they want to be best friends again

Friendship Bracelets (Logicality)

Are you really trying to cover my face with a paper bag right now?

Thanks Bree for sending in the prompt, ily you angel!! 💖💖 seriously though, I needed an excuse to write Logicality fluff, tysm.

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Logic was knocking on Morality’s door, finding himself wanting to spend time in the cheerful trait’s company. As irritating as Patton sometimes was, he was Logan’s best friend, and Logic was strangely fond of him. According to his research, he might even have a…. small crush on the bubbly trait. So here he was again, knocking on Morality’s door, waiting to be let in. This was becoming an uncomfortably regular occurrence.
After a moment of silence, Patton’s cheerful voice streamed out into the hallway.

“Come in!” He chirped. Logic opened the door and walked into the familiar room, offering a small smile to Morality as he entered. To his shock, Morality’s eyes widened in horror and he leaped off the bed with a shriek. Patton rushed at Logan, who stumbled back in shock, and tried to cover his eyes.

“No, no, don’t look!” Dad yelled. Logic pushed his hands away and scowled.
“What are you doing?” He snapped. Patton whirled around and grabbed the closest thing to him: a paper bag that was lying on a desk. Morality grabbed it, the paper making crinkling noises, and attempted to gently but quickly put it over Logan’s head. Logic froze.

“Are you really trying to cover up my face with a paper bag right now?” He asked incredulously.
“Yup! You can’t see yet, it isn’t finished!”
“What isn’t finished, Patton?” Logic asked in exasperation, reaching up to tug the bag off his head. Morality gently swiped them away.
“It’s a surprise, Logan, you can’t look until it’s done. It won’t take long to finish, though!” He exclaimed, making Logic sigh.
“Ok, how about we compromise? I don’t like this bag on my head, it’s irritating and frustrating, and is making my glasses weird, so I’m taking it off.” Patton was about to protest, Logan could tell, so he quickly continued. “BUT, I will turn away from… whatever it is you are doing, until it’s completed. Do we have an agreement?” There was a second of silence, then Patton agreed.

“Ok, as long as you don’t peek.”
“I won’t.” Logic rolled his eyes, but he wasn’t really annoyed, mostly amused. He tugged the paper bag off his head and threw it back onto the desk, spinning around and facing the door. He listened and Morality padded back over to his bed and hummed to himself for a few minutes. It was the Winnie the Pooh song, how adorable! Logic was surprised when found himself smiling softly, listening to the bubbly trait hum along. After a few minutes the peaceful humming stopped and Patton called over to him.

“Ok, I’m done! Come and see.” Logan spun around and began walking to the bed, where Patton was sitting with his hands behind his back, hiding whatever it was he had been working on.

“Alright, what’s the surprise, Mo?” Logic asked, his curiosity taking over. Patton blushed a little.
“Well, since you’re my best friend, I wanted to give you something to remember that we’re good friends? So… I made us friendship bracelets.” He rushed bashfully, thrusting his hands out and revealing to Logan the surprise.

In each of Morality’s hand lay a woven bracelet, both made of the same sky blue thread, except one was intertwined with black thread the colour of the deepest, darkest night, and one was decorated with white thread the colour of the purest, fluffiest clouds. On the front of each was a gleaming golden charm in the shape of a heart. They were immaculate and pretty and Logan was kind of stunned that Patton had went to so much trouble creating them. To show how strong their friendship was.

Logic was touched; it was such a sweet and honest gesture, that a silly smile curled his mouth up into a smile, and a light blush dusted itself across his cheeks. Morality dropped the blue and black one onto Logan’s hand.
“Do you… do you like it?” He asked uncertainly.
“I… Morality, I love it. Thank you very much.” Logic told him gratefully, which made Patton beam, his smile as bright as the sun.

“Yay! I’ll put it on you.” He grinned, gently plucking the bracelet out of Logan’s hand and wrapping it around his wrist, tying the ends and tightening it slightly. They both admired it for a while, Morality still gently holding Logic’s wrist.
“Can I put yours on?” Logan asked tentatively. Morality nodded and smiled at him, stretching his arm out. Logic grabbed the other bracelet and tied it around Patton’s wrist, the charm glinting in the light. Now, for some reason, they were both still holding each other’s wrists.
“Thanks again, Morality.” Logic said quietly. Morality smiled a little at him.
“You’re welcome.” It was almost whispered.

