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Hidden || Jack Maynard

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Word Count: 1k+

Summary: Jack isn’t in a rush to introduce the boys to his girlfriend, and so they come up with a ‘masterplan’ that really just involved Joe doing all the work. 

Dedicated too: The anon who requested this, I hope you like it love xo

It was common knowledge that Jack was seeing someone. He didn’t exactly keep it a secret from the boys, often throwing on his coat midway through the day or night and muttering something about going to (Y/N)’s and simply disappearing for a good few hours before any of them would hear from him again.

Conor ended up meeting the mystery girl after just a few weeks, having walked into Jack’s apartment one day to find her stood in the kitchen in just her underwear. As far as first impressions went, he was sure he’d never forget that one.

Though even after a good few months, the rest of the buttercreams had absolutely no clue who this girl was. Her Instagram was private, as was her Twitter - and no matter how much they tried to bribe Conor into leaking information to them: the oldest Maynard was stubborn when it came to his brother’s private life.

They had a vague idea of the type of person she was, or atleast what they’d managed to piece together from the little trinkets and blurry polaroids of hers that they’d found littered around Jack’s apartment. She obviously enjoyed photography, and art, seeing as they’d found more than a few paintbrushes on the side of Jack’s sink on multiple occasions.

But when three months passed, they started to wonder whether they’d ever actually get to meet the mystery girl. It obviously wasn’t one of Jack’s main priorities, and they could tell that he wasn’t exactly pressing the issue. They were all growing more and more impatient by the second. 

The day Conor returned home with a beautiful, yet huge, henna all the way down his arm and a wide smile on his face - was the day that their resolves cracked. This girl was slowly becoming a huge part of both of the Maynards’ lives, and they wanted in on it.

So, they gathered around in Caspar’s flat one day, when Conor and Jack were both too busy to hang out; and they came up with a masterplan. First, Joe would refuse to leave Jack’s apartment and insist on sleeping there because it was too late to Uber home. If she was to turn up, he was to report back to the rest of the boys immediately.

Plan B was to have Mikey beg Jack to meet her, which wouldn’t be too suspicious seeing as they’d been friends since secondary school. But seeing as they knew how shit Mikey was at acting, they all had their toes crossed that Plan B wouldn’t have to be put into action.

As always, Joe and the rest of the boys had spent their Thursday sat in Jack’s living room watching the footy and filming a few videos whenever they could pluck up the courage to pause the game. Eventually it reached nine pm and everyone started to leave, each winking slyly at Joe as they did so.

At half past ten, Joe was the only remaining guest, and by the way he was snuggled down under the duvet on the fold out sofa, Jack could tell that he wasn’t prepared to leave anytime soon. And so, he ordered dinner for three, instead of just him and (Y/N), and acted as if nothing was going on as he slumped back onto the loveseat to watch whatever Joe had chosen to put on.

“So, mate, tell me more about this girlfriend of yours.” Joe says, his eyes moving down the room so that they were looking at Jack, who had a knowing smirk on his face but hid it well. “Is she hot?”

“Yup.” His reply was purposefully short, a bid to annoy the self-proclaimed guest - and it seemed to work perfectly, as within seconds Joe’s face was scrunched up in annoyance and he was holding himself back from glaring at the younger Maynard brother.

They sit in silence for a few minutes, until there was a knock on the door and Joe turned to look at the younger boy with a confused frown. “How the hell did the food guy get into the building?”

Jack snorts and rolls his eyes. “You’re such an idiot.” Throwing his head back, he clears his throat and lifts his arm. “It’s open babe!”

Joe’s eyes widen in shock and his head turns sharply toward Jack, who sits there with a smug smirk on his face as his girlfriend walked into his apartment with a tired sigh and shrugged off her jacket and bag; not yet realising that there was anyone but her boyfriend there. “The food guy needs you to buzz him in, I said I’d take the food but I didn’t have the order num-” she freezes when she walks into the living room and her eyes fall upon Joe, but a smile quickly grows on her face and she waves a little. “So that’s why it looked like you’d ordered so much.”

Jack nods, jumping up from the couch and kissing her on the cheek before jogging over to the intercom and buzzing the delivery guy in. Returning to his girlfriends side, Jack wraps his arm around her waist and looks down into her eyes with a smile. “Hi gorgeous.”

