they want all your money

10 Things Book Addicts Understand
  • 1: the absolute shame in not finishing a book in the time you thought you'd be able to complete it.
  • 2: you literally have five thousand unread books at home but you still pick up a novel or two from Barnes and Noble
  • 3: you love Harry Potter.
  • 4: again, you have hundreds of unread books at home but you still reread (insert favorite book here)
  • 5: The book cover matters. So does the size ok
  • 6: not enough shelf space
  • 7: have multiple copies of (insert favorite book here) in different covers
  • 8: spend literally all your money on books
  • 9: never want to pay full price for a book
  • 10: you have that one book that you'll always go back to because it makes you all warm and cozy inside.

my new professional networking strategy is that whenever I find someone who is doing the kind of work I want to be doing I email them like ‘how did you start doing the thing??? please help’

I’ve just started on this today bc I discovered that 'expeditionary artist’ is a thing you can BE

Black Owned Business Review

Shea Shea Bakery’s Vanilla Body Butter ($11) Purchased from their website (

Don’t go on this website unless you want to lose all your money. Fantastic. Their products are so cute. The lids are hand sculpted. AND they have loyalty points and you can get $5 off pretty easily. But more important the product is nice and moisturizing and it smells edible (it isn’t). It’s not greasy or too thick that it’s hard to rub in like most body butters. Shipping was fine.

Calls in to work because there is thick ass ice on the roads and I’m not about to fuck with that shit.

Feels immediately terrible.

So You Want To Be A Sugar Baby...

Definitely not a title you’ll see in the career section of your college library.

 Sugaring is a lifestyle that is definitely off the beaten track, as we all know. No one’s really ever doing it because they love old, white dick. It’s the $$$. Come on. Let’s be honest.

 So, getting right into it, if you want to be a sugar baby you need to do some forward planning.

- Why? Well money is why, right? But why do you need money? Remember, all your wants and needs are viable reasons. From rent and food to plastic surgery to designer clothes and shoes. You want what you want and you deserve to get it. But align what you want to what kind of arrangement you’re looking for. If you just want a bit of spending money then maybe pay per meet is more your speed, rack up a series of dates on WYP. If you need to cover rent and utilities, you’re going to need a steady flow of cash so you should look for an SD you can constantly rinse rather than a one-hit wonder from WYP.

- Where? The internet is your friend. I’m not going to list all the sugar dating sites you can join because you can find them all on the first page of Google. You hear of SBs finding everything from whales to blacklist material on each and every sugar dating site there is. Maybe start with one where you don’t have to pay a membership to get into practice with messaging POTs correctly. Freestyling, if you live in a city or even an affluent town, is where you frequent various fancy bars and restaurants to engage with rich men in their natural habitat.

Q: “I’ve calculated how much money I need and what gifts I want. I know my short term and long term goals and I know what kind of arrangement I want to have with an SD. I’ve just set up my SB account. Now what?”

A: Wait. The responses will begin to flow. Be polite, a little flirtatious, but be firm and no-nonsense. If you’re looking for a platonic SD, don’t put that out there right away. You ‘just want to get comfortable’ first, right? It takes experience alone to tell a diamond from a piece of coal, but if you simply use common sense, you can chat fluidly with these POTs.

Q: “This POT wants me to send pictures.”

A: If you have pictures but they’re on private then make sure you know something substantial about him and that he has real potential before you show your pictures to him. Don’t want to send pictures? ‘Actually, I’ve always had a fantasy about a blind date situation so I can see the look on your face when I walk in. Not to be vain, but I think I’ll impress ;p’ Or some bullshit. Men are idiots. And this, you’ll quickly learn.

Q: “This POT wants to meet. Where should we go?”

A: First ascertain his location and decide on a cafe or a bistro that makes up a middle ground. If he suggests a restaurant, always look it up beforehand. Never give your exact location at first. Always choose the town or neighbourhood closest. Never give the name of your college up front, choose a college near you. Always in public. Choose an area where you know there will be a lot of people around at all times and always arrange your own transport there and back. 

Q: “He wants me to do stuff with him on the first date… What should I do?”

A: The only thing you do on a first date with a POT is shake hands when you meet and a hug and kiss on the cheek when you leave.

Q: “But what should I WEAR?”

A: Sometimes it’s better not to ‘look like money’. Especially if you’re playing the ‘poor college student’ fiddle and he’s the kind that specifies ‘no pros’. Girl, if you walk in with your YSL purse and your Loubs he’s going to be thinking you’re a successful escort. Of course your clothes depend on the time of day and the place, but honestly I’ve always thought that you can’t go wrong with a white or pastel sweater, a black stretchy mini skirt, black court shoes, a bag in a solid colour and minimal, delicate jewellery.

