in a month.

OH fuck oh fuck she was actually watching, she was actually stalking him.


“He was advising me on where to buy weapons. For you know… target shooting.”

“What kind of targets.”

“…your head if you keep acting this fucking creepy.”

“heh…. heheh. That was funny, Keichi.”



I guess there are no more cicadas crying, huh.

Rena shut them up.

“We all have secrets Keichi, some worse than others. We all decide to keep them to ourselves, and live happily that way. Don’t you… want to live happily? With us? Your friends…”

Yeah I think it’s because Keichi’s blood just turned into fucking ice.


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i love to journal; it's one of my favourite hobbies. but my main problem is that i can never finish a journal. i'll buy a beautiful notebook, fill it a quarter or half way and then i'll go buy another notebook as use that instead for a different style or technique. it's really frustrating because i want to finish a notebook but i never can!

I can relate to how you’re feeling. I tried to fill a journal for 2016, but for some reason, that particular journal didn’t inspire me to write as much and I bought a new leather journal from Barnes and Noble for Christmas to fill for the new year.

Sometimes buying a beautiful journal can be an inspiration, but it can also become a distraction when you’re already writing in one.
It’s easy to become bored with your journal when you’ve reached the middle of it. If this happens, switch up your writing routine.

Take a break for a few days to refocus your mind and relax, then get back into it when you’re excited about something that’s happened in your life. Sketch or add fun stickers to liven up your pages. Take the opportunity to write when you feel a spark. And even if you don’t feel inspired to write on a certain day, you can look up fun things to write about in your journal to keep the spark alive. The important thing is to enjoy your writing and write for yourself because it’s what you love to do.

Good luck finishing your very first! :)

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I've decided to go vegetarian, later vegan. I just want to get used to cutting out all animal products in a slow fashion, I've heard of people getting sick if they cut it all out at once, is this true? Where should I begin? How should I make my shopping lists? Im honestly lost because I am so used to just going to the store and buying whatever. Any tips for just beginning? Sorry I know this was long.

hey there welcome to the veg party! lol you asked quite a few questions, so I’m just going to rapid fire answer them and if you want any additional information then you can absolutely 100% send me another ask and I’ll answer more in detail kay? :)

1. first of all, congrats on making this change!! this is so awesome! baby steps are important especially if they lead you to veganism in the end!!

2. i haven’t heard of anyone getting sick…that being said, most people eat a really shitty diet so switching up to a healthy vegan or vegetarian diet can be a change on your system (which is so used to the yucky stuff it was getting before). it takes the body some time to adjust from the crappy old diet to the healthy new plant diet. the only “issues” i felt were an increase in bowel movements and urination but these are all GOOD THINGS because I am super hydrated now and I am eating a higher fiber diet so I’m not bloated or constipated. i had only positive side effects from adopting a plant-based diet: i don’t have any acne now, I’m not foggy or fatigued, i don’t feel the need for a nap in the middle of the day, i focus better in class, my hair isn’t as brittle or oily, I’m not munchy between meals, i am effortlessly losing unwanted weight, I have an improved relationship with food, I feel like I am a more compassionate person, etc etc etc. all good side effects. 

3. the easiest thing in the beginning is to veganize your old meals so you feel familiar with the foods. try vegan faux meats and cheeses, almond milk instead of dairy milk, coconut milk ice cream instead of dairy milk, etc. If you like pizza, make pizza with vegan cheese (or no cheese) and lots of veggies. Or add faux meats like faux pepperoni. Nutritional yeast is awesome for a cheesy flavor.  once you get comfortable with these foods, then try branching off into different plant-based meals. be creative and don’t be afraid to try new things!

4. when you’re shopping for your groceries, plan ahead! make a list before you get to the store. look at your cabinets and fridge to see what you need. think of the meals that you want to make that week and figure out all of the ingredients that you have already and the ones that you will need from the store. it is helpful to pick recipes that share ingredients so you don’t have to get a bunch of things that you won’t use all of. for example, if one recipe needs half of a red onion then find another recipe that can use red onion so you don’t waste the extra half of that onion. 