“Hi.” She breathes, wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling him down for a quick kiss before lightly pushing him away and gesturing toward Joe politely. “You’re Joe, right?” The youngest Sugg nods and sits up a little. “Well, I’m (Y/N).”

He smiles back, but can’t help feel slightly nervous around the girl he’d been dying to meet for a good month. “Pretty name.”

Jack smirks and glances down at the girl under his arm, who looked up to meet his gaze strategically. “A pretty name for a pretty face.”

When there’s a knock on the door, she steps out of his arms and smiles at them both a little. “I’m gonna go get the food, why don’t you guys get some plates and shit?”

Joe nods silently and watches as she leaves the room, before turning to stare up at Jack with wide eyes, only to be met with a smug smirk and a wink. “Oh trust me, by the time tonight’s over, you’ll be as smitten as Conor is.”

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More of a fuck co-workers story, let's call them A. So the other day I stay two hours past when I was supposed to stay and already worked 8 hours with only a thirty minute lunch. I got all of my work done and finished the chores of other coworkers who had to be sent home early. So A come in, already in a bad mood, already yelling at everyone, and so I nope outta dodge cause I couldn't deal with that after ten hours at work. Next day I walk in to my manger saying A said I left her a mess. I'mdone

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OKAY this ain't canon but Candace totally gets an internship w/ OWCA and on her first day she sees Perry in the hall and at that point neither of them know 'cause OWCA never explains anything and Perry has a mini heart attack and Candace just screams 'cause "he knows I called him a meatbrick and holy f*ck THAT'S where he goes all the time" and then Vanessa walks by and is like "oh, so it's YOUR platypus that beat my dad up on a regular basis" and Candace is just DONE.

OKAY I LOVE THIS!! There’s so many great things that could come out of Candace interning at OWCA and I’m just. Yes. Even though it’s not canon, it’s great.

First off, she’d strike up a friendship with Perry after recognizing him. She’d probably end up talking to him (and looking through that pamphlet from the 2nd Dimension episode) and realizing that he’s actually pretty cool. And of course she’s friends with Vanessa already, but while interning there together I feel like they’d grow a lot closer. And maybe she’d even be friends with Carl!

Plus, OWCA is a perfect job for Candace. Their whole goal is to bust people! Even if she isn’t the one doing the busting, she’d get to see people busted by the agents every day. Maybe she and Perry could bond over their shared goal of busting people who do thing they aren’t supposed to.

Okay I could go on but my point is this is a rEALLY GOOD headcanon omg


Zojja: “He just told you he loves you over fucking balloons.”
Neptune: *Snorts* He didn’t mean it like that.“
Zojja: "You sure? I think he did.”
Neptune: “No, it was Valentines day.”
Zojja: “He loves you.”
Neptune: “Nope.”
Zojja: “What’s taking them so long?”

They heard the front door open and what sounded like two men singing “A pirate’s life for me.” and snickering. As they walked into the room, Zojja stood up from her seat, frowning.

Zojja: “You’re joking. You too? You’re all dressed up as fancies!?”
Xavier: “That’s right. Here to arrest a certain pirate captain.*wink*
Zojja: *Huffs* You can try.”
Neptune: “Revan? We match.”
Zojja: “Yeah I told him you were borrowing my fancy outfit…”
Revan: *Grins*
Neptune: “Well. Don’t be fooled by the outfit, I might look like one of you but on the inside…pirate.”
Revan: “A fancy in the streets…a pirate in the sheets.”
Neptune: *Laughs* Something like that. You look like fucking Orlando Bloom with that stubble.“
Revan: *Wiggles brows* You know what that means?”
Neptune: “Tell me.”
Revan: *Pulls her closer* I’m a pirate in the sheets too.“
Zojja: "Get a room!”

Request: “I would’ve had breakfast ready, but you were sleeping on my arm, and I didn’t want to wake you.” With Lin/Reader ~ @colbertandlin-manuel

Masterlist | Request!

You were working on the script for the new movie you were writing. Your agent said you had to have it to her in four days. Knowing yourself and how you procrastinate, you decided to start early. You only planned to work on it for an hour or so, but once you started you couldn’t stop. The click-clacking of keys was the only thing heard through your small apartment.

“Baby, you’ve been working all day!” Lin whined from his spot on the couch. “Come cuddle.”

“Lin, I can’t,” you told him, not taking your eyes away from your computer screen.

He walked over to you and put his hands on your shoulders. He massaged them and placed a kiss on the top of your head.