Q: “Should I talk about allowance on the first date?”

A: Now… I have mixed feelings on this personally. And it’s much more difficult to talk about an allowance with a guy you met through freestyling. Even I still have trouble finding the right time. I’d say leave the topic alone on the first date but slip it in through the aftermath of ‘I had a really great time’ texts. If he asks what your last arrangement was, there’s no harm giving him a figure (whether it’s real or not).

  So. You’ve been on your first POT date and maybe he’s handed you a few extra twenties in your taxi money and you’re feeling like Belle De Jour at your laptop right now, but BE WARNED. No one has a carefree sugaring experience. Even the girls who post pictures of their stacks of cash and their Louis Vuittons are not immune to the odd crazy stalker, or the salty ass, or the Splenda you thought was a whale.

 It’s not easy being an SB and, although it’s becoming popularized in movies and talk shows, it’s still a taboo choice that many will judge you for, from your friends to your family.

 My last piece of advice? Make a sugaring tumblr and take part in the community so you can ask questions, check the blacklist and have fresh inspiration and horror stories to read.

 May your hustle be safe and salt-free xxx

onliafaze  asked:

The GoM, Kagami, and Haizaki react when their s/o accidently grabs their butt. Bonus if she shyly offers to let them touch hers later to make it up to them.

Hey! I hope this is okay! Sorry they might be short! I didn’t want this to go on forever haha!! Thank for the request!

Akashi~ He was holding your purse for you as you went in to try on some new clothes. You came out and twirled for him. He smiled and looked at you lovingly.

“You look amazing ___-chan. Would you like to add this to the pile?” You looked over at all the clothes Akashi picked out for you. You sighed slightly, feeling a bit guilty.

“Are you sure this is okay? I don’t want to just spend all your money all the time…” You walked over to him, he cupped your cheeks in his hand and looked into your eyes.

“My love, I am planning to be with you for all of our lives. My money will be your money to do as you please. So you will have to get used to me spoiling you like this.” You blushed and reached behind him to get something from your purse. Your purse was pressed against his back as he held it for you.

You cupped something soft, but firm. Akashi jumped slightly and his face went red. He looked at you with wide eyes, uncertain of what just happened. You looked up at him and blinked slowly.

“My my… I didn’t realize this kind of thing got you so frisky ___-chan.” The realization finally dawned on you. You were holding onto his ass. You jumped back and apologized.

“i-I’m so sorry! i-if you want… I’ll let you feel mine?” You looked at him slyly. His face went red and he covered himself with his hands.

“You sure say some dirty things, dear.” He suddenly looked at you with a serious, but alluring expression. “However, I am inclined to take you up on that offer.”

Aomine~He looked up at you while laying on the roof concrete. He groaned and rolled over. You sat down next to him and patted him on the head.

“Daiki, it’s time for practice. You have to get up!” Aomine ignored you and closed his eyes. You narrowed your eyes slightly and stood up. “I’m not joking! If you don’t get up, prepare for my wrath!” You teased slightly. Aomine looked over at you and smirked.

“What the hell could you do?” You went red as he turned away again. You grabbed onto his arm and pulled him. You tried as hard as you could, but he wouldn’t budge. With his arm still in your hand, he pulled towards himself, causing you to fly forward. You landed on top of his side, and went to lift yourself up.

You grabbed onto the first thing your hands found and just rested it there. Aomine turned and looked at you, with a devilish smirk.

“Oh? Was your so called wrath something like this? Didn’t realize you were so grabsy.”

“Sorry… i-if you want to, I can always make it up to you..” You blushed as he looked deep into your eyes.

“Oh and how will you do that?”

“You can touch mine later.” He went red and sat upright. You giggled slightly and pulled him up to his feet. “So you ready for class now?”

Kise~ Kise was working one of his modeling gigs, and he brought you along. You loved to come with him to these events, it made you feel like a celebrity yourself. Kise was getting his face powdered when he noticed his shirt was untucked. He waved at you to come by him.

“Hey what’s up, Ryouta?”

“___-cchi, could you please tuck my shirt in?” You chuckled and pushed the fabric into his pants. A man walked past you abruptly and you tried to quickly get out of the way. You sighed and looked up at Kise who was smiling sinfully at you. “You’re frisky today, in public no less.” You noticed your hand was cupping his bottom and you let go suddenly.

“S-sorry!! I was just trying to-”

“No need to apologize, although I am sad I don’t get to reciprocate.”

“Maybe later when we are alone… i-I will let you… Or not.” You blushed and went back to your seat to watch.

Kuroko~ Kuroko and you were sitting on the couch watching a movie. You heard your stomach rumble and Kuroko looked at you. You giggled a bit and grabbed a drink from your water on the end table. 