Logic looked from their friendship bracelets back to Patton’s face, and wow, Morality’s eyes were really sparkly and pretty. There was silence in the room, and then Patton’s eyes flickered down to Logan’s lips, and then Anxiety’s obnoxiously loud voice echoed through the mind into the room.

“Logic! Where are you, can you come here, I need to ask you something!” He yelled. Logic sighed and rolled his eyes, and Morality looked away awkwardly.

“Well, thank you again for the bracelet, Patton.” Logan smiled. Patton smiled back, and a sudden surge of confidence hit Logan. Without thinking, he leaned forward and kissed Morality on the cheek. Immediately Patton turned bright red, blushing furiously. His eyes widened in shock, and he stared at Logan in awe. “See you later!” Logic called, hopping up and walking quickly out of the room, a delighted smile playing on his lips, fingers absently playing with the heart charm on his new bracelet.

Needless to say, to nobody’s surprise they began dating few days later.

Double Dates & Potential Misery

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Jihyo x Reader, ft. that dank 2Yeon


Word Count: 1076

Written by Admin LJ

You’re not entirely sure why you thought a double date with Jeongyeon and Nayeon would be a fun idea. Jihyo had come bearing the news that the two wanted to get together for dinner that weekend, and you entertained the idea, despite Jihyo’s strange uncharacteristic hesitance. It was the first time you’d be meeting any of Jihyo’s friends, and you didn’t want to turn down that opportunity.

“Come on,” you giggled as Jihyo reread the text she was about to send Nayeon, over and over again, “how bad could it be? This’ll be fun! Me, you, and two of your best friends, all out at dinner together? That’d be awesome!”

Jihyo didn’t find your enthusiastic reassurance comforting, and instead deleted the message that would have confirmed your attendance to Nayeon. “I dunno…” she hesitated, frowning at her phone screen, which glowed faintly, lighting up Jihyo’s face with a soft glow that made her look so damn pretty, “Jeongyeon and Nayeon are a little… blunt? Exceedingly protective? I just feel like this could go very, very bad. Maybe we should wait until we’re together a little longer so-”

You brushed Jihyo’s uncertain thoughts off with a slight wave of the hand. “Jihyo, you’re overthinking it. Come on, where’s that fearless leader I know? I think we can handle a dinner date. Besides, this is the first time you’re friends want to meet me, and I don’t wanna miss out on that!”

Jihyo looked deep in thought for a moment, and you knew she was skeptical and entirely unconvinced, but nodded her head anyway. “Fine,” she muttered as she retyped her messaged to Nayeon to say yes, the two of you would be coming to dinner with them, “but I don’t think you know what you’re getting yourself into…”

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Requested by anonymous

It was funny how so many life changing moments in April Kepner’s life were reduced to text on a piece of paper and slipped inside an envelope. 

Her choice of college, her residency match to Mercy West, well all except her Boards results, that bad news was delivered swiftly by text.

Gotta love modern technology. 

She had always wanted to be a mother, even before she knew she wanted to be a doctor. But then again she also wanted to be a virgin on her wedding night to her husband.

Ever since her return to Seattle she and Jackson couldn’t keep away from each other. April kept attributing it to her own natural weakness for him. It would have been much easier to stop the cycle of what they were doing if he wasn’t her best friend, the person that knew her the best since they met.

And now she was pregnant with her best friend’s baby and everything was a mess.

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Not Alone: Chapter Five - Derek Hale x Reader

Chapter One  Chapter Two  Chapter Three  Chapter Four

There was a guy sat at their table. In Derek’s chair. Letting out an aggravated huff of air, Derek made his way to the history section while trying to ignore the way (y/n) was laughing at the new guy’s jokes. He felt jealously trickle through his veins, making him want to shout threats at the mystery guy until he ran away, fearing for his life and vowing never to go near his (y/n) again. He scolded himself for his thoughts, knowing that he had no right to feel envious or possessive. He also knew that (y/n) would smack him if she ever heard the thoughts running through his head. Derek tried to focus his attention on the books in front of him but all he could do was contemplate his relationship with (y/n). They were friends-the best of friends-but sometimes there would be moments were their relationship felt like more than that. Shared moments of laughter when he swore there was affection clouding her eyes or when they would cuddle close to one another while watching a film, her head resting on his shoulder as she fell asleep. He hung his head, knowing that he must be imagining things, his love for her making him over analyse their every interaction.

When Derek eventually found the book he was looking for he began to walk towards their table before freezing. What if she didn’t want him to sit there? Would he be intruding on their conversation? He left out a heavy sigh, finding a table hidden from (y/n)’s view so she wouldn’t be able to see the childish pout forming on his face when he realised this new guy was using up the only time he would be able to see her today.