“Take a break,” Lin said, quoting his own work.

“I have to get this draft to Jennifer, I can’t stop ’til I get this draft to Jennifer,” you smiled smugly.

“You’re so sarcastic!” he grumbled and made his way back to the couch.

“I am your wife!” you shot back.

“Y/N, it’s 12 o’clock in the morning.” Lin told you, irritation present in his voice. “Please come to bed.”

“Lin, I have to finish this one scene then I’ll come to bed,” you said.

“You said that four scenes ago!” he said.

You just ignored him and continued to type.

“Well, I’m going to back to sleep,” he said, quoting more of his work.

“Best of husbands and best of men,” you said apathetically.

That’s when he got fed up. He walked over and closed your laptop screen.

“Hey!” you exclaimed.

“It’s Google Docs, it saves automatically! Now, come to bed!” he said.

You surrendered. The thought of being snuggled up with him was enough for you to stop everything. You followed him to the bedroom and got under the covers. As soon as you cuddled against him you were out like a light.

You felt Lin shift underneath you, and it with was enough to wake you up.

“’Morning, sleeping beauty,” he said softly.

“’Morning,” you replied groggily. “I’m hungry.”

“I would’ve had breakfast ready, but you were sleeping on my arm, and I didn’t want to wake you,” he said.

“My draft!” you remembered and shot up off the bed.

“That’s another reason why I didn’t wake you,” Lin began, “I knew the first thing you would do was rush off to go write.”

You looked at your husband. He was frowning and you absolutely hated seeing that. You immediately felt bad; after all, all he wanted to do was spend time with you.

“Mi rey, don’t pout. I’m sorry,” you cooed as you caressed his cheeks. “how about I make chocolate chip pancakes and then we can rewatch ‘The West Wing?’”

“With whipped cream?” he asked, looking up at you with a childlike glint in his eyes.

“They’re not chocolate chip pancakes without whipped cream!” you chuckled and led him into the kitchen.

Your draft could wait.

send me one of these with a cast member/character and I’ll write a drabble!

ok plot idea: muse a is a delinquent at their school, and a scary one at that. they’ve been suspended multiple times, maybe even kicked out of a previous school, and everyone avoids them due to past violent offenses and their reputation as someone who is not to be fucked with. muse b is a clean-cut, popular, generally “good” student who never causes trouble, and doesn’t socialize with muse a’s crowd at all. until one day, muse b walks up to muse a and says they desperately need muse a’s help.

see, muse b has had a few admirers over the years, but recently, they’ve developed a suspicion that someone is stalking them. they feel eyes on them at all times, they think someone’s following them home, and they’ve been getting creepy notes and presents. muse b is beginning to fear for their safety, and can’t find any solid proof as to who their stalker is, much less any idea of how to make it stop. so, they have a brilliant plan: if muse a pretends to date muse b, it may scare their stalker into leaving them alone! everyone knows muse a isn’t someone to mess with – it’d be suicide to harass whoever they’re dating.

muse a is at first incredulous at the request, but upon realizing just how terrified muse b is, and how truly desperate they are to protect themselves, relents, and agrees to date muse b until muse b can take legal action against their stalker. muse a begins “dating” them in public, including walking them to and from school, but soon finds themselves growing genuinely fond of muse b… and genuinely protective. but muse b’s stalker isn’t letting up. will muse a have to take matters into their own hands to protect muse b? or will muse b be able to rescue themselves?

optional: make this a threeway plot with muse c, muse b’s stalker… who probably isn’t very happy about this sudden competition for muse b’s love.

How I wish I had the words to heal you, to make you happy, to pull you on your feet. How truly sorry I am that I cannot ease your pain, and how I can only do much less than you deserve to have be done for you.

How I wish I had words to heal you, but I don’t even have them to heal myself. All I have is empty time and forceful patience. I wish for death every day, my dear, and I’m so tired — but I keep pushing on. I do my best, I give it my all to be merciful to myself, to allow my wounds time to heal and my insecurities to pass, to forgive my shortcomings.

It all starts and ends with you, little soldier. I can only take you so far. I will hold your hand as long as you need, but we both need to walk over the last stretch with our own feet. Please don’t give up on yourself.

Happy Birthday, queen-icicle-fandom!