“Would you like something to eat?” Kuroko smiled sweetly at you. You nodded and he got up to put some food in the oven. You were stretching your arms in the air, not realizing that Kuroko was making his way back to you. You moved out your arms to the side as he tried to sit down. Your hand smacked his butt, and he froze. “Are you that excited that I am making food?”

“I am so sorry!”

“I don’t mind at all. It just surprised me.”

“i-if you want to touch mine… you can.” Kuroko’s face went red. 

Midorima~ You two were studying in his room. He needed to keep up his flawless grade point average. You were tired of studying so you collapsed onto the floor. Midorima paid you no mind, as he continued. You inched closer to him, you wanted to be close to him.

Midorima glanced at you briefly as you inched over. You ended up laying next to his legs. He was about to get up to grab the notebook from the other side of the table. You moved your hand towards him as he lifted himself. His body went red. He looked at you, mouth open from shock.

“W-WHAT ARE YOU DOING, NANODAYO?!” You blushed and sat up quickly. You covered your face and put your head on the table.

“I’m so sorry.” You turned to face him. He looked upset slightly, but more so just embarrassed. “Do you want to… touch mine?” Midorima dropped his pencil and fell to the floor.

Murasakibara~ You were dancing to music in your room. Headphones on, and a water bottle as your microphone. You were expecting Mukkun later on, after practice ended he was supposed to head over. However you didn’t realize that practice cancelled early.

You were singing loudly to yourself in your room, eyes closed. You moved your hand to the side and tried grabbing onto the air, as if making a fist. However your hand was stopped by a firm, yet slightly plush presence. You opened your eyes and screamed loudly when you saw your large boyfriend. Your hand was groping his butt.

“__-chin… You are so dirty.” He shoved a chip in his mouth. You took off your headphones and put the music player on your desk. 

“Oh god… I’m sorry Mukkun.”

“It’s okay, you can make it up to me.”

“b-by letting you grab my ass?”

“…. I was going to say with food, but that works too.”

Kagami~ Kagami was playing basketball with you, trying to practice his jumps. He asked you to try blocking him and you attempted to block the large man. You felt ridiculous, and you were practically underneath him. He jumped up and you raised your hand upwards, getting a handful of Kagami’s butt. He dropped the ball and fell to his feet.

“That’s not how you play basketball babe…” His face was red, he was averting his gaze from you. You felt so embarrassed. You laughed awkwardly and placed your hand on your face.

“D-don’t you know? It’s a new blocking technique… You can try it too if you want.” Kagami looked at you with wide eyes. He nodded and kissed your forehead.

“Maybe later tonight.”

Haizaki~ You were cleaning up the mess Haizaki left you in your apartment. You groaned at the heap of dirty laundry he left of your bed. You looked at the time, he was supposed to be home by now. You had no idea where your boyfriend ran off too. You grabbed a basket and placed it next to the bed. You started throwing all the clothes on the bed into the basket.

One of the shorts he always wears was stuck. You tried to pull but for some reason they weren’t moving. You placed your palms on them and suddenly were very confused. You squeezed and felt the plushness that could only be described as an ass.

“hmm?” You saw Haizaki roll over, a mountain of clothes falling to the floor. He grabbed your wrist and pulled you onto the bed. He pinned you down underneath him and smirked. “Didn’t realize you would come onto me so strong. If you want it that bad, I’ll gladly give it to you.”

“Oh god… I was cleaning up your mess and thought that was just dirty laundry.” His face turned cold slightly and he released you. You felt a bit bad, getting his hopes up. “m-maybe when I finish cleaning up…” He smirked and laid on his back.

“Sounds good to me, baby.”

autisticnightfury  asked:

what is scientology?????????

It’s a cult that claims it’s teaching you “courses” on improving your mental and spiritual health but it really just wants all your money so it actually makes all your issues worse and gives you a nice buffet of new ones, from what I’ve read. So of course, it targets young adults in unstable life situations, as do most other cults.

And, tumblr’s ad service is willing to run ads for it. I am like 98% certain that tumblr is using a third-party ad service and not monitoring the content of the ads, unless maybe if someone specifically reports one. I got an ad taken down once, or at least they said it was taken down, because it was a graphic dermatillomania trigger and I told Support that it could lead to self-harm and even lawsuits. Apparently, nothing less makes them care. So, at the time I made the post, today, I was too tired from having worked 17 hours in the previous 26-ish to actually report it right then, but I have a screenshot, so I’ll get to it in the morning.

No matter what anyone says, I loved and still love ACIII. Which is why I so passionately want a sequel to it to properly finish Connor’s story and or a remastered edition of ACIII. #PotentiallyUnpopularOpinion #FightMe