An hour passed and Derek had done nothing, it had reached the point where he wanted to bang his head against the desk out of frustration. He knew he was being stupid and he kept reminding himself that he had no reason or right to be jealous but that didn’t stop his mind from spending every minute he’d been sat down trying to analyse their body language and trying to understand what was happening between them. He had to stop himself from stooping so low that he would focus his hearing to discover what they were talking about. He was about to put himself out of him misery by leaving when someone sat down next to him. He looked up, his eyes widening in surprise when he saw that it was (y/n).

“I’m so sorry, we were working on our English project and we got a bit carried away” Her tone was light as she smiled at him. Derek felt embarrassment flooding through his body, they’d been working together and that was it. Now he really wanted to thump his head against the desk. Instead of simply nodding and changing the conversation, Derek blurted out.

“You knew I was here?” He blushed, wondering if she seen the entirety of his strop as he’d sulked at his desk.

“Yeah…Did you not see my texts? I told you to come sit with us,” She stopped before gesturing to his books, “I figured you wanted to get some work done”  

Derek scrubbed his hands down his face, cursing himself for forgetting his phone. “I left my phone at home today” She laughed quietly, shaking her head.

“Are you okay? You look stressed” Her words were soft with concern as her eyes trailed over his tired features. Derek nodded, not wanting to explain that he’d spent the last hour of his life plotting the murder of a random guy because he’d had the audacity to spend time with his best friend. A frown clouded her features, clearly she didn’t believe him. She stood up, rounding the table to stand behind him. She bent over, wrapping her arms around his shoulders and nuzzling into his neck. Derek couldn’t help but lean back in his chair, pushing himself further into her embrace. His eyes fluttered shut as he felt her begin to fiddle with the hair at the base of his neck.

“Is it the full moon?” Her words were hushed as she glanced around, not wanting anyone to overhear their conversation. Derek’s face flushed red when he realised that the full moon was only two days away and that it was the cause of his jealously. Or at least part of it.

“Yeah, I think so”

“Is there anything I can do to help?” Derek had to stop himself from kissing her, he’d never known someone as sweet or as selfless as (y/n). He responded by pushing his head into her hands, silently encouraging her to keep playing with his hair. She laughed but didn’t stop. “You’re like a little werepuppy”

Derek’s faced dropped into an unimpressed scowl but he couldn’t stop the corners of his mouth turning up when he heard her laugh again. Her fingers massaged his scalp, causing his to hum in approval.

“Are we still on for tomorrow night?” He could barely bring himself to nod, not wanting to disrupt her actions.

“You look like you’re about to fall asleep” She laughed, applying more pressure. Derek had to stop himself from letting out a satisfied moan, knowing he couldn’t handle any more embarrassment in one day. “I’m so excited, you’ve never cooked for me before”

A lazy smile stretched across Derek’s face, he figured that he owed her a meal after all of the times she’d baked for him. “Don’t get too excited, it’s nothing fancy”

“Derek, I’ve been living off pasta and toast. Anything is fancy compared to that” He didn’t have to open his eyes to see the smirk on her face. He couldn’t stop himself from letting out a disapproving whine when she pulled her fingers away from his hair. He heard her chuckle as he reluctantly opened his eyes and sat up.

“I’m sorry” She ruffled his hair before pressing a kiss to his cheek, “I have to go to class”

Derek pouted as he watched her gather her things and pull her jacket over her shoulders. She had to bite her lip to stop herself from smiling at his adorableness.

“Stop making me feel guilty” He only added puppy eyes to complete the look, making it impossible for her to leave. She sighed, walking back over to him. Threading her fingers through his hair, she resumed her actions.

“Five more minutes”

“Five more minutes and then you’re walking me to class and explaining why I’m late”

A little discussion

Hey guys it’s me again. I have a topic that I want to get out of my head that has been bugging me for a few months. It’s dealing with the topic of a falling out with someone that you once considered a best friend. Now I know there will be certain people who will see this and think this is bull shit but I’m just trying to get my two cents out there.