March 26 - “Is that… chocolate body paint?” Steve/Darcy/Bucky for @queen-icicle-fandom

It wasn’t the first time Darcy had walked in on her two boyfriends naked in the middle of the afternoon. She was always very far from objecting when she did, because watching the two of them together really got her going, and god knew she could never have kept up with their enhanced-everything without help. She was always convinced that she walked like a race jockey all the time these days anyway.

She’d never walked in on them doing this, though. Bucky was lying nude on his front on the couch, and Steve was painting him. Actually painting on him, not painting a picture of him; painting what looked like a complicated interlocking Celtic knot on Bucky’s naked hip.

Bucky looked over at Darcy as she came in and smiled; Steve ignored her, concentrating on his work. Curious, Darcy came in and leaned over Steve’s shoulder, looking at what he was doing. A familiar scent drifted to her nostrils.

“Is that… chocolate body paint?” she asked, amused.

“Yup. Steve decided to unpack that moving-in-together hamper Stark sent us.”

Darcy snickered. “Why do I think that chocolate body paint is probably the least scandalous thing in it?”

“It took a while for Stevie’s ears ta stop burnin’,” Bucky agreed, snickering. “I talked him into paintin’ on me as a distraction. Didn’t think he’d get quite that distracted, I was hopin’ for some action…”

“You should probably have lain face up instead of down, then,” Darcy pointed that out, laughing as she filched the paintbrush from Steve’s hand. “Tell you what, I didn’t get any lunch. I’m starving. How about I lick that off and then you turn over and I can feast some more? Then we can check out the rest of what’s in that hamper…”


”A boring tale of the senior and junior…”

A day of refreshment is indeed necessary or so Maki thought as she walked over to her kitchen after having an all-nighter doing her projects. This kind of dull life wasn’t something she wished but she can’t help it because she chose to do it in the first place. “Where should I go today?” thought Maki to herself before she got a call from Rin who said that she’s going to go to an AQUARIUM together with Hanayo. “Joining them might be a good idea but I might become a third wheel later on…?” and so she refused the offer.

Maki tried to go to sleep but her eyes didn’t show any sign of a need to do so at all. “Doing all this all-nighter might lead me to destroy myself before I managed to become a doctor, after all…” playfully said Maki to herself. After she went to the bathroom, Maki got changed and she went out without a destination.

In the middle of Akihabara, her eyes were still being occupied by the posters of the Love Live that’s going to be held in Tokyo Dome soon. A year after the final live that marked the end of her school idol days, Maki engrossed herself in her study so she could accomplished her first objective of being a doctor, and after struggling for years, she managed to get into the university she wanted. Even thought it’s true that there was still a wish of resuming the singing and dancing activity, she chose not to do so, at least not doing so without the other eight members.

As Maki’s mind was still reminiscing about her past, she bumped herself onto someone. It’s a girl. Her hair was like Hanayo but the color is similar to Kotori. When the girl in uniform smiled at Maki, she saw the brightness similar to Honoka from that beautiful smile. Seeing such cute girl and without any of her friends around, Maki decided to talk to the girl.

“Ah, sorry for bumping into you. May I ask your name?”

“No, it’s me who’s at fault here. I’m You! Watanabe You. What’s your name, beautiful nee-san?”

“I-I-I am n-n-not that beautiful, y-you know. I’m Nishikino Maki. So, what are you doing in this city, You-chan? You’re not from Akihbara, aren’t you?”

“Ah, so you noticed, Nishikino-san…”

“Maki is fine.”

“Maki-san…, Well, I was with my friend just a moment ago before she suddenly went elsewhere following a flying flier and so I waited here for her.”

“Can you show me a picture of her? I might have seen her on my way before…”

“You’re not trying to kidnap her, aren’t you Maki-san?”

“Of course not! Hmmmmm? A cute girl with orange hair and her  unusual braids… Unfortunately I never saw her before… Sorry.”

“It’s okay. She’ll be back soon enough.”

“You really trust her, huh, You-chan…?”

“Of course! She’s my best friend, after all! Um, Maki-san, can I ask you something?”

“Sure. What is it?”

“Do you know anything about that?” said You-chan as she pointed to the direction of the Love Live! fliers

“Oh, that. It’s a school idol event that’s going to be held in Tokyo Dome soon.”

“Hoo~ School idol, huh?”

‘What? Are you interested in becoming one, You-chan?”

“Ah, no… I just thought that Chika might be distracted by those fliers and soon enough, she might be asking me to form a school idol group together.”