5. base your meals around a starch, then add veg/fruit, and sauce. think of things like rice bowls, potatoes, sweet potatoes, oats, quinoa, etc as a good base carb. then add fruits and veg in lots of colors. depending on the type, you can steam, saute, bake, roast, boil, blanch, or simply eat them raw. get creative with your fresh produce and use as much as you can for a variety. then add some sauce like soy sauce, hummus, peanut sauce, curry sauce, dijon mustard, salsa, guacamole etc as well as different herbs and spices. don’t be afraid to try new things. if you want some recipes to help you get started, shoot me another ask. I make lots of yummy rice bowls and easy things to make for newbie veggies :) 

most importantly GOOD LUCK and THANK YOU for making these changes! You are actively helping the animals, the environment, and YOURSELF by going veg so THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU babe 


So, the other night, I accidentally stepped on my headphones, and broke off the jack of them inside my laptop. I tried and tried to get it out, but it didn’t budge, at all. I tried using glue, paperclips at angles, straws, screwdrivers, you name it. I even had some more tech-savvy friends look at it, and they all came to the same conclusion: It’s stuck in there for good, unless I want to fork over a few hundred dollars to pay for a professional to look at it, and possible even more to buy a replacement. To be blunt, my laptop isn’t worth that much, but I also don’t WANT to buy a new one. I’ve got too much on this guy, transfering it would be a pain. 

However, there is 1 thing I can do that wouldn’t cost too much: Buy a bluetooth speaker. The one I’m looking at is this one, it’s only $20, can have headphones plugged into it, and has a USB adapter so I don’t need any special extras. 

But I don’t….. have $20 to spare right now. 

So, I’ve decided to offer some special commissions!  Prices and examples under the cut! 

Or, if you’d like, I’d also be willing to do shiny hunts in Pokemon Moon for a small fee, just PM me for more info! 

If you’re unable to donate, please spread this around! I’d really like to get this problem fixed ASAP! 

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Charitys comment about the baby oil taking forever to get off has my dirty mind thinking. Has Aaron and Robert used baby oil? Did they also find it was difficult to wash off? Did their hair look like bobs did?


YES!!! ROBERT AND AARON HAVE DEFINITELY USED BABY OIL!!! Mostly when they’ve forgotten to buy lube (“I told you to buy more lube” “no I thought you were getting it”) or they’re in the bathroom and they forgot to bring lube with them bc they didn’t know they were going to get down and dirty in the shower (like honestly it happens every time so they should have learned by now lol). Although they have been known to use baby oil occasionally when they’re being especially dirty and do little a striptease or want to be extra sexy and rub each other into baby oil.

The first few times they user baby oil they definitely found it a struggle to wash it off. Aaron kept complaining about having baby oil stuck in all sorts of weird places to which Robert just smirked about Aaron being lubed and ready to get fucked so it wasn’t all bad. All that earned Robert was a glare, which only made Robert laugh. But as it kept happening that they were unable to wash it off properly - Robert even finding it a nuisance to have his dick constantly sticking to his boxer briefs and the oil on his nipples seeming through his shirts and creating dark patches.
So Aaron threatened Robert that he didn’t want to use baby oil during sex anymore if Robert didn’t find a proper solution to washing it off. Needless to say that Robert searched the internet until he found an expensive shower gel that they only stock in Boots that would be able to wash it off. It did the trick so they could continue using baby oil from time to time.

And yes their hair did look like Bob’s. Something that had Robert in a right state the first time as they’d fallen asleep in each other’s arms, all naked and oiled up, with Robert’s head on Aaron’s shoulder. Safe to say the next day Robert looked a mess and couldn’t get the stuff out if his hair and if there’s something Robert takes pride in it’s his hair. So he locked himself in their bedroom all day, pretending to work all day but really he was just washing his hair again and again. The first time it happened to Aaron he had a right huff, blaming Robert as he stood in front of the mirror with his hair looking a right mess. When Robert joked about how Aaron should be used to it with all the gel he always has in his hear, Aaron just growled and shoved his bobble hat on before stomping off, not even stopping when Chas asked why he was in such a mood. Even at the portacabin he kept the hat on all day, trying to ignore Adam’s comments about why he was wearing a hat when it wasn’t cold. Until Adam as a joke ripped off and then saw Aaron’s baby oiled hair that was even more of a mess after having the hat on, and he just started laughing and Aaron had to confess to what had happened. And Adam’s infectious laugh eventually rubbed off on Aaron and he was finally able to crack a smile a see the funny side.

Haha sorry that became a bit of a long-ish answer about Robron and baby oil 😂😂

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I realized there are a lot of articles talking about BC and the promotional pics from 4x01 are BC af. It's like there're using them. The articles are saying will happen or won't?? JR is saying she will move on but I can't say when. Do you think they're baiting to us? Are they making us believe it's happening to keep us watching the show when actually won't happen? We're watching it anyway but.... (When I say "It's happening" I'm talking about something explicit like a kiss or love confession)

Honestly nonny, I think what they are doing is advertising the show. This is different from baiting. Baiting is when you tease the audience with something you have no intention of giving them. Or like baiting and switching when you bring customers in to buy something and then offer them something else. They want people to be excited about what is coming in the show, just like they did last season. The baiting was, I think, limited to social media. Their policy on social media has changed since then.