When you’re going through a falling out, it can be very complicated on exactly where the drama is coming from. For me, it was me and the friend that was causing the drama. It takes two to do the drama dance anyways. That doesn’t mean I’m calling this person bad. I’m just saying we could have gone a different way of figuring this whole thing out. Another thing that caused it was more of personal views on the world. Now I am neutral when it comes to politics now a days because I don’t want to get into political disputes that could possibly ruin a friendship. I learned that the hard way unfortunately. I’m just putting this down because I just want to help others who may be going through the same situation. You can interpret this however you want but all I’m trying to say is please don’t make the same mistake I made in the past. I love you all and I hope you all have a good day.

anonymous asked:

Hey Sam, I'm in love with my best friend, but we can't be together, but i still want to be her best friend but sometimes it's really hard especially when she tells me about other guys and stuff, it really hurts. Should i try distance myself from her for a while? would that work? i feel like when i see her again then the same feelings would just come up inevitably, what would you do? Also thank you so much for everything you do for each and every one of us, we all appreciate you.

My friend, you are in a tough situation. You are experiencing the pain of “unrequited love”. This is when one person feels romantic love, eros, and the other feels the love known as philia love as one might feel for a brother or sister. It is a recipe for heartache. 

The dilemma is that you don’t want to end the friendship because you like her as a friend but these are dangerous waters. What would I do? I can tell you what I did do when I was in your situation. I bought a tent and some camping gear and took off driving around the American Southwest stopping every so often to get some sleep. During that entire time, I suffered. Then, gradually, after being away from her the pain faded and ended entirely when I fell in love with somebody else. Now, all these years later, I am friends with her and her husband and we remember our romance with great fondness.

Try and stay away. So long as you are in love with her you will not fall in love with anybody else. 

emoji self-care + positive list:

💖 sparkle up your heart by doing random acts of kindness to the people you love or even to strangers (if ur comfortable with that)
🐶 pat your doggos, pets, and animals friends for a happy soul! give em extra hugs for optimal results!
🐣 dont chicken out! if u want to do something that makes u happy, just do it! and always remember to do it for yourself
🐚 collect sum cute shells in the beach, fill a smol jar with sand, and chill with ur friends/significant other
🌱 go on a botanical garden adventure! make ur own garden! plant the old seeds u bought from a plant shop, water your little sprouts!
🍵 drink a warm cup of earl grey tea or coffee! spice it up with cinnamon if u want! (i dont like. cinnamon tho but u kno)
🍋 detoxify!! lemon is a good antioxidant! drink a cup of lemonade or do ur mix in ur own way!
🍓 boost ur health (bc it is wealth) by eating and storing a couple of organic fruits for personal consumption
🌻 go buy yourself some sunflowers, daisies, zinnias, crysanthemums in the farmer’s market
🌞 go out, experience the sunny weekdays, enjoy the feel of sun beams during the golden hours, fall in love with the summer feel
🌚 observe the moon, fall in love with the stars, embrace the beauty of the skies and the galaxies
📌 grab the keys and go on a crazy spontaneous adventure !! bring a tad of food for picnic purposes too
🎨 make art, appreciate art, be ur own version of masterpiece. grow up and craft yourself to become ur best version!
🔮 invest in the little things in life. enjoy the smell of rain, the copper brwn color of your trees on autumn, living for the littlest things is (proven to be) magical.
⌚ dont worry too much!! you are not running out of time. you are still young and you have ur life ahead of you.
🎥 film all the beautiful things about your days. do it for achive’s sake. do it for your future self. do it so that u may be able to rewatch it over and over again
🎶 listen to good soothing music while taking a shower, nap, or walking on parks!!
💌 write your future self a letter that talks about your aspirations and dreams and a little description about ur present self
📖 read your favorite books under the genre feel-good! reread if u want to feel the lingering joy inside ur chest again!
💭 talk to your friends, colleagues, best buds etc! it is never okay to bottle up the sadness!!
🔎 research cute places you’ve never been to and visit them alone, with your significant other, or with your best pals! google is ur adventure bestfriend!
✨ dont forget to sparkle up! ur shinier than the glitters!
💤 get some sleep to recharge for a brighter tomorrow! oversleeping may sometimes be bad for u tho
✋ give yourself a high five for surviving today and yesterday! im proud of u!
📯 learn a new instrument and compose a cute song for your friend!

a friend like mine

 Summary: A discussion about a break up leads to….interesting revelations. || Sebastian x Reader || part 1 of 2

Warnings: discussion of kinks, [in the second part] —> smut and all that entails, thigh riding, choking, some other stuff but i’ll put it in the warnings for the next one

Note: :))))

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Be happy, Feyre
—  Tamlin, who had ALL the reasons to say no, to leave Rhys dead because then he could have a chance at having Feyre again; who used to be Rhys’ best friend, lost him, became his sworn enemy for hundreds of years. Tamlin, who lost everything, who lost Feyre to Rhys, who lost his happy ending; who up until a few chapters ago wanted Feyre to suffer for everything she’d done to him…giving it all back because he realized how wrong he was and that he still loved Feyre. He who is probably seeing himself, heartbroken and desperate and on his knees over her dead body after Amarantha has killed her and he so desperately loves her and wants her back, who understands what it’s like. And finally… he finally realized that if he couldn’t have her, then the least he could have was her to be happy, even if it couldn’t be with her.