“You sure have a friend who moves at her own pace, huh…”

“Well, I’m used to it by now. Besides, I never regret following her sudden whims because I believe it’ll be fun in the end.”

“She’s lucky to have you by her side. So, if she asked you to become one, will you accept her proposal?”

“Of course!”

Maki patted the head of the younger girl as she remembered Honoka who loves to drag Umi and Kotori around when they formed µ’s before. Soon enough, Chika showed up and You-chan said goodbye to Maki as they left together. Maki smiled at the pair and she took her phone out.

“Hello, Maki? What is it?”

“Ah, Umi… It’s nothing. By the way, are you free today?”

“Let me see…, oh, yes I am. Do you want to hang out today, Maki?”

“Yes, and if possible, will you bring Honoka and Kotori, too? I will ask Eli and Nico to come, too.”


Years later, Maki managed to finish her study and she began living on her own after having her parents to agree to let her rent an apartment. That day, for Maki who’s rarely watched TV, she turn on that TV as she prepared her dinner. The TV was showing a news about school idol, which in turn made Maki halted her progress as she went to see the winner of that year’s Love Live!. And then, she saw the gray-haired girl there, standing beside the orange-haired girl who emitted the radiance similar to Honoka.

“So, she really went and became a school idol, huh?”

“I never knew that the one whom I met before was a member of µ’s…”

The things you remember

Prompt: Veeti Hollola - coping with the new world

There are things you remember
when your world cracks open
strewn out all over the place
like an upturned tub of Legos.
The crink-crink-crinkle
of foil on a chocolate bar
at the bottom of your backpack
forgotten, crushed to pieces.
You open it carefully
not dropping a single one
and as you pop the little shards
into your mouth
you suck on them slowly
savouring every bit.
Or walking home from school
on the kind of warm day
when it’s bright, yellow, shining
suddenly the sky opens
dumps down a shower
and it’s raining and sunny all at once.
Orange juice with breakfast
your favourite song on the radio
and the crunch of fresh-fallen snow
under your boots as you walk
to school in the winter’s dark
and the silence and peace
and soft stillness of the morning
never thinking that anything could hurt you.
The smell of ink on your notebook paper
the way it smudges all over your hand
because your mom buys you the cheap pens
and you just laugh it off and go around
blue for the rest of the day.
Trading Pokémon at lunch
sitting side-by-side with your friends
sharing the cookies their dad baked
sugar sticking to your fingers
snickering at that joke that nobody else
would ever get
because you had to be there
in that moment.
You remember things like that
in the night, in the dark
curled up with your family against the cold
listening to their breathing
hoping you won’t hear anything else
and you close your eyes tight
to bring back the sun
and the laughter
ginger cookies on your tongue
and a joke you will never be there for again.

Water Sports and Mischief

Sirius X Reader

Part 3 The Maruaders, you and Lily are on holiday in the sunny Greek islands and you strike up an interesting relationship with a certain Sirius Black.

The next few days of the holiday were pretty average. You and Lily would go down to the markets and buy a few novelty items and clothes whilst the boys went out on adventure walks which would always result in one of them sustaining an injury.  The group would hang by the pool and there would be a few barbecues here and there and you would join the boys in some of the activities.

On a sunny afternoon, you were all slumped on the sofa, your head on James’ lap whilst your legs draped lazily over Remus’.  

“BORED” Sirius bellowed and everyone murmured in agreement.
“Hey what about the beach? I heard there’s some muggle water activities, it sounds like a lot of fun!” Lily said with a hopeful smile.

“That doesn’t sound bad actually, wouldn’t mind getting out for a bit” replied James, glancing over to the rest. They all nodded in agreement, including you, although anything that had the word ‘sports’ in it made you feel queasy .  You perched you head up from James’ lap and looked over at Lily.

“Fine but if I die out of exhaustion , I’m holding you personly responsible Evans” you smiled over at her.

“Ditto”, responded Sirius.

The whole group decided to partake in the water sport activities. This consisted of James and Sirius getting overly cocky on who was the most skillful but both of them would fail miserably. 

After much pleading and begging, Remus decided to join in on the action too and performed significantly better than anyone else; him smirking over at Sirius every time you were to applaud him. 

Then it came to your turn. You liked windsurfing out of all the other activities so you hopped onto the board with ease. The well-built instructor had proceeded to assist you and placed his hand onto your waist to prop you up better. You gave him a smile which was abruptly interrupted by Sirius’ low growls.  