But this is why I warn people to not believe the hype and marketing, and to stick to the text, the show. What are they selling us now? They are selling us Bellarke working together, being leaders, being intimate but not necessarily sexual. We think that means it’s going to be romantic. (It probably will.)

Guess what they gave us in the the narrative last season 3B. Bellarke working together, being leaders, being intimate but not necessarily sexual. All they’re saying is that will continue and possibly get even better. (And probably get romantic sooner rather than later.)

I believe they are no longer avoiding the story of romantic Bellarke (even if they don’t admit to what is going to happen because SPOILERS) because this is the story they are FINALLY telling. 

You want to say it’s baiting? 

I say it’s just Bellarke’s turn to be told front and center. Last season it was CL. That did not end up being endgame. If they had been paying attention to the actual show, they would have known it wasn’t going to be endgame, either. It was NOT the center of the story, it was a detour. And this was something that people felt betrayed about. Whatever happened on social media had them convinced it would be endgame. They wanted it to be endgame. It was a real romance, and a real love, but it was not THIS story. This story is, and has been since the beginning, the story of Clarke and Bellamy and The 100. The narrative said it clear as day, but people were NOT sticking to the text, and instead let the hype lead them.

Look, I told you guys last season that Bellarke was already moving into romantic territory, that they were almost courting, with the way they were dancing around each other and getting closer and declaring intentions and touching and having intimate conversations. 

You want me to say they’re baiting us, when they’ve simply stopped saying they aren’t telling the story? They can’t say they’re not telling the story anymore, because they’ve already started.

I think Bellarke is endgame. I’ve thought so for a long time. I think it’s always been endgame. I think this is the story they’re telling. Why do you think I’ve been so certain? It’s part of the NON-romantic storyline. The Bellarke romance builds into the story of how they create a new world together. 

If you are worried that all the promos and trailers articles and meta are baiting you for a Bellarke romance, go back to the text and see how it all relates to what you’ve already seen. The trailers and promos are in a nebulous state of canon. They show canon clips, but without context, you cannot say definitively that you know what that canon means. Always keep your mind open that what you think is going to happen might not happen. And mostly, just let yourself enjoy the anticipation. Everything doesn’t have to be doom and gloom. The writers aren’t actually out to get us. They messed up bad last season, but I don’t believe they meant to hurt anyone. 

I am trying to figure out an incentive plan for tracking and working out.  I did join Planet Fitness on Friday (the 13th), which is a good step.  Now I just need to actually go and work out.

A long time ago (like 7 years ago), I would give myself money to spend on scrapbooking and then quilting if I got so many activity points.  I wasn’t working then and really didn’t spend much money on myself.  And it worked.

Last year or maybe the year before, I did a deal with myself where I could not buy a book if i didn’t track all week and couldn’t get a free book either.  I would break that all the time or there were weeks when I didn’t want a book, so I didn’t track.

Books are the easiest thing for me to use as an incentive because I love buying them and Kindle books (well the trashy romances I buy) aren’t that expensive.  I have an Amazon gift card that I will reload and I only use that money for kindle.  So, I was thinking that what I could do is put $5 on that card if I track all week and that would be there for books.  And I know I would not go outside of the gift card to buy a book (I can be weird like that).  Later on, I will add working out to the incentive once tracking becomes more routine.  Andy and I also go to Half Price Books and I will buy books there as well (if I can get a paperback cheaper than I can get it on Kindle and I love their $1 clearance section) - not sure how to handle that since I wouldn’t be using a gift card for that.  Hmmm.  Well I have until Wednesday to get this figured out.

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tbh I'd like to see a more vloggy "walk around new york" video, just showing us what you guys see and do in a typical day in your new place

Hehe already planning on it! We are currently looking into which vlog camera to buy. I also really want to do casual chatty get ready with me videos. :) once it gets warmer out we will probs do the vlogs.

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I'm planning on buying a van to travel across the US. I'm currently a freshman in college. I want to travel to all the states, would it be best to do it over the next few years(like split it up) or take a whole year off after graduation and do it then? Also how did y'all budget your travels? I know you made a kickstarter, how much did y'all get from that(if you don't mind me asking)? What do y'all use for power source? Would you recommend a mini-fridge or a cooler? Sorry for all the questions!!

I would do it in a year. Why wait!? :)
We don’t really budget much in our travels. We probably should.
We stay at a lot of state parks and they typically have power. If they don’t we use a marine deep cycle battery hooked up to a power inverter. It gets charged off the alternator while driving. No solar yet.
We use a Yeti cooler for refrigeration. You probably don’t have to go that expensive. Any cooler would suffice.