LETS TALK ABOUT HOW TOUKA SEES KANEKI IS ABOUT TO CRY LOOK CAREFULLY. She understands now how much they are really connected with their feelings. He was about to burst into tears thinking and talking about Hide. She understands that he was his best friend and how close they were. He understands how Touka feels now. Which is why he sat next to her and tried to comfort her. But he ended up hurting himself. TOUKA realizes IT before he started to break down again. She knows what Kaneki needs and that’s love. Love is something that they both always wanted. Kaneki never really felt love from anyone. Touka understands that all he wants is love. She wants Kaneki to be happy, to feel love. To feel her love, not only physically but mentally as well. Within 3-4 chapters their relationship has grown significantly. Understand that she waited 3 years for him to return. 3 YEARS waiting each day for him to come back. In the original series after their fight on the bridge Kaneki realizes that he actually wanted to return back to Touka and be with her. He saw how much she cared for him. But didn’t get to because of Arima and self endowment. As Sasaki one of his hobbies since a Rank 2 was to visit different coffee shops. His Kaneki side was coming out, trying to return home. The scent of coffee was a hint to his home. Which is why when he went to :re he enjoyed the smell, the sensation. When he drank Toukas coffee he cried not because it was good(it was) because the Kaneki side of him realized that :re was his home. Which is why he always visited plus he realized(without realizing) how beautiful Touka is physically and as a person. This whole new arc will be about Touka and Kaneki, as well as their relationship. Him both finding love from each other as well as from others. We will all see how much they together will grow not only as a couple but, people as well. Kaneki will finally give up on dying because of Touka. Plus the world realizing that Ghouls and Humans are meant to live with each other. A balance in nature.

  • The first time you read The Thief: A penniless thief is let out of prison in order to be forced on a road trip and he really just wants to go home.
  • The second time you read The Thief: In the most ingenious move of political intrigue of the millennium, a penniless thief is let out of prison in order to be forced on a road trip and he really just wants to go home.
[LYRICS] Spring Day by BTS (Japanese Version)


会いたい でも時間がない

まるで冬のようさ 夏でも吹雪くようさ
心を乗せた列車 すでに雪の中
いっそ君と地球の裏側へ 手を掴んでもう 逃げたい
どれだけ降れば 春の日が来るのだろう


どれほど 想えば
凍える夜 数えれば



そうさ君が 離れた今
変わらないさ だけど今は別れよう

冷めた君がそう この吐息のよう この吐息のよう

どれほど 想えば
凍える夜 数えれば

You know it all
You’re my best friend
どんな夜も どんな季節も




I miss you
Putting it into words like this makes me miss you more
When I look at pictures of you
I miss you
But I don’t have time
Amidst the realm of time I blame myself
And my wish gets further away again

It’s as if it’s winter, it’s as if it’ll blizzard even in the summer
A train that has my heart on it, it’s already in the snow
I want to go with you to the other side of the earth, grab your hand, and just run away
How much does it have to snow until a spring day comes?

Like fine snow that drifts in the wide sky
Like fine snow
If I could drift away to you
I’d be able to reach you quickly, but…

Petals of snow
They drifted down
And then disappeared
I miss you
I miss you
How much do I have to wish
How many freezing nights do I have to count
To be able to see you?
To be able to meet you?

Until the kind spring day that tells us the end of winter
Until the flowers bloom
I want you to stay, just like this
Just like this

You changed?
If not, then I changed
To bear this passing of time
I guess change happens again
It must be like that for everyone, right?

That’s right, this moment in which you left
My feelings that never wavered won’t change
But let’s separate for now
Because that’ll be less painful

Your now cold self is like this sigh, like this sigh
Even though there are so many of these piled up memories left

Petals of snow
They drifted down
And then disappeared
I miss you
I miss you
How much do I have to wish
How many freezing nights do I have to count
To be able to see you?
To be able to meet you?