“I’m pretty sure she’s capable of getting on herself” Sirius exclaimed loudly to which the instructor responded with an awkward nod and went back to stand with the rest. That really frustrated you.

“Why does he feel the need to be a complete prat” you whispered to yourself and a smile appeared on your face. On spur of moment, an idea popped into your head.

 “Ready” you called out to the rest. 

You windsurfed away, picking up momentum every second. It was really easy and you had no problem with it but this wasn’t what you wanted to do. You started leaning back a bit which started shaking the board and take it off course until you were physically unstable to stand. Then with a dramatic scream, you fell into the water, spluttering and floundering on the brim. You could swim perfectly, however you tried your hardest to act helpless.  The plan had set in motion as you could see Sirius’ stunned face.

 Sure enough he began to swim to your aid, pushing the instructor out of his way. He caught up to you within minutes and screamed 

“Y/N! Grab my hand”. Staring into his eyes, you returned a gratified expression which slipped into a smirk. Then without warning, you grabbed his arm and to Sirius’ bewilderment, submerged him into the water.

“Y/N WHAT THE FUCK!?!” Sirius screamed, gulping for air. 


A smirk spread across your face 

“Oh ‘darling’, aren’t you PRETTY sure I’m capable of taking care of myself?” you retorted sarcastically, arms crossed against your chest. He looked at you with a vacant expression and ruffled his hair out of his face; looking apologetic.

“Fine, I’m sorry for acting out of line.” He huffed. You returned a casual shrug and relaxed your arms.

“Now come here and let me make it up to you” he smiled and opened his arms in embrace. You leaned in for what you thought was a hug and to your surprise he pulled you into the water, keeping a firm hand on your waist.  

“SIRIUS!!” you blubbered at him but you could not contain your laughter. He was laughing at you with his hands still on your waist and his soaking hair wild. He then pressed your bodies together as he twirled you in the water.

“Dude, you’re so weird” you squealed at him. 

Your gazes were locked on to each other; his glistening grey ones against y/c/e ones. You could feel his heavy breaths against your skin. Before either of you could do anything else, you were interrupted by a forced cough and turned to see the rest of the group had joined you both.

“Ahem, …guys? Hate to break this up but we got to get going. Right pads?” James sneered at the two of you and Sirius’ hands pulled away from your waist. 

You slowly swam your way to Lily’s side but she too gave you a smug expression.

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Was so busy the last 2 days that I couldn’t even celebrate Shinhwa’s 19th properly T_T….At least I managed to watch their Vlive+ MT ep1…

I especially love the part at 3:32 where it transitions from Eusha Eusha MV to The Classic era, the image of them still walking together. All these years of memories are so precious. Even watching, re-watching any of their concert dvds make me so incredibly happy. 

My BGM of the day - “I Love You” by shinhwa. This song is one of those many songs that I wish they could perform again in their concerts. 

I went shopping the other day and walked past one of the many Christmas food-stands that had been set up for the holidays. A Muslim woman was buying something from one of them and the lady behind the desk said “Merry Christma- Oh, sorry” but the Muslim woman replied “Don’t worry. I may not celebrate Christmas, but the food is great! So Merry Christmas to you” which I thought was super cute.

I think we can all agree that even if we don’t share holidays, we can all enjoy the food that comes with them. When I lived in England I always got excited about the Hindu celebrations like “Yes! That means they’re selling that kind of food in the Indian shops!”

You’re a maladaptive daydreamer, and create people in your mind whom you spend all your free time with. You’re so good at imagining them, you can almost – almost – see them. One day you walk through the city talking through one of your lesser defined characters, when a complete stranger stops you in your path and continues the conversation you were having with your previously-not-existing creation.

I think yamaguchi would def be the type to just start screaming out of frustration. Not screaming at anything, just a steady aaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH that slowly gets louder when he’s studying or something. And the first few times tsukishima was all concerned like wtf? What’s the happening? What is it? After like the sixth time it happened he just gave up. After the fourteenth, he started joining in. I mean, if u can’t beat them join them. But ofc he does it in his dry, quiet deadpan. So while yams is steadily increasing in volume and urgency, tsukki’s just going “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” quietly in the background. And neither of them even bother looking up. Imagine akiteru walks in on them doing this one day and is like ??? What? Is this what is cool with the kids nowadays?