You know it all
You’re my best friend
Morning will come again
Because all nights and all seasons
Have an end

The cherry blossoms bloom
And the winter is about to end
I miss you
I miss you
If I can count out even just a couple of nights
I’ll go see you
I’ll go pick you up

Until the kind spring day that tells us the end of winter
Until the flowers bloom
I want you to stay, just like this
Just like this

Trans cr; Maya & Mari @ bts-trans

anyway, gotta love that double standard in this fandom, ey?

vilde is constantly, constantly, being racist, ignorant, islamophobic to sana. in fact she’s been this ignorant since season 1. she’s been so rude at certain times. she’s stepped out of line so many times, and not just with sana, but with isak too. but, hey, she can still get all the chances in the world, right? bc she’s a “uwu soft pastel pink princess”. yeah, sure, give her all the chances, right???? despite being told by sana time and time again when she’s corrected her in the past, vilde STILL remains ignorant. but noooo, she gets all the chances.

last week, lol, more than 75% of this fandom were villainising, dehumanising, belittling, reducing even, when we found out he knew sana. y'all were calling him a manipulative liar, using isak as a rebound, a serial cheater, being ableist and biphobic as hell, even after y'all did the same thing to him in s3 and y'all found out he had bipolar. his struggles were already somewhat known, yet y'all still demonized him. don’t you dare deny that you weren’t. but what happened after friday’s clip? we got to know the full story and now everyone’s back on the “we love even!!!1111!!! never hated him ever!!!!” bandwagon again.

y'all literally slaughter sana at every chance you get. whether it be in 4:10 from last season, despite her apologising to isak and learning in 8:10. y'all called her a sly manipulative distrusting friend to isak when even and sana’s past came out. y'all slaughtered her for unfriending yousef bc your precious little romance was looking to be sinking like the fucking titanic, instead of understanding her struggle. but oh nooo, now y'all are back onto loving her once again, hey????? bc she’s googling “why can’t muslims marry non muslims?” and now that your precious little romance looks to be back on track, hmmmm????? lol i’m just waiting for y'all to turn on her once again tbh bc i know its gonna happen.

so, mikael reacts in the wrong manner. he freaked out when his best friend just all of a sudden made a pass at him bc he wasn’t expecting that. he was 17. he too had religion as a conflict for him. he stepped back. that was his mistake. he fucked up. yes you can say that he did wrong. call him out on his mistake. but y'all are slaughtering him?? y'all are calling him a rat and telling him to choke and die?? y'all are forgetting every other thing we learnt about mikael, that he and even were best friends, still has his number, doesn’t want the world to know about what happened bc its only gonna hurt everyone if the past is rehashed once again. y'all are out here calling muslims “extremists and vile homophobes”. and we haven’t even heard the guy give his side of the story yet!!!!???? but ya sure forgive magnus for spouting homophobic bullshit. its okay when he does it.

the double standard in this fandom is …. disgusting. and we all know exactly why that double standard exists.


No offence, Kara, but there was literally no need to mention Kara Danvers in any of these situations lmao

In the first gif, Lena says, “Supergirl! I can’t believe you’re here!”, and Supergirl’s response is not “I believe in you”, which would have worked just fine; no, it’s Kara Danvers who has faith in Lena, and she wants Lena to know that.

In the second gif, Lena asks her how she knew that she was in danger. Instead of just saying “I have superhearing and heard that you were in danger”, she uses the “Kara Danvers sent me to save you” excuse again.

In the third gif, there is an alien invasion going on, so of course Supergirl would be there to save as many people as possible; especially Lena, who considers not only Kara but also Supergirl her friend, and vice versa. Obviously Supergirl would try to save her friend. But again, it’s Kara Danvers who sent Supergirl, as if Supergirl would have no reason to do so on her own.
She’s definitely not saying that because of Mon-El. He knows Kara is Supergirl, so it was obviously Lena who she wants to believe that Kara wants her safe.
And she’s even putting her secret identity at risk here, because Lena knows Kara is dating Mike, but Mon-El is there as himself without glasses, and why would Kara Danvers want to save Mon-El?

So why would she willingly make a connection between Supergirl and Kara over and over again?

Honestly, the only logical  explanation why she always tells Lena that Kara Danvers wants to save her is that Kara wants to deepen her relationship with Lena, to impress her and to show her affection and how much she cares about her. And they already are best friends, and Kara is Lena’s only friend, so technically there is no need for Kara to keep doing this… unless she wants something more.

Who you are doesn’t matter.