Walking Through a Memory

You know that prank where you move everything in the house two inches to the left and it’s so subtle no one notices but they keep bumping into stuff?

This is a peculiar consequence of kinesthetic awareness trumphing spacial awareness, I think. We don’t need to look at where we are going because our bodies know how to move there and don’t need to double-check. Hence why we don’t look at our feet to walk.

So imagine that aliens don’t have this to the same degree humans do. The furniture moves and they move around it and are confused as to why the human crewmates keep bumping into things.

Then one day, after all the humans ajusted to the prank, the lights go off and the aliens can’t move around.

But the humans are just navigating the spaceship by muscle memory. And that is amazing, that it is possible for them to *walk through a memory* to compensate for being temporarily blinded.

After looking at Royce’s new update this just became a big headcanon, because just imagine these two after Yuuri’s letter was sent to Victor on Valentine’s Day.

I can imagine Victor receiving it, and weeks later, deciding to find the perfect chocolate for when white day comes and he can meet Yuuri again… which ends up with him buying everything that’s on his white’s day gift list just to be sure, because he can’t seem to decide which one would be better. Even after being scolded by Yurio for buying too much, Victor knows he is right but he also knows it’s for Yuuri, so he wants him to try them all.

And when Victor finally goes to meet the other boy, and gives him all the chocolates, Yuuri just laughs because it looks like this man in front of him ended up buying the whole store, he can barely walk with his arms full of boxes of white chocolates, and of course Yuuri ends up accepting them all.

Victor came in a suit, while caring all these different types of chocolates just for him. And hours later after eating almost all of Victor’s present, they’ve come to regret their decision, because now they feel sick from the sugar high. Yuuri blames Victor while laughing so hard his stomach starts to hurt again, while Victor blames it to how incredibly tasty the chocolates were. All this while trying to hide the leftovers from Makkachin’s insatiable appetite.

in our silent moments
you ask me
what i’m thinking

i grasp for words
often remaining silent
as my tongue gets tied
into shy
and playful knots
begin to wander
and i cautiously ponder
yet all i can give
are mere glimpses
of the dream that exists
when my eyes are closed

let me try to convey
all i long to say…

i imagine walking the rooms
inside my mind
with you
who understands
my every weakness
seeing them as strength
i look upon you
who fills the quantum
celestial gap
the black hole
within my heart
a universe
this niche missing
from reality
i envision a home
and complete
with all the facets
of an unblemished love
and displayed
within each photo
that is hung on the walls
love thrives inside
the pages of every book
that rests
upon the dusty shelves
for us to read
letter by letter
i imagine that
on our darkest days
when lost in life’s maze
and one may not feel like reading
the other will speak
the words aloud
so very slowly
with compassion
the sound will resonate
and saturate
our home
this love will linger about
in the air we breathe
and swirling
captured under blankets
in-between the bedsheets
it will be piling high
on the harvest table
the vital nourishment placed
bountifully upon each plate
the sustenance
in abundance
that will feed our body
heart and soul
i clearly see you
and vulnerable
yet holding inside
the courage of lion heart
within your own wounds
your weakness
your greatest
i see you
who requires to be loved
as deeply you love
who looks into my eyes
and desires not to remedy
one single thing
what is yours
i see only you
the man who is willing
as i am willing
to cross even the most
treacherous valleys
climb the highest mountains
that we might enjoy the view
both together

in the depths
of your eyes
i see sheer beauty
within every scar
they hide
i see brilliance
in the divine plan
of the past
that lead you here

i am left looking into us
reveling in the perfection
that is chaotically scattered
like diamonds among the stones
that lay upon the path
we walked
before finding



A lot of people who don’t play pokemon tend to think that pokemon are forcibly kept in their pokeballs. This is really not what happens in the vast majority of cases. Most of the time, pokemon can leave their own pokeballs. We’ve known since Yellow Version when the player’s Pikachu refused to use its pokeball that even weak pokemon can leave their balls. In Sun and Moon we meet this Machamp, who refuses to use a pokeball for reasons I won’t spoil.

Why do we have to catch pokemon then? Because the ones that pick fights with our teams are the ones that want to get strong through battle. We prove ourselves worthy of training them by catching them, it’s their test for us as trainers (~“to catch them is my real test”~). They could leave if they wanted.

Pokeballs just happen to be a tremendously useful thing. It makes them easy to carry and they don’t have to walk around all day. It makes it possible to use the PC system, too.