“Mary Morstan”, Murderer, Gaslighter, and Abuser (The Final Problem)

Gaslighting: a definition: 

A form of abuse that centres around destabilising the victim’s perception of reality and devalues said person’s experiences and feelings. This can be done in private or in front of other parties. In the latter case, the victim is also humiliated and devalued in front of someone else. 

Typical statements of gaslighting: 

Victim: I’m cold. 
Gaslighter: It’s not cold in here. 

Victim: It’s been about fifteen minutes. 
Gaslighter: No it hasn’t. It’s only been three minutes. 

Victim: I’m really upset about this! 
Gaslighter: No you’re not. 

Gaslighter: It doesn’t matter how you feel. It doesn’t matter what you want. Who you are doesn’t matter. What you perceive isn’t real. 

Mary gaslights John in the majority of their canonical interactions. I’ve posted about this before, but their opening scene in HLV is classic gaslighting. 

John: Look, is it Sherlock Holmes you want? Because I’ve not seen him in ages.
Mary: About a month. 

Correcting his perceptions in front of a third party.

Kate: Who’s Sherlock Holmes?
Mary: (To John): See? That does happen.

And again. 

Mary: Seriously?
John: Why not? She’s not going to the police. Someone’s got to get him.
Mary: Why you?
John: I’m being neighbourly.
Mary: Since when?

Questioning his motives. Then there’s this lovely bit: 

Mary: Why are you being so…
John (while physically trying to leave the scene): What?
Mary: I don’t know. What’s the matter with you?
John (yelling): There is nothing the matter with me. Imagine I said that without shouting.
Mary: I’m trying. 

Now Mary has belittled John to the point of anger, leading to him attempting to leave the scene, and with her last line here, makes it seem as though John is the aggressor. That’s another classic move. She hasn’t succeeded in getting him to apologise yet, but that’s the eventual aim: to make John feel as though he was in the wrong all along. Then Mary makes it clear that John isn’t going to be permitted to leave without her and tries to expressly forbid him from going. He gives in and Mary not only comes, but drives - she takes over. If that isn’t enough, she then points and laughs at the tyre lever John gets out of the trunk. 

Mary: What is that??
John: It’s a tyre lever.
Mary: Why?

Why indeed, Mary? Why would John Watson want to arm himself upon going into a smack house? Why ask that, except to belittle John still more, make him feel ridiculous? This behaviour continues throughout Mary’s actual life. She doesn’t feel, upon having shot John’s best friend in the heart, any need to apologise, and she feels completely justified in castigating John over not having spoken to her in months (again, the aggressor turning the tables on the victim here). She refers to John and Sherlock as a dog and a pig at various times. She insinuates that their friendship is only possible with her there to broker it. She traps John into a pregnancy that was clearly a surprise to him. She uses her own death scene to manipulate John into feeling guilty, citing that her alias of “Mary Morstan” was her favourite one ever, while still owning ninja assassin outfits, firearms, and drug-infused papers like a Cold War spy. She literally tells Sherlock to get himself killed or kill himself, “go to hell, Sherlock”, she snarls in a video that magically pre-dates her death. 

“Go to hell, Sherlock.” - “Mary Morstan”, The Six Thatchers

And now, not only does Mary Morstan claim credit for having “created” a friendship that managed to survive despite everything she did to them both, but the creators of this monstrous character have validated it, as @constancecream posted here. Who they are doesn’t matter. Who they were before Mary ever came into their lives doesn’t matter. They’re whatever she says they are. The creators are gaslighting the audience through their precious ninja assassin/mommy in turned-up jeans/Mary Sue. 

We observed: a woman who shot Sherlock in the heart, who lied to John from start to finish, who uses gaslighting and reverse psychology (”if you read it, you won’t love me anymore”) to bend him to her will. We were told that consequences don’t matter when you’re Mary Morstan; they only matter when you’re Sherlock Holmes. We were told that Sherlock and John being on the side of the angels doesn’t matter when it comes to the women they “need” to be with - someone who murders for personal gain, and an employee of Moriarty’s who betrayed her nation for personal benefit. We were told that being evil only matters if you’re male; otherwise it’s sexy or cute or both. We were told that our observations were wrong: Mary was never a villain - hey, nobody’s perfect! Mr & Mrs Psychopath it is! This isn’t the only place they did this to us. We were shown a tarmac scene so starkly sober and heartbreaking that we barely batted an eyelash at Moriarty’s seeming return. And then they told us it was all a silly drug trip, whee, are those ginger nuts????, and it left a flat taste in our mouths. Because we were told that what we saw wasn’t what we had really seen after all.

What we saw isn’t what we saw. What we observed doesn’t matter. Who Mary really is doesn’t matter. Who Sherlock and John already were doesn’t matter. Listen to nothing but Mary’s voice; that’s all that matters. 

They gaslit us. 

I’m worried about Kevin. He discovered Jason’s body and watched Cliff murder Jason. His friends are constantly ranting and complaining to him. His boyfriend left town because he was an accomplice in covering up a murder. And it’s Riverdale, so Kevin probably gets bullied for being gay.

But through all of this Kevin doesn’t seem to have much of a support system in his friends. I mean, we hardly see him with them. I’m just getting visions of Kevin sitting at home and binge-watching crime shows and then his dad coming through the door and sighing and hanging up his coat because Kevin’s home again. He wants Kevin to have a life and he’s worried that this murder negatively affected his kid significantly. And in addition, he knows that Kevin’s hiding something from him.

Also, I’m pretty sure Kevin lost his mom. And his dad probably tries his best but he’s the Sheriff, how much is he really able to be there for his kid?

Please Riverdale, let my son feel his feelings on screen the same way your straight characters do. Let him be traumatized and maybe sad, dammit.

This Is War [9]

Summary: After being rejected by your best friend Bucky, Sam sets you up with one of his friends, on the condition that if the date doesn’t go well, you have to sign up for a dating app. The date doesn’t go well. As you begin to look for love in other places, Bucky starts to feel something he never felt before. Jealous.

Bucky Barnes X Reader

Word Count: 1274

Warnings: It’s a little angsty.. And there is bad language!

A/N: All of the support and comments that I have been receiving on this series has really made me feel so great and totally inspired!! I’m sorry this part is.. Well.. You’ll see.. Feedback as always would be amazing!! Thank you for reading xoxo

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Love Confessions masterlist

fics where one confesses their love to the other

3 Weeks Is Way Too Long - philingdan

Summary: Dan and Phil are bestfriends and they can’t spend three weeks apart from each other so they decide to go up north together. When they get there, Phil’s grandma insinuates something, and Dan has something to confess.

All Drugged Up - venuslester

Summary: Dan is full of morphine and is pretty damn drousy and as Phil takes him home, Dan lets go of a confession he would have never made in his right state of mind.

Alone, Then Not So Alone - philsdrill

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An Early Christmas Present - snowbunnylester

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Best Friends Before Lovers? (ao3) - wekingsandprettythings

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Confess My Love. But How? - insanleyinsanefangirl

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Finding Love In Fear - phannosaurusdil

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Gosh, Your Lips Look Delicious - euphania

Summary: Dan and Phil are childhood friends and adult sense something.

Fools With Benefits - irphanfic

Summary: Dan and Phil have a ‘‘friends with benefits’‘ kind of relationship. They are both in love and afraid to confess in case the lose each other. What will happen when they both decide to come clear with the other on the same day which happens to be Phil’s brother’s wedding? Will everything turn out okay?

Homophobic - phanjam

Summary: AU where Dan is blatantly homophobic, and is very vocal about it. That is, until his best friend and roommate Phil Lester can’t take it anymore and confesses to Dan.

I Less Than Three You Too - tolkienrowlingfan

Summary: Dan and Phil are friends with benefits and Dan is in love with Phil. One night drunk Phil confesses his love to Dan and sleeps knowing nothing. This is morning after from Phil’s pov.

Let Me Be Your Light - uhnonniemiss

Summary: A blind fan meets Dan and Phil and asks them to describe each other, and confessions are made.

Message On A Napkin - interrupted-by-fireworks

Summary: Phil and Dan go to a party and Dan gets really drunk, which results in some very interesting confessions.

Paper Stars - botanistlester

Summary: Dan starts to get love notes in his locker in the form of origami stars, so he gets the help of his best friend, Phil, to figure out who it is.

Skype Confession - writingphanfiction

Summary: Phil decides to confess his love for Dan in a skype call.

Two Is Better Than One - phanttm

Summary: Dan and Phil through the years. Both of them like each other but none of them have the courage to confess their attraction to each other until one fine day. Basically, really fluffy and kinda domestic :)

Whiteboard Confessions - phan-panda

Summary: Phil confesses his feelings for Dan and doesn’t get the reaction he’s expecting. He plays it off as a joke but the truth comes out when they’re at the radio show.